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Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 11:32pm On May 26, 2010

It's indeed your God's given right to be hopelessly delusional.

Do you mind sharing with us the name of at least one of these Yoruba folks or companies and what they invested in and where exactly in the east?

Of course, you don't have to leave Lagos, stay there and pay taxes make Fashola get more money to build roads and develop Lagos and not the east.

Like I said, you no dey make sense.

Shows how ignorant you are. You could have found it quite easily you know. A lot of examples here on NL.

Students can enter university without UME – School administrator
Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When in 2005, Professor Joel Ojo Ademiluyi started Doyen Academy in Enugu, he had a vision to run an institution that would protect its name through the caliber of its graduates.

And in just three years, this eminent Professor who sits as the chairman, Board of Governors of Doyen Academy, has achieved his ambition as his institution has perfectly filled the vacuum created by the disappearance of the Higher School Certificate and schools of basic studies that had in the past prepared students for direct entry into the universities.

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In this encounter with Daily Sun, Prof Ademiluyi revealed why the Advanced Level programme has not been fully exploited and how his academy prepares students for admission into universities.



I am from Ekiti State and obtained my first degree from the University of Ibadan in 1979. I came to the University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN) in 1980. I was the first person to do post-graduate studies in the Faculty of Engineering and I got my Masters there in 1981. In February 1985, I got my PhD and received the Vice Chancellor’s university leadership prize for being the first person to get a PhD in the Faculty of Engineering, University of Nigeria and, in fact, the whole of Nigeria as at that time. By then, people thought it was impossible, in fact, my supervisor told me that it would be impossible for me to get a PhD in Nigeria because at that time, all of them were studying abroad to obtain PhD in Engineering. All of them got their PhD abroad, after your bachelor degree here you go abroad, but I was able to get it here. By 1989, I was already a professor at the University of Maiduguri and the Ondo State University now University of Ado-Ekiti. I stayed in Ondo State University for just one year because of sabbatical as visiting professor. And my wife is from Uzoakoli in Abia State.

The Advanced Level programme

The Advanced Level is a stop-gap programme between the secondary school and the university. It is as old as the university education itself. It has always been the standard requirement for university admission worldwide. In Nigeria, it is the first requirement for every course as seen in the JAMB brochure. Candidates who do not have this standard requirement are required to sit for the Universities Matriculation Examination (UME).

Many of the university graduates of the 60s, 70s and even 80s passed through the two-year Advanced Level course. Essentially, the Advanced Level is normally the first year and in some cases forms part of the second year course of a university, it is the basic course of three principal subjects of a student’s professional or educational course in the university.

For instance, a student studying Medicine in the university will offer Physics, Chemistry and Biology in the first year degree programme. Candidates offering the Advanced programme must also study these subjects. Hence, the Advanced Level graduates automatically gain admission through the direct entry mode to the university without recourse to taking the Universities Matriculation Examinations (UME) or post-UME examinations.

No Uncertainty with A\Level programme

JAMB admission through the UME is uncertain. Experience has shown that even the most brilliant students miss admission every year because of cancellation or seizures of their centres’ results. The one year that could have been lost is redeemed through direct entry admission in the following year by A\Level graduates.

The A\Level programme is the easiest and surest way of preparing for UME and post-UME. It is far better than the so-called JAMB lessons.

A\Level students who gain JAMB admission before completing the A\Level programme will find first year programme of the university very easy and simple. In fact, it will be a walkover for them.

Similarly, the successful completion of the Cambridge Advanced Level programme brings the student’s academic status to an international level acceptable all over the world as the Cambridge A\Level examination is conducted all over the world.

A\Level programme helps the fresh SS3 graduates who for one reason or the other may not gain JAMB admission or may have some deficiencies in SSCE or NECO results by helping them to remedy such deficiencies within one year without losing a year as they will meet their colleagues in the second year.

Without mincing words, it is now a well established fact that A\Level graduates perform better in the university than their counterparts.

Cambridge A\Level International Examination (C.I.E)

As you know, various bodies offer A\level examinations, including WAEC, but the Cambridge A\level examination has an enhanced international status as the examination is conducted worldwide in May/June and October/November every year. The relevance and integrity of such examination is self-evident as it makes a candidate’s academic worth comparable to other countries of the world. Now that many examination bodies are stigmatized with examination malpractices thereby reducing the worth of certificates issued by such examining boards, it is wise to have this as an additional qualification that can vouch for one’s academic status in the highly competitive world of learning.

Gaining admission through A\Level

University admission in Nigeria is plagued with uncertainties. In some cases, many brilliant candidates’ results in UME are seized. Some others expecting high scores are surprised of the ridiculous scores given to them. Those with even good scores may not gain admission in view of the competitive nature of the admission exercise as about 10 per cent of the candidates eventually scale through. Worst still, some candidates after scaling the hurdles of UME and post-UME examination are disappointed because of some deficiencies in the school certificate results either due to weak passes or outright seizure of some subjects prerequisite to the course they intend to pursue in the university.

Besides, many students did not complete the senior secondary syllabus in some subjects despite obtaining passing grades in those subjects. All these problems can be solved while simultaneously pursing the Advanced Level programme without losing time.

Besides, the A\Level candidates will perform better in UME examination than ordinary SS3 or remedial or pre-degree graduates from our universities.

Instead of roaming the streets after the SS3, waiting for UME/post-UME and even the WAEC/NECO results, it is wise to gain time by enrolling in the advanced level programme immediately, for a stitch in time saves nine. Whatever the result from UME/post-UME, WAEC/NECO is, the candidate is now at a better position to remedy those problems, as the above examinations will be as simple as ABC. People with diploma certificates or who have attempted pre-diploma of polytechnics and pre-degree of universities, but have found such programmes as dead ends as they find it difficult to gain university admission can take advantage of the advanced level programme without recourse to taking UME.

Our academy

The School of preliminary studies, Doyen Academy is an accredited examination centre for the Cambridge International Examination and also prepares students on full-time basis for the Cambridge Advanced Level Exam. The school commenced real academic work in August 2005. The first set of students wrote the May/June 2006 examination with 87.5 per cent success in the Cambridge advanced level international exam. Almost all the successful students gained admission immediately into second year degree programme. Our school is being governed by university professors, mostly from University of Nigerian, Nsukka. The school is well located in a serene environment along Enugu-Abakaliki Expressway, Nkpologwu, Enugu.

Each prospective candidate is to offer three of the following subjects prerequisite to the proposed course of study in the university: Physic; Chemistry, Biology; Mathematics, Economics; Business Studies, Accounting, Literature in English, Divinity and History. In addition, all science students offer Mathematics to a level, all students offer the use of English.

We process overseas admission for both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Moreso, our students and the public can enhance their chances of studying abroad by preparing for and the writing TOEFL, SAT, GRE, IELTS, etc in our school.

Applicants must possess WASC, NECO, GCE O/L or their equivalent, a good SS2 promotion transcript or mock for those awaiting results or diploma certificates from recognized universities and polytechnics.

The course runs for 12 or 15 months for full-time and 24 months for part-time just as we admit students thrice in a year.

The duration depends on time of entry and candidate’s performance at the selection examination, which is about two months to the registration for the Cambridge International Examination.
Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 11:20pm On May 26, 2010

Cool down and quit foaming like say epilepsy don jam you.

What are you really grateful for? For people doing their job/what you put them in office for and pay them to do? Do you even read the silly, naive and immature nonsense you type sometimes?

Unfortunately for you, the federal Government has nothing to do with what ever that's plaguing the east.

Your locally and federally elected and appointed officials are the ones responsible for your needs, you send them to Abuja  and state houses to fight and look out for you. It is their job to send home the bacon.

And the east is not developing anytime soon, at last until the problem of human, manpower and financial flight is abetted, until most easterners sees the east as their home and crown jewel, until they stop claiming what's not theirs in Lagos and Abuja and stay in the east  and start investing and developing their towns and villages in the east.

Your leaders and rich folks don't even want to stay in the east talk less invest in the east.

You really need to shut up sometimes,

lol @ enemies. Negro please.

And you think this needs a response except to tell you not to worry seeing that the Yoruba are beginning to invest in the East too. Thus, the Igbos are also not leaving Lagos any soon.
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 11:02pm On May 26, 2010

Will it interest you to know that Yam was placed on the Export Prohibition List by Customs?

Which effectively meant it was illegal to export Yam just like it is still illegal to export Maize, Scrap Metal etc.

But that ban had been lifted because yam is aplenty in Nigeria and there is growing international demand for the commodity.

Do you think Government is completely insensitive to have done this?

Nigeria has zero food security (thus, 100% food insecurity). FACT. This was evident in the recent protest by food suppliers and the rippling effect on the entire nation. Thus, the thinking that we have started producing more yams than we usually did may not justify exporting the yams when clearly the smallest deviation from the existing production systems spells hunger and even starvation. I remember that Ethiopia once exported its excess corn to South Africa, only to have 35 million of its citizens starving to death the very next year and going cap in hand begging the UN for food aid. Reasonable countries plan their food security system not by exporting the little they have, but by processing any little excess for longer shelf life. A sizable number of Nigerians go hungry and only self deniers will refute that. We have an abundance of non-food raw materials we could export to diversify our economy (though I still prefer some value added to any of those via processing, even if partial). By next year, I pray  we do not come back to this topic to analyse the price of yams in the local market.
Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 10:16pm On May 26, 2010

First you were screaming and yelling about lack of federal presence in the east, now you're praising Jonathan. Is Jonathan federal or local?

NL get too many bipolar people I swear.

Unlike you, I am not an ungrateful ba-stard. The tally of lack of commensurate federal presence in the East is significant (as everyone knows except perhaps eediots like you know), and people like me appreciate it when that tally is reduced, as in this case. Clearly, enemies like you will prefer no single federal presence at all in the East, so that we continue moaning for it to your delight.
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 7:41pm On May 26, 2010

Another are you slow statement? This is sounding cliche- but you actually are. I meant [b]Nigerians [/b]export professionals. I was not talking about my ethnic group you idgit. You are so predictable.

Basically whats the point of every crap you are saying?

And who talked about any ethnic group here? Is your brain failing you already? Obvious your understanding capacity is limited.
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 7:34pm On May 26, 2010
You claim that you ''export''' (note export in quote) professionals (middle class)
Do you also export beggars and motor park touts (the poor that needs the fed gov social welfare program)?
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 7:26pm On May 26, 2010
For those of you saying there is no hunger in Nigeria. I urge you to google ''Nigeria and hunger', 'hunger in Nigeria' and such topics
After exporting 118 metric tons of Yams, we end up importing 100,000 metric tons of rice. Isn't that stu-pid?

This is not about Nasarawa state, it is about the feds.
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 7:19pm On May 26, 2010

Are you having a problem with grammar now? Did you see yam anywhere near that point? I made a generic comment about farmers not being able to store what they produce.

This topic is about what produce?
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 7:16pm On May 26, 2010

abegi so whats with the topic - nigeria exports oil while millions cannot afford n65 petrol - whats the difference?

How many Nigerians use petrol - for cars and for generators? Are they among the rich (at least middle class) or poor?
How many Nigerians eat yams? And how many of those will do with a govt-subsidized food program?
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 6:55pm On May 26, 2010

What has this topic got to do with tribalism?

I do not fault exporting food

Did you read that?

[/quote]The lack of adequate storage in Nigeria ensures that most farmers cannot sell what they grow and it results in waste.[quote]

You cannot store yam indefinitely. You process it. Ode!

Also, how will the exportation or non-exportation of yam cure hunger? Is yam the only food produce?

Yams are not the only food. But it is an important food in Nigeria with enough calorie to feed the poor according to IFPRI data.

Is Nigeria a socialist country?

Even rich capitalist countries have some social welfare programs for her citizens. I do not know of any SINGLE social welfare program that Nigeria has for its poor. No job, yet no food. Buying up excess yams and redistributing to the poor is not asking too much of Nigeria. Rather than do this, some of you will prefer that the money be stolen by politician brothers.
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 6:20pm On May 26, 2010

You're missing the point. There would be a problem if a Nigerian goes to the market to buy yams, and finds them unavailable because it's being exported. As long as there are enough yams in the local market to BUY, there's noting wrong with exporting. The thousands or millions of Nigerians that don't have enough to eat don't have enough because they can't buy. You can blame the government for not providing jobs for them and all that, but don't blame the farmers and the exporters. As far as I know, yams are ridiculously cheap in Nigeria compared to most countries.

If the govt cannot provide jobs, at least it can provide food by buying up any excess yams (if at all any is excess) and redistibute to th epoor masses at very little cost. Nigerians cannot lose both ways (no job, no food). Moreover, when I was in Holland, I buy an average tuber of yam at apprx 4 Euros. That is the retail price that has the cost of transportation to the sea port, export duties, shipping and import duties accounted for at the different stages of the exportation process. So you can imagine that the initial sales price  from the farmer will be like less than 1 Euro which is less than 186 naira. I do not know what the cost of an average tube of yam is in Nigeria today-will vary depending on location. Seaport will likely be in Lagos, Warri, PH or Calabar-all expensive places. So if we find a way of doing all the math, is it worth exporting yam tubers, especially when they will be so ridiculoulsy prized from farmers by the middle men? When it gets to Europe, some rot away and that affects the prize of future exports. If we must export, why not we process the yam tubers into flour before exporting. That way, we add value to the export commodity? Export advantages of raw materials are sh-it compared to processed products.
Politics / Re: Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 5:09pm On May 26, 2010

He also forgot that the farmers are businessmen not charity workers.

And you helped me remember.
I do not fault exporting food, but I do know that thousands if not millions of Nigerians do not have enough to eat. Is the yam market in Nigeria saturated? How different is the unit price of exporting a tuber of yam compared to selling it locally? I guess the yams in the UK will be consumed principally by people of African descent? I have seen many of the imported African foods tending to rot away in European shops because of low patronage. I do not know, so these are questions that I am asking.
Politics / Irony-Nigerian State Exports Yam To The Uk While Millions Of Nigerians Go Unfed by mekuszyx: 4:48am On May 26, 2010
Nasarawa Exports Yams To UK

By Tor Vande-Acka Special Correspondent, Lafia

Nasarawa State government has exported over 118 metric tonnes of yam to the United Kingdom (UK) under the trademark, PEPA Yam.

The state, which began the exportation late last year, is billed to export 50 metric tonnes of the yam to UK this month.

The Governor, Aliyu Akwe Doma, who disclosed this while inspecting the level of work done at the yam conditioning centre in Keffi, said the concept of the centre had been expanded to accommodate more agricultural products.

According to him, “The initial idea was to start with (the conditioning of) yams and sweet potatoes but now the concept has been expanded to include other agricultural products like vegetables, fish; any aspect of agricultural products can also be conditioned at the centre.”

The governor pointed out that work slowed down on the construction of the centre, which is the first of its kind in the country “to enable the Federal Government come up with a national policy for the initiative.”

He added, “Now that this has been done work will commence to complete the project, explaining that technically the project was not stalled due to lack of funds but to avoid mistakes that would have a negative effect on the project.

On whether the delay would not hamper the exportation of yams to UK, Doma said, “It will not hamper the continuity of shipment of our yam (PEPA Yam) to UK”, and that government has made alternative arrangements that would ensure it continues to meet the needs of the UK market, stressing, “so far, so good.”

Doma also said though plans were underway to meet the needs of other markets in Europe, it does not wish to rush into other markets but would gradually get into other markets as soon as it got hold of UK market and completed work of the conditioning centre in Keffi.

The governor also disclosed that government was embarking on the construction of another conditioning centre in Lafia, the state capital, through a Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement between the private sector, the federal and state government.

Doma, however, said that the details had not yet been worked out but that as soon as they were worked out work would also commence on the centre.
Politics / Re: Igbo States Are Lagging Behind In Development by mekuszyx: 4:10am On May 26, 2010
You’re half-baked gov Ouch! That hurts!
Ajimobi, Oyo AC guber aspirant bombs Akala
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

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Senator Abiola Ajimobi contested for the 2007 governorship election in Oyo State on the platform of the All Nigerian People’s Party (ANPP). He lost to the People’s Democratic Party’s (PDP) flag bearer, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala.
He is re-contesting the same position using the Action Congress (AC) ticket. In this interview with YINKA FABOWALE and CHARLES SEGUN ADEGBITE, he spoke on the reasons for defecting from AC to the ANPP and returning to the AC, his readiness to defeat the incumbent governor in 2011 among others. Excerpts:

Return to the Action Congress.
“Let me correct that impression, that the leader of our party, Alhaji Lam Adesina, forced me out of the party. That is not true. There was a misunderstanding generally between some groups of people within the party of which I was, of course the symbol of that misunderstanding of that group. Then, we all decided that we should opt for another party, that though not exactly the same but share some commonalities with Action Congress. When we debated it, our people said, ‘look we are still progressives, which other party can we use as a platform for our gubernatorial ambition?’ And we opted for ANPP. There was never a personality or personal problem with Adesina.

“We wanted to ensure that we went for the primaries in everything. And the party said, ‘look, let us have consensus.’ We wanted to encourage as much as possible, internal democracy. At that time, we couldn’t get that. So, we opted for another party. Many things have changed since then. We’ve all learnt our lessons, both sides. One lesson is the fact that unless the progressives are together, it is more difficult to win and remove the guys that are there now. I mean the cowboys. The second lesson was that internal democracy in the form of party primaries and congresses are always most desirable. Thirdly, there are more understanding among members, we are more united in the party.”

Weak opposition parties
“The PDP never won election in the South West, particularly in Oyo State. If you look at the result and you do the analysis, you will discover that even without the progressive combining, when we were divided into two major plants. That is ANPP and AC. The ANPP I contested on yhe platform defeated Akala in that election. If you see the result of the election, in virtually all the local government areas, I won.
Akala won in Ogbomoso. His total score was equal to what he scored in the rest of the state. The rest of the state represents 82% of the total votes. And Akala scored the same number of votes in 82% at 18%. That is, in five local government areas votes, out of the 33 local government areas of the state, Akala scored in five local government areas the same number of votes he scored in the remaining 28 local government areas. That is to say 18% of Akala’s votes from Ogbomoso was higher than 82% of the state.”

What chances have you to emerge as the choice of the party?
“My chances are very bright. I believe I have track records, political track records which give me an edge. I have been a Senator. That is to say, I have contested and won in 1/3 of the state. At a time that I was the only Senator of the progressives, that is from Oyo State. At the time that PDP swept off all the other candidates I was the only Senator in AD that won in Oyo State in 2003. I have been tested in at least, that area that I represented at that time, which was 52% of registered voters of the state.

“In 2007, I contested on the platform of ANPP as a gubernatorial candidate. Now, for this sake of this argument, let’s say Akala won and I came second in the 2007 election. I met the constitutional requirement of at least minimum of 2/3 of the votes. I won in 22 local government areas, out of the 33. Or, not necessarily won. But let me say we met the minimum requirement of 25% of votes in at least 2/3 of the states. Which means my acceptance is balance and well spread all over the State. I have contested in the state, up to Oyo. I cleared the whole of Oyo and won there. Out of the 11 local government areas in Ibadan, I won nine. In Ogbomoso, I came second, for the purpose of this argument. Up till Oyo, Oke-Ogun, Ibarapa, I won in one and came second in one and third in one.

“What I’m saying is that I have been tested and proven, that gives me opportunity. I’m already a known person you don’t need to start all over again, there is no where you go in Oyo State that they will say they don’t know Senator Abiola Ajimobi. Some of us that have been there before, we know the tricks. We have been able to face Akala and he knows it. We cannot afford to take a risk of another four years of mismanagement under Akala or PDP. I really don’t want to get personal on Akala, of PDP mismanagement.

“Since we are now integrated fully, my ability now in terms of networking and reconciliation with elders, and all stakeholders within the party, have also placed me in good chance. I will be able to network with many and develop a better understanding.”
If you couldn’t beat Akala in 2007, what makes you think you can beat him in 2011?
“He has been able to show what he is able to do. He has been able to show what he is unable to do. He has been able to show what he can destroy in Oyo State. In other words, Akala has been given as much as over N50 billion in three years and what has he done with it? Go and check the quality of the roads he is doing. It is not just doing roads. Anybody can do road. But what is the quality? When it rains now, give them two or three weeks and the roads are bad again. He is more or less doing surface dressing.

“His non-performance is legendary. Relatively speaking, when you compare it with all other states, even the United Nations research confirmed that Oyo State is in the bottom of the least developed states in Nigeria.
“Look at the rate of mismanagement, I will give you an example. Look at the state hospitals. When (Rasheed) Ladoja was there, Adeoyo Hospital budgeted about N85million for its renovation. When Akala got there, the same renovation cost over N400million. You can go there, let them show you what they have done. What renovation work they’ve done there. “Look at even the Teaching Hospital he is doing in Ogbomoso. That one collapsed two times. Go and look at the quality of work there. Akala is doing work but the quality of the work is a reflection of his own quality as well. Many students in our tertiary institutions do not have chairs and table to study. The educational sector has been destroyed. Look at the environment. Ibadan, Oyo State in general, is still the dirtiest among the states in the federation.

“Go to Oke-Ogun, they said they’ve done so many roads there. Go and see how many roads they have finished there. They are still on going. And look at the cost there. If you take Adesina, Ladoja, Kolapo Ishola and every other, he has earned more money than them. With his achievement, has it been commensurate with the income that he has earned?
“What revenue has he generated in the state? What innovation has he brought into the state? For non performance alone, that has given me more courage to ever want to challenge him. In the first instance, he did not win the last election, and he knows. And I know also. That was when ANPP alone did it. If you now combine ANPP and AC together, that is, the united front of the progressives. That is one of the reasons I’m challenging him.

Within the PDP now, they are factionalized. All those that helped him to win, that is, to steal that mandate, are now quarrelling with him. Of course, the Baba Adedibu factor is also there. Everybody knows that when Baba Adedibu (Chief Lamidi Adedibu) was alive, he had an overriding influence in Oyo State politics. It’s like you are a team, you have a centre forward who scores goals all the time. If he is not there, there will be problem. The man is not there now.
“We believe that some efforts are being made to review the electoral law. Rigging will be reduced. It cannot be eliminated but, at least people’s votes will count.”

Plans to prevent what happened in 2007 from repeating itself.
“One major plan is that this time around, it’s one man one vote. If anybody comes with cutlasses and guns, so shall he meet other people there that will face him. We will mobilize enough that people will check, protect and defend their votes. That is the main plan.”
ANPP members in the House of Assembly who defected to the PDP. “We sponsored them. Many of them didn’t even campaign, many didn’t even have posters. They’ve gone to the PDP and just watch out for them in the forthcoming elections. I’m not sure if any of them will have the ticket to run again. If they do, I will like to see the result they will get because some of them just rode on the back of our main man.”

Incursion into politics
“Evil will triumph when men with good conscience refuse to act. I don’t want to sit on the fence and be complaining. I want to participate. The only way you can bring changes in this environment is to get directly involved. I don’t want to be an armed-chair critic. I’ve done my beat in the oil industry. I was there for almost 30years. I got to the peak. The only thing I could do again is enjoy my vocation, which is politics. I believe that many Nigerians of our caliber should as much as possible get involved in politics, actively so that charlatans will not continue to rule us.”
“You see what is happening now. So many people that ordinarily shouldn’t be there are there. You can see what is happening to the society. People who didn’t have N1million in their accounts before are now boasting of billions. Where did they get it? In the same government. Nigeria is such a country that anything goes.”

Your late father as a prominent politician
“What he always told me was that ‘you make a living by what you take, by what you get, but you make life by what you give.’ Giving is politics.
I continue to give. Otherwise, you ask yourself, why am I really here? The problems are enormous. Our people are impoverished. They come everyday for help. It is unbelievable. I sent somebody to the bank today to collect N200,000. I now have about N90,000 in my purse. It is because somebody will come and get N5,000 here, N2,000 there. Somebody will even go out and say the man is a miser. Having spent so much, they will still say that.
“Politics is about service. It gives you opportunity to practice what you preach. Once you are able to win an elective position, particularly, executive position, you can practice what you preach. You can make their lives better. You can improve your environment.”

Ibadanman as governor
“The Ibadan are not against Ogbomoso or Oke-Ogun from coming to rule the state. In fact, Ibadan is one of the most accommodating towns in this country. If you can look at this my area, out of about 100 houses you will see around here, maybe the Ibadan are having about 16, the rest are owned by outsiders. Go to other towns you won’t see that mixture. That is socially.
“Politically, the first civillian governor of Oyo State, Chief Bola Ige did not come from Ibadan. All Ibadan are saying is that, ‘for God sake if you are going to give us somebody from your side, let him be of good quality.’

“You cannot imagine that the same office that the late Chief Obafemi Awolowo used to sit is where Akala is sitting now. The same place where Ige used to sit is where Akala is sitting now. There are thousands of people from Ogbomoso that are very brilliant with good quality, with good pedigree. Go and see their track records professionally. Those are the people we are talking about. Not half baked, half educated governors that cannot speak good English for 30 minutes.
“It is not English that we are talking about. We are saying that we need quality people. The Ibadan are very much in support of any citizen of the state who aspires to rule the state.

That person must be of the best quality. He must be of the higher standard. I’m saying, if you look at the standard of the likes of Awolowo, Ige, and of recent Alhaji Lam Adesina, and others.
“It will be an irony of history that the same seat they occupied is now being occupied by the likes of Akala. Is this the best quality we can get from Ogbomoso? Looking at his pedigree, looking at his educational background, looking at his professional background, is that the best we can get from Ogbomoso? That is what Ibadan people are asking.

“I’m not the only one that can be governor of this state. I’m saying let’s look for quality from any side of the state. It is not a disadvantage from Ibadan. The generality of the state are looking for good quality. The state is not a parochial. It is a state that looks at merit. Based on merit, they will vote for you.
“Otherwise, I wouldn’t have won in Oyo town. Why didn’t Akala win there? The only place where he claimed to have won was Ogbomoso, where he came from. They were scoring 98% voters turn out when the rest of the state scored 30% voters turn out. You don’t need a rocket sign to know that Akala didn’t win that election. I know and he knows.”

Akala’s second term bid is an abomination
“His performance does not qualify him for a second term. In fact, it doesn’t even qualify him to finish his first term. But, Nigeria, being what it is, he is still there. His second term is for me, an abomination and discussing it is very disturbing as well. I don’t believe he will have any chance of second term. I’m saying that he has not done well. He doesn’t deserve it. If he tries it, he will fail.”

Lam Adesina and I
“The relationship is very cordial. I have spoken with him severally. I go to his house at least once a week. Don’t forget, he is an uncle to me. He was my teacher, my political mentor, and he was very nice to me in school.
“The moment I sat down, I said, ‘uncle, look omode ni mo oyin je ko mara lowo (no matter how careful a child is, he can’t lick honey without a bit of it touching his finger). In return he said, ‘my dear, you are forgiven.’ He has been so magnanimous. He has been very nice. That is why I’m very proud of him.”
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 3:55am On May 26, 2010
I did not ignore the others. I have commented on them by stating that they are merely currency trafickers not caught PRINITING MONEY. They, in all likelihood, got the money from your brethren MONEY PRINTERS. SO GET BACK TO WORK AND SHOW ME IGBO MONEY PRINTERS, INCLUDING THOSE PRINTING FAKE US DOLLARS.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 3:53am On May 26, 2010
Aniedu Udo is not Igbo. FACT. stop clutching at straw.
Politics / Igbo People Are So, So Wonderful Says Hausa Leader by mekuszyx: 3:52am On May 26, 2010
We’ve no plan to leave Aba for Bauchi
•Says Alhaji Bello, whose great grandfather settled there over 100 years ago
Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Photo: Sun News Publishing
More Stories on This Section
The forefathers of Alhaji Kaka Bello came to Aba in Abia State over 100 years ago. Upon their arrival, their host community in Ngwa accepted them and gave them land to settle down. Since then, the Bellos have been living in peace with their host and even inter-changing marriages with them.

Kaka Bello, 37, who is now the Sariki Hausawa (leader of the Hausa community) in Aba told Daily Sun revealed how they came to settle in the Enyimba City, saying they have no plan to return to their home state, Bauchi to live again. Excerpts:

Leadership challenge
It is a great challenge for me; for a young man of about 37 years assuming the leadership role of the Hausa community in a city like Aba. You can see how large the city is and Aba is highly populated by my people. I feel excited at the challenge.

Host community
The Igbos are very wonderful, most especially my host community because I have to start from home. When my great grandfather came to Aba more than 100 years ago, he was accepted by the Igbos (Ngwas). In fact, he and other members of the family were given a large expanse of land free at Ndiegoro (Aba) where they settled. Not only that, hospital Road/Mosque Street where we have our mosque was given to my people free of charge. We are still enjoying the privilege up till now. So, the Igbos are very wonderful people, they are very accommodating.

Ruling house
The first man from the Bello family that came to Aba in the late 19th Century who incidentally was the first-Hausa leader in Aba, was Mallam Mohammadu Bello.
He was my great grandfather. He died in 1962 and my grandfather took over the mantle of leadership of the Aba-Hausa community.
When my grandfather Alhaji Ibrahim Sariki Bello died in 1982, my late father Alhaji Sariki Tanko Bello took over and the mantle of leadership fell on me when my father died in 2004. So, you can see, since the inception of the Hausa community here in Aba over 100 years ago, the Bello family has been the ruling house.

Numeral strength
I cannot say exactly the number of northerners living here in Aba; they are so many. The number should not be anything less than 20,000. Very soon, we will embark on a census to know the exact figure. You know my people live and do business in Osisioma, Obingwa, Ugwunagbo, Aba North, and Aba South local governments and their numerical strength is high.

Sectarian crises
We have to educate our people on the essence of unity because there will not be any meaningful development in a chaotic situation. We are Nigerians and we have to accept ourselves as such. An Igbo man should see an Hausa man as part of himself and vice versa. Even when we are provoked, we should be able to tolerate ourselves. Dialogue I believe should be the way out instead of engaging in fracas. We also have to put God first in whatever we are doing. If we do that, sectarian crisis in the country will be drastically reduced.

Another thing is that inter-tribal marriages should be encouraged. I think it is very important to put religion aside at times and inter-marry so that we can achieve peace in the country and live as one.

Councillorship bid
I was denied the opportunity to serve my people. I am highly accepted here in Aba. It were the Igbos that campaigned for me, it were the Igbos that voted for me. During my campaign, it were the Igbos that formed the bulk of my campaign team. In fact, the Igbos voted massively for me, but the problem I had was the problem we generally have in Nigeria today where one will win election and another declared winner.

Going back to Bauchi
Ah No! Aba is my home. I was born here and have lived all my life in the city. What am I going back to Bauchi State for? I have been getting all I want in this commercial city. I am comfortable and my family members too; in fact, the Hausa community here is happy. The only thing I can do is visit Bauchi probably spend few days and come back to Aba.

Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 3:41am On May 26, 2010
Eziachi good talk. But I do not think the rice itself is owned by govt. Private rice farmers will use the mill to process their produce. I also agree that the mill should be privatized.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 3:38am On May 26, 2010
Aniedu Udo is also not Igbo-definitely Calabar/Akwa Ibom. Please get me Igbo FAKE MONEY PRINTERS; not those who most certainly got already printed money from your brethren in Lagos.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 3:34am On May 26, 2010
You still have not shown an igbo man printing money, let alone printing dollars
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 3:33am On May 26, 2010


Anniedu Ekong Ekanem, 42year old private money minter arrested
Posted by Admin on April 3, 2009

Hope Afoke Orivri & Jeff Amechi Agbodo, Abakaliki
All over the world, people are working their fingers to the bones to make money. But one Nigerian, who appeared to have found an easy… way out, is now in police net. 

Anniedu Ekong Ekanem, 42, was arrested following a discovery that he had set up a mint in his bedroom, where he prints money day and night.
Detectives from the Zone ‘2’ Command Headquarters, Onikan, Lagos, claimed to have found loads of fake Naira notes at Ekanem’s home on Evans Edogho Street, in the Ipaja area of the state.
The suspect, who used to trade in second-hand clothes before he started printing money, told the Nigerian Compass that he had lost count of how much of the fake notes he had pumped into circulation.
His words: “At each printing period, I do N1 million worth of N1000 denomination, and the same applies to the N500 denomination. I do not print lesser denominations because I have to put into consideration the cost of printing the job, and what my profit will be.”
Unruffled, Ekanem who is married with children, said it was one Alhaji Merabora that taught him how to print fake currencies. The said teacher, according to him, had died.
Ekanem said he met the late teacher at a mosque in Agege, Lagos, when he decided to become a Muslim.
“It was sometime between 2006 and 2007, when I decided that I wanted to serve God as a Muslim, that I met Alhaji at the mosque. It was not about just learning a business from him,” he said.
After building a close relationship with Alhaji Merabora, Ekanem said he was taught the intricacies of minting fake notes. He said the man did not collect money for the lessons, because they were attending the same mosque.
Ekanem later acquired the tools of the trade, which he named as six pieces of PAC 500 printing machines, printing papers, instrument for cutting the papers to size, as well as materials for producing the negatives before the fake notes are rolled out.
He said, “When I saw how easy the technology was, I got all the materials I needed and I started working on my own. All what you see in the containers have nothing to do with the printing actually. The main thing is the making of the negative and the printing.”
Claiming that he was into the shady business alone, Ekanem said he did not need any assistance to do the job perfectly. The mint was inside his bedroom and each time he needed to work, he would do it in the dead of the night, when there would be no prying eyes.
When the printing is done, Ekanem, who had established a channel to funnel the notes into the system, would then call his partners in crime to handle the distribution.
“We sometimes meet at Abule-Egba or anywhere around Ipaja area. The important thing is that we make it to different places at each time, to ensure our safety,” he said.
Ekanem’s explanation of what gets to him as profit was rather incredible. He said that for every N100,000 bundle of fake currency, he was collecting N3,000.
His words : “I sell the bundle worth N100,000 for N3,000. I don’t have anything to lie about. Therefore, for every N1million I print, I get N30,000.You can see the reason I print up to that value each time I do the job.”
When asked why he was not handling the distribution himself, he said those who were taking it into the market specialised in that, while his concern was just to print.
“How they do their own part of the job is not my business,” he said.
In a related development, the police in Ebonyi have also held two men for circulating fake N1000 notes in Abakaliki, the state capital.
The state Police Commissioner, Mr. Emmanuel Udeoji, said that the suspects were nabbed following a tip off.
He named the suspects as Uzodinma Chinweze, a native of Umuzucha village in Awka, Anambra State and Friday Alagba of Ngbo in Ohaukwu Local Government Area of Ebonyi.
He said that the Eagle Squad team arrested the two suspects along Ogoja Road, Abakaliki, when they purchased a N1,200 worth of GSM recharge card with fake N1,000 note.
The duo, according to the CP, were operating in a red BMW car marked AA 159 APP. They had zoomed off in the car, when the police were called. But they were eventually trailed to Adig suites, off Ezza Road, Abakaliki, where they were arrested and 34 piece of fake N1000 notes were found on them.”
Chinweze admitted circulating the N1000 notes, claiming that the money was used to pay him, when he worked as a labourer in Anambra.
When his apartment was searched, the detectives recovered uncut sheets of printed N1000 and N500 denominations of the fake currency. There were several bundles that had already been cut to size and ready to go out.
Besides the printing machines, there were bottles containing chemicals used in the illegal minting. Some were used to clean up the face of the currencies after the printing.
Speaking on the case, the Assistant-Inspector-General of police in charge of Zone ‘2’, Mr Muhammed Abubakar, said the discovery made by his men was the result of good surveillance work that the zone had been doing.
Condemning the crime, Abubakar said the perpetrators would pay for their sins.
source: click here

Ekanem is not Igbo. Ekanem is Calabar/Akwa Ibom
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 3:31am On May 26, 2010

Lol. Hahahahahaha. Typical Ibo man, shift the goal post as soon as his opponent is ready to kick for 3 points!!! Mekuxxshityy, u said for me to get u evidence of Ibo men "printing dollars". You aint say nothing about Nigerian currency!!!

But since u decided to change the rules, lemme bless u with some finds!!! You just had to beg to get molested, huh?!? lol


Two Nigerians have been arrested by the Police for dealing in fake currency notes.

Ramsey Uzorma, 25 and Onyekachi Iwu, 31, both businessmen, were said to have changed the fake foreign currencies, totalling about ¢100 million at four forex bureaux in Accra.

Luck, however, eluded them when they made another attempt to change money in one of the bureaux when the police on a tip off arrested them.

Chief Supt. Angwubutoge Awuni, Nima Divisional Police Commander, disclosed this to The Spectator in Accra.

The two suspects were said to have travelled from Nigeria to Ghana with large sums of fake Euros which they intended to change for cedis.

On May 4, they went to Rons Bureau at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle and managed to change 400 Euros for ¢4.9 million which the operator of the bureau later detected to be fake.

The next day, they went again to the same bureau with 1000 Euros to change and they were arrested and handed over to the police.

Chief Supt. Awuni said during a search in their hotel room in Accra, 5,600 Euros and an amount of ¢98.2 million were found concealed under the bed.

He said it also came to light later that the suspects went to Perebrim Forex Bureaux to change 3000 Euros ¢37.2 million.

Chief Supt. Awuni said they further went to Dawula and S/G Forex Bureau, where they exchanged 3000 Euros for ¢36.7 million.

He said the suspects went finally to Nayak Forex Bureau and changed 2000 Euros ¢24.6 million.

During interrogation by the police, they confessed having transacted business in t he fake Euro currencies at the forex bureaux and said they brought the notes from Nigeria to sell in the country to make profit.

Chief Supt. Awuni said the currencies had been sent to the forensic unit for examination while the suspects are on police enquiry bail.

Credit: The Spectator

See the difference. They were not caught printing fake currecy.  They travelled to Ghana with the money which they probably got from the yoruba printers in Lagos.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 1:57am On May 26, 2010

Now that you have been thoroughly beaten by me, yet again, you will have to duck your tails between your legs like a baby monkey and zoom into the forests.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 1:55am On May 26, 2010
And confirmed again

End of the road for fake naira notes swindlers
By Ifeanyi Okolie
Tuesday, May 25, 2010
• As police arrest two suspects

Lagos Comissioner of Police, Akpoyibo


A 40-year-old man, Afeez Abiola is currently telling detectives at the Agege Police Division his escapades in fake currency dealings in Lagos, as he was recently arrested with over N70,000 in two hundred naira denomination fake notes while attempting to purchase a motorcycle at Agege Market.

His arrest brought succour to traders at the market as some who were victims of fake currency transactions could not hold their joy as they reportedly celebrated the arrest of Abiola and his accomplice, Ahmed Olayiwola (28), a motorcyclist.

Abiola, a tailor at the popular Oluwola market located at the Lagos Island, during an interaction with Crime Alert, narrated how he ventured into fake currency business. According to him, he wasn’t making enough money from his tailoring business to cater for his needs and that of his family.

“ I am a father of two and a tailor. I am paid based on the number of cloths I sew. And I get as low as N300 for a trouser and N200 for shirt, but I am not the only one in the shop, we are many, At one time, jobs stopped coming and I was unable to fend for myself and family. One day, there is this man we used to call Alloy, he is into visa racketeering around that Oluwole axis. He came to our shop with a torn trouser and he pleaded he did not have money and I should amend it for him, which I did because I knew him.

While I was amending the trousers, I told him of my plight and he offered to help me. First, he told me how he could sell fake currency to me at very cheap prizes. When I accepted, he cautioned that I should disposed them quickly and also adviced that I should spend them on either recharge cards or on motorcycle. I made over N100,000 before I was arrested.

“I bought seventy thousand naira fake naira notes with just ten thousand naira original notes and spent them on recharge cards. The second time, I used N5000 to buy N50, 000 fake notes. I added genuine N30, 000 to the fake notes and I bought a motorcycle (Okada) at Abeokuta, but I resold it here in Lagos for N93, 000. I also bought another motorcycle at Ajah with fake N60, 000. The last one was this Bajaj motorcycle which I have already paid with N70, 000 fake notes before luck ran out on me”.

On how he was arrested, Abiola said “ when I gave the money to the sale’s girl, she took it inside to count it. I and Olayiwola, were waiting out side for her to get the receipt before we saw the police. I don’t know if she alerted the police when she discovered they were fake but the police came, arrested me and some traders came out and gathered around us, some said we should be set ablaze because they were victims of fake currency notes but the police refused and took us away. I have told the police all I know about it and every thing I have bought with the money.”

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer Frank Mba, who confirmed the report spoke on the method used by the criminals in deceiving unsuspecting businessmen, “Their modus-operandi is to go to business centres during the weekend, and during rush hours. They know that during the weekend, the business owners who can easily detect the fake currency will not be around, so they target the sales boys and girls.

They usually do not spend only the fake notes as they would have added a few genuine notes to the fake ones so that people will not detect the fake ones easily. Business owners should therefore educate their sales persons to be extra cautious especially during the weekend. Our operatives have been ordered to investigate and arrest any person dealing in fake notes at the market. The case is under investigation and the suspects will be charged to court soon” he said.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 1:54am On May 26, 2010
bk/babe97: see even more of your uncle currency forgers exposed.

Oluwole, notorious black market, resurrects in Mandillas

Sesan Olufowobi

There are indications that the hitherto dead black market on Oluwole Street, Lagos Island, where illegal trading such as certificate and document forgery, fake foreign currencies and fake goods once thrived has resurrected in nearby Mandillas Street.


Oluwole, the notorious flourishing black market, was raided by the Lagos State Government in conjunction with security agencies in 2007 in its quest to have a decent and amiable business district on the island.

Before now, Mandillas was regarded as a commercial centre on Lagos Island populated mainly by traders who sell imported clothes, ties, bags, wrist watches and shoes.

But the story is changing now with the recent arrest of a man, Afeez Abiola, who specialises in using fake N1,000 notes to buy motorcycles, wholesale recharge cards and other goods.

Unlike in the past where there was high concentration of the forgers on Oluwole, policemen from Lion Building who arrested Abiola, said the forgers were now found in every nook and cranny of Lagos Island.

Abiola told our correspondent that for genuine N5,000 notes, one could buy N50,000 fake in N1,000 denomination in Mandillas.

"That is how I usually get my own. Once I bought the fake money, I would mix it with the genuine ones to confuse the person I wanted to buy goods from," he said.

He said he usually picked Saturdays to buy his goods to avoid the prying eyes of the owners of the shops since most of them stayed away from their shops on Saturdays and allowed their apprentices to attend to customers.

He said, "The shopowners usually use the day to relax or do other things. The boys (apprentices) in the shops are naturally not as careful as their bosses. That is when I go to the shops. That was how I bought two Bajaj okadas (motorcycle).

"I bought the first one for N93, 000, I mixed fake N60,000 in N1,000 denomination with genuine N33,000 and sold it later for N70,000. The second one was more profitable; I bought the Okada for N90,000 and sold it for N75,000 and I used only N20,000 genuine notes."

Abiola, who was arrested with an accomplice, Ahmed Olayiwola, was, however, caught in Oke Koto, Agege, as he was trying to use fake N1,000 notes to buy another motorcycle.

But this time around his criminal instincts failed him as the shop owner was around. The shop owner was more attentive and it took him no time to recognise that there were fake notes among the money Abiola intended to buy Okada. He immediately called the police that subsequently arrested the suspect.

However, an impromptu visit by our correspondent to Mandillas showed that fake currencies were readily available for sale.

A man who wanted our correspondent to refer to him by the sobriquet, Bush, said, "That (selling of fake currencies) is not new, even before Fashola (Lagos State Governor) decided to deal with Oluwole, they were coming here (Mandillas).

"But now, they are more visible and aggressive in their business. It was as if they have picked this place as a new base. I can understand it, because this place has a lot of corners and hiding places."

To demonstrate what he said, he took our correspondent to a place within the Mandillas market where our correspondent approached a man to buy N100, 000. After haggling, the man agreed to sell fake N100, 000 for N13, 000 genuine currency. But when our correspondent promised to come back he became suspicious and uncomfortable.

Bush advised our correspondent to leave the market, warning that "he might come with other people to harm you."

However, Lagos State police spokesman, Frank Mba, told our correspondent that the police were up to the task of ridding the state of criminals.

"As for Afeez Abiola and Ahmed Olayiwola, they will be charged for being in possession of fake and illegal currency and other matters that the police will come across in our investigation," he said.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 11:57pm On May 25, 2010
Even with the huge distance, I can feel bk/babe97 searching the internet frantically undecided. Google server is about bursting its seams. Hahhhaha!
Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 11:54pm On May 25, 2010

But what was that mill doing lying dormant for 14 years ?

@mekusxx, grin FACE wound you there o Lol.

Yeah! Face got me there no be small, but you know he is also an Okoro man. So him get sense well, well too grin grin grin

On the mill lying dormant all these years, I would say that the feds appear to be even more incompetent than state govs.

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