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Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 11:38pm On May 25, 2010
bkbabe97 says cannot different between Igbo and Yoruba names? Hahahahaha! Can't stop laughing.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 11:36pm On May 25, 2010

No!!! Its not that I couldnt "find" anything. Its cus, I havent searched for anything! Its harder for me to differentiate btwn Ibo and Yoruba names, but, like I said above, a lil while and a few phone calls, I'll grant your wish! Be patient!

P.S: Besides this is not about "currency" traders. This is about the worrying prevalence of Ibo college Robbers. As usual, ure trying your darndest to switch topics and pull the wool ova our eyes. Sorry bro, aint happening!!!

Buhahahha! Look harder, make phone calls, send emails, text message to friends. Just find me something. That is all I ask for. Shame me, for once. Thanks.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 11:27pm On May 25, 2010
I see you cannot find anything. That is one minus for you. Like I have always said, there is no evil you find in Igboland that you will not find in Yorubaland MANIFOLD. But the opposite is not always correct, like now you are unable to find Igbos printing fake US dollars. Now get to work and shame me. Thanks.
Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 11:23pm On May 25, 2010

Let's hope the rice mill is not like Ajaokuta steel. Hopefully, we won't be talking about privatisation of the rice mill few years from now.
Let's not forget to ask the question of what value is this rice mill going to add and how are we going to measure it? Rice aint getting cheaper!!!

The rice mill will serve rice growers in Anambra North and those in Ebonyi state, and perhaps those in southern Benue/Kogi. The existing rice mills in Ebonyi state (remember the famous Abakiliki rice) are privately-owned and the owners cut the throat of rice growers with exhorbitant milling costs. Now these growers will have an alternative place to mill their rice which will bring down cost and eventually reduce the retail price of rice.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 11:17pm On May 25, 2010

I have shown you that student robbers can be found everywhere in Nigeria. I even found student robbers from northern Nigeria. Please find Igbo men printing fake american dollars. That is all I ask of you. You talk too much, get down to work
Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 11:02pm On May 25, 2010

mekxsss is dumb before he wanted a northerner to be president and not Jonthan, now hes up jonathan's butt hole.

o boy you b gay?

If you show me where that is, I can possibly respond to your gibberish; until then take a hike.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 10:48pm On May 25, 2010
News & Events - Real Find
Osun police nab 8 suspected undergraduate robbers. Eight undergraduate students of the University of Ado Ekiti (UNAD), Ekiti State were among nine armed ,
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 10:32pm On May 25, 2010
If I am jobless so are you. We are both logged on now. Get on with the assignment. I have posted 4 already and more will follow. waitingggggg!
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 10:31pm On May 25, 2010
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 10:22pm On May 25, 2010

Hogwash!!! Apples, Orages and Apricorns; no correlation!!! The men in your link r older and clearly (semi) illiterates! The ones I'm concerned are Young, ibo, and supposedly educated- - - the aim of my post is hoping they dont grow up to be like your "currency traffickers"! By, the way, Mekussxxhitty, they are already WORSE than the petty currency dudes! Imagine, one of the Ibo students attempted to blow up his own sister! How evil can that be? Is there nothing like family love/loyalty in Ibo land? What would make u wanna kill your own sibling just cause u think she has more money than she's giving you?! Then female, Ibo, college robber(ettes) lol! No matter ho u try to sugarcoat it, this is indeed a black day for NdiIbo!!!

You call those[b] petty currency dudes[/b]? Did you read the amount of money involved and that it was even US currency? Should Obama not hear this?
Now let me give you and I some assignment. Find any story where Igbos were caught printing american dollars and let me find where Yoruba students were caught in armed robbery. Lets go.
Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 10:17pm On May 25, 2010
Ok, you got me there grin; 1996 was during Abacha's time. May be he built it under the influence of an Igbo omoge!! Hhahaha!
But glad to note that some federal presence is finally coming or being converted in AlaIgbo.
Agriculture / Re: Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 9:49pm On May 25, 2010
An aboki president will probably prefer the mill to rot away than hand it over to a competent state state govt. Kudos to Jonathan
Agriculture / Jonathan Good Oh! Lol!anambra Gets Biggest Rice Mill In West Africa by mekuszyx: 9:48pm On May 25, 2010
Anambra gets biggest rice mill in West Africa
By Sunday Okobi, 05.25.2010
Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Anambra State Government was yesterday handed the biggest rice mill in West Africa capable of processing not less than 15,000 metric tone of rice yearly, by the Federal Government.


The mill, which was installed by Japanese International Cooperation Agency ( JICA) for the Federal Government and commissioned in 1996 has since remained abandoned.

During the handover ceremony which took place at the premises of the giant mill at Omor, Minister of Agriculture and Water Resources, Prof. Sheik Ahmed Abdullah, commended the State Governor, Mr. Peter Obi, for the wisdom and foresight to request, and indeed convince the Federal Government on the need to hand over the mill to the State Government. According to him, “The Governor has continued to demonstrate understanding of food security by his every move.”

He also said that the Federal Government was delighted to hand over the mill and appealed to the Governor to mobilise all stakeholders towards achieving his vision, which was in line with that of the Federal Government.

In his remarks, Obi said that the handover of the mill was the culmination of three years of negotiations.

He stated that his major concern was that the mill offered employment to Nigerians and help to feed the nation.

He thanked all those that contributed one way or the other to the eventual handover of the mill and pledged that he would not relent on Anambra’s timorous achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, one of which is eradication of extreme poverty.
Politics / Re: Attending College In Eastern Nigeria by mekuszyx: 9:30pm On May 25, 2010
Politics / Re: Zenith Of Economic Sabotage. These People Are Same As The Thieving Politicians by mekuszyx: 5:48pm On May 25, 2010
The only person that should see this is bk/babe97
Politics / Re: Igbo States Are Lagging Behind In Development by mekuszyx: 4:24pm On May 25, 2010
HHAHAH! To some, true democracy is no longer about numbers and competition. It is rigging or imposition of candidates without any competition for positions.
I wonder the need for Nigeia to have multi-party system if all the parties cannot be represented in any contest.
Politics / Re: Yoruba In Abia Appoint Monarch by mekuszyx: 4:21pm On May 25, 2010

Naw Igbos need to concentrate their on developing Igbo land more than any other section in Nigeria. There is alot more to gain when we begin our charity at home no abroad. If I ever become a governor of I will make sure I create policies that will attract more investments in my state and reduce outsourcing. I will work on making sure our graduates stay back home not run to abuja, kaduna. If I have to go head to head with the Federal govt I will. The state will be taxed and taxes will be used for development. If i have to use state prisoners sef as laborers I sure will. call me a radical if u like.

I understand that in Nnewi, there is a community law stipulating that before anyone invests outside the town they must have already invested in the community, or you pay a huge fine. That sounds true, given the huge number of industries in Nnewi. Same should go for other Igbo towns and communities. I am not an economist, but sometimes I wonder what drives Igbos to invest heavily outside Igboland. Some say it is market forces but I disagree. People who need what you have will come to you, even if your house is in the moon. People from all walks of life, including Nigerians troop to Dubai to shop. Dubai did not move its market to America and Europe, the richest people with the greatest potential buyer population. This is one problem I have with my people- the entrenched desire to migrate-Ok I am also guilty of that.lol
Politics / Re: Igbo States Are Lagging Behind In Development by mekuszyx: 4:10pm On May 25, 2010

I am sorry but you have been chatting dust since. I tried to ignore your posts but I can't any longer. What is the point of your posts when you can not even defend them? You will only succeed in turning this into a roforofo fight.

Perhaps he thought writing his giberrish in bold print means the defense of it.lol. He even turned you into an Igbo in the 2nd line of his last response.

Your name is the opposite of your true state: knownothing.  Actually not every eediotic post deserves a response.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors are the King Makers.Jonathan Can Never Be President,period! by mekuszyx: 4:04pm On May 25, 2010
No Sir:

Ironsi was military so out of the equation. Nwafo Orizu was the senate president when the coup plotters struck and killed Balewa. He took over as headf states when Zik was not available and it was he who handed back power to the military under Ironsi. History 101.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors are the King Makers.Jonathan Can Never Be President,period! by mekuszyx: 3:40pm On May 25, 2010
If the North makes trouble and the Ijaw boys block the oil wells and set them on fire, lets see if Jonathan, their brother will give the presidential order to attack them.
Politics / Re: Northern Governors are the King Makers.Jonathan Can Never Be President,period! by mekuszyx: 3:38pm On May 25, 2010
Military regimes aside, has the north really held on to power for so much longer than the south?
Tafawa Balewa 6 years
Shagari 4 years
ObJ 8 years
Yaradua 2.5 years
Jonathan 1.5 years (hopefully)
Zik (I know it was ceremonial, but nontheless a head of state) 3 years
Nwafo Orizu (few months)
Politics / Re: Igbo States Are Lagging Behind In Development by mekuszyx: 3:28pm On May 25, 2010

[size=14pt]Akala might be ineffective but not brutal, I don’t believe he is not performing, he is performing to the best of his abilities (his abilities might not be = to minimum standard but he never pretended to punch above his weight) what do u expect from a sacked semi -illetrate Police Officer  undecided

Fayose was bullied out of office by OBJ hence his anger and aggrieved attitude. I would not blame him, if na u nko, u go, go quietly like a mugu without fighting, the man is fighting for his right and his stolen mandate.[/size]

Lame excuses as usual. The other thugs?

Gbenga Daniel?
and, wait for this
OBJ himself?
Politics / Re: Yoruba In Abia Appoint Monarch by mekuszyx: 3:24pm On May 25, 2010

I think it is time that Yorubas begin to contribute to the development of other parts of Nigeria by investing in those places, just like the Igbos are doing. Up until now, Yorubas have not contributed meaningfully in the physical development of non-Yoruba places. However, a number of them own houses in Enugu, Umuahia, Owerri, PH, Calabar, Uyo, Benin, Warri, etc. But the number is insignificant compared to Igbos who do the same in non-Igbo places.
Politics / Re: Yoruba In Abia Appoint Monarch by mekuszyx: 3:21pm On May 25, 2010
Ezeife Insists On Ethnic Unity

•As Odua Honours Ngige, Alao Akala, Etiaba, Ooni

By Okey Maduforo Correspondent, Awka

Former Anambra State governor, Dr. Chukwuemeka Ezeife, has posited that the only way to achieve true federation is for the respective ethnic groups to create a synergy for national unity.

Ezeife, who disclosed this at the end of year party and award presentation-ceremony of Egbe Omo Oduduwa in Awka Anambra State, pointed out that there is a confirmed socio-cultural relationship between the Igbo and Yoruba in Nigeria, adding that the two ethnic groups should be on the vanguard of national unity and true federation.

He contended that the bane of Nigeria’s democracy and corporate existence is the so much concentration of power at the centre, and sued for a weak centre and strong federating units.

“I believe that the first call is for the Igbo and Yoruba to start constructive engagement and end the parallel line relationship.

“Parallel lines do not meet. These parallel lines must bend towards each other or the rot and disintegration cannot be halted and reversed. The second call is for the building up of the critical minimum force to propel political arrangements in the directions that make things work. The logical end of the call is for the immediate constitution of a Peoples’ (Constituent) Assembly, where Nigerians will work to give onto themselves the constitutional arrangements that will make things work in Nigeria.

“This should be done in the proven knowledge that the present arrangement is chocking off growth and development possibilities and seems to be moving our beloved country inexorably to ruin!”

At the occasion, former Anambra State governor, Dr Chris Nwabueze Ngige, was honoured as a pacesetter and detribalised Nigerian whose tenure as governor ensured the safety of the people irrespective of tribe or religion.

According to leader of Yoruba community in Anambra State, Mr. Tunde Adegbenjo, Ngige is the only governor past and present that has been of immense assistance to the Yoruba community.

He recalled that in the 2005 pilgrimage, Ngige while in office gave the Yoruba community in Anambra slots to attend pilgrimage.

The Yoruba leader recalled that during the religious and ethnic clashes in the country, Ngige ensured the safety of non-indigenes and provided relief materials for their up keep.

Also honoured was Oyo State Governor, Dr Adebayo Alao-Akala, as the patron, while Dame Virgy Etiaba was made Matron of Yoruba community in Anambra State.

Ooni of Ife, Oba Okunade Sijuade and Obi Gibson Nwosu of Awka kingdom were made royal fathers of the day.

In his goodwill message to his brothers in Anambra state, Oyo state governor, Alao-Akala, expressed happiness with the award given to him and urged the Yoruba in Anambra State to remain good ambassadors of their state.

Akala further reiterated the Oyo State government’s continued protection of lives and properties of non-indigenes and also creating an enabling environment for brotherliness and exchange of trade and commerce among all ethnic groups in Nigeria.

Also, president of Egbe Omo Oduduwa in the state noted that the importance of the celebration was to recognize personalities that have contributed to the cultural and ethnic integration among the Yoruba and the Igbo of Anambra extraction.

He also thanked the Group Managing Director of Capital Oils Limited, Mr. Ifeanyi Ubah, for his assistance to the Yoruba community and display of brotherhood by averting what would have led to a bloody ethnic clash between the Yoruba and the Igbo in Nnewi commercial town.
Politics / Re: Yoruba In Abia Appoint Monarch by mekuszyx: 3:20pm On May 25, 2010

Yoruba people in Biafra. I thought SJeezy swore on grabdfather's grave that its not possible for Yoruba to leave Yoruba land.

Alao-Akala, Ooni, Ezeife For Oduduwa Day In Awka

By Okey Maduforo, Correspondent, Awka

Oyo State governor, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala, Ooni of Ife and former governor of Anambra State, Dr Chukwumeka Ezeife, are to grace the Oduduwa Day and Award presentation billed for Saturday in Awka, the Anambra State capital.

Also to attend the event are Senator Ben Obi, Igwe Gibson Nwosu, Governor Peter Obi and his Deputy, Dame Virgy Etiaba, who would be decorated as the mother of the day.

Speaking with Daily Independent in Awka, President of Egbe Omo Oduduwa, Chief Tunde Adegbenjo, pointed out that some notable personalities would be bestowed with awards of excellence and commendation which include former Anambra State governor, and Action Congress (AC) governorship candidate, Dr Chris Ngige, as well as Senator Emma Anosike. He also disclosed that the CEO of Capital Oils Nigeria Limited, Chief Ifeanyi Uba, who averted a looming ethnic clash between the Igbo and Yoruba in Nnewi commercial town, will also be honoured.

Adegbenjo explained: “What we are doing is to remind our brothers and sisters in Anambra State that we are one. I am from Kwara State and I have been here for more than 15 years. I have been doing business in Anambra State and I have even extended beyond the state and it has been blissful and warm so far. I even married an Igbo girl from Delta State. So what would my Yoruba brothers tell me about Ndigbo that would make me to start having reservations about them?”

Continuing, Adegbenjo noted that the occasion would certainly attract the presence of some personalities from across the country, namely the Ooniof Ife and Eze Uzu Awka as royal fathers of the day, as well as Oyo State governor, Otunba Adebayo Alao-Akala, as special guest of honour.

Others expected are Senator Ben Obi, an indigene of Awka who will be the chairman of the occasion; and former Anambra State Governor, Chief Chukwuemeka Ezeife, as guest speaker.

He added, “We also have the Timi of Ede as royal father of the day and Anambra Governor, Peter Obi, as chief host. Interestingly, Obi’s predecessor, Dr. Chris Ngige, and Deputy Governor, Dame Virgy Etiaba, would also be there along with Senator Emma Anosike. These would be receiving various awards at the ceremony that would be graced by other personalities like former Anambra Police Commissioner, Amusa Bello, Chief Executive of Capital Oil, Chief Ifeanyi Uba, Ozo Mike Nwogbo, the Nneni DPO, Mr. Ayodeji Ogundele.

“Also expected at the occasion are former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Ahmed Bola Tinubu, and incumbent Governor Raji Fashola, along with some titled men from Yorubaland. We shall also play host to Yoruba communities from the South East and South South states.”

Explaining what would be expected of the organisation by next year, Adegbenjo said, “There is plan to start a mass transit scheme which has already been registered and we intend to launch it by next year. The transit scheme would cover some Yoruba states to Anambra given the difficulty in getting direct transport from Awka. We have commenced discussions with vehicle owners in Anambra and four other states in the west in a bid to actualising this dream.”

He also announced that a centre is in the offing for cultural integration between the Yoruba and Igbo, which he said would include library on Nigerian history with special bias for Igbo and Yoruba, as well as showcase of the arts and crafts of the people.

“This is aimed at educating the upcoming generation on the essence of national unity. Today people do not pay attention to social studies that we use to learn in our primary school days. The civil education and social values that our nationalists laid down for us have been eroded and that is to our own detriment. The place will be a research centre that would educate our coming generation and be useful to those in the academic world,” he said.

While the Odu’a community in Anambra pulls out all the stops ahead of this Saturday when the event will take place, social observers are of the view that it should be sustained for posterity.
Politics / Re: Igbo States Are Lagging Behind In Development by mekuszyx: 3:13pm On May 25, 2010
asha 80:

^^^you forgot the attempted cannibalism of the ekiti governors aides in that occasion.

No I did not. It is also available in my archives.lol Not to mention the absolute disappointment and ritualistic thief that Gbenga Daniel turned into
Politics / Re: Igbo States Are Lagging Behind In Development by mekuszyx: 3:02pm On May 25, 2010

[size=14pt]Anambra State is a litmus test of what transpires in the other States in the East. Ohakim’s criminality and cruelty to an innocent journalist is well documented in every media forum be it print, electronic or otherwise.

Such cruelty is unprecedented in the annals of hooliganism in Nigeria, I need not remind you of the covet clan wars going on Ebnonyi, nor the gross decay in Aba in Abia state.

The only one with a bit of decorum is the Enugu State guy, obviously one is not surprise as he is a qualified Law officer, to behave in way contrary to that noble profession’s ethics would have irrevocably banish the Igbo tribe in its entirety as a bunch of uncivilised scallywags that needs re-colonisation and re-orientation.[/size]

Em! Do you know of the incidence in Ekiti where the Gov and his boys beat up journalists in secret rooms? I thought we are all agreed that Akala is one helluva holigan? I thought that we are all agreed that Fayose was a motor-park tout turned gov? I thought weare all agreed that Tinubu was an incompetent drug-dealing gov whose only legacy was thuggery?

Politics / Re: Northern Governors are the King Makers.Jonathan Can Never Be President,period! by mekuszyx: 2:54pm On May 25, 2010
The North MAY indeed be powerful politically. But Obasanjo put them in the coolers for 8 years and they sulked home like babies. GJ may well repeat that streak, giving them something to sulk about again. I am a supporter of the PDP power rotation, but with baboon-headed comments like that of the op, I may yet consider changing my mind.

OP: please what have your fathers done with the presidency they have held for more than 38 years? I see nothing in the north than poverty, disease, child brides, unending intra-regional conflicts and forlonness.
Politics / Re: Yoruba In Abia Appoint Monarch by mekuszyx: 2:44pm On May 25, 2010

Frankly, I did not even know there were Yoruba in Abia State. I never seen any. . . I seen them in Port Harcourt by why God's Own State?

Thanks for admitting some ignorance. Yorubas are everywhere in Nigeria, just that Igbos are more in number outside Igboland than Yoruba outside Yorubaland. The owner of the biggest taxi company in Abia is Yoruba-most of his drivers are also yoruba. Many of them are teaching at the Fed uni, as well as at the NRCRI, umudike. Many are cops, customs, prisons, immigration officials, students, traders, taxi drivers, iya olonjes (bukateria) etc. The same for other Igbo states, as we have shown previously for Enugu and Anambra. A good number of these people own their rown homes too.

Take home message:
The traffick is both ways across the Niger river.
Politics / Re: Igbo States Are Lagging Behind In Development by mekuszyx: 2:36pm On May 25, 2010

[size=14pt]The Igbo Governor’s are the most heartless and henious thieves in the federation, they turn a blind eye on the squalor and deprivation of their people, no wonder Kidnapping and other social vices is prominent in that enclave. (Drug dealing, Ashawo,419, e.t.c)

They turned down a visionary in Soludo only to vote an incumbent. Incumbency in the East is synonymous with stand-down, don’t expect anything from Obi in the next 4 years.

One thing you can be assured of is the Ikemba would be handsomely taking care off and remitted, and Obi would by the end of his term have achieved that warp idea of being a billionaire at the people’s expense[/size]. ( I just hope his driver and orderly would be careful when transporting the people’s common-wealth from Akwa to Lagos this time.) lipsrsealed

[size=14pt]The key to unlock the squalor in the East is to vote for one-term Governors knowing the 2nd term is a free for all, this principle is applicable to all other federating units of Nigeria.[/size]

I did not know that the entire 5 Igbo states should have voted for Soludo of Anambra state?
Politics / Re: Igbo States Are Lagging Behind In Development by mekuszyx: 2:33pm On May 25, 2010

But you do not lack federal representation, you have federal lawmakers/senators, federal ministers and heads of federal agencies and parastatals. It is their job to fight and look out for you and make sure your region gets what it deserves. They are not only your people, they are your elected officials. They are you federal presence.

I believe the number of people you have in the senate and house affects how much lobby you can make. The entire south east is underepresented in both houses (due to having the lowest number of states and LGAs), such that they are always overwhelmed when votes are needed to arrive at anything. This again brings to the fore the need to equilibrate the number of states in each region to give each region the same number of representatitives in both houses. Or, abrogate states and continue with 6 regions.
Politics / Re: Yoruba In Abia Appoint Monarch by mekuszyx: 4:40am On May 25, 2010

lol what of an emir of abia- that sounds better.

There is also an emir of Abia, though he goes by the title of Sarki

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