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Celebrities / Re: Goldie Idowu, Tboss' Sister In Bikini (Photos) by MKO4ever(m): 9:55am On Aug 09, 2018
More than anything else, I must commend the boobs!!!
Celebrities / Re: Regina Askia And Her Daughters Stun In Bikini (Photos) by MKO4ever(m): 2:51pm On Aug 06, 2018
I like the girl laps but I'm not sure the boobs can still pass a simple 'pencil test'
Romance / Re: Nude Photo Of Martin Khafafa Bathing With 2 Ladies After Sex Leaks Online by MKO4ever(m): 5:08pm On Jul 31, 2018
I hope he is not married yet oo, else......................
Celebrities / Re: Leo Dasilva Throwback Photo From 2012 Leaves The Ladies Drooling by MKO4ever(m): 4:56pm On Jul 26, 2018
I am yet to see any big brother housemate with small weapon

Obviously this must be part of the requirements to qualify for the show
Car Talk / Re: Toyota Corolla And Toyota Avensis, Which One Is The Best? by MKO4ever(m): 7:30am On Jul 26, 2018
Avensis is better

I drive a Toyota corolla car and my only problem with it is the size of the car (the space inside). If you are tall and you sit in front, then no one is able to sit behind you again because you would have taken up the entire space in the car. I am changing my car any moment from now and I have Avensis in mind.

Secondly, I think Avensis has a better AC cooling system, though I bought my Corolla brand new in 2013, my used Camry that I bought in 2010 still has a better A/C than the new Corolla.

Apart from these, Corolla remains a very good car, but Avensis is a darling!


Gaming / Re: Video Games That Were Way Ahead Of Their Time by MKO4ever(m): 5:21pm On Jul 20, 2018
No wonder there is so much killings and crimes today, all popular video games involve fighting and killing
Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Using Someone Else's Internet Connection by MKO4ever(m): 10:16am On Jun 22, 2018
I'm not here to learn English... I'm here to put it straight as it is as what you people has been told,and your people has been fighting for... what's is the meaning of 'Boko Haram' do not come here to rant just accept your faith as it is

I guess you don't have answer to my question, but let me repeat it "Which of the Islamic rule exactly are you referring to? Is it Quran that is purely against western education or where did you get the rule from"?
Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Using Someone Else's Internet Connection by MKO4ever(m): 9:38am On Jun 22, 2018
The Islam or Islamic rules doesn't not believe in any western means of surviving, development and education, in fact they are purely against it...but God of Israel who doesn't sleep non slumber had put them all in very tight corners with no escape route except beating around the bush.....ask
them is computer Islamic product or invention? ...Go a
nd sit down jejele...the time for Jumat is getting closer..I no hear excuses!!!

And which of the Islamic rule exactly are you referring to? Is it Quran that is purely against western education or where did you get the rule from?

BTW: Your writing skill is a little bit bad, please improve on it


Islam for Muslims / Re: Ruling On Using Someone Else's Internet Connection by MKO4ever(m): 9:31am On Jun 22, 2018
It is morally wrong to use people's property without their consent

And this is what I think………….

If I have a network modem or on my phone, it is my duty to keep it secured, therefore, anyone that wants to use the internet will require my consent/password. It then becomes morally and spiritually wrong when you go all the way to hack my network

But by leaving the network open and unsecured, I am giving my open consent to anyone within my coverage area that is interested in sharing with me and nothing should be wrong with that one

Ma’ Salam

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Sports / Re: Denmark Vs Australia: World Cup (1 - 1) On 21st June 2018 by MKO4ever(m): 2:52pm On Jun 21, 2018
"as as how"? Denmark to win joor!

I could not watch the 2nd half, please what was the final score? I guessed it was Denmark 5 vs Australia 1
Celebrities / Re: BBNaija Star, Cee-C's Throwback Photos In 2013 Vs 2018 Photo by MKO4ever(m): 2:00pm On Jun 21, 2018
I love this girl scatter

Same here bro!
Sports / Re: Denmark Vs Australia: World Cup (1 - 1) On 21st June 2018 by MKO4ever(m): 1:58pm On Jun 21, 2018
HT Denmark 1 - 1 Australia

FT should remain like this, abeg
Sports / Re: Denmark Vs Australia: World Cup (1 - 1) On 21st June 2018 by MKO4ever(m): 1:57pm On Jun 21, 2018

Please You People Should Carry This Draw Till Match End abeg

Amen oo
Sports / Re: Iran Vs Spain: World Cup (0 - 1) On 20th June 2018 by MKO4ever(m): 11:30am On Jun 20, 2018

Church kee you there

Sports / Re: Iran Vs Spain: World Cup (0 - 1) On 20th June 2018 by MKO4ever(m): 9:46am On Jun 20, 2018
Iran 1 - 0 Spain

grin grin grin grin grin grin

Thank you, make I quickly place my bet with this one
Sports / Re: Portugal Vs Morocco: World Cup (1 - 0) On 20 June, 2018 by MKO4ever(m): 9:19am On Jun 20, 2018
Portugal 4:1 Morocco....... Ronaldo to score 2 goals..... e sure die

Thank you my guy, make I quickly bet on this level

How about this odd @ 11.50===2nd Half - 1X2 & BTTS: 1 +
Crime / Re: Zenith Bank Worker Hacks Into Customers’ Accounts, Transfers N3m (Photo) by MKO4ever(m): 11:10am On Jun 11, 2018
I swear these guys don't look like Zenith bank workers......Ask people that know Zenith bank very well


Politics / Re: Al-Mustapha: "How Abiola Was Killed, NADECO Leaders Took Money" (VIDEO) by MKO4ever(m): 10:42am On Jun 11, 2018
This is Nigeria, everyone is a criminal..............................

Politics / Re: MKO Abiola: Tinubu Reacts To Buhari’s Declaration by MKO4ever(m): 7:56am On Jun 08, 2018
At last, MKO4ever!!!

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Business / What ‘status Quo MPR’ Means To Ordinary Man, Middle Class, Elite by MKO4ever(m): 11:06am On May 24, 2018
The fear that inflation rate could go up again which prompted the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to retain the Monetary Policy Rate (MPR) at 14 percent for 10 consecutive months could actually happen. MPR is the interest rate at which the CBN lends to the banks.

Specifically, Nigeria is now in planting season and Ramadam Festival, a period when prices of domestic goods go up. A market survey by BusinessDay shows that a basket of tomatoes which was sold at N7,000 in April now goes for about N20,000 in Mile 12 market. A businessman who deals in foodstuff told BusinessDay that a bag of 50kg rice is now N16,000 as against N14,000 in April.

Meanwhile, election spending is coming up, putting pressure on foreign exchange. Naira has depreciated to N366 per dollar from N363/$ at the parallel market.

Data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) indicates that inflation rate has moderated for 15 consecutive months – from a high of 18.72 percent in January 2017 to a two -year low of 12.48 percent in April 2018.

Also, the apex bank, after the two-day Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) meeting n Abuja on Monday and Tuesday kept unchanged the liquidity ratio at 30 percent, Cash Reserve Ratio at 22.5 percent, hinting that it would not consider easing the rate until inflation falls to single digits.

“The predominant argument for a hold at this time is to await more clarity on the evolution of key indicators, that is the passage of the budget and implementation, economic activity and traction in fiscal policy in 2018,” Godwin Emefiele, governor of the CBN, explained after the MPC meeting.

“It is the fear that inflation could go up again, election spending is imminent, minimum wage has not been accounted for in the budget and could trigger price inflation, U.S interest rates are going to go up again so the interest rate inflation dissention could work against the naira”, said Bismarch Rewane, CEO, Financial Derivatives Company.

Rewane explained that the problem was not price inflation as a result of excess demand in the economy, pointing out that the fundamental problem was productivity output and the problem of unemployment.

The Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was down from 59 in January to 51 in April, consumer confidence is down to -6, GDP has decline from 2.1 in last quarter of 2017 to 1.96 in the first quarter 2018, interest rate sensitive sectors are actually contracting and slowing, notably agriculture, transport and construction.

The labour intensive sectors are the ones contracting while the ones that don’t employ more people like insurance, and oil sector are growing. All these indicate a vulnerable and very shaky recovery.

Notably, Ghana has cut interest rates five times in the last 12 months. Consequently, Ghana inflation is down to about 9.6 percent, and growth is 8.5 percent.

“There is contraction in money supply. There is contraction in economy in certain areas which employ people, unemployment and underemployment is above 40 percent, when you add inflation to that you have a misery index in excess of 50”, Rewane posited.

What does this mean and what will happen next?

To businesses, unemployment and underemployment will remain high, the stock market will wobble, interest expense of companies will remain high and deposits rate are already fallen. The policy rate itself is not as important as the actual effective rate. Interest rates have actually come down and the fact that interest rates have come down and liquidity has increased does not mean that banks are lending. The CBN alluded that it is going to penalise banks for not lending to real sector.

How it will affect an individual, middle class and elite?

Rewane argued that if you are a worker, until the wage review, you have actually had an erosion in your income and nothing seems to happen because the interest rate is still going to remain high. The domestic prices of food are going to go up because this is planting season and the Ramadam season. Garri which is N7,000, per bag, palm oil came down from N25,000 to about N10,000, semolina is N3,000, rice N15,000 and beans (Olotu) which was as high as N38,000 and down to N28,000, we are going to see these things increase again.

For the middle class, your rent is going to increase, school fees will remain flat and your salary will remain flat. For the affluent people it really makes no difference.

In the final analysis, he said the expanded budget is going to kick in, the activities of government, credit to private sector will remain flat, unemployment will continue to rise, external debt will increase and growth will come stronger but not strong enough.
Travel / Re: A Trip With My Girlfriend To Obudu Cattle Ranch (pictures) by MKO4ever(m): 1:05pm On May 14, 2018
Broda, you missed the cable car experience!!!

Trust me, it is scarier and more more fun than the road trip

And next time you are visiting the ranch, please go through Benue State.

Distance from Calabar to Obudu is much and tiring

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Islam for Muslims / Re: Shaaban : A Time Of Avoidance Of Heedlessness by MKO4ever(m): 9:25am On Apr 27, 2018
The most difficult thing to do in this life is fasting outside (before or after) the month of Ramadan. OMG!!!

I don't miss any during ramadan, but afterwards...........................

May God increase us in I'iman


Family / Re: You Want To Know Her Vag!na Size? Just Take A Look At Her Face by MKO4ever(m): 7:44am On Apr 27, 2018

...Nonsense research

men nkor

short men =short dick , short temper , hard hearted
tall men = long dick , kind hearted , slow to anger .

fat men = fat penis
thin men = thin penis

source : #lazynigerianyouth

I will like to see your picture..................................
Family / Re: You Want To Know Her Vag!na Size? Just Take A Look At Her Face by MKO4ever(m): 4:39pm On Apr 26, 2018
Interesting. Didn't know there was an actual science to this.

How about men? Can you tell the size of our pillars and stones by looking at our faces?

Will get back very shortly, make I quickly enter lab go do the experiment about men's sizes

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Politics / Re: Benue Killings: Doyin Okupe Says Herdsmen Not Responsible For Attacks by MKO4ever(m): 4:29pm On Apr 26, 2018
Any reasonable person will know that the herdsmen killing has been hijacked by fifth columnists.My worry is that the grandpa in Abuja has this I don't care attitude towards it.

Very correct!!!
Family / You Want To Know Her Vag!na Size? Just Take A Look At Her Face by MKO4ever(m): 4:03pm On Apr 26, 2018
Facial Features Can Reveal Vag!na Size

1. If a woman has a small mouth and short fingers she will have a small, short Vag!na.

2. If she has big, thick lips, her Vag!na will be wide and thick.

3. If she has deep set eyes her Vag!na will be deep.

4. A woman with „skinny‟ eyelids will have a deep Vag!na.

5. A woman with thick fleshy eyelids will have a short Vag!na.

6. A woman with bulging eyes will have a very short Vag!na (women with short vag!na should avoid men with large/ long pen!ses to avoid damage to the cervix).

7. A woman who is nearsighted will have a deep Vag!na. The more near sighted she is the deeper the Vag!na.

8. A woman with big, watery eyes will have a big watery Vag!na. Again, the bigger the eyes, the bigger the vag!na (Short pen!ses are not for you boo!)

9. A woman with a wide mouth and narrow lips will have a narrow and deep vag!na.

10. Puckered, protruding lips or protruding bone structure indicates an elastic vag!na. It could be big or small but it will be wet, warm and soft. It also vibrates and trembles and is often referred to as a “talking vag!na”.

11. A woman who is tough and emotionless will have a hard, dry vag!na.

12. A woman with narrow cheeks and jaws will have a small, crooked vag!na. If it is only slightly curved, this is not a problem. However, if the curve is significant, she will need a long narrow pen!s.

13. If a woman has a narrow forehead and flat nose, she will have a short, wide vag!na.

14. If she has protruding cheek [/b]bones, she will have a [b]very deep Vag!na and a strong s*xual desire.

15. If a woman has a dimple, she has a very short Vag!na.

There are factors that can create variations of these qualities but these features allude to natural tendencies when it comes to the qualities of a woman vag!na.
Test these theories out on your partner for fun and see if you can guess the shape, depth and texture of her vagina by examining her facial features! It will be a fun way of deepening your fantasies about what is between her legs.

Source: http://glamerotica101.com/facial-features-can-reveal-vagina-size/#


Celebrities / Re: PHOTOS: Cee C With Toolz And Yaw by MKO4ever(m): 3:43pm On Apr 26, 2018
Cee-c is the omo to n so...........................(The most talked about)..................my gal


Celebrities / Re: Cee C's Look Alike Found by MKO4ever(m): 2:54pm On Apr 26, 2018
You dey craze, where is the picture naa?
Crime / Re: 2 Homosexuals Paraded Unclad Publicly In Imo After They Were Caught Having Sex by MKO4ever(m): 2:26pm On Apr 26, 2018
According to the story shared by a Facebook user,the two Nigerian homosexuals were caught making love in Umuosu.They were stripped unclad and paraded publicly.

See photos after the cut

Source: http://www.trezzyhelm.com/2018/04/2-nigerian-homosexuals-caught-making.html?m=1

....................................#Teamnamecheckers!!!..........................................Please where is Umuosu?
Celebrities / Re: Tobi, Miracle, Alex, Nina And CeeC Visit Wazobia FM (Photo) by MKO4ever(m): 12:34pm On Apr 26, 2018
Miracle is gradually discharging Nina!!! I can already see that
Politics / Re: Senators Call For President Buhari’s Impeachment Over $496m Tucano Aircraft by MKO4ever(m): 12:32pm On Apr 26, 2018
The name of those Senators though...........................@Teamnamecheckers
TV/Movies / Re: Bbnaija:Nina Thanks Fans,Tonto and bobrisky (video) by MKO4ever(m): 7:18pm On Apr 25, 2018
Who is Nina?

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