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Agriculture / Re: Fresh Pepper Farm by mogentle(m): 5:56am On Sep 21, 2023
Great work, kudos.
Please I love pepper and tomato plants but any time I plant them in my compound, the leaves become curly and some white flies attack them easily.
What can I use to mitigate this please?


Religion / Re: Dancing In Church: First Baptist Church Agbede Warns Choir Members On Zanku, Gbe by mogentle(m): 3:10pm On Aug 04, 2019

Stop looking for excuses. Dance in church has no manner, that's why no one has been able to give it any name. If it had manner and pattern, it would have been named since.

You are sounding sanctimonious.
Religion / Re: Dancing In Church: First Baptist Church Agbede Warns Choir Members On Zanku, Gbe by mogentle(m): 12:53pm On Aug 04, 2019

Very soon, they will start twerking in God's house. That's what this stubborn people who have no respect for God want. They don't know that there's a way we ought to behave in God's house.

1 Timothy 3:15
But if I tarry long, that thou mayest know how thou oughtest to behave thyself in the house of God, which is the church of the living God, the pillar and ground of the truth.

Mathew 21:13
And said unto them, It is written, My house shall be called the house of prayer;

Now that most dance steps are being named, what if the simple dance step you know today is tagged by those guys with a name tomorrow? Are we going to stop dancing in church?

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Religion / Re: Dancing In Church: First Baptist Church Agbede Warns Choir Members On Zanku, Gbe by mogentle(m): 12:43pm On Aug 04, 2019

Where is it written that his clothes fell off?

2 Samuel 6:14 (KJV)
And David danced before the LORD with all his might; and David was girded with a linen ephod.

Check verse 21. Michal claimed he uncovered himself.

2 Samuel 6:20 KJV
Then David returned to bless his household. And Michal the daughter of Saul came out to meet David, and said, How glorious was the king of Israel to day, who uncovered himself to day in the eyes of the handmaids of his servants, as one of the vain fellows shamelessly uncovereth himself!

Have you seen it.
And what if that zanku has been my dance step before it was named so.
I think by 2050, there will be no dance available for Christians in church again.
Religion / Re: Dancing In Church: First Baptist Church Agbede Warns Choir Members On Zanku, Gbe by mogentle(m): 12:34pm On Aug 04, 2019

God do smt want anything worldly. Zanku and Shaku Shaku are straight from night clubs and MTV Base. They are not for God.

The dance approved by God has no name neither is it amount worldly circles. It is not chorographed, not rehearsed before done, neither is it founded by anybody. It is simply dance that comes from true joy and doesn't conform to worldly standard.

The above is how David danced. He didn't do anything spectacular other than move is body. But when you move your body to match with Zanku, it means you are acting like you are in a night club. You are simply entertaining yourself, not God.

Bro, you can't stand here and say there is a particular way David danced. Did you read it that his cloth fell off?
Won't you criticize me if I danced and have my cloth fall off?
Religion / Re: Dancing In Church: First Baptist Church Agbede Warns Choir Members On Zanku, Gbe by mogentle(m): 12:30pm On Aug 04, 2019

Not the way God wants? Just admit you are entertaining yourself.

Pls how do you dance in church? Describe it for others to learn.
Religion / Re: Dancing In Church: First Baptist Church Agbede Warns Choir Members On Zanku, Gbe by mogentle(m): 12:24pm On Aug 04, 2019
How did David danced?
I attended a CAC programme recently in a Southwest, Nigeria. About 2 out of invited gospel singers sang a song:

Oku toti ku, kole gbe body soke,
Tori pe mo wa laye moti gbe body.
Oya gbe body......

During this hot praise night, come and see as people danced zanku without any hold back.

I also danced, all forms, not to impress anybody but to glorify God.
These days, the fear of dancing 'worldy dance' is limiting how one praises God.
You move this way, it looks like Awilo, lift your leg up, it looks like Etigi, bend down a bit, it is another, stamp your feet on ground, it resembles zanku.
So, how do we dance, how dobwe appreciate God freely?
We need to know how David danced?
It is well.


Politics / Re: 2019: Wike Resigns As PDP Campaign Zonal Coordinator by mogentle(m): 5:21am On Dec 01, 2018
Hate him or love him, Wike is a man that doesn't bend over for anyone. He has invested too much in PDP to be relegated to ordinary "campaign coordinator"......... angry
So, what post should have been given to him?


Politics / Re: Meet Zainab Ahmed, Biography, Profile, Age, Finance Minister (Photos) by mogentle(m): 11:08pm On Sep 14, 2018
Buhari's second term will be mad!!!

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Politics / Re: The Best And Worst Performing Governors In The South-West? by mogentle(m): 8:33pm On Sep 08, 2018
The best is ibikunle amosun

The worst is the white head man in my state akeredolu
Amosun is the worst, just take that.
Politics / Re: The Best And Worst Performing Governors In The South-West? by mogentle(m): 6:25am On Sep 08, 2018
wot of his brother 4rm Osun state too and he want to gv Osun people another man to b dia governor

Aregbe is still better when you compare him with Amosun. At least people are still confessing here how he developed roads in Ilesa and other places.
Nobody in Ogun except from Abeokuta will point to a completed project in their area. Very useless governor.
Politics / Re: The Best And Worst Performing Governors In The South-West? by mogentle(m): 6:13am On Sep 08, 2018
Amosun is the worst governor in South West. The best governor is Aregbesola.

Why repeating this thread again. I avoided the thread the first time knowing fully that majority of people who could have rated them objectively are not online. Majority of people on media are anti buhari people looking for where to click likes & shares against buhari.

Amosun is a fraud bringing his accounting experience to defraud Ogun State. The Ijebu Remo people starting from Sagamu will never forget him. I believed Awujale - the paramount ruler of Ijebu land will also not forget him on behalf of Ijebu land. Agbara, despite industries & taxes, no infrastructure.

Amosun took loans to complete abandoned projects at Alagbole, Akute, Lambe, etc but constructing pedestrian bridges at Ibafo & Mowe while about 80% of Ogun state lack infrastructure. He is only interested in cosmetics projects & his cap. Nothing.

In his second tenure, I believed the FG allocation, IGR and loans he took are enough to work but rather our towns are gradually becoming villages. The very bad & incomplete road constructed at Magboro is a big fraud. A dual carriagecarriage way that does not meet minimal width dimension. The Magboro under bridge forming a U - turn on Lagos - Ibadan expressway is a nightmare.

Amosun fraud. Amosun just go. Your Egba people & Osile Oke-Ona can allow you go to Senate, the Ijebu people, yewa, Awori, etc have rejected you. Just go
Amosun is a very big fraud. He's only interested in Abeokuta. Very selfish individual. Our towns are becoming villages in Ogun. Sagamu inner roads are in shambles. Local governments are now shadows and lifeless.
Celebrities / Re: NBC Condemns Demolition Of Yinka Ayefele's Fresh FM By Oyo Govt by mogentle(m): 1:43pm On Aug 22, 2018
Celebrities / Re: Yinka Ayefeles Fresh FM Is Currently Being Demolished by mogentle(m): 1:29pm On Aug 19, 2018

guy GOD will continue to bless you and provide for your needs for hitting the nail on the head. even akala's government market that same building but people had compassion on him (ayefele) based on his disability, ayefele woudnt have been in this mess if he had applied sense in managing his broadcasters in terms of what they say on air,the truth is that that station (fresh fm) looks as if its only agenda is to bring down the govt of ajimobi as a media house you dont take sides on issue the best you can do is to invite both parties and allow the listeners or viewers to decide after hearing from both sides
This is lie, how did they take side and in which of their programs? Say what you know pls.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Arrives Abuja After 10-Day London Vacation by mogentle(m): 9:45pm On Aug 18, 2018
The incurable nepotistic herdman is back. Eemo wolu!!!!!!
Crime / Re: Criminals In Military Uniforms Kill Fulani Herdsmen & Cows In Nasarawa (Graphic) by mogentle(m): 11:28pm On Jun 26, 2018
This information is a wrong one. I was in Keana Local govt today and i was opportuned to know the true story. The people That killed this fulani men and their cows were the Nigeria militry men. There was a gun battle between the Nigeria Army and the fulani men for over 6 hours, it started 3 am this morning. What happened was that, the fulani herds men and the Tiv people of Benue state residing around Keana Local govt were having issues and the militry came to intervene, in the process the fulani men came behind and did away with the bikes the militry men came with (3) bikes. So they sent a warning to the head of the fulani to tell there boys to return there bike or else they should expect them back. The fulani boys returned just one of the bike out of three, so the Nigeria army gave them yesterday as deadline to return the bikes ad they didnt. Thats why the Army matched for them in the early hours of today and they engaged themselves in gun battle That resulted to the Death of this people you are seeing. The heading is misleading, it was a joint mission with the Army and mobile Police men.
Crime / Re: Criminals In Military Uniforms Kill Fulani Herdsmen & Cows In Nasarawa (Graphic) by mogentle(m): 7:34pm On Jun 26, 2018
Doesn't add up

Barely 2 days after herdsmen killed over 150 christains now we see a sudden killing of .cows and some supposed herdsmen ?

Hmmm to me it looks staged to make them also look like victims ....

I might be wrong , but you know what they say about a woman's intuition.

My two cents

Obviously fake.


Crime / Re: Criminals In Military Uniforms Kill Fulani Herdsmen & Cows In Nasarawa (Graphic) by mogentle(m): 7:22pm On Jun 26, 2018
This is purely staged. You can't fool us here. Only a bewitched fool will believe this nonsense.

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Politics / Re: Governor Amosun Inspects Sagamu-ogijo 22 Km Road (Photos) by mogentle(m): 8:12am On Mar 14, 2018
firstly it was the flyover that unfinished now it is the same road I take home every evening, the same one I still took today.

E dey Una body
A project like Akarigbo Road if completed should have everything as planned. Did you see the festve-period quarter-baked Street lights fixed on the road? A torchlight shines better than them. Tell your governor to finish the last asphalt overlay from ESoe Bank to Kara to Larfage-Remo Div Junction, put street light with original lamps, complete the interlocking tiles under the bridge. Then, the project can be tagged "completed". Anything less than that, don't count Akarigbo Road as completed project since that's the only road for Remo zone since 7years of Amosun. Then why are the model schools not operated since ages? OOUTH had also become a shadow of itself. So many pathetic cases.

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Politics / Re: Governor Amosun Inspects Sagamu-ogijo 22 Km Road (Photos) by mogentle(m): 7:52pm On Mar 13, 2018
In Ogun State, Local government councils have been rendered completely useless. They can't even grade a street road talkless of putting asphalt. Sagamu local govt since Amosun days has never constructed a single gutter, so useless to the extent that they can't even grade the road that leads to their office. All Street roads in Sagamu are in very bad shape. No single street road has ever been touched for repair since 2011. All their fund is trapped at Oke Mosan by the state. Even the councillors and chairmen are like house boy, they can't execute any project. Highly pathetic.

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Politics / Re: Governor Amosun Inspects Sagamu-ogijo 22 Km Road (Photos) by mogentle(m): 7:35pm On Mar 13, 2018
keep quiet joor you just have to talk because everyone is talking,

What infrastructure did Gbenga had on ground when he left office, how was cultism and security issue in Ogun state during Gbenga Daniel's tenure compared to Amosun's tenure

It's obvious you don't stay in Sagamu, the flyover that was commissioned by the vice president for almost two years and has been accessible to motorist since then( I'm currently looking at the bridge now) is what you're lying about, you just couldn't hide your bigotry so you had to lie, shame on you.

Work just started on the road that leads from Sabo market to ode, work is also going on Sagamu-Sotubo-likosi-ogijo-odonguyan-ikorodu road. Area commander to Lafarge has long been completed.

You people are just bitter because the egunje and cultism you were all dwelling in during Gbenga Daniel's era is no longer happening.

You want him to do the only roads in Remote and another mofo up there is crying that he's only constructing roads in Remo and Egba alone, are you people not confused?

That is the same flyover you just lied about! Shame on you

Ode road construction? Why did he leave it till now? He knows election is coming, abadonned project loading. Let me tell you, your picture is taken from a street that goes to link Fakoya Street from Sabo. That is where the Igbo boys sell electronics.
I insist that the reconstructed Akarigbo Road is not yet completed. The complete asphalt layer ends in front of Esoe Bank. Go there tomorrow and check it. From that place to Kara, the road is only covered by thin layer asphalt, it remains the last layer. Take a trip there and confirm.

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Politics / Re: Governor Amosun Inspects Sagamu-ogijo 22 Km Road (Photos) by mogentle(m): 1:41pm On Mar 09, 2018

Op you're a bloody liar.
those pictures were taken at Ijebu Igbo on Monday when the Governor came around to inspect the bridge here.
Mr Seun
Uncle Lalasticlala
Please kindly do the right thing.
Imagine, see another lie. Propaganda people.
Politics / Re: Governor Amosun Inspects Sagamu-ogijo 22 Km Road (Photos) by mogentle(m): 1:10pm On Mar 09, 2018
yes I don't work in a corporate organisation, I'm self employed and i speak for myself and my business terrain when i said Nigerians don't pay tax compared to how taxes are being paid in other countries.

I'm not justifying the corruption of our politicians on how they loot tax payers money but to say because you pay tax then the whole road in a state has to be constructed within 8years is unreasonable.

Is he constructing roads or not? Is Sagamu and Abeokuta roads the only ones he has constructed? What magic do you expect him to perform in road construction in a state that couldn't boast of a single durable road before his tenure. Do you want him to complete the road construction of the whole Ogun state in 8years?

Like I said, wait for your turn! I'm sure you'll rather wish he stops the current projects and come construct the ones in your front yard.

He has done well so far in road constructions in Ogun state in my humble opinion and if you don't like that you can hug a moving truck

Guy, pls go and sit down. Come to Sagamu and see loads of bad roads. It's only Akarigbo 7km road that he dualised + flyover bridge in Sabo and since 2012, he has not finished it. No single projects in other Remo zone I.E Iperu, Ode, Ogere, Isara, Ipara, Ikenne and the likes. He's the best propagandist governor in South West. If a Gov like Aregbe has access to the kind of fund Ogun is controlling, you'll know what is called projects. Go to tiny Osun State and see construction of schools, roads, etc. It's your type that make useless governors to feel like great achiever. Pathetic.

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Politics / Re: Governor Amosun Inspects Sagamu-ogijo 22 Km Road (Photos) by mogentle(m): 9:34pm On Mar 08, 2018
Is any model school working in Ogun State out of all the ones he's been building for 7years.? Ogun State is blessed with a very useless governor. No single completed project outside Abeokuta, yet he'll be boasting as one of the States with very highest IGR..

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Politics / Re: Aggregate IGR Of The Five SE States Less Than That Of Ogun State IGR. by mogentle(m): 5:57am On Oct 28, 2017
And how has Ogun State proved that it has higher IGR? Come to Ogun State and see trailer load of abandoned projects. The street roads have not experienced a touch since exit of former govt. Ask Ogun indigenes of how many projects has been commissioned in their area? Since the commencement of second term of this govnor, it is as if there's no government. Local governments are dead as butchered cow, they can't even repair a single road. Don't judge Ogun State by what you see in Abeokuta because that s the only place where allocation is being spent on useless projects . He keeps working on federal roads (and latet abandonned)of which the money spent will be refunded while the street roads are in shambles.

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Politics / Re: How 7 States Blew Billions On White Elephant Projects by mogentle(m): 9:19pm On Oct 23, 2017
ona baba ona in osogbo

Ona Baba ona is a very useful project that is already enhancing the expansion and development of Osogbo even when it's not yet completed. Aregbe's projects are not highly abandoned, pls come to Ogun State to see definition of meaningless and white elephant projects.
Politics / Re: How 7 States Blew Billions On White Elephant Projects by mogentle(m): 1:10pm On Oct 23, 2017
Ogun State government is the most useless one in the country. They are so quick to erect signpost around borders around Lagos but never in their heads does it tell them that the place they are claiming requires government intervention. Ogun State roads are so terrible that one begins to wonder if Amosun has any plans at all. He is the king of unfinished projects. Several cases abound in the state.

APC is a sham! Same old politicians in different party colours.
My brother, I don't understand the man o. Come and check inner Street roads in all Ogun State towns and cities except Abeokuta. No grading by caterpillar not to talk of asphalt overlay. The scrap of asphalt on some roads are still those left by OGROMA works which we criticized as substandard. For example in Sagamu, apart from Akarigbo Road which is uncompleted, other roads are in shambles. Go to Iperu, Ode Remo, Ogere, Isara, Ipara, Sotubo, Ikene, etc, no single projects is completed or ongoing. So bad.
Politics / Re: How 7 States Blew Billions On White Elephant Projects by mogentle(m): 12:56pm On Oct 23, 2017
Can the nation newspaper write any damning article about Nigerian governors without mentioning Ogun state? All this propaganda against Amosun just because Tinubu wants to impose Yayi on the people of Ogun will fail. They couldn't even list the alleged white elephant projects in Ogun yet they joined Ogun there just to taint Amosun. SIA has done well and he is the leader of APC in Ogun state. If tinubu is desperate for Yayi to become governor then he can make him governor of Lagos after Ambode.
Can you tell us how many of the first term projects are ongoing now? From Sagamu to Ijebu Ode, Alagbole, etc, no work is going on. Everything has come to stand still. It's obvious that Amosun only used those projects to gain second term. Abeokuta where he hails from is the only place where Ogun State allocation is being spent. Unnecessary fly over being built at the expense of other necessary inner Street roads. Local governments are as dead as non-existent despite high IGR claims of the state. Open your eyes and tell me an ongoing project in your area in Ogun State except Abeokuta. The guy is a complete scammer.
Religion / Re: Bishop Oyedepo: "Adeboye Saved Me From Spiritual Attack On My Private Jet" by mogentle(m): 7:50pm On Oct 21, 2017
But wait, is Seun a Muslim fanatic? Why will members be compelled to swear to an oath as a Muslim before posting on a muslim related topics but when it comes to Christian related topics, it's free for all. This is odd, I mean very odd.


Politics / Re: 2019: South-West APC May Replace Buhari With Tinubu – Dele Momodu by mogentle(m): 5:16pm On Oct 15, 2017
As long as he's not from the north, he'll have my vote.
Religion / Re: "This Is Why Pastors Need Prayers" - Photo Of Lady At Church Event Trends Online by mogentle(m): 9:41pm On Oct 05, 2017
Not surprised xtian churches is called a whorehouse Jer 5:7, Rev 17:5 thats what is called a nayked dress because it shows your naykedness with little to no imagination.
Isaiah 30:1 KJVS
Woe to the rebellious children, saith the Lord , that take counsel, but not of me; and that cover with a covering, but not of my spirit, that they may add sin to sin:
Pay attention to that "cover" with a "covering" and Not of my covering, that's not how Miriam Sarah dressed in those days but these women are hoes,even Tamar who disguised as a prostitute covered herself in the streets because it was a shameful thing but hoes today in Church,Schools, buses dont have any shame, not all covering covers you. So when Yah says that they may add sin to sin, YHWH is saying this women perpetuate sin/sex/fornication/adultery/lust by the way they dress or what they used in "covering" themselves, we have male hoes too this are the ones with muscular bodies with singlet making women lust after them, your musicians, sports men do this things.
Now if you don't believe the xtian church is whorehouse read thisEzekiel 16:33 KJVS
They give gifts to all whores: but thou givest thy gifts to all thy lovers, and hirest them, that they may come unto thee on every side for thy whoredom.
This gifts are the tithes you pay on Sunday morning to your lovers(Pastors) that are you hired for your sins after clubbing on Saturday/Sabbath, remember they paid the Pope for their sins that's why the Vatican is the richest organization thru the Italian Mafia, Jesuit, Knight Templars,Crusades etc
Imagine this nonsense write up. He's calling church a whorehouse. Is this not why it's necessary to restrict muslims from commenting here? This is not fair.

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Politics / Re: Why Has Kwankwanso Not Visited Or Donated Anything To Benue Flood Victims? by mogentle(m): 4:27pm On Sep 12, 2017
Kwankwanso only gets interested in an issue when Fulanis are affected. Other Northerners are not human enough to deserve his empathy.
You get sense.

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