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Education / Re: Eleodichukwu Chukwuenyem: FUTO Student Dies After Slumping In Front Of Hostel by mrkel(m): 12:21am On Apr 17
Please what's that in her water is it lemon or lime, someone should help me, and what does putting it in water do to the body?

is a slim therepy. if you want to be slim slice lemon into a warm water and drink it first thing in the morning.
Fashion / Re: Corporate Wears For Men by mrkel(m): 9:33pm On Apr 15
Price starts at 7,000
You have samples? should I chat you up for you to send me samples ?
Fashion / Re: Corporate Wears For Men by mrkel(m): 9:24pm On Apr 15
How much do you sale your blazers ?
Family / Re: The Consequences Of Late Marriage And Why You Should Marry Early by mrkel(m): 12:08am On Apr 15
I just wish you know how Japan, Norway and most 1st world nations view marriage.. why do Nigerians place so much value on marriage/children instead of making life better?
marry on time... give birth to children.. feed your wife & children.. buy car/build house for your family.. after that you na die.
is that what God created black man to do?
why don't we think about space exploration, curing diseases, scientific breakthrough.. the whole world is entering the 4th industrial revolution, 9ja still dey dance BTW 1st/2nd, but yet marriage, religion is wat fills our discuss..
You can go ahead and marry without any source of livelihood, bring children into this world to suffer/beg(almajiri style).

I must try my best to ensure my children ain't brought up in this country, if I can't afford it I will do my best to ensure they're born aboard, at least to secure dual citizenship..

everything for 9ja jus dey provoke person

You get too much sense bro. Thumbs up!!

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Business / Re: Bolaji Oluwadunsin: Nairalander Wins 2019 Tony Elumelu Foundation Grant Of $5000 by mrkel(m): 9:37pm On Mar 27
Hello beautiful nairalanders',

This is your girl Precious smiley

My journey to self-discovery and financial independence as a budding entrepreneur started approximately two years when I braved the odds and stereotype to partake in the Miss FUTA contest 2017.

I created a thread (See Below) to solicit for votes and you all supported and showed me love as an early bird on the site. Though I did not win the contest, I took valuable lessons from the exposure and the drive of not giving up despite setbacks in life.


I took up the challenge to start a fashion accessory business under the trade name Dunsin Craft Collections (DCC), with a niche on Ankara inspired crafts to promote our Nigerian culture and identity. My goal was to make DCC , the No.1 Ankara Craft Accessory/Bag Designer in Akure/Ondo State and Nigeria at large.


Along the line, I won several awards in Ondo State in the fashion category and also gave back to the community via free trainings on making Ankara craft such as Ankara drawstring bags, bangles, earrings, hats, face caps, throw pillows, Hair bonnet, Ankara waist bags e.t.c
As a young Nigerian undergraduate also grappling with study, being an entrepreneur wasn’t an easy feat but I persisted and was undeterred.

To God be the glory and with the help and impeccable guidance of my very resourceful manager @paulspeaks of the Drive academy, I enrolled for the Tony Elumelu grant of $5,000 for budding entrepreneurs across Africa and won.

It’s a dream come true and I hope my little story will inspire others who are passing through any difficulties to never give up irrespective of the setbacks and challenges life throws at us.

Remain Blessed….

congratulation dear. wishing you all the best even as I anticipate that you will make judicious use of the fund in not only expanding your business but also engaging the unemployed that desirous of working in your outfit.
Politics / Re: 'INEC Rec Is Working For PDP, Redeploy Him': Akwa Ibom Youths Protest (Photos) by mrkel(m): 8:42pm On Feb 18
The Mike Igini I know is above board and will never pander to the whims and caprices of either PDP or APC.

i'm wont to surmise, however, that there is more to this protest than meet the eyes. Mike Igini may not be dancing to the beats of the APC power brokers hence their recourse to inducing their pliable minions( almajiri) to embark on protest to call for his removal.

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Romance / Re: Pre-wedding Photos Of A Female Soldier And Her Civilian Man by mrkel(m): 7:35pm On Jan 26
A nurse or paramedics in Nigeria Army medical corps .She is also a professional. Good materials. Forget about her back side ,look at her economic value in the relationship. May God bless their union IJN.

You get sense. Backside and fine face do not pay the bills. The sooner men start recognising this fact the better for them.
Politics / Re: Minimum Wage Bill Passes Second Reading At Senate by mrkel(m): 6:54pm On Jan 24
The Tripartite group agreed to N30,000 minimum wage, which the government, private industry and labour unions were part of. The Council of States, which includes past presidents settled for N27,000. The labour unions were never consulted on the N27,000 revised minimum wage. Why is Buhari sending it to the National Assembly for passage? Isn't this a classic case of "bait and switch" where the president agrees to one bill, but submits an amended bill to the National assembly for consideration?

The labour unions will never accept it. We should all brace ourselves for labour strikes that is likely to paralyze the country.

The Minister of Labour and Productivity opined that federal civil servants would be paid #30,000 and that states are at liberty to follow suit or stick to the agreed #27,000.
Crime / Re: Gunmen Attack Woman, Her Driver And Kill Police Escort On Their Way To The Bank by mrkel(m): 9:36pm On Jan 15

page 68 of 112, the 1999 Nigeria constitution ( The whole section/page pertains to the Nigeria police Force)

B - Nigeria Police Force
214. (1) There shall be a police force for Nigeria, which shall be known as the Nigeria Police Force, and subject
to the provisions of this section no other police force shall be established for the Federation or any part thereof.
(2) Subject to the provisions of this Constitution -
(a) the Nigeria Police Force shall be organised and administered in accordance with such provisions as may be
prescribed by an act of the National Assembly;
(b) the members of the Nigeria Police shall have such powers and duties as maybe conferred upon them by law;
(c) the National Assembly may make provisions for branches of the Nigeria Police Force forming part of the
armed forces of the Federation or for the protection of harbours, waterways, railways and air fields.
215. (1) There shall be -
(a) an Inspector-General of Police who, subject to section 216(2) of this Constitution shall be appointed by the
President on the advice of the Nigeria Police Council from among serving members of the Nigeria Police Force;
(b) a Commissioner of Police for each state of the Federation who shall be appointed by the Police Service
(2) The Nigeria Police Force shall be under the command of the Inspector-General of Police and contingents of
the Nigeria Police Force stationed in a state shall, subject to the authority of the Inspector-General of Police, be
under the command of the Commissioner of Police of that state.
(3) The President or such other Minister of the Government of the Federation as he may authorise in that behalf
may give to the Inspector-General of Police such lawful directions with respect to the maintenance and securing
of public safety and public order as he may consider necessary, and the Inspector-General of Police shall comply
with those direction or cause them to be compiled with.

(4) Subject to the provisions of this section, the Governor of a state or such Commissioner of the Government
state as he may authorise in that behalf, may give to the Commissioner of Police of that state such lawful
directions with respect to the maintenance and securing of public safety and public order within the state as he
may consider necessary, and the Commissioner of Police shall comply with those directions or cause them to be
complied with:

Provided that before carrying out any such directions under the foregoing provisions of this subsection the
Commissioner of Police may request that the matter be referred to the President or such minister of the
Government of the Federation as may be authorised in that behalf by the President for his directions.
(5) The question whether any, and if so what, directions have been given under this section shall not be inquired
into in any court.


read and be informed

The issue in contention is whether the State governors have "absolute" control on the Nigeria police.

Secondly, there is even a proviso in the said Clause where the Commissioner of Police will have to seek authorization from those at the top before carrying out certain directive of the state governors.

So that in itself has given credence to my earlier assertion that the State governors do not have total control over the police in their domain. And to that extent shouldnt be blamed for any security infraction.

You are aware of the Mbu saga in Rivers state and what played out in the Akwa Ibom House of Assembly late last year where the Police clearly pander to the whims and caprices of the some influential APC big weight. At some point during Jonathan's adminstration, the Bornu State governor Mr. Shettima keep blaming the later for not doing anything to curtail the Boko Haram menance. Lastly, why was the chibok girls incident heaped squarely at the door step of the president Jonathan, when clearly there was a governor incharge of Bornu State?
Crime / Re: Gunmen Attack Woman, Her Driver And Kill Police Escort On Their Way To The Bank by mrkel(m): 3:51pm On Jan 15

how old are you?

is Buhari the Governor of Rivers state or you are just hopelessly ignorant?

is the governor in charge of the security apparatus in the state ? The irony and contradiction in our bastard Federalism is the labeling of state governors as Chief Security Officer of their states. Now I'm compelled to ask the fundamental question: Do the state governor have absolute and total control of the police in their domain? Also, the last time I checked my 1999 constitution as amended issues of security falls within the exclusive legislative list.

So any one that accuses the Federal government of failing to provide security isn't making mistake. After all the Boko Haram menace and the inability of the previous government in addressing it formed the basis of the criticism by the APC on Pres. Jonathan.
Sports / Re: Floyd Mayweather Buys RR Cullinan & G-wagon After Earning ₦3.3b In A 9min Fight by mrkel(m): 10:12am On Jan 05
What baffles me is how do they make their money after paying somebody 3billion for fighting

sponsorship and endorsement deals.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Man Arrested For Beating Woman Outside Nightclub In London. Photos by mrkel(m): 7:57pm On Jan 03
Another one -sided storysad

What did the woman do to warrant the assault?

Let's hear what the woman did before we crucify the guy

what ever she may have committed doesn't justify or warrant the assaulted meted to her by the dude. what he did is reprehensible and condemnable.

He probably think he is in Nigeria where you can molest the opposite sex and go scout free. In the western climes, there judicial system is skewed in favour of women.

Please buy my Hp envy M6 with 2gig dedicated graphics for 80k..i need money urgently please....please click link for details

Career / Re: Should I Drop Out Of School And Concentrate On Business? by mrkel(m): 10:44am On Dec 25, 2018
university education is over-rated. Make the money and go to school later. University education only breeds a mindset of being a job seeker and not a job creator.

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Nairaland / General / Re: My Stammering Issue Is Depressing Me by mrkel(m): 10:07pm On Dec 20, 2018
I also stutter as well. Mine is genetic as my grand father, father, one of my sibling and cousins are stammerer. Now here is the trick on how to bring the situation to check. Always take a deep breathe whenever you want to engage in discussion. And also learn to pick you words, which is by talking slowing. Also learn to deploy your hands as a support structure when talking that way it enable you to have seamless control of your speech.

one way I was able to control mine was in always engaging myself in leadership position that would bring me in the spotlight. That way I learned to control it and to build confidence in myself.
Politics / Re: Don Chuks Abaga: 'Many Corpses Of Soldiers Are Still In The Bush' by mrkel(m): 12:04pm On Nov 28, 2018
There's no discipline in Nigeria armed forces. Look at what a soldier is posting online.

APC has succeeded in rubishing our army. A golden opportunity for Cameroon, Chad, Niger or Republic of Benin to invade us. We'll just crumble like a pack of cards and be colonised for the next two hundred years.


The Nigerian military authority came up with a code of conduct/ethics some months back , which seeks to restrain soldiers from posting pictures of themselves in uniform on Facebook. Am sure the young man will face disciplinary action, if not outright dismissal for going contrary to the policy and also bringing the Army authority into disrepute .

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Crime / Re: UNIPORT Criminology Graduate Caught Stealing In GTBank In Port-Harcourt. Photos by mrkel(m): 11:06pm On Nov 13, 2018
There is no such department at the University of Port Harcourt.

what Uniport offers is Sociology. you can only offer crimology at Masters level under sociology.
Business / Re: Man Breaks His Piggy Bank After Saving For 10 Months & Saw This (Pics) by mrkel(m): 4:57pm On Nov 01, 2018
This is the reason we have inflation. Hoarding money in the name of piggy box

on the contrary, piggy box helps to stem the tide of inflation by reducing the volume of money in circulation.
Romance / Re: Female Sailors: Despite Our Good Looks, Salaries, It Is Tough Finding True Love by mrkel(m): 9:04am On Aug 25, 2018
Thats not true. They spend a lot of time offshores which makes it almost impossible to meet people, keep a relationship or marriage.

Sarah darling, you just went AWOL and stopped keeping in touch. Thats not fair.
Food / Re: Top Foods That Improve Your Sex Life (Photos) by mrkel(m): 7:51pm On Aug 22, 2018
there is this leaf my white boss introduced me to and it is called lemon basil. The leaf contains aphrodisiacal property that enhances one's performance. I can testify to its efficacy.

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Romance / Re: Why I Will Never Visit A Man In His House Again by mrkel(m): 5:53pm On Aug 22, 2018

That’s the general idea

issorite. At least the by tacit endorsement you and pocohantas has thrown to the use of pen knife it will serve as a warning to guys to act responsibly.

May i also add that women should try and embark on due diligence before sparking any chemistry with guys. That way the incidences of rape will be averted. There are many decent guys out there who abhors forcibly taken advantage of ladies. But most Nigeria ladies tend to have preferences for the sharp bad guys owing to their sugarcoated attribute.
Romance / Re: Why I Will Never Visit A Man In His House Again by mrkel(m): 4:51pm On Aug 22, 2018

To kill the rapist smiley
The only problem is, knives are messy!!!

The resort to moving with knife to a guy's house as a pre-emptive measure against any seeming attempt of rape is totally inappropriate.

i'll rather support the use of pepper spray.

The implication of deploring pen knife as a defence mechanism is the fact that it could, when not properly handled, use to sniff life on the opposite sex. And in such a case, the lady would be held culpable and charged to court for manslaughter.
Romance / Re: Why I Will Never Visit A Man In His House Again by mrkel(m): 3:55pm On Aug 22, 2018
It depends on you and the guy you are visiting... Not all men are scums...
Next time if you ain't sure..arrange to meet in an open place better still take a pen knife along

Did you say pen knife? Really aghast as to why you'll make such suggestive.
Romance / Re: What Good Sex Does To Women - Lady Reveals On Twitter. See Reactions by mrkel(m): 11:05pm On Aug 13, 2018
This is an absolute lie. I can’t get this obsessive over anyone, I’m so sorry. Especially for something that only last max 7 mins. Shior

Did you say 7 minutes?
Fashion / Re: Check Out My Natural Hair 2 Years After Being Mocked About My Hair by mrkel(m): 9:02pm On Aug 08, 2018
love your your scurly hair. Also wish to add that you look supercalifragalisticexpiadocious.
Politics / Re: Boma Goodhead Challenges Armed DSS Officer: 'I Dare You To Shoot This Bullet' by mrkel(m): 3:12pm On Aug 07, 2018
[quote author=krendo post=70057478]Women can be so passionate when they defend their convictions

History will remember you kindly madam Boma

That is the true spirit of the Okrika woman[/quote

On the contrary, she is from Buguma in kalabari kingdom. she is actually the elder sister to Mujahid Asari Dokubo.

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Politics / Re: Yakubu Nagoda Resigns As Special Assistant To Governor Ganduje by mrkel(m): 11:55pm On Aug 06, 2018
Graveyard matters? Even dead body have their interests protected in Nigeria

Funny you
Career / Re: Logistics Or Supply Chain Management by mrkel(m): 10:34pm On Jul 29, 2018
Really find this thread helpful. Am desiring to do career switch to Supply chain Mgt. So anyone with an idea of an accredited center in Rivers state where one can pursue PGD should please furnish me with same.

can be reached via my mail: kellikoko@gmail.com
Business / Re: Tonye Cole Buys His Wife, Sylvia Cole, A Benz For Their 23rd Wedding Anniversary by mrkel(m): 7:05am On Jul 21, 2018

He is actually from Bayelsa! His Mother is Igbo. Grew up in Portharcourt. His father, Dele Cole was a former Ambassador! If you know, you know!!

Tonye Dele Cole is of kalabari extraction. His dad was a one time Ambassador to Brazil.

Tonye Cole is a confidante and ally of Rotimi Amaechi and is nursing the ambition to throw himself into the ring in contesting as Governor of Rivers state under the platform of APC.
Family / Re: Family House by mrkel(m): 11:23am On May 19, 2018
There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. I can also relate. That's how my ex told me that should we get married I should be ready to move out of the two bedroom ensuite apartment my dad bequeathed to me. That she doesn't like where she will have contact with my mum. I could recall i told her that my priority is to get a land and build my own house. That I really do not feel comfortable renting a house in my state. Beside my Family house is in the heart of the capital in my state.

Guy any women that do not feel comfortable in your family house should take up the gauntlet by using her money to secure a new apartment.

it now leads me to the question, why do women like dreading their mother-inlaw?

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Romance / Re: Why Do I Always Meet Poor Girls With So Much Demands? Please Help by mrkel(m): 9:59am On May 19, 2018
As my friend would rightly opined " The boy is good, the boy is good, you must show working". Relationship in Nigeria is predicated on the concept of "quid pro quo".
Romance / Re: Pre-wedding Pictures Of My Friend Getting Married This Weekend by mrkel(m): 10:08am On May 14, 2018
More pics

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