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Romance / Pre-wedding Pictures Of My Friend Getting Married This Weekend by mrkel(m): 9:32am On May 14, 2018
My friend finally decided to do the needful. This Saturday, 19th May, 2018, my friend Mr. Princewill Tamunodein would be walking the aisle to say I do with his adorable sweet heart Miss. Chiamaka Ezugha in Port Harcourt.

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Celebrities / Re: #BBNaija: Lady Calls Out Miracle On Social Media For Showing Off A Benz by mrkel(m): 4:31pm On May 03, 2018

Aviation School in Nigeria is for dick and Harry.

You're very wrong. Rather on the contrary, the cost implication of training a pilot
in Nigeria is in the neighbourhood of N20 million

You can go to the website of International Aviation Academy Kwara to ascertain this fact yourself . Website: www.IAC.com.ng
Romance / Re: Tim Westwood Shreds His Credit Cards: "I'm Tired Of Dating Dependent Ladies" by mrkel(m): 9:58am On Apr 21, 2018
was seeing a documentary on some specie of birds on National Geo last month. what really intrigued me about the said program, was that some species of birds, before the male could freely mate with the female he has to satisfy her needs by providing her with food. I was really in awe after seeing the program.

So the same also applies to humans. But methinks that relationship should be anchored on the principles of "quid pro quo" and not the other way round. Women's own part of the relationship shouldn't just be about sex. it should go beyond that.

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Romance / Re: Tim Westwood Shreds His Credit Cards: "I'm Tired Of Dating Dependent Ladies" by mrkel(m): 9:38am On Apr 21, 2018

maybe he has been dating Nigerian ladies living in the UK...

Politics / Re: Ademola Adeleke To Contest For Osun Governorship Seat In 2019 by mrkel(m): 11:05pm On Apr 16, 2018
Osun state will dance for 8 years

hahahaha. funny you.

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Family / Re: Man Flogs His Wife With Belt For Slapping His Side Chic At Filmhouse, LEKKI by mrkel(m): 12:41am On Mar 04, 2018
Sue him and collect everything both the two cars... Useless man

in which country? Nigeria is not like US and Europe where their legal system tend to be skewed in favour of women.

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Romance / Re: Man Faints As His Girlfriend Surprised Him With A 2 Bedroom Flat - Facebook User by mrkel(m): 8:51am On Feb 23, 2018
She tried

Ordinary 2 bedroom flat and he fainted
If to say na duplex nko

Funny enough this same man will still fvck different girls right in that flat that his hard-working girlfriend got for him

I don't think it's wise to invest in a man or do any thing good for/to them

But is okay for a man to invest in a woman, right?

Relationship should be predicated on the principles of quid pro quo and not the other way round.
Romance / Re: Man Faints As His Girlfriend Surprised Him With A 2 Bedroom Flat - Facebook User by mrkel(m): 8:38am On Feb 23, 2018
She tried

Ordinary 2 bedroom flat and he fainted
If to say na duplex nko

Funny enough this same man will still fvck different girls right in that flat that his hard-working girlfriend got for him

I don't think it's wise to invest in a man or do any thing good for/to them

But is okay for a man invest in a woman, right?

Relationship should about quid pro quo and the other way round.
Literature / Re: What Book Are You Reading Now by mrkel(m): 1:49pm On Sep 10, 2017
presently reading "What Makes The Great Great: Strategies for Extraordinary Achievement" by Dennis P. Kimbro
Agriculture / Re: Nairaland Farmers Contact Details by mrkel(m): 5:25am On Aug 31, 2017
Culture / Re: Photos From The Ugep International Leboku Festival 2017 by mrkel(m): 5:26pm On Aug 30, 2017

This is a wicked lie!

Ugep has never eaten anybody and the Station has never been closed for one day.

A lot of people in NL served in Ugep, they can testify to this.

Take your lies out of here.

That Ugep people engages in cannibalism is not in doubt as it is clearly documented in the book "Tragedy of victory: on the spot Account of the Nigeria-Biafra war in the Atlantic Theatre" by Brigadier-General Godwin Alabi.

The author who fought in the Nigeria-Biafra gave a vivid account in his book on how they were fed with eba and soup containing human flesh by the Ugep people after liberating the place. That they only got to know that they ate human after they have consumed the said meat.

And guess what, the human flesh were Biafra soldiers that were killed by the Ugep people.
Health / In Breakthrough, Scientists Edit A Dangerous Mutation From Genes In Human Embryo by mrkel(m): 10:51pm On Aug 02, 2017
Scientists for the first time have successfully edited genes in human embryos to repair a common and serious disease-causing mutation, producing apparently healthy embryos, according to a study published on Wednesday.

The research marks a major milestone and, while a long way from clinical use, it raises the prospect that gene editing may one day protect babies from a variety of hereditary conditions.

But the achievement is also an example of human genetic engineering, once feared and unthinkable, and is sure to renew ethical concerns that some might try to design babies with certain traits, like greater intelligence or athleticism.

Scientists have long feared the unforeseen medical consequences of making inherited changes to human DNA. The cultural implications may be just as disturbing: Some experts have warned that unregulated genetic engineering may lead to a new form of eugenics, in which people with means pay to have children with enhanced traits even as those with disabilities are devalued.

The study, published in the journal Nature, comes just months after a national scientific committee recommended new guidelines for modifying embryos, easing blanket proscriptions but urging the technique be used only for dire medical problems.

“We’ve always said in the past gene editing shouldn’t be done, mostly because it couldn’t be done safely,” said Richard Hynes, a cancer researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who co-led the committee. “That’s still true, but now it looks like it’s going to be done safely soon,” he said, adding that the research is “a big breakthrough.”

“What our report said was, once the technical hurdles are cleared, then there will be societal issues that have to be considered and discussions that are going to have to happen. Now’s the time.”

Scientists at Oregon Health and Science University, with colleagues in California, China and South Korea, reported that they repaired dozens of embryos, fixing a mutation that causes a common heart condition that can lead to sudden death later in life.

If embryos with the repaired mutation were allowed to develop into babies, they would not only be disease-free but also would not transmit the disease to descendants.

The researchers averted two important safety problems: They produced embryos in which all cells — not just some — were mutation-free, and they avoided creating unwanted extra mutations.

“It feels a bit like a ‘one small step for (hu)mans, one giant leap for (hu)mankind’ moment,” Jennifer Doudna, a biochemist who helped discover the gene-editing method used, called CRISPR-Cas9, said in an email.

“I expect these results will be encouraging to those who hope to use human embryo editing for either research or eventual clinical purposes,” said Dr. Doudna, who was not involved in the study.

Much more research is needed before the method could be tested in clinical trials, currently impermissible under federal law. But if the technique is found to work safely with this and other mutations, it might help some couples who could not otherwise have healthy children.

Potentially, it could apply to any of more than 10,000 conditions caused by specific inherited mutations. Researchers and experts said those might include breast and ovarian cancer linked to BRCA mutations, as well as diseases like Huntington’s, Tay-Sachs, beta thalassemia, and even sickle cell anemia, cystic fibrosis or some cases of early-onset Alzheimer’s.

“You could certainly help families who have been blighted by a horrible genetic disease,” said Robin Lovell-Badge, a professor of genetics and embryology at the Francis Crick Institute in London, who was not involved in the study.

“You could quite imagine that in the future the demand would increase. Maybe it will still be small, but for those individuals it will be very important.”

The researchers also discovered something unexpected: a previously unknown way that embryos repair themselves.

In other cells in the body, the editing process is carried out by genes that copy a DNA template introduced by scientists. In these embryos, the sperm cell’s mutant gene ignored that template and instead copied the healthy DNA sequence from the egg cell.

“We were so surprised that we just couldn’t get this template that we made to be used,” said Shoukhrat Mitalipov, director of the Center for Embryonic Cell and Gene Therapy at Oregon Health and Science University and senior author of the study. “It was very new and unusual.”

The research significantly improves upon previous efforts. In three sets of experiments in China since 2015, researchers seldom managed to get the intended change into embryonic genes.

And some embryos had cells that did not get repaired — a phenomenon called mosaicism that could result in the mutation being passed on — as well as unplanned mutations that could cause other health problems.

In February, a National Academy of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine committee endorsed modifying embryos, but only to correct mutations that cause “a serious disease or condition” and when no “reasonable alternatives” exist.

Shoukhrat Mitalipov, director of the Center for Embryonic Cell and Gene Therapy at Oregon Health and Science University, is one of the authors of the new study.
Sheldon Krimsky, a bioethicist at Tufts University, said the main uncertainty about the new technique was whether “reasonable alternatives” to gene editing already exist.

As the authors themselves noted, many couples use pre-implantation genetic diagnosis to screen embryos at fertility clinics, allowing only healthy ones to be implanted. For these parents, gene editing could help by repairing mutant embryos so that more disease-free embryos would be available for implantation.

Hank Greely, director of the Center for Law and the Biosciences at Stanford, said creating fewer defective embryos also would reduce the number discarded by fertility clinics, which some people oppose.

The larger issue is so-called germline engineering, which refers to changes made to embryo that are inheritable.

“If you’re in one camp, it’s a horror to be avoided, and if you’re in the other camp, it’s desirable,” Dr. Greely said. “That’s going to continue to be the fight, whether it’s a feature or a bug.”

For now, the fight is theoretical. Congress has barred the Food and Drug Administration from considering clinical trials involving germline engineering. And the National Institutes of Health is prohibited from funding gene-editing research in human embryos. (The new study was funded by Oregon Health and Science University, the Institute for Basic Science in South Korea, and several foundations.)

The authors say they hope that once the method is optimized and studied with other mutations, officials in the United States or another country will allow regulated clinical trials.

“I think it could be widely used, if it’s proven safe,” said Dr. Paula Amato, a co-author of the study and reproductive endocrinologist at O.H.S.U. Besides creating more healthy embryos for in vitro fertilization, she said, it could be used when screening embryos is not an option or to reduce arduous IVF cycles for women.

Dr. Mitalipov has pushed the scientific envelope before, generating ethical controversy with a so-called three-parent baby procedure that would place the nucleus of the egg of a woman with defective cellular mitochondria into the egg from a healthy woman. The F.D.A. has not approved trials of the method, but Britain may begin one soon.

The new study involves hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, a disease affecting about one in 500 people, which can cause sudden heart failure, often in young athletes.

It is caused by a mutation in a gene called MYBPC3. If one parent has a mutated copy, there is a 50 percent chance of passing the disease to children.

Using sperm from a man with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and eggs from 12 healthy women, the researchers created fertilized eggs. Injecting CRISPR-Cas9, which works as a genetic scissors, they snipped out the mutated DNA sequence on the male MYBPC3 gene.

They injected a synthetic healthy DNA sequence into the fertilized egg, expecting that the male genome would copy that sequence into the cut portion. That is how this gene-editing process works in other cells in the body, and in mouse embryos, Dr. Mitalipov said.

Instead, the male gene copied the healthy sequence from the female gene. The authors don’t know why it happened.

Maybe human sex cells or gametes evolved to repair themselves because they are the only cells that transmit genes to offspring and “need special protection,” said Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte, a co-author and geneticist at the Salk Institute.

Out of 54 embryos, 36 emerged mutation-free, a significant improvement over natural circumstances in which about half would not have the mutation. Another 13 embryos also emerged without the mutation, but not in every cell.

The researchers tried to eliminate the problem by acting at an earlier stage, injecting the egg with the sperm and CRISPR-Cas9 simultaneously, instead of waiting to inject CRISPR-Cas9 into the already fertilized egg.

That resulted in 42 of 58 embryos, 72 percent, with two mutation-free copies of the gene in every cell. They also found no unwanted mutations in the embryos, which were destroyed after about three days.

The method was not perfect. The remaining 16 embryos had unwanted additions or deletions of DNA. Dr. Mitalipov said he believed fine-tuning the process would make at least 90 percent of embryos mutation-free.

And for disease-causing mutations on maternal genes, the same process should occur, with the father’s healthy genetic sequence being copied, he said.

But the technique will not work if both parents have two defective copies. Then, scientists would have to determine how to coax one gene to copy a synthetic DNA sequence, Dr. Mitalipov said.

Otherwise, he said, it should work with many diseases, “a variety of different heritable mutations.”

R. Alta Charo, a bioethicist at University of Wisconsin at Madison, who led the committee with Dr. Hynes, said the new discovery could also yield more information about causes of infertility and miscarriages.

She doubts a flood of couples will have “edited children.”

“Nobody’s going to do this for trivial reasons,” Dr. Charo said. “Sex is cheaper and it’s more fun than IVF, so unless you’ve got a real need, you’re not going to use it.”


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Family / Re: Cheating Nigerian Wife Threatens A Man Who Said Men Should Do DNA Test by mrkel(m): 4:01pm On Jun 07, 2017
This drama reminds me of the post I made some months ago on nairaland on the subject matter " Most first born in Nigerian home are bastards" written by by DNA expert in Nigeria. For those desirous of reading it, here is the link:

Science/Technology / Re: Photo Of Lions At Port Harcourt Zoo As Recession Bites Harder by mrkel(m): 10:24am On Feb 05, 2017
Please stop telling lies that's not Port Harcourt zoo please... As we don't presently have a zoo in ph

Doubt if you reside in Port Harcourt. Because if you do, you won't come to this platform and make such uninformed statement.
Politics / Re: Governor Wike "Changes His Name" Over Dismissal Of 6 Policemen In Rivers. Photos by mrkel(m): 1:25pm On Jan 08, 2017

Last I checked Wike was not the one who forged a common Waec certificate. He has an LLB (hons)

Wike first degree was in Political science from the University of Port Harcourt before he subsequently bagged a Law degree from UST.
Politics / Re: Wike Mocks 5 APC Governors And Amaechi At Campaign by mrkel(m): 11:03am On Dec 09, 2016

Why would someone want to leave a blessed state like Rivers, who go liv london go Somalia

Who go leave a land "flowing in milk and honey" to a famine ravaged land all in name of exposure.


Education / Re: Rector Of Federal Polytechnic, Ekowe Dies During Sex With Teenager by mrkel(m): 5:20pm On Nov 30, 2016
The story is false. The rector yesterday has come out to debunk the story. I guess Punch newspaper that carried the said story didn't cross-check their facts before publishing it.
Romance / Re: Nairalanders Wedding [joanana & Tman14] by mrkel(m): 9:41am On Nov 26, 2016
lol, it doesn't matter jae... Love isn't specified

Well distance barrier are some of the factors that are associated with virtual friendship. This and more are things I can't contend with dear. That is why I always emphasize proximity.
Romance / Re: Nairalanders Wedding [joanana & Tman14] by mrkel(m): 9:07am On Nov 26, 2016
I'm sure you will meet yours via Instagram

Hahahahahahahahaa. I like it physical gurl.
Romance / Re: Nairalanders Wedding [joanana & Tman14] by mrkel(m): 6:51pm On Nov 25, 2016
Wow!! Congrats to the couple. That this couple met on this platform simply indicate that love can be hatched and consumated anywhere. Lets i forgot my colleague met his wife via badoo. While one my cousin friend on 2go
Politics / Re: US Justice Department Issues Statement On Atiku Abubakar’s Alleged Criminal Case by mrkel(m): 3:54pm On Nov 20, 2016
All of you Team Atiku on this nairaland will not succeed in this Atiku quest. He will surely regret calling us Public institution graduates illiterate. After using stolen money to build his own.

And to cap it all, Atiku's highest qualification is a diploma he bagged in ABU, Zaria. If not for the Northernization of some juicy agencies like Custom, I really do not see any reason why he should rise to the level of Deputy controller with just a two years diploma degree.

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Celebrities / Re: DJ Jimmy Jatt And Timaya Grace A Wedding Event In Style (photos) by mrkel(m): 3:42pm On Nov 20, 2016
Timaya really look like those conservative Jews in Israel.
Culture / Re: The 10 Most Expensive Cultures/tribes In Nigeria To Marry From by mrkel(m): 5:12pm On Nov 18, 2016

Point of correction bro! The boxes of wrappers are not for the bride's mother but for the bride. That's why these days, if there is agreement between bride and bride groom, the wrappers , jewelries etc are rented and presented on the marriage day.

Culture / Re: The 10 Most Expensive Cultures/tribes In Nigeria To Marry From by mrkel(m): 4:19pm On Nov 18, 2016
This is misinformation. . Have u had of the okrikas and kalabaris in Rivers state? ?

Or the brass?? Bonny?? In fact ijaws have the most expensive marriage rites

Am from mbaise and my elder brother married an okrika woman and i know how much we have spent and yet that's just the half marriage.. to do the full marriage is not an easy thing and done after the woman has finished giving birth most times its so expensive the men leave it till there children has grown to do it for them

I'm just laughing at the list. The traditional marriage rite in Ikwerre do not even smell that of Kalabari not to talk of Okrika.

For you to get married to a kalabari woman you must be worth your onions cash-wise. Just cannot forget in a hurry how my uncle who got married to a Kalabari woman bought each of their Chiefs a bottle of Hennesy in his traditional marriage. In addition to one well fed pig. Not to mention the big boxes and assorted wrappers that would be bought for the would be bride's mother.
Celebrities / Re: Iyanya: I Regret Not Getting Married Before Becoming Famous by mrkel(m): 1:25am On Nov 02, 2016
in the west when they marry and divorce a year later,taking half of your money with them

That is why it is important to have a pre-nuptial agreement with your would be wife spelling clearly her entitlement in the event of divorce. With such agreement in place, the woman is at the mercy of her husband. What the man gives her is what she takes.
Politics / Re: Lagos State To Review The Pension Of Retired Permanent Secretaries by mrkel(m): 1:45pm On Oct 27, 2016
They should also review upward the pension of retired directors. After all, after director the next level is Perm sec. Why is the salary disparity between the Perm sec and Directors so high? In Rivers state for instance, people who retire in the directorate level takes home #100,000 as pension whereas Perm sec takes #500,000. Directors don't even go with their official vehicle whereas Perm sec is entitled to go with his official vehicle upon retirement.
Health / Re: Why Do Most Nigerian Men Develop A Pot Belly Stomach So Early? by mrkel(m): 6:01am On Oct 20, 2016
I will try it tomorrow, as hard as I can. I need this waistline to normalize oh. I no wan old before my time.

Have you tried doing Planking? Is very efficacious if you are desirous of burning ballooning stomach.

Properties / Re: How Much Were You Charged For Power Consumption by mrkel(m): 7:51am On Sep 15, 2016
Op i'll recommend you go for Prepaid meter. Using prepaid meter actually gives you the opportunity of managing how you use your unit. In my case, I had to change all my lighting points to energy bulbs. So the only devices in my house that consumes energy is my fridge, electronics and pumping my bore hole. And what I spend every month will amaze you. I spend 4k every month to buy my token. And do not even consume all the unit in a month. In my area we usually have power for 9 hours every week day and at weekend 14 hours. Lets I forget, what I also do is that I always ensure that whatever lighting points I ain't using is put off. That way it helps in saving my unit. Prepaid meter is the panacea for stemming the incidences of bogus and outrageous bills.


Romance / Re: Last Two Years She Was My Passenger. Today She Is My Wife by mrkel(m): 4:52am On Aug 20, 2016
Happy married life man. May your union be immune from the vagaries of marital storms.
Romance / Re: The Major Reason Why Many Ladies Remain Single For A Long Time. by mrkel(m): 9:54am On Apr 15, 2016
Very brilliant article! It's unfortunate that many Nigerian women are very lazy and would rather seek for a well to-do/rich man to marry instead of a man they can grow with. They forget that these men who are rich today started from somewhere and that the men who are struggling today may be be even richer than the men they are seeking today. Most of them who sought rich men eventually enter the marriage and don't even have peace of mind... So many examples out there. Truth is bitter but I'll say it....it is best to seek a man who is still coming up and grow with him. Like OP stated, females should try to have their own jobs and be financially independent instead of waiting for a man to do everything for them

Spot on.

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