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Literature / [story] Manager’s Villa (rated 18+)...part 9 by mrportable2: 2:42pm On Sep 07, 2015
ITS STORY TIME WITH www.proudlynation.com.ng

A story written by Ajadi Tunde (ajadibabatunde@gmail.com)… If you missed part Eight yesterday read it http://proudlynation.com.ng/2015/08/story-managers-villa-rated-18part-8/

You remembered when Hector killed Patroclaus on the battlefield in the movie Troy, and Achillis had to go and confront Hector in front of his Family and Country? He eventually killed Hector and to make matter worse, dragged his body throught the land to the greek camp. But at least he gave Hector good commendation has the best he had fought.

Well, in this case I was Hector and FF was Achillis, I have heard so much about Kogi babes but never for once have I imagined what really happened on this fateful day, and ever since that day have been on the hunt for another kogi babe to have my revenge, well, I don’t think I will meet one soon execpt if pinkycute is from kogi *lol*.

The moment she got in through the back door, there was no time to waste, we really had nothing in common, so there was no discussion, just greeting and straight to business.

I told her to pull off, and I did the same, I couldn’t even romance her, cos she didn’t even look attreactive to me that evening, just took my CD, placed them where they belong and there she was opening her legs wide for me to login.

Login in was easy, she was already wet, *dont know how or why she was* and the server was so wide that my JT was like a straw in a bottle of coke, chai, this one na suffering oooo, I tried going in and out like 5 time but none of us was feeling it, so I decide it was time for change.

I got out of her, raised both of her legs, placed dem on my shoulder, the pvssy was a little bit raised now, so I entered her, this time it was better, I reduced the space between the legs on my shoulder and the pvssy became thighter, I banged her away, in my mind I was like *i go wicked this babe today, she no go ever wan see me again*

I continued bangging as hard as I could and all she did was just make little sounds once in a while, after like 10 minutes, I was becoming tired but this babe was no where near tired I was sweating but she was having a look like someone having peace like a river.

I decided to change so I raised her legs off my shoulder and then pushed them over her head, that leaves only her pvssy hanging in front of me, I decided to press the leg so hard and so close to her head so that she can feel some pains but alas I was wrong.

Immediately I entered her in that position she smiled and told me she like that, with that sound, I beging to fire her, thinking am going to set her V on fire, yes she was on fire cause she was thrusting back this time around and soon her trusting was more than mine so I let her lead the way, but soon I couldn’t keep up with her pace anymore, I was getting exhausted, but suprisingly I wasn’t feeling my Pour, maybe it was cause the pusssy was loose or what I don’t know, we where gone for more than 20 minutes and yet am not close to Approaching.

At this point I was exhausted, she saw this and told me to lie on my back the she mounted me with her back facing me, I was praying for my release to come so I could get hope but, na lie, this thing no gree come.

Well, she grinded, wriggled, strained and bleeped out everything good in my brain I was motion less I told her that I need to rest a litlle and I needed a little water, she stood up, I got the water and in my mind I was like *lialia, this girl no go come beat me here ooo, she go just dey yarb me outside, and my guys most not hear this oooo*

My moral was high now, and I was hell bent on wining this time around. I went close to her again but this time she stood up, standing on the bed and resting on the wall, she told me to come and continue, I carried one of her tiny laps up and inserted my JT, I was trying has hard as I could but my JT was just droping out of her so I told her to hold the window and I entered from the back, I bleeped her crazy this time and surely she was moaning a little now, with that I was encouraged to fire on, I continued and moved her legs closer to get a thight grip and yes she was shouting now, more, faster, go on, don’t stop, I was happy at least my rep is coming back.

Soon my legs were becoming weak so I finally moved to the bed and she lied on me closing her laps and bleeping on with our chest meeting, and for the first time I was enjoying the s*x, she saw that and continued even faster, I was in no mans land and didn’t know what was happening at a point it felt like I was about to give up the ghost all my body froze, but she didn’t even stop she became too fast, bleeping like someone possesed, what am I even saying, infact she was possesed. Within 3 seconds I shoot my load into the rubber and I gave up the ghost

Instead of ths silly girl to stop, she continued rolling her waist and wriggling until my JT finally shrinked I just looked at her, she was smilling and said I did well, I couldn’t even utter a single word, I just pointed to her to get me another sachet water, I drank and after like a minute I stood up and the next thing I heard from this witch was ‘Can We Go One More Round’.

I didn’t know where I got the strenght from I just pushed her away and left the bed,removed the filled CD, took my trouser and singlet, then I told her to meet me outside whenthe room is arranged and she is dressed.

Three minutes later she met mee at the back door and I was escorting her when she asked when we will see again, I told her I won’t be around till next week because our exams was around the coner. I told her I will call her through Razak when am around.

When I got back to the lodge, I met my guys all seated in the room but none on the bed.

Acme: baba, una try oooo, but why una come stain the wall like this

Me: abeg I go clean am tommorow, I need to sleep now

TJ: the babe don finish u abi

Kzee: the guy don even lean now now

Abbey: how many rounds una do wey u don lean like person wey don sick for 1 week

Me: all of una no well, make I sleep I go give una details tommorrow

Acme: abeg pack that bedshit away ooo

Me: if una like make una no sleep na una sabi, I no dey pack anything, at least I know pour for mosque

We all laughed and I was woken up when food was ready, I ate and wen straight to the bed, the guys where mocking me but I didn’t have the strenght to reply.

Troy was my favorite movie after Coming to America, but have always envied Achilllis and called my self his descendant, but on this fateful day, I met the real descendant of Achillis and she made me realised I was not even worthy of being a descendant of Hector not to metion Achillis, I must be the descendant of Pratroclaus.

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Literature / [story] I Called It R.*.p.e (rated 18+)… Part 8 by mrportable2: 6:09pm On Sep 02, 2015
ITS STORY TIME WITH www.proudlynation.com.ng

Did You Miss The Previous Part??CLICK http://proudlynation.com.ng/2015/09/story-i-called-it-r-a-p-e-rated-18part-7/ TO READ A story written by Dan Chucks …

…doing my best to pull my trousers back on even as my still-erect Joystick dangled from side to side underneath!
I did comfortably see the wet patch it had formed just beside my zipper and did instantly recognize it to be pre-Pour even though I was only seeing it for the first time in my life! There were now, absolutely no reasons to even say a good-bye, to a still-bewildered and on-looking Madam Ann!
Lunch, midweek church service and other related matters were simply the last things on my mind after returning to my lodge minutes later! I was totally grateful in no equal measure, that I had managed to escape from Madam Ann’s place. And I still felt my heart continually pant, several minutes later, after racing all the way from her house to my apartment! The experience was comfortably the worst I had ever witnessed in my life. When I got into the building, I found that my roommates were still not back. How relieved I felt because it would have definitely raised a lot of questions if they saw me. Not to talk of the possible reaction on seeing me at the lady’s house if they bothered coming for the key themselves. I had to just say a thanksgiving prayer in my mind as I made it into my room. The plan was simple, bathe, dress my bed and sleep. Hopefully, I was going to wake exactly the following day and my usual routine would eventually follow as long as it excludes Madam Ann’s place. Moreover, I was already saying in my mind that nothing whatsoever would make me go back to the lady’s house again in my life! It was more than just a statement – it was a vow I had to make! Nothing whatsoever! For Madam Ann was arrogant, annoying, brutish, a bully, unnecessarily difficult, abusive, hard and….in fact, a rapist! A woman-rapist! A fat woman-rapist! In reality even, she just didn’t deserve being a woman! She simple would have been better off being a man from some annoying place or town! In fact, some loser-guy who goes about bullying people! She would have been far better off being any of those! I just disliked her! And hoped nothing would bring me to her paths ever again!
Those kept being my words and thoughts until I was set for my early sleep. That was also just about the time my friends came home. With all the noise and loud laughter about how Nigeria dealt with their opponents, I had to quickly tuck myself into the duvet before they got into the room. I soon was pretending that I had fallen asleep. Bassey was the first to get into the room and I heard him burst into hysterical laughter probably after seeing me cuddled in my bed.
“Na sleep en dey sleep o! E be like say the woman…” he began saying immediately
“Shhhh…” that was Tolu who cut in. “Must you say everything?”
I was really straining my ears to catch everything they were saying, but yet I was still managing to piece together the direction of their comments. I couldn’t exactly figure out what Bassey’s earlier comment completely implied, but it looked as though there was something the boys weren’t telling me yet. Unfortunately Tolu rebuke was what terminated every possible clue I would have gotten and for the rest of that day, I didn’t hear them speak about me who they felt was very much asleep. Bizarrely, I stayed on my bed until sometime around 2am before finally finding sleep in my eyes! For the rest of that evening, endlessly strings of thoughts about Madam Ann, her undeniable beauty, her alluring Unclad body, her big breasts, her fat buttocks, her exceedingly soaked Kittycat which of course never stopped running of her fluids and the taste of her anus, began forming in my head and never stopped! Despite how hard I tried, they would never go away!
For the rest of that evening, endlessly strings of thoughts about Madam Ann, … her big breasts, … began forming in my head and never stopped!
As though that wouldn’t do, my Joystick equally never fell short of respond accordingly, rising, stretching and poking my boxer shorts countless times! It even poked through the open flap in front a few occasions too, so much so that I had to let it be by the third time it had pushed its way out!
It even poked through the open flap in front a few occasions too
It totally became unfamiliar territory when I began using my imaginations to create additional scenes which were never there the day before! I began to imagine what would have been if I had allowed her to free my Joystick. What would have been if I had let her put the erection in her soaked Kittycat!
What would have been if I had let her put the erection in her soaked Kittycat!
Unfortunately though, that was basically the much I knew about s*x. I had heard a few times anyway, that there were other things that could be done during s*x and Madam Ann did introduce a handful of them during that last encounter but I was certain there were other things, of which I knew nothing about! Surprisingly, there suddenly came an urge to know these ‘other things’! Somehow I began to feel that if the little she had introduced me to could feel that sweet, then definitely the rest would feel sweet too, if not sweeter! And who said they weren’t sweet?! Of course they were! Deep down inside of me, I simple knew they were sweet! In fact they were the sweetest thing I had ever known or felt. Even as I recalled how my tongue got constantly flooded by the mature lady’s sticky Kittycat-fluids, a peculiar kind of overwhelming sensation struck me – bringing me an enormous erection again! It was a pity I didn’t know how to suck and please a woman as she said. It was unfortunate I was yet to have s*x with a girl despite being 24. But then, I suddenly realized it wasn’t exactly very late! I could still learn! I might not have any s*x manuals and pornographic magazines around but I had a phone! And thankfully, my roommates had all slept off too! So without thinking twice about it, I picked up my phone by the corner of my pillow and soon smashed the ‘web’ button to literally bring another side of the internet, into my life!
Anyway, as expected, I really found it hard to overcome the guilt that subsequently followed and even when I finally did overcome it, I was totally devoid of the exact thing to do with the ‘Google search page’ in front of me! I kept starring into my phone for several seconds without knowing what exactly to search for. A couple of ideas eventually came and when I began searching with words like ‘s*x’, ‘intercourse’, ‘Joystick’, ‘Kittycat’ and ‘breasts’, predictably only medically-related results showed up. It was only after I had become more direct, that I began seeing more interesting results which employed words like ‘Joystick and Joystick’ when referring to a Joystick; ‘cunt and Kittycat’ when it’s that of the female and then ‘F**K and bang’ when talking about sexual intercourse! I had heard them used in the past a couple of times and even heard Madam Ann use a few of them the day before, but then, they never seemed more exciting to know than they seemed that very night! It wasn’t long before I graduated into full pornography, browsing webpage after webpage of fully Unclad women – black and white, being fully F***ed in their pussies and assholes by very beefy guys with big dicks!

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Literature / [story] I Called It R.*.p.e (rated 18+)… Part 7 by mrportable2: 10:38am On Sep 01, 2015
ITS STORY TIME WITH www.proudlynation.com.ng

Did You Miss The Previous Part??CLICK http://proudlynation.com.ng/2015/09/story-i-called-it-r-a-p-e-rated-18part-6/ TO READ A story written by Dan Chucks

It wasn’t surprising when I felt my Joystick heavily throb within my trousers, nodding severally within the restraint of the fabric
I managed to scream despite how much my mouth was full with the large woman’s sipping Kittycat! The next time I would scream again, I had already managed to squeeze out my head from under her big buttocks!
“Please don’t Madam Ann!…” I aggressively pleaded hoping to do whatever it would take to stop her from getting me Unclad like herself!
“Don’t what? When you are evidently enjoy this?! See how big your Joystick has grown! Abi na me you think you fit deceive?”
“I…I…I….” I tried responding but couldn’t as I was evidently caught in my own web! I couldn’t say I wasn’t enjoying since I now had a Joystick as erect as that one. But then, the most unlikely of things suddenly happened just after! Before mustering the next thing to say, my eyes accidentally noticed a shiny silver-looking object just by the center-rug. Miraculously, it turned out to be the key to my lodge! It had definitely slid from under the rug (where she must have hid it) while dragging the center table earlier to where I was sitting. I just couldn’t believe I had seen it! However, an unexpected feeling also followed just then. I began doubting it was wise to leave anymore! I began doubting it was necessary. I began asking myself if I wasn’t exactly enjoying the whole experience after all, and thought I could be missing a more exhilarating part of the encounter if I ever left! I had to admit that her Kittycat had tasted lovely so far and the scent had been unexpectedly pleasing! How I soon began wishing I could have more and more of it before going – albeit in a peaceful manner! While she still struggled with my buckle rather inexplicably, I almost began saying it to her! I almost wanted to tell her that she could now continue as I was no more interested in being a virgin! And that she could do whatever she liked! And that she could put my Joystick into her wonderfully wet mature Kittycat! But just as the words got to the tip of my lips, I felt that familiar restraint and that usual inner voice talk! It strongly rebuked me and threatened to let the whole world know that I had been ‘divirgined’! It threatened to tell my Pastor in church; Sister Mary who was my Mother in the lord and every other member of the church! Of course it also threatened to tell my parents as well! I then lost the urge!
“Can I remove the trousers myself?” I suddenly heard my mouth say, bringing both myself and Madam Ann to expected surprise!
She quietly turned to look at me with raised eye brows. I maintained eye contact for the first time in a long while.”Okay.” she finally agreed.
She equally began lifting herself off me, choosing to sink herself into a corner of the sofa.
But as soon as I managed to rise from my lying position, I instantly brought my legs to the floor, subsequently dashing for the key under the rug! My trouser which had significantly slid down my thighs despite being on a belt, nearly restrained my mobility but I still did grab the key!
My trouser which had significantly slid down my thighs despite being on a belt, nearly restrained my mobility but I still did grab the key!
Madam Ann who was now getting an idea of what I was suddenly up to, soon began doing her best to come off the end of the sofa where she had sunk herself but her weight wasn’t doing her any favours! It fortunately bought me more time as I dived onto her front door to unlock it with the key already sitting in the keyhole! Before she would stand and run up to the door, I was already outdoors, doing my best to pull my trousers back on even as my still-erect Joystick dangled from side to side underneath!

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Literature / [story] I Called It R.*.p.e (rated 18+)… Part 6 by mrportable2: 5:57pm On Aug 29, 2015
ITS STORY TIME WITH www.proudlynation.com.ng

A story written by Dan Chucks… If you missed part Five yesterday read it HERE http://proudlynation.com.ng/2015/08/story-i-called-it-r-a-p-e-rated-18part-5/

But then, that was just when she noticed my bowed Joystick which unfortunately, had even crossed to the other side of my skinny left thigh in total erection!
“My gawd!” was her sharp response as she turned to look at me with widened eyes! “Daniel? So you are this long?”
“Long?” I heard my inner mouth ask! Who was talking about being long? I was thinking she was only being surprised to see an erection after I had refused to respond to her earlier advances. Moreover, I wasn’t sure about my Joystick being long as that had been the last thing I was going to think about. While I had also heard a couple of silly boys in the University talk about how Joystick size mattered in a relationship or marriage, I had never paid attention; let alone bother if mine was of the long or short category. So it was understandably unfamiliar to me when she began saying mine was long.
“Oh my gawd!” she continued. “See as the thing curve enter your leg Dan?!” as she spoke, she began running her fingers along it through my trouser. I jolted at the first instance!
…as she spoke, she began running her fingers along it through my trouser
“Please can I go?! Haven’t I done enough for you?! Please ma. Let me go…I’m pleading” I still kept begging. But she wasn’t even listening. In fact, she began cussing and reacting angrily!
“Done enough of what ehh?!” she nearly shouted. “Done enough of what?! I begged you earlier to tell me why you have refused to F**K a girl in your life but you wouldn’t talk. Now you are asking me to let you go! In fact, don’t tell me again! I will find out myself! You will stop being a virgin today!”
As she said that last one, I began kicking very violently! I was determined more than ever to break free but ridiculous as it seemed, the more I struggled to free my seemingly caged self, the more I suffered under her weight! She had slid back into my chest and it was affecting my breathing. In fact, she began making mockery of me by remaining still and looking at me while I fought like some dying chicken!
“You are wasting your time Daniel”, she sarcastically added. “The earlier you allow me to take you through this process, the better for you”
As though those were the calming words, I subsequently stopped kicking and relaxed. I immediately shut my eyes as I felt the tears build again – I wasn’t keen in letting them leave my eyes though. When she saw I wasn’t struggling anymore, she bent into my face and unexpectedly, began lapping up all her juices which had abundantly smeared all over my nose, lips and jaw. She also soon graduated into a full kiss, picking up my usually soft lips and suckling them in her mouth! She dipped her own tongue into my mouth and flicked it around! While I did my best not to show any excitement from what she was doing to me, I still couldn’t help but respond a couple of times as the sensual pleasure it gave me was undeniably exhilarating! Not long after, she disengaged her mouth from the kiss.
She may have noticed the few times I kissed her back, and thus took it to mean an acceptance. So it wasn’t very surprising when she suddenly freed my hands from underneath her thighs! For a few seconds it felt like freedom, but then I needed not to be told what could possibly befall me if I dared attempted using the arms. Moreover, what I was very sensitive about, was what could possibly happen if that very experience turned violent. At least, I was more than sure that it would take a load of facts, the size of the entire universe, to convince the police and whoever, that she was the one attempting to rape me and not the other way round. There has never been a case of rape with the accused being a woman – at least in Calabar where I was serving. These difficult truths, made it quite impossible to consider doing more than I was doing! At best, I felt all I could do was beg even though she wasn’t really showing any signs that she was listening. In fact, when I began begging her again, just as she began turning around on my body, she competently shut me up with her terribly drenched Kittycat by simply dumping it on my mouth for a second time! She was now backing me and facing my legs while sitting on my face! I already knew what she wanted and thus began sucking and eating her Kittycat again! I had to even support her by holding her wide buttocks in place while she gently slid her shaven musky vulva back and forth across my lips!
I had to even support her by holding her wide buttocks in place while she gently slid her shaven musky vulva back and forth across my lips!
It oddly began seeming very enticing when my nose subsequently plugged into the puckered regions of her anus! As the admittedly arousing scent of her Kittycat fluids emanated from her genitals, it easily mixed with the unbelievably alluring metallic smell of her puckered anus, playing wonderful music in my nostrils as soon as they hit them! It wasn’t surprising when I felt my Joystick heavily throb within my trousers, nodding severally within the restraint of the fabric! However, when Madam Ann, who had been periodically rubbing the stiff Joystick with her hands, saw the erection nod, she quickly grabbed my belt buckle, predictably to free the caged Instruments!

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Literature / [story] Manager’s Villa (rated 18+)...part 5 by mrportable2: 5:47pm On Aug 27, 2015
ITS STORY TIME WITH www.proudlynation.com.ng

A story written by Ajadi Tunde (ajadibabatunde@gmail.com)…
Did You Miss The Previous Part??CLICK http://proudlynation.com.ng/2015/08/story-managers-villa-rated-18part-4/ TO READ

Acme shouted Awusubuilia, we asked him what was wrong he only said we should come closer and see, Kzee went close and confirmed it was semens. It wasn’t funny anymore, how could you had fun to the extent of desecreating the mosque. We all waited keenly for Abbey to return. Abbey didn’t return after two hours, so we decided to chill out till he returns
We usually hang out with some friends on the main road, we call the place POINT
Point was an open space, you know that kind of place where jobless youth seat, when one of their friend own a business center, and other guys from the community usually join us, we had two major bad Ilorin guys has friends at point,Flo and Jboy, we usually go to point in the evening when everyone gets bored, the way point was located, you will have to go through point before getting to our lodge, so sometimes when we are returning from school, we don’t bother to go home but chill at point till later in the nite.
We where at point on this fateful day when a beautiful black slim lady with an average backside and an oversized breas*t which makes me wonder how are slim figure could carry such massive load walked pass us
KC: iru ki le le yi ……(Wot sort of a load is dis)
Acme: ounje omo yi o wa poju? …….( Is dis
baby’s food not too much)
Me: Blood of chisos
Flo: this one pass blood of chisos na blood
of god
Jb: omo this girl just dey fine dey go ni ooo
Acme: abeg who be dat babe
JB: her name is Aisha, she lives down the street
Kc: abeg I need her 411
Acme: lai lai na me first ask about her
TJ: please u all should just leave her for me ooo
Rasak: shey na Aisha una see una wan start fight, if una come see ha sister nko
Acme: she ha sister dey badder than dis ni?
JB: her sister’s milk factory is twice of her’s and her backside na dieeee
Me: guy if na play make you stop am, if her sister’s Bosom is twice of this then that one don commot for Bosom, it must be a ballon
Acme: abeg dat one go wan suffocate person ooo
While we were still talking Aisha walked
pass us again and dis time JB stopped her
JB: Aisha come over na *she walks towards us*
Aisha: good evening everyone
All: good evening sweetheart, honey, dear
Aisha: Laughing, shey na me get all those names
Kc: yes ooo, u are worth more than all those names
JB: lemme talk to u privately for a minute
They both walked away and seconds later
JB called Kc and left him talking to Aisha.
Jb walked back to us and Acme was furious
Acme: shebi na me say I want the babe
Jb: baba calm down now, u no say dis guys
are still fresh, u don chop tire na
Me: Acme na wah for you ooo, you wan kill yourself by yourself ni?
Tj: Acme u too like woman, op say no be where u take come u go take go sha
Acme: your father, how many have I done?
Me: infact you are still a virgin
Kc came back and told us Aisha will be visiting early tomorrow morning before going to work
Me: tomorrow morning ke?
Tj: which kain package be dat
kc explained to us that she said the only time
she have is morning and maybe when
coming back from work in the evening.
I decide to ask razak for help, I told him am babe starved in ilorin since it seems he is always at the junction and see’s all that passes. I then narrated my ordeal in the hand of Ruka to the house, we all laughed and Rasak promised to give me a kogi babe when next we show, I promised him we will show the next day.
Flo then asked about Halima and seriously, the whole house went silence, we told him its a free world and he could come for her if he feels like, he asked for her phone number, we all lied that we don’t have.
The next morning,
Knock, knock, knock
Kc: who’s there
Aisha: its me Aisha
Quickly we jumped off the bed, it just quarter to seven, we were all still sleeping, and the house was kinda messy, we quickly arrange ourselves and after like 45 seconds
Kc: u can coming
Aisha: good morning everyone, hope I didn’t wake u all
Me: yes u did ooo ( smilling)
Aisha: heya sorry about dat, but that shows u guys are lazy oooo
TJ: see insult inside our room ooooo, I will
leave u to kc to discipline u
Aisha: its not an insult na ( laughing)
*which kain wahala be dis for dis cold
weather na*, we all took our toothbrushes,
paste, sponge, buckets clothes and shoes
and left the room to the passage.
It was past eight and Aisha finally came out, we all ran out of the passage so has not to be noticed, immediately they stepped out of the compound we all ran straight to the room to see the effect of the visit and unsurprisingly, we were not
When Kc came back we all hailed him for his conquest and ask him to give details
Kc: omo dat bobby big pass as we think
ooo, na when I comot cloth for masquerade face na hin I know say na meat wey strong be nama, my dear d girl is a fucklicant.
I was even trying to form talking things before the girl tell me say she has less than 30mins and she’s feeling the effect of the harmathan, na so she get down to business kissing my mouth not minding say I never brush
Me: iyanma, eewww,disgusting
Kc continued, na so I comot the top and she just open ha bra for me, na so I bury my head for the two big balls ooo sucking the tips of one and rolling my fingers on the other, by now my Jt has found it way out of my boxer and she was scrubbing it very hard with ha palms ,I felt so
uncomfortable, ha hand be like person wey dey walk for sawmil, so I tried to change position but she held my head down on a bosom
Next thing I know is she asking me to lie down and immediately put my dic*k in her mouth,it felt so good and warm, well she was a mastersucker
Acme: *cuts in* oga e don do we dey go
All: why e go stop na, oga continue joor
Kc: na wetin we go see una for be dat,
TJ: at least for ilorin we all still be virgin, na
u don disvirgin today so na u b d ashawo
Kc: shebi Abbey don disvirgin yesterday, errm where I stop sef
Me: oga continue joor abi wetin u dey feel
like sef, by the way Abbey no even give us the gist of yesterday
Kc: to cut the long story short sha, na so she comot Mr Kc for mouth and before I could notice what was coming, I felt a warm sensation and something just gripped my JT, I opened my eyes to see her sitting on my JT, omo if u see speed wey I take push her away, she was about saying
sumfin when she saw me bringing out my CD, she just smiled took the Cd from me and placed it where it belong and went back to business
Me: oga e don do, I don dey late for school
Tj: cutting the story short una sha straff abi
Kc: you know what they call short but
effective, that’s what she gave me this
morning, that a very good tonic for the day. I can say we straffed cause na she straff me, she was riding me and was singing some cordinated tunes at the same time, I tried raising my head to suck her Bosom, she just pushed me back to the bed, then she stood up and turned her back on me and continue riding, I was just watching her waist dancing away, one is a while she will stop going up and down and twist her waist and the rolled it around almost like she wants to cut my diick off, it was a sweet-paining experience for me, moments later I could feel my body gripping but I didn’t want this to end quickly so I told her its my turn. She stood up and laid on the bed waiting for me to lunch into the deep, but I was trying to delay so that I could last longer. I told her to turn around that I prefer the doggie style, she obliged, I examined the black snail in front of me, it was quiet meaty and soaked, I dipped a finger in it to tease her a bit, she just told me to please stop and put in my JT that time was not on our side for all those, all I said was yes ma
I placed JT at the entrance of her V and with the speed of light she jerked backwards to force my JT in straight away, the pvssy was well lubricated by her wetness so my JT slide in with ease, I was going slowly at first only to see that she was thrusting faster than me, well I decided to match a pace for pace, I was fvcking her as hard as I could and then she started farting , I taught my ears were decieveing me until I heard the same sound again, she was now speaking gibberish, she was no more on her knees but lying on he Bosom I didn’t even mind her pleas, I was fvcking her away in reckless abandon, I was about to come again, I quickly withdraw, then I raised one of her legs while she was still face down and entered her again from the side, due to the less space, the friction was more and my JT was hitting the spot or so I taught cause all I could here I say is I love u, I love u. Those words sensed shivers to my body as I lost control and was just fvcking away, in few minutes I splashed my Pour into the rubber or so I taught.
She lay spent on the bed while I removed my JT only to find out that my JT was wearing a trouser, the CD burst.
We all screamed yeeeeeeeee
Me: wetin the girl come do
Kzee: she just shrug it of and said she enjoyed herself that I shouldn’t worry that she knows how to take care o herself, that she will only need to do HIV test later. I just frowned at her that was she saying am positive, she said no oooo and wanted to continue but on seeing the seriousness on my face, she said she was only joking oooo
Tj: guy you don become a father be that oooo
Kzee: you dey craze, na so dem dey born
Acme: we thank god that you didn’t pour on the Holy Quran ooo
We all laughed
Kzee: tee, na you and TJ remain ooo, shebi you know say ismail no too dey stay here again
Me: oga park well joor, I go show una skills
sef, make rasak just show me the kogi babe wey he talk first.
Acme: well, at this junction KC is leading
we all by 5 points,followed by Abbey with 3 points, the deduction for Abbey was due to his misbehaviour, let’s see who will carry the league at the end of the season
Abbey: no wahala, am still gamed
Tj: u know say me I be Alfa, I no dey ooo
Acme: u? Sheu anisau ( chief of woman affair)
Me: u be alfa and u dey hear toto gist early in the morning.
Acme: abeg make I dey go, see u all in the evening
Me: abeg make una quick come so we go enter point tonight ooo
All: ashawo oshi.

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Literature / [story] I Called It R.*.p.e (rated 18+)… Part 4 by mrportable2: 10:03am On Aug 26, 2015
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A story written by Dan Chucks …

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Just like the previous day, she was home. But she didn’t immediately open the door as soon as I knocked. She first peeped from her window as though to ascertain, before unlocking her front door. It was when she appeared that I got a probable reason she had to peek at me before opening up – she was almost Unclad!
She first peeped from her window as though to ascertain, before unlocking her front door
She was wearing a robe (which looked more like a night-robe than anything else) and it had no front buttons or clip. The idea was supposed to be that she would first wrap one end across the other and then tie it in-place with an attached belt (made of the same fabric). But here was Madam Ann, wearing the robe but barely tying the belt!
She was wearing a robe (which looked more like a night-robe than anything else) and it had no front buttons or clip
The whole thing looked so loose that I could comfortably see an entire Bosom all the way to the Tip as well as the inside of her right thigh! In fact, I could swear seeing some portion of her Kittycat too! It was that lewd. Ridiculous enough, she barely behaved like she knew her entire undersides were all in the open and instead began grinning just like yesterday.
The whole thing looked so loose that I could comfortably see an entire Bosom all the way to the Tip…
“Danny? So you left me and ran yesterday, abi?” she began saying, stretching an arm and placing it on my left shoulder.
I followed the arm with my eyes to my shoulder and then looked up to her face again without saying a word.
“Come inside jarre”. she stepped back to allow me room but for no exact reason, my feet remained stuck to the ground where I was standing.
I just kept looking at her with an expressionless face.
“You no wan come inside again?” she quickly asked, frowning her face a bit. Her robe was flaying even more, presenting me with more views of her crotch! How she would wear such a thing for an house-clothe beat my imaginations.
Her robe was flaying even more, presenting me with more views of her crotch
“I can wait here ma” I suddenly heard my mouth insist. I didn’t know I could say that but then got immense joy from the bold resolve.
“Hmmmm…Dan? Come inside the house na let me get you your key!” her voice had unexpectedly gone up. “Abi you wan make I leave my door open like this?” Her frown had even doubled too.
Sheer panic instantly gripped me as I was always aware of what the rather controversial woman was capable of. Without, further arguments, I quietly climbed the few steps in front of the house, got to the terrace and then walked in. She looked pissed already and I knew I needed to mind how I went about my next few activities if she was going to hand me the key at all. What did confuse me more like, that very moment was how she began locking the door with her own key! I couldn’t ask her what she was doing, as a result of the flared tempers but then, I could see her lock the door even though she still left the key in the hole and then begin to walk back into the house. As she walked, her big buttocks and entire thighs took turns to completely display themselves at intervals while her wide hip swayed from side to side within the shimmering robe!
As she walked, her big buttocks and entire thighs took turns to completely display themselves at intervals while her wide hip swayed from side to side within the shimmering robe!
I instantly knew something weird was up when she returned to the living room again, but instead of handing me the key, pulled her center table straight into me, and sat on it! She was now a couple inches away and she made no effort at all to sit decently! Her legs were spread apart leaving me with lewd views of her puffy mound since her robe wasn’t doing any covering either.
Her legs were spread apart leaving me with lewd views of her puffy mound since her robe wasn’t doing any covering either.
“I am not making this a joking matter anymore…” was her initial comments as soon as she was seated. “You are not going to leave this house until you tell me why you are still a virgin…”
“Com’ on…..” I instantly cut in, not letting her finish. “What’s all these now?!” I asked bitterly; evidently troubled
“It’s simple. Explain to me why you have remained a virgin at your age? I know you are not less than 25 or…let’s say 24 even.” she was close with the guess.
I just kept starring at her with quickly dampening eyes and evidently trembling lips! My world was just getting set to collapse!
“I am waiting young man” was her follow up comment as she undid her belt shamelessly before me! Her heavy round breasts soon came into full view before she finally flung the robe to a side!
“I am waiting young man” was her follow up comment as she undid her belt shamelessly before me! Her heavy round breasts soon came into full view…
“Nothing ma…” I whispered, still not certain if the slight stir I felt inside my trouser had anything to do with the lurid vision before my eyes!
“Nothing? What do you mean by nothing? It has to be something Dan. Tell me why you don’t feel anything when you see a Unclad woman?”
“I…don’t understand why…I don’t understand why you are doing all this Madam Ann…” I tried saying, ignoring the thigh she had raised as soon as she mentioned ‘Unclad woman'; probably to illustrate herself using her Unclad Kittycat.

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Literature / [story] I Called It R.*.p.e (rated 18+)… Part 3 by mrportable2: 11:30am On Aug 25, 2015
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A story written by Dan Chucks… If you missed part Two yesterday read it HERE!!!

I started becoming very uncomfortable now, and began wishing I could just leave that instant! Sheer respect for a senior was the probable reason why I hadn’t walked out on her yet!
“Dan?” she called again, choosing to abbreviate my name.
I refused to look up as I tightly held onto my glass of juice.
“You don’t want to see my Kittycat?” she said again, successfully bringing me to look at her just as soon as she mentioned the words. She indeed had her hands on her panty and just about then, pulled the crotch away from her admittedly beautiful genital. After starring at it for quite some seconds, I looked up at her and just as I found her looking at me and smiling, I instantly looked away, rolling my eyes in seeming disgust!
She indeed had her hands on her panty and just about then, pulled the crotch away from her admittedly beautiful genital
She unexpectedly stood to her feet just then and began walking towards me. I began feeling my body tremble as I feared the worst. I instantly dropped the glass of juice in my hand and began trying to stand on my feet but she was faster than myself so gently pushed me back into the seat as soon as she got to my front. Then she took one of my hands and brought it to her right Bosom without saying a word, keeping it there with her own palm.
Then she took one of my hands and brought it to her right Bosom without saying a word, keeping it there with her own palm.
I instantly frowned and looked up at her. She wasn’t looking at me but instead had her eyes on the other of my hand which she had now picked and was trying to put in-between her thighs after spreading them! It inevitably came in contact with her smooth soft thighs as she made it travel up towards her crotch! I was really very very uncomfortable now and it could be told in my face! It was openly contoured into a mixture of pain and displeasure! I was simply not fine with what my presence there was getting me into and I just had to go! But, Madam Ann wasn’t looking like she cared any bit! She instead, brought my fingers directly on her panty-covered Kittycat which I found unbelievably damp and then began to make me rub the area back and forth! I instantly shut my eyes, feeling so much guilt as the constant inner shout of “you are transgressing!” kept ringing in my ears! I desperately wished I could leave but still couldn’t get my legs to move. They felt so very heavy as my breathing tripled! When she got me to poke her vaginal opening through her panty using my index finger (after spreading her thighs further apart), I felt tears form in my eyes!
“Please…stop ma” I suddenly heard myself mutter, as I tried reactivating my surprisingly dry mouth.
She didn’t seem to hear though because she still went on to poke her opening a lot more, sighing as her Kittycat released her fluids through her panty and onto my fingers. This was when the tears began to roll down my right cheek! But just like before, she didn’t notice a thing still!
Without a word, Madam Ann pulled out my hand with little or no warning. Just then her musky scent travelled out with it, filling my nose densely. I sniffed a couple times to hold back more tears as I began making it back to my feet – I just had to leave at all cost! But rather curiously, Madam Ann held me back again and right before me, began pulling away her gown! She first pulled off the sleeveless straps, and then began pulling down the cloth down her thick legs!
he first pulled off the sleeveless straps, and then began pulling down the cloth down her thick legs!
Before I could even get myself to fully grasp her intentions, Madam Ann was completely Unclad before! I just couldn’t believe my eyes! Even though getting on with her was the last thing in my mind, I still did see how very beautiful her body was. She was fat no doubt, but in an attractive way! Her breasts were big and proudly stood on her chest like two large coconuts! Her hip were audaciously flayed and nicely contoured into her fleshy thighs like some smoothly traveling hills. I also saw how her puffy glistening Kittycat boldly stood out, with her sizeable clit leading the way! While I still couldn’t say I was being attracted to all of those sensually, I still did admit she was indeed beautiful and had no reason not to get back into marriage.
She was fat no doubt, but in an attractive way! Her breasts were big and proudly stood on her chest like two large coconuts!
Subsequently, I felt at that point that I had just had enough and began making it up to my feet for a third time that afternoon but unlike before, Madam Ann didn’t exactly stop me again, rather she began walking back to her sofa while still facing me and as soon as she got to it, she sat on it, spreading her legs as much as she could! Then she brought her fingers to her Kittycat and without any shame, spread the soaked hole wide apart displaying the moist pink insides! I was admittedly trapped to the wet spot for a couple of minutes and only realized where I was again, when I heard her speak!
Then she brought her fingers to her Kittycat and without any shame, spread the soaked hole wide apart displaying the moist pink insides!
“Come and F**K my fresh toto Dan…” she had unashamedly demanded!
But that was just when I also realized the little window I had been unsuspectingly given, and without replying her, quickly made it to the door; successfully opened it and dashed out with my bag. While I was opening the door, I did flash her a glance one more time though, and found her chuckling hysterically with her head flung to a side as she began dipping some fingers in and out of her wet Kittycat!
found her chuckling hysterically with her head flung to a side as she began dipping some fingers in and out of her wet Kittycat!
I was glad the whole thing had come to an end and began thinking the ‘ugly’ episode was comfortably in my past already. But then, I did begin feeling otherwise when I curiously noticed that I had a huge erection under my wool (just a few meters after) and had to conceal it with my bag just as soon – lest the most popular virgin in the neighborhood, got spotted with a rather unfamiliar swell across the front of his trousers!
I did begin feeling otherwise when I curiously noticed that I had a huge erection under my wool.
Even before my mates returned, as well as all through the night, I never stopped feeling exceedingly guilty about my ordeal with Madam Ann! Images of Madam Ann’s curvy body never stopped filing my head. Her big breasts, thick thighs and puffy Kittycat were constant occupants of my mind no matter how hard I tried to make them leave! While I still never took them very fascinatingly, I felt outright guilt for ever seeing them.
Images of Madam Ann’s curvy body never stopped filing my head
Now I could be accused of coming close to touching a woman’s Kittycat. In fact, even coming close to having s*x with a woman! It was unthinkable and I felt very terrible because of it! It was outright taboo and my mind never came to rest for the rest of that day! When my roommates returned, they curiously asked if I really was the one who picked up our key from Madam Ann, particularly enquiring how I managed to be so quick about it. Of course, I completely shielded the dirty experience I had there, preferring to sound as though nothing unusual happened. If not for any other thing, I was sure to protect myself from any undue pun such new revelations could expose me to. But that didn’t stop Tolu from giving me a long drawn look as I quickly turned away to finish up my lunch. He had definitely suspected the probable mood swing and it wasn’t very surprising given he was the eldest. When I brought out my shirt to wash and he saw the many drops of Madam Ann’s orange juice all over it, he nearly felt like cornering me in other to find out the real truth! However, he didn’t and I in turn felt huge relief.
The following morning, I made up my mind to return from my PPA/office about two hours later than usual. I was going to stay at work until I was about sure every member of my lodge had returned. That seemed the best way to avoid a situation like the one I experienced the previous day at Madam Ann’s. Obviously, before I would even get home, Tolu or Matthew must have gone for the keys instead. Of course, I wasn’t going to tell anyone about the plan as I was beginning to wonder if any of them was even trustworthy anymore. And fortunately as it seemed, none of them appeared to have an inkling of what I had in mind until we all left for work. It was really pleasing to feel that I had come up with a perfect solution to the ‘Madam-Ann-shaped’ problem I had faced the previous day. Even my plans of attending mid-week church service later that evening looked a shoo-in! I was indeed proud and felt very relaxed working. However, the first real signs of panic stepped in as soon as I got home several hours later and yet found no one at home! I practically sulked! For several minutes, I blankly watched the door to our lodge as it remained locked, ruthlessly demanding me to return to the headmistress’ house yet again! It was only after I had dropped my bag by the door and began turning to leave that I noticed the shoes at the door-mat – it seemed the boys had already returned home but probably left as soon! I needed to be sure, so I began calling on occupants of the other rooms. Luckily, it was Michael who answered – he was home.
“They left to watch Nigeria versus Guinea Bissau” was his explanation when I asked him. It then instantly occurred to me that I had heard them talk about going out to see the said game sometime yesterday. I only just forgot about it therefore couldn’t incorporate it into my plans. It was just unfortunate for me and as I thanked Michael so as to leave for Madam Ann’s, I couldn’t but feel very sorry for myself. Just like Michael, football has never been my thing, so deciding to join up with them was totally out of the question. Moreover, I was yet to have lunch so felt very hungry. And going by the situation of things at that point, it was looking like my plans for midweek service wouldn’t happen unless I went for the key myself. So picking my frustrated self once again, I lumbered off to Madam Ann’s apartment.

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Literature / [story] I Called It R*PE (rated 18)…part 2 by mrportable2: 1:25pm On Aug 24, 2015
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A story written by Dan Chucks…

Unfortunately, that dreaded day eventually came, and quite so very soon! It was barely three days later when I got back from my PPA/office and quite happened to be the first to return to the lodge! As soon as I realized that no one else was home, instant disappointment followed! There were no two ways about it at all. I was going to be visiting Madam Ann’s house if I wasn’t planning to remain outdoors until the rest of the boys got home! So, picking up my frustrated self, I inched my way down the street to go meet her. Her house was only two or so blocks away but it seemed like a mile to me as I slowly clambered towards it! Luckily, she was at home as that had been another side to my worry. If ever I didn’t find her, it would have been a different pot of soup altogether! As soon as she saw me, just after opening her front door, her tongue went on its usual spree!
“Ohhhhh!! My brother! Did you come for your key?” she began speaking just as soon, grinning from ear to ear.
“Ohhhhh!! My brother! Did you come for your key?” she began speaking just as soon, grinning from ear to ear.
“Yes Ma” I replied, doing my best to look as indifferent as possible. It appeared like she was just changing into new cloths because she continually adjusted the plunging neck-line of the sleeveless pink gown she was wearing. A probable sign that she was only just returning from work too.
It appeared like she was just changing into new cloths because she continually adjusted the plunging neck-line of the sleeveless pink gown she was wearing
“Abeg, come in. Let me bring it.” she had opened the door wider now for me to step in and I did, even without understanding why I needed to come into the apartment before picking up the key.
She was heading back into the inner house just as soon and an unintended passing glance at her backside presented me a view of a very vigourously bouncing set of buttocks underneath the rather short gown! She was nearly running and it did quite the dance on her evidently large behinds! Predictably, it was of no particular interest to me and I soon took my eyes elsewhere. I instead focused on her rather beautiful apartment.
…and an unintended passing glance at her backside presented me a view of a very vigourously bouncing set of buttocks underneath the rather short gown!
If anyone had told me she could put together an elaborately furnished place to herself, I would have bluntly disagreed. But here she was with a sweet looking one. While I could only see just the living area and the dinning, I still could make out that it was a complete flat. The absence of kids probably helped because if she had some, the place would have been a level or two, less-arranged and impressive. She returned while I was still ogling her charming window curtains.
“Here it is my brother”, she instantly said, stretching her arm to hand me the single aluminum key in her palm. She was elaborately grinning again.
“Thank you ma” I replied, hoping to simply pick up the key and quickly head off.
“You are welcome.” she added but questionably began to rub her palms together while still smiling.
Acting as though I wasn’t noticing them, I carefully put the key into a corner of my bag and began turning to go, but just then she spoke again!
“Are you the one they call Daniel?…I mean among the corpers?” she was folding her arms across her chest now
“Ye…..sss” I stuttered, suspecting the most dreaded was about coming
“Really?!!” she nearly shouted while her eyes widened!
My head dropped. I suddenly couldn’t get on with the buckled strap on my bag anymore, and predictably kept struggling with it.
“Na waoo” she quickly followed. “Come gist me na!” she was practically pulling my right arm now as she kept talking. It was easy to feel how powerful she was for a woman. Being fat was one thing, but being fat and strong was entirely something else. And she was fat and strong. Now, considering how lean I was during those days, I offered basically no resistance. In fact, I was sitting on a couch, just across her, the next moment!
“Na waoo” she quickly followed. “Come gist me na!” she was practically pulling my right arm now
“You know I don’t know you that much” she began saying as soon as she took her own seat, right opposite me. “I just know Mathew and Tolu. They are the ones who usually come for the key. I have also met Bassey but that was just once.”
I didn’t know what exactly to answer her, so only kept nodding my head endlessly like some lost buffoon. She continued nonetheless.
“So you are Daniel? Na waoo.” she began waving her head while smiling as though she was thinking something through in her mind.
I remained still looking at her. Her pink gown admittedly looked nice on her plump self even though it was probably only just an house-clothe.
“Let me get you something to drink” she suddenly cut in, rising to her feet that instant.
Before I could ask her not to bother as this wasn’t a formal visit at all, she had already vanished into the inner house again. Everything was happening really fast! I was admittedly hungry as I was yet to have lunch, but my plans were to go home as soon as I had gotten the key. I had food to eat at home and wasn’t planning on being fed by anyone, let alone Madam Ann. It was quite interesting how everything my friends told me about her have thus far proven correct. She was indeed a loud extrovert and appeared to always pick interest in other peoples’ personal matters. Why they would still accept to return our key to her was the only puzzle in the box yet!
When she returned, she had two glasses of juice in her hands. Funny enough, I found my mouth salivating on seeing them. She smiled once more and handed me one of the glasses. I barely waited before bringing it to my waiting mouth.
She smiled once more and handed me one of the glasses
“So you are still a virgin?…” I suddenly heard her unexpectedly say! I abruptly threw back the juice in my mouth into the cup in my hand as the shock of the question hit me just as soon as I heard it!
Her own mouth widened at my reaction as she took her seat again. “Ah ah…what’s the problem?”
I quickly flashed her a glance before returning my eyes to my juice splattered body. I was really fuming already! Even though I couldn’t claim I wasn’t expecting her to ask me this sometime, I was still displeased she found it very necessary to do so already.
“Sorry o if the question made you throw your drink” she added, in a bit of sympathy. She stood to assist me in brushing off the juice from my shirt and bag but I asked her not to bother. I contently used my handkerchief to do so. It was a matter of seconds, and I was good with the outcome. I felt I had to leave that instant but she still wasn’t set to let me.
“Here, take mine. I’m yet to drink it. Let me get more for myself.” she began saying dropping her own glass of juice just at the stool beside me and picking mine.
My eyes widened as I saw her leave again for the inner room. I just couldn’t get the seeming desperation to entertain me at all cost. When she returned again, she had a new glass of wine in her hand and quickly made it for her seat. I noticed how the gown struggled to cover most of her thighs as soon as she sat. Of course, it interested me no bit.
I noticed how the gown struggled to cover most of her thighs as soon as she sat.
“So na because I asked if you be virgin, that’s why you threw your drink?” she asked me, quite amused and in a sudden mixture of pidgin and English. I wasn’t angry anymore actually, so I found a funny smirk on my lips.
My head dropped for a second time.
“Na wa to you o! So you never F**K woman before?” The f-word, which I had never used in my life, stung me like some angry bee. I did my best not to react. “I dey ask you Daniel?” she further queried handling her breasts briefly.
“Na wa to you o! So you never F**K woman before?”
I looked up to see her sip her juice a bit. I nodded. My new glass of juice was in my hands and untouched.
“Why is that baby?” she continued. “And you are very handsome moreover. You can’t say it is because the girls are not showing the interest. At least I know I would love to date you if I were as young as you.”
I remained calm, feeling really embarrassed.
“Talk to me na?” she additionally pleaded. “Abi you don’t talk to women too? In fact, you don see woman toto before?” she stunned me!
I looked up at her again and looked down.
“Daniel?” she called, causing me to bring up my head but couldn’t just direct my eyes to her this time. “Stop being a baby and talk to me joor.”
I managed to look at her, after all.
“Do you mean that you don’t feel anything when you see my spread legs?” she was unbelievably spreading her own legs as she enquired and even without seeming to stare too much, I still managed to notice her light coloured panty! She went on to raise one of her legs and dropped it on the arm of the sofa she was sitting on.
“Do you mean that you don’t feel anything when you see my spread legs?” she was unbelievably spreading her own legs as she enquired…

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Literature / [story] Manager’s Villa (rated 18+)...part 1 by mrportable2: 5:48pm On Aug 22, 2015
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A story written by Ajadi Tunde (ajadibabatunde@gmail.com)

Just got admission to study Mathematics in the better by far university of ilorin. As a lagos boy, I believed I had nothing to learn as the streets had taught me all I need to know, how wrong I was.

Landed in ilorin, and fortunately or unfortunately as the case could be I was stranded. My guys had not returned to school albeit they were in the polytechnic, so their school calender was different.

Lesson one, the streets don’t teach you about school calender.

Well, like the saying goes, every disappointment is a blessing in disguise, I decided to make a good use of my misfortune. I placed a call to my friend from lag, Bisola by name.

Let me tell you about Bisola a little, you know those girls always trying to form sophisticated, as in those gettho girls trying to form posh, exactly. Girls who speaks as if their throat had been super glued only leaving a little opening for speech to come out. That’s not all, you remember those girls that usually shoot their Bosom forward when the walk around? And as a effect of that their Buttocks shoot backwards to give their back one kind of C-shape? She was one of them, the only different is that while most of such girls have an African Star Apple kind of Bosom we call it Agbalumo on the streets, Bisola has a semi cossy orjiakor type, she was gifted. She was quiet tall for a lady, not too good looking but not bad. Like we say on the streets, she was just there

Okay enough about one person, let me go back to the main story.

Errrm where was I sef?

So I called Bisola with my Bird flip phone, that phone was tech and bad back then, I think it had a blue face and that moment when it rings and u flip it open before you pick, no better feeling that that, you feel like a boss.

Told Bisola that have just arrived and am kind of bored where I was and I won’t mind coming to chill at her place. She gave me the address and the description, it wasn’t really far from where I was, so I told her I will be there in thirty minutes.

Well I got to the address Bisola gave and then called her line to come get me, she came out, we hugged, did I mention that I love hugging her? Well I do. She took me to where she stays and then I learnt lesson number two that the streets forgot to teach me.

Lesson two: a leopard can change its skin

Bisola a lead choirister in church, so gentle and easy going was leaving in the midst of five boys as in 5 men. Hmmmm, wonders they say never ends. Well my church mind told me she was just staying there until she will finish her registeration and then move to the hostel, sincerely I believed my church mind.

After all the welcoming and greetings, we sat in front of the building, can you imagine she couldn’t even let me into the house, maybe its was her over forming that was falling her hand.

Bad as it may, her predicament was better than mine, at least she stays somewhere, here I am not knowing where I will lay my head, well that makes me a disciple of Jesus, you know the bible said ‘the son of man had no place to lay his head’. Did I tell you am a pastor’s son? Yeah you heard me right, my dad is a pastor. Forget all thoes streets have been talking about ooo, I am a pastor in the making and have been since over 20 years ago, I am one for the future.

I decided to let Bisola in on my situation, she told me there was no space left in their room, it was just a room and they are six in the room already. In my mind I was like ‘half a dozen’ * iya n je boys* (boys are suffering). Well growing up there was a sandal called *iya n je boys* errm that’s a story for another day.

While we were discussing one of Bisola’s roomie joined us, he was introduced to me as Acme, he was the LandLord, or should I call him the Room Lord. Acme heard of my predicament, and he suggested I could stay with them. I was so elated and thanked him a lot. Acme offered me to join the guy in their already prepared meal, as a lagos boy now, I don’t slack with food, I didn’t even remember I was a stranger I just joined in eating the communion.

After eating I told I was formally introduced to the rest of the guys, luckily for me, we all came from the same area in Lagos except for Acme and TJ. TJ was an Alfa, he went to a school in Agege, I think it was Sheikh Adam’s school, he called it *morikas*(please I can’t seem to get the spelling) , he was there for eight good years learning arabic and the holy Quran. But after all the 8years here was he trying to write IJMB with old age.
Then there was Kzee, Abbey and Ismail. We all chatted a little before I decide to go and get my bag before nightfall. I was escorted out of the building and wen I got to about 10metres away from the building, I looked back and there it was, guess…………….. The name of the building written bodly as MANAGER’S VILLA.

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Literature / [story] Nicholas…part 4 by mrportable2: 5:37pm On Aug 22, 2015
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INCASE YOU MISS PART 3 READ IT HERE:- http://proudlynation.com.ng/2015/08/story-nicholaspart-3/

Kemi’s Family House


5:20 PM 7, July, 2015

Music is art. Fuji music is not. At least that was what Nicholas believed. It was blaring from a small transistor radio sitting on a worn out wooden box. He was sitting in a modest sitting room. The furniture was not expensive but they were neatly arranged. The wall was painted White. It looked freshly painted. Three family portraits hung on the wall. Beside one of the portraits, a golden clock chimed away. A ceiling fan hung far too low from a whitewashed ceiling. And the most notable feature of the room was a plasma Tv which was showing nothing. Nicholas couldn’t care less if the world cup final was showing on the Tv. He had been sitting alone in the room for what looked like 10 hours to him. Nobody had said anything to him. He had been sitting and waiting. Kemi is dead, and now he was sitting in her Parent’s living room, there wasn’t going to be a good ending to all this for him. The curtain that led to what looked like a corridor opened. He stood up. He tried to force a smile as the “jury” walked in. The foreman of the “jury” was Kemi’s father. He was a short man with a slight build. You would not be scared going into a fight with him. Well, except you looked into his eyes. He had one of the meanest stares Nicholas had ever seen. Those eyes were directed at him as he walked in. The forced smile soon disappeared. The “jury” had four other members. They didn’t look too interested in him. One of them sat beside him. He had a week old beard stuck to his sunken cheeks. His eyes were kind though. Nicholas tried to find some comfort in that. “Corper, we don’t mean to trouble you” Kemi’s Father started, quite solemnly too, Nicholas noticed. “But we can not find Kemi” Oh! Thank God! You idiot, thank God? At least they’re not accusing me of killing her. “We thought you had something to do with it, that’s why we came to your place” Sunken cheeks said. “Oh, me? Why would you…?” Nicholas stammered. He had to change the subject. “So, who do you think has her?” Who has her body? That is what I should be asking. “Well, we don’t know. That is why we need your help.” His kind eyes looked like they would pop out of his head. “Look here Corper” Nicholas turned to face the “foreman” “We know you and my daughter spend a lot of time together” Oh my God! “We just want to know if you know anything that will help us. Her sister, Lola, told me she has been keeping to herself lately.” What was he supposed to say? ‘Yes, your daughter is dead’? Or, ‘No, i don’t know what has happened to her’? Who could have killed her? She was a sweet innocent girl. He must have been quiet for long because they were all looking at him. “Sir..” he started. “You don’t have to worry if you know nothing” Kemi’s Father cut him short. “Please, just help us in any way you can.” As he moved down the staircase, he couldn’t help but think how lucky he was. He had thought they were going to accuse him of murder and here they were begging him for help. It was getting dark. The streets were almost empty as Nicholas walked home. Three little girls were dancing, not very far away, around their mother, who was cooking. Nicholas smiled. Everything looked peaceful. He had not experienced the town like he should. Like Kate did. He was not even happy to be there. Kemi was a welcome distraction from his routine boring life. She was pretty, easy to talk to and did not mind that he couldn’t care less for her town. They were different. He was born and brought up in a city. Had attended the best schools and believed the world was a bad place. She called herself a village girl, with pleasure too. She was a first year student at a Teachers Training College. A free Spirit, she did not believe there was anything wrong with the world. ‘Everything happens for a reason’, she would always say. The bark of a dog behind him made him jump. He had already forgotten that he was recently kidnapped himself. A kidnap and a murder with no body in twenty four hours? Something is wrong.

* * *

Nicholas’ Residence


6:45 PM 7 July 2015

Kate had been waiting for more than three hours. She did not know what to expect. If they had found a connection between Kemi and Nicholas, then he probably wasn’t coming home soon. Nicholas had a nice room. Better than the one she had. It had a few things out of place but it wasn’t untidy. It did not look like he cooked much. His kitchen was far too neat. She looked at her watch for the umpteenth time. She picked a jacket from Nicholas’ closet, wore it and walked out of the house. Like most houses in Arandun, his house had a tree in front of it. She paced under the tree for a while. The night was breezy but she could no longer wait inside. “Kate” she jumped, startled. She had not seen him walk up to her. “I wasn’t expecting to meet you here” “Yeah, i decided to wait. Sorry about your jacket, it was getting cold” “It’s not a problem. Do you want to come back inside or should i walk you home?” She wanted to stay and get more answers but it was getting dark. “I think i should go.” She went inside the house to pick her bag. “I’m ready to go” She started walking and he followed her. “So, what happened? They just let you go?” Of course she was curious. She watched him as he explained everything that happened. He obviously cared for Kemi. She had always wondered how he connected with a girl who did not have much in common with him. He did not seem to interested in any other person. Well he called me when he was in trouble. They walked in silence for a while. Then something occurred to her. “Nicholas, have you told your Mom about your kidnap?” He looked like he was taken aback by the question “No. I’ve not had the time.” He looked lost in thought. She let him be.”I don’t think I’ll tell her” “What?!” She was surprised. She wanted to ask him why but she did not. He did not say why, so they walked on in silence. It was dark now. It always amazed her how beautiful Arandun was at night. The light coming from the houses made a very pretty sight. The town looked at peace. They walked past one of the hot spots of Arandun’s night life. Most of these spots were filled every night. Palm wine was the main attraction of this particular spot. A little distance away from the spot she saw two young men rushing towards a mosque. They had been walking for fifteen minutes when they got her house. It was a lodge for corps members. She lived with three others. She was grateful none of them was outside to see Nicholas. She would have had to explain why he was at her place so late. “Thanks a lot Kate. Sorry i put you through all this trouble.” “No, it’s okay.” She wanted to hug him but his hands were folded across his chest. “Just be careful , okay?” “Alright, I’ll try” he replied with a smile.” Good night” “Good night” She watched him go. “Hey Nicholas.” She called after him. “I think you should tell your Mom. Okay? Take care” He smiled and walked away.

* * *

Funke’s (Nicholas’ Mother) Office.


8:45 PM 8 July 2015

All it takes is a washing machine and a few minutes. She wondered how many of her customers knew that. It was good they didn’t know or didn’t care or she would be out of business. Her laundry was the biggest in town. It was the only one run by a woman too. She had started the business when she got tired of attending interview and hearing the same old statement:”We will get back to you”. She had being on the other side of the interview table now so many times. Being your own boss definitely had its advantages. She was enjoying one at the moment; chatting with your friend at Nine O’clock with your feet on the table. “I don’t understand, Funke. Why would you not attend the funeral?” Being your own boss also had its disadvantages. People ask you silly questions so early in the morning. Something Joy, her friend, was doing now with pleasure. “Why would I? The man died three months ago, i didn’t even shed a tear. What does that tell you?” “You are an emotionless robot?” It was one of Joy’s qualities inappropriate jokes. “He’s the father of my son. That’s all. In fact he was just a sperm donor, he was never a father to Nick” she rolled her eyes. She couldn’t believe she was having this conversation again. “Joy, why are you disturbing me? You were one of those who advised me to stay away from him when he was alive.” And she had stayed away from him. He wasn’t too eager to see her either. She often wondered how they had stayed together long enough to have a baby. They never agreed on anything. So when she discovered she was pregnant, they did not agree on the next course of action either. “Okay, do whatever you want.” Joy said standing up.”His family doesn’t even know you guys exist. You and Nicholas. I’m going to my shop. Take care of yourself” She had tried to stay as far as possible from Nicholas’ father. Nicholas did not even use his name. She had had more conversations about him in the three months after his death than she had in twenty years before that. Some felt like she needed to introduce Nicholas to the family. She did not have the same opinion. Nicholas was seven when he knew who his real father was. He was young but he had taken the information maturedly. She picked up her phone and started scrolling through her pictures. Like any mother would, she had several pictures of her only son. She looked at the last picture of him she took and smiled. He was returning to his primary place of assignment. He wore his uniform after she had begged him to. She was about to put her phone back in her bag when it rang. It was Nicholas. “Hello Nick, I was just thinking about you.” She answered with a smile. “You’re always thinking about me Mom.” It was true. “How are you?” “I’m fine, Joy just left my office. She asked after you. How’s your village? Hope the girls there have not stolen your heart with their food” He always had a ready answer for her when she joked about him and girls but he hesitated this time. “Mom, do you think Dad’s family know about me?” He never talked about his father. “Do you think they know?” “No, honey, i don’t think they know. Why? Any particular reason why you are asking?” “No. So how’s your business? Hope AquaKlean has not stolen any more of your customers?” He is trying to change the subject? “No, they have not” she decided to play along. “I’ve stepped up my game.” They talked for a few more minutes. Something was wrong she could tell. She knew Nicholas too much, she always knew when he was hiding something from her. Her phone rang. She did not feel like talking. It could be business. You need to make money whether you feel like talking or not. “Hello, good morning.” she tried to sound as pleasant as she could. “Good morning, this is Barrister Thomas. Is this Ms Akorede?” “Yes.” A lawyer? Why would a lawyer be calling me? “How can I help you Barrister?” “You and your son are invited to be at the reading of the Last Will and Testament of late Engr. Babatunde. I will forward the time and address to you. Okay? Thank you.” She couldn’t even say “good bye”. She still held her phone to her ears. This is not a coincidence. She had just been invited to the reading of the will of Nicholas’ father.

* * *

“Sir, she has been invited to the reading of the will.” Faruk never beat around the bush with news. “She has? I wasn’t expecting that, but I’m not surprised. Just keep me informed.” “Okay Boss” Well, this is getting interesting.

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Literature / [story] Glitches…part 1 by mrportable2: 4:07pm On Aug 18, 2015
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As written by Adegwurulez…(ADEGWURULEZ@GMAIL.COM)…


The evening breeze was soothing to his nerves, he needed it more than he needed life. The serene feeling he got from the jungle was top-notch, it felt like the paradise described in the bible, if only he wasn’t in the jungle because of circumstances too grave to be proud of.
The tweets of the birds sent sweet melodious tunes down his ear canal, more inspiring than any musician of this world could ever produce.
He watched a little droplet of water form on a leaf just above his head, it increased in size until its weight was too much for the tender skin of the pure water to carry. It dropped gently on his feet, running down his leg and massaging his bare lower limb.

The sound of the crickets also rented the air, threatening to disrupt the flow of inspiration from the tweets of the birds. He got up and stretched his body, his vetebra making a crack sound as though it had been fractured. He yawned and started moving gently, his calculated steps causing the dry leaves on the ground to crackle. His tattered short adorned his lower region while his upper region was left unclad.
He stood at 5ft9 with his beard looking so unkept and bushy. Undoubtedly, no clipper had touched his hair in a very long time.
He opened the keg that was tied to his waist and gulped the content, sighed and threw the keg away, he probably had much of those at home or wherever he was coming from.

He continued his moves while taking note of his environment, having been living in the jungle for years, he knew where everything was and would easily detect a new object – yes, he was that sensitive.
The thunder rumbled gently from the sky, informing him that the gods were having a little arguement – they weren’t that perfect afterall. The clouds had began to form and the sun was gradually loosing it’s shine. The gentle breeze was becoming more fierce and the melodious songs of the birds turned into cries of fright while the trees swayed in obedience to the command of the wind. The animals of the jungle were all running helter-skelter as none would like to be caught in the web of the coming downpour.

As darkness began to cast it’s shawdows on the jungle and the thick cloud formed a canopy, he felt a glitch in his eyes. That was a sign he wasn’t supposed to be there, he needed to find his way to the cave of solitude.
The cave of solitude was his rock – literally, where he found succour whenever the glitches started. It doesn’t forestall the impending doom nor does it supress the monster in him but it does well to contain it. He took a well calculated step as he jumped on a rock which helped to lift him up to a tree branch which he gladly grabbed. He wriggled quickly round the branch and then jumped to another and unto another and then another until he got to the last which was on a cliff. He breathed out loudly before grabbing a rope he had constructed and swinged across the cliff like a cable car.

He disengaged at the other side and started running like an invisible beast was in pursuit. The Intensity of the darkness kept increasing and the glitches were getting more intense. He could barely see but he knew he was close, he stepped up his pace and was running like his life depended on it. Well, his life didn’t directly depend on it but the life of others did depend on it.
He got to the cave just in time. Immediately he entered the cave and pulled his short, he had a complete glitch, all he could see was plain white. Not white as in colour but white of void and emptiness, like he wasn’t in control of himself and another soul had replaced his. He felt his eyeballs bulging and his whole body inflating.

Two of his ribs from each side of his body broke and gave way for another limb that bulged out from either sides of his body. His nails gradually transformed to claws and his hairs scales.
His eyes turned blodshot and he had fangs for teeth. His head was bald with stitches on his face. He stood up fully, revealing his new height of about 7ft. His four hands and two legs adorned his monstrous body. He roared loudly, sending terrifying sound through the jungle. After looking around, he laid down on the ground and slept peacefully not betraying what he trully was – a beast!!!

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Literature / [story] The New Form Teacher(rated: 18+)…part 14 FINAL PART by mrportable2: 9:50am On Aug 18, 2015
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He was so amazing that even though I already knew I was supposed to ask him to go back to school, just after our first F**K session given what being caught could mean for us both, I still couldn’t bring myself to do that! I had to keep him within the bedroom all day to avoid him being noticed and for several hours we kept joggling from one F**K session to another!

Anyways, we still went on to pay good attention to the assignment before retiring for the night (I woke him up by 4am, and after a quickie led him back into the school in the cover of dark) and as anyone would always expect, his eventual submission was by far the best in the class! In fact, he made two paper-cloths; one for a male and another for a female! And as I marked and recorded scores for his work the following Tuesday, my Kittycat was flooded with my juices as images of the naughty process that led to the submissions in my hand vividly played in my head. We were indeed lucky we were never caught that very Saturday but what that hasn’t done was to stop us from another supposedly naughty meeting! Stanley is coming again this coming Saturday for a new ‘Cooking Assignment’ I had given his class yesterday! And yet again, he had selected me as his kitchen mentor, and on a day Chiamaka has chosen to travel home once again! What would follow, should absolutely be anyone’s guess!

Literature / [story] The New Form Teacher(rated: 18+)…part 13 by mrportable2: 10:28am On Aug 17, 2015
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A Story written by Dan Chucks (Danchucks@gmail.com)… If you missed part Twelve yesterday read it HERE!!!

When I felt I had gotten a bit of rest, I shifted under Stanley, bringing him to roll over to lie on his back instead. I wanted to finish up the work I started, so I pulled down to his Joystick which was unbelievably covered in all manner of fluids and then took him in my mouth!

I pulled down to his Joystick which was unbelievably covered in all manner of fluids and then took him in my mouth! I could comfortably taste myself on his shaft and as I sucked his member clean of our fluids, he quickly responded by extending a finger to my extremely moist Kittycat lips! He first rubbed his finger along the slit before eventually burry the finger inside of me! I could even feel his finger swim in a Kittycat full of Pour! Interestingly, he repeatedly pulled out the usually soaked digit, to bring to his mouth for a suck! I wasn’t doing bad in my bit at all either and I kept cleaning him of our s*x escapade! I sucked his Joystick, lapped up the inside of his wet thighs, took and slurped his balls with my mouth and even licked his entire crotch dry! When I brought the tip of my tongue to his asshole to clean up the place, the tingly feeling caused him to immediately convulse!

He quickly responded by pulling my thigh to signal me to bring my Kittycat over his face an when I did, he began giving me the suck and lick of my life! He was just too experienced to be only 16! He pulled and flicked on my clit and severally dipped his tongue into my hole! As we both sucked and ate each other’s genitals in a charming 69, we equally humped and F***ed our faces with our crotch! I was soon so very wet again that I began drooling my juices onto his nose and lips!

He quickly responded by pulling my thigh to signal me to bring my Kittycat over his face an when I did, he began giving me the suck and lick of my life! He was just too experienced to be only 16! He pulled and flicked on my clit and severally dipped his tongue into my hole! As we both sucked and ate each other’s genitals in a charming 69, we equally humped and F***ed our faces with our crotch! I was soon so very wet again that I began drooling my juices onto his nose and lips!
When I felt I couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled away, turned around and began returning his adequately lubricated Joystick back inside of me for a second round of F**K! He soon began drilling his Joystick in and out of me as expected, while I heavily thumped and slammed my Buttocks on his crotch in return!
Predictably, Stanley and I spent the entire day fucking ourselves blind! He was simply an incredible F**K and curiously too experienced in the art more than his age suggested! I was quite completely flabbergasted when he motioned for my Kittycat and proceeded to give me an unforgettable experience, as he lapped up my entire cunt like some cat!

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Literature / [story] The New Form Teacher(rated: 18+)…part 12 by mrportable2: 12:07pm On Aug 14, 2015
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A Story written by Dan Chucks (Danchucks@gmail.com)… If you missed part Eleven yesterday read it HERE!!!

He got the message and hurriedly got to his knees right behind me and then began attempting to return his prick inside me!This subsequently gave him the required space, for he seamlessly slid his Joystick in and with little effort, plunged it farther into me! I gasped! He was completely buried inside of me now, down to his balls and as he began pounding me again, I couldn’t help but quietly moan! His sheer thickness was tearing my very tight Kittycat apart, bringing with it a peculiar kind of pleasure.
He held onto my swaying Bosom again and continued handling and squeezing them from behind. His hip just kept slamming into me with absolute abandon, leaving the bed to creak at every contact. We both were sweating heavily and the little patch of pubic hair over his Joystick kept tingling my skin as it repeatedly brushed against my wet Buttocks cheeks!
Not long after, I felt Stanley’s Joystick pulsate within my Kittycat. It significantly swelled up, signaling that his climax was near! As though he wished to make the most of it, he bent into me and grabbed me around the belly. Then he intensified his strokes, increasing the frequency of his thrusts while driving his rod even deeper into me!
Then he intensified his strokes, increasing the frequency of his thrusts while driving his rod even deeper into me! My juices were just about everywhere! They were on his crotch, pubic hair, my Buttocks, Buttocks crack, both our thighs and of course the bedspread under us! Combined with our sweats, our bodies were just a smear of bodily fluids! I instantly brought him to the edge when I returned my hand to his balls underneath me! He just couldn’t contain the ecstasy anymore as he suddenly broke his nut, jetting the first projectile of his spunk into me! The pleasuring manner with which it quickly traveled up my Kittycat walls, thrillingly brought me to another orgasm that same instant! So I responded by pouring my own nectar, as my hip and jiggly Buttocks violently convulsed behind me! My hands equally staggered so much that I had to switch my support to my elbows at once to save myself from a possible crash into the bed! By the time Stanley would spurt a second shot into my drenched cunt, my hole had become so full with s*x fluids that the pressure had to subsequently force the young lad’s dripping Joystick entirely out of my Kittycat!

As it slid out with another pop sound, his hole shot a third jet which landed on my Buttocks and back! I had slammed my Buttocks back into his crotch that same moment, trapping his big Joystick right in-between my Buttocks crack, even as he jetted a third spray of his Pour straight up to his chest and ultimately my crack! As I rolled my Buttocks up and down the underside of his shaft, the last weaker pops of his Pour drizzled into the crack of my cheeks, causing my moving Buttocks to rub his Joystick and my asshole with endless smears of his sticky thick fluid! By the time I would withdraw from his body, allowing his Joystick to heavily fall back into place, we were already very exhausted! I proceeded to fall into the bed with my front side while he followed by lying on my back side! The way our body intimately touched, excited me non-stop!

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Literature / [story] The Perfect Couple (adults Only)…part 10 by mrportable2: 3:45pm On Aug 13, 2015
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A story written by frank317….

In the days that followed, Ruth became a different person. She was unhappy and didn’t try to hide this fact. Her prayer life reduced too and all she could think was that she was stuck in this marriage. She wasn’t sure she even loved her husband again. She spent her days wondering what she was really missing in her love life even as it related with s*x. She didn’t think she deserved what she was getting, not after remaining a virgin all her life until she met her husband. Seeing those two make love a few days ago had exposed her to the fact that she was not getting the best in s*x. How long would she continue to live like this? Paul’s presence was simply annoying and she was finding it difficult to stand him. Why couldn’t he just give her the best in s*x? Why couldn’t he make her scream? She stopped talking freely with him and spoke to him only when it was necessary. Paul was worried too. Something was eating his wife up. She was acting like someone who had been possessed with evil spirit. He couldn’t forget how she had acted the last time he made love to her. She was acting like a prostitute or like a worldly woman. She had shamelessly asked him to rub her femalecore like a worldly lady would do. Christians don’t act that way. Now she had refused him touching her. What had he done wrong? Why had she decided to starve him of s*x? He had somehow liked the energy she had brought in during their last s*x even though it had sounded worldly and he would love to have her again. Why was she starving him of s*x? What had he done to deserve such treatment from her? Ruth had always been such a gentle lady and had always been homely and well mannered. s*x had never been an issue between them. Paul had also noticed a decline in her Christian life. What was wrong with his wife? He was sure she was angry with him for something he didn’t know he had done. Ruth on the other hand didn’t know why she was suddenly acting this way. This was not the first time she had wanted more after s*x with Paul. Why was she allowing it to get at her this way? Why was she suddenly letting the devil have his way with her? Why was she forgetting her Christian virtues? She was afraid of the future. Afraid that the emptiness she felt could make here run mad soonest. The worst part was that she knew prayers wouldn’t solve this. The only thing that could solve this problem was for Paul to up his game. She was angry at Paul for not knowing her problem. How could he not know that he was not satisfying her sexually? How couldn’t he be like their neighbor? Does Christianity teach that one shouldn’t be much active and energetic during s*x? Now she can’t help but stare at her neighbor whenever she saw him. The memory of his tight Buttocks and strong legs would come flashing into her head. She would clearly remember him giving it to that lady like she had never imagined. She would run into the kitchen to have a peep at him whenever she hears a sound from his kitchen. She would spend minutes watching him and wishing her would just make love to her. Her Christian virtues entailed that she would never have a taste of another man all her life. She would never know what it felt like to have another man inside her. the young neighbor’s manhood was a little bigger than Paul’s. She just wondered how it would feel like. He had caught her staring at him several times recently but she didn’t care anymore. The more she saw him, the more she wanted to have him. But she was knew that she would never do it. She had always frowned at fornication, how could she think of committing adultery? The act was simply abominable and she had seen women who do it as devils themselves. How could a married woman sleep with another man? God forbid. But why was she suddenly in the situation where she was lusting after another man? Again she couldn’t bring herself to talk to Paul about this. All her life she had never been opened about her sexuality. She had never discussed her sexual life with anyone. How can she look into Paul’s eyes and tell him she wanted him to give her more in bed.
That would definitely sound ridiculous. Paul had already decided he would talk to her that evening and find out what was wrong with her. She went into the room once she had served him his dinner. Usually she would hang around and discuss that day with him. After eating, Pau joined her in the room.
“Can you please talk to me and tell me what is bothering you?” Ruth hadn’t expected him to talk to her this evening. She had not prepared an answer for him. So she remained silent. She was lying on the bed. “Ruth, please talk to me. What wrong have I done to you?” Paul tried again. Silence. “Silence can never solve any problem dear. We can’t live as man and wife like this forever. What wrong have I done that cannot be spoken out?” he came closer and sat on the bed. Why have you refused to allow me touch you as your husband?” Ruth suddenly faced him and looked into his eyes.
“I am not happy. You have never satisfied me sexually. You married me a virgin and the least you can do for me is make me happy when it comes to love making.” Paul was very surprised at this revelation. What in the world is wrong with this woman? “But you have never complained about this before.
Why is this suddenly an issue now?” “I am bringing it up now Paul. You have to do something about it now because I can no longer bear it. Do something before it is too late. I just need to know I married a man and not a woman like me. Make me feel like a woman for once in my life.” Paul was short of words. His loving gentle God fearing wife had just debased him by telling him the most embarrassing words any woman had ever told him. He was so embarrassed that he felt like crying. Ruth had just stripped him off his manhood.

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Literature / [story] The New Form Teacher(rated: 18+)…part 11 by mrportable2: 3:23pm On Aug 13, 2015
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He was the one who begun the earliest movements, thrusting his hip upward in an attempt to plunge his Joystick in and out of me! When I found out how much he was struggling with my obviously superior weight, I began ridding him instead! I began bouncing up and down his Joystick, coating the hefty rod with my cream! He soon began panting, groaning heavily as my Buttocks slapped severally into his crotch! Needless to explain how it felt each time my cheeks came in contact with his cold ball-sack! The beautifully wrinkled bag, which was quite large for his age, were elaborately stretched out between his thighs! When I bent low to engage him in a kiss, I equally swung a hand underneath me, to play and handle the cold pile of wrinkled skin! He definitely loved it, because he increased the intensity of his kiss, sucking my upper lip a lot deeper as his tongue flew in and out of my mouth! The moment one of his hands found my right tit and went ahead to gently squeeze it, I felt my first orgasm build up! As he proceeded to my Tip, pulling, pinching and rolling it within his fingers, my Kittycat began contracting repeatedly as the tremor of my volcanic first climax swept thrown my body! His Joystick was subsequently awash with my Pour and I was soon expectedly famished, causing me to collapse into the young boy’s body. But he wasn’t going to stop soon, for he lifted my bum with his hands as much as he could and resumed pounding me from underneath! While he did, his balls and sack repeatedly kept slapping against my puckered anus as it flew back and forth! It wasn’t long before I began feeling another round of a familiar sensation! I even started responding to his flying hip by joining it mid-way, bringing his Joystick to the pleasing depth of my Kittycat earlier than anticipated! After a series of long quick strokes, Stanley’s Joystick slipped out of my Kittycat with a pop sound! Of course it didn’t fail to pull with it, numerous ropes of my love nectar, smearing them all over my Buttocks as the throbbing phallus heavily swayed from side to side between the crack of my buttocks! I took the initiative, sensing that it looked like that moment was a perfect opportunity to switch positions. So I quickly came off him, getting on all fours while doing best to avoid his eyes. He got the message and hurriedly got to his knees right behind me and then began attempting to return his prick inside me! When I sensed he was having a bit of difficulty doing so, I spread my thighs further apart giving him greater room.

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Literature / [story] The Perfect Couple (adults Only)…part 9 by mrportable2: 4:35pm On Aug 12, 2015
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That night, Nick lay on his bed and wondered
why the pretty gentle lady had stopped to stare
at him at the supermarket. Could it be that she
had seen him make love to Boma? Then why
should that make her look at him like he was a
strange being?
It was funny, the way she had acted. He
wanted to called her back and ask her what the
problem was, but she had walked away so fast
like she regretted being caught staring. Why
was she staring? Nick couldn’t tell if she was
giving him a disgusting look or a look of
approval. Perhaps she liked how he had bleeped
Boma. If she hated what she saw, she wouldn’t
have taken her time to look at him like that.
Could it be that she was fantasizing about him
making love to her instead? This thought got
Nick excited for a moment.
Boma had made him study the gentle women
in the past few days. The naughty girl had
exposed him to the fact that the woman was
good looking. He had, since then, studied her
and realized that Boma had been right. The
lady was quite pretty but that didn’t give Nick
any reason to lust after her. She was married
and therefore was not an option. But he had
thought that the husband was a lucky man.
Despite the fact that she always dressed
tastelessly, Nick had noted that she had firm
sizable bosoms and cute Buttocks. He had wondered
how she would handle the man in bed. You
never can tell with such gentle looking ladies,
they could be as wild as Boma in bed or even
crazier. Yet Nick had never lusted after her. He
just allows him imagination to run wild and
would quickly forget about her. She was
someone’s wife.
But why had she stared at him this evening?
He was lonely in his house and decided he
should talk to Boma before retiring for the
He picked up his mobile phone and dialed her
number. She answered the call as soon as it
rang. “Hi lover boy, missing me?”
“Of course I am missing you. What are you
doing awake by this time, It’s past ten pm.” He
“Nothing, just prepping myself up for work
tomorrow. You?”
“I am just reminiscing on the wonderful time I
had with you today. You were great.”
She laughed, “I had fun too.”
“You didn’t tell me when next you will come
around.” He asked.
“I don’t even know that. I am a spontaneous
person. I might decide to come at anytime.
When the time comes you will know.”
“Okay… I am already looking forward to another
meeting with you… that reminds me, I caught
my new neighbors’ wife staring at me in a weird
way this evening.”
“You did? Perhaps she saw you make love to me
at the balcony. Perhaps she wants a piece of
you.” she said, excitedly.
Nick laughed at her joke, “Unfortunately for her,
she is married. She can’t have a piece of me.”
“I doubt the gentle husband is capable of
giving it to her like she saw you give it to me
“How are you sure she saw us?” he asked.
“Why would she be staring? She must have
seen us. She might want it… you can be of
“Are you suggesting I go for her?” he said,
really amazed, “I said I don’t do married
women. Besides, you are my girl; you are not
supposed to be giving me this kind of advice.”
“I heard you the first time you said you don’t do
married women. What has me being your girl
got to do with this? Are you now a saint? So you
can commit any other sin but wouldn’t do a
married woman? What if I came around this
weekend with a friend of mine, would you not
do a party?”
Nick always loved the idea of a party, “party
would be fun but…”
“If the lady wants you to have her, I don’t think
there is anything wrong in helping her out.”
“But that would be too bad and the husband
would get hurt.” Nick said. He thought she was
sounding like she was sure the lady wanted to
have him. The possibility of that was in itself
“You are not going to scream it to his face that
you slept with his wife would you? All I know is if
she wants it and makes the move, there would
be no harm in trying her out.”
The idea wasn’t a bad one, Nick thought. The
lady was good looking, and it would be nice
knowing what the very gentle, innocent looking
lady would be like in bed. But he thought they
were both getting way ahead of themselves.
The lady just stared at him; that does not mean
they should start getting ideas into their head.
But Boma never ceased to amaze him. How
could she be making him break all his rules?
How could she advice him to sleep with a
married lady? “We don’t even know what she
“Trust me; she must be imagining you making
love to her at the moment.”
“And how did you know that?” he asked.
“She would soon come begging you to do it to
her; I just hope you would be man enough to
give her want she wants.”
“Of course I am man enough,” Nick
immediately replied. He felt challenged.
“That means I might consider coming around
with a friend, she is hot and s*xy** and having
both of us will be the best experience you will
ever have.”
Nick instantly became excited. He loved the
idea of a party with two s*xy** chicks. He had
never had one before and would sure love to do
it someday. “When will you come with her,” he
“Take it easy lover boy; I will bring her once I
confirm that you are capable. Handle the lady
like a man when she comes asking for it, then
you will have me and my friend.”
“What if she does not come? What if she really
does not want it?”
“I told you she will come, trust me. Meanwhile, I
am beginning to feel sleepy. Let’s talk some
other time.
Boma almost screamed for joy when she cut the
call. Her plan was working. She would give it
some days and ensure the neighbor’s wife was
really lusting after Nick before going for plan B.
Who said life wasn’t fun.

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Literature / [story] The New Form Teacher(rated: 18+)…part 9 by mrportable2: 2:45pm On Aug 11, 2015
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My eyes didn’t linger long on Stanley’s concealed Joystick before transferring my gaze to his face. He had this grimace on his face and you could see through it a mixture of strain and lasting lust even as he laboured to plunge his middle finger deeper into my drooling cunt! My clamped thighs wouldn’t still let him as I was trapped between a wanton desire to be pleasured and a constraining fear of what repercussions it could have!

Even with the little portion of his finger that was already probing my dripping love hole, I still couldn’t make up my mind. I was shaking violently with my knees visibly trembling! But quite oddly, I still could feel my hip gently begin to grind repeatedly, against his trapped fist as his partly immersed finger kept swimming in a boundless pool of the juices contained in my tight Kittycat. The finger would go on to graze against both sides of my cunt walls, bringing strong electric vibrations which ultimately travelled through my entire body! I had gone on to shut my eyes very tightly and had both my lips clenched together! I could tell I wasn’t going to last so long with the restraint as my tightened thighs were now gradually beginning to give way in presumption that he was definitely going to push his finger further into my soaked Kittycat! But then, young Stanley halted, rather abruptly!
“Can you measure me, ma?” he suddenly said, bringing me to open my closed eyes after quite a while! He had withdrawn his hand and had stood to his feet but wasn’t looking at my face like he always did. He was instead, looking to the floor.
I wanted to ask him if he asked me to measure him, but then found out that I had completely lost my voice, so I had to take some time to clear my throat. “You want me to measure you?” I finally said, looking away from him while placing a finger over my mouth. I was still visibly shaking!
“Yes ma.” He replied, looking up at me again. Then he stretched his arm to hand me the tape. “I may sew a male cloth for the assignment.” he equally added.
I turned my face and looked at him, but then quickly looked away as his eyes were just fixed on me again. I went on to collect the tape but then turned my eyes quickly to his fly. His Joystick was still evidently outlined across the front of his trouser! I could unmistakably feel the pull it had on me as I comfortably traced, with my curious eyes, the exact spot where the rather long thing seamlessly connected with its big head!

In a couple of moments, I had started putting the tape around his body. Inexplicably, I wasn’t beginning like I had taught him and the other members of his class. I was supposed to start from his shoulder and upper arm, but instead, I had begun with his hip! I was stooping, bringing my head and face exactly at the same level as his Joystick! The way the bulge it had caused, boldly formed a sickle just under my nose, brought my overly-wet Kittycat to pour even more juices unto the near floor! When I tried putting both ends of the tape together, my under palms suddenly pressed into the hard lump in front of his trousers, causing him to gasp rather loudly! Mysteriously, I left the palm there as I marveled at the rigidity of his erect phallus! It felt so turgid in my palm that I was seduced into gently gliding my hand repeatedly over it! He was definitely liking it too, because, he began to slightly hump his hip into my palm, stepping closer to me and bringing his crotch even nearer to my sweating face!

Without thinking twice, I found my hands begin to bring the tape down from his waist towards his crotch and in micro-seconds, it was exactly ‘measuring’ the supposed roundness of his buttocks and of course his bulgy crotch! He responded by bringing his legs together, thus causing his concealed Joystick to push even further into my hand! Just then, I quietly spread my left palm over the engorged bulge and grabbed it gently! He gasped again, jolting as brought his own hand over mine! I began squeezing his pecker as I feigned measuring his crotch! My right hand struggled with the tape while my left, kept pressing, handling and squeezing his steel through his school trouser!

Predictably, it grew even larger, stretching it’s way like a one-eyed snake down his left thigh! Before I would run my palm across its newly attained length, I began seeing his pre-Pour collecting just around the spot where his big dickhead had finally nestled! He was mighty aroused! And it looked like he couldn’t take it anymore, because he suddenly brought both his hands onto his belt hook and before me, began undoing his belt and zipper! The uncertainty of what could follow returned to my mind and the restraining fear I felt earlier, overwhelmed me again! However, when he eventually brought out his Joystick, I was instantly blown away by probably the biggest Joystick for a 16 year old, I had ever seen!

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Literature / [story] The New Form Teacher(rated: 18+)…part 8 by mrportable2: 11:13am On Aug 10, 2015
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When his hand rested just under my Kittycat, more juices sipped out of my love mound onto my thighs, inevitably getting onto his hand as well! He still began pulling the other end of the tape nonetheless, causing me to attempt steadying my violently shuddering legs! Of course he succeeded, and got a measurement but then he didn’t rise to write it down like always, rather while still kneeling, he pulled the tape horizontally as though he wanted to measure the distance between both legs! I was still thinking that was quite bizarre, until I saw how high his hands were coming.

He actually was looking to measure my crotch! And before I could wrap my head around what was about to play out, he had already brought the tape to my Kittycat!! One, two and three, he had stretched the tape from the start of one thigh to the start of the other. But that wasn’t just all Stanley did, for his right middle finger soon found the tip of my Kittycat and before I could look to see what he had done, he had dipped the finger into my terribly drenched cunt, covering it in my juices!

I instantly clamped my thighs together, and quickly moved my eyes to his crotch, where his Joystick had bowed across his trouser, in an obvious demand to be freed!

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Literature / [story] On A Rescue Mission (rated 18+)…part 1 by mrportable2: 2:54pm On Aug 08, 2015
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A Story written by Dan Chucks (Danchucks@gmail.com)…

On exactly the 5th day of August 2011, the protracted problem within my immediate family worsened. It felt like hell broke loose and the evident pressure on all of us, made being part of the family an unbearable burden. Few weeks before that very day, Dad had returned to heavy drinking again. He would stay out late every given weekday, only to return home in the earliest hours of the following day, smelling pungently of alcohol. And as usual, proceed to beat and kick my mum who despite my Dad’s irresponsibility, has always endured and wished he would become a better person. She never ceased praying and always went around, seeking help and advice on how to save her husband from self-destruct. It was in the process of doing so, that she brought in Aunty Edna (Dad’s eldest sister and whom I would still talk about in details later in this story) whose effort eventually helped the family in partially rescuing dad. He stopped drinking and for over 3 months, he never stayed outdoors beyond 6pm. We were all happy and optimistic. But all crashed 4 months in. Dad seemed to return to his old unfortunate company of friends, and he was lured back into drinking. This time around, he added drugs into it and we soon were facing a man who wasn’t just brutish, but exceedingly violent and ready to kill. He stopped beating mum with his bare hands and went on to using household items like, kitchen saddle, plastic buckets and even the kitchen pestle to batter her like she was some fitness instrument. My not being home regularly, meant mum usually had little or no defense. My younger sister was always the one who tries to come in-between them since our eldest brother was equally not staying with us anymore. Despite Ngozi’s best efforts though, she never prevented dad. In fact, she was more likely to be beaten up too than anything else and on many occasions, she had been thrown to the side with a swollen eye or lip as testaments to her involvement. Mum was not going to be spared of what had become a daily routine and she was always beaten to a pulp before she was left to go!
And speaking of my mum. Her name is Ozichukwu and she is a very beautiful woman. She is in her 50’s and I don’t think anything else means so much to me, other than herself.
Her name is Ozichukwu and she is a very beautiful woman
She is a teacher in a secondary school and has been married to my dad for over 30 years! While she is extremely caring and loving, she is unforgivably soft. This particular countenance of her adequately counts for weakness as most of our troubles today, could be attributed to it. According to the stories I was told a long time ago, mum was always beaten up by dad even before they got married. He had started with the drinking habit far before she met him and whenever she appeared to be questioning the sense behind living on such habits, he would spend the next number of hours punching the living daylight out of her! This continued for over 3 years, and even after several efforts by mum’s family to stop her from going to the altar with him, she still fell for his never-ending sweet-talk! It was barely 3 months into their marriage when she began seeing increased manifestations of what she was adequately warned about. In summary, it is easy to figure out that mum isn’t a woman of definite-will. She is usually easily convinced and hardly keeps things in her mind for so long. This is one trait that had only succeeded in giving dad absolute control and power over her. Only to our unfortunate demise!
Mum loves her children a lot though. And she calls us by our pet names. Mine is Dannyboy. Picked off my original name, Daniel. She still calls me this even though I am in the university. She was unarguably the definite support in my growing up as she was the actual person running the family. She contributed both morally and financially and even had to take most of the major decisions dad was meant to take. It remained that way, until I got into the university. But that was when I personally began falling out with her too in a way. As soon as I secured admission and enrolled, I became part of a ring of friends. We were about 6 in number and were very close. But mum wasn’t keen on seeing me remain friends with them. In her words, they were spoilt, irresponsible and bad influence. As for me, those were poor judgment on the part of mum. I liked my buddies and always wanted to hang out with them. Okay…we regularly did a couple alcohol, womanized and even did a few hemps and booze here and there, but I feel we were generally cool and caused little trouble. So I wasn’t going to ever accept mum’s perspective that they were misleading me and pulling me towards becoming like dad. Dad to me was just utterly foolish and of little value to the family. And that cannot be said about me. I have always been the one standing up for mum and on occasions when I had to cross dad, a fight always broke out in which I would usually come out on top; calming dad in the course. So I felt really disrespected and ultimately unappreciated on the occasions mum requested that I dropped my friends. And even on that 5th day of August, about four years ago, she still repeated those before leaving our home.
That day was terrible! Dad had stayed about three weeks without coming home. Mum never ceased searching for him. She complained to anybody she felt could be of help. We all knew he had been carried on by the bottle, but we were concerned he was likely at a place he wasn’t safe. So we didn’t exactly report the situation to the police. Instead, we kept making contacts and physically searched all possible locations ourselves. Mum asked for leave at the office and as soon as it was granted, she invested her entire leave in searching for dad. She would go out very early and return in the evening and did so for a week and three days. It was on the eleventh day, towards the evening, that she found dad. He was seated under an event canopy in an on-going party! According to mum, he looked haggard and was still wearing the same suit he was wearing the last time he was seen. And as expected, he smelt heavily of alcohol. I was in school when the news broke that he had been found so I quickly took the next available bus straight home to see him. However, unfortunate as it may be, 5th of August was only a day into his return, and a terrible crisis nobody envisaged broke out! We had made sure he remained indoors throughout that day and had just about three bottles of alcohol all day. But late that night, I was awoken by his voice! He was shouting at mum, and as it turned out, it was about s*x! From what they were saying, mum was insisting that she wore a condom she had bought and kept for him but he refused! It was clear mum was trying to protect herself and ultimately the family since we weren’t sure what he had done with strange women all the while he’s been out. Unfortunately, he wasn’t going to accept her plea and he soon turned violent! In fact, by the time I had began banging on their bedroom door and calling on them to open up, he had started using objects on her, causing her to scream and wail at every spank!
I was very lucky to have broken through, forcing the door ajar with mum’s kitchen pestle! But I wasn’t still lucky after forgetting to go on in with the pestle, because I was barely inside their bedroom, when dad swung the object in his hand (which was an old wooden staff of his) at me, catching me just above my left eye in a single blow! The pain was excruciatingly stinging and I quickly found the floor, barely recognizing a thing! I still saw him resume with mum again though, hitting her with the staff as many times as she kept running from one corner of the room to another wailing! They were both stark Unclad even though mum’s body was soaked in blood! And despite the hazy nature of my cognition, I still managed to see mum’s heavy Bosom heave and flap about as she sought safety. Dad’s Joystick wasn’t far from my sight too! The rather long thing danced and swirled as he swung his staff repeatedly. I was doing my best to get to my feet again when another of dad’s blow landed on my shoulder! I was instantly back on the floor, completely broken! Dad went on to chase mum out of the bedroom and into the living room.

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Literature / [story] The Perfect Couple (adults Only)…part 6 by mrportable2: 2:41pm On Aug 08, 2015
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A story written by frank317

Nick couldn’t understand why Boma had
insisted that he call in sick this Monday
morning. It just didn’t make sense despite the
fact that she had insisted that she needed to be
with him. Why hadn’t she just come around
during the weekend to hang out with him? Not
that she had any reasonable thing doing all
through the weekend.
She had also explained to him that she had
taken a sick leave too.
Once Nick had called his office and told them
he wouldn’t be at work because he had fever,
he was expressly granted permission to take a
Nick had felt guilty because his co-workers had
expressed concern, knowing that Nick seldom
stayed away from office.
But despite the guilt he felt, Nick looked
forward to seeing Boma in his home. He was
sure she had some tricks up her sleeve and
couldn’t help but wonder what package she
had for him.
He was beginning to like her crazy ways of
doing things and he was also thinking that she
was making him change from his conventional
way of doing things. Yes, he was sure he was
fast becoming a different person because of
Boms’s influence. He could recall how Chioma
had been staring at him suspiciously since she
caught him leaving the female toilet last week.
She had even told him that Boma had revealed
to her that they had just made love in there
and had also added that he was good at it. Why
would she do such a thing? Now Chioma was
seeing him like a crazy guy too. She didn’t
think he was just the modest fun loving guy
everyone had always thought he was. Nick was
sure Chioma had told other ladies because he
had been observing the way everyone had been
staring at him like he was a weird person.
Now she got him calling in sick. What other
crazy thing would she make him do? He
Time went slowly just because he was idle at
home waiting for Boma to show up. She had
promised that she would come around in the
early hours of the morning; it was a few
minutes past nine am, she was yet to show up.
He felt silly, sitting all at home on a Monday
morning waiting for a woman. The only
consolatory thought was the pleasure of having
the wild girl around.
Boma came visiting twenty minutes later
looking very stunning in a black skin tight
female pant and blue female shirt. She was a
real beauty with a lively expression that made
Nick thought of nothing but happiness. His
spirit lit up and he instantly knew today was
going to be a great day.
Boma had deliberately decided to come around
on a Monday morning. It was all part of her plan
for the Christian couple. Everything was like an
adventure to her and she meant to go all the
way to see how what she had in mind would
materialize. She needed Paul’s wife to be alone
at home for her plan to work out.
Nick couldn’t help but stare as she restlessly
walked in and out of the kitchen, the glow still
on her face.
“You also told them you were sick at work?” he
“Nah, I just said I had to take the day of so that
I could see a sick aunt.” She replied almost
He knew something was in her mind, but
couldn’t really make a guess.
He watched her finally sit down, with a glass of
water in her hand. He walked closer and sat
beside her.
“Everybody in my office now thinks I am crazy.”
He said.
She laughed, “Of course you are crazy. We all
are crazy. We all have that animalistic tendency
to want to have s*x in the open even if we fail
to notice this desire in us. Trust me, given a
reason not to fear, we would act worst than wild
“But why did you have to tell her that we made
love in the bathroom?” he asked. Nick didn’t
discuss this with her on the phone all these
while because he wanted to really understand
the motive behind what she does.
“I don’t know,” she replied, “I didn’t want her
to go making wide wrong guesses. Sometimes
people need to know the facts even when they
gossip. Don’t you get tired of being just an
ordinary co-worker sometimes?”
“No, I have no problem with that.” He replied.
She laughed once again, “An ordinary guy is in
no way a special guy. I know every human likes
feeling special.” She stood up. “Stop all these
side talks and come and make love to me.” she
was walking towards the kitchen as she spoke.
He didn’t stand up. He knew he was going to
make love to her, but she could have made the
invitation sound sexier.
She stopped at the kitchen door. “Are you not
Now he became suspicious, “Where are we
She stood in a thoughtful position, “You know
what? Give me two minutes, then you can join
me at the kitchen balcony.” She slipped into
the kitchen just as she finished speaking.
Exactly two munities later, he stood up and
walked into through the kitchen, into the
balcony. Boma was standing stark Unclad with
a glass of cup still in her hands. Her cloths
where hung on the iron bar that guarded the
small space. She was leaning on a small reading
table in the balcony while her eyes focused on
the new neighbor’s kitchen.
“What are you doing,” he quickly asked,
alarmingly looking towards his neighbour’s
building. “Why are you standing here Unclad,
don’t you know someone could see you from
that building?”
She looked at him and her eyes were just
dreamy and inviting. “Make love to me here.”
“I… why… I can’t do it here. I…”
She stopped him by dragging him closer and
giving him a deep French kiss. His body easily
responded. Even seeing her Unclad had already
aroused him. She looked like a goddess, a mad
He began to handle her bare bosom and Buttocks. It
felt good and she moaned loudly to his touch.
As he touched her, he noticed her moans were
getting louder and her response was wild. He
liked it, but he wished she could keep it low so
as not to stir up the neighbour’s wife whom he
was sure was at home.
Quickly, she began to work on his belt and soon
his pant was down. She bent down and began
to suck his Joystick like a real professional in the
game. He couldn’t help but moan too. It was a
heavenly feeling and he wished she could never
“I need you to suck me!” she commanded and
sat on the table, quickly spreading her legs
Without hesitation, Nick bent towards the
opened legs and used his tongue to lick her
Boma wasn’t moaning any longer, she was now
almost screaming causing Nick to never want to
stop. She caressed his head and back while he
maintained his action. Ten minutes later, he
drove his hardened Joystick into her wetness as
Boma gave out a pleasurable moan. His thrust
was rough and steady, yet she enjoyed it all
asking him not to ever stop. Then she pushed
him away and jumped out of the table. She
quickly turned her back and bent down, giving
him access to enter her from the rear. He
quickly did.
She loved it and he was enjoying himself too.
He continued to slam until she turned around
again and made him carry her while he bleeped
her. Soon they were standing face to face and
having wild s*x while she kissed and caressed
Boma didn’t tone down on her wild pleasure
screams until he ejaculated into her.
From her kitchen, Ruth couldn’t help but
watched the wildest s*x she had ever seen in
her life. Now she knew what evil really meant.

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Just after we walked into my bedroom, I stood at the center of the space, gesturing him to begin measuring. Somehow, I could feel my heart beating rather fast as I struggled to gain any bit of composure. I could also feel my body fidget pretty violently with my hands shivering in a very palpable manner! As he stepped into my front after dropping his exercise book on my dresser, my heart suddenly skipped! It was just inexplicably how much calmness of self I desperately desired at that moment. His hand came on top of my left shoulder as he prepared to run the tape along my shoulder and upper arm. Since I had taught them how to run measurements in a previous class, it was an opportunity to see how much he had learnt. But as soon as his hand touched me there, I instantly jolted, bringing him to halt briefly in obvious puzzlement.
“Did I hurt you ma?” he asked rather innocently, raising his seductively full eye brows up as he looked at me
I waved my head repeatedly, as I tightly clenched my lips together, shutting my eyes in sheer embarrassment. I couldn’t get words out basically. He continued.
He ran the tape along my shoulder and upper arm, swiftly turning to write down the discovered length. He almost acted like a professional tailor and even went as far as abbreviating the notes like a pro would do. The young man could impress in no equal measure!

“Let me measure your wrist ma” he chipped in as he stooped to run his tape around my wrist. He was now ‘face-to-face’ with my covered Kittycat and I could even feel his hot breath on me, through the sheer material of my nightdress. Curiously, there was also this tinge of excitement I could equally feel in my Kittycat which wasn’t his hot breath at all!
After taking notes of my wrist, he stood and brought the tape around my neck. But without having his left arm gently rest on my left boob! He kept readjusting the tape to probably find the most suitable figure thus letting the arm linger on my tit!
After taking notes of my wrist, he stood and brought the tape around my neck. But without having his left arm gently rest on my left boob!
Given how totally stark I was underneath, it was easy for my left Tip to abundantly poke into his hand! It even ground the already taut thing around, as he gently glided his arms back and forth in search for a suitable measurement! I got to know he was very much aware of what had happened, when he slightly turned again to write down the new figures he found. My eyes suddenly found his fly, where his Joystick had pitched a mild but yet obvious tent! I did quickly look away as soon as his attention returned to my body.

But it was just a definite moment of truth for me. The realization that the boy had gotten hard because of me, didn’t help my composure plans in any way going forward! My juices just began trickling in, moistening up my Kittycat at a go! I couldn’t believe what was suddenly happening even as my breathing tripled! He was now trying to run the tape around my tummy but without asking me to slightly lift my arms – a definite indication of a sudden ice that had begun developing between us!

He did indeed feel my rubbery stiff Tip under his arm and that was what brought him the erection! He was also surely seeing the way both of them (my Tips) now assiduously poked my nightie out of my increasing arousal, as they stood like short pencils across my large chest!

A quick look at his fly, told that he was still erect and the size of what I could trace out, was indeed spectacular for his age!

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A story written by LarrySun (larrysun4real@yahoo.com)


‘Abomination!’ Tortoise bellowed, ‘So much for eating faeces!
Wait until the rest of the village hears what you have done.’ (C.N. Adichie, Purple Hibiscus)

RMD––Richard Mofe Damijo wasn’t famous in 1985. Neither was Tuface; a mere schoolboy. Agbani Darego haunted no young men’s dreams. Don Jazzy, Terry G., DJ Jimmy Jatt, Keke and D1––their fame was yet to be established in Nigeria.

General Ibrahim M. Babangida was the President of Nigeria in 1985––he overthrew Major General M. Buhari’s government. That same year, Nigeria won the Under 17 Junior World Cup in Japan.

The best-seller among Nigerian novels was Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe (though it was actually first published in 1958).

The movies: The Village Headmaster, Taxi Driver, Mirror in the Sun, Aiye.

The music: Orlando Owoh, Ebenezer Obey, King Sunny Ade, I.K. Dairo, Majek Fashek, Sunny Okosun, Fela Anikulapo Kuti.

It was a different time, a different world.

Nobody knew that a year later, Dele Giwa was going to be murdered by a letter bomb. No prophecy was made that in four years’ time, the great footballer, Samuel Okwaraji, was going to collapse and die on the field of play.

1985. It was the year when Ada Bright was still a beautiful lady of twenty-four.

She was happy, and she believed Samson would be delighted too.

Ada Bright crossed the busy double-lane of Alluta Express road. She was going to her fiancé’s house for the first time––he would really be surprised. She had come to suspect that he didn’t want her to know where he lived; they had been dating each other for almost a year and Ada hadn’t known where her beloved boy-friend resided. Every time she asked him, Samson had always given different unconvincing excuses for not telling her his residential location, and Ada had been left confused––trying everything she could to believe the bad liar, but she could not. At first, she had thought he had been cheating on her but she had overlooked such thought of probable infidelity when, to her amazement three months earlier; he had knelt before her with a ring and proposed marriage to her. She had noticed how he had looked into her eyes with pure innocence and unmasked admiration, and right there she knew Samson had really loved her deeply, this made her ashamed of herself for allowing the thought cross her mind that he was not being entirely faithful with her. She was one of those few ladies who, by instinct or the subconscious mind, knew the guys who really loved them and those who didn’t, in her own case; it had taken her the nuptial ring for the instinct to manifest.

Ada had seen the radiance of true happiness in her boyfriend’s face when she acquiesced to his proposal. Yet, she still felt he was hiding something important from her, something different from her initial suspicion. About two hours earlier, she had cunningly persuaded Obinna, her fiancé’s friend, tell her Samson’s residential address. She had to see her boyfriend today.

She boarded a public transport bus heading for Plateau Way. Jos, which even few of her inhabitants and descendants knew that it is actually bearing the hidden acronym ‘Jesus Our Saviour’, established by the missionaries, had suffered several violent religious clashes between its Muslim and Christian dwellers. It was reported that the original name of the popular city was Gwosh; which was a village situated at the site of her metropolis. The Hausa wrongly pronounced Gwosh as Jos and it had struck since then. Ada sat by the window and decided to pass the time with a book. Books were good companions; you could lose yourself in a book. But it was too much effort to focus on the prints; she found herself reading the same sentence for the third, fourth, fifth time––without the slightest degree of comprehension. Besides, she was bored with vicarious romance. Stories about dangerous love affairs were interesting to read when you yourself had a faulty love affinity with your paramour, but a woman needed more than Barbara Cartland’s gothic romance novels to understand the intricate conundrum surrounding love relationships. She closed the book and returned it into her hand bag. She had plowed through almost the entire oeuvre of Cartland anyway. She looked out the vehicle’s window at the traffic, the people moving on the sidewalks, the shop windows and the blueness of the sky. She watched without interest at a herd of big, fat cattle being driven by a small skinny Fulani boy.

The breeze that whooshed in as the bus gathered momentum felt good on Ada’s body, it was blowing her hair and she made no effort to stop it. Ada knew she was beautiful and she was proud of it. Many a time, she would spend almost an hour in front of the large mirror in her room and carefully check her face and other parts of her body to make sure there was no spot––or pimple to disfigure her perfect countenance. She knew she had a nice face, long black hair, and there was something massive for a man to grab hold of––she always laughed unashamedly at that thought. She had a heavy bosom for a woman of her size. The mirror was Ada Bright’s favourite work of art, and if she had been a bit androgynous she’d have married herself.

She saw him for the first time ten months ago when she was in a night club; he was staring at her. Other men in the club were also staring at her, most of their focus lied on her bristols, but Samson was looking straight into her eyes. Ada had always been brave to face any man staring at her because they never seemed to get their collective pupils off of her two titanic challenges. This particular man was looking straight into her eyes and she found herself feeling uncomfortable. Nobody had looked at her the way this strange man was. She tried to look back at him.

The man had a fine appearance. He was a fine figure of a man: tall, dark, quite heavy around the neck and shoulders, not a tad fat, and with long legs. He had a strong face, clear eyes; his face wasn’t so much as pretty as a celebrity’s, but he possessed that kind of face that appealed to a woman; his face had been so perfect and his eyes so kind that she briefly mistook him for Saint John the Devine, just that this one was dark-skinned. Except for the mouth––that was small and thin, he appeared close to perfect, and she could imagine how he was going to act in bed.

And yet at first he was not the kind of man a woman would look at twice. He had no moustache; his cheeks and chin were so smooth that they seemed never to have known a razor, and his hair was trimmed short–– a clipper probably went over his skull every week. It was as if he wanted to look like a nonentity. She knew that he was a very handsome man and would look sexier if he added more styles to his physique.

She wondered what he would look like undressed. He would have a flat stomach and hair on his Tips, and you would be able to see his ribs because he was slim. Ada found herself doing what men always say they do with s*xy**-appearing women; she had mentally undressed him.

The man approached her.

“Hi, I’m Samson Oliver. May I know your name?”

My God! He has a deep sweet masculine voice.

“A-D-A” she spelled. “That’s my name.”

“Will you dance with me?” he asked, his hand stretched towards her.

Exactly what I can’t wait to do, she thought.


“Then let’s dance.”

On the dance floor, Sam wasn’t the only male admiring her undulations because most of the men forgot who they were dancing with when they saw her––her appearance caused several pairs of eyes to sparkle with fornicatory intent. He was also a good dancer, and to have herself in his strong arms, feeling his chest against her own breasts, her hands on his heavy shoulders, his long legs touching hers, gave her a bang she thought she had gotten beyond feeling.

That was how the love story of Ada and Samson started.

Ada had envisaged their first love making occurring at the most expensive suites of Eko Hotels, with beautiful wall paper and a white linen-covered mattress, probably with a view of the sunlight and a beach. But instead, they made love in the backseat of a cosy Volkswagen Beetle and Ada had surprisingly loved it immensely more than any other she had experienced. She had decided that Samson was the man she would marry. She loved him so much that she wore only one kind of panties, an honour to her man. Every pair she owned bore this embroidered phrase on the silky crotch: SAM’S HAVEN. She had stitched the words on the panties herself, with the emblem of a triangle signifying the crocheted ‘Haven’.

Ada got off the bus and carefully checked the address she had written on a small piece of paper. She crossed the road to the other side and beckoned to a taxi driver––a very dark-skinned Hausa man; after haggling over the fare for some time, they struck a considerable bargain and she entered the taxi beside the driver.

Having driven through different junctions and streets, the taxi driver stopped in front of a small building. Samson’s house was a three bedroom semi-detached house in a street of exactly similar houses. This particular area had its houses in close proximity to each other. The tiny front gardens were all being used to grow vegetables. Samson’s apartment, which had its number boldly inscribed on the door, was of a very neat and trim appearance standing in the quiet street. The door was painted brown and the steps were particularly well-whitened, the brass of the knocker and handle gleamed in the afternoon sun.

Ada paid her fare, leaving a generous tip for the driver, and went to the door. She paused for a moment before knocking, and when she knocked, the door was opened almost immediately.

“Ada!” Samson said in an astonished tone, as if he had just met his next door neighbor in the middle of the Sahara Desert. “What are you doing here?”

“Hi sweet,” she greeted. “I wanted to surprise you.”

“How did you know this place? Who gave you this address?”

“Don’t you worry about that, I have more surprises for you. Let’s go inside.” She looked around her, “If I may say, you live in a grand house.”

“You can’t come in now, I’m sorry. You should have informed me before coming here, you know I don’t like surprises. You’ll have to go now; I’ll see you next week.”

Ada was perplexed. She saw it instantly; the change, it worried her. This man she was seeing was not the Samson she knew. “What is happening?”
“I can’t tell you now, I promise to tell you when we see next week, okay? I’m sorry.”

That moment, a little girl of about two years old came to the door from within the house and started tugging at Samson’s hand.
“Hapa––pood!” she slurred.

Ada stepped back. What’s going on here? She looked at the baby––she was a cute fairly complexioned girl, and she possessed that familiar innocence of a little angel. She had a gap where two milk teeth had fallen out from below and new ones were yet to be replaced. Ada looked up questioningly at Samson.

“Who’s she?”

Samson looked away, he could not answer. She realized with awe and disappointment that his solid refusal to talk was as good as a confession. With trembling lips, Ada said softly, “She’s your daughter.”

“It’s not what you think, Ada.”

“Then what is it? Please tell me this girl’s not your child.”

The little girl could not understand why the adults were arguing, she was looking at the two, wondering when the strange woman would leave her daddy alone so that he could come and feed her.

“Answer me, please.” Ada’s voice was shaky now.

“Ada, you know I’ll never do anything to hurt you. I’ll explain everything to you.”

He came forward to hold her but she stepped away from him.

“What do you have to explain anyway?” she asked. “She called you ‘papa’, didn’t she? So, you’re a married man, Sam.” She held her hair firmly with both hands.

She was finding it really hard to believe what she was witnessing. The man she had loved with all her heart, the man she had cherished, adored, worshipped––was a family man. The feeling of disappointment overwhelmed her instantly, she could feel some emotional parts of her evaporating, and another part of her inner body was rendered numb. Disappointment!

Tears began streaming down her cheeks slowly, and then she looked into Samson’s face with anger and said:

“I despise you!” she said with so much vigour that the tendons of her neck stood out.

It’s hard to love, she thought as she walked away, when you know how much love could be taken for granted. Sam was a cheat; he’d cheated on her, he’d done to her what no sane human being should ever do to another. Taking the love another had for you and mocking it, trading the innermost secrets of the manipulated for lies from the manipulator.

She could remember, with sadness, the moments they had both shared––the sweet memories, the exhilarating experience, the love, the care, the laughter, the fun, and so much more. She was still confused, not believing that Sam could so much as betray her trust. But he did.

That was how the love story of Ada and Samson ended.

They never saw each other again.

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One name that was ever going to make my meeting with Stanley possible was ‘Chiamaka’ – my housemate. She was the younger of the two of us but joined our school before myself. She basically thought Integrated Science as well as Physics for the J.S.S and the S.S.S classes respectively. Having been housemates at the Quarters for nearly 4 years, our friendship had gone on to grow massively. While I almost always travel every weekend to go see my people, she barely does travel as her own people stay a long distance away from the school. In fact she basically traveled just about once every three months, a direct contrast to my own situation. In other words, I was already looking forward to spending the weekend with her. We had initially scheduled to do some major shopping in town on Saturday and even though Stanley’s appointment had suddenly come in-between, I still felt it was possible. After all, she was the only one who could make Stanley’s coming acceptable. The school regulation generally prohibits students visiting the Teachers’ and Staff Quarters except for very critical cases. I felt a lot ‘safer’ knowing that Chiamaka was going to be around when he eventually comes since she could easily bear witness of his real purpose of coming if something went wrong in anyway. The school was never going to find it light with any teacher found with a student in the Quarters, talk more of when they are found alone!
However, it became some kind of a shock, when Chiamaka suddenly told me she was traveling just as i arrived home on Friday after school hours! I didn’t instantly appreciate the entire weight of the announcement until after about a minute! Then it dawned on me, Stanley was likely going to meet me home alone! That was just when I became worried and began asking Chiamaka if she couldn’t push her trip to the following evening. Of course she refused, explaining that she was supposed to be returning on Sunday. So, it made no sense to arrive home Saturday evening, only to begin returning home on Sunday. I was practically screwed! I just couldn’t determine what next to do. There was no way I could reach Stanley again since it was already weekend and if he ever did come around the next day, asking him to return would make no sense as he had only just the weekend to get the assignment done. As my roommate packed her bags in readiness for her trip, I spent the entire time wondering what I had put myself into. If it ever got into the ears of the school management that a female teacher was found with a male student in her apartment, I was likely going to lose my job! Moreover, Stanley was definitely going to suffer a crushing penalty too – likely a lengthy suspension. It was difficult to ignore what possible repercussions that could surely follow!
Anyways, Chiamaka did travel later that evening, leaving me all alone to the house. The feeling was really down-casting as my plans were totally shattered. The shopping slated for the following day was already a no-possibility since I always never liked shopping all alone. In fact I was so low-spirited that Friday evening so much so that I didn’t even know when I slept off! I had bathed, changed into nothing else but just my pink frail nightdress since the night was hot, and then put water on the kerosene stove to make myself some cornflakes for dinner. Unexpectedly I suddenly slept off and if not for the fact that I had insufficient kerosene in the stove, forcing the fire to burn out early, it would have been a difficult situation all together. As I woke up that morning, I was quite startled to have seen that I had slept off without even getting into bed properly. But that was no match for what followed after then, for I was further stunned when I realized someone was knocking and when I went for the door, met Stanley standing at my doorstep with a blue tailors’ tape hanging over his neck! He had already come for the measurement, barely 5 minutes into my waking up! Before I could ask him why he chose to come that early, a quick glance at my wall clock told me it was 10am already – I had woken very late!
“Good morning ma” he quickly greeted as his beautifully bulging eyes looked at me. He wasn’t anything less than 6ft.
“Good morning” I replied beginning to sense the difficulty I was already having in comporting myself. I was almost acting like I didn’t exactly understand why he was there.
“I came to take the measurements ma”, he continued, slightly lifting the tape on his neck and the exercise book on his right hand. He seemed to have noticed my apparent despair and was suggesting me a way out.
I just nodded my head as the words to say suddenly stuck in my throat. I went on to step to the side as I swung my front door open. The cool breeze that subsequently quickly flooded through the door, went on to fling my nightdress to the side, causing it to grip my body so tightly. I couldn’t tell if young Stanley could see the impression of my taut Tips as they poked back at the sheer night gown. I couldn’t also tell if his eyes had seen the outline of my Kittycat which was also already traced out on the light material as it hug my body closely!

While I was silently regretting my not wearing a pant and a bra under the nightgown last night, I didn’t fail to observe how much excitement my body felt at the knowledge that the handsome young boy had possibly seen the near-Unclad outline of my alluring body! The next moment, he was inside my Drawing Room (A pre-room that served the teachers as a parlour).
He found a seat and sat down as I hurriedly returned to my bedroom to quickly fix myself up. My hair wasn’t looking very cool and I was yet to brush my teeth. But while I speedily went through those usual routine, a troubling question kept crossing my mind. If we were going to run these measurements, then it would have to be inside my bedroom. As awkward as it might sound, my bedroom was the safest place we could stay if I really cared to keep my job. The design of the Drawing Room was just too elaborate. Given the fact that whoever designed the apartment, could only ventilate the Drawing Room from just one of its sides, he had to make the windows in it very large and tall. This did keep the Drawing very open making it even a lot more possible for any other teacher to find us together. If I was going to quickly give my time to Stanley then it needed to be inside my bedroom. As soon as I had brushed my teeth, I made the announcement to him but told him instead that my bedroom was more lit than the living room and that was what informed the decision to go in. I didn’t fail to pick out the slight but rather comical frown on his face as he stood to follow me in. He definitely didn’t buy the explanation and I also did doubt that he would buy the actual reason if I had told him that one too. After all, which young good-looking boy wouldn’t smell something fishy when his crush suddenly invites him into her bedroom on a Saturday morning? None. But, I couldn’t care less anyways, since I was hoping the meeting wouldn’t last beyond 5 or so minutes. However, what didn’t really match my supposed ‘transparent motive’ was my forgetting to change cloths into something a lot more ‘decent’. I was still in my nightdress and without even a panty underneath; and yet was going to be alone in the bedroom with a teenager!

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Literature / [story] The Perfect Couple (adults Only)…part 2 by mrportable2: 8:41pm On Aug 04, 2015
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A story written by frank317

“…father Lord in heaven; please bless this food
we ask through Christ our Lord.”
“Amen,” Ruth murmured in response to her
husband’s prayer.
They were about to have their breakfast that
Sunday morning but there was an obvious,
embarrassing tension in the air.
Mr. Paul Attah easily noticed something wrong
in the way his wife had responded to his prayer.
She was still unhappy about what happened
yesterday, barely a few hours into parking into
this new neighborhood.
She had been excited about living in this house
and had insisted they use this weekend to
ensure they started their new life here.
Paul had married Ruth five months ago and
they had since been living in a one room
apartment where he had been living before
they tied the holy knot.
Her Christian upbringing had taught her that
the most important virtue of a Godly woman
was patience and content. And both had always
believed that in no time God would get them a
better apartment.
Paul had always planned and wished to make
his wife comfortable and so had secretly been
saving for a bigger house. She was a good
woman, one he had met a virgin and felt she
deserved the best life could offer. Paul believed
that Ruth was a special gift to him from God
whom he had been very faithful to in worship
and holiness. Ruth was not just respectful,
homely and Godly; she was also a very beautiful
woman. And meeting her a virgin was the
height of his excitement.
Paul, even though a strong Christian for the
past twelve years, had never considered male
virginity to be of any importance in a
relationship. He had been sexually active in his
late teens before he repented and had a few
flings in his baby Christian days. But for the
past seven years he had sacrificed his body to
Christ and kept his body holy, keeping away
from sexual immorality. It was not easy
especially as a bachelor, a handsome thirty
years old bachelor for that matter.
s*x was wrong in the sight of God and the bible
instructed that one should flee from it. The
immoral act was a gateway for demons to find
their way into one’s body; it also causes one to
lose his spiritual identity.
So Paul had trained himself to let go of immoral
thoughts and with the help of the Holy Spirit,
living a perfect holy life became very easy. Then
when he was spiritually and psychologically
ready to marry, he asked God for a good wife
and the Lord once again was faithful to him.
Paul worked with an insurance firm and his
salary was not huge, but he always had faith
that God would always see him through difficult
times. His life style made it easy for him to save
and this was why he was able to afford their
new apartment.
Ruth was a HND holder and was, at the
moment looking for job. The man of God in their
church had prophesied that their marriage will
be blessed with money and children. This was
three months ago and they were still waiting on
the Lord to have his way in their lives, Ruth was
yet to get pregnant, but the couple were not
perturbed about this state of affair. At the
Lord’s time he would make her pregnant.
He had disvirgined her on the eve of their
wedding, a night she would never forget. It was
the first night she ever saw a man standing
Unclad in front of her and also had felt great
shame being Unclad in front of him too. It was
not as easy as she had thought it would be and
this had made her wonder why all those bad
girls in her school and neigbourhood had lived
through having s*x with different men like it
meant nothing.
Only having her husband get a glimpse of her
bare bosom had been tug of war. Ruth could
say she had been a bornagain Christian all her
life. Of course there were few moments of
anger, gossip, selfishness and sinful thoughts
but her weakness had never gone beyond that.
She had always seen her body as a holy vessel
for the lord and had never given sexual
immorality a second thought in her life. Her
body was of Christ and she was determined to
give it only to her husband.
She knew she was pretty. Her slim straight
feminine body with full sized bosom, smooth
face and cute Buttocks had always attracted the
male folks. But she had made herself
unapproachable; they dared not walk up to her
to tell her sweet nonsense. Didn’t they know
her body was the temple of Christ?
And so when she found her husband staring at
her bosom, it was strange and uncomfortable.
But she had loved the touch. The feeling had
been heavingly. He had sent electric waves all
over her body and her brain had almost
shattered with pleasure. She had loved the way
he touched her and kissed her deeply. He had
used his tongue all over her body and
concentrated more on her bosom, it was a
wonderful feeling. The feel of his hand all over
her bare buttock was simply sweet and when
he had caressed the lips of her virgina, cause
her femalecore to swell, she had come to a
conclusion that s*x was a bit of heaven on
earth. The wetness all over her virgina had
contributed in making his touch more
pleasurable. Then he disvirgined her and
despite the initial pain, she loved it. She loved
having s*x with her husband.
This was her private feeling, the thought that
only her could know of. This thought was
accompanied by fear. She was afraid that she
was loving s*x more than God. But her actions
or desires were justified by the fact that s*x in
her matrimonial home was good. This was why
she wanted to have more of Paul every day.
Unfortunately, Paul’s sexual life was modest. He
really was working hard not to make it a habit.
To him, s*x, despite how pleasurable the act
was, was a secondary issue when compared
with ensuring one lived a holy life. Besides, at
times of fasting and praying, which were part of
his everyday life, one needed not think about
s*x, even with the wife.
He was right as far as she was concerned and
so she always prayed to the lord to help her
suppress her desire and love for s*x. She was
doing well so far. Yes, sometimes the desire
could be so strong but she would just pick up
her bible and study the word of God and only
enjoyed the act when her husband wanted to.
She had never had any other kind of sexual
experience apart from what she had had with
her husband; just the normal caressing, kissing,
ensuring she got wet while he joystick charges
and then a normal pleasurable missionary style.
She didn’t think she was missing anything,
even though she was not sure.
Okay, perhaps she always wished he could last
longer, but she came to believe that that was
how s*x was experienced even with all men.
But she was very surprised to find her husband
staring at the Unclad girl yesterday evening. In
fact, she had been disappointed in him. He
wasn’t supposed to stare, he was supposed to
flee; take his eyes of the Unclad devil. What
kind of human was she anyway? Ruth has seen
her when she came visiting the male bachelor
who had nothing to do but to stare at them all
Why was her husband staring? What he did was
as good at committing sexual immorality in the
eyes of God. She didn’t know how to handle the
situation. It was embarrassing as well as hurtful.
How could her husband be staring at the
unclothedness of another woman. She had
thought about this all through the night and it
had weighed her emotions down this morning.
He had quickly continued with what he was
doing once she had come in and caught him
staring. He had seemed so carried away and
that was why she had looked towards his
direction of interest.
Now she couldn’t even look him in the face.
How could a child of God be lost in the lust of
another woman?
She felt pained, yet she knew, as a Christian,
that she should forgive him and give him the
opportunity to repent for his sins.
The tension throughout breakfast was awkward.
This wasn’t the way the almost perfect couple
wanted to spend their first night and morning
in their new home.
Paul, on the other hand, knew that what he did
was wrong and he had spent a better part of
the night asking the Lord for forgiveness. Yet
the image of the Unclad girl couldn’t just get
out of his mind. The weight of guilt made him
really depressed.
She was simply hot, like something from out of
this world. Did he think she had a better body
than his wife? No! He shouldn’t be thinking this
way. He should ask the Lord for help; he must
take her off his mind at all cost.
The firm bosoms were worth watching; there
was a way she had walked across balcony that
had made him imagine what she was like in
bed. Wow! It’s been long he saw a different
kind of Buttocks apart from his wife’s. He was already
used to seeing Ruth’s beautiful Buttocks. Had is lost
the attraction it had when she was a virgin? He
had thought she would always remain as new
as he had met her. Why did he even think that
that LovePeddler’s body was fresher than
Ruth’s? Why did he even stare at it? He
couldn’t just tell what it was he saw in that
shameless girl that tingled something in him.
She had a different style in the way she walked
and held her shoulders. Ruth didn’t have style.
Ruth was just Ruth and nothing more.
Their love making was just modest. Both were
ashamed to dwell on the pleasure in it for too
long. Ruth hardly moans out loud because she
probably thought it was sinful. He also thought
it should be so. What is pleasurable in this world
anyway? What shall it profit a man to gain the
whole world and lose his own soul? He loved his
wife and that was all that mattered and he was
going to use that whole day in church to ask
the Lord forgiveness.

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