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Celebrities / Re: Ini Edo Celebrates Daughter, Light, As She Turns 2 (Photo) by MrSensor(m): 7:28pm On Mar 16, 2023
This is actually what these women need.

Get a baby out of surrogate or sperm bank and keep moving forward

Instead of some lazy good for nothing men without balls masquerading as a house husband who wouldn't bring nada to the glass table
kiss me please.

Celebrities / Re: Ini Edo Celebrates Daughter, Light, As She Turns 2 (Photo) by MrSensor(m): 7:25pm On Mar 16, 2023
So Ini Edo is 48 but her daughter is just 2.

Truly na poverty dey make boys & girls dey rush to "marry early".
She is 41

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Celebrities / Re: Ini Edo Celebrates Daughter, Light, As She Turns 2 (Photo) by MrSensor(m): 7:18pm On Mar 16, 2023
Wow! Never knew she had a baby undecided
Me too o. Was everything happened in secret?

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Computers / Re: Smart Watch That Couldn't Be Repaired In Toronto Gets Fixed In Computer Village by MrSensor(m): 6:02pm On Mar 16, 2023
Mumu op they didn't mean Apple couldn't fix it what he meant was apple couldn't fix it for free because it was outside warranty

So he got it fixed here in Nigeria at a cheaper rate when you convert the dollar to naira

Edit: To all of you quoting me
You are all so foolish and have never traveled out. Do you know how much it costs to fix an out of warranty gadget abroad ? It's easier to just get a new one .

Apple would charge you the price of the latest watch to fix an old pitnof warranty one hence.why he did t reoair it abroad , stupid people can't understand anything.
Ther eis no way on earth Apple count fix that watch .. it's the rpice that scared him. Idiots I live in Italy and come home to Edo state regularly

Na Ogun go punish Una mama for abusing me
you are correct and I agree with you my brother. But cool down na.
Politics / Re: The States Where Atiku, Obi, And Tinubu Got Their Highest And Lowest Votes by MrSensor(m): 5:56pm On Mar 16, 2023
Asiwaju till 2031

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Politics / Re: If Tinubu Eventually Ends Up As Your President, This Is What To Expect by MrSensor(m): 12:13pm On Mar 15, 2023

Push someone already elected?

he did not win, he rigged.


Politics / Re: If Tinubu Eventually Ends Up As Your President, This Is What To Expect by MrSensor(m): 12:09pm On Mar 15, 2023

Take age and health away from Tinubu and tell me in one single way Obi is better than Tinubu.

I am waiting to read from you
why are you trying everything to push the old baffoon down our throat?


Foreign Affairs / Re: Hichilema: We Do Not Support Gay/lesbian Rights, Zambia Is A Christian Nation by MrSensor(m): 8:41am On Mar 15, 2023
Well said👍👍!Also countries like Lietchenstein have a gay president and it's amongst the richest countries
a gay with huge ananias has been spotted
Foreign Affairs / Re: Hichilema: We Do Not Support Gay/lesbian Rights, Zambia Is A Christian Nation by MrSensor(m): 8:39am On Mar 15, 2023
It's still doesn't change the fact that Zambia is a poor country and countries like Lietchenstein that's amongst the richest per capaita have a gay president 🤣
a gay with huge ananias has been spotted.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Hichilema: We Do Not Support Gay/lesbian Rights, Zambia Is A Christian Nation by MrSensor(m): 8:36am On Mar 15, 2023
The chicken has come to roost.
lesbian has been spotted.

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Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy Sister Ronami In Tears As Burna Boy Exposes Her On Her Birthday by MrSensor(m): 8:30am On Mar 15, 2023
Marriage material
Music/Radio / Re: Good Old Days: Do You Remember This Gadget? (Picture) by MrSensor(m): 4:01pm On Mar 14, 2023
I believe this was one the gadgets that made our childhood amazing back then.

I remember seeing my big brothers with that round tape that uses Compact Disks (CDs) while the younger ones like me use this gadget.

Do you remember this gadget and what was its name?

how old are you?

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Crime / Re: Ogun Landlord Dies After Tenant Grabbed Manhood Over Bill Disagreement by MrSensor(m): 3:59pm On Mar 14, 2023
She might be innocent. Nobody knows what really transpired.

Who knows maybe it's was a self defense.

Most of these landlords are fond of harassing and fighting their tenant over little amount.

Maybe during the scuffle, the landlord almost took her life reason she have to defend herself.

It's not her fault!! Let her get a good lawyer.
behave yourself.

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Food / Re: See The #4'550 Meal I Bought At Chicken Republic This Morning. by MrSensor(m): 3:12pm On Mar 14, 2023
Nigerian men are Us*less...... All of them embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed embarassed
Food / Re: I Bought 5 Cups Of Rice For #50 Today by MrSensor(m): 2:50pm On Mar 14, 2023
Na people like this dey abuse Tinubu
see what Tinubu is causing.
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Declares Support For PDP Governorship Candidate by MrSensor(m): 8:01am On Mar 14, 2023
Peoples Democratic Party in Cross River says endorsement of its governorship candidate, Sandy Onor, by Peter Obi attests to the candidate’s pedigree as a man of the people.

PDP chairman in the state, Venatius Ikem, said this in Calabar on Monday when he spoke with journalists about Mr Obi’s endorsement of Mr Onor for the March 18 governorship election.


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Politics / Re: Atiku Had Not Moved On Yet - By Charles Awuzie by MrSensor(m): 10:37am On Mar 13, 2023
Me too cannot just forget what the demented has done. I can't just move on like that o. .


Politics / Re: Joe Ajaero To Residents: Stock Up Your House, Imo Will Be On Indefinite Lockdow by MrSensor(m): 12:51pm On Mar 11, 2023
Friends in Imo confirmed that EEDC has switched off power and everywhere is in black out over there.

What APC will not destroy doesn't exist. I am so angry with myself for supporting this useless demonic CHANGE in 2015.
and the most demented has just rigged the 2023 election. You are in soup.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Launches 80 Hypersonic Missiles Against Ukraine by MrSensor(m): 12:24pm On Mar 11, 2023
Death to Nazis!
Death to Western Imperialists!!
Long live the Motherland!!!
very wicked goat

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Science/Technology / Re: Rain Of Worms Falls Down The Sky In China, Residents Panic (Photos) by MrSensor(m): 12:01pm On Mar 11, 2023
That kind rain suppose fall for Russia.
let it rain in China first - rember that they are the one that manufactured covid 19
Romance / Re: Advise Needed Pls, I Am Planning To Start A Family by MrSensor(m): 11:54am On Mar 11, 2023
■ Chances are 83% that if you marry a woman who does not have a job or business of her own already that you will end up in poverty.
■The same 83% guarantee exists that it will end in regret for you if you believe marriage is a way to assert yourself as lord and controller over another human being, in this case, your wife.
■ Equally important is the fact that you cannot change another human being. You can try but you will almost always be bending to accommodate that person assuming you don't altogether abandon the relationship before that.

So, save yourself all that headache from the beginning by taking time out to learn who you are before then finding yourself a partner to complement you in every way possible. You are still very young so there is no need to rush yourself. Take your time, so you spare yourself a whole load of drama. undecided
confusing nonsense
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Campaigns For Alex Otti, Abia State LP Gubernatorial Candidate by MrSensor(m): 7:22am On Mar 11, 2023
The euphoria of Obi and his supporters will die down soon.

I am a full PDP supporter but we know Obi can never be president.

Tinubu will be sworn in and his first 4 years is guaranteed,

He will surpass expectations because people dont expect anything from him.
Obi is lucky to lose because his supporters think he has a magic wand to make Nigeria workable like Dubai and America in 24 hours.

If you are in Delta vote PDP and in Lagos vote APC, in SE vote Frank Nweke Jnr for governor.
a failed urchin
Romance / Re: Currently, This Is The Most Annoying Thing On Nairaland by MrSensor(m): 6:49pm On Mar 07, 2023

I blv it's being used to steal data from users. Blame that man with frog eye in charge here.
who is he? thunder fire him.
Politics / Re: Delta APC & PDP Governorship Candidates Ask Obidients To Vote For Them (Photos) by MrSensor(m): 6:42pm On Mar 07, 2023
So Zombidiots don't have their own mind, they're now tools to be used.🤣🤣🤣

So they now labour for other parties to win, why not labour for them selves to win?

Labour in vain party, little wonder Peter Obi labour and got shit on.🤣😅😆


Food / Re: See The Pepper I Got For 1000 Naira by MrSensor(m): 5:44pm On Mar 07, 2023

So wee shu be buying 150-200 naira pepper everyday when this will last 10 days + for us

Its economical man smiley
Why "we", Is he your husband /boyfriend?
Politics / Re: Labour Party In Soup: UK National Crime Agency Writes LP by MrSensor(m): 4:29pm On Mar 07, 2023
The UK NCA has written to Labour Party Secretariat demanding public retraction of a fake letter written from LP secretariat giving false information about Tinubu. Otherwise further criminal prosecution will follow. This is a party that is always enmeshed in corruption, stealing, producing fake information and misleading people, especially the youth. Many youth have entered one chance bus with Peter Obi and LP. Truth will always efface. LP has just started. All their dirty linen will be exposed to everyone from now onwards.


Politics / Re: My Husband Too Like Court - Peter Obi's Wife, Margaret by MrSensor(m): 4:03pm On Mar 07, 2023
He is our main man any day. Not that old demented baffoon.

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Politics / Re: List of The 24 Labour Party Governorship Candidates (Photo) by MrSensor(m): 3:09pm On Mar 07, 2023
LP candidates likely to win their elections:

Plateau candidate 90%
Abia candidate 80%
Rivers 60%
Lagos 40%
The rest under 30%

(Depending on how rooted they are)
are you an urchin or a former urchin?
Politics / Re: Tinubu Should Not Rejoice Yet,Nigerians Will Reclaim Their Mandates –Pastor Giwa by MrSensor(m): 2:28pm On Mar 06, 2023
The Senior Pastor of Awaiting The Second Coming Of Christ Ministry, Adewale Giwa, has called on the President-elect, Bola Tinubu to stop rejoicing over his victory at the just-concluded elections.

The popular clergy who addressed journalists in Akure, Ondo State, on Sunday, asked Tinubu to return the certificate issued by Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, stressing that Nigerians would reclaim their mandates.

Giwa’s assertion is coming amid protests by opposition parties including the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, and the Labour Party, LP, over alleged fraud in the election process.

The electoral body had, however, frowned at the allegations raised against it by the parties and other concerned Nigerians, promising to be better in the governorship and state assembly poll.

According to Giwa, there would be no Nigeria if the president-elect takes the mantle of leadership from President Muhammadu Buhari on May 29.

While describing Tinubu as biblical Abimelech, the son of Gideon in the book of Judges Chapter 9, Giwa said, “Tell him not to rejoice, Nigerians will reclaim their mandate because Tinubu forced himself on them.

“I doubt if Mr. Bola Tinubu would be the one to transform Nigeria and lead the people to God. There will be ethnic and serious religious crises if this injustice stands.

“This will have painful repercussions if they fail to listen and allow the will of Nigerian people. You can’t force yourself on people, it’s dangerous”

amen o.


Food / Re: See The Food I Bought For 2.5k In Maiduguri by MrSensor(m): 2:26pm On Mar 06, 2023
Chai you no even pity the bones..you jus use the anger say our choice no win presidency🙄🙄😂😂
nothing must be left uneaten for this Tinubu error.

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Religion / Re: Is It A Sin To Sit With The Congregation While On Menstruation? by MrSensor(m): 11:12am On Mar 05, 2023
What are you still doing in such a church? Most white garment churches, if not all, practice spiritism, diabolism, mysticism and use Bible to cover their Satanic activities.

If the flow continues for more than 10days, then go the hospital or pharmacy, they will give you a drug for it, that is if it's not a spiritual attack from your white garment church.

Leviticus 15: 19-20 or you can read the whole chapter

But I can see that you will still remain idi0t even after reading.

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Governor, Five Others Killed In Philippines (video) by MrSensor(m): 6:51pm On Mar 04, 2023
Tinubu why?

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