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Politics / Re: 2023: Igbos Need Tinubu To Produce Nigeria’s Next President – Ohanaeze by NoIgboSoundTueh: 3:34pm On Sep 10

Let d sleeping dog lies bro. We are still healing from this. If not for our tolerance and maturity things would've been escalated.
No i am extremely grateful to him for that clip. Emotion aside, Our conscience should rest easy knowing that NK is not unjustly incarcerated but has committed lot of attrocities in which he will pay fully for.


Culture / Re: Sallah Celebration: Alaafin Of Oyo, Oba Adeyemi & His Wives Step Out Together by NoIgboSoundTueh: 8:43pm On Jul 21
Interesting that polygamy is still a thing in these days of high infidelity among ladies... tongue

Men still reasoning polygamy should read novels like "The Secret Lives of Baba Segi's Wives" by Lola Shoneyin grin grin grin
We should be disinterested in polygamy because of some silly, alcohol–inspired tale of some third–rated fiction writer?
well done sir
Politics / Re: Re: Sheikh Bello Yabo: Kill Isma’il Isah; Isn't The Death Threat Against The Law by NoIgboSoundTueh: 10:34am On Jul 16
Though the Sheik is wrong to call for the lynching of the blasphemer as lynching is Haram in islam.
That Isah of a guy should be hanged for his crime against the noblest of mankind by a competent sharia court if guilty.
we have freedom of speech but you don't have freedom from its consequency
Politics / Re: Police Desert Streets In South East by NoIgboSoundTueh: 10:33am On Jul 16

I've noticed you have this wreckless proclivity for making very dangerous, unguarded, and palpably evil/uncensored statements about Igbos and I wonder why your lunacy has remained unchecked on this forum by the MODS. The other day you made bold to say Igbos should be grateful to Gowon for not wiping them out after the war, like are you actually serious about these morbidly daft and insidious things you say you pathetic sick fu*k? what exactly is your problem? who hurt you this badly bro? I fear for the type of kids that will look up to you as a role model, cause you have a very twisted, dark and melancholic mind, and it's your type that would relish seeing millions of Igbos been slaughtered on the premise of your manic-depressive fantasies about Igbo blood been spilled.

My advice to you is to seek help fast before you self-implode, cause it's a gnawing reality that your death is closer to you than you can imagine.
how far ndi dot and 5%er?
Remember me?
Politics / Re: South-West Governors Push For Regional Development Commission by NoIgboSoundTueh: 12:01am On Dec 25, 2020

Ok yorubawa internet jack Chan grin
But truly Yoruba soldiers have conquered Igbo meats before.
Biafrans even surrendered to Yoruba man.
I will gladly at any time serve in any army massacring Igbo meats I will follow the footsteps of great men like Murtala, Adekunle, Taiwo and other generals.
Politics / Re: South-West Governors Push For Regional Development Commission by NoIgboSoundTueh: 11:36pm On Dec 24, 2020

Mister you obviously do not know the meaning of subdue and subjugated...but even if you understood the meaning, you could mean that they are operating not at their full potential. But even at that they are far better than you that is not subjugated.
Away with all these nonsense you're showing
I have no time for useless pic
Politics / Re: South-West Governors Push For Regional Development Commission by NoIgboSoundTueh: 10:43pm On Dec 24, 2020

Don't lie, you are a product of a criss-crossed chaotic DNA, you don't even know who your true father is cause your mumsy was gang-banged during one of her away match escapades... your poor dad couldn't have life any worse now that his paraplegic ass is wheel chair bound for life grin
Lame ass gibberish
Politics / Re: South-West Governors Push For Regional Development Commission by NoIgboSoundTueh: 9:44pm On Dec 24, 2020

If you are not careful, they will soon use other Igbos for asun, shebi python dance don't dey use Dem for target practice.
Let them use them for asun that's what they are here for.
You can't contribute zero to Nigeria economy yet be sabotaging Nigeria progress
Useless bastards

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Politics / Re: South-West Governors Push For Regional Development Commission by NoIgboSoundTueh: 9:36pm On Dec 24, 2020

Oponu, see your dumb logic grin there are millions of Yorubawa pigs on Facebook, Linda Ikeji blog etc so we should now shave our heads because Seun is Yoruba? without Igbo topics on here will Seun even generate as much traffic as Nairaland gets?
You tried your nonsense in Ladipo few years ago and we all know how it turned out, today no useless Iya loja or Baba loja comes to tax the traders in places like Ladipo, Alaba, trade fair etc...everything goes to the union market leaders who are almost all exclusively Igbos. The incident at amuwo affected every Nigerian not just Igbos you dunce, yet Igbos still full ground today for the same Amuwo cheesy

Like I earlier stated, thank your stars Igbos are not naturally the violent types like the Hausas, they showed you shege banza in Fagba few months ago and your chicken hearted brothers were crying like babies who just sh*t their diapers all over social media, na Aboki get una medicine but Igbos dey wake up now, who born you pigs to trespass in Hausa dominated areas in Lagos today? I even heard Hausa Imams don't allow yorubawa Muslim clerics to lead the prayer in most of the mosques in Agege and other parts of Lagos cause they see you as inferior... talk of the ultimate slap in the face.

when will Nigerians pay for the massacre of millions of osu pigs slaughtered
When will northerners pay for killings of 60,000 animals slaughtered in kano alone.
Waiting for your response
Politics / Re: See What The West Is Trying To Paint As A Failed State With No Functioning Gov by NoIgboSoundTueh: 8:49pm On Dec 22, 2020
The only time the north was shown in those photos was in that pic of the Nigerian military..
What does the north have to boast except for being the main reason for rating Nigeria as 3rd most terrorised country in the world, apart from hunger and stack illiteracy.

The funny thing is they don't believe they are the worst victims from the oppression of the elites...

Why are you so concerned about North?
Na so you love north reach?
Is your village also in the pics
And if we check now na one kind agbero from mushin or abakaliki tout you fit be
Politics / Re: ESN the New Bride of the SouthEast /SouthSouth by NoIgboSoundTueh: 8:29pm On Dec 22, 2020

That's why I laugh when idiots like that ignominious clown you replied to think war is just a walk-in-the-park affair. Apparently the clown is still stuck in 1967 when Nigeria still had a semblance of a respectable image globally enough to curry the alliances of world powers like Britain and Russia to win their war for them... yet it took Nigeria three bloody years with massive loss of military personnels and materials on their side to "defeat" a ragtag Biafran army they were vastly superior to. Fast forward to this new decade where ALOT has changed... Nigeria is the joke of Africa, our image is sh*t and the superpower nations more than anything want the disintegration of Nigeria to happen (as they stand to gain from a fractured Nigeria). Firstly for the mere fact that Nigeria is not what she used to be any more(image wise) ... Nigeria will not get any sympathies from Britain etc (maybe the Arab nations will provide them with military support)... Igbos have in the last few decades attained a greater sphere of influence globally as we now have lots of lawmakers of Igbo heritage been elected into top political offices and positions in advanced nations of the world; so it won't be hard for Biafra to gain enough support from those nations in question as their sons and daughters will use their influence to lobby support for their Biafran brethren.

Secondly, the ethnic dynamics of overt or covert support that Nigeria got in 1967-70 against Biafra won't play out this time around for obvious reasons- no sane Yoruba, South South person or even the middle belt folks will support a concerted Fulani military affair to "crush" the rebel Igbos this time, since we're all share a common struggle and menace in the battle against the Fulani savagery sweeping from the Middle belt regions to the very South... right now the greatest danger we all collectively face is the Fulani problem, and it's fundamentally because of this problem that ethnic/regional security outfits like Amotekun, ESN etc are been formed. So which ethnic group aside the Hausa/Fulani and maybe the unreliable and facetious Yoruba Muslims will actually want to fight the Igbos just to keep Nigeria one? I'll so love to know these tribes that will be stupid enough to lose millions of their young lives just to keep Nigeria one!
Another war another, massacre for the Igbos
To be massacre is your destiny
Try something and see something
Food / Re: Onion I Bought For N30 and N50 Here In Portharcourt. by NoIgboSoundTueh: 2:09pm On Dec 22, 2020
Op, is it true you're dead?
Politics / Re: Watch ESN Display Rocket Propelled Grenade (RPG) by NoIgboSoundTueh: 9:41pm On Dec 18, 2020
Terrorist KANU will get innocent Igbos killed
Let's me go and rescue all the maidens in there no p**** should be wasted

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Politics / Re: Gov. Umahi Gets Another National Assignment by NoIgboSoundTueh: 7:31pm On Dec 18, 2020
APC should make use of him before he defected back to PDP after APC primaries
Politics / Re: Amotekun, Eastern Security Network, Can They Do The Job? by NoIgboSoundTueh: 6:21pm On Dec 18, 2020

Haha. Afonja coward always playing political correctness. Those barbarians understand only eye for an eye, please spare us ur sermons
We have seen where Political poverty and incorrectness has taken ipobs to.
Politics / Re: Queency Benna: Alaska Obi, The Doctor Accused Of Rape Shares His Story by NoIgboSoundTueh: 4:49pm On Dec 18, 2020
Earlier Thread:

Alaska Obi, the doctor accused of rape by singer Queency Benna tells his side of the story during an Instagram chat with Ubi Franklin.

He said he had sex with the singer and agreed to pay 200,000 Naira. However, he only paid 100,000 Naira, hence the rape accusations.

A woman cries once and the whole world believe her


Politics / Re: Fresh Hurdle For Okonjo- Iweala, As Trump Trade Chief Wants WTO Leadership Race by NoIgboSoundTueh: 4:36pm On Dec 18, 2020
She has no track record abeg. Let someone with experience enter there before she sends the world into poverty.
Nigeria is still suffering from her down-and-out economic policy when she was the finance minister.
If she's as good as Igbo want us to believe why is Nigeria still poor despite serving two presidents as finance minister
She's mediocre at best and her policies unsatisfactory
Politics / Re: Amotekun, Eastern Security Network, Can They Do The Job? by NoIgboSoundTueh: 4:30pm On Dec 18, 2020

You are quite right - there is no basis to compare Amotekun with ESPN.

Though Amotekun started off with the right intention which was to curb the incessant killings by our fulani brothers from Mali, chad, Niger ati bebelo, in yorubaland,
it has since been muzzled by our political and royal elite whereas ESPN as it's presently constituted is not under any igbo politicians and as such have high probability of stopping these same fulanis from invading and destroying the farmlands in eastern Nigeria.

With our toothless Amotekun, I won't be surprised to witness in about a year from now, what the fulanis did in benue and the northeast.

Its crystal clear that the fulani govt of Nigeria doesn't give a rat's a.r.se about the rest of us in this stupid contraption, and as such, ain't bothered to protect our lives and homeland from those marauders, the govt has clandestinely armed to decimate our land. It is for these reasons I truly believe in self-preservation.

Am not a fan of MNK nor a enemy but I honestly wish him and his people all the best in their new endeavour to preserve their race from northern "barbarians" from futa jallon.
We shouldn't attach killings done by the criminally minded herders to Ethnic cleaning as your submission tend to suggest.
As those barbarians don't spare their own.
Thank you sir
Politics / Re: Full Pictures Of The Kankara Boys After Their Release by NoIgboSoundTueh: 2:01pm On Dec 18, 2020
They are now celebrities. watch as they will be flown to US to further their education using Niger delta oil money
Shut up

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Politics / Re: Amotekun, Eastern Security Network, Can They Do The Job? by NoIgboSoundTueh: 2:01pm On Dec 18, 2020

Your death is very near for wishing death on Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and IPOB. Terrorist fulani militia have killed innocent people in their thousands so they deserve death. ESN hasn't killed anyone and are based in their ancestral lands securing it from invaders. What's your locus standi for calling them terrorists?
Ipobs are killers they killed Hausa/Fulani's Muslim in Oyigbo. They rightly deserved their terrorist status.
Mind you
On a scale of 1(very bad) to 10(excellent) your sanity is -10 for those curse you place on yourself
Politics / Re: Amotekun, Eastern Security Network, Can They Do The Job? by NoIgboSoundTueh: 1:32pm On Dec 18, 2020
Security, well a lot of issues have been raised on the issue of Eastern Security Network just like that of Amotekun but the truth remains that the South can't afford to sit back and watch their economies go in ruin. The South West and The South East have come to understand the importance of security of life and property.

Without security, the investors leave, we saw it in Warri and we are seeing that in PH (rascality and cultism) that is why the oil majors that are operating in Niger Delta have HQs in Lagos .. and don't blame them, the yoruba have come to appreciate what it means to have security for thriving ecosystem. In Lagos you can drive around even around 2 am in many places and they Are not joking with it.We have been paying OPC in Lagos to secure the neighborhood and they have been doing a great job

The igbo are busineess and they understand what it means to move products and services from point A to B and that is security. They can't sit back and watch their customers leave based on insecurities. The Eastern Security Network looks like an interventionist approach just the way Bakaasi Boys solved a lot of issues.

We must understand that Nigeria is under policed and the police are under enumerated and paid. They are over stressed and I see this regional police as a way to help the federal police. We must focus on security and the ability to protect lives and properties.

It's all about evolution of society and if the Amotekun and the ESN would make the ecosystem of the South prosperous, secured and thriving, it is welcomed.

The big question is can they do the job? The government must as a matter of fact find a framework that would accomodate these regional security apparatus. That has always been the norm in other developed world

Security of lives and properties should be paramount not if they are coming from East or west
Stop comparing Amotekun with silly terrorist organization like that ESPN or whatever the Bleep you call those animals whose only mission is to kill Fulani's.
Who the Bleep is that nonetity to flout a security outfits
May Thunder faya his nyansh and those of his supporters


Politics / Re: Bandits Attack Emir Of Kaura Namoda’s Convoy, Kill 3 Policemen, 5 Others by NoIgboSoundTueh: 12:57pm On Dec 18, 2020

Mankind mistake...
Error of mother nature
I agree
Politics / Re: What Happened To This Agreement Between Tinubu & Buhari. by NoIgboSoundTueh: 7:56pm On Dec 17, 2020
Tinubu matter kill you!

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Politics / Re: Military Removes Special Forces From Borno To Hunt For Eastern Security Network by NoIgboSoundTueh: 11:20am On Dec 16, 2020
May the best man win.
This time they will understand the full meaning of home advantage.
I will like to see how a bunch of people trained in Sudan and sahel savanna of Zaria will defeat guerilla of rain forest.
Since it's not an open warfare, it will be decided by who knows the terrain more
Nothing concern me self since to be slaughtered is what Igbos are made for.
continue with your chestbeating it will end well for you
Religion / Re: Asiyat Oyedepo Was Denied Good Care Till Her Death Just As Bishop Threatened by NoIgboSoundTueh: 2:03pm On Dec 15, 2020
First of all there's no source for this news.

Secondly This is the problem the yorubas are going to face for a long time.... Islam.

Lastly Oyedepo is not a Bishop, who ordained him a Bishop?

If Adeboye is a pastor then Oyedepo can never be a Bishop in anywhere.
You guys should not be scammed.
The problem the yorubas are going to face for a long time is IPOB messing into their affairs.

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Politics / Re: Kankara: Buhari Under Attack For Sending Delegates While In Daura by NoIgboSoundTueh: 11:06am On Dec 14, 2020
I don’t know why people still support buhari ?

Buhari is all shades of uselessness , correct me if I’m wrong about him .

He is shy , can’t express himself , wicked , heartless , weak , lies with everything, very corrupt , and so many other reasons , he is not capable yet he doesn’t want to step down . GOD please save us from this calamity of a president , non of his policy has favored this country positively, I wish there is a better word to express how I truly feel about this current government, smh
Buhari will still be a better option than your Jonathan, even if he burn half of the country
Kiss the truth!

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