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Politics / Re: El-rufai Introduces Electronic Voting To Nigeria. by Nonaira1: 4:08pm On May 06, 2018
Hope it will be use to send Buba back to Daura! Make dem check am because dis kind machine might in turn work against d populace.

It can. A machine goes by how you program it. A programmer could easily manipulate it and have it giving APC The win each time. This is just a note 21st century rigging

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Politics / Re: Uche Nwosu And Wife, Uloma Okorocha-Nwosu Step Out For Sunday Service (Photo) by Nonaira1: 4:03pm On May 06, 2018
Like father, like daughter. Ugly and fat.

Upon all the money her father thief, that family still look like fools. Spits on their worthless face.

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Politics / Re: Uche Nwosu And Wife, Uloma Okorocha-Nwosu Step Out For Sunday Service (Photo) by Nonaira1: 4:01pm On May 06, 2018
All of you bashing the woman saying she is old, dirty, ugly etc, obviously haven't seen her in person.
I have, and trust me, she looks wayyyy better and hotter than the rendering in that pic.
I guess she looks so banal here cos of the pic quality, her bad dress and her short husband dulling her ambience.

I am no supporter of her, her dad and fam and believe we will kick them outta Douglas house, but she is elegant and physically okay.

Stop decieving yourself. Anything that comes out of okoroawusa would always be fat, ugly and useless. No exception

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Politics / Re: Boy Shot By Police During 'Free Zakzaky' Protest Now Using Wheelchair by Nonaira1: 9:48pm On May 02, 2018
Why would a young child who doesn't know how to spell the name of the man he's protesting for be exposed to such cruelty b his guardian? undecided when has it become normal to put kids on the street to fight for things they can't even define?

how would this child feel 20years from now?

who would he cast his blame on?

our society is deeply f u c k ed! I mean hardcore!!

Every nation on this planet has children in the protest. During the not my president protest in United States after Trump won, several parents brought their children with them. Likewise the same situation during the black lives matter movement... Only in that lawlessness shithole you call country would anyone blame a parent for allowing their child to protest in an UNARMED protest. Rather than condemn the people that shot him, you're condemning the parent. Wtf? Something is severally wrong with you Niggerians. Seriously, something is wrong with una.

Your entire nation is a piece of poo.

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Politics / Re: Buhari: I Read It In Newspapers That Boko Haram Still Controls Some Territories by Nonaira1: 9:45pm On May 02, 2018
Buhari genetics need to be tested, I believe he has a rare form of disease that noone else has that makes him such an idiot. I believe this man is carrying a mutation disease that'll be epidemic if we allow him and his offsprings to pass their genes around. This is ridiculous. Calling Buhari a Dullard is an insult to Dullards everywhere.

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Politics / Re: Dino Melaye On A Stretcher In The Court Room With Ben Murray-Bruce (Photos) by Nonaira1: 9:41pm On May 02, 2018
He's asking if this is a democracy?

When they were warned about APC, they ignored it. Wtf you expect. You put chaotic in power and expect peace. grin grin

Welcome to APC version of democracy

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Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 9:32pm On May 02, 2018

Continue...you are getting there. wink You don't know my age, yet you keep calling me grandfather, and it amuses me to no end. cheesy Anyway, please throw another tantrum, so we can all laugh and be entertained for free!

The only person that have been laughed at multiple times on this forum and have been dragged to filth multiple times on this forum have always been YOU hence comes back to your title IRRELEVANT JOKE.

Considering you wailed about my age and wailing about the "youthfulness contributing to my written style" and considering I'm even remotely close to "youthfulness". Considering other people on this forum have talked about how much of old grandpapa you are even before my ass joined this forum, it does not take a genius to figure out you're an OLD GRANDPAPA!!!!! But obviously, you going to deny like deny every single poo about your loser ass thinking you decieving anymore with your denial of the pitifulness that is your life. PATHETIC OLD GRANDPAPA!!!! Get a bleeping life like the people within your age you LOSER!!!!

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Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 8:57pm On May 02, 2018

Oh wow! cheesy I knew it was just a matter of time before you started throwing tantrums, and ranting everywhere. wink I am so glad to see you getting worked up. Oya, have the floor and spew forth more expletives. You have used just 4 so far: "schizophrenic ass, mentally deranged loser, worthlessness, irrelevant joke?" Were those the names you were baptised with at birth? shocked They suit you rather well, I must say.

Blah blah blah you irrelevant joke. Get a bleeping life old grandpapa. People your age are doing something with their life while you shamelessly , like a loser, wasting away on online forum arguing with people wayy younger than you. LOSER!!! Get a life!!!


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 6:48pm On May 02, 2018

Irrelevant? Is that a new word you people just learnt on this thread? Chai! shocked You were the one who started chanting my name up and down like a parrot on this thread, even when I had not made any comments to you. Why do you like calling out my moniker on different threads on NL? Dem take my name do 'juju for you?

You stay irrelevant on this forum and in real life considering you are twice everyone on this forum age yet you stay on this forum 24-7 arguing with people old enough to be your great grandchildren. Get a life grandpa!!!! Get a bleeping life!!!!!!!

Now I mentioned your ID because your schizophrenic ass asked me to say your usual cowardness. You fool no bleeping body you mentally deranged loser. Now go back to being the worthlessness that you are and your family is cursed to deal with. Bye irrelevant joke


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 6:32pm On May 02, 2018

Wow!! shocked I didn't realise I was this popular, and my moniker was giving you guys sleepless nights. Hehehe.....anyone who thinks I share any similarities with Obi1kenobi must be deluded, or high on hashish. cheesy We are two very different individuals.

I have been reading all the posts made on this thread, and I can see the e-fisticuffs flying left, right and centre.

Don't allow me to spoil your fun, do carry on. wink I will sit down quietly in this corner to read and enjoy your lamentations! grin Wey my zobo, kunu and groundnut? Na on top this thread I go match brake, today! cool

grin grin grin don't flatter your schizophrenic self. Please don't even flatter your importance. You're still an irrelevant joke whose solace is NL


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 6:30pm On May 02, 2018

don't even dare to argue that.....Core igbos reside in south east.....

the rest is what I don't know what their problem is.....

u claim u igbo wen python were dancing.....u all were clapping...
wen people were shot in onitsha-nkpor u all were claping,,,,these guys are fools....
wen they opened fire on innocent protesters in aba....u all were rejoicing......

And now u are coming to claim igbo.....Rubbish....
Go suck a dick fagg0t and f2k of my mention with your illiteracy. Enyi
Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 6:29pm On May 02, 2018
Ariesbull,Shallygirl , preshy561, islambad, Queensekxy, Igboid, LiberaDeus, Nonaira1, CSTR1003, gotze, nexdoor84, Bane2020
Mrhowoto, chubbyswit, Nwadiuto247

Reelectbuhari is not a Southerner but a pure amajiri.
The same thing applicable to some of them here.
SE/ SS igbos be wise. Allow nobody to deceive you because there is no diff beteen igbo SE and Igbo SS . How can you say that Igbo SE or Igbo SS are not real Igbos whereas they bear the same names and culture.
Is like asking me to dissociate my self from Kogi Yorubas because they found themselves in another geo political zone that was created by politicians not even by God. Smh.

Here are the screenshot of Reelectbuhari. 's comments ..

I've been known that. That's Darkside or justtoodark or whatever nonsense he calls himself second I'd. The fool is only fooling himself.


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 12:25am On May 02, 2018

Another fool joining his kits and kin in foolery. Continue following your clown as he cook up story for your. Evidence that has no link to and you are happy.

Clap for yourself.

The clowns want to go back to their red mud. You fools should come back and continue clowning.
Your exhibition is epic.

Since this fool is trying to deny his attache by force patheticness. I'm leaving the full screenshots before i leave this thread.

See the Ijaw turned Ikwerre turned non Ijaw but Rivers boy rat.

I know your denial of your attache by force was epic.

Oshogbo parasite.

Cry me a river!!! tongue grin


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 11:51pm On May 01, 2018
SE Igbos next time don't give this fools ammunition using SS Igbos. We're not always going to be here to defend y'all niggas or let them know we don't associate with their hatefulness.
Anyway my work here is done, time to go to gym. ✌️

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Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 11:47pm On May 01, 2018
Oya notice Laudate Id Don show up in the viewing while Obi1kenobi Don went missing grin grin grin

Can someone scream log off and log in grin grin

5,4,3,2,1 long epistle of denial wailing of himself from his original I'd.


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 11:44pm On May 01, 2018

Look at him peeing on his pants. I know your land is impoverished and barren. Come to ph and get a better life. Your kits and kins are here enjoying the good life which they can never get in your red mud SE.

Go back your oshogbo village and stop being the parasite you are licking off Rivers and pathetically attaching to am. Worthless coward.


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 11:39pm On May 01, 2018

Oh, ok I'm laudate, now abi? It's funny this was a debate I had with the same laudate recently. grin

Do you have any other ID you wish to link to me with ZERO evidence? The amusing thing is your attempts to look clever, but you don't know how vacuous and out-of-your-depth you are. What an absolute cretin. grin

Someone Reminds us again isn't the coward laudate known to speak to himself multiple times. Did he or did not speak to himself when he addressed laudateII and also the Lauder or something similar grin grin

If that's your defense you're not him. Dude tell that bullshit to the newbies whom haven't been at this forum long enough to see your schizophrenic ass talking to yourself in multiple ids. Opportunities slowpoke

I'll keep on saying it. NEXT time you want to do your usual tribalistic rants, do so without dragging SS Igbos into your bullshit.


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 11:34pm On May 01, 2018

Of course the Internet never forgets your stupidity and attache by force mentality.

I was not the one denying his claiming.

Wannabe ijaw/Ikwerre/Rivers. Coward!!!

Unless your ass I say WTF I want without attache. Pathetic goat.


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 11:27pm On May 01, 2018

This is exactly why I called you an imbeciile earlier. Your train of logic is incredibly twisted. Why would you assume I'm beholden to some nonentity on an anonymous forum to give permission on when I can comment on a thread of my choice and when I can't? grin The title of this thread is "Do the Igbo indigenous to South South matter". I would assume to anyone who has functional grey matter between the ears, that is an open question that is addressed to Igbos. More so South East "core Igbos" and not even you. grin You're the object of the conversation addressed to Igbos, you buffoon. grin

See this fool contradicting his illiterate ass. Don't bust your brain try to act smart. If you are not born with it, don't force it.

The topic is about SS igbo written by an ANIOMA. Therefore the both topic is a question to both SS Igbos and SE Igbos, which you're neither one hence come back to, you were not invited on this topic by neither SE Igbos, neither SS igbo, neither the author or the OP. The Bleep you're here for then? Infact, your entire long epistle was as usual taking the opportunities to use anything you can find to insult SE igbo. I'll keep on saying it and if you don't like it, bash your head upside the bleeping wall if it pains you so much...do your well known tribalistic rant and Igbo hating rant without using us as your shield.

Don't hurt your brain. An 1mbecile would always be an 1mbecile. Please don't ever try to go past your limits.

Oh SE Igbos are "core Igbos". grin grin. Typical of a wannabe. Take your pathetic divide and rule poo to the rest of your MISERABLE community. Igbo is igbo dumb ass. Go find any other Anioma that'll fall for your bullshit.

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Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 11:10pm On May 01, 2018

Who brought this clown out here. You can dig out evidence to back up your claims of when I said where I'm from or what tribe I am here on nairaland. You know why I've never wanted to expose my tribe to you fools? Because I owe none of you cowards an explanation.

You can come to off odili road @LK Anga Street, just opposite market square and tell me that I'm not Rivers or I don't stay in PH. Fool from landlocked, erosion ravaged, barren red mud SE.

This fool forget the Internet do not FORGET you slowpoke.

I always knew your coward ass is not even Ijaw but rather like Obi1kenobi attache to a tribe you are not To be the tribalistic host you are. You're not "Rivers Ijaw" anymore?

Deny again your monkey ass never claimed ijaw and I'll provide another one. You forgot your illiterate ass attache by force to them repeatedly. Coward.

grin the same way you never met up with any of the people that asked you to meet up. LMFAO. Were you not one of the people that Chino asked to meet up in PH several years ago and you never showed? LMFAOOOO now he's forming PH resident known not to live in that shithole. I repeat my statement Did they or did they not have to be shown a video of an event in that PH in which you stupidly thought was not happening. Yes or no? Deny that one as well so I can get screenshots of that discussion as well.


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 10:53pm On May 01, 2018

And yet again, he refuses to be specific on anything because the mooron knows he can't substantiate anything. grin What are my other ID's? Show me the posts my other ID's have been making. It can't be that difficult to find.

Uncouth pigs who when they have nothing else to say, start arguing about whether you're Igbo or not. It's all the funnier that it comes from an Anioma person. grin

I repeat again
You're NOT SE, NOT IGBO, NOT even from the Eastern area.

One thing you're known laudate is well known as a tribalistic igbo hating slowpoke. All your IDs are well known for denying eachother. All your known for is denying your ethnicity. All your IDs are known for is being opportunities goat that uses any opportunities to insult, belittle and attack SE Igbos while claiming your tribalistic ass is being "logical".

And yes I know give me a long epistle of your usual denial of what the Bleep you are. Useless, worthless, slowpoke

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Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 10:46pm On May 01, 2018

This one is another low IQ fuccktard, sha. I've addressed everything I've said to the Igbos that were attacking the SS because they were disgracing me with their uncouth utterances. It has nothing to do with any desire to protect your feelings. They are utterly worthless to me. The most reetarded part is the constant repetition that "no one called my name" to defend the SS. Who called your name? Whose name was mentioned in the thread? Whose opinions were solicited and what limits were placed on those who are eligible to respond? So to comment on Benue, I have to be from Benue. To comment on America, I have to come from America. To comment on North Korea, I have to be North Korean? What the fucckk kind of imbeciile is this one? grin

Again, rehashing your delegitimization is utterly worthless. You can't comprehend how worthless it is because you're a cretin. And I'm delighted you do it because it shows I get to you and you crew of embarrassing mannerless pigs. If they had any real arguments, they wouldn't waste time arguing about whether I'm Igbo or not. grin

I am ANIOMA on thread talking about SS Igbo motherfucker. Noone needs to mention my name as it's about my tribe, my community unlike your bleeping wannabe Anambra igbo ass. You came on here to do what you are well known for on this forum. When igbos get insulted and belittled on this forum, your pathetic igbo wannabe ass is no where there. Infact sometimes your there joining those insulting them to insult the clan and area you claim your from. I'm guessing those don't embarrass you. bleeping slowpoke pig. That is why I mentioned I'm not shocked that your wannabe Igbo ass used this as opportunities to insult SE igbo claiming you're speaking on SS Igbo. You're not defending anymore, nor are you here "because they embrassing you." Last I checked on this thread their entire comment is focusing on a discussion that is prevalent and still well spoken outside of this thread and this forum by SE and SS Igbo but of course, to a wanna be Igbo slowpoke won't know that. The only embrassing you is your demented, moronic, HIV infested ass. If it pains you ugly ass so bleeping much to do your usual tribalistic rant and keep our people of your bleeping finger, bash your useless, unevolved head on the wall and bleed to death. Your witless self is less than of a goat.

Laughable that this slowpoke thinks his coward attachment is paining anymore. We all can see you're not igbo despite shouting loudly of it on an anonymous forum where multiple, emphasis on MULTIPLE are cowardly like yourself and claimed ethnicity they are not. You're not the first nor the last so why would anyone care about a coward monkey when theirs multiple like him on the same forum. Why? Don't even elevate your worthlessness, you're still am irrelevant cow


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 10:32pm On May 01, 2018

When morons comment you'll know them. Where have I said here that I'm Ikwerre?
Where have I said in any post that I'm Ijaw?
And yes I'm a Rivers man, born and bred in PH, if you don't like it you can go die in your red mud. Fool!

Really? You've never claimed ijaw on this forum. Swear by your life you've never done that. News flash nigga I've been on this forum for a long time and I remember things very well. Just because you have a thousands and same change comments on this forum does not mean I won't go back through your past comments and pull out each time your ass said so. Dare me MF and give me few days to go through your past comments and I'll do that happily for your ass.

Born and bred in PH my ass. Was it not your dumbass that claimed their was no support during the IPOBbsitathome, not too long ago and kept maintaining it until those living in PH brought out video evidence that proved you wrong despite your pitiful ass claim you live there. Ironically, you changed story immediately after. Deny it, I dare you and again give me few days to look through your past comments.

Oh you don't claim Ikwerre on this thread yet your monkey ass made yourself as the Ikwerre v spokesperson on this thread. You going to deny that one as well. Dare you.

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Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 10:19pm On May 01, 2018

Guy you are very smart. I didn't want to comment on this thread again, but this your last two post made me to quote you to give you kudos.

Funny enough some igbos have allowed themselves to be deceived by some of these Igbo wanna be

But one thing is certain... No matter how they struggle. THEY CAN NEVER BE IGBOS . NEVER !

They the ones that opened that can of worms. If you were on this forum back in the day, you would be have seen where several of the SE Igbos repeatedly ganged up on the Anambra Igbos. Repeatedly. Fast forward to serval years later, every single Igbo hating "Igbo" is from Anambra state. Every "Anambra igbo is better than other Igbos" is from Anambra state. When their dumbass were acting likewise that earlier, several of us warned them on their behavior and boom what's warned of them is manifesting. Heck it was how they repeatedly attached to Anioma to insult SE and continuously SE never bother to check the IDs. Never bothered, instead they fell for it hook, line and sinker. It was until several of us joined this forum and started attacking the attaches, I noticed the usual Anioma vs SE have reduced tremendously ironically enough. Now it's Anambra vs every other Igbos. Well let them deal with the poo they opened.

Worst is they rarely rarely pay attention to anything outside of the obvious. Look past the bleeping obvious as most of this coward fools with multiple ids actually act the same in each id. A shame they never do.

I kept out of the thread despite repeated mentions but the opportunities pissed me off and I had to address their pitiful ass of trying to use Igbo speaking SS as shield for usual tribalistic, Igbo hating laced rhetorics. Do so without dragging us into your bullshit.bleeping opportunities.

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Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 10:10pm On May 01, 2018

Oh, really. Care to tell us who owns the account, genius?

One thing is for sure You are not igbo, not from any Eastern area and your other IDs are well known for denying your ethnicity and each ids your pathetic ass creates. I let them figure what I'd that is. One thing I ain't got time for is a coward on annoymous forum. Go find the rest of your pathetic playmate


Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 10:04pm On May 01, 2018

Another member of the window-licking reetard crew with no home training. Who the fucckk is speaking out for you? I don't give a shiit what identity SS groups claim. That is left for every clan and every village and every individual to decide for themselves. What I don't stand for is the clowns from the SE and their attache-by-force mentality. If you have created an environment of hostility that repulses SS Igboid groups, then stop disturbing the rest of us with whether they accept themselves as Igbo or not. It's not by force. Yoruba consciousness is very strong in Kwara and Kogi-based Yoruba groups and no one needs to create the association by imposition.

It's like you somehow imagined me giving the slightest fucckks where you think I come from. It doesn't change a drop of my blood and that is why the claims are reetarded. I'll still wake up tomorrow the son of an Oraukwu man and Agulu woman with every drop of blood and hair strand complete. grin You feel the need to delegitimize my heritage because you're pained at my exposing you mannerless pigs for what you are. Your delegitimization doesn't make the slightest difference. If that pathetic routine is your only comeback to my arguments, you've already lost.

And yes, Anambra people are the worst of the Igbos on this forum for being chest-beating cretins. They are the ring-leaders in most of the stewpid e-battles between Igbos and every other group on Nairaland. And the cretins still don't even spare their fellow Igbos. They go to Enugu or Imo threads and repeat the same stewpidity and almost everyone I've seen insult Ebonyi people on this forum are Anambrarians. If you see them as your brothers, talk to them and help them grow up as responsible adults and stop disgracing themselves and their parents and their state.

You don't care what SS Igbos claim yet your piggish ass is on this specific topic written about SS igbo by a SS igbo wailing your ass on your "pretense of our defense about SE attachment to us?". Yet Ironically enough, you invaded to give your two cents to speak about US!!! Bleep out of here. I don't remember seeing ANY SS igboid on this specific thread mention or call your name to come here to speak on our behalf? I don't recall any of us on this thread that showed you we needed your aid. I don't recall seeing anyone that mentioned your bleeping name. You came here because you gave two bleeps and as usual try to use the division without our community to do your usual Igbo hating rhetorics. The only difference is do that without dragging us into your bleeping stupidity. If SE insult us, how is it your bleeping concern? we can deal with that and put them in their place without your Igbo hating bleeping dumbass using it as an opportunity to do usual pathetic act. We know who are friends are. Opportunities

Secondly, it is BEYOND obivous you are not from Anambra state. Even this your desperate attempt to claim identity to them exposes it. You can shout as high and loud as you bleeping want, you alone, your comments alone exposes you. I don't care if you desperately and pathetically attach to them like the coward you are before displaying your tribalistic typing. Let SE deal with that as they are the ones that opened that can of worms. What I care about is you pitiful ass keeping SS igboid off your next tribalistic rant.

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Politics / Re: Do The Igbo Indigenous To South South Matter ? by Nonaira1: 9:52pm On May 01, 2018
I dont think this should be your problem because i have seen it happen to ebonyi people.
Some guys from imo state claiming that ebonyi people are not igbos but will conveniently claim ikwerres as igbos.

I careless what any SE igbo says or do about my people. I know who am I so they can call me anything and that poo never faze me one bit. So No, it is not a problem. I've dealth with it before and I always make each SE igbo that says that poo to my face regret ever opening their mouth. I only mentioned it because she claimed the dude was not igbo based on that specific content and I informed her I've experienced it in real life by real SE igbo thus, that alone is not justification for dismissal of his identity claiming at that time at least.


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