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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 8:43pm On Dec 05, 2020
I would really appreciate your opinion on this issue:
A girl without father is likely to be masculine
What about a girl with a weak present father and a dominant mother?


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 6:29pm On Dec 05, 2020
Here are the conditions Einstein gave his wife. These conditions show a lot about his wife and her attitude.

The marriage still ended, but notice what was said about the ending by an Einstein biographer:

His wife was not a helpmeet.
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 5:04pm On Dec 02, 2020
The governments of the world don’t want strong men.

They don’t want men that take care of their own shit.

They want weak, dependent men.

Men that obey rules.

Men that consume more.

Men that are incapable of building strong and healthy families.

True talk
The whole world wants men to be weak


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 7:24pm On Nov 25, 2020

I'm so shock at what you just did seriously, i was trying to calm the two parties down. I saw cave post and babion reacted,fine! cave reacted again,to play some level of maturity i responded''Guy?? Why now? U no be woman''.
(meaning he should just forget it).

I'm new here, and if you see i recently open this account for a certain purpose,which i wasnt happy about,and of course,i am willing to change from who i am to becoming a new person. I've gone through pages here. And i can say i really respect you but i dont deserved being humilated(u might be trolling i dont care). No!!! Just tell what have i said to baibon,that he was insulting me first?i dont get(maybe u shld go thru my posts). if i knew i would be humilated this way i wont have quoted anyone here,seriously.
I have gone through ur post,i can say u post meaniful things,but am really shock. It shouldnt be u replying me. It should be baibon.because i was refering all my message to him. I dont get,to Bleep everything you went on to my profile,check out on my post,as if that wasn't enough u still went ahead to screenshot that message and bring to post here!!
Is that the level of redpilled you've gotten?
You even called me LOWLIFE...and you highlife right?
I dont get!! What are you feeling like?

Stopping masturbation is a difficult road, and you need God on this one. You have to fight. You need will-power to stop it or it will eat you up. The Lord is your strength.

Consider how it will feel to get your energy back. You need your energy back to be able to think well, to be more productive.

Looking forward to hearing your testimony.

Let go! You can do it!


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 12:36pm On Nov 25, 2020
I came across this thread some months ago, and I realized that I am naturally red pilled. Because when a woman shows me shit i just dumped her.
I learnt alot in this thread and most of the things pointed out here I observed them happening in my area.

So many girls have shown me love but when we date for sometime i realized they will shit test me and i usually fail, this is due to My environment, they are mostly simps and if you are not doing what they are doing they consider u has less powerful.
What i realized is that if u treat a woman in my side in redpill Way they usually dump u and goes with the simp.

So I wanted to some ideas on how I will handle such situation, because it seems is only those that are caring that benefit from such women

The same situation in my area - the eastern part of Nigeria. Simps are the greatest threat to the Alpha. The fathers of those girls simped in order to marry their mothers. Those marriages started on the wrong foot with the woman in full control. The fathers also expect suitors to simp in order to marry their girls. The girls are rebellious, rude, disrespectful, entitled, feministic and are so thirsty to conquer a man, expecting a man to crawl and grovel for a relationship. What do you expect, they learnt it from their mothers. Recall, like mother like daughter; birds of a feather flock together. The men are too soft to lead their women. They have sold their masculinity to their women. The women in these places are usually ungodly and toxic, highly unsubmissive, both young and old. Yet they can still recognize a true strong man who cannot be controlled.

Personally, one can locate a more patriarchal area, such as the core villages. If you have a strong frame, you might be able to protect her from evils of the city life.

I heard some people speaking about middle belt women and some northern areas in Nigeria on this forum - that they make good wives. A man with high level of godliness has the right to demand the same from a woman.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 4:18pm On Nov 22, 2020

Children shit test men.
Women shit test men.
Men shit test men.

No matter her real and high value you are, you will be tested. No matter how valuable you're you will be tested. God was shit tested by the devil; Adam by Eve; Elon musk by his wife; Will Smith by his wife, Jeff Bezos by his wife etc. These men are high value men, but because they lack an understanding of the female nature they were drawn into the simp zone.

Saying a real man cannot be shit tested, is a rationalization to cover his conflict avoidance syndrome. It is imbibed in women to shit tests the partner they submit to, this is to determine if he's still in frame and virility. And they will do this both consciously and unconsciously; directly and indirectly.

Women are conflict avoidant, they're always in watch, monitoring negative situations, and devising various media to overcome should in case they become overwhelmed by any. And since women are conflict avoidant; they will hanger to men who are able to smother the storm.

Though, first frame matters as it will titrate the amount of shit tests a man faces, but of itself will not be sufficient if it is neither maintained nor amplified. Yeah, high value men might receive "few" shit tests, but this doesn't make them invisible to shit tests overall.

Masculine men are capable of passing shit tests, so they should see it as an adversity that helps them determine the strength of their frame, and also elevates it alongside. Shit tests makes you see the practicability of your redpill knowledge, and to sum it up: passing shit tests is always fun.

Authority: shit tests though adverse in itself is necessary for maintaining form and dominance. Pass shit tests.

Nice explanation my brother.
Wishing you a happy Sunday over there. Cheers!


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 8:35am On Nov 19, 2020
The truth is vast majority of women feel that they are better than men, this is the reason they run the test, so that if you pass, you'd be given a chance. But real men don't take the test, they give the test. She would not test a real man she needs, because she is afraid she might annoy him and lose him altogether. If she test you, put her on ice indefinitely, she is not worthy, because all s**t test are disrespectful.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 7:31pm On Nov 16, 2020
Do not concede to feeling guilty when you place yourself aloof from her histrionics. This always happen if you pass her shit tests, and do not fall for her whims and caprices. No matter her rationalizations, do not concede.

Authority: Maintain frame.

True talk. Been a while though

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Religion / Re: God Is Hierarchical And Patriarchal by Notoftheworld79: 7:29am On Nov 16, 2020
HUH? shockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshocked
HUH? shockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshocked
HUH? shockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshockedshocked

Women need to stop raising stupid children abeg! undecided undecided
Those stupid children grow to become foolish men. Na dem fill up Naija so!

When they can't pick specific points, state their contrary opinions and argue logically, they assassinate your character and resort to name calling. Feminists are too emotional, instead of being factual.
Religion / Re: God Is Hierarchical And Patriarchal by Notoftheworld79: 7:14pm On Nov 14, 2020
abeg shut up!
Sounds like a feminist to me.
Religion / God Is Hierarchical And Patriarchal by Notoftheworld79: 2:24pm On Nov 14, 2020
God is hierarchical and patriarchal. From God to man, from man to woman, from woman to children. Man is vested by God with the mantle of leadership. He is not permitted to become weak or vulnerable in the face of adverse criticisms, smear campaigns or even death. God never commanded men to be submissive to their wives, but to love them. Let him obey this command relentlessly till his spirit forth is sent.

No woman can ascend to spiritual heights unless they obey the principles of submission. For a formidable relationship with God, submission to man (husband or father) is non-negotiable. No amount of church attendance can connect an unsubmissive woman to God because she is in a state of rebellion against God. It is like fetching water in a basket.

Unfortunately, the modern woman inherited feminists ideologies which magnified that sinful desires to usurp godly authority and control from man. This transformed his helpmeet into his opponent. Final confrontation between the Lord and Satan will be over Family and Marriage (Sr. Lucia Dos Santos).
Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 6:41pm On Nov 11, 2020
why is it that i feel empty of knowledge of redpill when i share this with guys. like when i try to indoctrinate it personally? does any one feel this way?

Redpill takes time (months or even many years) to adequately internalize. All we need is patience and continuous learning. Give it time.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 2:52pm On Nov 10, 2020
The time that is to be used in trying to subjugate a proud and stubborn woman should be targeted to other productive areas: writing, reading, introspection, retrospection, meditation, sleeping, weight lifting and making more money.

Such kind of work insidiously incapacitate your masculinity to the point when you will become inactive regardless of how strong and mighty you are.

I'm not saying you should hid yourself indoors, trying to avoid shit tests in every corners; but know that: not all wars are worth fighting; not all things are worth your time and peace.

Avoid proud and stubborn women. It is a red flag and a total turn off. Save your strength and masculinity for profitable ventures.

Authority: Don't compromise the red flags.

Nice one @ CaveAdullam

@ luminouz, proud and stubborn women must be avoided. Even when subjugated, what is the guarantee that it is not a pretence, and that their fallen nature would not rear it's ugly head again in the future? For this reason, only humble women who are submissive can make good wives

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 9:13pm On Nov 09, 2020

Mister, you are just a few weeks away from being turned into a vegetable. I wish you can see the future that awaits you, if you continue this thing you call love.
A woman that loves you will serve you with everything she commands.

Don't be like me.

Here is my story:

Read it and borrow sense before you find yourself choosing between suicide and madness.

Before the relationship started, you saw that she was proud and stubborn, you thought you could change her. Big red lights which you ignore.

Also, you gave her all the power in the relationship.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 8:57pm On Nov 09, 2020

Its envy. I've come across people like that all my life. When you begin to improve yourself to the best of your ability, you'll come across losers that instead of work hard and become better, choose to promote bitterness and finger-pointing. It doesn't matter if you're even trying to help them.

The best is just to ignore them, as they have an issue with your very existence, and their accusations are merely an outlet to legitimize an unjustified resentment. When individuals choose to be envious of an ideal that they could potentially become, it becomes impossible to be it.

Most times, those who criticize writers are those who have failed in writing. They will criticize people's idea, but will never develop or think out their own idea, even for once.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 12:05pm On Nov 08, 2020
This era is characterized by highly rebellious women. This times are the worst times for a man to find a virtuous woman to marry. The modern woman is his competitor and saboteur, yet needy. It is foolish to marry this type of woman. Only men who are afraid of celibacy will marry these types of women.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 7:36pm On Nov 04, 2020

The men deserve the seats. They look like blue collar hustlers hopping on the train to go earn a living to feed themselves and their family. The lady, on the other hand doesn't look like one who is going to get bills paid.


Men in the workplace are working to feed themselves and their family. Women in the workplace are usually there in order to prove a point. The modern woman is not man's helpmeet, but man's competitor.

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 3:01pm On Oct 29, 2020

Everything that involves man and woman relationship is all a game.
No single exceptions.
That you're unconscious of it doesn't make it otherwise.
Being firm, a loving husband, a man that got the balls to lead his woman require a game,a game that have proven evidence to increase the chances of a better relationship or marriage.

Even to build a marriage that stands a test of time require a game.
Unless you're mistaking game for Pick up artistry.

To build a biblical proverb 31 woman requires game, to keep her, game,just name it!
Building a strong frame and focus on building a better value is all a game, a game your strongly believe increases your chances and places your in a better position.
Generally, life itself is a game!

True talk.

Game is required in all interactions with women. The objective of a man's usage of game cannot apply to all types of women.

Playboys use game to get laid and there are women (fallen women) who will fit that narrative

Virtuous women who want to keep purity until marriage have a lower chance of fallen for the playboy's game.

Your thoughts?

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Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 1:50pm On Oct 29, 2020


I agree to this. Like mother like daughter greatly apply to women. Another line that is true about women is: birds of a feather flock together.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 9:40pm On Oct 27, 2020

But, as a man, always be ready and prepared for her, because women are like weeds; appearing where they are list expected, and fluctuates like the stock market---they are like black swans. Be prepare to lose her; and if adequately prepared, you won't suffer the heart break much.

The lady below has been married for 7 years, with 3 beautiful kids, and a seminar which didn't lasted for 24 hours automatically resets her brain.

Authority: see women as an attachment; not as a goal or purpose.

Great thoughts @ CaveAdullam

That reservation in a man's heart that he could lose her is indeed a psychological edge.

But I think the woman's husband failed in giving the right spiritual direction to his wife. He even supported her bisexual orientation and all her queer behaviours. I don't know of her history before their marriage (that too is needed to make better judgement) but I still think the husband should have restrained his wife's volatile emotion.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 6:57pm On Oct 27, 2020
I think I agree with Roosh that game only works on fallen women, which could be about 99% of women in the world. The woman you got with game is not the type of woman you want to marry. Bearing in mind that AWALT (there is no unicorn), the proverbs 31 woman has suppressed her hypergamy significantly. She still requires a strong masculine godly man to continually give her spiritual direction. Women, even very good ones, have a tendency to deviate when not guided by the firm and loving hands of a man who could be her father or husband or boyfriend. If a man can find a teachable young women, he can mould her into what he wants. Great women are made, not born.

What are your opinions?


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 3:50pm On Oct 21, 2020

Christ has a head and a God, he is subject to the father. To say otherwise is to contradict scripture.

But I would have you know that the head of every man is Christ, and the head of the woman is the man, and the head of Christ is God.
[quote author=Vecto post=95172250]

Christ is God. He is the human form of God. God is spirit and so took flesh in Mary's womb and became Man. He is both Son of God and Son of Man. And the word became flesh and dwelt among us (John 1:14).

So the head of Christ is God and God is Father because Christ became Son. You cannot become Father until you have a Son. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit are all one and the same God because they proceed from one source. This is the teaching on the Trinity.


Romance / Re: Reality Every Guy Need To Know ( STRICTLY REDPILL) ... by Notoftheworld79: 2:51pm On Oct 21, 2020
@ Panophist - If a woman wants to take on the responsibility of a man and be the head, they should date broke men as men have always done, do all the dirty jobs and not only choose to be like a man is sugary positions, it should be wholesome, not selective. Also, You hardly see feminists fighting to release men from the role assigned to them by religion, but to release themselves only. There you go.

In the workplace, men are motivated to work to provide for themselves and their families. Women are motivated to work to compete with men, to prove that they can handle the man's role. By doing so the defeminize themselves and this is inevitable. They become useful only for the pleasure their bodies give to men. For by equating themselves with a man, they cease to be his helper and companion. A competitor is never a companion. Yet the feminist still secretly yearns for that dominant man.

The modern woman is infected with the disease of feminism whether directly or indirectly. Even young girls are emulating it from their mothers. You would be shocked that a young girl is already contaminated with feminist ideologies before she is

Feminism is mixed up with a muddled idea that women are free when they serve their employers but slaves when they help their husbands (Chesterton).

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Romance / Re: UBUNJA's MISEDUCATION: Chosen. by Notoftheworld79: 10:16am On Oct 17, 2020
I have a question for you @ubunja. What do you say about girls who give greenlights, which is a sign that you are chosen, but play hard to get or mind games or refuse to follow your lead when you lead.


Romance / Re: Why I Will Never Marry A Man That Has Slept With Several Women. by Notoftheworld79: 9:13am On Jan 08, 2019
I am on your side my sister. I do not think I can marry a woman who is not virtuous. It actually goes against what I stand for and my personality. The fact that so many people support a particular opinion doesn't make it right. I encourage you to not give up in the virtuous life you have chosen to live. May God help us.

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