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Education / Re: This Ball Is Putting Fire Extinguishers Out Of Business by OgogoroDegree: 4:22pm On Jun 21

Fireball: the game-changing technology that's snuffing out the need for fire extinguishers!


Heat dey catch that guy ooo grin grin
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Sends Students From Africa To Fight In Its War Against Ukraine by OgogoroDegree: 8:38am On Jun 10
It was voluntary not forced.

Media and propaganda

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Nairaland / General / Re: If You Are 35years You Should Have Realize These by OgogoroDegree: 1:30pm On Jun 07
1. Stay silent. Not everything needs to be said.
Silence is better than unnecessary drama.

2. If you find someone smarter than you, work with them, don't compete. Competition is a weakness.

3. The family you create is more important than the family you come from.

4. Your current job doesn't care about you. They only pay you enough to kill your dreams.

5. Free yourself from society's advice, most of them have no idea of what they're doing.

6. Influence: Most people drift through life. They have no purpose, no direction, and zero intent. Learn their needs. Lead them.

7. You are what you think, what you eat, what you read, the visuals/audio materials you consume and those you associate with.

8. It's better to have 1 friend who's;

Happy for you
Supports your win
Encourage your dreams
Than a bunch of acquittances who are

Jealous of your success

9. You'll be 10x happier if you forgive your parents and stop blaming them.

10. No one will ever come save you. Your life is 100% your responsibility.

11.Your inner circle should be more focused on money, success, and starting a family.

12.You don't need 100 self-help books. All you need is actions and self-discipline.

Believe in your heart and soul that you are capable of big things in your life.

The only thing that is standing in your way is yourself.

Remove your glass ceiling.
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by OgogoroDegree: 7:57am On May 14
Available 42 - 46

Shoe delivery is within how many days?
Romance / Re: Being Recommended A Wife And Finding Your Wife by OgogoroDegree: 12:09pm On May 06
What I have realized about this thing is that women match/recommend out of pity for their gender not by reasoning.
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by OgogoroDegree: 8:15pm On May 03
Availavle 41 - 45
Call/whatsapp: 09060655480
Nationwide delivery
Payment on delivery within lagos
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by OgogoroDegree: 12:10pm On Apr 22

UK Preowned Sony "small but mighty" soundbar HT-CT80 with it's wired woofer

. 120w output
. Dolby digital audio format
. Clear audio+
. Bluetooth connectivity
. Wired woofer
. Auxiliary/Optical port
. USB port
. UK used

Price: 110,000

Contact details on siggy.

People dey give you reviews oooo

Abeg no fc*k up ooo


Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by OgogoroDegree: 4:21pm On Apr 19
Hisense 1.5hp
Air conditioner
Condition:almost new

Panasonic 1hp
Outside unit has some missing screws but’



Dm of pictures and videos

Fake number 🚫
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by OgogoroDegree: 12:43pm On Apr 16
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by OgogoroDegree: 12:38pm On Apr 16
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by OgogoroDegree: 7:32pm On Apr 15
House hold items for sale

7kg lg front loader dryer for lundary 120k

Changer over 25k

Juice mixer 25k

Samsung 1and half hp split ac 130k

220mah wet cell battery use for 2 yrs 150k

Wonder core for six pack 100k

2.5kav inverter with 200 mah battery for sale can work for 2days price 900k

1kav inverter with battery 400k

Inveter battery use toks and new one available

2 month use solar power with panel 120k

Dvr 5 port 100k

Panasonic indoor ac only 1and half hp 18k

X box 360 with pad 60k

Mac air 2012 not coming up 100k

Mac pro 2007 not coming up 100k swap allow

Big photocopy machine for business center 420k

I pad mini 70k

Shoe 46 and 45 15k original uk bought them and discover is too big swap allow with phone ,

Treamil big 210k

Di photocopy machine 380k

Water dispenser 45k

Water teatment plant 2.100k each

Hand dryer 25k

Insect killer machine 18k

Rice cooker 18k

2,6 inverter with 36v 150k

3.6 inverter with 48k 200k

3000 wat stabilizer for 68k

Media split ac 1 and half hp 120k

Dvr 80k

1 terabyte hard drive 60k

Panasonic land phone 15k

X box 360 65k

Ps 3 150g 90k

Mini i pad 32g 60k

Traveling box 40k

Toys for kids

08022219777 whatapp no 08026267624

Try put pictures nah

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by OgogoroDegree: 5:56pm On Apr 03
Size 40-46

5 pairs above 12,000/pair
Less than 5 pairs 13,000/pair

1 pair 13,500

Nationwide delivery available

Is this for real or a scam?
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by OgogoroDegree: 11:29am On Apr 02
I recently mounted an LG dual inverter AC in my house, but I noticed that it doesn't cool as much I would expect. What's the way out?

Is it brand new?
Phones / Re: "No Samsung Fold, No Entry" - Nigerian Big Boys Flaunt Samsung Folds Phones by OgogoroDegree: 11:03pm On Mar 30
Gathering of poor people with plenty money...... this is how most poor people behave when money come their way....... money can't buy class. No doubt ... the poor will be the ones celebrating this. Clowns everywhere.
You're wrong, he is actually working...
And he knows how to do the job well.
They performing their marketing ploy.

Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by OgogoroDegree: 3:14pm On Mar 24
Greetings, sure everyone is doing great.

I have a serious concern and i need the best help/advice i can get. I got a positive skill assessment from vetassess last year, and am going for visa 190. I lodged my EOI and i got a cumulative point of 55, but I realized my English test result i submitted( Spk= 8.0, Listn =8.0, Wrtn = 7.0, Readn = 6.5) is showing zero, that is no point awarded. What do i do, please help.
You have to retake the English Test, in order to get a point.
Minimum of 7.0 on each
Foreign Affairs / Re: Russia Is Ready For Nuclear War, Putin Warns The West, video by OgogoroDegree: 4:31pm On Mar 14
Are you cursed?What's all these gibberish on every thread naso you jobless reach? You must vomit nonsense on every thread with your multiple accounts are you getting paid for all these or it's just as a result of your joblessness?

grin grin grin

Baba you dey para ooooo
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by OgogoroDegree: 6:33am On Feb 20
After much waiting, I finally received my grant this morning 19th Feb 2024 (189) on 85 points. It's been quite the journey and I am sharing a breakdown of my process so those waiting can keep hope alive. smiley

February 2019 - Made the decision to migrate to Australia (at this time I already had IELTS - Proficient so giving me 10 points)

December 2019 - Started putting my documentation together to assess as an ICT business analyst with ACS. I requested experience verification from my old employer which I got with no stress. However, my employer as at 2019 was not open to doing this so I had to go the statutory declaration route. Fortunately, a senior colleague agreed to help me with this so I was able to submit an application to ACS.

January 2020 - Received feedback from ACS; my experience with the employer I had to use statutory declaration for was assessed insufficient so I did not get any points for this, which meant I lost points.

March 2020 - I requested a review and provided additional supporting documentation. I encountered some difficulty at this stage because even though I provided my colleague's employment letter, staff ID and most recent promotion letter (on letterhead paper), ACS said I hadn't done enough undecided. So I had to resort to extraordinary measures. Luckily, the senior colleague who provided me with a statutory declaration has a heavy internet footprint that proved he was a staff of my organisation at the time so I provided web pages, website links and even a screenshot of his email account on our official outlook that also showed the current date at the time. I also prayed and believed God for favour.

April 2020 - I received a full positive assessment from ACS which meant I got the maximum points for work experience. Since I had all the requirements for lodging an EOI, I went ahead to lodge a single application for 189 and selected several states. Of course because of COVID-19 restrictions, the waiting game proper started.

September 2020 - Sat for PTE because my IELTS expired in August 2020. I scored 90 across speaking, writing, listening and reading so this pushed my English to Superior netting me maximum points. Updated my EOI with this result and continued waiting.

October 2021 - After consulting on this forum, I created a single EOI for SA (189, 190, 491) and continued waiting.

February 2022 - I created another EOI, this time for NSW (189, 190, 491) and continued waiting.

April 2022 - The EOI I created in April 2020 expired. My ACS skills assessment also expired so I had to apply for a fresh one in June 2022.

July 2022 - Received updated ACS skills assessment.

August 2022 - Victoria opened up so I created and lodged an EOI and continued waiting. Also placed a registration of interest (ROI) with Victoria but was not selected in the invitation rounds for August, September, October and November 2022. I was a bit discouraged at this point but was left with no other option than to continue waiting.

December 2022 - Received an invitation to apply for 189 on two EOIs (NSW and SA). This was a miracle because by January 2023 I would be turning a new age that would have reduced my total points to 10. Also, the points I had were the minimum points scored for my occupation in the December 2022 invitation round. So this was truly a miracle for me.

January & February 2023 - Did my medicals and submitted my application for the 189. Waiting game resumed.

October 2023 - I received a notification that my application was being assessed.

February 2024 - Grant received. Halleluyah! grin

Did you re-update your ROI?
Thank you


Foreign Affairs / Re: Madagascar Passes Bill To Castrate Child Rapists by OgogoroDegree: 11:06am On Feb 10

Hmmm .... I always thought castration is carried out on males only ... and he is used to refer to a male. Do let me learn something new today.... what should I use instead of he?

Well, you're right

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Madagascar Passes Bill To Castrate Child Rapists by OgogoroDegree: 8:50am On Feb 10
Hmmm .... what if the person was wrongfully accused? ... don't we from time to time hear of people proven innocent after being convicted based on " overwhelming evidence"? If caught in the act ... or on the scene... or truly overwhelming evidence .... then I don't believe castration is enough. .. the entire package should be removed and a gully made.... pretty much a "sex changes would be fine by me. I'm sure he will be the center of attraction in prison .

Why "He"?
Both genders are guilty of this.
Well, I don't blame you, you have been programmed to think this way.
Family / Re: Should I Be Concerned About Marrying A 39yrs Old Woman? by OgogoroDegree: 2:19pm On Jan 24
I'm a single 39yr old Nigeria guy in diaspora trying to settle down and going to Nigeria to marry is not an option.

I'm an introvert who has been through some childhood trauma in my family and really fear marriage because of what I have seen and how bad it can be sometimes.

However, an old female friend and colleague of mine who we worked together in Nigeria and now in canada recently contacted me and she is also single and not had children. She is doing well for herself and now a citizen there while I'm not. A part of me is concerned about

1. Fertility : I desire children. However, can she have me healthy children @ 39. How many can she have? I discussed us trying for a child , she appears to want a.marriage first. But what gurantees do I have to have children.

Should I be concerned? I dont want to enter one chance.

Please I use God beg you, no insults just advice. Abeg. God bless you.
Travel / Re: Why Women Leave Their Husbands Abroad After They Both Japa by OgogoroDegree: 2:56pm On Dec 13, 2023
There is one major characteristic of those men. They used money to entice the woman in Nigeria. You are a 29 years old man doing well, na 19 years old babe you go date or marry. Sponsor her through school, pay her parents rent and siblings bills. Now the bad part- emotionally and physical abuse, her opinions don’t matter, during NYSC you quickly marry and give her belle and prevent her getting a career. you know she cant leave because she is dependent on you.

But when you reach abroad, she can enter lucrative fields like nursing and tech. Starts earning good money and contributing to the bills. With her workload, child care . Many Nigerian men refuse to adjust to the realities and demand she cooks, does all the chores like in Nigeria. You still carry cheating come abroad. With time she begins to see there is no need for you and sends you packing. Many times its payback for patriarchy in Nigeria. Marriages where the man was a good man in Nigeria mostly still waxing strong abroad.

Sukkot and co,
This is what I have to say,
1st- Marriage in the west is more like a business transaction.
Let me explain,
For 9ja, when you are ready to marry, the last thing the a rich MAN or a rich WOMAN will discuss is that "hope you won't take half of my wealth Incase we separate or initial a conversation with the inlaws on why she need to sign a prenup.

2nd- the main context of marriage is lost in the west.
Let me explain,
I believe if there is any form of union or partnership, under the umbrella of tradition, culture, and religion. There are rules and customs that must be adhere to. And every wrong moves comes with consequence.
But in the west, the bread winner bears it all.
If a man/woman is the breadwinner in the his/her partner make a bad decision(name it all), leading to divorce, the bread winner will suffer dearly.

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Properties / Re: 25 Signs Of A Fraudulent Real Estate Company And How To Avoid Them by OgogoroDegree: 12:50pm On Dec 11, 2023
[quote author=lawyer post=127424151]

24.. The popular real estate companies are the worst scammers. Beware of buying a land sold by a popular real estate company. They are the ones that commit the most real estate crimes. When you check them very well, you will realise that they are only using their big nam
es to lure you to buy lands that have no good title and have issues. They have spent millions on propaganda and marketing. Apart from that, they have nothing and you would lose your money for free. Corper Uchenna Run ooo!!!!

25. Real Estate companies that offer Bags of Rice, Goats, Palm Oil, and Christmas Chicken to lure you to buy their lands have the biggest baggage in their corner. After they have used 2 free Chickens to entice you to buy their lands, you will end up with the chickens but no land or very bad title documents on that land and that’s even if they allocate you these lands. Don’t mortgage your family’s life savings because of a free bottle of groundnut oil to buy a wayo land. Social media influencer Adewale Run ooo!!!

Family / Re: Single Nigerian Ladies In Diaspora, Any Reason Why You Turn Down Our Guys? by OgogoroDegree: 6:19pm On Nov 29, 2023
We date them here in Riyadh.

That place has good marriage law naaa grin
Marriage dey last Wella compared to the west.

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Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Worker Program - Connect Here Part 11 by OgogoroDegree: 8:32pm On Nov 19, 2023


All the same Congratulations!
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Worker Program - Connect Here Part 11 by OgogoroDegree: 8:31pm On Nov 19, 2023


Haaaaaaaa! shocked shocked

You be thief ooo
Only you chop all this score!
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Worker Program - Connect Here Part 11 by OgogoroDegree: 10:09pm On Nov 17, 2023

I just got PNP from Ontario guys. Thanks for all the help.

What's your score?
Politics / Re: Hon Bello Mutari Shares Over 2,000 Mobile Phones In Kogi (VIDEO) by OgogoroDegree: 9:00pm On Nov 17, 2023

Popular Nigerian philanthropist, Honourable Bello Mutari has shared over 2,000 mobile phones to people in Kogi state.

This was done in his bid to foster the inclusion of the people of Kogi into the digital economy and commerce space.

Through his foundation, Mbig Foundation, Hon Bello Mutari made this commendable impact to the people of Kogi state.
Honourable Bello Mutari who is from Kogi central is known for this annual programme where he reaches out to his people. This is also in connection to his philosophy about life that states that ‘you are nothing without your people’.

This move by Honourable Bello Mutari will no doubt improve the lives of the indigenes and introduce them to the digital world.

Watch Video Below


Mumu people.
Instead of investment
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Worker Program - Connect Here Part 11 by OgogoroDegree: 2:39pm On Nov 04, 2023

To send your passport to Kenya, here are the steps I followed.

1. Passport request letter
2. 2x Photo Passport
3. International passport
4. CVAC form
5. Receipt of transmission fee payment.
6. DHL Return label
7. Eye and height chart
8.(optional) two photocopies of passport data page with email address and phone number.

You need the 7 documents above

Step 1: print out PPR letter, consent form (CVAC) and eye & height chart.

Step 2: make a passport according to the specifications (it’s on your PPR letter, also try to look fresh, I heard that picture will be used everywhere for a long time)

Step 3: Pay and get Kenya VFS transmission receipt. (It costs 32k now, but dollar rate might say otherwise). You can reach out for the contact i used, as I cannot just put the contact here.

Step 4: Have a DHL 'to and return' waybill documents (it costs 78k normally, it might cost more currently). You can reach out for the contact i used as well.

Step 5: put all documents asides the DHL Lagos-Nairobi waybill inside an envelope

Step 6: go submit the documents at any official DHL office close to you. ( they’ll ask for the DHL waybill document (Lagos-Kenya)

Step 7: buy coke and 3 puff puff, you deserve to spoil yourself.
Education / Re: IELTS: Share Your Experience, Ask Your Questions, Tell Us Your Score If You Can. by OgogoroDegree: 7:01am On Oct 31, 2023

Please who can answer this.. how do I have my changed results on EOR

You will be sent another copy
Travel / Re: DIY Guide To Australian Permanent Resident Visa - Part 2 by OgogoroDegree: 8:31am On Oct 29, 2023

No copying. Just use as a sample to draft yours.

9ice 1
Education / Re: IELTS: Share Your Experience, Ask Your Questions, Tell Us Your Score If You Can. by OgogoroDegree: 11:49pm On Oct 19, 2023
Please for British Council CBT at Ten A ventures, ikoyi. I was told to bring a photocopy of my passport in the email. I cannot see where to photocopy now. The email was just sent. Is a photocopy needed pls?
Screenshot the mail and look for any hotel nearby and ask for printing/photocopying service.
What time is the test?
Travel / Re: Canadian Express Entry/Federal Skilled Worker Program - Connect Here Part 11 by OgogoroDegree: 7:53pm On Oct 19, 2023
Good day Honourable s,
Pls we need ur suggestion, contributions and advice on This Mail from a Canadian employer, this mail was sent to my sister and they are demanding For $1230 Canadian dollars, below is the mail,

Dear precious johnson,,, with passport number: xxxxxx,

Congratulations, we are pleased to inform you that your application for employment has been approved by LEDCOR GROUP.
Department: Hospitality,
Location: 2 International Blvd #200, Etobicoke, ON M9W 1A2, Canada

Position: kitchen assistant.

Your appointment date for biometric exercise is scheduled below,
Time 11:00AM prompt
13th, November, 2023.

All necessary documents for a quick review.

All applicants are to pay the sum of CAD$1,230 in two series also known as in two dimensions for your biometric which includes (Voice Recognition, Fingerprint Scanning, Facial Recognition, Iris Recognition and Heart-Rate Sensors.),

Accommodation over there for you and your kids, medical (covid-19/omicron test) and others, from now till 24/10/2023.

NOTE: the necessary payments must be made and confirmed to the financial secretary before the deadline given, to avoid disqualification.

Please also note you are to observe the protocols of covid-19 while coming, cover your nose mask and practise social distance. Please do not involve your self in any form of bribe at the Gate while coming in, thank you.




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