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Health / Re: Lobster Diver Swallowed And Spat Out By Humpback Whale (Pictures, Video) by Olam09(m): 9:23pm
Family / Re: Tired Of My Marriage by Olam09(m): 10:19pm On Jun 13
No need for a long story, I got married 2 yrs ago, during our friendship I mean courtship it was very sweet and lovely, we got married 2 yrs ago and I have 1 kid.

The problem I have is that, the girl's family come to greet almost every time and when they come they eat like elephant, anything eatable they eat it, they don't use eyes to see bread tea or butter in my room, they will finish it within a day, I will end up spending a lot during the time, when I noticed that it becomes offen i started telling my wife that I am broke, I don't have money. Although my wife is very nice she earns salary of 40k a month, and do funds and cook many times with her money.

Before now I was it okay, we are like a family, now i just realized that it is making me not think straight within a week oil and cooking things we bought will just finished the cartoon of indomitable that last the 2 of us before 1 month or month plus will just finish within 4 days of thier stay, some time 3 of her family will come once and another set will come again, my wife is the first daughter, the poor parents gave birth to 9 kids all in the name of looking for a boy, so she said although the 2 boys are number 7 and 9 position, her parents should be around man 60s and the woman 45yrs old. so now I am tired of the marriage, I don't know how to talk to my wife about it, that I don't like how thier family do come offend since we got married, my families has never come to sleep over in my place for a night talkless of spending holiday in my place my parents gave birth to only 3 of us 2 boys 1 girl.

Now i am just tired I can't be responsible for someone else burden why give birth to many kids and unable to train them, i plan to have only 2 or 3 kids only, and her family want to make me be like thier father sitting at home doing nothing depending on pension for survival, i have realized that I can't achieve what i should have achieved if i continue life this way.

Before our marriage, we agreed no family members is coming to stay with us, the issue now is they don't stay but come to eat and go, it's a big cheating to me I am tired for real, even if I say I don't have money and she use her own. The money should have be able to do other important thing . She spending is also affecting me a lot, we should have been able to buy land or car or live well, not feeding battalion. I am tired please I need advice on what to do.
Oh.. baby so this how you talk shit about my family on nairaland.. I'm highly disappointed in you, it's me your wife..
Education / Re: Menace Of Yahoo Boys In Our Institutions by Olam09(m): 11:19pm On Jun 12
No big deal. nothing way never happen before. Let them scam my mum and dad. Death is the end of all men and everybody must die. Karma my ass. do you know how many people die in car accidents today? No go hustle for your future thats if you have one
It's now obvious to me that your conscience is totally dead... i pray it's not to late before you realize, because you gonna say had i know at the end.
Education / Re: Menace Of Yahoo Boys In Our Institutions by Olam09(m): 10:24am On Jun 12
Nothing like karma. people die everyday. You might even be the one to die first hating on another persons success
Idiot you're calling pure wickedness success.. i pray your mum and dad get scammed with thier live savings and I'll see maybe you'll term that as success idiot.. karma is gonna catch up with all of them including you one day.

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Education / Re: Menace Of Yahoo Boys In Our Institutions by Olam09(m): 9:39am On Jun 12
Karma is real and it's gonna catch up with them one day


Travel / Re: Lagos Ranks Second On World’s Least Livable Cities - EIU by Olam09(m): 9:41pm On Jun 09
Lagos is still the best most infrastructured place in Nigeria... you can argue with your keyboard


Celebrities / Re: Temi Otedola Meets Her Nephews—DJ Cuppy’s Dogs (Photos, Video) by Olam09(m): 7:08pm On Jun 09
Hey guys check out my new book on Amazon it'll be available on Friday

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Literature / Re: Which Books Can I Read that Will Positively Influence My Life? by Olam09(m): 7:07pm On Jun 09
My fellow readers,which book would you suggest for me to read,that will positively influence my life and build me socially enough to be a master and a wisdom island?
I'm a student.
Why don't you read this...

Politics / Re: ITF Mobile: A 100% Made-In-Nigeria Phone, By Nigerians (Photos) by Olam09(m): 1:27pm On Jun 09
Great, make we grow Naija by buying Naija products.
Na you go use this palasa?
Politics / Re: Police Kill 'Dragon', A Dreaded Bandit Behind Attacks In Imo (Graphic Pics) by Olam09(m): 9:39am On Jun 07
if you must write in english,at least lean how to write it well. Are you guys coursed with a low IQ. Dump ass.
You self ya English is bad.. coursed" instead of curse.
Religion / Re: Prophet TB Joshua Ministries Confirms His Death by Olam09(m): 7:37am On Jun 06
Super sad. How couldn't he see his demise coming ?
How dumb are you.. you just finish asking a foolish question, how do you expect a lamp to illuminate the under of itself?


Politics / Re: Nigerians Opt For Vpns Following Twitter Ban by Olam09(m): 10:18am On Jun 05
I'm currently using Twitter now.. what the fùck are you guys talking about.. Twitter is working na
Science/Technology / Re: Can You Buy This Electronic Toilet WC For #350,000 ? by Olam09(m): 3:57pm On Jun 04
This one go Dey fear me to shit o. Water and electricity doesn’t go together at all.
Nope you missed it. Water is a bad conductor but salty water is a good conductor of electricity... you can check!
Politics / Re: Mahmud Sulaiman: Soldier Commits Suicide After Killing A Customs Officer In Seme by Olam09(m): 9:12am On Jun 04
The soldier life means nothing to us bcoz he is murderer.
You're dumb... don't you know most of this soldiers are been traumatized by the horror of war... the government literally failed them.. the government ought to have provided psychological evaluation programs for the warfighter returnees.. i won't blame the soldiers because he's suffering from PTSD.. i rather blame the fuçking government for thier negligence...
Politics / Re: Mahmud Sulaiman: Soldier Commits Suicide After Killing A Customs Officer In Seme by Olam09(m): 9:06am On Jun 04
Soldiers coming from warfront should be made to go through some councellings before they are allowed to serve in the south. These are people that the only sound they hear everyday is that of RPG, grenades and riffle. Some even feed on human flesh and blood in the Northeast. Most of them are suffering from post traumatic stress. Government need to take them through some psychiatric evaluation and councrlling before reintegrating them into a normal society.
Yea PTSD, they are been traumatized by the horror of war.. the shootings, bombing, sounds of grenades.. machine guns.. i won't blame the deceased soldiers , i rather blame the government for not providing psychology evaluation programs for the war fighter returnees..
Food / Re: Yoruba Girl Eats Igbo Food (abacha) For The First Time (pics, Video) by Olam09(m): 2:36pm On Jun 03
I love Abacha die......One of my best delicacies......if you don't eat it you are missing ohhh
So you're practicing cannibalism? You love eating general sanni abacha?
Politics / Re: Oluwo Akanbi: South-West Will Suffer If Nigeria Breaks Now by Olam09(m): 7:32pm On Jun 02

Yes he just said the truth, electricity is been generated from the North, food stuffs too.. crude oil is been generated from the east, but here in yoruba land we're the one enjoying the benefits.. if Nigeria should break up we'll suffer here in the west.. I'm a yoruba boy i know what I'm saying, only the illiterates won't understand the implications..
Business / Re: Femi Otedola Celebrates His Son, Fewa's Birthday (Photo) by Olam09(m): 3:19pm On Jun 02
Hehehe who ask you this trash who tell you the boy is autism? Do you know why people mind their business.
Olodo.. he has it.. check cuppy IG page.. she also confirmed it.

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Crime / Re: Police Arrest ATM Cards Fraudster In Katsina (Photo) by Olam09(m): 10:34am On Jun 02

Police arrest notorious fraudster who specializes in stealing ATM cards from victims at ATM points in Katsina

The Katsina State Police Command has arrested a 21-year-old notorious fraudster, who specializes in stealing ATM cards from unsuspecting members of the public at various ATM points in the state, NaijaCover Reports.

Spokesperson of the command, SP Gambo Isah, who disclosed this in a statement on Monday, May 31, said the suspect, Aliyu Abdullahi, confessed to have withdrawn N1.6 million from different accounts of six of his victims.

"On 24/05/2021 at about 11:00hrs, based on top off, the Command succeeded in arresting one Aliyu Abdullahi, 'M', aged 21yrs of Kasuwar Mata Quarters, Funtua, a notorious fraudster who specializes in defrauding unsuspecting members of the public who went ATM points to withdraw cash," Gambo stated.

"In the course of investigation, suspect confessed that his modus operandi is to hanged out between UBA and First Bank ATM points along IBB way, Katsina. And what he does was to petiently wait for an operator whose ATM was rejected because of inexperience with operation of the machine.

"He then came in and pretended to render assistance and in the process he swapped the victim's ATM card with a fake one. He already had the victim's ATM card and PIN number, he will then quickly ran to another ATM point and withdraw all the money in the account. Suspect confessed to have withdrew over the sum of one million, six hundred and six thousand, four hundred naira (6,606,400, 000) from different accounts of six (6) of his victims. Investigation is ongoing."

Source: https://www.lindaikejisblog.com/2021/6/police-arrest-notorious-fraudster-who-specializes-in-stealing-atm-cards-from-victims-at-atm-points-in-katsina.html
�� which tribe go claim this one now? Igbo amaka we dash you this guy

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Travel / Re: Drone Crashes Into Spewing Volcano In Iceland (Photo, Video) by Olam09(m): 9:52am On Jun 02
I don’t know if it’s ignorance that make you guys make this kind of racist statement but it annoys the Bleep out of me. I don’t know what kind of self hate is this, go and like them na, continue liking whites
That’s how some will always be saying things like “black man mentality” or “black man no wise”
They’re millions of blacks on earth, stop that nonsense generalization
Go and sin no more, brother angry
Wetin dey no even understand be say almost all innovative ideas are from blacks, the white just dey execute am...
Nairaland / General / Re: Snake Killed In My House by Olam09(m): 11:11am On Jun 01
I remember when Izuchukwu, my lodge mate in Hilltop during our school days at UNN ate this same kind of crawling beauty.
Izu after killing and cleaning up the crawling beauty, he used some of the meat to prepare a sumptuous meal of Egusi and the ones he smoked over a fire for three days before he used them for stew.
I no go lie. I have never been more tempted to join in a snake meal. But what saved me (and other lodgemates) from the impeding doom was that Izu was known for his akagum. And so that was how my guy within one week devoured his Snake food, alone.
We woke up one morning to see a swollen Izu face. His mouth was so badly twisted.
Ever since then, I have had this strong resolve never to go near lalasticlala's favorite meal.
It's an abomination for one person only to consume a whole snake.. ask anywhere they gon tell you.
Politics / Re: South-West Is The Safest Part Of Nigeria - Garba Shehu by Olam09(m): 3:04pm On May 31
I still dey talk am every time say southwest is fucķing safe... because we no dey dull ourselves.. any suspicious movement we don already pai.. the person lmao..
Politics / Re: UK company's 'Yoruba' trademark sparks outcry by Olam09(m): 4:02pm On May 26
Negotiate well they'll sell.

Also promise them 100 plates of intercontinental Ewedu and Owambe every weekend if they sign.

I know my Ewedu brethrens will choose Owambe over a nonsensical word

Lmao.. you don craze
Health / Re: My Ex-Girlfriend Just Contracted HIV by Olam09(m): 9:38am On May 25
You're a lier... ask me why? Yea.. you said you pass through school but your English is kind of ahem..
Celebrities / Re: Tiwa Savage Stunned As Fan Tattoos Name On Chest by Olam09(m): 3:35pm On May 21
I think she's a saparian..

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Celebrities / Re: Ada Ameh Slams Naira Marley Over His Sexual Fantasy (Video) by Olam09(m): 1:12pm On May 21
Naira Marley wey i don unfollow after seeing the shit..
Politics / Re: Two Dead As Explosion Rocks Obasanjo’s Library In Abeokuta (Graphic Picture) by Olam09(m): 4:18pm On May 20
They've taken the war to baba Iyabo.

Baba surely understands the sign undecided
Ode.. e be like say you no read the news? They talk say gas explode you dey reason say bomb explod..
Politics / Re: Airman Killed By Mob In Oshodi. Many Stranded As Soldiers ‘Take Over’ by Olam09(m): 1:31pm On May 20
Zombie military. No law no order. Just wear camo and intimidate because you get gun.

No forget say camo na still tailor sow am. The way I'm seeing it after police na army and efcc dem UGM go begin target if things don't get fixed
Shut the fùck up, i wish you're also a victim of this oshodi hoodlums.. i swear you'll not be saying this shit! Are you in support of hoodluism?

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Health / Re: Working 55 Hours A Week Increases Risk Of Death: UN by Olam09(m): 11:21pm On May 17
Lmaooooo... i suppose don die niyen i dey work from 8 to 9pm everyday including sunday too..
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: West Brom Vs Liverpool (1 - 2) On 16th May 2021 by Olam09(m): 6:26pm On May 16
Premier league is a shit.. always ruling every fine goal offside it's obvious they want liverpool to qualify for champions league next season.. but with this draw they ain't going any fuçķing where!
Health / Re: Teeth Whitening: Share Your Experience by Olam09(m): 2:35pm On May 14
But the whole essence of wanting to whiten one's teeth is for aesthetics. White teeth always look better on everyone, gives them more confidence and a better smile smiley

What if there mouth stinks kho? And the teeth is white, how are we gon solve the matter?
Travel / Re: Gberefu Island Point Of No Return, Badagry – The Original Slave Route by Olam09(m): 3:53pm On May 13
Those who where shipped at the point of no returning are now better than us because they never returned to this God's forsaken land.
You're very dump... i wish you were among them, i believe you gonna understand that been in this present Nigeria is hundred times better than been a slave back then.. if you were among them i believe that before this time you would have died from spinal injury probably, i can see you're a kid with a cheap phone.. if you want more insight on how slavery and the quest for freedom was like, you gotta check this book titled The negroes in the making of America it was written by W.E.B. Du Bois.

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