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Romance / Re: I've Been Wooing Her For Long On FB, Then Today She Uploaded This by omogidi234(m): 12:29pm On Apr 27, 2019
Dey there, my fiance is a SARS agent and still I dey wipe her slap grin for her ass

Okay. Anytime any SARS issue happens, I know where to go to.
Politics / Re: Presidency Speaks On Buhari Seeking Medical Treatment During Private Visit To UK by omogidi234(m): 4:35pm On Apr 26, 2019
when the presidency speaks it does so as if it's fighting with Nigerians

Can you imagine that statement that Nigerians have right to believe whatever they want to believe? Even though that statement is the truth, it should not be coming from government, the best would have been to refute the rumours or admit.

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Politics / Re: Presiding Officers: We Transmitted Official Results Directly To INEC Server by omogidi234(m): 5:58pm On Apr 22, 2019
D truth b like pregnancy, u can't hide it for long... What baffles me is why exactly is INEC lying?

I have said it several times on Nairaland, I believe any Nairaland that I have not seen than even my relatives in Politics or Government. In one of my posts, I said if anyone in government says good morning, I will go and check the sky to confirm the veracity of that greeting.
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Has No Right To Reject Onnoghen’s Resignation – Lawyer by omogidi234(m): 6:27pm On Apr 21, 2019


Yes now, if the President removes a CJN with the recommendation of NJC and 2/3 Majoriry from the Senate- that is sacking now!
Politics / Re: Why Buhari Has No Right To Reject Onnoghen’s Resignation – Lawyer by omogidi234(m): 6:12pm On Apr 21, 2019

I still remember when I was in secondary school, we were taught that each arm of government is independent of one another, how do you explain that

Could my teacher be teaching me nonsense

Yes they are independent but you would also remember they told us about check and balance, part of the latter is the President appointing /sacking or receiving resignation letter from the CJN.

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Politics / Re: Why Buhari Has No Right To Reject Onnoghen’s Resignation – Lawyer by omogidi234(m): 4:07pm On Apr 21, 2019
yes I agree, but he still has the right to pursue Judgement of his resigned staff, if found guilty the resigned staff will be punished by the law.

The President can prosecute anyone found wanting but he does not have the right to reject resignation letter. Once it has been addressed to him and delivered at his office, it takes effect.

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Politics / Re: The Deplorable State Of Iju Road, Agege: A Call On The Lagos State Government by omogidi234(m): 2:43pm On Apr 19, 2019
Afam4eva thanks so much for this piece. Other people used different platforms which has yielded result. I understand it was really trending on Twitter and government has started work on the place immediately. I am sure millions of soul that pass through that road will bless you and others who made this issue trends.

In a similar vein, I will like to register my disappointment with the MODs and SuperMODs. I sent a mail to both to please move this topic to the front page but they did not see it as a front page material rather it is the story of Onnoghen that was constantly there and including the story of couple who were making noise during sex, one who just got endorsement, throw back picture of Bola Tinubu.

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Politics / Re: The Deplorable State Of Iju Road, Agege: A Call On The Lagos State Government by omogidi234(m): 2:25pm On Apr 18, 2019
Mod, please move this to the Frontpage. The road has made life unbearable for those plying the road.

Those of us living in estates around cannot go out as you desire. Incidentally, I learnt the Speaker of LA House Assembly lives in one of the estates around.

As for those accusing Afam4eva, he has nothing against anybody, the pix and whole issue started from my estate, we are still making effort to bring Channels TV and some others to bring this terrible situation to the attention of the people in power.


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Education / Re: University Of Benin Introduces Graduation Ring by omogidi234(m): 9:33am On Apr 18, 2019

Covenant University Always Give Signet Rings To Her Graduates!

Our new ring design at CU is similar to that of imperial college London. But I don't have the signet anymore as my dad has hijacked it.

But it is perfectly normal, reputable universities all over the world have signet rings....

So your Dad hijacked the ring! Though he paid the fees, he should not wear the ring because he did not pass through CU.
Travel / Re: Trump Wants To Make US Visas Harder For Nigerians by omogidi234(m): 7:58am On Apr 18, 2019

Americans fixed (and are still fixing) America, and Nigerians need to do the same...
Policemen in the US are still killing unarmed black men “here and there” but they will overcome.

Great comment. Nigerians actually want a change but it seems to me that we do not know how to wrestle Nigeria from the same people who have been in power since the first coup d'etat.

Look at Kingsley Moghalu for example, his name began to ring bell (to me oh!) only during the last election. Yes, I know him as a brilliant chap but not as a politician until that 2019 elections. Then he lost and began to blame Nigerian youth and then he said he was retiring from politics. I think he should go and study OBAMA.

I mean, he has another 4 years to hit the ground running and gather everyone from 18 to 45 to his side, through all manner of advocacy. It is tough but there is no harm in trying. He could start from the Senate. So you can see that we do not know how to wrestle Nigeria from these guys.

I agree there is nowhere on the surface of the earth that we do not have vices but when you have systems in place, it would reduce such vices.

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Education / Re: Lizzy Didn't Attend Vivian Fowler - School Releases Statement by omogidi234(m): 8:32pm On Apr 17, 2019
She speaks good English and am sure she attended the Vivian Fowler School but they denied her.

You will always make profit in your endeavours for that line. It possible that she has forgotten the name of her schools or she could also be saying the truth. Her English is impeccable even her Yoruba is buttish, from the moment she starts speaking, you will decipher she went to all these big schools.
Politics / Re: Corps Member Dies After Falling Out Of A Commercial Bus In Lagos (graphic Photo) by omogidi234(m): 3:01pm On Apr 17, 2019
Really sad. After going through the rigours of LL.B and BL. May the family be comforted.
Travel / Re: Trump Wants To Make US Visas Harder For Nigerians by omogidi234(m): 10:04am On Apr 17, 2019
I do not blame those who are traveling. In fact they see us as not serious. I have people who are wondering what I am still doing in Nigeria.

The roads in mainland of Lagos except Surulere and Alimosho are terrible. Heavy traffic, security men killing people here and there. No constant electricity yet they bring bills at the end of the month and sometimes outrageous. I was telling someone this morning that Nigerians are the greatest among the creature of God. For those who have chosen to stay back, let us give them credit and for those who are going, let us wish them well.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Releases ‘Evidence’ Of Election Result From INEC Website by omogidi234(m): 8:15am On Apr 17, 2019
This is not admissible in court even if it is true because electronic transmission of results is not part of the electoral law.

Abuse me from now to tomorrow emotions dont win case. Electoral act is the law guiding everything about elections. Electronic transmission of result is not a law in Nigeria. For those Atiku supporters attacking me your abuse wont help the cameroonian.

You have a point there, but INEC needs to prove that the result is not from its server because if it is proved that the result was indeed taken from the server and INEC cannot rebut it, how it was obtained from the field may be immaterial.
Politics / Re: Ninth NASS Leadership: No Committee Chairmanship For Opposition – Oshiomhole by omogidi234(m): 8:00am On Apr 17, 2019
I think he should allow the Nass to determine that.
Politics / Re: My Lawyer Qualified To Handle My Case Against Buhari - Atiku Tells INEC by omogidi234(m): 7:56am On Apr 17, 2019
Logic is failing you guys, and you're the one displaying crass ignorance here.

If you're banking on the fact that he was a former AG of Imo state to say then he's qualified, then we can say it is stupidity to say a General doesn't have a WAEC certificate.

You people are just mumuing yourself the more.

It seems you have some info that we don't have, like him not having LL. B and BL.

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Politics / Re: My Lawyer Qualified To Handle My Case Against Buhari - Atiku Tells INEC by omogidi234(m): 7:54am On Apr 17, 2019

They have held onto every other unnecessary things except the main reason for the petition itself..

It is a disgrace that INEC could come up with such, despite the lawyer being a SAN and Former AG of a state.

If they harp on election transmission result not being valid, why then do they have them in the first place and why are the figures different?

We need to start asking the right questions.

I think they have issue with may be his name or so. For example if you are Tochukwu, and shorten to Chukwu to make easier for pronunciation., or Adewale and you use Wale, I think that is what they are having issue with.
Politics / Re: Coalition Minority Tribes To Atiku: Return To Cameroon Within 21 Days, Apologise by omogidi234(m): 1:08pm On Apr 16, 2019
grin grin grin

Hunger has made so many people in this country turn stvpid!

Did this minority tribes bother to think that the bogus claim about Atiku's nationality also affect millions from the North? Atiku isn't the only one from Adamawa that happened to be a part of Northern Cameroun before it became a part of Nigeria. So, they should ask almost the entire population of Adamawa State to get annexed into Cameroon.
This type of politics APC and Buhari has introduced will be the death of Nigeria.
Let's see how this madness will play out.

Apologize to Nigerians? SMH

Well if they are asking him to apologize and leave, that must be extended to everyone in that town. Hmmm, let us not play with fire oh!
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: "Warned To Stop Criticizing Buhari Or Risked Being Called Ghanaian" by omogidi234(m): 10:03pm On Apr 13, 2019
>: grin grin grin grin grin
Lemme criticize too let them say I'm from Canada so they can deport me o

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Politics / Re: INEC ‘satisfied’ By Buhari’s Academic Qualification by omogidi234(m): 2:22pm On Apr 13, 2019
To become a president you only need SSCE but to become a dangote truck driver you need a B.Sc.
Nigeria na wah!

Point of correction my person, there was a time they were looking for PhD holder to come and drive the trucks! I am not joking oh!

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Politics / Re: Here Is The Man That Caused Disunity Among Yoruba And Igbo People by omogidi234(m): 7:51am On Apr 12, 2019
cheesy grin grin cheesy
Yes after hunger wan finish east Germany.

Make we wait small. Maybe some brains go still reset.
Politics / Re: Here Is The Man That Caused Disunity Among Yoruba And Igbo People by omogidi234(m): 9:39pm On Apr 11, 2019

You do know the U.S and Russia divided Germany not that Germans were not united

Someone divided them and they decided at a point to unite!
Education / Re: Breaking!!!: Snake Found And Killed In Kogi Versity Hostel Water Tank (see Pics) by omogidi234(m): 12:33pm On Apr 11, 2019
no snake picture no front page .. the title sef like say na end of the world grin

That Korean laugh from that chap!

Na wah. Mod this is misleading!

Just say the tank broke. No snake in any of the pix.
Education / Re: Plastic Bottles Used To Pay School Fees At Morit International School, Ajegunle by omogidi234(m): 12:27pm On Apr 11, 2019
What do you expect from Ajegunle?

Well you may say that about AJ city but the truth is there is so much money in plastic recycle.

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Politics / Re: FG Opts To Continue Onnoghen’s Trial As Counsel Submit Final Addresses by omogidi234(m): 9:21am On Apr 11, 2019
If he is found to be guilty, the full weight of the law should be brought upon him and this would serve as deterrent to any office holder and it will also send a clear message that the government is serious about fighting corruption.
But we are in Nigeria where some people are above the law. let's wait and see what the outcome will be.

Nice comment but the CCT can only ban him from holding public offices or seize any property he cannot explain the acquisition!

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Education / Re: Uniben Female Graduate Who Turned To Shoemaker Received An International Award by omogidi234(m): 5:46am On Apr 11, 2019
Congratulations to her.
Politics / Re: Here Is The Man That Caused Disunity Among Yoruba And Igbo People by omogidi234(m): 6:10pm On Apr 10, 2019
Mr. Achebe’s memoir, blaming Mr. Awolowo for starving to death of over two million Biafran children.

So if he caused the fight, shouldn't the current generation stop it? I knew Germany to be of two parts when I was younger ( still young sha) but now we have one Germany.

That is why Baba went there some tines ago and was still saying West Germany.

Sorry let me finish jare, so whatever caused the division between the Germans, some one brought them together and please don't tell me that Igbo and Yoruba division is not like the Germans', division na division.

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Romance / Re: My Fiancee Has Slept With A Married Man Before by omogidi234(m): 8:17am On Apr 07, 2019
Are you angry because she just told you now or she did it?

If you are angry because she did, I don't think that would be fair, it is her past, there is nothing you can do about it. It is condemnable though!

Except, you want to go the past like the Flash to go and erase the past.

If you are angry because she just told you, then it is understandable, please get over it. She should have told you long ago.

Please note this, you people call it karma but we call it seed.
Whatever you do in life, you will reap, there is possibility of someone forcing you in future so as to do to her what she did to another woman.
Romance / Re: Lady Who Got Pregnant At 23 As A Virgin Without Penetrative Sex (pics) by omogidi234(m): 8:06am On Apr 07, 2019
Maybe we need to redefine what sex means grin

Maybe she is the type that releases much at every touch.
What did she expect wink

That is why she said she got pregnant "without penetrative sex". If you want to interprete that, it would mean, they did everything except penetration.

There are a whole that make that process, penetration is probably the climax.

So she could say, sex wise she was not a virgin but scientifically she was, since her Hymen was intact.

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