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Education / Re: Teacher Ripped Off Student's Trouser For Disobeying Schools Rules And Regulation by Omudia11: 4:38pm On Sep 07, 2019
The people in the picture you posted are Ghanian and that happened in Ghana.
Stop spreading fake news.
This must have happened after several warnings.

Bravo Mr Teacher!
You have done what his parents couldn't do. May yo be rewarded not just only in heaven, but also on earth too.

We must not allow secondary school students in naija to behave like those in South Africa. NEVER!
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: We Will Catch Governors Owing Salaries If They Come Abroad by Omudia11: 5:26am On Sep 07, 2019

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Business / Re: Xenophobic Attacks: MTN Investors Lose N40bn by Omudia11: 11:11am On Sep 06, 2019
Do you know what $40bn is? That's the whole GDP of some African countries.
$40b or N40b?

If the former, I'm cool, but if the latter, I'm not satisfied? angry
Celebrities / Re: Fans Reacts As Nicki Minaj Retires From Music To Start A Family by Omudia11: 8:58am On Sep 06, 2019
Heard the nigga actually murdered someone. Don't know she left safaree after all those years. Dude will always be the best she's had.
Are you kidding me
She ditched safaree accusing him of being after her money but this guy eeh, ex convict with no source of livelihood wow.
I hope she knows what is doing.
My best female artist will always be Rihanna dou
Business / Re: Supermarket Owners Rake In Huge Profits Over Closure Of Shoprite In Akure by Omudia11: 8:21am On Sep 06, 2019
Shut the fvck up. Wtf is a fvcking fruit?
They know they can hardly bring those from SA as they're highly perishable but every other thing comes from SA. Foolish asslicker.
Shoprite will be back soon, and stronger, take it or leav it, shoprite took shopping experience to a whole new level, they believe so much in nigerian products, most of the fruits yu see in shoprite are locally sourced, shoprite even goes a long way to bring in seeds of crops that are not grown in nigeria and share to farmers for them to grow in nigeria,

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Politics / Re: Xenophobic Attacks!: Shot Boy Video Real? by Omudia11: 4:53am On Sep 05, 2019
Haven't watched it and don't intend to. I don't know why people watch graphic videos.
Politics / Re: Minister Joined University Of Zambia Students In Protesting Against Xenophobia . by Omudia11: 4:34am On Sep 05, 2019
I'm really impressed by Zambia

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Celebrities / Re: Nigeria Should Break Diplomatic Ties With South Africa – Fani-kayode by Omudia11: 4:26pm On Sep 04, 2019
What investors did we have before now?
US has been doing the same. I don't see investors running away.
use ur brain b4 commenting..if u nationalise multinationals,investors will run away from ur country
Politics / Re: How I Showed Solidarity To Nigerians In South Africa! by Omudia11: 9:45am On Sep 04, 2019
In my household we don't use DSTV, we use CTL and they show EPL, Champions league, Italian league, serie A, etc
European soccer leagues will not allow most Nigerians to boycott Dstv , na only to make mouth on social media we get

If only we could have a better alternative.
Foreign Affairs / Re: "South Africa Is For All"—Julius Malema Condemns Xenophobic Attacks On Nigerians by Omudia11: 7:45pm On Sep 03, 2019
I have been following him for some time now and I can tell you he says what he means and means what he says. He is a pan africanist.
Julius Malema is only playing to the gallery. If anyone thinks Malema is saying what he believes, the person will believe anything?

Malema should be watched by everyone, only time can tell if he really believes this. Me? I don't.

Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Boycotts South African Products Over Xenophobic Attacks by Omudia11: 7:12pm On Sep 03, 2019
I literally said the same thing today.
This is a good opportunity for Mr adenuga ... Upgrade our shitty network and capitalize on this attack on Nigerians.

And get more subscribers
Romance / Re: Guys Which Of These Two Ladies Would You Prefer To Marry. by Omudia11: 6:57pm On Sep 03, 2019
And men should be sexually what? If your forefathers married virgins doesn't that tell you they were also virgins? Because in a place where all the women are virgins doesn't that imply that the men are also virgins?
How can you post that? do they have our sexual urge? chai! women should be sexually chaste they can its easy! our fathers and fore married most a virgin!
Crime / Re: “You Are Not Even Happy That I Hit Your Ass” - Sexual Harasser Mocks His Victim by Omudia11: 5:47am On Sep 03, 2019
You really don't have sense. That a few people didn't condemn those women doesn't make it right. One agbero will press your wife, sister or mother one day and you won't do shiit about it. Keep blaming feminism asi if it's the cause of your failure in life.
But wait o, was it not same here on nairaland all we saw ladies GRABBING Zlatan's d**k and all these parrots slamming this guy were silent like say pesin die and others were wishing it was them doing the grabbing So really, really, this crazy misinformed feminists in Nigeria dey exist.
Inside life undecided

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Romance / Re: Ex-lover Stops Wedding In Edo Church, Bride Collapses (Photos) by Omudia11: 9:15am On Sep 02, 2019
Better still don't be a wicked ex-boyfriend and you won't worry about a wicked exgf busting your wedding.
But that will not stop eventual attack after the wedding, just pray you don't end up with wickid jilted girlfriend.
Romance / Re: Ex-lover Stops Wedding In Edo Church, Bride Collapses (Photos) by Omudia11: 9:13am On Sep 02, 2019
Read again, she went there at 6:am with some thugs. And even if you succeed in stopping her, will you stop her after the wedding?

People should learn to live good lives.
You can't destroy a person's life and hope to have a good one. Why promise someone marriage and deceive them for 7 years?
But a guy man should've had his close friends working as security for his wedding naa.
Best man is not the work of a closest pal, it's the work of the second closest pal or younger brother. His closest pal should've been outside the venue with some men to stop nonsense on his wedding day especially ex girlfriends who would want to spoil the day.
I learnt this far back in my secondary school days when my cousin who had so many ex girlfriends wedded. My cousin's best friend was outside with some plain cloth policemen all through the event.
Politics / Re: Waterway Bill: IPOB Protests In Rivers State, Say No To Water Way Bill by Omudia11: 9:50am On Sep 01, 2019
He never said so.
You're very stupid for referring to Rivers State as an Ibo state.
Travel / Re: Africans Live Better Lives Than Most Americans by Omudia11: 3:06am On Sep 01, 2019
LMAO. I like you.
the mods dont like this kind of topic. That was how they closed my thread which i regard as the greatest thread in nairaland history

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Politics / Re: Mosque Demolition: Shekarau Condemns Wike by Omudia11: 2:37am On Sep 01, 2019
I love all your replies on this thread.

Kano State is one big Emirate.
Do you know what an Emirate is?
An Emirate is an exclusively Muslim society governed by Sharia law under a Muslim leader, Emir.

Kano State operates Sharia law. Do your know what Sharia law is?

Kano State falls under the Sokoto Caliphate.

What is a Caliphate! A caliphate is an Islamic State ruled by A Caliph.

Stop spewing trash. Kano is a fundamentalist Islamic state.

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Crime / Re: Leighandre Jegels Shot Dead By Her Boyfriend (Photos) by Omudia11: 2:32am On Sep 01, 2019
Another fool.
Ladies should stop cheating to avoid abusive relationship. That is the cause most times, if u cant stay wit just 1 guy, dont date. Anger too is bad. Nw his 120years in prison is sure
Crime / Re: Leighandre Jegels Shot Dead By Her Boyfriend (Photos) by Omudia11: 2:31am On Sep 01, 2019
You're very stupid.

A man killing a woman for a change. This is better than all the stories of women killing their husbands
Crime / Re: Leighandre Jegels Shot Dead By Her Boyfriend (Photos) by Omudia11: 2:30am On Sep 01, 2019
Wow, too much sense in this.
so far I've turned off three relationships and I am still alive. The key to this is to make it seem like she is the one doing the dumping.
Crime / Re: Leighandre Jegels Shot Dead By Her Boyfriend (Photos) by Omudia11: 2:29am On Sep 01, 2019
Why waste bullets on him? Bullets that'll be used in fighting Boko Haram.
rot away why would they give him such punishment he should face a firing squad. 1500 bullets should be wasted on his body
Crime / Re: Leighandre Jegels Shot Dead By Her Boyfriend (Photos) by Omudia11: 2:26am On Sep 01, 2019
Girl SA men take the crown when it comes to this, don't even argue.

Sharap dia! Didn't a soldier shoot his GF not too long ago while listening to Runtown over there? You have a deranged killer that strangles women in hotel rooms as we speak. Worry about that.
Crime / Re: Leighandre Jegels Shot Dead By Her Boyfriend (Photos) by Omudia11: 2:24am On Sep 01, 2019
Why are some of you just so senseless?
Anyone can claim verbal abuse, moreover I've seen much more women who get verbally abused by their husbands than vice versa. And guess what? Verbal abuse is never an excuse to murder someone and such nonsense is not admissible in a competent court of law.


I agree with you 100%. But there is an angle to this which is often very underreported or not reported at all - abusive women. Some women traumatize their men (husband's and male friends) emotionally through terrible verbal abuse. This is real. I know because I have seen it severally
Crime / Re: FBI Wanted List: Yahoo boys flee Nigeria to The Gambia, S/Africa, Ghana, Dubai by Omudia11: 1:01pm On Aug 31, 2019
Stop quoting me in your stupidity. I don't wanna lose more brain cells conversing with a dullard like you. [s]

Your foolish point would have made more sense , if I said the only hope for aspiring to be successful youths in a failed economy like Nigeria is " armed robbery ".
Making mention of "robbed at gunpoint " , when the issue on ground is internet fraud , announces the fact that you are impaired mentally .
You should have made an analogy with boko Haram , since it's crime as well !
Daddy Mugu !!!
Sports / Re: Mikel Obi’s Relationship With Olga Diyachenko Threatened Over Turkey Move by Omudia11: 9:27am On Aug 31, 2019
Keep describing your mother[s]
u re an idiot for saying dat, did i not make a point, or did i abuse anyone, so why calling my mom? or did i insult u? anyways i dont hv time for useless folks like u cool cheesy grin
Crime / Re: FBI Wanted List: Yahoo boys flee Nigeria to The Gambia, S/Africa, Ghana, Dubai by Omudia11: 9:27am On Aug 31, 2019
Your first sentence is a very accurate description of yourself.

Robbery and fraud are both crimes and under no circumstance should crime be excused (except in the case of self defense). You have shown how stupid you are for giving excuses for cyber fraud.

Some of you folks try to sound intellectual even in your apparent stupidity !
Robbery and fraud are way different crimes , even the court sentence is lighter on internet fraud , cos they are two different things entirely ...
Pls if you must reply do so reasonably !

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Reasons Why Most Nigerian Graduates Are Not Employable by Omudia11: 9:19am On Aug 31, 2019
I saw my sister's NYSC video where some corpers were asked to introduce themselves. I was embarrassed at the rubbish they uttered from their mouths.
90% of them couldn't speak proper English. Such a shame.

But they come and blame Buhari.

As an hiring Manager, I have tried to fill just 6 roles before.

My team and I interviewed over 25 candidates and NONE was worth it.
Crime / Re: Ogbonnah Atoukaritou And Alpha Chidi Egbeonu Arrested By EFCC (Photos) by Omudia11: 9:16am On Aug 31, 2019
Men keep bringing disgrace to this country but somehow the same people blame it on slay mamas grin

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Crime / Re: FBI Wanted List: Yahoo boys flee Nigeria to The Gambia, S/Africa, Ghana, Dubai by Omudia11: 9:14am On Aug 31, 2019
In the same vein if someone were to Rob and kill your loved ones at gunpoint I hope you won't blame them too because it's apparently Buhari's fault there are no jobs
Sadly our youths have seen fraud as the oil market for the young , the only means to amass wealth .
Inasmuch as many may not agree with me on this , but I dont blame them a bit , the govt has got all the share of the blame , as a youth 19 or 20 , education is the last source of becoming wealthy , there is no job anywhere , even the lifeless man at the hem of affairs , has made it clear a certificate is not a meal ticket !!!
For a child who is born into an average family , who lacks the talent to do music , play soccer or Act movies , what else is the hope for being successful for such a child except Internet fraud !!!

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Crime / Re: At Least 10 People Injured After Shooting At Alabama High School by Omudia11: 9:12am On Aug 31, 2019
US and school shooting be like bread and butter.

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Crime / Re: Juanito Pistola, 16-Year-Old Mexican Cartel Hitman Killed By Police by Omudia11: 9:11am On Aug 31, 2019
You are very stupid.
16 year old hitman.
I truly hate what he did but at 16 he Don dey hustle. Even though he would have been brainwashed and he was used as killing tool he must have been taking care of bills. If not for other people at least his.

For nairaland no dey we no dey see ".....even if it's 2000 naira kindly deposit into account number 569874125.I never chop since last year. "
Begi begi....e no good o.

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