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Politics / Re: Six Policemen Feared Killed As Gunmen Attack Enugu Police Check Point by OneNigerianist: 7:16am On Jul 22
Nothing bad ends which starts in Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Extraordinary Rendition: The Nature Of Crime Committed By Nigeria by OneNigerianist: 9:15pm On Jul 18

Hence why this analogy is short sighted.

People can have dual nationality and it is okay
sorry, your argument of dual citizenship is not valid here since one cannot travel with two passports at the same time. Any country on whose passport one travels is the one that protects an individual. Nigeria will run into trouble the same way Kenya would run into trouble it they Kidnap Obama with US passport on foreign soil.


Politics / Re: Extraordinary Rendition: The Nature Of Crime Committed By Nigeria by OneNigerianist: 8:59pm On Jul 18
Now read this story again but this way.

Mr Charles and John are joint owners of the phone 50-50
except that a phone can't be owned by two people
Politics / Re: Britain & Bindmans Seek Nnamdi Kanu’s Consent To Take Over Case by OneNigerianist: 6:42am On Jul 16
Good one, let him use his own hands, to set himself up

Bindmans filling a law suit on the process of his rendition would only open up terrorism charges against him in UK

It's going to be Kenyan government vs bindmans law firm representing Nnamdi Kanu struggling it out in the UK court
are you OK? Read again.
Politics / Re: IHRC Says Kenya Played No Role In The Arrest Of Nnamdi Kanu by OneNigerianist: 5:12am On Jul 13
I know of UNCHR, I know of amnesty international, I know of AUCHR but what is International Commission on Human Rights?
Just saw it's website and it is looking like a Nigerian group.

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Politics / Re: How Nnamdi Kanu Was Kidnapped From Airport Parking Lot In Kenya- SaharaReporters by OneNigerianist: 12:01pm On Jul 12

This joke needs to end.

1. According to the Nigerian evidence act (as amended) evidence gotten through illegal means can be used in court as long a such evidence is untampered with hence if Kanu's extradition is illegal, Nigerian courts don't care. As long as he is here. The Kenyan garment will never admit that he was arrested on their turf or involved. The Nigerian government will not say how he was arrested. International politics is not checkers, it is chess

2. Who made the extradition illegal? Why was Hushouppi extradited to the US without a hearing? Heck, he is not even American but when he committed crimes so strongly against America, they called for him and UAE police arrested him.

3. You guys really believe the UK is going to put mouth in this? Weird flex
Despite you post full of rhetorical questions and not actually claims, I feel compelled to say that your opinion is given from a position of ignorance and most of your assumptions are baseless.

Before you boast of "international politics" you first boast about how many super powers agree with your position on a given issue. Before PKK leader was taken from Kenya, Turkey got US, UK , EU and a lot of other countries to agree that his organisation was a terrorist organisation. US intelligence even aided Kenya in arresting him taking him to turkey.

Hushpuppi whose case you are citing was Dubai based. However, he was wanted in Europe, US and even his home country Nigeria for cybercrime when he was arrested by Dubai police for same charges. Efcc even collaborated with FBI during investigation. You can see why these extraditions were pretty simple.

Kanu's case is significantly different in the sense that none except Nigeria recognize him as a terrorist. He enters US, EU, Israel and UK freely. Heck, the Kenya from where he was taken, he entered it with a valid Visa and UK passport.

My impression is that he was meant o "disappear" in Kenya without any traces and his documents/ gadgets used to hunt members his group. But the airport scenes footage and the inability to lay hands on his documents and devices meant there would be incontrovertible evidence of his abduction, hence the 8 days detention and torture to get them.

From emmerging facts, It is clear this is a badly messed up operation, with FG forced to hide how they arrested a supposed "terrorist". It is clear that Nigeria is on her own. Also notice how foreign affairs ministry is staying out of the case.

As for UK taking action, I'm happy you put that up as a question. But be reminded that not just UK but some other state actors and lobby groups are also involved and a lot will happen as times unfold.

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Politics / Re: Looking Back To NK Bail Conditions And Why The UK Is Powerless On The Issue by OneNigerianist: 8:53am On Jul 08
Are you not worried that Nigeria seems to be at stand off with their most powerful defender UK over this KANU issue?
Politics / Re: News : UK Parliament Prepares To Discuss Abduction Of Nnamdi Kanu From Kenya by OneNigerianist: 3:09pm On Jul 06
Politics / Re: Update From The United Nations On Nnamdi Kanu by OneNigerianist: 11:38am On Jul 05
My fear. I laugh at those who use the idea of a possible UK collussion in Kanu's kidnap to justify the act. The much I know, the UK can be quite cunning but they can never bring themselves to a direct standoff with international law. IPOB, herdsmen banditry and killings by govt forces generate a lot of interest in the international community but no country can act against it openly because of the principle of non interference. Now that Nigeria appear to have broken same international law, interested state actors like US, Israel, EU have found an excuse, and will likely use UK at this period to execute their mission.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu: UK To Provide Consular Assistance To IPOB Leader by OneNigerianist: 8:26pm On Jun 30
Another mismanaged operation by the govt.
Who advises this govt?

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Politics / Re: Questions Malami Refused To Answer On The "Re-Arrest", Return Of Kanu by OneNigerianist: 10:11am On Jun 30
These has been my questions

There is no legitimacy on how you kill or arrest a Terrorist...e.g Osama bin Laden who was killed in another country...
If you need to kidnap someone back home, it means such a person is not a terrorist. Osama bin laden was the world's most wanted terrorist. He was declared a terrorist my more than 100 countries. Even US got approval from Pakistan before conducting the operations which killed him.

Unfortunately, the FG has not gotten a single country to agree that KANU is a terrorist. If it is comfirmed he was illegally brought to Nigeria, it will be Nigeria and not Kanu that violated the international law.

This is concerning because each step ever taken by this government against the agitation from the onset appear to have promoted it to the next level.

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Politics / Re: REVEALED: How Nnamdi Kanu Was Lured With Cash ‘donation’ And Arrested by OneNigerianist: 9:03am On Jun 30
On arriving at the location where he was to collect the ‘donation’, he was arrested by that country’s security agencies and Interpol, and his extradition was expedited, the source said.

This has brought an end to the long-running episode since he left Nigeria while on bail.

His trial is expected to resume on July 26.
Stop spreading fake news. He was neither extradited nor arrested by interpol. If he was, AG would've mentioned it.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Arrested In Czech Republic - PM News by OneNigerianist: 8:03am On Jun 30
He had a Nigeria passport. If you notice, that was deliberately mentioned.
His passport was siezed by the court in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Arrested In Czech Republic - PM News by OneNigerianist: 7:49am On Jun 30

Keep “supposing” brah
keep quoting me sissy
Politics / Re: Something Doesn't Add Up About Kanu's Arrest by OneNigerianist: 5:00am On Jun 30

I am not here to lecture you. We are here to rejoice that a notorious hate monger has been captured once again.
"Rejoicing" wasn't mentioned as the title of the thread. Go create a thread on that and quit derailing this thread.
Politics / Re: Something Doesn't Add Up About Kanu's Arrest by OneNigerianist: 4:55am On Jun 30

Who said the police in your own country cannot hand you over to the interpol?
You could have continued with your silly rhetorical questions. Don't make claims because you're not good at backing them up with facts.
Politics / Re: Kanu’s Arrest: ACF Demands Caution, Archbishop Alleges Woman Trapped IPOB Leader by OneNigerianist: 4:50am On Jun 30
Sources this sources that. You ended up making several claims you can't independently verify.
Politics / Re: Something Doesn't Add Up About Kanu's Arrest by OneNigerianist: 4:33am On Jun 30

Very very complex indeed, that is why it took the Americans less than a week to get Hush puppy. How long did it take OBJ to send Charles Taylor to Sierra Leone?
Sit down there and wail, you are very good at it.
Always talking without making any sense. Hush puppy was arrested by interpol in UAE and not in his home country Nigeria. Charles Taylor had an international arrest warrant by the ICC and Nigeria is a member of ICC, they only complied with it.
Politics / Re: Kanu Was Likely Extradited From Kenya-reno Omokri by OneNigerianist: 10:05pm On Jun 29
From Czechs republic to UK to south Cameroon then Kenya. Everyone is speculating.
Politics / Re: Ohanaeze Keeps Mum Over Nnamdi Kanu’s Re-arrest by OneNigerianist: 8:25pm On Jun 29
The title isn't found in the content


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu Arrested In Czech Republic - PM News by OneNigerianist: 7:52pm On Jun 29
We need more information. How are you saying he was "arrested" without mentioning interpol? Czechs republic can't arrest a UK citizen and hand him to Nigeria, I suppose.

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Politics / Re: Forget Initial Gra Gra , Nnamdi Kanu Will Be Released by OneNigerianist: 7:17pm On Jun 29
All depends on the circumstances surrounding his 'arrest'. If he was extradicted, that's in order. But It is clear he wasn't extradited. If he was kidnapped in UK, US or from any western country, Nigeria will be in for a very long thing. If he was kidnapped from neighbouring weak African countries and the country acknowledges it, then Nigeria will be violating international law with its implications.
Politics / Re: Why Is There No Details Of Kanu's "Arrest"? by OneNigerianist: 5:43pm On Jun 29

You are only granted a naturalized citizens as long as you are of good behavior. It can be taken away from you anytime.
So I laugh at those who are naturalized and think their citizenship is on the "same level as the "owners of the land"
did UK say he violated any law? He is not recognized as a terrorist in UK and no extradition hearing was done for him. If at all UK handed him over( which is unlikely), it would be for the basis of dialogue.
Politics / Re: Something Doesn't Add Up About Kanu's Arrest by OneNigerianist: 5:25pm On Jun 29
NK was most likely kidnapped and brought back to naija..... Do u guys remember umaru dikko style... How he was almost kidnapped by buhari regime....

Same thing happened here......

let's be honest, if the FG are capable of kidnapping such a threat, won't they rather poison or assassinate him there than wasting time on trial in Nigeria?

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Politics / Re: Something Doesn't Add Up About Kanu's Arrest by OneNigerianist: 5:17pm On Jun 29
Who also noticed that words like "arrested" "extradited" and "interpol" were conspicuously ommitted in the AG's press statement. He only said KANU was "intercepted".


Politics / Re: Why Is There No Details Of Kanu's "Arrest"? by OneNigerianist: 5:10pm On Jun 29

No sir.

Some people even claim that interpol arrested him, if Nigeria wanted an interpol arrest, they would have done it since the day he ran.

you have not proven anything. The AG didn't say he was arrested. He also didn't mention interpol or extradition. He only said he was "intercepted" through the collaborative effort of Nigeria intelligence. IPOB has also not made any official statement to acknowledge his 'arrest'. So I'll assume his presence in Nigeria has to with dialogue.

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Politics / Re: Press Conference By Nigeria's Attorney -general Over The Re-arrest Of Nnamdi Kan by OneNigerianist: 4:33pm On Jun 29
How come the atourney general didn't say how or were they got him? Why did he also avoid using the words "arrested" "extradited" "interpol''? Instead the media are the ones saying . He only said that KANU was " intercepted through the collaborative efforts of Nigerian intelligence agencies"
My wild guess is that he is here for dialogue. Well let's see events unfold.
Politics / Re: Why Is There No Details Of Kanu's "Arrest"? by OneNigerianist: 4:28pm On Jun 29

Continue waiting for links.

Security issues are not written on newspapers
it means you are guessing right?
Politics / Re: Why Is There No Details Of Kanu's "Arrest"? by OneNigerianist: 4:25pm On Jun 29

Grant which asylum.

Infact he is dual citizen of the Uk and Nigeria, he got his passport in 2013 at festac.

He was found guilty of inciting violence in Nigeria, the Uk police arrested him, took him to court, stripped him of his uk passport and extradited him legally and gave him to Nigeria.

can you show me any news link to your claims?
Politics / Re: Why Is There No Details Of Kanu's "Arrest"? by OneNigerianist: 3:47pm On Jun 29

UK handed him over.

he made a mistake hiding in UK.

UK can do anything to keep location 9 together russia or israel would have been the safest place for him.

The mumu guy dey enjoy life for UK...Someone that should be in Southafrica or namimbia...he wan chop life and fight war
I already replied this in my last comment


Politics / Re: Why Is There No Details Of Kanu's "Arrest"? by OneNigerianist: 3:44pm On Jun 29

The uk has stripped Nnamdi kanu of his citizenship.

He was arraigned in court in the Uk and extradited by the Uk government
UK cannot strip one of citizenship if they don't find him guilty of any crime. If they find him guilty they will conduct a public extradition hearing. None of this happened and last I checked, UK grants asylum to IPOB members. I would rather wait to get the details.


Politics / Re: Why Is There No Details Of Kanu's "Arrest"? by OneNigerianist: 3:38pm On Jun 29

Lol we can see that most ipob actually fear white man shadow more than anything. They are only good in insulting a dead lord lugard but live lugard they go dey quiver like folw wey water beat.
The earlier you realize that this thread is not made for people like you, the closer you are to finding peace.

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