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Sports / Re: Only The Strong-hearted Should Dare: 11.25 Odds Single by OnyeObodo: 1:58am On Nov 11
Tesenak, just keep doing your thing. One day, a big punter may play your game and it clicks. You can be sure one may decide to show love.

Again if its possible, be dropping very long running tickets that has mixtures like mancity win and over 3.5 or Liverpool x2 and 1.5

It may click one day

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Sports / Re: Only The Strong-hearted Should Dare: 11.25 Odds Single by OnyeObodo: 1:54am On Nov 11

You are inconsequential until you post your acclaimed messiah's whatsapp games on Nairaland for 11days on your own thread. Beggarly maneuver : that's all you and your ilk have to get games. If you have won ₦261,000 as stated,introduce his games on a new thread of yours for all to also benefit.

Tesenak, I don't really think you should be responding to every beast on this forum.

In my opinion, I think you are one of the best punters in Nigeria. Please don't let this get to your head sir. wink

You have done quite a good job so far in punting. Though I don't play your games because of the risks in gambling overall, I still follow keenly. Gambling is not easy. No game is sure. Quote me anywhere.

I remember far back when I carried liverpool to win Crystal Palace even with minus 2 goal against liverpool. Odd was 1.70 or something. Crystal palace was in such a terrible form that season that even with 2 goals ahead, liverpool still had such small odds to beat them. Infact, if everything was as it was meant to be, Liverpool should win that season Crystal Palace by 7-0!

As a risk taker, I played the game with 500k. Guess what? Liverpool was winning the game 3-0 by 82 minutes! I started ordering more drinks and nkwobi for everyone at the bar. Spenk close to 40k extra. What a loss!

By 90 minutes, match was 3-3! Within 7 minutes, Crystal Palace equalized! I[b] called on all the angels of the most high God to rescue me. None came. I called on the altar of heavens to change the narrative. Nada. Game ended 3-3.[/b]

The psychological attack that match had on me lasted for 3 years. Not because of the money per say. But because it was like magic. It made me quit gambling for a long time.

Bro, my point is that you are doing great. Its not easy.


Politics / Re: Dele Alake: The Same Alphabeta People Complain Of Is Used By Opposition States by OnyeObodo: 10:24am On Aug 29, 2022
You dey mind yeebos. Very bitter lots, ungrateful and backbiters.

Tell them that there is life after 2023. They will come back and tell us stories of how they have been left out and maligned in the scheme of things after wasting their votes.

God punish your soul and liquidate your destiny for your comment about Igbos.

May your generation perish. Amen
Politics / Re: There Is Nothing In Labour Party’ – Guber Aspirant Joins PDP In Ogun by OnyeObodo: 5:01am On Aug 27, 2022

Same pattern with ipob,watch how he will attack with full force as if I stole his cargrin

While will I attack a dead corpse in Nigeria?

And why do you people always assume everyone is IPOB? Madness?

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Politics / Re: There Is Nothing In Labour Party’ – Guber Aspirant Joins PDP In Ogun by OnyeObodo: 4:41am On Aug 27, 2022
Just imagine the idiot above me. Someone whose destiny and generation has been made structureless forever by the wicked elites of Nigeria.

This one has been so damaged that it has to stay awake to be typing "Structureless party in the mud" like a programmed robot from morning till night.

Anyways, its a good thing this useless woman of a candidate liquidated her destiny and left labour party.

This was same thing Rabiu Kwankwaso was planning to do to Peter Obi. On the eve of election, the idiot will sink his structure into Atiku or Tinubu just to harm labour party. But God will keep on exposing these political harlots.

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Politics / Re: See Wotowoto Obidient Yorubas Gave This Bigot Guy by OnyeObodo: 10:13am On Aug 25, 2022
But Sanwo olu that was the governor during endsars will win Lagos and Peter Obidient that was the governor of Anambra during Ezu river massacre will win Anambra? igbos Hehehehehehehe

May the pain you have in your heart choke you to death in Jesus name. Amen.
Politics / Re: 2023: How Peter Obi Will Catapult Tinubu To Victory- Omokri Reveals. by OnyeObodo: 2:41am On Aug 25, 2022
They have started with defeatist ideas to manipulate South East people to vote Atiku. The fact remains that Peter Obi is not working for Tinubu and can never work for Tinubu.

Infact, Peter Obi has high chances of winning this election than Tinubu. This is why they are afraid. Someone should bet me on this that Tinubu will not get 50% of South West votes.

If you are an obedient and reading this, hold on to the fight and defend Obi with passion.

He is not working for any Atiku or Tinubu.

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Politics / Re: While Tinubu Is Singing With Cultists (kabaka), Obi Is Meeting With US Academia by OnyeObodo: 4:35pm On Aug 24, 2022

Open your mind...political harlots...
We remembered how y'all disturbing us with amaechi as an anointing candidate...what happened at last

Seems this iddiot was just recruited.

He has to justify his monthly 15k
Politics / Re: While Tinubu Is Singing With Cultists (kabaka), Obi Is Meeting With US Academia by OnyeObodo: 4:33pm On Aug 24, 2022
Obi will actually win online,. I'm sure of that..Tinubu is in the UK meeting the real stake holders....

When Obi paid cultists to sing against Asiwaju , it was good right ??

But now y'all are crying up and down on the internet... Una never see chumshin.....


Nigeria government is running up and down to get dollars into the system just for the Naira to gain value, but up till now Obi and his people are packing the dollars to China. On every single container you bring into Nigeria, the Naira depreciate immediately.. seems this guy don't understand ..

But in Lagos free zone , Chinese are producing
trucks, excavators and different heavy equipments here. That is what Tinubu is capable of.

Foolish Mumu Yoot.

If things were not imported, how will you have phone to type jargon?

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Phones / Re: Get Paid As Hausa Speakers To Do A Voice Recording by OnyeObodo: 4:24pm On Aug 24, 2022
My Brother, look for who duped you. If you have all his details post it on his page. Don't come here with unacceptable comment.

I paid those who are working for me.

First and foremost, I can never do this type of low job. So no one duped me.

But am certain that the last people that did this type of job were duped severally.
Phones / Re: Get Paid As Hausa Speakers To Do A Voice Recording by OnyeObodo: 2:46pm On Aug 24, 2022
Are you not same thief that did this nonsense with Igbo speakers and ran away without paying them after they delivered the job? undecided undecided
Politics / Re: The Insult Is Too Much by OnyeObodo: 1:02am On Aug 23, 2022
Was it not the iddiot Tinubu that said Labour Party will Labour to death?

Ogun kee you dia!
Politics / Re: Obidident Town Hall Meeting In Kwara state Today(photos) by OnyeObodo: 12:53am On Aug 23, 2022
cheesy gathering of eboes living in kwara cheesy

Your foolishness is like peak milk. Its in you.

As e dey pain you, its sweeting us.


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Politics / Re: Photo: FFK Deletes Tweet Minuets After Praising The Obidient Movement by OnyeObodo: 1:59pm On Aug 22, 2022
Lalasticlala Seun....

This is big news.


Politics / Re: Peter Obi Meets Olu Of Warri (photos) by OnyeObodo: 8:18pm On Aug 20, 2022
Igbos are beginning to eat their humble pie now

The same people that call others ass lockers n waka waka for making consultations are now the one applauding pandora for doing d same waka waka

One of them even said Peter obi doesn’t move with entourage,ask yourself who wan follow am?

Who e get wey go follow am

U can’t compare an entourage with ooni of ife,femi otedola,gbajabiamila to this entourage that is unknown

Real recognize real n not some social media madness

Agbado animal... Your tears is juice to our happiness. Ntoor!!!

Real kee you dia!

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Wike Will Support Atiku - Dino Melaye by OnyeObodo: 11:12am On Aug 20, 2022
Story Story... Una think say Wike no get sense?

Tambuwal betrayal has taught him a lot. He knows that if he supports Atiku now, they will betray him again and support Tambuwal when Atiku is done.

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Politics / Re: Igbos Always Betray Themselves From Getting Presidency. See What Soludo Posted by OnyeObodo: 11:11am On Aug 20, 2022
To the topic ... You guys dont expect Soludo to do otherwise.

APGA has to protect their interest in Anambra. A Peter Obi presidency can pose a significant threath to his re-election because the Labour Party will always field their own candidate.
Politics / Re: Igbos Always Betray Themselves From Getting Presidency. See What Soludo Posted by OnyeObodo: 11:09am On Aug 20, 2022
Who will make them president of Nigeriy tongue

100 years to come it will remain between North and South west / South South.

To show you how stupid most of you Nigerians are... How do you know there will be a nigeria in the next 5 years?

Heck how do you know there will be a planet called Earth in the next 100 years?

Just 100 years back, over 100 nations of the earth now never existed. They technically existed but answered different names.

Thats why we say a lot of you Nigerians reason from your anuss.

Even next year if Peter Obi looses, do you really think the Igbo nation will remain in Nigeria marginalised further? Una no just get sense.
Politics / Re: 2023: Charly Boy Visits Obasanjo (Video, Photo) by OnyeObodo: 10:24am On Aug 20, 2022

Maybe you should read my post again

Oga you said "Tinubu and his Osun state supporters."

Why generalise? Making it look like everyone in Osun is supporting Tinubu?

You basically caller them a tribalist. Learn to take corrections!
Politics / Re: 2023: Charly Boy Visits Obasanjo (Video, Photo) by OnyeObodo: 10:15am On Aug 20, 2022
May God continue to bless Chief Obasanjo for us in good health and strength

Obasanjo doesn't play politics of tribalism like Tinubu

Obasanjo has already endorsed Peter Obi and Yussuf datti for President because he sees good leadership qualities in Obi and Datti

Oga edit that your post biko.

A lot of people are supporting peter obi in osun.

Una go just dey cap carelessly. Edit that post before Osun people see this nonsense biko.
Politics / Re: Video: Mr. Peter Obi Pays A Courtesy Call On Gov. Soludo by OnyeObodo: 7:39pm On Aug 19, 2022
Nigerians be wise this time around and vote competence.

Like play, Like Play... 8 years don waka oo.

If you don't know atiku or tinubu personally, your story na shege if any of them win. Here in Europe, you don't need to know the President personally to feel the impact of governance.

Make another mistake and 16 years is gone.

From Abuja to Lagos is now 75k. Retrun trip is now 150k. It was 20,000 total under Jonathan.

Yorubas be wise!
Igbos be wise!
Hausas be wise!
Other tribes.. Be wise!

I sincerely hope say UNA GO VOTE OBI THIS TIME AROUND. Destroy that dirty system of Godfatherism jn Nigeria. Don't be blinded by HATRED FOR IGBOS.

Stop shouting structure up and down like people without common sense. Structure does not know hunger, insecurity or darkness. I don warn una as usual.

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Politics / Re: Atiku Is Running With 2 Vice Presidential Candidates by OnyeObodo: 1:20pm On Aug 14, 2022

Stay focused with eyes on the ball.

Be determined... Expect more of such useless threads in the coming days and months.

Its now a psychological warfare brothers.

Take your destiny in your hands my people.


Politics / Re: Pope: Lalong Tenders Unreserved Apology To Catholic Bishops by OnyeObodo: 11:49am On Aug 13, 2022

Who is pope? A bloody pedophile.

He pedophiled your prostitute mother right?

Or the gay anus of your miscreant father?

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Politics / Re: Pope: Lalong Tenders Unreserved Apology To Catholic Bishops by OnyeObodo: 11:47am On Aug 13, 2022
Tenders apology to hungry bishops undecided

Religion shouldn't have a place in public service !

God punish your soul bro.

If this were Christian-Christian ticket, will you say same about Dirty, Muslim Clerics and Imams?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Salman Rushdie On Ventilator, Liver Damaged, Likely To Lose One Eye by OnyeObodo: 11:34am On Aug 13, 2022
Foreign Affairs / Re: Salman Rushdie On Ventilator, Liver Damaged, Likely To Lose One Eye by OnyeObodo: 11:29am On Aug 13, 2022
Write about something else they won't listen.

According to a estimation in 2020, Islam has 1.9 billion adherents, making up about 24.7% of the world population.

Stop blasphemy against the messenger of Allah PBUH.

So what he wrote justifies killing him you worthless animal? angry angry

I am a Christian but no amount of insult on Jesus can make me fight for him.

All these goes further to proove that prophet mohammed is a renegade and a demon.

May Prophet Muhammed (SAW) rot in hell. Piss and shit be upon his useless soul. Amin

Hopeless Religion that breeds terrorists.

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Politics / Re: You May Lose In 2023, Wike Tells Atiku by OnyeObodo: 10:09pm On Aug 12, 2022

Nyamiri with bias and bigoted mind... When atiku bribed all delegates in 2019 and took obi for vp post then , he was not a crook ?Because he refused. To choose obi in 2022. . Suddenly, you nyamiris started to call Atiku all kind of derogatory names...

The suddenly support you gave him then in 2019 was because of OBI....

I repeat , southeast are voting dis political scammer because is an ibo man .... They knew he has nothing to offer...

Seun Lalasticlala

Rule 2:

Calling a Nairalander nyanmiri which is an Hausa derogatory word for Igbos. Please do the needful so that Nairaland will have some sanity.

Thanks mods
Politics / Re: To Yorubas Not In Support Of Asiwaju by OnyeObodo: 9:23pm On Aug 10, 2022
When they longer have anything to campaign, they resort to propaganda!!

Ndi Ala!!!


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Working In An Indian Company In Lagos Is Weird!! by OnyeObodo: 10:36am On Aug 08, 2022
Hey lady..

Indians are not whites

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