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Romance / Re: How I Handled My Cheating Serious Girl by Owologbo(m): 7:39pm On Sep 24

Bro they have warned you that she has been used yet you want to "useless" her.
That means you want to continue sleeping with her.
Bro I will advise you not to sleep with that girl again.
She is already been used spiritually and spiritual battle could be contagious.
Don't jeopardize your future because of sex.
There are many girls out there.
Your plan is to useless her don't end up making yourself useless.
Let the person who used her continue using her, flee from her and make it clear that you are done.

Infact tell her to seek spiritual help that is the only assistant you should render to her, if she takes your advice fine, if she doesn't fine.

Just stop having sex with her.

My cent bro
How can he even useless someone that has already been used (spiritually)?
The girl is already useless if what he typed here is true.
Politics / Re: Anti-Open Grazing: Southern Governors Passed laws They can't Execute - El-Rufai by Owologbo(m): 4:24pm On Sep 22
Cos the security agencies that ought to carry out the enforcement are being control by the Fulani's...
wait o, after the passage of the Anti open grazing bill, if cow entered one's farm and the owner of the farm kill the any of such cow. can the owner of the cow arrest the farm owner without him (cattle owner) been asked question why his cattle is roaming openly?
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: "Tinubu Is The Capone Of South-West & South-South" by Owologbo(m): 11:26am On Sep 20

No sir! Get your facts right, it started as Wetern region and in 1963 carved out as Mid West and if you doubt me, give this forum the name of the premier of Mid West in 1960. They are like Osun, Ondo and other Yoruba states to some extent for instance there some people in Edo state of today with two Yoruba names, Iteskiris in Delta have names very close to Yoruba names for instance, Omowunmi in Yoruba while Omawumi in Itsekiri. The two revered traditional rulers in both Edo and Delta use Yoruba title " Oba and Olu". Your hatred for Yoruba will not do anything about history
No young man; the oba of benin bear benin name,
same as the oba of itsekiri bearing itsekiri name.
And I can as well tell you that Yoruba is the one speaking Itsekiri language.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: "Tinubu Is The Capone Of South-West & South-South" by Owologbo(m): 11:19am On Sep 20

Smiles Midwest,then Bendel,then Edo and Delta...they not like ondo,ogun,oyo,Ekiti ,osun in anyway as far as history and politics is concern to now give a sweeping remark that Tinubu is capone of Edo and Delta let alone to mention the full South South
We no know anyone called jagaban or whatever in Delta state.
They (including their jagàban) are just fooling/deceiving their selves.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: "Tinubu Is The Capone Of South-West & South-South" by Owologbo(m): 10:41am On Sep 20

No mind these idiots. They think SS are into agbaya politics. Stupid people. Edo no be Lagos is a smokescreen of what will befall Thiefnubu in SS. Betrayals. They only want Southern unity when they want the presidency. They are still not satisfied after 16 years as President and VP but they are always the first to call out the Fulanis. Nonsense
They should keep fooling them selves.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu: "Tinubu Is The Capone Of South-West & South-South" by Owologbo(m): 5:01am On Sep 20

South South ke? how many SS politicians have visited him in his London hospital if a may ask?

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Politics / Re: IGP Charges Police Officers To Marry Each Other by Owologbo(m): 9:57am On Sep 19

A mopol once told that "buying a police form for wife is equivalent to making your wife a prostitute legally".

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Politics / Re: Pay Pentecost Tax – Osinbajo Advises Preachers by Owologbo(m): 11:10am On Sep 18
Idiot ... Please read to understand
I think you should look at the mirror.
Politics / Re: Umahi Opposes VAT Collection By States As Ebonyi Honours Buratai by Owologbo(m): 5:26pm On Sep 13
If the Niger Delta states & their governments, their drunk mentally lazy bandit governors, their insatiable & unrepentant greedy elders, politicians & militant leaders cornering everything meant for the people had utilized the 6 trillion naira NDDC funds, additional tens of trillions of naira from statutory allocations, 13% derivation allocations, ecological funds, Ministry of Niger Delta funds, royalties & rents etc in the past 20 years to build the economy & infrastructure of Niger Delta, they won't be today shamelessly moving in & out of courts in Nigeria over VAT from beer & Lagos will be nowhere near Delta, Rivers or Akwa Ibom in IGR.
Now, they are instigating a VAT war with FG to cover the monumental failure in delivering governance to their people & the mindless terrorism on the people of Niger Delta recently uncovered in NDDC.
If we the citizens of Niger Delta are not already doped silly by ignorant primitive contrived emotions these leeches feed us daily, we should by now be asking them questions!
We should be telling them to give account of the trillions they collected at least in the past 20 years first before talking about collecting VAT revenue.
We should be telling them to implement local government financial autonomy first before demanding for fiscal federalism.
We should be telling them to respect & not interfere in the independence of the state houses of assembly & state judiciaries which are the two organs of government empowered by the constitution to check the excesses & misappropriation of resources by the governors if we are to trust their demands for fiscal federalism.
But sadly, we are applauding the bandits called state governors & their rapacious elders, politicians & militant leaders accomplices raping us front & back as they lead us by the nose once again as always in another wild goose chase distraction from the real issues of our underdevelopment, stagnation & destitution in the midst of plenty in the Niger Delta.
A pathetic shame indeed!
who released this goat from it cage?
I no blame you. they say a hungry man is an anry man.
Since food is about to be remove from the leech's mouth, it's entitled to cry.

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Politics / Re: Umahi Opposes VAT Collection By States As Ebonyi Honours Buratai by Owologbo(m): 5:20pm On Sep 13

Why won't Ebonyi oppose vat collection by states...

The Governor understands better and not all these Ebonyi people running their mouth online.
But those fighting for VAT collection in the States level are only speaking for their States.
Or has any of River/Lagos State gov. enacted law for other States?
Romance / Re: What Can I Drink To Last Long In Bed ( Is Urgent) by Owologbo(m): 5:05pm On Sep 12
A friend of mine told me to drink tramadol and I can't find it in the chemist shop, that I went to buy. What else can I take to last 20-40 minutes. From my experience, I barely last 8 minutes. Please help a brother. Am not in for all those people marketing their long lasting drugs and sexual enhancers. I want what guys in the street take cos am naive of all these. And this should be my second sex. So help.
you don't need any drug. You determine how long you last with your mind.

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Phones / Re: I Need A Phone With 55k by Owologbo(m): 2:55pm On Sep 12
Pls help me suggest a phone I can buy with 55k
Go and buy Oppo A12 and thank me later.


Politics / Re: Ovuakpoye Evivie Wins Delta House Of Assemble Bye Election by Owologbo(m): 2:38pm On Sep 12

The 25% votes and delta central seat is enough
And you believe PDP is not on ground in Delta central? APC can never win Delta State; you can mark this.
Politics / Re: Ovuakpoye Evivie Wins Delta House Of Assemble Bye Election by Owologbo(m): 11:45am On Sep 12

Poaching who? Did akpabio tell you that he was poached? Has any pdp stalwart in isokoland joined apc?
was Jewel Onowakpo not a PDP member before?
Politics / Re: Ovuakpoye Evivie Wins Delta House Of Assemble Bye Election by Owologbo(m): 11:42am On Sep 12

Why are you so happy? You think it is a come back for pdp!?
. Do you think APC have a chance in Delta State before. Forget all the noise coming APC concerning Delta State ok.

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Family / Re: Is There Such A Thing As Forgive And Forget? by Owologbo(m): 3:29pm On Sep 11
Forgive yes but forget 90 percent impossible.

Humans are wired in a way that unpleasant experiences are stored in our sub conscious memory that we can try all possible best to obliterate it but its still there.

Thats why there is PTSD, in western worlds it calls for concern and hence some therapies needed to manage it.

People can forgive and forget minor issues but whatever that put them through agony and shame cannot be forgotten.

To forgive is right and easy but, how do you forget something you are supposed to learn from?
Not forgetting makes one to make/take the right decision in the future.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Visit To Imo State: Rain Fall Swept Roads Away: Pics & Video by Owologbo(m): 8:06am On Sep 09
These are the people shouting we want our own Country? Even the roads & infrastructure in Kabul is a 100x better. Maybe it was a Fulani from Sokoto that built the roads? Jokers.
The IDIOT is not going to Imo state; this I know for sure.
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju: Speak To Buhari In Language He Understands During Imo Visit by Owologbo(m): 5:15pm On Sep 08

They should attack Buhari as they boasts tomorrow.
The idi0t will not go; it's all noice.

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Politics / Re: Buhari Approves Farm Estates In 109 Senatorial Districts by Owologbo(m): 12:49pm On Sep 06


Rubbish. The lifeless man is just looking for all means to grab people's land.
Another operation feed the nation for collecting people's land.

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Politics / Re: Eedris Abdulkareem On NDA: Igbos Would Have Been Killed, Villages Burnt If... by Owologbo(m): 10:57am On Aug 26
Other people built their countries over centuries, they didn’t just arrive were they are today, black people are always fond of wanting to reap were they did not sow. Build your own country.
shut up there and stop typing crap.
What's in failed Nigeria to build?
Politics / Re: DR Congo Officials Burgle Nigerian Embassy by Owologbo(m): 7:42pm On Aug 23
Na Ghana first.. then Benin..now DR CONGO..

Nigeria reputation in tartars..

Which country really send Buhari and Apc In today world.? None.

The read same news we read .. and know that present Nigeria government is evil.

Apc really finish Nigeria home and abroad..
hope they are not using the property to import Fulani bandits to Congo sha.
Celebrities / Re: EFCC: Why We Searched Dorathy Bachor’s House, Forced Our Way Into The Apartment by Owologbo(m): 5:09pm On Aug 23
People like Dorathy is one of the reason why Nigeria has big problems that can never be solved.

She never mentioned that the officials spoke to her sister and her sister refused to let them in.

In America when the police has a warrant to check your place and you refused to let them in, they will have to break the door.

She wanted to spoil the name of the EFCC and even said that she came out half naked.

Even when EFCC Isaw that what they wanted was not in her house they left immediately and advise her to lock it.

but she came online to spread lies because she wanted everyone to believe that Nigeria is failing

Nigerians are using their own hand to spoil their own country
were you there?
May the evil you support consume you.

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Crime / Re: Herdsmen Caught With 200 Rounds Of Ammunition Heading To Jos, Plateau State by Owologbo(m): 6:59pm On Aug 21
This is serious o. Please if Fulani was killed in your arear, don't sleep with your two eyes close because the reprisal will not funny. Fulani people no dey forgive o, these people need fire for fire, from my experienced in taraba, they need "do me make I do you back"
you people should stop giving Fulani miscreants mind; shouting reprisal up and down.
Don't they have blood in their veins?
I blame those jos guys that failed to burnt them all together with the 5 buses.
Politics / Re: Wike Signs Bills For VAT Collection, Anti-Open Grazing Into Law by Owologbo(m): 4:19pm On Aug 20
Agbero governor

VAT collection is b.s

Anti grazing is good

Wike has pocketed rivers state House of assembly and rivers state judiciary all of them are now rubber stamp

Wike installed secondus for PDP now the same Wike wants to uninstall Secondus as he isn't playing to his tune FULLY

Secondus fight for your right and your left don't allow Wike uninstall you like that Fight afterall na the same way Wike fight AMAECHI and the same way AMAECHI fought Odilli
All of us for rivers state no well

Rivers state is not Lagos dem no born you well to install governor for us, no God father here, if you come by God father you must lose
you get sense so?
since vat is bs. you can give yours to the federal government.


Politics / Re: Obaseki Rejects Idriss Addano's Coronation As Sultan of Shuwa Arab of Edo State by Owologbo(m): 10:13am On Aug 20

Learn tolerance afterall there are large percentage of Muslims in edo state roughly 40%. Edo north are entirely muslims.

There is need for sultanate arm there.
see your mouth like 40% Muslims in Edo state.
40% and they can't boast of having a deputy governor. Crap.
Politics / Re: Irigwe Community Buries 6 Of Their People Killed By Fulani Militia In Plateau by Owologbo(m): 3:56pm On Aug 17
Headsmen1-1 Community men
The score no balance like this bro. They supposed burn the five buses with all the occupants inside.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Afghan Stowaways Fall To Death After Clinging To Plane (Pics, Video) by Owologbo(m): 7:45am On Aug 17
Damn. This is what is gonna happen to us, if we don't unite irrespective of beliefs, religion and ethnicity and keep these bastards away. We the youths should take our future in our hands
you want to unite with terrorist and their sympathizers?
Nothing will happen to the South.
Let the north continue with their game.
Politics / Re: Afghanistan Crisis: Lauretta Onochie Reacts 'Let's Guard Our Utterances' by Owologbo(m): 7:35am On Aug 17
Presidential aide, Lauretta Onochie, has reacted to the recent developments in Afganistan, IgbereTV reports.

Taliban forces took over the presidential villa in Afghanistan on Sunday, August 15. The president of the country has gone into hiding while citizens are seeking various ways to flee the country.

Posting a video of Afghanistan citizens holding on to a military plane as it taxied along the runway at the Kabul airport last night, Lauretta wrote;

so says the vulgarian.
Politics / Re: The Real Truth About The Travellers Killed In Jos by Owologbo(m): 8:15pm On Aug 16
Did I in anyway insinuate the Irigwe Youths killed the Muslims? Yes, there are pictures and videos of dead bodies of the murdered muslims. You have seen them. If anything, the OP acknowledges they were killed by the Irigwe youths. His argument is that the muslims are villains on evil mission with heavy ammunition and not innocent worshippers as reported in the media. That's why I demanded video evidence before I can believe the story.
They are both stories anyway.
Politics / Re: The Real Truth About The Travellers Killed In Jos by Owologbo(m): 12:49pm On Aug 16
How come nobody recorded a video of the guns in the coffin as evidence. In this Era of social media, the videos would have been flying around if this is true.
Have you seen the video of the youths killing the Muslims they are accused of killing?
Politics / Re: Names Of 26 Travellers Killed In Jos North, 34 Others Still Missing by Owologbo(m): 8:03pm On Aug 15

Hope you will give us the names of those murdered by the fulanis all over Nigeria?
They are only reaping the fruits of their elder brothers labour.

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