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Politics / Re: Biafra Is Why Ajaokuta Steel Mill Failed - David Hundeyin by oyatz(m): 6:59am

But a refinery can be built where there is no oil?

Refineries use OIL ,which are far easier to transport and can even run through pipelines utilising gravity in many areas.

India has many refineries without being an oil producing country.
Politics / Re: Biafra Is Why Ajaokuta Steel Mill Failed - David Hundeyin by oyatz(m): 6:57am

I read the same thing many years back that soviet union after their technical survey and plant design and planning selected onitsha for the steel plant. Iron ore was to be mined in itakpe and transported via river Niger to onitsha while coal was to be transported via rail from enugu to onitsha. Steel products were to be shipped via barges to warri and to Lagos.

But Nigerian factor overtook technical experience and common sense.

From an initial budget og $6b the project has gulped more than $40b and is still a dream project.
Ajaokuta was planned same time with China Steel complex, south Korea Steel complex and India Steel complex. All others are working at full blast today and have been expanded several times but Ajaokuta remained a white elephant project and a sink hole

You always read nonsense that tickle your victimhood.
Ajaokuta was sited close to raw materials (which is heavy) --- Itakpe Iron Ore.
Itakpe is a village close to Ajaokuta (both used to be in one Local Government Area).

How unreasonable would it be to be transporting heavy iron iron from Itakpe to Onitsha by River Niger which is only navigable during raining season.
Politics / Re: Remove This From Nigeria And See Nigeria Become Like China (Photo) by oyatz(m): 7:40am On Jun 22

Yes,we weren't forced but compelled by exigencies of the times,in the early colonial era,people do not realise that what you are proposing was what was to take place in the colonial era,that's why Bibles etc were translated to indigenous languages ,Yoruba was being promoted to be the lingua franca of the West and neighbour regions such as kabba province ,kukuruku and Midwest (Benin,delta area).

The Benin and delta vehemently rejected it,that's why the policy was stopped.

Very small tribes like mine had no voice n we were influenced to comply until the policy was stopped.

You don't still get the points.

Did anyone stop you from translating the Bible to your native language and use your language in religious worship?
The Missionaries understood that ,to get their messages across to the new converts, they needed to preach and conduct their services in the languages they understood.

Who told you that people have stopped using local Languages in Commerce, religion, music and Social

As matter of fact, one of the reasons that SW musicians are breaking grounds in Music is because they partly sing in their Native Language which give their sense of originality and uniqueness.

The major reason why guys who dropped out of secondary schools, to learn carpentenry, Tailoring, building ,Auto-mechanics and other skills do well is because, instructions and training in these fields are done in their local languages.

Finally, peoples speaking and using ,their native languages, is NOT a threat to other native languages.

You can develop your languages, music ,culture and ECONOMY too,which would make others people learn and adopt from you.

For instance, in the glorious days of the Bini Empire, there were many people from Yoruba, Igbo, Igala and several small tribes who migrated to Bini or became influenced by Bini culture, languages and political system because it was the 'sense of class' at that time.
Politics / Re: 1922 Map Of Nigeria Showing The Major Ethnic Groups. by oyatz(m): 7:14am On Jun 22
Year? Even Mr Goodluck Jonathan became Ijaw by force because that was the only way to secure minority recognition. What do you really think was the genesis of the recent Okuama crisis?

You didn't answer my question, which year did Ijaw claimed all the lands along the coast and why did the coastal peoples allow them?

If Goodluck Jonathan became Ijaw, then he has always been an Ijaw because, he would have resisted the label if he isn't.

All ethnic groups emerge from fusion of several smaller pre-existing tribes.
For instance, the modern English Peoples are descendants of Anglo-Saxon, Jutes, Vikings, Romans, Normans(French) , Celtic and several ancient tribes that have inhabited the Island of Britainia
Politics / Re: 1922 Map Of Nigeria Showing The Major Ethnic Groups. by oyatz(m): 7:07am On Jun 22

YOU dont JOIN who you are. No Igbo ever wants a yoruba community joining him. you're either IGBO or you're not. Historically, IGBO, EFIK and IBIBIO have common ancestry, yet you never hear IGBO claim any of these tribes, yet out of malice, most of you Yoruba do not want IGBO tribes to unite or find their roots. You only remember there are Igbo outside SE when you term 1966 revolution Igbo coup. Then when you want to steal Igbo resources in the SS, Nzeogwu is no longer Igbo. How dishonorable can you be?

You don't understand anything about International Relations and Politics.
Nobody can impose unity on peoples or stop peoples that truly want to unite from doing so.

However, the issue of Land is far more complex than you people know or acknowledge. The control of lands and the peoples over such lands is the root causes of virtually all wars.

You can can't impose Biafra on peoples who never asked for it.
Politics / Re: Remove This From Nigeria And See Nigeria Become Like China (Photo) by oyatz(m): 7:02am On Jun 22

There will be limitations, imagine you have a Yoruba President addressing the nation in Yoruba,how many languages will it be translated to?

Smaller tribes will be forced to be incorporated into the big three,which will be disadvantageous to those tribes,it's already happened to my tribe to an extent, were in the past we were compelled to bare Yoruba names for political reasons,today many indigenes have forgotten their original culture, identity and history and the Yoruba is wrongly terming us to be yoruba

You didn't read to understand but rushed to respond.

The President addressing the country is more of passing information than impacting knowledge, so this can be done in English.

However if we want the largest number of Africans to have detailed understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) subjects, necessary to catapult Africa into developed countries, then it is best to translate STEM Textbooks into indigenous languages and teach children in local languages.

Even ,important detailed political and public information are made in Local Languages for most people to understand and assimilate the languages e.g Campaigns at Political Rallies, Advertisements by National Orientation Agency, Voter's Card Registration & collection, Infotmatuon on Immmunizations etc.

Nobody forced you or anyone to bear Yoruba names or speak Yoruba language. It is NEVER happened, it is just parts of your propaganda.
Politics / Re: 1922 Map Of Nigeria Showing The Major Ethnic Groups. by oyatz(m): 11:37pm On Jun 19

You're obviously a very intelligent person.Same happened to Poland and Germany during the first world war and second world war. The Germans recovered from the defeat of WWI and took back their territories. No one told the Allied Powers to be careful with Germany after the defeat of WWII. Everyone know that Igbo just have to recover and be strong enough to take bake their territories. It's either or no way. A good move from the Western Igbos thinking of creation of Anioma state. Other southern and Northern Igbos of Kogi and Benue need to start thinking along that line too. So should coastal Igbo of Bonny and Opobo work with hinterland Igbo. Igbo land must reunite again by nullifying all that the British, Gowon and Awolowo did to give the North and SW an edge over the rest of the country. Even the southern minorities should know that without Igbo as their last line of defence, they stand no chance in Nigeria.

Most of you guys are naive and uninformed IPOB sympathisers.

You can only gain any land if the people of the towns,LGA or whole State joined Igbo.
Any other thing is just waste of time and wishful thinking


Politics / Re: 1922 Map Of Nigeria Showing The Major Ethnic Groups. by oyatz(m): 11:30pm On Jun 19
Ijaw now claims alltheshoreline to even Ibibioland, actively backed by the Nigerian government.

Which year did this claim happened and why did the owners of those lands allowed it?


Politics / Re: Remove This From Nigeria And See Nigeria Become Like China (Photo) by oyatz(m): 11:24pm On Jun 19

Such can only work if Nigeria is divided along ethnic lines,no tribe however small will be willing to displace it's indigenous language, for its neighbours own,English is neutral

No need for displacement but promoting and using our native languages as medium of impacting Knowledge in Academics, Commerce and Nation building (and English for translations or communications with others), will fast track developments.
The Missionaries understood this concept well, when they translated the Bible, Church Hyms and Liturgical books into native languages.

Home grown religious groups like the White Garments, African Church and CAC churches further entrenced the religion by adapting the new religion to suit local needs.
Politics / Re: Remove This From Nigeria And See Nigeria Become Like China (Photo) by oyatz(m): 7:19am On Jun 19
I guess 'colonizer' language is the reason why African leaders are corrupt and irresponsible and also the reason why Africans vote evil leaders consistently. Singapore, Malaysia, Brazil, Indonesia, and many others were all colonized but you wouldn't hear them shouting colonizers here and there. Ethiopia wasn't colonized but it's still an underdeveloped country today.

You don't understand causes and effects ,in nation building.
Brazil is similar to the USA, a settler country.
Singapore,Malaysia and Indonesia are far more homogeneous than African countries and use their indigenous languages as official languages with English as auxiliary language.

Ethiopia, given it's geographical challenges, has performed better than many colonised African countries.
Politics / Re: Buhari: I’m Pleased Many Nigerians Have Gone Back To Farm by oyatz(m): 6:59am On Jun 17
Farms that have been taken over by bandits and terrorists.
Old man fooling himself

This is the usual excuse of the wailing lazy youths.
There are still many thousands of farmers in Nigeria, so this excuse that every land in Nigeria has been taken over by Bandits is great falsehoods.

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Politics / Re: June 12th Holds No Good Memories For Us Igbos by oyatz(m): 5:20am On Jun 14

But how would you say Igbos were attacked in the east by who and for what reason?

And why would a conflict that wasn't their concern have made them scared of running and leaving Lagos?

If you were an adult in 1993, you would have understood the scenario.

There were tension in the whole country and people thought it could snow ball into a civil war,like what happened in Algeria '1992 presidential election which was cancelled and led to war. Liberia and several other African countries were going through civil wars at that time.
Many people packed their properties and returned to their ancestral homelands and waited to see how things would turn out.

Many Igbos returning home with some of the valuable goods were attacked by Armed robbers (Fellow Igbos) when they reached their towns or close to their towns and their monies /properties stolen. These criminal acts had nothing to do with Politics but pure criminal
activities by local thieves who saw mass returnees of peoples from the cities with lots of cash at a time that there were no E-banking and people even withdrew their monies from the banks.
Travel / Re: Beautiful Pictures Of Yenagoa, Bayelsa's Capital City by oyatz(m): 4:17am On Jun 14

Is that why you won't show us Ibadan and ondo airport??

Big for nothing states with nothing to show for it

Your reasoning shows how typical Nigerians think.

1) All States aren't meant to be doing the same things .

2) Airports shouldn't just be built for the sake of building Airports.
Most Airports in Nigeria are under utilized and the money for building unnecessary new Airports should have been channeled into addressing economic developments of these States.
Why did Ekiti State build that Airport when there already existing Airports close to the State like Akure Airport, Ibadan Airport and Murtalar Muhammed Airport Lagos?

The Millions spent by Ex-Gov Aregbesola to build a non-viable Airport at Ido-Osun, Osun State could have been spent on purchase of modern Agriculture Tractors and Harvesters.

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Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Must Push For Impeachment Of Tinubu by oyatz(m): 12:05am On Jun 12
For who to take over you must be mad if anything we. Request the INEC professor be shot or do a recount or another election between Tinubu and Obi.

The 2023 is gone, prepare for 2007


Politics / Re: (OPINION):Dangote Is The Main Reason Why Nigeria Will NEVER Grow. by oyatz(m): 7:06am On Jun 10
There are so many private companies in rice production (which Dangote doesn't even do) like Umza, LAKE rice, Coscharis etc.
Dangote used to import Rice 20yeaers ago but has stopped long time to concentrate on Sugar and Cement, which are also produced by other companies like BUA, West African Lafarge etc

Erisco, Gino and several other companies are into Tomatoes paste production.

BUA is also building Refinery in A/Ibom and there are many small modular refineries.

Most Big Players like Dangote, Otedola, Innoson, Allen Onyeama, Emeka Offor, Ishaku Rabiu etc all benefit from Gov't Patronage and support.

Summary: You are just beefing Dangote.

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Politics / Re: Flashback: Why I Opposed Awolowo On Secession - Zik by oyatz(m): 7:33am On Jun 08
Zik stood for regionalism and federalism with financial and legislative autonomy where the regions developed in their own pace. No contradictions.

One of the most confusing figures in Nigeria's history was Awolowo. He claimed he wanted secession and zik rejected. But when the opportunity presented itself during Biafra, the same Awolowo made a complete U-turn and and started fighting for a unitary one Nigeria as championed by gowon. His attitude justified Zik's opinions about him.

For those who claim his demand was in good faith, his demand was rediculous and he knew it. He was neither here no there. There is no sovereign state in the world that has secession in it's constitution. If he truly wanted his region to be alone he should have demanded a pre-independence referendum like southern Cameroon or pre-independence partitioning as in British India. Opting for a secession clause instead of pre-independence referendum clearly indicated lack of commitment to specific ideology from Awolowo. You can't officially keep one leg in the country and keeping one outside. A snake he was.

You don't have understanding of the subject.
Awolowo and the Acton Group (and indeed several other stakeholders) at the constitutional conference were unsure of the future of a new country put together by the British Colonislism and suggested a secession clause in the constitution to give guidelines and procedures for peaceful withdrawal from the Federation.

This was totally different from the civil war.
Awolowo was aversed to the civil war which was NOT about peaceful withdrawal from the Federation under any laid down rules (which a secession clause in the constitution would have achieved).

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Politics / Re: Are There Still Educated People In Support Of The Bola Tinubu Presidency? by oyatz(m): 7:21am On Jun 08

My Nigerian reputation precedes me every where I go when I am outside Nigeria, I don't know If you experienced any ill treatment because of the Nigerian passport but I do experience it and I realise no matter where I run to, I will always be tagged a Nigerian who comes from a poverty ravaged country.

Secondly, I realise the lump sum I make abroad doesn't carry much weight except when invested in Nigeria. A cousin of mine just opened a big bar in Lagos from the income he realised abroad for 6 years, my worry is all these investments will all come to waste if the country does not stabilise economically at some point.

Thirdly, I totally understand that people can vote for who they want, but at least when the suffering starts during the 4 years, I expect that educated Nigerians should/will come to their senses. I wonder if the prices I purchased fuel and diesel since stepping into Nigeria is different from the Tinubu lovers buy. Perhaps we purchase at different prices therefore they enjoy life. If we are all suffering, why can't see they this suffering too.

Fourth, I love going outside to hustle but do I want to die abroad, not really. Places like Canada are very cold, maybe one day I'd return fully to Nigeria. If Nigeria never changes, It means I cannot return permanently. Ghana is also having their own economic woes, I cannot stay there.

It is good to vote for Presidential candidates that you BELIEVE would perform better.

However, we need to get something very clear;

No President at Aso-Rock can single handedly transform Nigeria from a poor country to a developed and rich country as most people wrongly assumed.

Then, the question should be 'Can Nigeria become a developed country?'

If yes, then ask 'How can Nigeria become a developed country'?
Politics / Re: In 2024 Nigeria Is Debating COW, As In COW by oyatz(m): 9:22am On Jun 07

Do you understand that over 80% of cattle in the South are owned by southerners?

They only hand them over to herders to take care of for them. When you go meet a lot of the rich folks in the south, you will understand it better.

In a lot of cases, they pay the community leaders money to graze their cattle in the bushes too. Problem arise when community leaders collect money from herders and then turn around to sell the same land to farmers
If the Billions used by Akwa-Ibom to build Church Catheral and the Billions used by Aregbesola to build a non-existent Airport were invested on Cattle ranches in Akwa-Ibom andf Osun States for THEIR PEOPLES,
11) It would have generated jobs for thousands of youths in these States
2) Hunger and poverty would have reduced in these States
3) It would served as role models which can inspire other States.

If the 17 Southern States have massive ranches in their States, they would be competing with Fulani Herdsmen, who by now will have no option than modernize their own cattle business model from traditional open grazing to modernized ranching system.

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Politics / Re: In 2024 Nigeria Is Debating COW, As In COW by oyatz(m): 9:15am On Jun 07

Open grazing is an unproductive useless barbaric practice. In a sane civilized society like Europe, such retarded useless people would be shot dead in the first place.

Anyone who wants to go into animal farming, either pig, goat, cow etc should ranch it. Simple as ABC. This is 21st century. It's not by force to rear animal.

What exactly is your point?

You complain about the problems of open grazing and they are now discussing the solutions to prevent open grazing, yet you are still complaining that they are discussing about cows

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Politics / Re: In 2024 Nigeria Is Debating COW, As In COW by oyatz(m): 9:11am On Jun 07
Why should government be interfering into private business.

If they have guidelines about how to run business in the country, Cows discussion shouldn't be consuming our time

Government exist to solve problems that affect the people collectively.

The issue of cattle rearing affect millions of Nigeria from Abia to Zamfara. It should be discussed and solved. Government got ivolved in Automobile industry, Oil &Gas Industry, Health Industry, so why not Animal Husbandry sub-sector of the Food Industry?

The UK Government is involved in the British Beef and Dairy Industry

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Politics / Re: In 2024 Nigeria Is Debating COW, As In COW by oyatz(m): 9:04am On Jun 07

Dude, it's just cow.

They are not debating any industry, if not you would have heard terms like preservation, pricing, processing, standards...

They are talking about whether or not, COW should be allowed to roam the streets.

Something that has a simple answer, "NO" and a simple solution, "RANCHING"

The issue with Nigeria is we make simple problems look like Rocket Science, so simple problems with simple solutions keep piling up unsolved.

, simple, then move on to the next problem.

If in 2024 we can't figure out whether or not COWs should be herded on public streets, then what year do you think we will solve problems like Electricity and pipe borne water? In year 3000?

God have mercy on us.
The solution to the problems of cattle rearing will usher in numerous economic opportunities for Nigeria. Cows are the starting 'raw materials' for beef, dairy and leather industries.

The reason why we are discussing it now is because the PROBLEMS WERE NOT SOLVED IN THE PAST.
Politics / Re: GEJ should not have relinquish the presidency to Buhari by oyatz(m): 7:17am On May 25

Did you guys come out to vote for him like you did Obi despite your people benefiting more from that govt.

Obi was GEJ's SE campaign coordinator and he refused to mobolise funds for the elections.

Obi also had an acrimonious relationship with SE PDP leadership who saw obi's appointment as a slap on their faces. To which end they all secretly worked for Buhari's emergence. If in doubt of this, see how Buhari got substantial votes across the SE with imo giving Obi more than the 1/3rd requirement. And contrary to popular misconception, the SE was never part of the notorious five percent region. That region remains the SS apart from Edo.

Also, it's on record that SE PDP witnessed a gale of defection to the APC immediately after GEJ conceded defeat to Buhari.

You guys were the ones who lost the elections for GEJ.

Stop peddling falsehoods, Buhari scored around 5% in the SE except Imo where he received a little higher
Politics / Re: There Were No 'TRIBES' Before The British Invaded Nigeria by oyatz(m): 6:27am On May 25
It is very easy to end the phenomenon of tribalism in Nigeria and across Africa, to foster greater unity and fairness.

All the government has to do is promote and disseminate these FACTS as enunciated above, and encourage and subsidise MASS DNA GENEOLOGY TESTING, while encouraging people to embrace their true lineage as opposed to the FRAUDULENT, ARTIFICIAL, UN-AFRICAN, COLONIAL LANGUAGE-GROUP CLASSIFICATIONS.

It will be taught to CHILDREN from Primary 1, that their identity is their LINEAGE, which can be determined by DNA testing, not their language.

A geneology database will be created, and people will be encouraged to follow up on their DNA results and seek to re-unite with their long lost relatives and lineage in other parts of the country or sub-region etc.

In its early days, TV crews will be there, to capture the tears and hugs of an 'Igbo man' meeting his ancient family in remote Zaria, and a 'Hausa man' re-uniting with his ancient family in Ondo state.

Gradually, the notion of 'Tribe' will be eroded, and finally eliminated from our consciousness, as we become reasonable, tolerant, civilised Africans again, no longer robots of colonial greed and brigandage, and free of the bondage and shackles of tribalism holding back our GREATNESS.

You don't understand human societies.

Tribes and tribalism will NOT disappear. What we need is :


Justice= fairness to all parts of Nigeria

Equity= Equality of citizenship

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Politics / Re: Hardship In Nigeria: Have You Seen This Lawyer? (pix) by oyatz(m): 12:11pm On May 20
Activisism may force Gov't to change certain policies but ACTIVISM CAN NOT SOLVE ECONOMIC PROBLEMS.

The real reasons why things appear expensive in Nigeria is because most Nigerians aren't earning much.

The FG and the National Assembly should reduce wastages and assist the Private sector to stimulate economic growths and create jobs in the process.

However, the bulk of what most Nigerians complain about can and should be solve at their LGA and State Levels. Unfortunately , since 1999, most States in Nigeria no longer directly involve themselves in economic developments of their areas but now restrict their roles to collections of federal allocations , constructing some roads, rebuild some schools and health facilities, pay salaries of civil servants and embezzle the rest. No plans for long term economic goals like aiming to increase Cocoa production by 20 tons per year or partnering with Private sector to build Power plants or Rice mills , Pharmaceutical Companies etc

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Politics / Re: Between Obi And Tinubu Who Will Continue With The Lagos Calabar High Way? by oyatz(m): 11:09am On May 20
Obi will shut down the highway. He does not want that road to cut off his region, the SE.

The Highway won't cut off the SE, since it will pass through Rivers State, from which a link road will be constructed to link Abia State which is just about 60km from Port-Harcourt. Althernatively, they may use the already existing link roads from Rivers to Abia.
Politics / Re: Should Nigeria Try To Discourage Importation? by oyatz(m): 5:04pm On May 17

The rice and wheat produced here will still be more expensive compared to other African countries because Nigeria lacks an enabling environment for business to thrive!
If there was an open market today within African countries,would Nigerian businesses be able to compete with countries that have constant power supply,security,unified tax system,low transport cost?

It is not about competing or not competing but SURVIVAL.

Can Nigeria import everything and anything that come to their minds? The answer is a CAPITAL NO.

This is just like a 5-year old child who accompanied his parents to a supermarket for shopping but was pointing to any item in the supermarket that caught his fancy and asking the parents to buy. The parents bought the first four items, then the father started hesitating to buy more items. Out of frustration, the boy asked his father, Daddy ,why can't we buy the remaining ones? And the father replied 'we can't just be buying everything. Then he asked the father , why can't we be buying everything? The father replied...when you grow-up, you will understand.
Politics / Re: Should Nigeria Try To Discourage Importation? by oyatz(m): 4:54pm On May 17
Buhari tried to discourage importation, it didn't end well. It's one of the reason we are where we are now

Nigerians will reduce importation of many products on their own as the economy become unable to afford it. The real reason why Nigeria recorded Trade Surplus in 2023 was because importation fell below the projected value.
Politics / Re: Should Nigeria Try To Discourage Importation? by oyatz(m): 4:49pm On May 17
Discouraging importation is a bad idea. Value chains are global. Top exporting countries import their raw materials from countries that can sell them at the lowest price. If you discourage imports, your cost of materials will be high, and your export products will be too expensive to sell internationally and will contribute to inflation by being more expensive locally.

Dangote is importing crude oil from the US because it's the most cost-effective source for him right now. This will ensure that the petrol he refines will be cheap enough to sell/export and make a decent profit. If we hypothetically discouraged him from importing crude oil by charging high tariffs, his petrol would be more expensive.

We have to import raw materials from the cheapest sources internationally, process them cost-effectively, and then export our finished products at competitive prices. There is nothing you want to produce that doesn't require importation. Even farming needs imported fertilizer, pesticides, herbicides, heavy equipment, spare parts, seeds, etc.

If we want to be an exporting nation, we should have low import tariffs and no export tariffs, like Singapore

You might say that we should have low tariffs for raw materials and high tariffs for finished products. That's not as bad as the current reality of high tariffs for raw materials in an attempt to encourage exportation of raw materials, but it is also a mirage. One man's "raw material" or input is another man's finished product.

Apple laptops and iPhones looks like finished luxury products, but to a programmer developing iOS apps, they're compulsory "raw materials" for production. The more expensive they are, the more difficult it will be for our youths to make clean money by becoming iOS developers.

Import tariffs or restrictions on grains would on the surface seem to help farmers, but they hurt feed mills, poultry farmers, bakeries, breweries, food processors, consumers who have to pay more for their products, and food exportation.

The top 3 exporting nations in the world are China, USA, and Germany. They are also the top 3 importing nations. The thinking of "imports bad, exports good" that leads to import substitution policies is primitive and outdated in the global village. India, which does import substitution, can't compete with China, which imports & exports.

Importation of what?
Is it importation of petrol, Garri, Wheat, Okirika, automobiles, Brazillian Hair, I-phone, took picks, wines, canned tomatoe, rice, Iron and steel or 'importations of workers'?
Politics / Re: FAAC: We Can’t Continue Using Bayelsa Money To Develop Other States – Diri by oyatz(m): 6:46am On May 15

Which money them use?

Which money do you use to buy your car and pay for your school fees?
Politics / Re: Land Grab - SE Blogger Nnaa Mehn Tv Claims Port Harcourt Is Igboland by oyatz(m): 6:35am On May 15

The guy is right in what he is saying, all the places he mentioned speak Igbo as their indigenous language. Not only that, they all practice Igbo culture, bear Igbo names, have the 4 Igbo market days, and have "Omenala" as their culture

It doesn't get any more Igbo than that

Who declared their language Igbo or their culture Igbo? How do you know that it is not the other way round? How do you know its not the Igbo that speak Ikwerre language and practied Ikweres culture?
Do you have 'Copy right ' over any name or market practices?

Why don't you look at Europeans and learn?

Europeans of different Nationalities bear the same names with slightly different spellings/pronunciations, have so many practices in common and some even speak partially mutually intelligible languages but one doesn't claim the other.

Attempts by Adolf Hitler to invade other European countries where German language is spoken and unified them into one country led to the World War-2, why can't you learn from him.
Politics / Re: Land Grab - SE Blogger Nnaa Mehn Tv Claims Port Harcourt Is Igboland by oyatz(m): 6:27am On May 15

And have the entire community of Ikwere deny their origin? Most do but some don't. And the entire population knows.

I understand your point about self-identification, and it's true that individuals have the right to define their own identity. However, in the case of the Ikweres, their cultural, linguistic, and historical ties align closely with those of the Igbo people.

This is widely recognized by scholars, historians, and even by the Ikweres themselves. Additionally, reputable sources such as Wikipedia and academic research consistently classify the Ikweres as part of the Igbo ethnic group.

While self-identification is important, it's also valuable to acknowledge the broader context and historical connections that contribute to a group's identity.

You are still making the same mistake: The people concerned assert whoever they want to be, NOT outsiders ,United Nations, not Scholars or Wikipedia.

Has Enugu or Aguleri declared their Igboness? Has Gbaramotu declared their Ijawness?

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