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Politics / Re: List Of Agencies And Parastatals Under Amaechi, As A Minister Of Transport by pendy79: 3:46pm On Nov 11, 2015
Some of you may not know that Amaechi as Minister of transportation, has just been handed arguably the highest responsibility in the new government, as he going to supervise, re order and super intend over 10 Parastatals and agencies which employ over 30% of the entire Nigerian civil servants.

Just take a look at the highlight of the huge task and responsibility that await Hon. Minister Of Transportation, Rotimi Chibuike Amaechi as he takes over the ministry.

Water Ways

1. Nigerian Port Authority (NPA)

2. Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA

3 . National Clearing and Forwarding Agency (NCFA)

4. Nigeria Shippers Council (NSC)

5. Nigerian Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA)

6. Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC)

7 Nigerian Institute of Transport Technology (NITT)

1. Federal Airport Authority Of Nigerian (FAAN)

2. Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA)

3. Nigeria Air Space Management Agency(NASMA)

4. Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB)

5. Nigerian College Of Aviation And Technology (NCAT)

6. Nigeria Meteorological Agency (NMA)

Land Transportation

1. Nigeria Railway Corporation

2. All Federal Roads In Nigeria ( Including but not limited to Construction, Maintenance And Supervision)


Add Maritime Academy of Nigeria, oron.

Only dull, misinformed and ignorant troll will not know that after Ministry of Petroleum, the transport ministry is the second revenue earner for the country.

With NPA and NIMASA under amaechi then baba sure knew what he was doing. Same with fayemi in solid minerals. He wants his trusted lieutenants in revenue generating ministries.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Faults Attack On Fashola by pendy79: 11:05pm On Aug 26, 2015
hahahahahahah, keep exposing your stupidity, I dont have your time, yoruba smelly bigots

Given you a candid advice, spare the world some space. It is obvious you were created on Saturday. God was so tired you were just patched up. Idiotic shapeless thing.

Piece of fat regurgitated pile of poo. Get off my mention. Southbeasterner.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Faults Attack On Fashola by pendy79: 10:58pm On Aug 26, 2015
is it a crime for people to belive what they want, why did you call people idiot, are you not silly to say such, hahahahaha, shey Gej is the govenor of my state, sily bigot diplaying his stupidity

ass lik ers, go and wirship your master Tinubu, your generations will continue to serve him

Evidence of the total collapse of the education system you were unfortunate to receive. If not you won't say I called Jonathan your ex state governor.

Your dp shows who really fits into the azzlicker nomenclature cos you're shaped just like "Freddie the frog" and the way you look says all about your person. Shapeless, structureless and Serena Williams lookalike.

Tinubu, Fashola any day are class above anybody in your enclave, they don't need praisesingers, their works speaks volume for them. Go to your village and ask your governors to render account to your people. We lagosians are proud of fashola and Tinubu. If you don't like it spare the world some space madam amoeba
Politics / Re: Tinubu Faults Attack On Fashola by pendy79: 10:42pm On Aug 26, 2015
only ass lick ers will made this show of stupidity, Nigerians will no longer be fool with your propaganda. if he is paying ensure you are well paid. Idiot, Tinubu has failed in his bid to stop Fashola from getting appointment and is coming out to spew thrash, God will punish all of you working in his media team

Are you mad? Or is it a crime against NAIRALAND for me to air my views? Why not go to your village or state and ask your ex-governor to publish all the contracts he gave while in office so you all can scrutinize.

Schizophrenic modafuckers like you assume everyone who sees things differently from your myopic and daft reasoning believes that person must have been paid.

I have no need for patronage by anybody in government but I'm thankful and grateful to fashola whenever I travel to my village in Ikorodu for wonderful work he did within the town and outside it.

Can you useless and daft Jonathan praisesinger say same about your state governor?

Idiot feeling fly over stupidity.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Faults Attack On Fashola by pendy79: 10:09pm On Aug 26, 2015

Honestly. Sometimes I ask myself what Tinubu stands to gain for clamping down on Fashola so soon.
The Jagaban is not so foolish to engage in random and spontaneous fights. He is way too strategic for that!

Fashola was the Poster Boy for the APC CHANGE Mantra. It bewilders imagination for some morons to even assume Tinubu will be against his nomination as Minister.

Fashola felt he was being open nor knowing idiots and no brainers are entrenched in the opposition. Of all projects he did for 8years they are concerned about a web based domain of 78millionNaira that ordinary would cost more anywhere in the world.

I have learn to just look at the foolishness of these noise makers still lamenting and in perpetual tears and pains that their souless useless Jonathan is thrown out of power.

They are just grasping for anything to ease the sorrow and grief in their heart. Let them continue while Lagos continue to Tesiwaju


Politics / Re: Tinubu Faults Attack On Fashola by pendy79: 9:46pm On Aug 26, 2015
Only fools, idiots and psycophantic nonentities will believe Tinubu or Ambode will go after Fashola.

Fashola tot he was being accountable to the people by directing all projects he undertook to published on the state public procurements site only for idiots who didn't see those projects since April to now turn around to say Ambode directed their publications.

Fashola will be named Minister of the Federal Republic and nothing wailing wailers can do about it than to whine and cry as usual.

For anyone to even believe Fashola and Tinubu will go at each other shows the level of foolishness in the camp of those supporting PDP.

Tinubu never destroy those he made, never in his traits.


Sports / PHOTO: Nigeria Born British Dominates Britain 100metres Trials by pendy79: 6:32pm On Jul 05, 2015
Out of a total of about 8athletes that competed in the British 100metres finals in the Sainsbury British Trials, Nigeria-Born Athletes dominated the men's finals with Chijindu Ujah coming First and James Dasaolu coming in a close second, another Nigerian born althlete came third.

In all a total of 5 Nigeria linked Sprinters were in the 7 that made the finals.

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Politics / Re: TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 9:59pm On Jun 06, 2015

Gbogbo epe owuro ti osan ati ti ale ti won se ni origunmerin agbaiye yi ko ma ba emi ati gbogbo molebi bi

Shopona lo ma pa gbogbo iran baba ati mama e. Ogun lo ma fi eje yin we ninu ile yin leyo kankan. Ti alale bani ko ye yin ninu ile yin olosan onije, bo owuro ba ye yin ibanuje le na fi sun lale. Aleiba, ofo, amubo, ibanuje aiyeraye ko ni ko bata kuro ninu ile aiye gbogbo omo ti ojade ninu iya e.

Ekun, ironu ati aisan ko ni ko kuro ni ibugbe gbogbo iran e titi di ojo igbeyin.

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Politics / Re: TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 9:32pm On Jun 06, 2015

My useless generation both the dead alive and yet unborn will always experience unlimited sorrow IJN
Mad man upon PDP matter na him you dey swear for your lineage and entire village from your igwe down to your miserable household like this.

Make I follow add say, no pastor or any human being born of a woman will or shall have the power or remedy to whatever curse that you place on yourself and your entire lineage.

Si se si se ni ti epe alaboyun ni ojo ikunle, amubo amubo ni ki oro ile aiye re yi oje. Ale oni le ki ojumo ma tele, gbogbo ojumo aiye yi ni ofo, akoba, iranu, ibaje, ibanuje aiye yi, bata ofo, bata ofo ko ni ye ninu ile yin. Ekun omode ati ti agba ko ni duro ninu Iran e.

Ba yi ni ori fun e ati gbogbo iran e. Just say amen to this prayers and all you swore on your lineage maybe averted.

Oni bo ninu e.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS: APC Adopts Femi Gbajabiamila As Its Sole Candidate For Speaker by pendy79: 7:06pm On Jun 06, 2015
With this move the APC as a party won't be producing any other person to contest the office of Speaker of the House aside Gbajabiamila unless of course he withdraws on personal grounds.

The straw poll for Senate President starts by 8pm tonight at same venue.

Watch out for the dog fight between Lawan and Saraki.
Politics / Re: TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 6:40pm On Jun 06, 2015

Leo Ogor is from which state?

And should Dogara and his supporters refuse to listen to the party and go ahead to contest against Gbaja on Tuesday, are you sure PDP wont support him just to slight APC and payback APC for what they did in 2011?

Hope you have read Dogora reaction: https://www.nairaland.com/2361987/dogara-rejects-gbajabiamilas-emergence
I think Leo is from cross river. Forget what happened in 2011 there was no APC then by the way. What transpired then wasn't about PDP but about the woman the PDP wanted. The members don't like her even amongst PDP members unlike Gbaja that has more members of his own party behind him.

The Party have come out to declare Gbaja as its sole candidate it simply translate to PDP producing its own candidate. Dogara will congratulate Gbaja latest Monday.

The APC ain't PDP. This party is a party of eggheads and intellutual assembly of quality men
Politics / BREAKING NEWS: APC Adopts Femi Gbajabiamila As Its Sole Candidate For Speaker by pendy79: 6:00pm On Jun 06, 2015
Aftermath of the APC mock/straw poll today at the International Conference Centre where Him FEMI GBAJABIAMILA OF LAGOS won a total of 154 votes out of a total of 157valid votes.

The APC leadership have come out to declare him as the party's sole candidate for the office of the Speaker.

APC always a step ahead of the game.

Politics / Re: TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 5:49pm On Jun 06, 2015

Nigeria politics is not that straightforward and a day is too long in politics. Dogara wont be sleeping knowing this result. Gbaja still has a lot of work to do, he needs to rally more people. The election will be by secret balloting so anything can happen on Tuesday....fingers crossed.

The party has spoken and nothing gonna change that. The APC isn't PDP. The Presidential Primaries was hotter than this and none of the contenders disobey the party, Dogara won't want to incur the wrath of the party not even by suggesting to give the deputy speaker seat to a PDP member in an APC Dominated house.

Gbaja need no more campaign, Dogara has shot himself in the foot with his Leo Ogor Deputy Speaker ticket he is flying.

The APC leadership will treat his Bleep up.

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Politics / Re: TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 5:23pm On Jun 06, 2015

What happens if PDP HOR members team up with Dogara and his supporters against Gbaja on Tuesday?

What is the total number of HOR members?
the house has 360members and APC has about 248 members already. Only 182 turned up today and Gbaja has 154 votes out of the 160 that voted. He needs only 181vote to win. The PDP even if they gather all their NWC members won't add up the numbers for Dogara. Dogara himself will vote Gbajabiamila next Tuesday. The party is supreme.
Politics / Re: TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 3:38pm On Jun 06, 2015
This is getting insane. Nigeria is now a tribal game zone. Meanwhile this is not the job Nigerians wants done. We need ppl not based on relationships, but based on competency n due process. How can one-man Tinubu be dictating n ppl fold hands n celebrate. We r simply going to the whirl .....

Look for the next available basket and fill it with your tears.

The opposition will be given minority role to play so don't cry much.


Politics / Re: TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 3:35pm On Jun 06, 2015
source before I start jubilating

Gbaja had 154 votes to Dogara's 3 out of 184 accredited voters only 160 voted while 2 were voided or abstained.

Dogara and some of his supporters left the venue before the commencement of the poll saying they didn't know a poll was gonna take place.

Its a done deal.


Politics / Re: TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 3:33pm On Jun 06, 2015
Senate Presidency next up after the House of Reps straw poll.

Lawan and Saraki goes head to head.

High level politicking when Reps from Kano abandon their own to vote in Gbaja.

Great day for Democracy.


Politics / TINUBU: Always Getting The Job Done. Femi Gbaja Is Next Speaker. by pendy79: 3:29pm On Jun 06, 2015
After deep politicking and game changing calculations at the International Conference Centre today, The APC in a straw poll have elected Femi Gbajabiamila as the Next Speaker of the 8th Assembly with Hon. Ali Monguno from Borno as the deputy Speaker.
Femi Gbajabiamila scored a total of 154votes out of 182 accredited voters while Dogara scoring 3. Dogara and some of his supporters staged a work out sensing defeat in the air.

The astute and strong political jaggernaut from the South West is always beating the naive, hate filled and tear rendering TANiods in the game. They can only rant and whine online like they did for their clueless kindergarten ext president. The real deal is matching on.

More sorrow in the home of PDP and their supporters tonight.



Politics / Re: Bukola Saraki Garner More Support To Emerge As Senate President 0 by pendy79: 1:57pm On Jun 01, 2015
Hmmmm, surely this is a Yoruba Government. VP Yoruba, Senate President YORUBA, SPEAKER YORUBA.

can now see why the children born, bred and watered with HATE and ANGER are CRYING.



Politics / Re: Transformation Agenda: National Id Card Project Scam- Over N121 Billion Looted by pendy79: 2:26am On May 28, 2015

^^^The bastards are on a mission to completely discredit GEJs administration (esp' those ministries, depts and agencies headed by Igbos) to make gullible peeps feel thankful their messiah Buhari has come to save the day!

If a HUMAN BEING with BRAINAL MATTER not MOCOUS FILLED SKULL can write this, I think NIGERIA should really think about handing over the TERRITORY OF BIAFRA to you DOGS.

How can a normal human being read all the heart rendering exposee in this write up only to see it as an ANTI-IGBO FIGHT. Are you people just damn stupid and fastidiously crazy ni?

NIGERIA will never grow with stupid idiots like you in it.

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Politics / Re: Okonjo-Award: Yale University Responds To Withdraw Call by pendy79: 11:20pm On May 24, 2015

Yoruba, the tribe of judas Isccariot. Cowards no 1 in the world.

Cowardly is when grown men without brains of their own march up to war with cassava stem to take bullet from brazen guns of adekunle while their folk hero ran away dressed up like a woman to corlte d'ivoire.

Funny when nyamiris and people battling with OSU caste systems amongst themselves forgot the fact that their lineage from generations are known idiots and fools

How many did ojukwu led to their early graves again?

Guess who are the cowards? Your forefathers.

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Politics / Re: Okonjo-Award: Yale University Responds To Withdraw Call by pendy79: 11:14pm On May 24, 2015

chai, please come and see another mad man on rampage ooooooooooo

If a man in faraway Thailand can detect that you people are a band of subhuman and stupid individuals, what more do I need say?

Yale gave her award, how have that improved the present predicament facing people in Nigeria.

It is a known fact that madness originated and live in your entire lineage or what will make a man carry drugs to a country that just shot dead his fellow tribe man if not madness.
It is a trait passed on in generational rhythm amongst your people.


Politics / Re: Akpabio Commissions Erosion Control Project In Akwa Ibom (photos) by pendy79: 10:29pm On May 24, 2015

Just don't reproduce please,we need to breed out mofos idi.ots from our society so we can have a better future ok,it begins with you.

Says the man whose father committed suicide after crying of failure to end the fisherman job he lived on, says the son a wh.ore who hawks her trade at night for any available tanker driver.

Guess the driver for tonight brought fuel as payment. Can see you can make use of your free MB.

Schizophrenic nonentity.
Politics / Re: Akpabio Commissions Erosion Control Project In Akwa Ibom (photos) by pendy79: 9:53pm On May 24, 2015

And you and your state government (Governor) mofos that you both are were banned from receiving your right full allocation for the ecological fund abi?
I.diots full Nairaland nowadays.
Mofo you are a mofo your entire linage starting from you will be mofos if you take the criminal step of reproducing.
How do you like that?

Seems you're just learning the word mofo for the first time.

Becks the way you keep repeating it, it is like seeing a white man for the first time in your life.

You sure your brains are still functional with all the non comprehensive line of thought your brain is spewing.
Politics / Re: Okonjo-Award: Yale University Responds To Withdraw Call by pendy79: 8:55pm On May 24, 2015

if igbos are a disgrace to the black race how would someone rate the remaining Nigerians who are ready to spill the last drop of their blood to keep this disgrace to the black race to the black race in the same country with them even at the cost of sacrificing 500,000 soldiers

Who have you seen carrying a flag stopping you from getting out?

How many of your folks can afford to live amongst your folks for 2weeks in your eastern enclave. You come online singing of eldorado and grandiose as if one is not conversant with the poverty, hunger and lack of opportunities which leads young men of your tribe to their death in Thailand, China and Malaysia.

Go see South Sudan. We are waiting for that your declaration so you can all be joined and leave the country in Peace.


Politics / Re: Akpabio Commissions Erosion Control Project In Akwa Ibom (photos) by pendy79: 8:42pm On May 24, 2015
Project read POWERED BY FEDERAL GOVERNMENT ECOFUNDS some daft blind mofo say Akpabio is working and is the best governor.

God heal Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria On The Precipice!! Shame Of A Nation. white man on fuel search. by pendy79: 1:53pm On May 24, 2015
and if buhari fails to send in troops what should happen to you?

So your noise is about Buhari sending troops then you're not ready.

Tot your declaration will be like that of Ojukwu in 1967. Una never start.

What happened to those idiotic grandfather's of yours that went to Enugu government house? Ordinary policemen treat their fuckup.

Hope you guys have gathered enough cassava stems to launch your war this time around.

If you allow radio broadcast from one cowardly radio Biafra deceive you then you're living in stupidity and crass idiocy.

Like I said, we are waiting for that May 30. If nothing happen then your lots are just like your forefathers empty shells that make unnecessary noise.

Who wants to declare war and go to the radio waves to announce it? Only in Biafra. Even USA no announce date they will start bombing Iraq na empty chestbeaters person go take serious.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria On The Precipice!! Shame Of A Nation. white man on fuel search. by pendy79: 1:42pm On May 24, 2015

E dey pain you

Eyahh take heart.

Mr Man your threats will not work. We know the drill.

Your Buhari can only assuage the militants he can not engage them.

You claim you worked on an oil platform off the coast of Akwa Ibom and so that makes you own their territorial waters.

You think we are like you cowards who ab0ki has already claimed Lagos coastline?

As I said earlier I give this useless country 2 yrs max

Start planting cocoa because if you truly worked in the Delta you will know at the height of the insurgency not one single militant was killed but daily you would have read of Nigerian security men being killed. Nigerians airforce lost 2 hind helicopters from ground fire and at one time no single chopper ventured over the creeks.

The highest Buhari can do is pillage small communities like the way Obasanjo did Udi but he won't even if he wanted to.

First you are saying you're ready for war, next breathe you're saying Buhari will placate the Militants.

Which one are you ready for? Have you seen Buhari or his media team react to the rant of Asari Dokubo?

Have you heard the new songs from all your warlords? If your assume warlords are singing new songs to seek favour from Buhari, it is online ant and inconsequential idiots like you that will now declare war.

The only war moronic fo.ol like you will declare is against your mothers pot of soup.

Go get a life because if you're thinking some warlord will fight your so called war. You're only daydreaming. Do you hear Ayiri Emami and other Warlords joining APC.

Any community that do fuckup, ODI and GBARAMATU will be child play for that community.

Your Forefathers does not own the oil in the sea or beneath the grounds. No amount of noise from your creeks have stopped oil blocs allocations. You can all make noise and nothing will happen.

Your noise about saro wiwa, who heard it?

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Politics / Re: Nigeria On The Precipice!! Shame Of A Nation. white man on fuel search. by pendy79: 1:23pm On May 24, 2015
we the indigenous people of Biafra shall be waiting for buhari and his army on Saturday 30, May in Aba during our hero's day remembrance. long live biafra
I like this kind of news, at least May 30 is just 6days away.

If that day passes without you people doing what you are boasting about may Amadioha fire your entire lineage.

If May 30 passes with a single banger or even gunshot may thunder fire you.

It is a known fact that boastfulness and cheap talking is a syndrome that brought your forefathers to their early graves in the 1960s.

If May 30 passes without these your threat may you and other idiots who reason like you end up deep inside the river Niger.

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Politics / Re: Nigeria On The Precipice!! Shame Of A Nation. white man on fuel search. by pendy79: 1:19pm On May 24, 2015
Pendy79 you are a typical example of a hate filled jealous azz ugly dirty fetish lazy parasitic yoruba man.

The genocide you wish on us in the ND because of our oil will befall your region.

You will forever remain a slave to the north.

Jealous of what? That your people are lazy, useless and are drunk right from your mothers womb is not a fairytale.

I worked 12years in Akwa-Ibom on platform and terminals so what are you telling me.

Jealous that you claim what is on the high sea as your forefathers inheritance is sheer stupidity and craziness.

The fisherman in Benue should claim all the fish in River Benue as his forefathers gift na, the Igbos in Onitsha should claim the River Niger as their own too.

Your oyel didn't know your forefather turned their urine and blood to crude oyel.

You are the one singing the song of war na, why are you scared of the repercusion of war.

Stupidity run supreme in your lineage, you were talking as if youre ready for war now you're scared of dancing the same war songs your singing.

Who doesn't know your people are just lousy lazy bones who drink from sunrise to sunset.

Tot Asari said he will start a war now he is asking Buhari to push him first.

Go read about the Civil War and you will know war is not militancy.



Politics / Re: APC - Jonathan Handing Over Nation In Deep Crisis - The Punch by pendy79: 1:01pm On May 24, 2015
This nation never had it this bad.

Whatever Sin Nigeria committed that made God allowed a drunk, a clueless, a useless and brain dead personality to rise to rule it, may the Almighty forgive and see the suffering of my country men back home as a cry for repentance .

No nation deserve to have this guy and his bunch of thieves rule it.


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