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Politics / Re: Man Accused Hope Uzodimma For Being HIV Postive. by peteruuu(m): 7:00am On Jan 23
So what?
Crime / Re: Jos Sex Video: For N30,000, Married Women, Girls Engage In ‘Immoral Act’ by peteruuu(m): 6:54am On Jan 23
Terrible times ahead!

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Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by peteruuu(m): 11:50pm On Jan 22
No,pls just want outright payment

Okay sir. Thanks for the response.
Family / Re: House Clearance Sales.. Come In Here!!!! by peteruuu(m): 1:03pm On Jan 22
Samsung s7 edge duos with working fingerprint 32g internal memory very clean , working perfectly , call me or Whatsapp 08168064058-location V/I or chevron , price 59k slightly negotiable

I have a Samsung J7 neo phone(very neat), with the back nylon. Can i swap and add a token along with it?
Education / Re: FUNAABSU VP Who Wanted To Become A Doctor But Signed Out As Forest Manager. by peteruuu(m): 12:58am On Jan 22
Such is life.

We all have story(ies) to tell.

Congratulations anyways!.

God would favour you. Amen.
Travel / Re: Truck Crushes 13 Passengers On Ogbomoso-Ilorin Expressway (Disturbing Photos) by peteruuu(m): 8:50pm On Jan 20

The painful part was that she is an Orphan. No father, no mother.


What a pity!

May her soul rest in peace!.

This world is NOT our final home!

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Travel / Re: Truck Crushes 13 Passengers On Ogbomoso-Ilorin Expressway (Disturbing Photos) by peteruuu(m): 10:44pm On Jan 19
Traveling through that dead trap every Sunday morning? May God continue to protect you

Yes bro..... Amen. Thanks for your prayers.

I'm a preacher of the Gospel, so, I travel every blessed sunday to preach in one of our church branches in Ogbomoso land.

Thanks for your prayers once again.
Travel / Re: Truck Crushes 13 Passengers On Ogbomoso-Ilorin Expressway (Disturbing Photos) by peteruuu(m): 9:48pm On Jan 19
That's not the case. Most LAUTECH students are either residents or indigenes of Ilorin. You know that Ilorin to ogbomoso is less than 40mins journey.

That's true though. You're very correct on this.

It's so saddening man.
Just imagine man.....imagine!

The wailings that would have started from the individual homes since it happened! cry

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Travel / Re: Truck Crushes 13 Passengers On Ogbomoso-Ilorin Expressway (Disturbing Photos) by peteruuu(m): 9:39pm On Jan 19
The lady friend that lost her life is a colleague, currently a Masters degree student of LAUTECH named Miss Balkis Mohammad. Infact, she was in the university laboratory till Saturday evening observing her research work.
I got the news of her demise this evening.

It's so sad!

Probably, she was travelling to see someone in ilorin.

Lord help us!!!
Travel / Re: Truck Crushes 13 Passengers On Ogbomoso-Ilorin Expressway (Disturbing Photos) by peteruuu(m): 9:28pm On Jan 19
Govt are the ones killing the people on that road ...any student who ply that road from lag to KWASU/unilorin/KP will Know wat I'm talking about ....that road is too narrow for two buses to pass by each other not to talk of trailers and trucks....

You're correct man, I'm an Ilorin based and I know how roads are here.

I was at the scene of the accident today.

It got me thinking throughout!.


Travel / Re: Truck Crushes 13 Passengers On Ogbomoso-Ilorin Expressway (Disturbing Photos) by peteruuu(m): 9:25pm On Jan 19
Very bad news. One of colleagues was involved.

Sorry bro. I got there after it happened this morning because, I'm always travelling to arowomole in Ogbomoso every blessed sunday morning.

It's so sad. Sorry for the loss of your friend.

I heard that some(or maybe all) were kwara state polytechnic students..

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Travel / Re: Truck Crushes 13 Passengers On Ogbomoso-Ilorin Expressway (Disturbing Photos) by peteruuu(m): 9:22pm On Jan 19
A truck on Sunday rammed into a commercial bus and killed all the 12 passengers on board and the bus driver at Abuduka on Ogbomoso-Ilorin Expressway.

The accident was said to have occurred around 10a.m. at Abuduka Area of Surulere North Local Council Development Area of Oyo State.

Eyewitnesses said the truck lost its brake while climbing a hill and suddenly began to roll backwards. The bus in which there were 13 persons was said to have been trailing the truck very closely and the driver could not manoeuvre the bus to safety before the accident occurred.

Both the commercial bus with registration number ABJ 14XN and the truck were headed for Ilorin before the tragedy.

Eyewitnesses said all the passengers in the commercial bus lost their lives in the accident.

But the Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corp (FRSC), Oyo State, Mrs. Uche Chukwurah, said officers of the organisation got to the scene of the accident shortly after it occurred and confirmed that six persons among the passengers lost their lives, while seven others were critically injured.

She said the injured victims had been taken to the hospital, while the remains of the dead had been taken to the mortuary, adding that he could not confirm whether the death toll had increased as at Sunday evening.

She said updates would be given to the public on Monday when officers of the corps got back to the hospital, where the injured passengers had been receiving medical attention.

Source: https://www.sunnewsonline.com/tragedy-on-ogbomoso-ilorin-expressway-as-truck-crushes-13-inside-passenger-bus/

It is so sad!!

I got there after it happened this morning!
I always ply that Ogbomoso-ilorin road every sunday...

And pls, for the record, they all died!!!

Let there be no uncertainty in the news..

I learnt that they were students of kwara state polytechnic... I also got to know that the driver of the truck ran away(with legs) after he saw what he has done.

Someone said it was dangote truck sef.

Lord, keep us safe and secure from evil.


Celebrities / Re: 10 Disturbing Takeaways From The Davido-patrick Dirty Saga by peteruuu(m): 7:18am On Jan 19
Covenant keeping God,
There is no one like You,
Alpha, Omega,.....
There is no one like you.

Celebrities / Re: Sandra Ikeji Weds Arinze With 200 Bridesmaids (white Wedding Pictures & Videos) by peteruuu(m): 7:45pm On Jan 11
Let's wait and see.
Fashion / Re: Recipes For Soaps, Lotions, Perfumes And Shampoo by peteruuu(m): 10:40am On Jan 09
Hello ma.

Pls, where are you based?
Fashion / Re: Lets Talk About Your Skincare Issues Here And Possible Ways To Solve It by peteruuu(m): 10:39am On Jan 09
Business / Re: I Jurt Produce My First Bar Soap Today. by peteruuu(m): 7:48am On Jan 09
After learning how to produce bar soap some years ago i decided to give it a chance and i did it, brodas and sistas if anybody tells u wit reading of ebook u can produce soap na lie o, my basic problem where cost of chemcals and measurement of chemicals, but i hav tried it and it works but no much gain maybe my next production, i even run at lost, i use 1.3 p.k.o,half kg sada as/caustic soda, everything half, my fear now is i use solicate, in most ebook it is not included among the chemicals the pson who tougth me said i can do without it if i wish but due to how watery my product was fear made to pour the solicate without measuring it, my coach says solicate is responsble for pealing of hand4 wish is a sign of bad product, i dont kno if i wil start selling my 25bar i have already produce or give them out, i spend 3k dat money go go like dat Please if u hv share ur experience.

Where are you based bro?
Romance / Re: IN PICTURES: World War II - The Holocaust by peteruuu(m): 5:10pm On Jan 08

She said the "H" in "NIGERIA" stands for "HOPE" , but there's no "H" in that spelling. Since there's no "H" which stands for "hope" , it means that there's no hope in Nigeria.

Lol. Thanks !!!!

Now, I get it.
Romance / Re: IN PICTURES: World War II - The Holocaust by peteruuu(m): 2:04pm On Jan 08

Figure out the sarcasm and apply.

I couldn't figure it out bro.

Care to explain?..

Health / Re: Her Palms Are Peeling. She Needs Help (Photos) by peteruuu(m): 7:36pm On Jan 07
Doctors In The House Please What's Solutions To This?

Have a friend who have been battling with rough palm for long now.

According to her, it happens like 8 years ago. She used to have a normal palm, until a particular day she helped someone to applied Relaxer without gloves. Ever since then, her palm started peeling and cracking causing her severe pains and pricks.
She taught it was just something that will go away in few days, but till date making 8 years she's been experiencing crack, hard and and peeling palm.
It get worse every harmattan seasons, there are days she can't eat she had to be fed by someone due to the pains.

she has applied all sort of treatment but they're not effective.

She said she has been to a clinic once but they couldn't specify what's wrong with her, they only gave her some drugs which ended up not being effective.

Please anyone with similar experience should please share whatever treatment they applied.

Doctors in the house, please your help is needed.

Please help me push it to front-page for wider audience.

Bro, Anthisan cream would work effectively.

Good evening.
Health / Re: Sugar Cane Seller Picks Fallen Sugar Cane From The Gutter To Sell To The Public by peteruuu(m): 7:07pm On Jan 07
Abasi mmi ke ikpa enyong
Hi. I sent you a PM bro.
Celebrities / Re: She's Not Your Mate, Naira Marley Confessed After Seeing This Kid Legwork. VIDEO by peteruuu(m): 6:20am On Jan 03
Decency dropping day by day.

Moral decadence.
Politics / Re: The Moment Brigadier Idiagbon Declared War Against Indiscipline-wai (video) by peteruuu(m): 4:51am On Dec 31, 2019
Nigeria was still better that year than now.

Save us oh Lord!.
Religion / Re: 4 Reasons I'm Considering Becoming An Atheist by peteruuu(m): 12:55pm On Dec 30, 2019
1.Jesus is the only way to God, John 14:6
This invariably means those who don't believe in Jesus have no business in heaven.
Christians worldwide have an estimated population of 2.4billion people
Islam records an estimate of 1.9 billion adherents, Hindu has an estimated 1.1bn adherents. The remaining world's population have their own beliefs which includes atheism.
If Jesus is the only way to God, what happens to those who don't believe in him? Hell? Well, the Bible suggests so.

2. There are a lot of complications and contradictory remarks in the Bible- a verse says don't drink, another says "Drink for your stomach sake", or "Do not drink wherein excess."
Malachi 3:10 a famous Bible verse on tithing speaks about bringing your tithe to the storehouse (church, maybe)
Deuteronomy 14:22-26 says otherwise, it says "you should drink and be merry with your tithe". I'm seriously beginning to doubt the credibility of the Bible. Maybe the translators' fault or God told writers different stories on the same issue. Read Matthew, Mark, Luke and John's account of Jesus and see real contradictions.

3. Does God answer prayers? Well, I'm not really sure about that. Someone might be suffering from malaria, the person takes drugs and still prays, the drugs work, but the person thanks God. Or a successful surgical operation, instead of thanking the doctor, they thank God. Some illnesses that would have been treated led to deaths because a certain congregation who were supposed to take the ill persons to the hospital, circled around praying. Faith without work isn't it still dead?
I remember when I had stomach ulcer, it was really terrible, I prayed and made several promises to God that if He took away the ulcer, I'd drink no more alcohol and will be more devout in worshipping Him. That didn't solve anything though, I stopped drinking and took to taking my drugs more seriously. Weeks later, I was well. I returned to drinking and after a few months, the ulcer resurfaced. That was when I realized I really needed to quit drinking. Prayers wouldn't have solved that issue.
I spent 80% of 2019 at home because of my misgivings about God's existence.
I really wish I could be convinced about God's existence because I'm not even happy to be away from Church because of the views of friends and family.

4. Children of God, or so called children of God tend to suffer more tribulations, hard times and desperate moments, a lot of them scream "Vanity upon Vanity" when secular people live in luxury or spend extravagantly. God tends to turn his back on those who worship Him especially when they need Him most.
The 1933 Holocaust and mass murder of Jews to the tone of 6m was a clear indication that God turns His eyes against His people
Repulsive comments are highly welcome

Romance / Re: My Opinion On Broke Guys by peteruuu(m): 10:35am On Dec 30, 2019
I see different posts on Nairaland about girls not wanting to date or marry broke guys, you can't really blame them. In this world men are bread winners no matter how much we talk about splitting the breadwinning with females it can't happen, even if she is rich that's the world we live in.

If a girl should get married to a broke guy what of if he doesn't get rich, that's a life of poverty and also damming you children's future.

It's better to make it first, before thinking about marriage and women.

You would be surprised when you have made it women won't even be on your wishlist, there is more to life than women (there is games, movies, food and much more) you can also adopt kids if you feel lonely and can cater for them. And marriage is not for everyone.
Religion / Re: Six Churches That Don't Celebrate Christmas by peteruuu(m): 1:24pm On Dec 25, 2019
please tell me more about the branhamites

I'll be glad to tell you more than you could ask for.

I just sent you a PM sir.
Religion / Re: Six Churches That Don't Celebrate Christmas by peteruuu(m): 8:11am On Dec 25, 2019
Christmas celebration has become rampant among the Christians. Christmas is an annual festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, observed primarily on December 25 as a religious and cultural celebration among billions of people around the world.

But some Churches refuse to be celebrating Christmas and below are the 6 Churches that don't celebrate Christmas.

This religious organization is one of the biggest groups of Christmas-Shunners. Once upon a time, Jehovah's Witness used to observe Christmas. This was until 1928, after further study bynone official. The official found that this is based on "false religious beliefs or activities". Deseret news reports that this is explained in a 1993 book, "Jehovah's Witness-Proclaimers of God's Kingdom".

Just like Jehovah's Witness, this is Church is also against Christmas celebration.

A publication from them reads: "We do not celebrate Christmas as the Birth of Christ per say since Christ was not born in December".

He did not want us to celebrate his birth or He (Christ) would have told us when he was born. It has become a money-making celebration with Christ mixed in. It is a paga ritual.

A few years ago, Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the head of the Church announced to the world that his Church does not celebrate the popular Holiday. Explaining at the 2013 retreat. He said: "We don't celebrate Christmas nor sing Christmas carol; because Christmas is of idolatrous background "

GKS believes that there us no single evidence that Jesus was born on the 25th of December. Rather, they believe he was born on October and that Christmas originated from a "noisy pagan festival in honour of the god of the sun".

The church was started by St. Gideon MeriodereUrhobo in 1934 after leaven Jehovah's Witnesses with the headquarters found in Warrior.

This church believes that " every day is a holy day", so there is no need to single out just one day to celebrate.

According to the founder of the church, Pastor D.K. Olukoya, " We don't celebrate Christmas because the root is demonic "

OP you forgot to add the " BRANHAMITES".

I am one of them.

Christmas celebration is not Biblical.
It's pure pagan worship.

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Culture / Re: Ooni Of Ife Ogunwusi Catwalks At Fashion Show In Lagos (photos) by peteruuu(m): 10:33pm On Dec 24, 2019

Pls, accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Saviour. No other name given in Heaven and Earth that can save than JESUS. If u die waiting for imes that will never come, sorry.
Pls, what's the imes all about?

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Culture / Re: Ooni Of Ife Ogunwusi Catwalks At Fashion Show In Lagos (photos) by peteruuu(m): 10:21pm On Dec 24, 2019
No matter how many years that falsehood thrives, the
truth will always meet up with it one day.

No matter how many years the people of falsehood
reign, Imes will eventually meet up with them some day
in Shaa Allaah. cheesy

Imes, the end of days, the beginning of New ones..
The one who is not a king or ruler but to whom many
kings and rulers will "bow"... I'm very fascinated by your
personality... telling the world about you alone gives me
joy... cheesy

We await your coming cheesy

@ the bolded: What does it means?
pls, tell me about it.
Politics / Re: Yuletide: Gov. Ugwuanyi Felicitates With Nigerians by peteruuu(m): 10:04pm On Dec 24, 2019
Enugu state is in the Hand of God.
Romance / Re: The Love Of Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil by peteruuu(m): 10:51am On Dec 24, 2019

You call a book filled with fairy tales and olden days pornography the word of God?
Well then....
I have nothing to say again.

However, I'll still like us to have a chat outside this forum.

If you so desire, and if otherwise, it's still fine.

Romance / Re: The Love Of Money Is Not The Root Of All Evil by peteruuu(m): 6:37am On Dec 24, 2019
pvssy fruit

You see my point now?

That's exactly what I'm talking about.

I just wish he'll understand.

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