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Family / Re: Occult Married Neighbour Wants To Date Me By All Means Pls Advice. by polokor60(m): 6:22pm On Dec 22, 2013

And this one too is a man? SMH!
Funny you.

Op tell your husband to get in touch with any of his relatives/friends that belongs to the same cult with this neigbour of yours during his university days.The relative will just make a single call and this problem will be over.Just a single word like'' na ma senior bros wife be that ooo''The coward no go eva disturb you again.

Na wa for ur huby self,e fellow man won kolobi e wife for his presence and e dey form siddon look.Non forget to buy better liver put for his diet any time wey you go market oo. angry
Celebrities / Re: Pictures Of Pres Obama Flirting With The Danish PM In South Africa by polokor60(m): 7:02am On Dec 11, 2013
wink cheesy grin
Romance / Re: Late Bloomers! How Difficult Was It For You? by polokor60(m): 12:08pm On Dec 05, 2013
Late bloomer has nothing to do with sex, dating or relationships.

Its about people who took longer than their peers to develop their talents.

Ie it applies in an educational or academic setting.
Sports / Re: Enyeama Named Ligue1 Player Of The Month by polokor60(m): 4:51am On Nov 24, 2013
Well done enyeama and congrats to you.You have being deligent in the service of your nation and that of your employers.
Health / Re: What Can I Do To Reduce The Sugar Content In My Blood? by polokor60(m): 4:52pm On Nov 22, 2013
figur: Bitter leaf juice does it,just drink as much as you can and avoid sugar.
[quote author=emilyone]

Politics / Re: Report Shows JTF Involved In Niger-Delta Oil Theft by polokor60(m): 3:24pm On Nov 21, 2013

Very true. Have seen some of them in Saipem camp opposite UBA after PPMC. To them it is the best thing that could ever happen to a junior officer. I have met an inspector who drives a Range Rover in warri. Seems the situation in this country is beyond redemption.
Na so we see am 4 dis obodo nigeria ooo.
Politics / Re: Report Shows JTF Involved In Niger-Delta Oil Theft by polokor60(m): 12:50pm On Nov 21, 2013
omenka: Jonathan and past leaders alike are just absolute failures and hypocrites when it comes to the mgt of our oil resources. If they really wanna curb the activities of these criminals, they know exactly what to do. Here in the Niger delta, people who are involved in oil bunkering are being revered by most of the members of the society. People aspire to be like them and live the kind of life they live, a life of hookers, clubbing, drugs, money, and vice. Take a trip to PPMC and WRPC in Effurun Delta state and see the kind of sleaze that goes on there daily. It's a damn shame. Sometimes I wonder how this entity called nigeria even survives.
Dude calm down,You should take a trip to the barrack and see how all the officers that are posted to the niger delta to safeguard the crude oil scream,shout,jump dance,run and sing for joy as if they have won a free ticket to be the president of Nigeria for life.These oil bunkers are working for top government officials(most politicians in that region have multiple oil vessels for this activities).The hunter and the bush meat are business partners/associates in this scenario.


Politics / Re: Report Shows JTF Involved In Niger-Delta Oil Theft by polokor60(m): 11:23am On Nov 21, 2013
Old news.Just look at the stomach of all the ogas at the top of the JTF safeguarding the crude oil,you ll see the dividend of sweet crude staring at you. It's their share of the national cake.


Jokes Etc / Re: Phone Conversation Between Tinubu And Ngigi After The Election. by polokor60(m): 6:02pm On Nov 18, 2013
sad tongue
Politics / Re: Africans Need To Stop Being So Selfish Or You Will Be Exterminated by polokor60(m): 7:35am On Nov 17, 2013
Ethiopia remains the pride of africa.Africans in general should under study how the ethiopians stood the test of time against those invaders in the era of colonialism.

Africans would never learn from the mistakes of their predecessors(once bitten but they are never shy).Robert mugagbe though a tyrant was a difficult nut to crack by those scavengers.
Politics / Re: Incredible!from Almost $10b In Dec 2012 Excess Crude Account Falls To $3.59b by polokor60(m): 6:55am On Nov 17, 2013
oyel money sweet like honey.. tongue tongue
Family / Re: Man Paid To Get Neighbour’s Wife Pregnant Fails – 72 Times (PICTURED) by polokor60(m): 2:49am On Nov 17, 2013
shocked cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Clara Chime Packs-out Of Enugu Govt House, Opens Up by polokor60(m): 5:53am On Nov 12, 2013
Make una complete this season film na.All dis Half half tory non dey make sense ooo. tongue angry
Politics / Re: Governor Chime Denies Detaining His Wife by polokor60(m): 5:12pm On Nov 06, 2013
Na wa ooo
Food / Re: Can Eating Yams Really Give You Twins? by polokor60(m): 4:38pm On Nov 06, 2013
ireneidiva: You will only end up being as fat as a drum if u eat yam everyday!
Strauskhan1: One will only end up having yam leqs undecided ....#iJoshy
grin grin,funny peeps
Politics / Re: Man Punished By Soldiers In Lagos For Crossing An Express Road by polokor60(m): 2:49pm On Nov 04, 2013
What a lenient soldier.Dis guy for see shege if na d one wey dey our end.By the time you do frog jump of 200 meter with ur suit and tie for wrong driving/or any minor offence,u go turn by force fitness instructor. grin grin grin


TV/Movies / Re: Gulder Ultimate Search 10 Official Thread by polokor60(m): 12:18pm On Oct 27, 2013
Ify is the best ultimate woman of all time in the GUS.I want her to break the jinx for the female folks.Cool headed,persistent,intelligent and beautiful.Yes she is all that.A young lady contending with able bodied men and outshining most of them in tough competition like the GUS deserves all the accolades she is receiving at the moment.Well done ify.
Romance / Re: White Woman Married To A Nigerian by polokor60(m): 10:18pm On Oct 23, 2013
@op,I have lived in ibadan in the past.It is a very peaceful city and the populace are very hospitable and accomodating.Ibadan is better off than lagos with regards to the rush hours in lagos and the cost of living in ibadan is moderate.If you are looking for a modest city in the south western part of nigeria,then i would recommend ibadan.

Get a nice/quality private school for kids.You are going to enjoy your stay in the ancient wonderful city of ibadan. smiley
Islam for Muslims / Re: First Group Of Pilgrims Arrive Saudi Arabia For Hajj by polokor60(m): 9:57am On Sep 13, 2013
Nigerians going to this prigrimage should be well informed about the new respiratory disease in saudi arabia called the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV).Please there should be a thorough medical check up for the prigrims when they are back from hajj to prevent the spread of this virus.A stitch in time saves nine.
Politics / Re: Calabar Was Never The Capital Of Nigeria by polokor60(m): 12:50pm On Aug 23, 2013
^^^^Google is just a click away.Get your facts right before making any publication.
Politics / Re: Calabar Was Never The Capital Of Nigeria by polokor60(m): 12:36pm On Aug 23, 2013
0monnak0da: Go and play this is an adult forum
A very typical reply from a confused author.Instead of providing the answers to convince everyone about your comments,you are insulting people in order to distract their attention from the questions.

Back to the questions,who named the country Nigeria and in what year was the country named?
Politics / Re: Calabar Was Never The Capital Of Nigeria by polokor60(m): 12:14pm On Aug 23, 2013
0monnak0da: Very simple question.

When did Calabar become the capital and when did it cease

Provide the answers to my first questions and stop beating around the bush.
Politics / Re: Calabar Was Never The Capital Of Nigeria by polokor60(m): 8:54am On Aug 23, 2013
0monnak0da: With the internet the way it is today.It should NOT be difficult to provide some REAL EVIDENCE that once upon a time Calabar was capital of NIgeria. We know that Nigeria was formed in 1914 so that is a good starting point. My proposition is a simple one
Who named Nigeria? and in what year was Nigeria named?
Politics / Re: Islamic Law Sanctions Marriage Based On Maturity Not Age – Ahmad Sani by polokor60(m): 8:34am On Aug 01, 2013
Look at the northern elites, Yar'dua, Ibb,Abacha,Atiku, Dangote, Dantata, El-Rufai, Dasuki, Ado Bayero etc, through the years all NTA news coverage of their daughters getting married that I have watched on tv did not show any of these girls getting married a
9-17 years. In fact, many of these girls were approaching their mid-late 20s! Haba why are they denying many northern girls their
childhood, something they did not deny their

At the end of the day, this under-age marriage law is aimed at the talakawas which is a way of perpetuating generational backwardness of this class of Nigerians in the north because denying the female child the faculties to develop into a full
independent adult also retards this individual's social worth, income, and of course skills.

In addition, this child-bride goes on to bear children, a child raising another child in brutal poverty with the savage
gender barriers in an oppressively subterranean environment would only result in a distorted by-product: generational poverty. Diminishing the skills, independence and educational reach of ordinary northerners, through the
resistance of progressive national policies, is not a game of chance. The northern elites had it elaborately worked out to the last detail.

The day the average northerner begins to have opinions based on reason and logic deduced from an educated and enlightened standpoint devoid of religious dogma is the very day the sumptuous feast vanishes from the tables of most northern elites, it
will spell the end of the oligarchs. Religion appeals to the emotions rather than logic as such an under- educated mind takes to sentiment like fish to water.
The northern hegemons know this and as such will go to war not to allow the light of enlightenment into the medieval minds of most northerners. This is the
reason when you fly over Nigeria the north from above looks like a place frozen in time.

I saw this comment on the internet!!!Preverts hiding on the shadows of religion and tradition.
Politics / Re: FG To Set-up $16b Petrochemical Plant At Koko FTZ, Delta State by polokor60(m): 7:51pm On Jul 31, 2013
Endless lies.
Crime / Re: Two Men Lynched In Lagos, Accused Of Being Thieves by polokor60(m): 2:56pm On Jul 31, 2013
It's imperative for people to move along with an identity card whenever they are going out.When you are able to identify yourself properly it ll ease the tension and anger in the midst of the mob.

Mob action is getting rampant in nigeria but the victims of this circumstance can as well avoid this harrassment if they could properly identify themselves even if they are found in wrong place at the wrong time.
Celebrities / Re: Uche Jombo Will Castrate Her Husband If He Cheats by polokor60(m): 11:44am On Jul 31, 2013

Not all men are cheats, there's still some responsible men out there, who takes their vows religiously. So, Stop generalising, its not fair on men.
How would you know?Maybe he is still a struggling man finacially.Show me a rich man all around the world that is not a ...................... and i ll show you a ....................
Family / Re: Should Couples Keep Secrets. by polokor60(m): 8:18pm On Jul 25, 2013
YES.It's called diplomacy
Crime / Re: Woman Allegedly Beats Maid To Death In Lagos by polokor60(m): 7:34pm On Jul 25, 2013

Sweet Jesus!

Where the frigging hell was her husband while all of this was happening? And even if he wasn't home when the evil acts were being perpetuated against his kids, did he not see the marks on them when he got home??

And for crying out loud! Where was their biological mother??!!
The husband was an offshore worker(2 weeks in and 2 weeks out).The step children were well chartered for by the step mum whenever their dad was around but when he is off,DEAR LORD HAVE MERCY.(sometimes she ll lock them out of their home.They ll ve to sleep on the passage/entrance of the house or she ll tell them to sleep on the bare floor of the bathroom/toilet all through the night to serve as a punishment.The biological mother?Maybe that ll be a script for the next edition of super story.I can't reveal much info you know say na nairaland be dis.

This na just one story oo,dem plenty ooo but i ll spare you guys the horror being perpetuated by most nigerian madams who have other children living with them.
Crime / Re: Woman Allegedly Beats Maid To Death In Lagos by polokor60(m): 5:03pm On Jul 25, 2013
Majority of Nigerian women are worst than the devil's incernate with their wickedness when it involves the children of their relatives or children that are not their biological offsprings.

I recall how our former neighbour would increase the volume of her radio set whenever she intend to inflict some serious injuries on her step children over trivial issues all in the name of discipline.She always turn a blind eye to her incorrigible children who were the sploit/mischevious brats.

Some of her actions include cutting the step children bodies with razor blazes and applying grinded pepper to fresh wounds of the children(even the best dancers of the world would become learners when they were dancing to the tunes of grinded pepper and razor blazes).Funny enough you ll assume the children were dancing to the loud music emanating from their flat.

If i begin dey yarn all the wickedness of most Nigerian madams then we go know say devil na learner for where dem dey.But na dem dey sing and dance pass everybody for church on sunday ooo.What happened to this child has being happening for ages,i'm not surprise(R.I.P young child).Bunch of heartless creatures.


Politics / Re: Senate Denies Endorsing Child Marriage Law by polokor60(m): 10:46am On Jul 24, 2013
old preverts. angry angry


Foreign Affairs / Re: George Zimmerman Acquitted In Trayvon Martin Murder Trial by polokor60(m): 4:32pm On Jul 20, 2013

you are a disgrace to formal education....
2% of UK population is 1.3 million. if there are 11,000 black people in UK prisons then 0.8% of the black people living in the UK are in prison!

the equivalent is more than 5% in america...

11,000 to 1.3 million

elevate 10 black people, incarcerate millions of them and afam is having a party!!! you are a disgrace to the black race!
Please ignore that racist apologist.He believes he is more intelligent than the black people who have had first hand experience about racial profiling/discrimination in the states.Obama recent statements about TM says it all.''that could have be me 34 years ago and there are just a few africa american men that have never received racial/discrimination in the states''.

@Afam or whatever your name is,what do you know about racial discrimination/profiling?Educate yourself and read a book because you re sounding like a clown on this debate.Don't quote my comment because i won't reply to your childish debate!!!!!


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