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Politics / Re: PENDULUM: The Truth My Fulani Fiends Must Accept By Dele Momodu by ppeessuu: 6:46pm On Apr 23
Continue sogbo
You will understand later nyamiri
I will rather vote another Fulani than vote a Yoruba man.
Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Attack Jato-Aka In Benue, Slaughter Family Of 5 (Graphic) by ppeessuu: 11:48am On Apr 23
2face no go talk nau ooo before fulanni wipe out his people from the surface of the earth.

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Politics / Re: PDP Presidential Primaries Get Tougher Nyesom Wike Arrives Maiduguri by ppeessuu: 2:06pm On Apr 11
I prefer wike than Peter Obi in PDP.
Wike the slayer of nyamiri.


Politics / Re: 2023 Declaration: "Osinbajo Is Extremely Incompetent" - Adeyanju Warns Nigerians by ppeessuu: 10:39am On Apr 11
Bastard Adeyanju

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Politics / Re: 2023: PDP To Inaugurate 37-Member Zoning Committee Thursday by ppeessuu: 12:10pm On Mar 23
The best for PDP is to Zone the presidency to the south west like APC and picks the likes of Akinwunmi Asesina .
Politics / Re: The Ultimate Plan Of Buni, Bagudu And Baduare.... by ppeessuu: 11:25am On Nov 29, 2021
To understand the inner dealings of political parties, you ought to either be a part of the inner caucus or have a solid contact with one that belongs to such a caucus, I happen to fall in the latter group by default.

Today , we dissect the plan of these 3 great men who holds all ace in APC. Sometime in the past, I proclaimed the tales of these 3 great men but many did not understand until they finally unveiled themselves with the powerful meeting with Buhari and solid statement of postponing APC convention to Feb , a sound strategic move despite cries within some quarters to relieve Mai Buni of the leadership.

Let me be clear, that move was against the Tinubu camp.. The line is drawn and it will be the winner that takes it all. If Tinubu wins , the BBB knows how the Tinubu camp deals with enemies so it's a fight to finish.

Note that only 2 camps will fight for the primary ticket forget Yahya Bello, one will be the Tinubu camp while the other is the Osibanjo camp.

The BBB + the presidency is routing for Osinbanjo based on the following points.

1. A loyal VP and a professional with less corruption baggage and easy to control. Remember as a General , Buhari like OBJ will not handover to a perceived strong man. OBJ went for cool Yaradua , Buhari - Osibanjo.

2. Southern Christian which will go along with a powerful muslim VP

3. Detribalized and more likely to gain favour from opposition regions of SS, SE and Some NC. Also will be more favoured by ex president and ex generals like OBJ , GEJ , Abusalami , Babagida , Gowan and Ty Danjuma.

4. Gain more traction with the Christian communities from CAN to strong Pentecostal leaders all over the country.

5. Support of the professionals and young people who will see him as a fresh air after the illiterate regime of Buhari and the corruption/agbero politics that reigned through them

6. Finally , support of the international community. US and Europe will never recognise Nigeria as a muslim state no matter how anybody try. Putting Nigeria on that list of anti religious book makes a statement. Now it's removed, there is only one option and that's for a Christian president.

Now back to the point, what is the plan of the BBB team, it's simple. These men are like a frying pan with oil, under them is the real fire which is the presidency which include the likes of Amaechi , Ngige , Abubabar Salami , Mamman Daura and so on.

Despite the plea of Kano, Kastina , Borno to be soft on Tinubu, the plot have thickened so much that by the time it gets to the primary, Tinubu might not contest. First the BBB team will seize the party by February placing solely their own men in charge of the party and by the primary will present Osibanjo as the candidate.

Now get this, Atiku Bagudu is the likely VP to Osibanjo. Buni and Baduare will be heading powerful positions in the cabinet if all goes as planned.

The Tinubu team will desperately hate Osinbanjo when the time comes but this has nothing to do with Osinbanjo , it's simply the plot of the BBB + the presidency....

Spot on
Politics / Re: APC Presidential Primary: Will Buhari Queue Behind Tinubu? by ppeessuu: 7:34am On Nov 29, 2021
Anybody wen campaign or vote for APC in the next election, na Ogun, Olokun and Shango go combine kill am...
I don talk am.

If u vote for PDP too na Ogun, obatala go kill u.
Celebrities / Re: Reno Omokri: Davido Is Wiser Than All Those Who Gave Him Money by ppeessuu: 5:00pm On Nov 20, 2021
This Reno guy is foolish wallahi

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Family / Re: What My Dad Wanted Me To Do On His Behalf by ppeessuu: 4:16pm On Sep 12, 2021

Youngman support your good dad without further hesitation. What is 500k loan, even when he offered to pay back. If he default, you help him and service it. That 500k may be a turn around in his business.

It is not too big to sacrifice for someone that supported you in toils throughout your education. I'm angry with you for bringing this to public forum. I don't know why people are wicked until they don't even realize when the wickedness is also eating deep their own veins.

Support your dad, if he fails (God forbid) your 75k monthly is enough to part a bit and service it monthly for him.
**Don't be a very selfish ingrate of a son*

Young man pls support ur dad.
Politics / Re: Five APC Power Blocs Battle For Control Ahead Of 2023 Presidency Poll by ppeessuu: 6:54am On Aug 18, 2021
The formal gov is Amosun ibikunle

I'm very sure the bolded is Fayemi.
I don't know of the former governor tho
I don't know of the top functionary in the presidency tho my mind tells me nah Fashola/Aregbe and Osinbajo respectively, but I think they belong to Tinubu camp

Cc: jerryherd, seunsmg what do you think?
Health / Re: I Don't Understand This Symptoms Please Help. by ppeessuu: 11:17pm On Aug 16, 2021
Go and deworm itself.
Buy zentel.

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Education / Re: Buhari Appoints Chancellors For 42 Federal Universities by ppeessuu: 10:31am On Jul 09, 2021
I no see Awujale of ijebuland for the list ooo.
Wetin dey happen oo

Make I call Baba Buhari grin
Politics / Re: Ohanaeze Reacts To Nnamdi Kanu's Arrest - 'End Of Violent Agitations' by ppeessuu: 5:43pm On Jun 29, 2021
FFk never talk since ooo
Westin dey happen nau

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Health / Re: Help Out Oral Infection Graphic Photo by ppeessuu: 2:17pm On Jun 20, 2021
You have fungal infections

Recommendations : 1) probiotics
2) green tea
3) Apple cider vinegar capsules
4) garlic supplement
5)oregano oil
6) caprylic acid.

Use any of the product above and be fine.

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Health / Re: Please Help.i Need Advice On This Mouth Odour And Body Odor I'm Facing by ppeessuu: 6:26pm On Jun 15, 2021
Get probiotcs and ur problem will be solved.
Try and get 50billion cfu count of ultimate flora probiotcs.
Search Amazon for the probiotcs.
Politics / Re: Fulanis Love Using Christians To Do Their Dirty Jobs[photo] by ppeessuu: 1:50pm On May 25, 2021
But u want to vote another Fulani man in 2023. Atiku 2023 no be so
Health / Re: Collapse After Meal by ppeessuu: 9:40am On May 24, 2021
Deworm urself
Health / Re: #JusticeForPeju: Peju Ugboma's Death & Premier Hospital's Negligence by ppeessuu: 6:29pm On May 09, 2021
Rip Peju , may your soul rest in peace.

However going by the writers account ,im yet to see negligence at play here. I know Negligence does exist in some of our hospitals, but in this case where was the negligence , because according to the op she was attended to till they deemed it fit for referal.

Chest pain that radiates to the back could actually be ulcer, but it also be other issues like a myocardial infaction, a pulmonary embolism or even a cardiac arrest. The writer claimed she was given injections and at a point oxygen and was on pulse oximeter which is the gadget that was placed on her finger. The truth is people will continue to die in hospitals as its God that actually heals.

Negligence is failure to administer care or atention to a patient in need. If all the above was done then were is the negligence , just going by the ops account.

For those that said why was she given injections before test was done. Let me say this in that scenario and serious on 2nd presentation that would have been negligence to wait for test when she was in a critical condition. If anybody can do self medication,trust me the doctors and nurse can do first hand prescription or firstaid ,even injections before test it all depends on the presentation and severity of the case. Mind you even simple pain relievers can come as injections .

Before we crucify the hospital lets also hear their account , there have been cases where people sleep and dont wake up. A patient dies in the hospital and then the hospital is responsible is totally insane. No body know exactly her condition or ailment , why do you think even the best hospital in the world would have saved her , if this is so there will be no death.

The hospital killed her is a hasty conclusion based on emotions .


Stop defending Nigerian hospitals and doctors.
Sho gbo

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Health / Re: #JusticeForPeju: Peju Ugboma's Death & Premier Hospital's Negligence by ppeessuu: 3:11pm On May 09, 2021
can I dm u?

Yes u can
Health / Re: #JusticeForPeju: Peju Ugboma's Death & Premier Hospital's Negligence by ppeessuu: 1:12pm On May 09, 2021
A problem shared can be half solved, you can still talk about it, who knows u will get help. I have a doctor too who might be of help

Thanks sis and God bless u too.

I have issues with my kidneys and postrate and I also have chronic ulcer.
Health / Re: #JusticeForPeju: Peju Ugboma's Death & Premier Hospital's Negligence by ppeessuu: 11:51am On May 09, 2021
I am so sorry about your predicament brother.
But please.... PLEASE, don't ever give up on yourself.
I wonder which part of your body is the issue,maybe I can recommend a doctor that might be able to properly diagnose the problem.

Thanks for your concern and God will bless you abundantly.

Bro,as I said earlier on, if the following hospitals I listed above could not help which doctor want to help.

What a sad situation I found myself in.
Health / Re: #JusticeForPeju: Peju Ugboma's Death & Premier Hospital's Negligence by ppeessuu: 11:33am On May 09, 2021
Nigerian hospitals and doctors have failed us .
I have been to the following hospitals for my health issues but non could help me out . I have accepted my faith and which is death. Imagine a younger man of 43yrs .

R jolard hospital
Eko hospital
Lagoon hospital
Reddington hospital
Isalu hospital
Marigold hospital

And non of these hospitals could help me out and
I have a functioning HMO.
Anyway I have accepted my faith and Iook on to God My maker.


Crime / Re: Yomi Fabiyi: CCTV Footage Of Baba Ijesha Abusing A Minor Disturbing by ppeessuu: 12:14pm On May 03, 2021

Lesson 3: when you fall make sure you don't get injured.
The point of life is the more you get Injured while falling the likely it is you won't be able to rise again.
Baba ijesha as falling got life injury and he will never rise again.

Are u God
Health / Best Pharmacy In Lagos by ppeessuu: 9:04am On May 03, 2021
Good morning,

Can someone recommend the best pharmacy in Lagos that sells good and quality natural supplements.
Health / Re: 100% Effective Prostate Treatment by ppeessuu: 4:23pm On Apr 28, 2021
How much is it
Programming / Re: A Thread For Tutorial On Python Programming by ppeessuu: 7:27pm On Mar 07, 2021

Shouldn’t be a problem. Send a DM to me on WhatsApp, contact on my signature. Let’s discuss the price.

Everything for ur mind is how to swindle people of their hard earned money.

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Programming / Re: A Thread For Tutorial On Python Programming by ppeessuu: 5:12pm On Mar 07, 2021
Pls who can assist me on this python assignment. It is urgent

A small supetmarket has one customer and one checkout. You have been asked to write a program to simulate the supermarket store as the customer shops for items, it checks out customer and generate receipt (shows items with values and total amount). It also display what it remains in the supermarket's stock. YOU ARE REQURED TO USE A ALL CONCEPTS TAUGHT SO FAR TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM (NO OOP).

Here are some guidelines:
1. The supermarket stock its products (20 products at least)

2. A customer shops for his/her needs (at least, 5 items), gets to the checkout.

3. The checker processes the customer's order (depends on how many items customer has)

4. The program processes the order, generate receipt for the customer (with details of items bought)

5. At the same time, the program balances the stock.

best of luck!
Health / Re: Help Me Cure My Yellow Urine And Body Weakness by ppeessuu: 9:41am On Mar 06, 2021
Go and test for h pylori infection
Health / Re: Fertility Doctors In The House, Pls Help My Cousin! by ppeessuu: 2:30pm On Jan 28, 2021
Tell him to eat five hundred naira amount of cooked vegetables ( Tete, shoko or ugu) daily. And see drastic changes in his sperm volume n whitish colour.
Tested n trusted method.
Health / Natural Supplements by ppeessuu: 8:17am On Jan 12, 2021
Good morning guys, pls which pharmacy or store can someone buy natural supplements in Lagos.

Politics / Re: Tinubu Is Not Sponsoring #ENDSARS Protesters – Spokesman by ppeessuu: 8:49am On Oct 18, 2020
Tinubu was not talking.... They said he was against #EndSARS
He kept quiet still...... Tinubu is the one sponsoring #EndSARS
Now he talked....... He is against #EndSARS again

He was right for keeping quiet because some elements are not going to get satisfied till he's dead or Yoruba start begging for crumbs from them....... Which is why sometimes I want lenient Yoruba to be tough and stop accommodating other tribes..... In fact break it up and send the ungrateful losers back to their state

Very ungrateful fools.
Go back to ur state.
Ipob leave Yoruba alone.


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