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Properties / Plots Of Land For Sale At Obada-axis Of Abeokuta by Precious91(m): 10:37am On Aug 06, 2019
There are plots of land for sale at Obada-Adigbe axis.
Attractions include:
1. Regular power supply.
2. Good road network.
3. Proximity to main road.
4. Proximity to security outfit.
5. Existing neighbourhood.
6. No omo onile wahala and lots more.

Asking price per plot= #1,800,000.00 (negotiable).
Call 08138471918 and 08166239815 for details and inspections.

Jobs/Vacancies / Vacancies In A Reputable Law Firm And Spa In Abeokuta. by Precious91(m): 10:24am On Aug 06, 2019
Vacancies exist in a reputable law firm in Abeokuta for the following posts:
1. Legal Practitioner.2 years post NYSC experience.
2.Business Development Officer.
*A goal getter.
*Can work under pressure with little or no supervision.
*Have experience in accounting.

Salary competitive.
Call/text Seyi on 08166239815.

Vacancy also exist for a Business Development Officer in a spa at Ita Eko Abeokuta. Criteria as above.

PS: It is urgent.
Music/Radio / Re: Dr. Sid – Jensimi Featuring Woli Arole, Asiri Comedy (Video) by Precious91(m): 8:43pm On Nov 27, 2017
Education / Re: Civil Servants Sending Their Children To Private Universities Are Corrupt – ASUU by Precious91(m): 7:08am On Aug 23, 2017
Silly statement from ASUU
Education / Re: JAMB Fixes Cut Off Marks For Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges Of Education by Precious91(m): 9:47pm On Aug 22, 2017
faints.120 for university admission? So after rodents destroying president's office,now this.Eyin oyinbo,e wa fun mi ni visa.Ilu yi su mii.

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Education / Re: Lady Who Got Just 10k As UNN Best Graduating Student To Now Get N500,000 by Precious91(m): 7:36am On Aug 12, 2017
Crime / Re: Photos Of Diezani Alison-Madueke's London Properties by Precious91(m): 10:27pm On Aug 11, 2017
hmm.If she can sleep in more than a room.


Celebrities / Re: Funke Akindele And JJC Skillz Cover Today’s Woman Magazine by Precious91(m): 4:19pm On Aug 10, 2017
The person above me,please neglect the person you quoted.Fool spotted.


Literature / Re: Katherine Eta Is 3rd Winner In The MOSWC 2017 Held In Disneyland by Precious91(m): 3:04pm On Aug 04, 2017
You see why most don't reckon with academics.Let one idiot win something outside it,they give them millions but 750k and $1500 for 3rd in the world. smh


Romance / Re: Have People Met And Gotten Married Through Nairaland by Precious91(m): 7:57am On Jun 21, 2017
[quote author=queenet246 post=57702777][/quote] Great.
Health / Re: 4 Effects Of Nail Biting! Stop The Bad Habit Today! by Precious91(m): 10:58am On Jun 20, 2017
Romance / Re: Have People Met And Gotten Married Through Nairaland by Precious91(m): 6:00pm On Jun 19, 2017

My dear its still this trust issue am talking that guys mostly display negatively, females are being too careful you know. But one can still make friends anywhere.
It is well dear.How has your Monday been?
Romance / Re: Have People Met And Gotten Married Through Nairaland by Precious91(m): 5:43pm On Jun 18, 2017
Everything you see here is blackmail bro.. Though we dated and things went wrong, but for her to come and open a thread on a public forum telling people that I bought a phone for her which cost ordinary 8k and that I frustrated her life that she shouldn't call or receive a guy's call with the phone, which made her opted out. Isn't that story line too wack for an educated person to belief? .. Shouldn't a sane and right thinking person know that such a fictitious story is only aimed at soiling my reputation. All the people you see defending me are the few ones that know the root of the matter because I kept mute all this while.

Anyway, she has apologized to me and I've forgiven her whole heartedly. I will never spoil her just as she spoilt me in public and came begging in private.

It's just one of the things we face in life bro

I don't even know why telling you all this cheesy .
Tosyne,life is funny.Have seen people you literarily give your life to wanting to mess you up.But like you said,life continues.Hold your head high and focus on your dreams.
Romance / Re: Have People Met And Gotten Married Through Nairaland by Precious91(m): 5:39pm On Jun 18, 2017
The truth is that most men here are not for real. The real ones are few and because of those unserious ones, they too are not taken serious by the females. How then do you want something to happen?
Well,everyone have a fear of the unknown.I tried making some friends some times ago when I was less busy,but some girls are snobbish.Friends can be gotten anywhere
Family / Educational Rot And Ways To Stem Them by Precious91(m): 7:29pm On Jun 13, 2017
Adekemi Oluseyi Kolapo
I had an interesting gist with my siblings today.Actually first time in a long time.We were discussing how students are failing anyhow in secondary schools these days.My elder sister made mention of more than 5 cases of students whose parents are unavailable. Giving instances of how parents in search of the so called "greener pasture" leave the upbringing of their children to grandparents and house helps. The schools are not also helping matters with employing teachers who can hardly teach themselves.
I was able to pick out some things: 1.Parents are selfish.They allow their differences to affect the children emotionally and in other spheres.Parents fight at will,affecting their children psychologically and emotionally.They also should know that the needs of the child are beyond material wants alone.So many children are molested,yet the children are dying in silence with no one to talk to.
2.Schools should endeavour to employ teachers who are capable and not in panic.Schools should also look at how they can be part of a child's growth process asides teaching.Teachers should please be more attentive to personal needs of students.Have heard funny stories from students when I became close to them.
3.Religious houses should also endeavour to help.They are not just their to teach about spirituality alone but the total needs of the family.There are families going through issues but when you keep shouting about their spiritual needs alone,they will hardly use it since there is no balance in the home front.
4.The government should also review working conditions for parents.It will help stem parents being far away from their kids all in the name of jobs.Educational curriculum should also be reviewed to meet up to international standards.More counsellors should also be provided for the family and kids. In all,I believe we can have a sane society if we all can work towards it.
Thank you for reading.
cc lalasticalala,Tosyne2much,Nichyemzor,Lillyqueen,Wristbangle
Romance / Re: 10 Categories Of Ladies That Will End Up As Promiscuous Wives by Precious91(m): 4:47pm On Jun 12, 2017

Saying he is entitled to his opinion doesn't mean shit if his opinion is trash. Saying the earth is flat and it's my opinion doesn't make it true.
I understand your point dear.The foolishness of an opinion doesn't mean ts still not an opinion.What you say irrespective of how it is is yours.You only don't allow people's opinions affect you.
Romance / Re: 10 Categories Of Ladies That Will End Up As Promiscuous Wives by Precious91(m): 11:54pm On Jun 11, 2017

Abegii there is no sarcasm behind his post. If he does not state it as so, why should we reinterpret it for him just to make his post palatable.
If you read all of his posts,you will understand the angle at which am talking from.No neef bashing ladies and one thing is,everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.Just catch the fun in it and move on.Posts shouldn't determine how ladies behave except they are like that which as far as am concerned ts their lives.I own mine to live than to carry another person's matter on my head at this period of life.
Romance / Re: 10 Categories Of Ladies That Will End Up As Promiscuous Wives by Precious91(m): 8:55pm On Jun 09, 2017
The ministry has to move baba cheesy Even when they point gun at me, i won't give up on the minstry cheesy
abi ooo.Keep being yourself.Forget detractors.
Romance / Re: 10 Categories Of Ladies That Will End Up As Promiscuous Wives by Precious91(m): 6:48pm On Jun 09, 2017
Tosin,you ehn grin. I am waiting for when some folks will understand the sarcasm and jokes behind Tosin's writeup

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Education / Re: Nigeria: Universities And A Growing Army Of First-class Graduates - Iyabo Lawal by Precious91(m): 7:31am On May 12, 2017
You graduate with first class,wahala,you don't graduate with first class,more wahala.Maybe the students are learning more on how to pass well.At least undergraduates have more access now to relevant materials on courses online.


Celebrities / Re: Mercy Aigbe Issues Public Statement on her domestic. by Precious91(m): 9:37am On May 05, 2017
Slay mama with gbagaun.It's prove ma,not proof.When she said he must "proof".Though am not interested in how well you speak.Take your affairs off social media.

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Family / Re: Nurse Helps Deliver A Baby On A Train In Lagos (Photo) by Precious91(m): 1:47pm On Apr 29, 2017
Life saving.#wehdone ma
Religion / Re: Re: Apostle Johnson Suleman's Claim That David's Mother Was A Harlort by Precious91(m): 3:45pm On Apr 25, 2017
Did you people read Matt1:5And I won't be surprised if because of David's mother harlotry was why Jesse did not reckon with him when Samuel wanted to anoint a new king after Saul.
Religion / Re: "David's Mother Was A Harlot" - Apostle Suleman. Funmi Iyanda & Nigerians React by Precious91(m): 9:37am On Apr 25, 2017
Now I know we have so many people who are no students of bible,yet can open their silly mouths against this man who is right history wise.Rahab,the harlot is David's great grandmother.Matt1:5.So therefore,she is Jesus' great grandmother.God always using the foolish things to confound the wise.
Politics / Re: The World And Nigerians' Hypocrisy On The Paris Attack. by Precious91(m): 10:05am On Apr 21, 2017
@Precious91, I think we need to understand that the basis for the uproar and support for France stems from the fact that the attack was extremely shocking. It is shocking because that sort of event don't happen frequently in first world nations. France is a country where accountability is held in high degree. In France, there are security measures that preempt and check mate security breaches like this. When that security is breached and to a massive degree like this, it becomes not only surprising but to a large extent somewhat unbelievable. Hence the massive global attention it is receiving. In Nigeria and Africa on the other hand, security is treated and handled with levity in the most obvious and glaring manner. Even in the face of major security breach, African governments (including Nigeria) most of the time remain clueless. So when a bomb is detonated and people killed, it is not shocking as the possibility of it occurring in the first instance was there. And the frequency and with ease with which it happens provides a sort of psychology indifference to the horrific event such that whenever it happens people are hardly profoundly moved.

That is the unfortunate truth. I hope you and others will understand this.
you are right,but that doesn't understate the fact that Nigerians too should be neglected.
Sports / Re: See Photo Of The Survivors Of The Football Viewing Center Tragedy In Calabar by Precious91(m): 9:51am On Apr 21, 2017
RIP to the dead.It also shows the greediness of the viewing center owner who used zinc for his viewing centre when it is close to such power lines.


Travel / Re: Vehicle With Nigerian Plates Spotted In The UK (Photo) by Precious91(m): 10:16pm On Apr 20, 2017
So these UK people too are doing fayawo??Hian
Romance / Re: 21 Modern Dating Etiquettes For Guys by Precious91(m): 10:23am On Apr 17, 2017

Most of us have sexual acts we are disgusted by, male and female alike, but we can meet halfway. As for the ladies, some are actually not interested in such, some are only pretending. I have nothing against the pretenders/liars amongst them.

Most Nigerian guys don't deserve the truth...they love lies, they claim white girls are liberal but they never stopped to wonder how a white guy reacts to sex related issues. Babes will continue pretending, they will continue lying to you guys, they will simplify and divide their 'body counts'.
Last last, a lot of you will end up with refurbished oloshos.

Can't believe I had to follow all your replies. Now this is what am talking about in a woman.Awesome replies.Keep it up.Wish we can have more of this from ladies on this forum.
Romance / Re: Reason Why You Should Not Marry A Girls That You Already Have Sex With by Precious91(m): 7:16am On Apr 11, 2017
Inasmuch as I hate commenting,Op,you are a misogynist.So ts the lady that should be stoned cos she consented to sex between herself and her so called "baby"(immature man who will follow your idea).When will men learn to treat ladies with respect and stop treating them as objects of sexual affection or prized possessions.Just say you don't like premarital sex instead of dragging the girl you even sometimes force to sex by claiming she should show she love you by giving you sex.Abegi,some folks sha.
Health / Re: 10 Places In Lagos That Are Highly Dominated By Unbearable Mosquitoes by Precious91(m): 7:08am On Mar 23, 2017
abegi,you people no go use laugh kill person.Some mosquitoes bad sha
Education / Re: The Most Popular Barber In OAU Barbs In His Convocation Gown (pics) by Precious91(m): 12:42pm On Dec 07, 2016
I know this guy.Demo can barb anything.Very cool guy.Baba Deola is saying congrats.
Jokes Etc / Re: Donald Trump And Hillary Clinton's Wedding Invitation (Photoshopped) by Precious91(m): 3:29pm On Oct 20, 2016

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