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Family / Re: Married As A Second Wife For Child-Bearing by Princess4eva(f): 6:35am On Dec 22, 2015
You went into the marriage with your two eyes widely opened. I am not going to excuse your silliness because of age or anything. Once you decide on eating the food of the elderly, then you should act like the elderly.

Now to business, you should never have married him if you were serious with your Christian faith but the deed is done so no campaign after election. You were in dire need, fine! but if he hadn't helped you another person would have.

From your submissions I can deduce that the man is considerably nice and his wife too. Never disappoint that woman by doing anything rash because it takes a whole lot of I don't know for a woman to accept to share her man, forget about religion. According to Islamic tenets, you can marry as many wives once you can deal fairly equal with them. Your man is trying in that aspect so all that rant about personal belongings or receiving visitors is bull crap. You should even be happy that you're able to keep or save your head without many intruders in your home. If you don't know, it means less cooking, less chores, less gossip.
Lastly about your friends, you will live with it. You have something they don't have - Financial stability, they have something you don't have - A man to yourself. So, it's 1-1. The earlier you do this the better for you.

Warm up to your senior mate, give her reasons to accept you without inhibitions, relate like sisters, in fact confide in her. If your husband does any substantial thing for you, check with him whether she knows before you tell her. Yes! you can tell her and ask her to thank your husband. In all just apply wisdom. My people will say: ibukun ni fun omo odo ti o fogbon se. Don't leave the marriage, rather make the best of it.


Romance / Re: When You're Not In The Mood For Sex,sleep Like This by Princess4eva(f): 6:25am On Dec 19, 2015
This won't work for me at least. My Oga can't resist my big behind. As a matter of fact he warns that if I no wan do, make I no dey allow him see my back if not na to hammer be that.

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Jose Mourinho Sacked As Chelsea Manager by Princess4eva(f): 1:58am On Dec 18, 2015
Mourinho is the officially the new Specialist in Failure.
My only disappointment is that he wasn't allowed to finish the job this year and seal relegation.

Oh! Exactly my thoughts. Abrahamovic should've been more tolerant. I always knew he won't see out his new contract extension. Good riddance!
Romance / Re: How She Lost Her Virginity To A Stranger At NYSC Camp by Princess4eva(f): 1:29am On Dec 18, 2015
While I was still in school, I read this article in a paper about "our" orientation camps becoming a sex camp, so much that randy married men even find their way there to hunt for ladies. It sounded dirty. Some ladies even do the do with army officers in camp. There and then, I made a resolve not to date anyone in camp or throughout NYSC. Of course I did. As expected many people were unto me - fellow corp members, my boss at my PPA, my Zonal Inspector, my bank officer, those randy men but my resolve was strong. You can do it if you put your mind to it.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji Is A Homewrecker, She Broke Up Dbanj & Bella Naija - Kemi Olunloyo by Princess4eva(f): 5:13pm On Dec 15, 2015
I do respect and adore this woman a lot

but her coming up with this poo.... now make her so low

from 240mil naira to sex life of #linda...

for God sake madam some people r looking up to U...

first was #sugarbelly and Audus
now linda & dasuki/ 240 mil
#kemi & ruggedibaba
#kemi blackmailing Linda via s3x & break ups

this bloggers scandal don pass nolly wood scandal ooooooo......

next victim fit be seun ooooooo...........

Watching in 72 D as it unfolds

Well I do know Kemi Olunloyo is at least saying the truth as regards Deola and Dan Foster. She has reasons to be bitter. The said Deola is friends with my big sister, they had already bought Aso-ebi for the wedding (mint green and gold) and few days to the D-day, wedding was pronounced cancelled. The groom came up with a stupid excuse- he wasn't sure whether to commit or not. All these yeyebrities self.
In all, Kemi should let it go,.after all Dan Foster isn't even the most eligible bachelor in town. Mtchewwww......good riddance!


Romance / Re: When A Guy Makes Love To You With A Condom by Princess4eva(f): 2:11am On Dec 11, 2015
[quote author=Toks2008 post=40889015]

These are dep facts that may be hard to comprehend.

First you are asking me to leave decency out which is tantamount to saying decency is impossible but just let me flow with that.

Now to the issue of protection..let me be frank with you...except both of you are 100% faithful towards each other,no partner is really safe from stds because as i explained in one of my threads,use of condom does not guaranty protection and i explained in details.

Now even if i preach abstinence does that change the fact that millions will still do it tonight?

Condom use is a deceit from the pits of hell cos it has given the liberty to fornicate easily but im not here to preach but to state the fact that in 99.9% of the cases,when a man makes love to a lady using a condom, he is passing a message to her that his affection for her has a limitation.

If abstinence will solve the problem, fine but as a lady,no man will ever stick that rubber in me neither will i ever use it to make love because when you use a condom,you are only having sex and not making love.[/quote

Hmmnnn....So much for another theory being propounded. Toks, you no try at all.
Romance / Re: When A Guy Makes Love To You With A Condom by Princess4eva(f): 1:45am On Dec 11, 2015

i created a thread on this when a male friend told me something relating to this..


i related this to another guy,he said that my friend is likely to be a carrier already as that is the lie this carriers tell just to spread their disease and na mumu girls fall for it....so i am tempted to ask you are you a carrier,if you say no show us a proof of your HIV,Hepatis,overall sexually transmitted diseases test

please sir forgive my outburst but i have to be frank with my post on this tonight...

of all threads you af been creating forming alpha male,chauvinistic male,i swear this is the most illiterate and unreasonable one and I begin to wonder if your association with nairaland boys has corrupted your sense of reasoning....seriously i used to see you as matured adult

i would want you to answer the following questions,i need to test your knowledge of the use of condoms and STDs

Now what is condom? what is it used for
what is an STD,who are the carriers,is it only females that harbour STDs?

who are those that should protect themselves from STDs and unwanted pregnancies?

Now the worst you can do is to insult my moniker and call your children to defend you but am ready for you all,btw am sorry i don't mince words when i talk

btw no offeinse meant but i can't allow you preach what will affect the coming generation

Seriously, am with you on this one. I didn't want to comment before cos I don't know where to start the convincing from. Like you, I used to think op has it, but this thread is making me think otherwise. I mean where did the notion emanated from that condoms are for prostitutes? It's a form of birth control people can use even in marriage. The advantage it has over IUCD, pills, withdrawal method and the likes is that apart from helping with child spacing it also doubles as a prevention from STIs in the case of an infected partner.

In marriage, it is the decision of the couple to choose a birth control measure that suits them. The woman may even be the one that wears the female condom.

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Crime / Re: Third Mainland Bridge Death Trap!!! Save Someone Else. by Princess4eva(f): 12:30am On Dec 10, 2015

A picture would go a long way

A long way? A long way to where if I may ask. Some people on Nairaland really should migrate to Animal land. In the circumstance the op relayed, which pictures would she have been able to produce? Favparis, if I talk my mind tru tru, u no go fit chop for 7 days plus mods fit ban me. Receive Sense!


Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Child Stars And What They Look Like Now. by Princess4eva(f): 3:00pm On Dec 08, 2015
Oh Benita kiss kiss

We Ose 2x
We elolo ni re daghe
We isahan ni retu jodea
We ilolo nimeze
Era no tuo oha tuamea
Bikwe whonle ni a rere o
Medigwe me roe abba
We Ose kiss kiss kiss

Vickyrotex, just like that! I'm sure you have no inkling what you've done! I've been looking for the lyrics of this song for long, it didn't even occur to me to search online for it or something. Now I have it on a platter of gold! Thank you so much, I love to sing it when I am leading praise worship but the lyrics always hinders me. Thanks Vicky!

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Romance / Re: Love Letter: The Good Old Days by Princess4eva(f): 1:25pm On Dec 05, 2015
Days when love was still lovely and sex was still sexy.. .Remembering the days of love letter. I miss those good old days, you know.. . How many of ya'll still write?! #winks


With Love in my heart, I pick my golden pen from the basket of love to write you this letter. Hope this letter meets you in good health, if so doxology.

I just want to say how my heart beats gbam gbam when I saw you yesterday at the market. I want to say to you that you are my girlfriend. Please I will D.E.A.D if you refuse.

Please let us meet under the mango tree that is beside mama Ada's store.
Your boyfriend in future.
(diagram of love with arrow piercing through it)

I read this and I was Rotfl, I remember some big sisters in the neighbourhood who I used to help write letters to their boyfriends. After reading so many Mills and Boon, Silhouette, Hearts and Hints magazine, I will add more embellishment than required....... those days..... hmn
Health / Re: Teacher Makes Girl Sit On Hot Water Container In Lagos, Girl Dies (Graphic Pic) by Princess4eva(f): 9:40pm On Dec 04, 2015
This is not wickedness, I think the teacher is just plain crazy. SHE should be presented for diagnosis at Aro ASAP
Celebrities / Re: I F...cked My Best Friends Wife. by Princess4eva(f): 5:02pm On Dec 02, 2015
Emergency! Op should be taken to Aro ASAP!
Travel / Re: Facts About Kogi State And A Nairalander Experience (pictures) by Princess4eva(f): 5:55pm On Dec 01, 2015

woh! Good to meet you here sist, Eeerokun, am from Apoto.

Ookun o, too bad I can't speak the dialect, I understand though. I am Egbe abroad, only visit once in a while. I am from Isaba, Odo-Egbe while my mum is from Okedisin. I hope I get the names right.
Family / Re: Dear Family Please Advice A Wife To Be!!! by Princess4eva(f): 2:23am On Dec 01, 2015
There is no magic bout it when you feel nothing for a guy. Don't get into a marriage out of pity. I was once in your shoes during my undergraduate days. The guy was so much into me, pocket money, food stuff,etc. He even brought travel documents to UK but I declined. He was crying, you know what it is for a grown man to cry? It is deep affection that will help you to overcome the many challenges marriage will throw at you. Thank God I am happily married now to a man I love and who loves me double.


Family / Re: 10 Signs That Your Child Is Spoiled by Princess4eva(f): 7:57pm On Nov 28, 2015
This are normal childish behaviors, No big deal,

Believe you me, they ain't normal. When your 4,5 year olds start exhibiting these kinds of behavioral traits, you should be worried.
Romance / Re: Top 10 Lies Men Tell Women by Princess4eva(f): 4:44pm On Nov 28, 2015
Really? I don't blame the blokes who tell these cheap lies, it's the undiscerning ladies that I blame. Some girls will fall for the same lie over and over and over again. No guy has ever broken my heart, my defence strong pass when Chelsea park bus.

Sisters reading this, please beware. I don't know the devil that pushed op to confess his sins like this. A word they s a y.......
Travel / Re: Facts About Kogi State And A Nairalander Experience (pictures) by Princess4eva(f): 9:22pm On Nov 26, 2015
Wow, glad to meet someone from my town on Nairaland! I'm from Egbe too, the only Jerusalem in Nigeria! No mind those bad belle people, I'm proud of Kogi state, and we will still soar high.

Yes O! We will soar highest!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: My Funny Job Hunting Experience by Princess4eva(f): 10:15pm On Nov 25, 2015
Buhahahahahahahahahah grin grin grin
Am so sorry, I just can't help but laugh. You must have prepared your mind for the question?
Please what was the expression on there faces...

Note: don't be surprised if you're called back though.
Sitting on this thread as the FTC telling the world NIGERIA is getting better... #letsmakepeace

God bless Nigeria

Surely, Nigeria has always survived all jibes thrown at it. I don't know where Biafra thoughts emanated from. My neighborhood is a Wazobia one, where we are all truly each other's keeper. We almost cannot do without ourselves. I am Yoruba, A total stranger who is an Ibo sister offered me water today, which I gratefully gulped down without much ado.

Please, let us give peace another chance in our communities

NIGERIA shall be GREAT again!


Travel / Re: Facts About Kogi State And A Nairalander Experience (pictures) by Princess4eva(f): 9:42pm On Nov 25, 2015
wait! That cute guy is from kogi? Wow!

You from kogi too?
Yes! Proudly Kogi! Egbe, Yagba West L.G.A
Travel / Re: Facts About Kogi State And A Nairalander Experience (pictures) by Princess4eva(f): 9:42pm On Nov 25, 2015
wait! That cute guy is from kogi? Wow!

You from kogi too?
Yes! Proudly Kogi! Egbe, Yagba West L.G.A
Travel / Re: Facts About Kogi State And A Nairalander Experience (pictures) by Princess4eva(f): 9:31pm On Nov 25, 2015
lools,baba e go better jare.
Mercy johson
Darey art alade
halimat abubakar

all of dem na kogi o.cheesy

You forgot Gbenro Ajibade of Tinsel who got married not too long ago and Lola Alao too also of Nollywood.

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Travel / Re: Facts About Kogi State And A Nairalander Experience (pictures) by Princess4eva(f): 9:21pm On Nov 25, 2015
OP ehian wa mo...oh han daa daruko ihan yagba naai..kan se o...listi mo eti pe cheesy

if anyone can decode this PM me grin

Are you saying the list isn't complete without op mentioning the Yagba people? I think the op already did by saying Okun people. I stand to be corrected cos I am Okun abroad, can't speak the dialect but understand a bit.
Health / Re: Tyler Perry Has This To Say To Fat And Unhealthy People. by Princess4eva(f): 11:24am On Nov 23, 2015
Okay. But I don't want YORUBA to Govern Us in KOGI pls

I prefer WADA

#teamIgala cry

What is wrong with a Yoruba man governing Kogi State?

Team Yagba!

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Celebrities / Re: Denrele Edun Shares Throwback Photo. Reminisce On His Time On Everyday People by Princess4eva(f): 3:10am On Nov 22, 2015
He said: "Did I ever make it outta that "Yaba" town where it all started to happen?"

No wonder! Now, I see how it all started. Yaba Left things! embarassed

Well he might have said Yaba, but certainly not Yaba left. It was somewhere in Alagomeji. Denrele isn't crazy that's just his personality. Yeah! way back when we used to exchange these romance mags "Hearts" and "Hints" he couldn't afford to buy one and I couldn't too but I would steal from my big sister's collections and exchange with him. We will get together in the evenings with other people within our age range in the neighbourhood and debate on topical issues. Denrele can argue. We always "mess" ourselves......moments to remember.
Family / Re: 'my Husband Cannot Satisfy Me Sexually'..... Wife by Princess4eva(f): 5:01pm On Nov 20, 2015

My sister in the lord this one don pass prayer oo.

I think you should try and change your love making technique.

Try this madam.

1:You iniciate the romance slowly and steady

2:Give him head*winks* nothing wrong in satisfying him first.

3:You both should engage in a regular exercise, It necessary you get involved in the process this will encourage him too.

N:B: This is a very key some men Dont know.

4:Tell him to Try and relax while having intercourse.

5: Never force sex /Don’t press yourself to have sex if your heart and mind are not

4. There is a common technique called “Stop & Start”.Teach him how this work am sure you know it already.

6. Try changing positions while having sex. This will give him
enough time to control ejaculation. no dey give am same style every time.

7:Remember it is till death do us part.

Hmn...........Grandfather of experience!
Crime / Re: Robbers Kill Father Of Two, Rape Three Ladies (photo) by Princess4eva(f): 8:32pm On Nov 17, 2015

the man wants to play "Votron" the defender of the universe

how did he expect to over-power someone who is with gun.
In Fela Anikulapo's voice.........He died wrongfully.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Zimbabwean Woman Gave Birth To A Strange Looking Baby - Very Graphic Photos by Princess4eva(f): 2:27pm On Nov 17, 2015
Wen u tell dem to hav sex with men, they won't hear.

Exactly my thinking... Did she do it with a horse or gorilla?
Romance / Re: I Have Regular Sex With A Married Woman! I Feel I Will Soon Be Caught by Princess4eva(f): 2:02pm On Nov 17, 2015
End time tinz
Are you in anyway related to Lasisi 69? Just wondering.
Celebrities / Re: Yemi Solade Shows Off His Wife And Kids In New Photos by Princess4eva(f): 5:50am On Nov 17, 2015
Awwww......lovely family. Yemi Solade is a great thespian, one of the really talented ones. The wife acted briefly in the Wale Adenuga series before she withdrew.

Their kids are good looking, the boy takes after the mum, while the girl resembles the dad. I love that twist! I also love the fact that they are a Gunners family.

God bless the Solades.
Romance / Re: 10 Reasons You Should Never Date Or Marry A Fat Girl Or Woman by Princess4eva(f): 6:52am On Nov 15, 2015

I would rather be fat than dumb. You are dum.b.
Insecure foo.l!
Best response for a nincompoop like op. Phat girls rock!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Got 2 Job Offers With Ridiculous Pay And Conditions Today by Princess4eva(f): 10:03pm On Nov 13, 2015
Come and blog for me instead.
Linda Ikeji pays 100k.
I will double your current offer.
All I need is your creativity and a good command in English.

Seriously? I can do freelance for you, I've got good command of English in my palms, check my posts. Don't miss this offer.
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Mali: FIFA U-17 World Cup Final (2 - 0) On 8th November, 2015 by Princess4eva(f): 12:57am On Nov 09, 2015
The deed is done, the race is won, mission accomplished, Up Nigeria!

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