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Health / Re: 15 Early Signs Of Cancer by Priscila(f): 7:25am On Jul 26, 2012
SO what are the foods to prevent cancer or slow cancer
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs South Korea: 2 - 2 @ World Cup 2010, June 22 by Priscila(f): 9:58pm On Jun 22, 2010
That man missed a penalty n he was there smiling. yakubu is he not a mental case.
Sports / Re: The Most Disgraceful And Worst Perfoming Teams In The World Cup So Far: by Priscila(f): 8:48am On Jun 19, 2010
The winner is France,watching the second half against Mexico made me literally sick.that was more than disgraceful and to watch henry and Cisse warm up for nothing made Domenec look so clueless.Was it a must that Zidane,Makelele and Lillian Touram retire? Riberry is such a waste of space
Sports / Re: Germany Vs Serbia [0 - 1] On June 18 2010 by Priscila(f): 8:41am On Jun 19, 2010
what happened to football made in Germany motto? Pudolsky is such a loser! And after that disastrous mauling of Ausies I expected nothing less.Bunch of losers they are
Literature / Re: The Beauty Of Smiling Always by Priscila(f): 4:01am On Nov 20, 2009
Thanks alot buddy
am already smiling
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Download Any Novel Or Magazine U Want (RIGHT NOW) by Priscila(f): 11:35am On Aug 19, 2009
I wonder who the person bans resourceful people from nairaland!
na wao
anyway take it easy
Celebrities / Re: Favourite Michael Jackson Track And Video by Priscila(f): 12:05pm On Jul 11, 2009
Favourite video is of course Thriller and bad.

[i]The track Heal the world make it a better place for you and for me and the entire human
race there are people dying if you care enough for the living make a better place for and for me.[/i]its that touching

Only if MJ had married an African woman he would be alive for the next 50 years and nothing would have disclosed.One lesson I have learnt is that one should never have identity problems
Celebrities / Re: Watch Michael Jackson's Memorial Live 10 Am Pst by Priscila(f): 2:33am On Jul 08, 2009
With  all these happenings,  I have come to know there was only one MJ in the entire world. Music ntelligence superb plusI pray to God to forgive whatever he did wrong on planet earth.

We loved you but God lved you so much to take you. Bye bye the greatest of all times
Sports / Re: When Will Nigerians Start Take Part In Swimming Events? by Priscila(f): 9:54am On Aug 30, 2008
I was more than shocked and elated to see a kenyan swimmer one Mr.Dunford or something like that in the finals
He also broke a world record in his heat at semi-finals.I had never seen an African swimmer in a global final I swear.If kenyans can swim, Nigerians can swim even better.And one day Phelps Michael the fish will bite his nails.They just need a good training at the beaches especially away from Nigeria lol
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fan Thread: For Gunners Only (Old) by Priscila(f): 9:30am On Aug 30, 2008
Wassup guys!

As a gunner supporter,its true I ve been raving about experienced signings on top of our usual "kids" and well we got one but wait why Silvestre?
I can feel the rumblings of unholy alliance between AW  and Sir alex in the offing.I don't know if  am to call Fergie a gentleman or what!Contrary to popular belief he has  given us Silvestre.I have never read or heard anywhere a player has before crossed from united to Arsenal and given the hitherto healthy rivalry between the two,I have questions to ask.

The veterans can answer me if they are here guys like Vieira and Co. I mean those who can read the mind of monsieur Wenger because its a herculean task for me.He signs a 17 year old then goes out and signs a guy almost double the age.

1.Why did Fergie sell a player to a title rival  or is Arsenal not considered  a threat  anymore?

2.Why wenger for the first time at Arsenal buy  a player past his peak?

3.Would Wenger have bought Silvestre  if he weren't French?

4.Has he come as cover defence or to play regularly?

Guys! answer me please. I will support Arsenal even if we go bottom ten,I still love them and my team forever.

Hi! mukina,long time.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fan Thread: For Gunners Only (Old) by Priscila(f): 9:22pm On Mar 22, 2008
I cant let this pass.
Congratulations ma dear I saw it coming you as a moderator.make them hear and learn to respect those lads I mean arsenal boys.Whether its scandalous to lose now always remember class is permanent form is temporary.Use your power and read those 48 laws of power and you will be great.You are a paragon of civility on this thread.Copy?
Let all bow or terrorize I am behind you
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fan Thread: For Gunners Only (Old) by Priscila(f): 2:20am On Mar 06, 2008
as usual I feel you girl.Never say die arsenal fans.keep up the spirit
its 4 play who is naughty as always!Only wanterd to show him am still an ardent arsenal fan
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fan Thread: For Gunners Only (Old) by Priscila(f): 11:18pm On Mar 05, 2008
Long time but we are together as one
How on earth do you call me dead when am alive and kicking. am not posting nowadays but just reading.
Am really cracked up by your statement return of the dead to nairaland. Am not even back but we can bet victory is sweet.Your men are not doing bad either
cheers! and hi to your pair jackal,Huc,and co.You remember those days?
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 7:29pm On Jan 25, 2008
One thing that beats my imagination is this! Why should Kibaki be the president of Kenya when It is Raila who won election? Do we embrace democracy or its just a joke?Cant we africans find other means instead of copying the west and ululating about democracywhich will never exist in our continent?Its a spell of doom if Kibaki insists on ruling for a whole term.

Raila has no choice but people power and if he does not lead Kenyans to freedom he will be a failure as well. He is now Kenyas Messiah just like Moses led Israelites from brutal hands of the pharaoh.Kibaki is not better than Mugabe and can all dictators go to hell. UN and West countries should save kenya now if they really are up in arms for continent development.
What a mess?
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 10:35am On Jan 14, 2008
Ask him Jare
Its only justice that can bring peace to that country!Defending Kibaki especially when the truth is world widely known is a big foot in our mouth.Let justice prevail hence peace
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 8:00am On Jan 14, 2008
please I say again be realistic! Yes you might be kenyanand perhaps from  the same lineage of that Kibaki but can the whole world be wrong ma dear?Of course no

A spade is a spade.
Elections were flawed at high levelsof ECK and the senior man confessed it Not in polling stations. Its  final tallying process that had a problem and only two out of 8 constintuencies cannot produce a president. Can you even explain why Raila has over 100 parliamentary seats and Kibakis loose combination of parties managed around 40 seats?
can you even explain why Kenyans voted out his cabinet including vice president? do you want to say they really wanted him to continue? Lets not be blinded in support of such leaders even if they are brothers. Why were the media and observers evicted from tallying house? because Mr Samuel announced some Kibakis inflated votes and the officer who was in charge and had signed said NO. So because of shame they were driven away by some mean police and results were announced and Kibaki sworn in in absence of diplomats and fewcrowd without kenyas flag or anthem. What are you talking about? men Open your eyes wide!

Raila is not the cause of violence even if you bring in something like constitution we don't know about.
Raila is the elected Kenya president take it or leave it. Kibaki judgement will be harsh if he wont allow justice or talks.
Another Mugabe! na wao Africa mama! He even banned live broadcasts after his swearing in . I hope he did not swear with Bible cos God will punish him. Now hehas convinced some minor opposition to join him and given one vice president
what a scenario?
Kenyans biko
you are not doing Africa any good even if Kibaki is a small god in some community.
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 10:25am On Jan 13, 2008
Now that its confirmed from all sources and the whole world  know that riggging was done at very high level office of ECK and chairman samuel confirmed he was under siege to announce false results, If kibaki was a real gentleman then he must step down, period! Its now apparent Raila ousted him with voter and people power.
Afterall he has finished his term and presidency is never permanent anywhere thats why elections are periodic
I understand Kenyans do appreciate him reving economy but that has been tainted when he became power hungry as he is doing now.
For sure I must commend former president Moi for his peaceful transition sometimes back unlike him. there must be something fishy he knows  he has done at statehouse and it will be discovered when Raila takes over thats why he rather die a president than even hear a word from Kuffor,Annan or Frazier-US SG.He lied to Kuffor he was attending a fundraising function yet he went to swear in the band wagon cabinet.What a shame?Kufffor is way way respected than him
We need Mandelas,obj,Mkapa,Kaunda,Moi and Co we need to drive away Kibakis,Mugabes,Musevenis

Point of correction to whoever said both parties rigged. Its a resounding NO NO. The media and people were very alert at polling stations and only altered at HQ office at a conference centre wher they drove all observers and media out.
Please don't be mislead by staements you get to hear from government. They comeout to defend themselves because they don't want to carry the cross. The results obtained  and filled at polling stations were not those read by chairman of ECk  and it was proved by all present and again those results were only inflated in favour of incumbent.Lets just be realistic men!
Lets not support this behaviour in our continent for the good of our future generation.We all now know elections were flawes hence defending bandwagon with ones life will not change facts on ground

I get to know the Kibaki government is after the life of one ECK senior official who confessed and said his conscience could not allow him rig for him .He has seeked  asylum in Europe.
Its Kibaki who used his presidential status to flaw elections and hence violence. people just got angry. by the way Raila never told people to go fight, the magnititude felt unfairness. Kibaki was the cause so don't get it twisted
Politics / Re: How Do I Delete A Topic I've Posted Earlier? Help Urgently Needed? by Priscila(f): 2:10pm On Jan 05, 2008
Deleting is by Seun admin officer but you can do this. Click modify and write what you want and then delete what you don't want and post.
I mean change topic
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 10:03am On Jan 05, 2008
abi!even rigging requires some intelligence!
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 9:15am On Jan 05, 2008
Comparing US and Kenya is like comparing an elephant and a mouse the only similarity is that they both have tails.
And  to my surprise thats what Kibaki government is backing on saying that even Bush rigged.they are so misguided!

Now Kibaki told Desmond Tutu in a peace talk recently that he could not stand the humiliation being the only president in Africa to be ousted after only one term and with his foot in mouth he said he is ready to form a coalition government with ODM who are majority in parliament so long as his PNU is recognised as governing party.He could as well have postponed elections insteadof wasting resources just to lead people to death.

Someone deliberately steals an election to start negotiations. Phew!
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 8:00am On Jan 05, 2008
Its better Kenyans die now while protecting their right rather than being cowards and their state turns to dictatorship like Mugabes. Afterall Peace always comes after a violent show thats how colonialists were fought out of Africa
.They have shown solidarity and if one has nothing to die for then there is no reason to live. That violent reaction is a justified show!
Its not a matter of prayers now!leaders like Kibaki should forever belong in political asylums.Tainting Africans image all over.Infamy!
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 6:07am On Jan 05, 2008
International and independent investigators have to save Kenya from such anarchy plus Africa as a whole
Politics / Re: In Support Of Kenyan Electoral Violence by Priscila(f): 6:05am On Jan 05, 2008
Where did democracy go in Africa? Most presidents after clinching power they taste power hence arrogance and dictatorship. Kibaki is pretending to be Kenyas President when actually Raila Odinga ousted him and now he is using his powers of president to impose himself on people.They have a poor constitution I bet

He can't even explain it himself! Raila Odinga has 100 ODM party parliament seats while his loose coalition of many small small parties could only afford 36 seats. As if not enough his former cabinet was all voted out including vice president and when the country was striking the guy retreatred to statehouse for a night swearing in ceremony. The guests were  senior military officers and all his last poll rejected cabinet and the worst is they were in a rush that they dint raise Kenyan flag or even sing national anthem! Plus no diplomant was present.what a shame to Kenya when we thought they were more democratic than other african countries. The worst  still is that Electoral commissioner Samuel Kivuitu declared him president under siege  despite concrete evidence of inflated figures for Kibaki and he later confessed  that he did not know if Kibaki won.He has finally admitted to having his officers altering results and inflating them infact in 48 central constituencies the voters were  estimated as 150 percent for Kibaki.

How do you even explain this? all the largest provinces that's
Riftvalley  with 3,000,000  registered voters.Turnout was 2,000,000. 1,599,007 went to Odinga.
Westen province voter turnout was 1,300,000. Odinga got 986,045
Coast province turnout 1,436,980. Odinga got 893,098
Nyanza province home ground for Raila voter turnout 2,000,000. Raila got 1,599,000
North  eastern province voter turnout 120,000 Raila 87,000
Nairobi province capital center-this has eight constituencies and 5 parliament seats are for ODM and still Odinga won here in votes. turnout 1,780,002 Raila got 754,097. the remaing votes shared by other 7 presidential candidates.

Now Central province Kibakis strongholds, voter turnout 2,000,000 Kibaki got 1,788,000
Eastern province with 1,800 000 turnout Kibaki got  1,050,000.( KIbaki has become a president because of two provinces) am laughing my head off about african politics. provinces he won in two got 36 parliament seats and he is a president.

Odinga won in 5 provinces out of 8 with 101 parliament seats and somebody wants him to be in opposition. Final tallying revealed Kibaki had 4,533,008. Raila 4,348,980,Kalonzo-807,005 and others.Its 
rather absurd. Kibaki got a maximum of three million votes and Odinga had over four point five. Its very unfair to say the least.

Thats why Kenyans reacted in that violence manner. Whoever said here that its Luo and Kikuyu he is mistaken. Kenya has 42 tribes and all 40 except two Kikuyu(central) and Meru(eatsern voted for Raila.
Kenya is crying blood because of a greedy man with self egos who has no remorse that people are dying and instead of dialogue he has turned kenya into a police state threatening  opposition with dire consequences and also he has denied them media coverage as he has suspended live coverage.

The European Union observers have dismissed the tallying process and other dignatrories say it was flawed.In this whole world its only Museven of Uganda who congratulated him reasons you all know that he also rigged himself to power. raila is the kenyan peoples democratic choice and Kibaki knows thats why he can only take refuge at statehouse
Literature / Re: Which Novels Can You Read Over And Over Like The First Time? by Priscila(f): 8:56pm On Dec 17, 2007
There is a book I read called my life with a criminal
a simple novel from a kenyan author. I can read it again
TV/Movies / Re: Most Gorgeous Nollywood Actor by Priscila(f): 8:47pm On Dec 17, 2007
Oh girl!
you mentioned Kenneth Okonkwo
For real I drool for those lips and when he breaks into a smile I sink.
But wait when he shouts in annoyance they cover his whole face. I would prefer him happy always. and I have never and again I swear never seen a nigerian who can contest with him when he acts as a prince. He really has what it takes from his size.looks and everything.
Please give him more princely movies.

Anyway Gorgeous-I find Kanayo O kanayo very gorgeous
Bob Manuel
Tony Umez
Zarck Orji
TV/Movies / Re: Most Annoying Nigerian Actors/Actresses by Priscila(f): 8:36pm On Dec 17, 2007
some acters can really annoy. how on earth did I forget Segun arinze and Chidi Mokeme?Chidi always appear dumb in all movies. I don't know why when he has those good looks
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Fan Thread: For Gunners Only (Old) by Priscila(f): 7:17pm On Dec 16, 2007
For the first time in 4 years[size=14pt]

For sure from a good loser but why the sacarsm? you ve just spoilt everything
Arsenal on their good day ,they are unstoppable. What was up with the ref dishing out yellow cards like nonsense
Gallas the man!
How I wished united dropped some points to liverpool but what matters we ve won and back to lead as they follow.
all in all congrats all the winners
Nairaland / General / Re: Jackal: An Asset Or A Nuisance To The Sports Section? by Priscila(f): 9:49pm On Nov 30, 2007
Huc dear! welcome aboard' weep not ma man!how was ya loooong sabbatical leave? as for me am cool just reading
Long time men!

Anyway I think Jackal is banned because he is a veteran on this section and he gets irritated by newcomers easily.For us who know him from that 2005 season of premiership we understand  he listens out before speaking and he has an open mind plus that inborn thing intelligence and never entertains insurbodination on Manchester United football.Not everyone can understand him. he attacks and guys come out defending with all available weapons.When I holla Arsenal he glorifies  United and thats sports.

open letter to mr seun the admin o.
Sir,Your ban is justified
setting up such a thread is enough punishment and humiliation to him.he wont repeat it I bet.Its fair you took sound and timely decision and jackal will sooth himself to sanity since some guys just try his patience deliberately.I also read some threads like {for gunners only,red devils zone and they were actually eye sores}he just went haywire.Needless to say, the guy is such an analyst as in tactically and technically proficient when handling sports however he gets offended by dude comments  especially from new gunners on forum and takes it to heat levels incase someone heeds his advice.
His determination to force decisions through opposition always result in chaos and misinterpretation.sir, to crown it all he is our eyes and ears for those of us who have less time to post though we come reading sports.Thanks for keeping us informed and kindly unban him plus guys like Kitaun and wormedup. They are not that bad. Thats ma opinion though the decision rests with you to stamp ya authority. ma three cheers!

@ Jackal
ma dear am sure you are reading this.You can see how cursing can land us to indefinate ban.incase you are set free to come back ignore those posts which will agitate you.Am sure admin O did this without hard feelings  but just a disciplinary measure for you to seek responsibility and take charge of ya actions plus you seek self improvement.Whats character ?set the example for new comers and it will be an ill use free forum the way it was sometimes back in 2005.
a word is enough and i know you are more than wise. Just use initiative and imagination where one sounds ill to you.sports is a bit dilute without you
nice time.
TV/Movies / Re: Most Annoying Nigerian Actors/Actresses by Priscila(f): 2:20am On Nov 23, 2007
please there is this name someone mentioned victor Osuago. pheew
that dude sucks. his presence alone makes the movie fake.

other annoying characters are Ini Edo when she tries to accentuate her eyes too much to look like fish eyeballs.her eyes are just good without too much make up.
and Rita Dominic she has to accept age has passed her what those under 16 clads.
and I concur with whoever said hanks anuku is a real armed robber.

Emeka Ike I wish it was real life experience he became mad in that wedding gift movie he is such a lunatic
am not through with saint Obi he should stop acting like a rich bobo his face alone doesnt accept affluence esp in Golden moon movie.
And whoever told Gene she is the prettiest actress spoilt everything.and that movie they acted called girls cot- ini,gene rita,uche benita sucks

Please where is this girl Chelsea gabrielle who acted in blood sister. that is a talent to nurture and should replace those inis
Foreign Affairs / Re: 1st America Black President Obama by Priscila(f): 1:39am On Nov 23, 2007
that guy has beaten all odds to rise to where he is now.they exchanged bitter words with  madam clinton She even insulted  him {you from Africa" and OBAMA could not stand it so after a few exchanges they finally shook hands.

@ Zigbo
Obama is not a muslim but his name is from kenya where he was born and raised,  I understand they have such names in some sub tribe  whatsoever as his father is Kenyan who married an american that makes Obama half cast.
I can assure he is a staunch Christian who even dropped smoking due to his salvation after converting from catholic, His wife Mitchelle campaigns for him and they ve got  two lovely  kids. He is just a proud African.Some Chicago newspaper publishes some things to do with him. thats where he resides

For sure I dint know he would be a senator of illinois being an African american and he is leading in  opinion polls over Clinton as per now
Sports / Re: Who Is The Hottest : Lionel Messi Vs Cesc Fabregas by Priscila(f): 1:26am On Nov 23, 2007
If I say Cesc,someone will say am an arsenal mouthpiece. but I will say both players are special in their own ways.Though Messi is a bit overrated thats my own opinion. these two are just incomparable but where am forced to choose one I will just pick Fabregas and stick with him even when I know Messi is an inch ahead.
Sports / Re: Mcclaren Umbrella Remix ;d by Priscila(f): 12:48am On Nov 23, 2007
@freelancer lol
I dint want to  post anything current time but lol am ooo grin grin grin
I could not help this one o. For sure what was a loyal coach doing in an umbrellawhile Becks was losing in rain
Is it satire,irony or comical effect

Only if he started Becks in first half  instead  of people like SWP,lessomething,bridge,and huh J cole I reserve my case.Bridge should drop that name wayne because he is too dumb to match the noun lol.For the first time i missed Rooney in pitch and Owen.the team was so annoying but give credit to Becks he triedto change things . I saw goals from Ketrac ,Olic,petric *very boring names that finished kings of Britain
Referee tried to assist with penalty but still it was their fate. aha i give up  on those stars who can't deliver

But still I hail Croatia becauseof Edwardo.Wenger never make mistakes as usual.they have my support because of edu
And again I overheard somewhere after the game that Mclaren had declined to step down but board couldnt stand embarrassment. he should burry his chicken head and umbrella in shame all his life. what a joke. whom did he think he was -king

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