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Romance / Re: Age 25+..what Advice Would You Give Someone Age 18-24? by Psalmy2cute(m): 5:50pm On Dec 05, 2023
Age 25+..what advice would you give someone age 18-24?
Do not have a gf until you’re in your late 20s.. and I mean 29 upward .. and as a guy do not let a woman live off you… do not pay her bills focus not yourself your siblings and love ones.. I’m talking to guys 18 to 24

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Family / Re: Wives Battered 340 Husbands To Pulp In 1yr —lagos Govt by Psalmy2cute(m): 1:03pm On Nov 17, 2023
Lol, I don’t know why I find this very funny. But truth is your wife should even be scared to look you in the eyes during arguments, even without laying a finger on her fear and respect should make her know her place at all times. But seeing women beat men to stupor is really really funny to me.
Typical wife beater. If you want your wife to be scared of looking you in the eyes during an argument.. Get a slave
Romance / Re: My Experience Dating A Narcissistic Flirt by Psalmy2cute(m): 3:14pm On Aug 28, 2023
What a simp of a man.. I shake my head for this one .. guy you deserve slap for entertaining that dirty gal with infection in your house
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: No Connection, No FG Job by Psalmy2cute(m): 9:58am On Aug 09, 2023

Sheiya… Na who still dey believe in legit hustle for this country na dem I pity pass 🙄
I swear 😂

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Politics / Re: An Igbo Man On Twitter Called Northern Sick Kids Cows by Psalmy2cute(m): 10:35am On Jul 25, 2023
A popular Igbo Man and supporter of Peter Obi in a deleted Post called Northern Sick kids Cows on Twitter. He went as far as thanking Jesus for it. See Deleted Post below

A northerner also said this ?? No one has the monopoly of insults on the net… I’m not even Igbo but some of you nairalanders are sick in the head

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Career / Re: I Need Your Advice On Whether To Relocate To Canada Or Start Poultry Farm by Psalmy2cute(m): 2:49pm On Jul 06, 2023

Nothing has changed
so you believe as far back as 2017 till 2023 it’s not possible for him to get 10m … you’re a miserable person… this country don stamp poverty for your forehead

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Travel / Re: Is The 11Km Miliken Hill Road In Enugu The Most Beautiful Road In Nigeria? by Psalmy2cute(m): 10:30am On May 09, 2023
Jeez! why the zigzag road? Cant they come up with a straight road?
Don’t always be in a rush to post.. use your head

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Family / Re: How Much Do You Spend A Week As A Single Person? by Psalmy2cute(m): 5:26pm On Apr 24, 2023
I spend minimum 50k weekly as a single person… sometimes over 70k a week… this country is just hell for its citizens

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Food / Re: What’s This Animal Called? by Psalmy2cute(m): 10:15pm On Apr 14, 2023
That’s a mongoose
Car Talk / Re: I’m Having A Sudden Malfunction With My Mercedes E350 2010 Model by Psalmy2cute(m): 10:22am On Mar 14, 2023

@bolded baba everything no be fuse always.
Sometimes you can be lucky its just a fuse. Other times its more than that.
The comand system of the Mercedes na bery werey something.
We have fixed some that was just fuse, some others na the comand don spoil. Other times rat fit don chop wire somewhere.

My advice? Find a competent Merc technician to help you check it.

If you wanna do it yourself then search for COMAND fuse and your model. You should be able to get something online.
Youtube can also help too.
Thank you very much for the advice 🙏🏽

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Car Talk / Re: I’m Having A Sudden Malfunction With My Mercedes E350 2010 Model by Psalmy2cute(m): 9:08pm On Mar 13, 2023

Until you produce verifiable evidence of someone dying at the lekki tollgate during the Endsars protests.... I am not going to assist. You're a useless miscreant rumour mongering despicable irresponsible and uncharitable person .... I will be happy to see that your car burn to ashes
No, you simply know nothing about cars… take your politics of bitterness elsewhere… demented fellow


Car Talk / I’m Having A Sudden Malfunction With My Mercedes E350 2010 Model by Psalmy2cute(m): 8:00pm On Mar 13, 2023
My central control screen on my Mercedes E350 2010 suddenly went blank after the car was parked for 2 weeks.. I’m being told I need to locate the fuse in the fuse box

does anyone have an idea where I can find this fuse in my car… there’s a fuse box in the engine compartment of the car and the back storage of the car.. where do I locate this fuse?? …

How do I find the right fuse amongst other fuse
What color? Number ??

technicians in the house please help 🙏🏽
Health / Re: Please How Can I Handle This Infection by Psalmy2cute(m): 7:52pm On Mar 03, 2023
I am going to be honest here,I had sex with my girlfriend before traveling, and now my penis is removing milky liquid, and also it pains me sometimes when I want to urinate.

What medicine can I take please.
Help me with the perfect drug name.
I think you have chlamydia .. and your gf is probably sleeping with multiple sex partners.. if she’s the only one you’ve been having sex with
Politics / Re: Just In; Former President Obasanjo’s Appeal On 2023 Election. by Psalmy2cute(m): 8:11pm On Feb 27, 2023
Until we hear direct from obasanjo, nobody will believe this kind of paper. People who forged letter of UN, is it that of obasanjo that will be difficult to forge. What obasanjo will denied tomorrow now once he is aware of fake letters. Election is free and fair when they win Lagos, and defeat many incumbent governors for Senate and House of rep, but when they loose election becomes unfair.

We are bad loosers, election is transparent enough, any other irregularity should be challenged at tribunal. PDP is hell bent because hunger has been killing them for almost 8years they lost power while LP are filled of disgruntle set of people. Tinubu won in fair contest, he should be declared winner
Go check his twitter page..
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Writes Open Letter To President Buhari by Psalmy2cute(m): 8:10pm On Feb 27, 2023
Lol fake news.

I swear this is Biafra war hangover

This people have continued to use Obasanjo's name for almost every fake news.

Is it that they think anyone sees Obasanjo as heavy and mighty the way they see him all cos he crushed them during the civil war and also leveled their kidnapper village during his second stint in power?

Wow the man must have really given them nightmares mehn...

Fake news lol
It’s not fake news … learn to verify information before typing thrash on a faceless forum

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Politics / I Pray For Sanwo Olu by Psalmy2cute(m): 12:17pm On Feb 27, 2023
I hope the tinubu effect does not affect him during the gubernatorial race.. this BVA and naira scarcity shit is really working against the two major party


Politics / Re: LP Did Not Only Affect PDP But Also APC by Psalmy2cute(m): 10:21am On Feb 27, 2023

APC has won. Cheers!
okay, congratulations 🍾
Politics / Re: Nkeiruka Onyejeocha Loses Re-election To Lp's Ogah by Psalmy2cute(m): 10:11am On Feb 27, 2023
Omo… something is happening in Nigeria


Politics / Re: LP Did Not Only Affect PDP But Also APC by Psalmy2cute(m): 10:09am On Feb 27, 2023
If not for LP, pdp would have beaten APC in Lagos by now.
That’s a big fat lie.. I don’t know who’s winning , but things aren’t looking good for apc

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Politics / Re: The Tears Of The Obidients. Reality Sets In by Psalmy2cute(m): 9:22pm On Feb 26, 2023

See stop giving yourself false hope
The entire south east is one LGA in kano grin
Same Kano even northerners are confirming there was low turnout .. guy grow out of nairaland where falsehood is the order of the day 😂.. even in Kano NNPP Is giving apc and pdp wotowoto.. when the results are out … I’ll come back to remind you of this post 😂… no cash to buy voters in the north.. now the turnout is very low for the two major parties 😅😅
Politics / Re: The Tears Of The Obidients. Reality Sets In by Psalmy2cute(m): 8:48pm On Feb 26, 2023

But do you think voters turn out in the south east would be massive enough?
how many polling unit did you see voting at night in the north.. most southern states are still voting right now.. including my state… and Labour Party has almost no opposition there .. apc and pdp is almost obliterated there
Politics / Re: The Tears Of The Obidients. Reality Sets In by Psalmy2cute(m): 7:25pm On Feb 26, 2023

God does not do magic, He waits to answer the call of his people after they have done their ground work. God did not divide the red sea and ask Moses to go and pass. Moses did the work on ground and when he got stock at the red sea then he called upon God for help and God answered him after seeing the work he has done already.

Be wise
I don’t even know what this write up is about … Ekiti has less then 350k voters in total.. this is not business as usual for pdp and apc… you can’t say anyone is winning the election right now.. put put rigging aside… Obi still has the best chance to win this election.. but I fear he may not get 25% spread, right now I don’t think the 3 main contenders can get the 25% spread.. that’s the reality on ground

Report reaching me right now is that voters turn out in the so called kkk states in the north is very poor.. barely up to 1 million… Nigeria will experience something very different this time around

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Politics / Re: Labour Party Calls For Cancellation Of Presidential Election by Psalmy2cute(m): 1:12pm On Feb 26, 2023

Is this a fake news or a joke? 😆😆

Look at the chidish reason he is complaining grin

Let him go to court if he's not happy
What do you mean childish reason what are you sayin ??
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Election Results From Polling Units by Psalmy2cute(m): 6:43pm On Feb 25, 2023
Turn out for this election is fvcking low.
no vote buying ..
Politics / Re: Northerners reject Tinubu at Polling Units. by Psalmy2cute(m): 9:43am On Feb 25, 2023
Jungle don mature for Tinubu and his Muslim Muslim ticket in the North.

As it should be, northern Muslims are not stupid

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Politics / Re: Labourer Party Logo Unislamic Promotes Only Mama And Pikin And Baba by Psalmy2cute(m): 9:04am On Feb 24, 2023
The Party Logo is anti Muslims that practice polygamy . the Logo is a family planning logo . Dead on arrival the obidents where shouting obidents up and down instead of promoting their logo on the ballot .now people in the North think it family planning party .
This one woke up this morning and choose madness 😂🤣

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Autos / Re: Innoson To Introduce A Luxury Rugged Pickup Truck ‘IVM Ijele’ (Photos) by Psalmy2cute(m): 12:34pm On Feb 23, 2023

No man is an island oga!

Henry also copied from someone.

Please appreciate innosson , I know he is an igboman but appreciate good things so that your tribe will achieve same.
Well said… so many Nigerians are just plain stupid and filled with hate for their fellow brothers.. that’s why they’ll never see progress in life
Politics / Re: Tinubu Muslim Muslim Ticket And His Plan To Islamise Nigeria by Psalmy2cute(m): 5:56pm On Feb 22, 2023
Nonsense, gibberish and balderdash!

Islamization in 2023?

Which year did you come to the city?
Ohh.. please shut up.. that was how you guys also said tinubu will not run a Muslim Muslim ticket in 2022 until he did 🙂 so please kindly hush it

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Politics / Re: DELTANS, GET IN: The Hypocrisy Of Keke Riders. by Psalmy2cute(m): 7:58am On Feb 21, 2023
I’ve not seen 1 keke rider in delta state .. supporting apc.. even the aboki’s .. it’s either Obi or Atiku

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Politics / Re: 2PM Drone View Of Peter Obi Rally In Lagos by Psalmy2cute(m): 2:38pm On Feb 11, 2023
Lol.. this a very different stadium from what I see on twitter.. you can keep fooling yourself here on nairaland .. there’s a high chance tinubu will loose Lagos

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Politics / Re: But Let’s Try AAC by Psalmy2cute(m): 11:00pm On Feb 07, 2023
I am still surprised at the response of Nigerians towards AAC and Showore campaign. The response of Nigerians towards Sowore plainly shows the character of an average blank person. A black person deliberately wish evil against his own brother.

Tell me why everyone is not saying let’s try AAC this guys has shown himself to be good and capable. Why the hate! Africa! Nigerians! why the hate?!

Let’s try AAC!!!
sowore is part of the goat 🐐 that used his media outlet to bring Buhari into power … I like his person.. but he’s not a sellable individual for the race

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