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Fashion / Re: Sarah Akaazua Is The New Face Of Tiv International (Pictures) by pstnicodemus(m): 2:35pm On Feb 10, 2022
For an event that was done in November last year, na now e dey reach here?
If to say na Oxlade video...


Politics / Re: Garba Shehu Slams Governor Ortom: No Ex-president Can Take Your Insults by pstnicodemus(m): 11:36am On Aug 27, 2021
No Nigerian Ex-President Can Take Your Insults Garba Shehu Slams Governor Ortom.

Uncle Garba Shehu, simple question abeg. Has governor Ortom lied about anything he said concerning this Buhari led administration?

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Education / Re: Fareedah Oyolola Emerges World Brightest Student (Johns Hopkins Center) by pstnicodemus(m): 6:07pm On Aug 21, 2021
Can she twerk? Does she have big boobs? Forget it she can't trend here in Nigeria.
Unfortunately, you're right.


Sports / Re: Jesse Lingard And Pedro Neto Bust-up After West Ham Win Match (Photos) by pstnicodemus(m): 11:44am On Apr 06, 2021
Jese come back to MANU on time
Some players are best at an average club.
Celebrities / Re: Zubby Inspects His New House Project Under Construction: Pics & Video by pstnicodemus(m): 3:40pm On Dec 14, 2020
The only successful Male Nollywood actor
Do a little research about Mr Ibu
Politics / Re: Ahmed Taiwo At Lekki Panel: 'I Wish I Brought A Rifle To Try It On You' - Jokes by pstnicodemus(m): 5:37pm On Nov 14, 2020
How do people end up with bullets injuries in the videos we watch on IG?
How many versions dem don talk now? They first denied, then said it was Photoshop, now it's blank bullets.
Celebrities / Re: Thacutegeminme: Why Lil Frosh Beat Me - Girlfriend Breaks Silence by pstnicodemus(m): 1:38pm On Oct 07, 2020
His career ended even before it started.

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Politics / Re: Rear Admiral IO Mohammed, Seaman Haruna Goshit Scheduled For Public Hearing by pstnicodemus(m): 11:49am On Jul 15, 2020
Even though soldiers are tasked to always obey without complain, I think the officer took the best option by making a public outcry.
If he had reported to a higher superior, the complaint would have still leaked to his direct boss and his punishment would double.

However, same cannot be applied to other cowards in military wears e.g one impersonator, Lance corporal Martin, —trained, decorated, and arrested by Sahara reporters all on their own.
Little wonder, no credible news source aired the news neither was their any public outcry after SR claimed he had been detained by the Nigerian Army.

Another example are those cowards sent to battle Boko Haram and then they begin to release clips that they had spent 2 weeks in the bush and people should come to their aid.
For Christ sake, what were you trained and armed for?
I completely agree with you. If you watch the video, he exhausted his options and this should serve as a lesson for others.

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Politics / Re: Godwin Erahon: Obaseki Can't Compete Under 2 Parties, It's Illegal by pstnicodemus(m): 9:59am On Jul 02, 2020

Bros,that man just give us facts now,were d people?I beg pinpoint one.
Governor Samuel Ortom of Benue state. Contested primaries under PDP in 2015 and lost. Defected to APC, became flag bearer and won the election. He still defected back to PDP before the 2019 election, contested and won.
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Virtually Commissions The Zaki Biam Shared Facility In Benue State by pstnicodemus(m): 4:20pm On Jun 09, 2020


You're doing well
Politics / Re: Samuel Ortom Calls For 30-Day Fast Against Herders Attack In Benue by pstnicodemus(m): 8:22am On Apr 24, 2020
and please not every women cheat on their husband , in my side if you cheat on your husband you die or run mad... And if the man is aware , same thing happens to him...
Na you get time dey answer person wey no even use him real name open account or dey proud to talk where him come from. Most people on this platform just open fake account for purposes like this. Ignore them


Romance / Re: Messi VS Ronaldo: Kaka Picks Messi Ahead Of Ronaldo Despite Real Madrid Links by pstnicodemus(m): 4:35pm On Apr 04, 2020
Correct! Both players are great on the pitch. Messi is a genius while Ronaldo is brilliant.
Now i know why your name is smart brain

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Sports / Re: Odion Ighalo: I Spent My Lunch Money On Watching Manchester United by pstnicodemus(m): 1:58pm On Mar 08, 2020
Al things are possible. It takes God nothing to give you all that you desire.
Celebrities / Re: Burna Boy: Nobody Paved Way For Me by pstnicodemus(m): 10:22am On Feb 13, 2020
Nobody paved way for you after plagiarizing almost all of fela's songs. undecided

Before anybody starts attacking and calling me hater, please note there's a big difference between sampling and copyright theft.

Who ever attacks you over this comment needs to think, think and think again.
I couldn't agree more with you.


Romance / Re: Do I Look Good For My Girlfriend This Valentine? (photos) by pstnicodemus(m): 9:03am On Feb 12, 2020
It's not about looking good, it's about the cash and moreover you look irresponsible.
PS- Please don't smoke around that little kid.
God bless you

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Crime / Re: A Bullet Nearly Killed A Baby Yesterday Night In Mkpogu, Port Harcourt. PHOTOS by pstnicodemus(m): 5:26pm On Feb 07, 2020
Where is safe in this country?
Sports / Re: Man Utd Cut Down Pogba's Asking Price In Order To Offload Him by pstnicodemus(m): 3:59pm On Feb 07, 2020
Better. What an unfortunate player. Even in his present form and attitude even Al haly, Iwuanyu National, BBC Lions of Gboko, Kazier Chiefs, Ashante Kotoko, Dundee Utd, Kano Pillars, Salzburg, Althelic Bilbao wouldn't want him.

Pogba should be off loaded for free along with incompetents like Anthony Martial who would waste eight out of mine chances.
BCC lions of Gboko �
Bros you wicked
Sports / Re: Twitter Suspends Nigerian Lady’s Account For Revealing Why Kobe Bryant Died by pstnicodemus(m): 3:41pm On Jan 29, 2020
Which God appeared to you?

Someone can't kiss his/her daughter on the lips again?

The suspension is a very small punishment sef

She should be Banned for Life.
We too do for this country abeg. I kiss my 2 years old son, what's the big deal?
Sports / Re: Man United Fans Attack Ed Woodward's House With Flares (Video) by pstnicodemus(m): 8:27am On Jan 29, 2020
All of you coming here to shout tout and hooligans. Those fans pay good money to watch United get beat and are frustrated by Woodward's lack of football knowledge. All Woodward does is grow income for the Glazers to siphone. Just look at 19yr old with a buyout clause of less than £20MIL rejecting Man United for Dortmund. Instead Woodward will pay bastard salaries to useless players like Sanchez and Pogba just because he wants to sell Jerseys and merchandise in China.
I need to buy you a cold bottle of beer with fresh fish pepper soup
Autos / Re: Very Clean Nigeria Used 2008 Mdx For Sale N1,400,000 by pstnicodemus(m): 4:08pm On Jan 22, 2020
Very clean Nigeria Acura mdx 2008 for N1,400,000
No single scratch or body filler on the body. Sound engine and gear.

08062466118 and 08097227816
WhatsApp 08062466118 and 08097227816
If it's still available, iam interested
Family / Re: My Wife And Mother Hate Each Other by pstnicodemus(m): 2:12pm On Jan 18, 2020
my brother do you know is your mother we are talking about here. She is even making effort to mend fences, somebody that can even birth your wife. See I would call a meeting between both and trash it once and for all. Any party not willing should take the high road. All personal ego must fall for peace to reign.
I wish i could buy you a cold beer this evening.

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Family / Re: My Wife And Mother Hate Each Other by pstnicodemus(m): 2:11pm On Jan 18, 2020
My wife and I have been together for 8 years now, married for 5. I am 33 and she is 30. We now have our first child, a son who is just turning 1. He is everything to both of us. Before our son, our relationship was strong, although to be honest I’ve always been frustrated with my wife’s way of handling issues. I’m the kind of person who is very hard to get angry, I hear people out, and I talk out my issues. I listen to all sides and I think logically before emotionally. I seek therapy when I’m stuck. My wife is the opposite. She reacts with emotions first. She is very quick to be offended by anything. She will shut down and refuse to communicate until she has had time to process. I do all of the work resolving issues we have. I sometimes wonder if I ever stop taking the high road and work through our issues, if anything would ever resolve itself. So that being said, conflict management aside, we are happy. We are passionate, have similar interests, and make each other laugh.

Then there’s my mother. Where to begin. My mother, while seen as incredibly loving and generous to many people, is also a person who has been shut out of so many relationships in her life that I really just feel bad. My father and her are divorced. She has a genuine phobia of being left out - of gatherings, of relationships, of family. She is extremely smart and knows how to manipulate people into doing what she wants. She also widely seen as a “difficult” person. She is difficult in that she finds great offense to issues many people would not notice or care about. If she feels wronged, she will overwhelm the person who wronged her with incessant questions trying to make them feel her side until they cave in. In her closest relationships, her absolute need for the show of love and inclusion and validation cause the very people she is trying to reel closer in to push her away, a self fulfilling prophecy. My Mom, while I love her, is her own worst enemy.

Needless to say, these two, my wife and my mother, clash. At first they liked each other. The very first issue involved our wedding planning. My wife had a very clear plan for the guest list, and my mom asked for a number of her friends to be included on the list. My wife did not want that, got immediately upset and the situation blew out of control. My mom called me nonstop asking why my wife could be so cold, unwilling to see her side, or give in even an inch. My wife felt my Mom was making the wedding all about her, and could not believe she was called cold. She was “done”. My mom wasn’t paying for a cent of the wedding either so this was another offense. In the end I brokered a compromise, much to the dismay of both women. Each held the grudge for a long time.

Occasionally my mother would do something that my wife disliked, and my wife would be pissed at me for not standing up for her. Admittedly I had never stood up to my mother, I always took the time to listen to her side and find reason behind her otherwise inflammatory ways. My wife and mother had a falling out right before the wedding, and forced me to choose sides. I struggled as I found both of them to be at fault. I chose my wife and my mother hated it. Ever since, basically anything that my mother says or does, whether good or not, offends my wife. Even the most genuine attempts by my mother to reach out to my wife are smacked down. My wife has never made any effort to release the past resentment. Over the years my mother has attempted to take the high road, only to be barely acknowledged by my wife. I have always pleaded with my wife to at least pretend to like my mother. She did a bad job of pretending because my mother would always call me and ask why my wife appears to never care or never let go of past feelings. So both saw through each other, my mother would continue to act happy and loving, while my wife never would.

Anyway now our son came into the picture. He is amazing and being the first grandchild on both sides, the grandparents want to be around him every chance they can get. My mother visit every weekend. I told my wife we have to let her do this. My wife dreaded this. I told my mother that one of the weekends, we wanted her to visit on a Sunday (staying over till Monday morning) instead of a Saturday because we had plans that Saturday. In actuality the day was a birthday celebration for my father in law, being held at her parents house. She just didn’t want my mother involved in everything so she put her foot down. My mother wouldn’t take no for an answer and pulled it out of me what we were doing that day. Well she took great offense to the fact that she was not automatically invited, and couldn’t believe how cold, unChristian, and I loving my wife and her family were.

This stuff affects me greatly so of course I share with my wife, and she exclaims she is done with my mother. No longer wants to be nice or pretend, she is tired of how much my mother always wants it all to be her way and then throws out insulting and hurtful words about my wife to get her way. I get messages from my moms friends telling me how I need to see things my moms way, they would never exclude their mother this way, and that my wife is causing all of this.

And so here we are. I saw my mother the next day, and my wife removed herself from the situation by staying out for the day. It was incredibly uncomfortable. I told my mother how mad I was at her for always being so difficult and never just letting it go. I told her my real feelings about how I wished she could stop needing such inclusion and love. Her response was that she is justified in wanting to be included in everything, and that my wife has never shown her any love or effort and it was obvious, so what could she possibly do? I told her my wife is willing to work on this, perhaps in professional therapy. But in reality my wife wants no part of that and has no desire to mend anything anymore. I think she resents me for trying to mend things.

So what do I do? I’m frustrated with my mom for being difficult, always needing more and never letting things go, and saying inflammatory things when she doesn’t get her way. But I see that all she’s ever wanted was peace and love, and my wife never gave her that. I’m frustrated with my wife for getting so easily offended at everything my mother says or does, and I wish she could make any effort to see the other side and let go of such a grudge. My mother is definitely strong willed and manipulative but I think there is love there if only we could work through it. My wife is extremely assertive and refuses to let anyone wrong her twice. Both think the other has always been dead wrong, the entirety of the blame, and will never change. My wife is ok never seeing my mother again, yet my mother says she wants to let bygones be bygones and attempt to work through it.

What should I do? Forever stuck in the middle. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Bro, i carefully read through everything and really wish we had a phone conversation because the story has many things similar with mine, just a few differences. I'll just say what i can for now, take it or leave it, your mother MUST always come first and your wife must understand that. If she didn't raise you the way she did, your wife would never have met you. A good marriage is that which your wife for instance can pick up her phone and call your sister's husband.
A case where she isn't getting on with your mom who she's supposed to learn so much from and possibly succeed her as mother of the house is rather unfortunate. Your ability to make certain hard decisions is what really makes you a man. Love and respect your wife, but on no account should she disrespect your mother. A marriage without her complete blessings won't be pleasant bro.


Religion / Re: MURIC: 'Christians Enjoy More Holidays Than Muslims In Nigeria' by pstnicodemus(m): 1:39pm On Jan 04, 2020

For the Christians.

New Year day
Good Friday
Easter Monday
Christmas day
Boxing Day.

Total of 5 days

For the Muslims

Eid al-Fitr (How many days do the FG announce as Public holiday?)
Eid al-Adha (How many days do the FG announce as Public holiday?)
The Prophet's birthday(How many days do the FG announce as Public holiday?)
Good Friday sef no be public holiday

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Celebrities / Re: Emoney Shows Off Interior Of His Anambra Mansion - Photos by pstnicodemus(m): 9:58am On Jan 03, 2020
What is his trade?
Trader money
Autos / Re: Ad Renewed by pstnicodemus(m): 9:37am On Dec 27, 2019
Clean Nigerian Used 2006 Peugeot 307 Convertible.
Auto transmission.
Clean exterior.
Clean leather interior.
Ac working fine.
Dvd screen.
Sound 4plug engine.
Clean and working fine.
Price - 850k.
Location - Agege Lagos.

Call or whatsapp me for more info.
0 9 0 3 0 4 1 3 8 6 0 (Calls & whatsapp)
0 9 0 2 6 2 3 9 6 3 3 (Calls)

You can also click on this link below to see other cars I have available for sale.
I want oooo
Let's do 700k?
Sports / Re: Floyd Mayweather Tops Forbes List Of Highest Paid Athletes - Full List by pstnicodemus(m): 10:05pm On Dec 25, 2019

Poverty is Vanity Too
Epic reply


Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley: I Charge 20 Million For A Show - Singer Flaunts His Cars by pstnicodemus(m): 2:25pm On Dec 18, 2019

U dey mind dem? One nitwit was arguing with me that Zlatan and Marley get money pass Kwam one and King sunny Ade. I just jejely leave am alone. Anything for the gallery
See ehn bros, no dey follow these codine boys argue. You can't win, they are already on a super man Cruz level. You can never convince a monkey that honey is sweeter than banana

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Sports / Re: El Clasico: Do You Think Ronaldo's Departure Has Affected It? by pstnicodemus(m): 1:57pm On Dec 18, 2019
Put aside the Ronaldo /Messi debate, El Classico has always been a heated and interesting game but the personal rivalry between the two made it even more exiting. It was always fun watching who would take the bragging rights between those two.


Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley: I Charge 20 Million For A Show - Singer Flaunts His Cars by pstnicodemus(m): 12:54pm On Dec 18, 2019
Audio money..How much cardi B come collect for coming here sef..

Access bank wey never see money take build more branches since they acquired Diamond Bank go dey dash naira 60million..Visit an access bank branch now na so so crowd..Na you them go come dey dash 60million.Who you be?Jesus?The highest marley can be given na 5million..That's the highest..

2face or Dbanj sef no charge 20million..
You dey mind am? Weed smokers and drug addicts will rush to belive this crap. Even Burna Boy artist fee no be 20M.
At the just concluded Jos Chilling, na 12M dem pay Davido. Davido with him entire songs and Crew o. Then this noise maker will claim he collects 20M and people with little or no knowledge about show Biz will belive


Autos / Re: Trailer Without A Tyre At The Back Moving In Lagos by pstnicodemus(m): 8:26am On Dec 18, 2019
Only in Nigeria
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Named Serie A Best Player Of The 2018/19 Season by pstnicodemus(m): 4:20pm On Dec 03, 2019
you will never understand for life
Walahi you wicked

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