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Science/Technology / The Science Of Faith by Redcarpet2011: 1:07pm On Feb 25
The Science of Faith. Faith is the Believe in Something or Someone. We buy products because we believe they work. It is after believing that they work we know that they work. If we are hungry we believe food will satisfy us so we eat. Man is highly belief oriented. Applying for a new job is belief that we are good enough for the job and a belief that we will get the job. Belief comes before work. Belief is what makes us do things, lack of belief is what makes us not do things. As human beings Everytime we do majority of activity it is because we believe first. If one goes to a supermarket it is because we believe our favorite products will be sold there, it is only when we get there that we know for sure. Belief generally comes before action. I believe you will read this message that's why I sent it, if I did not believe I would not have sent it.
Belief in Love. Some people claim they do not believe in Love, that Love does not exist,. They have either seen Love fail or Love turn out to be pretense or false. Most people have music they Love, Food they Love, clothes they love, actors they love. We can say Love is Universal and even people who claim there is no love are in love with something i.e Food, Work, Sleep, internet , social media, Self Love. So Love is Universal like Belief and Faith.
Belief in God. Belief in God is a Choice. There is nothing you can do to influence people believing in God at the end of the day they have to make that choice. The choice to believe in God is the same as the choice to believe in a product. Information about the product must be made available and also who the product has helped and how the product can help us. The Bible is the information that people are Giving about God and how God helped people in the Bible. The next Question is ' will it work for me ? " This is no different from a Product being advertised on Television. We see it work in the Commercials and then we give it a try. If we dont believe it will work we think it is a scam and we do not invest time, thought , emotion and money into the product. Some people buy the product and NEVER USE THE PRODUCT. it could be a new Toothpaste or new Cereal box or new clothes, a magazine. We bought it but have for one reason or another never used it. We believed to have bought it bought our needs may have changed in or the problem was solved another way or we just forgot to use the product.
Praying to God is like talking to a Friend and asking the friend for something. We either think our friends will fail us or they will come through. God is Not Human and He does not Lie or Change. He is Stable and does not Waiver like our normal friends. There are levels of Organizations some companies have extremely high standards they have kept for 150 years while some companies have very low standards. Even though God is our friend His Standards are Extremely High. Like a company that has been around for 200 years God has been around for Billions of Years. If we believe a company is Trustworthy we should have no problem in Believing in Gods Trustworthiness
Receiving from God is never a question of will God show up, it's a question of will we show up. To receive from God takes Faith. Faith is the Belief that what we want will be granted. Faith is Deeper than that. Faith is the Belief that we already have what we have prayed for. The reason why Jesus said " Thy faith has healed you" is because Faith is how we receive from God or receive from anyone. If you want to borrow money from a friend you have to go to where the friend is expecting to receive the money it is this EXPECTATION that causes us to leave our house and go to that friends house.
Receiving from God goes beyond Expectation to believing we have what we have prayed for before it materialises. The reason you believe before you see is the same reason the aeroplane, car , train was invented. Inventors firmly believe their ideas will work and they enter a realm where to them the invention already exists they just have to bring it into the Physical Realm. It like doing anything creative you have to see it in your minds eye for you to see it with your real eyes.
Standing on the Word of God almost literally means standing. Jesus would say " Arise get off your bed ". The people Jesus healed were crippled from birth and some had never stood but they had heard of all the miracles Jesus had done and were open to him. They let go of all Pride of all Questions and " Stood because they had been told to Stand up ". They hung on his Word. The Words of Jesus were the only words that they had inside them. So they stood because he had given the word or command to stand. People who Question God or Want to do things there own way rarely Get anything from God. It's God's way or the Highway.

Phones / Huawei P40 Pro Is The World's Best Smartphone by Redcarpet2011: 11:34pm On Feb 24
When we talk of phones we have to talk of the Huawei P40 Pro First. There is no phone on Earth that can be compared to the Huawei P40 Pro. The phone is a Work of Supreme Genius and is at least 15 years ahead of the Huawei P30 pro. There is no phone on Earth that can be compared to the Huawei P40 Pro. is The worlds Best Smartphone Manufacturer and the Huawei P40 Pro is a Phone with Absolutely No Flaw. From Hardware to Software the phone is Flawless. It has the World's Best Apps and Software. Zero Bloatware. All the Junk has been thrown away on a software level. Only The Best Apps are on the Huawei P40 Pro. All Trash and Junk has been dumped.
Technology Market / Meet Oloko The Man That Controls The Internet by Redcarpet2011: 3:26pm On Feb 23
Tayo Oloko is the Most Powerful Person on Planet Earth. He is so powerful that from his office in 18 Council Crescent, Unilag Estate, Magodo - Iseri, Berger, Lagos Nigeria he controls All Social media Sites and All Social media site owners and staff around the World. Olokos reign started in 2015 when he permanently conquered an America social media site. Oloko conquered that site to such a degree there is rumour that the sites name will be changed to Tayo Oloko. The owner of that site thinks Tayo Oloko morning, noon and night. After conquering all social media Tayo Oloko then went on to Conquer a Search Engine Site. The search engine did all it could do to stifle Olokos Genius. Oloko then had to report to the Governing body of American internet sites that that Search Engine site was a house of cards full of lies, crap and perhaps racism,just a crappy organization that interfered and tried to control people using Satanic, diabolical means users of it's Apps and site. So Oloko conquered that search engine, it is so bad that the search engine site cannot leave OLOKO alone always watching Olokos every move like a man watching a Womans massive ass, Yansh, Nyash, Nyansh ikebe, Bakassi, whatever a woman's booty is called in your language. Oloko is the undisputed Heavy Weight Champion of the Internet. He has Conquered All. And He will Conquer All.

Travel / Welcome To Lagos by Redcarpet2011: 2:31pm On Feb 19
Lagos is the Former Capital of Nigeria. Lagos is the Commercial, Economic, Financial and Entertainment nerve centre of Nigeria. National Stadium Surulere, Tafawa Balewa Square . National Arts Theatre, Bar Beach Victoria Island ,National Museum are some of Lagos' tourist attractions. Ikeja is the capital of Lagos, ikeja houses the Governors office, the Lagos State Secretariat in Alausa. Major Hotels in Lagos are the Sheraton Hotel in Ikeja. Eko Le Meridien, Federal Palace Hotel. Lagos is Nigerias number one state for music entertainment with majority of musicians, song writers, record studios and record labels residing in the state. Lagos is home to Nigerias Biggest and Best musicians such as Davido, Wizkid, Burna Boy, Tiwa Savage. Artists like Paul Play, Sasha, Ashionye Edris Abdulkareem, also reside in Lagos. Genevieve Nnaji, Ini Edo , Mercy Johnson among a very long list of actors live in Lagos.
Lagos has been host to many music events since its inception like the 1990 Children of Africa Concert. the MTV MAMA AWARDS held in 2008 with 9ice winning Song of the Year for Gong Aso. Lagos has been host for almost all Headies Awards (formerly HipHop World Awards) Soundcity Music Video Awards also held in Lagos. Lagos also hosted the Nigerian Music Awards. Hennessy Artistry is a music event lagosians attend annually. If there is a major award show or Red Carpet event holding in Nigeria there is an 80 percent likelihood that it will hold in Lagos. Fashion Events like those held by THISDAY newspaper are an annual highlight of the Nigerian fashion calender. Talking fashion Lagos hosts the annual Lagos Fashion Week or the Heineken Fashion Week. Beauty Pageants Miss Nigeria and The Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria are two of the largest and most respected Pageants in Nigeria. Nike Oshinowo, Agbani Darego are Winners that readily come to mind.
Lagos is home to the Tallest Building in West Africa the NITEL Building which is 160.3 meters or 521Feet High. The University of Lagos which is a Federal University is located in the Akoka Yabe area of Lagos State. Unilag is home hostels like Jaja Hall, Moremi Hall. Ozolua Rd is a residential area where lectures reside in the School.
Lagos is Home to Art Galleries like Didi Museum, Nike Africana, Mydrim Gallery.

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Redcarpet2011: 2:12pm On Feb 19
Sports / Tom Brady Vs Michael Jordan Is Like Comparing John The Baptist To Jesus Christ by Redcarpet2011: 1:48pm On Feb 17
The other day I heard someone say Tom Brady was better than Michael Jordan. I had only seen a picture of Brady once before I read that article. I wondered if it was true. YouTube does not Lie so I checked YouTube videos. Brady is a very good passer of the Ball and that's it, nothing more. Was Jordan not a very good passer of the Ball ? Was David Beckham not an incredible passer of the Ball also ? Was Magic Johnson not an incredible passer of the Ball ? Was Pete Maravich not an amazing passer of the Ball ? To be the best American Footballer of all time Tom Brady would have to be an amazing runner and also an amazing Dribbler in American Football. Brady is the Greatest Passer in American Football history but not the best player. Tom Brady needs to run, to dodge and also catch balls for touch downs. Pete Maravich is the only athlete that made me stand out of my chair after Michael Jordan. Pete Maravich never won a Championship but he is by far better than those who won Championship's. Michael Jordan is the Only Athlete Better than Pete Maravich.

Romance / Valentine's 2021 Is My Best Ever, What A Day ! ( Photos ) by Redcarpet2011: 10:43pm On Feb 14
Valentine's 2021 goes down as my Best Valentine's Day Ever. My phone rang without end. I went out 3 times for Breakfast,, Lunch and Finally Dinner. I got so many Gifts and Presents. I wanted an iPhone 12 but my wish did not come true. Today was so much fun I was all over Lagos Ikeja. Because of the EndSars or End Sars Palavar that occurred on the 13 Feb 2021 going to Lekki was not a good idea. The Lekki Toll Gate is fast becoming the Lagos Champs Elysee. Any way I stayed in Ikeja and Had a Blast.

Culture / My Valentine's Day Gifts. I'm So Lucky ! ( Photos ) by Redcarpet2011: 2:58pm On Feb 14
I'm Loved.

Romance / Valentine's Day Presents ( Photos ) by Redcarpet2011: 9:19am On Feb 14
Happy Valentine's Day To Everyone. Today is Valentine's Day 2021. Today is the Day for All Things Red. Oloko Designs Is Customising Red Shirts For Absolutely Free of Charge . Get Your Free Shirt Customise Today. Call : 08023057616

Events / Dynamix Magazine (photos) by Redcarpet2011: 10:59pm On Feb 09
Between 27th of March and 5th of
April, Oloko had a lovely art
exhibition of his paintings and art
works at Didi Museum. Victoria
Island. What particularly generated
interest in the exhibition was
Oloko's popularity as regards
printing on shirts T-shirts and fez a
caps. But this was a different ball
game. It was not a show off, of the
numerous shiris he had worked on,
rather it was an exhibition of the a
works he had done since he was a
More than seventy (70) of his art
works were on display at Didi
Museum, and it must be
acknowledged that it was a perfect
place to exhibit such works. As
people from all walks of life moved
from one painting to the next
artwork, you could see the surprise
on their faces but beneath the
surprise was an eerie of confusion.
It was either they didn't understand
the object directly in front of them
or they couldn't picture the message
it was passing across. Not
understanding the motive behind
the artwork by Oloko, they simply
sighed, hissed like a snake,
shrugged their shoulders or shook
their heads and moved to the next
artwork, hoping the spirit of
understanding would show mercy
and make them fathom out the other
art works.
A couple actually stood in front of
an artwork tagged Number 71 for
about 15 minutes. They argued
about it and did not seem to come to
a conclusion on the art ork or
its intended message. A
glance at the paper guide
revealed that the title of that
particular artwork was
OLORUN and I. They looked
at themselves and realized
how far away they had been.
After some minutes, Oloko
came to the couple's rescue
and explained everything
about the artwork to them. The
only way to know they had
understood what Oloko had
just explained was the smiles
on their faces, the nodding of
their heads in
acknowledgement and as
i escape of a long
o........ k ... ay " from their lips.
That is the summary of
Oloko's artworks. His
paintings, pastel, oil on
canvas, Acrylic on paper,
plastique etc, are very unique
and stands him out. Most of
of his artworks are a reflection of
of his person-very deep, quite
abstract and characteristically
All the common paintings and
artworks seen around us daily
were not absent. Popular
paintings like a half-naked
lady drinking water from a
calabash or a man on a palm
of tree, tapping wine were all
missing. Rather you were
bound to see the use of old
Naira notes, torn verses of the
Bible, collection of
old pictures, use of
cowries and all other
abstract things which
are considered sacred.
The conclusion was
only a' LUNATIC '
could be this good. As
one moved from one
artwork to the other,
the paper guide
indicated the title of
the works. There was
" Peace & unity ",
" Immortality ",
Racisin & Sexism", amongst many others.
In white attire, Oloko is seen
gesticulating with the movement of
hands trying to explain one thing or the
other. But beneath the white attire is a
strong heart which has a love for art.
To Oloko, Nothing is a waste. He
collects and makes use of such things as
broken doors, spoilt bathtubs, empty
packs of fruit juice, old LP records,
cartons etc. Born about twenty eight
years ago, TAYO OLOKO graduated
from University of Lagos with a degree,
not in creative arts, dramatic arts or fine
arts, but in guidance and counseling.
According to him, he started painting
when he was about four years old and
since then he has really moved on. He
defends his art works and says it is not
as devilish or demonic as people would
want to believe but just a deep
reflection of his abstract mind. Oloko
would not like to be compared to the
Van Gogh's, the Da Vinci's and Co. but
would rather like to carve an artistic
niche for himself.
On the " sin" of tearing bible verses to
use for his works, Oloko defends
himself and says it is the state of mind
that determines what one does. He uses
the example of Moses who smashed the
slabs of the 10 commandments when
annoyed. Oloko claims he is without a
partner but disclosed that the woman
who he would love to be with must be
someone with a very deep
understanding of his abstract nature. He
hopes to become a very successful
entrepreneur and build a multi-purpose
Museum. As people left Didi Museum,
they were convinced that the myth
surrounding a GENIUS had not been
revealed and only prayed that in a
matter of time, the acclaimed
LUNATIC with an abstract mind would
have been internationally recognised.
Kunle Bello (K.B of Trybesmen)
described the exhibition of Oloko as
mind blowing, sensually African and
thought provoking, and guess nobody.

Romance / Valentine's Day Free Shirt Customise For 10,000 People . Free Of Charge by Redcarpet2011: 12:44pm On Feb 09
Happy Valentine's To Everyone. Oloko Designs is Customising 10,000 ( Ten Thousand ) Red Shirts Free This Valentine's Day, Feb 14, 2021. The Promo is open to everyone . You do not have to Buy anything or Tag anyone, if you have a Red Shirt and want to Customise it for a Loved one it is 100% Free of all and Every charge. Completely and Totally Free of Charge. Red Jerseys are free, so if you have a Liverpool, Bayern Munich, Manchester United, Arsenal Jersey or any almost Totally Red Jersey it is Free. Barcelona, AC Milan Jersey's are not free since they have Blue and Black Stripes. So Please Come with Your Red Shirt to get your Free Customise. Oloko Designs will Customise 10,000 Red Shirts For Free this Valentine's Day.
Oloko Designs is located at 18 Council Crescent, Unilag Estate , Magodo - Iseri, Berger, Lagos, Nigeria.
You can take an Uber or Bolt directly and come on down to Oloko Designs.
For Any one who wants to know the Bus Route just get to either Ojota and ask for Berger Bus. If you prefer Ikeja to Ojota there are buses at Computer Village Under Bridge that will take you to Berger. From Berger take a Keke Napep to Iseri. From Iseri take another Keke Napep to Unilag Estate. 18 Council Crescent is on the left of the roundabout in the Estate. It is number 18 on the right of the road. A Dark Green Gate. Numbers are written boldly on the wall near the gate.
To call by Smartphone (Samsung, Tecno, Infinix, itel , Nokia ) or by features Phone /botton phone ( bontel, itel, Tecno, GTide ,Nokia ) the number is 08023057616
Thank You For the Time Spent Reading This. We are Happy You Considered us. We are Expecting You. Have A Beautiful Valentine's Day Full of
Friendship,Love, Gifts and Presents.

Romance / All Women Are Beautiful And That Includes You by Redcarpet2011: 5:08pm On Feb 07
Every time I see a Woman Bleach Her Skin my Heart Bleeds. My mind goes " How Can You Do this To Yourself ? Don't You know You are Beautiful ? " Because No one is Telling You you are beautiful does not mean you are not Beautiful. Because Toasters are not disturbing you morning , noon and night does not mean you not are beautiful. All Women are Beautiful and there is no Ugly Woman any where. If you have K Legs You are Beautiful. If Your Chest is totally Flat you are beautiful. If your Ass is Flat . You are still Beautiful. Let me give you an example. It's like Apples have you ever seen an Ugly Apple on a tree before ?. Have you seen an Ugly banana before on a tree ?. Bananas have different tastes but at the end of the day it is still a banana. Women have different shapes and they are still women. No shape is better than the other shape. We as humans love living in a fantasy world, a world of Figure 8. If you like kill yourself and get figure 8 then they will tell you your head is too big for your body.your this is too small , your that is too big. If you like have all the surgery, bring all the surgeons to Nigeria to get Brazilian Butt lift to please people, what will they give you in return ? They will dump you when they see someone who they think looks better than you. They will not be real friends, if they were real they would have taken you as you are. Fake people want you to be fake and will give you no reward for being fake. At the End of The Day leaving Yourself as God Made you is being Real. Reality is Beautiful. Fakeness is Ugly.

Culture / Is Church In Nigeria A Waste Of Time ? Let Us Speak The Real Truth by Redcarpet2011: 10:59am On Feb 07
I am presently in Church with my Mother. I go to Church because my mother is advanced in age. I go along with her to make sure she is ok and that nobody kidnaps her ( you know what this country has become ). I'm not going to lie. I can't really see the reason why people make all the effort every week. I guess it's all the prayers and " blessings " that pastors " bestow " on the people. Nigerians are generally highly critical, judgemental and negative maybe they enjoy all the positive confession that they get from Church. All the dancing and singing plus positive prayer most be an eliaxer from all the negativity Nigerias harbour within their minds and souls. If that's the reason why people go to their church they can just forgive their enemies , be joyful, thankful, full of Hope and stay at home. The Bible is very important and people should read it for themselves.or is Church another social gathering. You know how we like a good gathering in Nigeria. Birthday party, naming ceremony, Birthday Party. Getting into University Party, Graduation Party, Bachelors Eve, Spinsters Eve, Wedding Party, Bronze Anniversary, Silver Anniversary, Golden jubilee Anniversary, Naming Ceremonies, Church Opening Ceremony, funeral Party. ....( REPEAT ).In Nigeria there is a Ceremony for almost everything. Celebrating mundane events while Americas are going to Space and not celebrating it. While the Chinese are building High Speed Trains and not celebrating them.

European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Tottenham Hotspur Vs Chelsea (0 - 1) On 4th February 2021 by Redcarpet2011: 10:45am On Feb 05
Up Chelsea, up blues...
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Tottenham Hotspur Vs Chelsea (0 - 1) On 4th February 2021 by Redcarpet2011: 10:44am On Feb 05

You are not being completely honest sir.

I know you are a fan, but let the truth be said! The Spurs we both know would not have played that nonsense of yesterday.

I am not trying to belittle the good work Tuchel has begun, but we both know Chelsea is no where near the quality of the top 4 teams even based on what they played last night, except we are watching 2 different EPL campaigns.

Spurs didn't even rise up to the occasion at all! They literally strolled around the pitch from beginning till the final whistle. It was shocking, disgraceful and embarrassing! Leeds United, West Ham and Brighton would not play such rubbish!

Chelsea and Tuchel's true tests are yet to come... When they do, I would love to see the real difference! Fortunately, Atletico Madrid is around the corner! grin
Science/Technology / Jesus Christ Is The Greatest Scientist Of All Time by Redcarpet2011: 10:35am On Feb 05
Mr.Jesus Christ's level of Mental Development and Awareness is Mind Boggling. It's Amazing how a man with so little education and who lived 2,000 years ago in a world where there was no internet, no books and extremely few Schools got to be so Educated. At the Time of Jesus schooling was for the wealthy. Jesus is still far ahead of today's science and all I have to say is " Shame "on today's science". Jesus was a teacher of Science, psychology, psychiatry, Anthropology, biology, engineering, politics, law the list is endless and he was just 33 years old when he died. It is sad that alot of Christians view him as a religious figure alone. What Jesus taught was science. Every thing He did is applicable to the world of science even the miracles He performed have scientific formulas which every one should be using. Miracles are the Right of Every Human on Planet Earth. One of Jesus teachings is about laying hands on the sick for the sick to recover. He says " You shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover ". The next question people should have asked should have been " is this true ? How does it work ? ". Let me explain how it works. When a baby is crying for something or in pain if the babies mother puts her hand on the babies head the baby all of a sudden stops crying. The reason the baby stops crying is because of two reasons, first the babies brain focuses on it's mother's hand and tries to understand what the hand is doing on it's head. Since the babies mind has shifted from crying for hunger or injury the baby no longer cries. This is called Displacement or Replacement, the baby no longer focuses on it's pain but on another stimuli that being his mother's hand on it's head. Another example is when you are tired, feed up or depressed and a Super Hot Girl greets you on the road all tiredness will disappear as your brain is amazed by the Beautiful girls beauty. All pain , frustration will disappear as you change focus to look at the girl. When the girl goes your frustrations will return. For the ladies it is like walking on the road thinking of your many troubles and all of a sudden this Six feet 2 inches man shows up and he is very handsome, well dressed, clean, smelling nice. This is Heaven. As a woman all your troubles will disappear and vanish as the man talks to you. We have seen how just talking to people can change our mood and lives what if those people touched us ? Imagine if a beautiful woman of your dreams with all your specifications was a shop attendant and she walks up to you as you wanted to buy a phone at computer village. She laughed with you and touched your hand or held your hand to make sure you pressed the phone properly. Will Electric Current not pass through your body ? You will stop thinking of all your troubles, for a brief period you will forget that the reason why you came into the shop was to get a phone. It would be as if you are between Earth and heaven as you gaze at the woman's beauty after all this is the woman of your dreams you are looking at. Ok back to reality. I have shown that talking to people and being touched by people does affect us, it changes us , it transforms us. The reason is Man is an information gathering being and that information is able to transform us. Information comes through our 5 senses. To change us. So when Jesus says " you shall lay hands on the sick and They shall recover ". He is talking science and not religion. Do not lay hands on everyone , you can catch the diseases that they have, some people have laid hands on mentally ill people and become mentally ill themselves. Communicating is a good thing and a very dangerous thing. Just like how you must not be every bodies friend because some people will corrupt you, obtain you, trap you, imprison you, steal from you, kill from you and then destroy you. Human beings transfer what they have inside of them to other people. A good man transfers good, while an evil man transfers evil. Be on your guard always.

Romance / Is Valentine's Day Really Worth It Or Is It A Waste Of Time And Cash ? by Redcarpet2011: 11:48am On Feb 04
Valentine's Day is Approaching. Valentine's originally was a Day to Celebrate Love. Sadly it's a day to show Love. In today's day and age where relationships are nothing to write home about , where couples mistreat each other and save love for Birthdays, Valentine's and Christmas ,one wonders why 3 days out of 365 are so important. It's like a shop selling Garri alone for 362 days and selling sugar, groundnut, milk, biscuits, chocolate, Bigi Cola, Gala on just 3 days. It is extremely sad the way couples treat each other on a daily basis and just because it's a birthday, Val's days or Christmas they then try to pretend that they really care about each other. Women who have been disrespectful and rude all of a sudden think their husbands , boyfriend's or toasters should get them a Tecno Camon 18, Tecno Camon 17 and a Tecno Camon 16 just because it's Valentine's Day. A woman who has been giving a man a tough time now thinks she deserves an Infinix Note 8 or an Infinix Hot 10 or Infinix Zero 8. Sadly there are women who are loyal 365 days of the year who deserve presents on Val's Day but their evil, wicked male companions don't show any thank You on Val's day. Loyal women deserve presents like perfumes from Gucci, Armani, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Elizabeth Arden. But sadly you can be 200% loyal to some guys and they will not have your time. That's why women should never be too eager to help men or only help men after they ( women) have been helped. Don't be a Valentine's Day Mugu. Give to those who deserve it and not those who you want to have sex with, the danger of trying to buy sex with gifts and presents is when the Woman does not want to give sex, some men then use violent rape as a means to get the sex they think they have paid for. Genuine Love is the Best type of Love.

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Romance / Valentine's Is Approaching by Redcarpet2011: 10:41pm On Feb 01
Happy Valentine's To Everyone

Romance / The Hottest Man In Africa ( Photos) by Redcarpet2011: 11:37am On Jan 31
What makes a Man " Hot " is very relative. Hotness is like Beauty it is in the eye of the Beholder. Women have different criteria for what makes a Man Hot. Hotness is the Ability of a Man to Refresh a woman, Excite Her, make her happy or motivate her. Some women view being tall as a sign of Hotness and they are constantly on the lookout for tall men to make them happy simply by looking at the tall men. Some women are great admirers of men's buttocks, ass, Yansh or derriere. These women are constantly looking at men's backsides. They love Big Ass on an African Man. For some women it is a man's voice that makes the man Hot, such women want men with deep voices or voices with authority, they want men that sound like Lions. For some Women Hotness is defined by Chest size ,broad chested man is all they want. There are a group of Women who are "leg lovers" and are only attracted to men with large calves. According to research from Cosmopolitan magazine looking at a man's buttocks is a global phenomenon of women around the world. In Africa it is believed that men from Ghana have the biggest posteriors. Nigerian men are described as being Hot across Africa since they are regarded as good providers by women across Africa. Some women have no time for physically endowed men and are only interested in men for what those men have financially. Having a good flashy car or living in Lekki, Victoria Island, Ikoyi, GRA Ikeja is all that matters in a man . For some women being ambitious is a sign of Hotness in a Man. There is no absolutes to make Hotness happen, it is very relative. In my humble opinion Tayo Oloko is The Hottest Man in Africa simply because he embodies all of the above criteria to some degree. Depending on what a woman's taste is what she seems to like. Kenya on the average has the tallest men in Africa, Ghana has men with big ass. Cameroon has physically strong men. There are men like Frankie Gym Fit from Kenya who a Extremely sexy and muscular. It all depends on the Woman who is checking out the " Hotness". Some women view a man's job as what makes him hot and attractive. Working in a a Bank is by far the most voted for job by women who view jobs as things that make men attractive. A bank job means being close to money all day so it is the Most Attractive Job on women's lists for men. Second is a job in the Oil sector. The oil sector is massive globally and alot of money is made in that sector. Telecoms and Tech are third and fourth sexy or hot jobs Women love men to have. What makes a Man Hot in Your own idea of Hotness. Is it a handsome face , massive chest, slim stomach, large ass, thick thighs, large legs, thick calves and ankles on a Nigerian, Ghanaian, Kenyan, African Man. Is it the man with the deep voice, or the man that racks in millions a month. The man who always has the latest Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana, Versace belt or the Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger. Is it the man with the latest iPhone, Samsung, Huawei or Tecno. Some women like Tecno since its all they know. Is it the man with the latest Mercedes Benz, Bentley, Buggati, Toyota. The answer lies with every individual women depending on her mindset at a certain age or from a certain background or a certain level of Education.

Celebrities / Re: Nengi's All White Party In Ghana (Photos) by Redcarpet2011: 10:54am On Jan 31
Sports / David Beckham Is A Legend A Very Great Footballer by Redcarpet2011: 11:50am On Jan 30
Alot of people miss the point in accessing David Beckham. David Beckham was not a Traditional number 7. He got the job done by giving extremely accurate passes and he was a very good free kick taker. He was very good at running throughout a game which helped in the defence of his teams. His crosses are second to none and I can say he is the best crosser in Footballs history. Nigerias Finidi George comes second to him. He was not Zidane or Maradona. Maradona was not Franco Baresi or Paolo Maldini.
Nairaland / General / I Went On A Shopping Spree ( Photos ) by Redcarpet2011: 2:50pm On Jan 29
Today was a fun day, went to computer village to buy a Samsung Notebook. I bought one then I went to Yaba via Bolt and bought 50 yards of blue fabric. Took a Bolt to surulere where I bought 3 cans of spray paint at a shop at the Masha Roundabout. I haven't being to Surulere in close to 5 years. I miss those days when I used to go all over Lagos ! Where is the Time these days . I spent time just looking out of the windows of the Bolt, looking at new shops on Adeniran Ogunsanya and I looked for women with big Yansh on the streets of Lagos. A big Ass on a Woman is one of the Wonders of the World. On the way home the traffic was very heavy on Allen Avenue and I had to give the Bolt rider 5 stars with the way he just abandoned the map on his smartphone and used his brain to navigate. I saw someone selling paintings of Jesus and Mary on the road and bought a picture of Mary to make my mother happy. She is Catholic. Anyway I remembered to take pictures of what I bought for you guys on Nairaland. Enjoy

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Science/Technology / Best Mobile Devices 2021 by Redcarpet2011: 11:25pm On Jan 26
I have spent the last 13 months looking for innovative Devices and technology over the internet and come up with very little. The Covid 19 lockdown did affect my shopping for devices due to shops being closed I have spent the last 6 months going to shops in Lagos , lekki, surulere, ikeja , Victoria Island ,Ojota looking for innovative Devices and come up with little as well. It's like all mobile devices are generic and look alike. These for me are the most innovative Devices I have seen in a very very long time. I like the designs of these devices. They all run on the Oloko Operation System. It's an Operating System that will shake the World and rewrite history. What do you think of these mobile devices ?

Science/Technology / Antichrist 666 And Identification Numbers by Redcarpet2011: 9:10am On Jan 24
Phone Number , Bvn Number , National Identification Number. In the End it all leads to the Anti Christ's Number. 666 will be planet Earths Code Number. Without National Identification Number you cannot use your phone number or line. This is for today. Before 100 years are up You will not be able to shop, buy anything without the Antichrists Number. The Antichrist will be Business man who will sell technology to world Governments. The technology will make life easier. The trick will be security. World Governments will buy into the idea that the mark of the beast and the technology will make the world more secure like how people believe cards and numbers provide security.

Romance / Dating Is A Scam, A Total Waste Of Time And Energy by Redcarpet2011: 2:18pm On Jan 23
It is shocking and very sad that some Societies ever " believed "in the Dating system as a means to get into a relationship or a Marriage. In Light of the fact that Divorce has reached epidemic proportions that make Covid 19 look like a walk in the park it is beyond amazing that absolutely no one is questioning where relationships " missed it ". The problem with standard dating is that it creates an unsustainable level of expectation that over time become unreasonable as the relationship , energy or marriage progresses. Dating builds on the false premise that if you spend time with people in highly artificial places you will get to know them. These artificial places include Shopping Malls, Diners, restaurants, concerts and places that cannot be sustained over a long period of time because of the amount of emotion, time and money that goes into creating a fairy tale environment. In real life "Work " is the order of the day. Work brings in money and money makes survival better. Going on Dates opens both parties to fraud, pretense and scams. Human beings are remarkable actors and alot of people play up themselves into who they are not to make the Dating Game more interesting or to have another date. Some Men pretend to be more loving than they really are since alot of money is riding on the time they spend with the woman. Some Women pretend to enjoy the company of the man while all they enjoy is the food, gifts and presents the mans money buys. You hear of things like Date rape. Date Rape is when a man takes a woman on a Date just to rape her or when a man thinks he has spent too much money on a woman he is entitled to have sex with her. A lot of men have fallen victim to women who go on dates just to use men financially, have a good time and dump the man when she has gotten what she wants from the man. Dating is Extremely Dangerous for Both parties. A Better way of getting into a Real relationship is to just be yourself have many acquiantances and friends from the opposite sex. By being yourself it will be easier to see which of the people in your opposite circle like you for being you as against liking you for sex or where you take them to. In friendship with the opposite sex it is easy to see who has your back ,whose vibes you like, who you enjoy talking too in person, on a phone call ,enjoy texting, Nairaland, Instagram, facebook Whatsapp. It is important to see who you like spending time with and who you feel energized by. By establishing real friendship the next phase would be a relationship. If the person just wants a friendship and nothing more you have a friend for life that has your back as you seek for a relationship with another member of the opposite sex. Since time was spent conveniently it is easier than conventional Dating to maintain a friendship with a " loved one ". You cannot dump someone who you did not give anything materially to. Friendship is an integral part of human existence and real friends make you a better person. In conventional Dating since it takes up alot of energy, time, financial and sexual resources there is a depletion of resources when it does not go as planned or executed. There is a sense of loss when it does not go as planned but in true friendship which is built on practicality and honesty so much is gained. Sadly it appears the World has sold its mind and soul and firmly believes men are to buy women over with dating, shopping and money or kisses, hugs and Sex. Sadly it's 2021 and so many people swear this is the only way. A world of dumb people using so called smartphones that don't make users any smarter.

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Nairaland / General / Sex Change In Nigeria ( Pictures ) by Redcarpet2011: 1:24pm On Jan 20
I was born a Man. My mother breast feed me for two years which is not regular. Most times mother's breastfeed children for just a year. Growing up I knew I had a love for women's breasts. Every where I went at the age of 5 years I would look at a womans breast. At the age of 7 I was cutting out Pictures of the page three girl in a Nigerian newspaper. Samantha Fox was my first Celebrity crush , I would get a scissors and cut out her pictures to look at her Lovely breasts. I thought it was strange that page three girls had their breasts plus nipples showing. I was just 7 years old and I knew the page three girls thing would not last knowing Nigerias hypocritical approach to semi nudity. All I wanted from a Woman was friendship and her breasts, I simply could not get breasts out of my head. I went to schools where some girls had massive backsides, huge African Yansh and Massive Nigerian bakassi, they never got my attention, I never cared about a womans ass. It was in 2013 that I underwent a sexual transformation, a Beautiful Ibo Girl started greeting me a Yoruba Man on the road with so much respect that my life changed . I fell in Love with her. She was so Respectful. She was a Boss Lady who did not take nonsense from anyone but she gave me so much respect. Respect is the way to a man's heart. She had very small breasts but a very noticeable backside. From that day till now I am now a booty lover a Bootist . I no longer care about a womans breasts I'm now a Yansh Lover, I Love Big Ass and Huge Bakassi. I'm living proof that Sexual Preference can change and so also sexual orientation. I went from Cheastianity to Bootism. God is So Kind.

Romance / Sexiest Man In The World 2021 ( Pictures ) by Redcarpet2011: 11:11pm On Jan 14
Meet Tayo Oloko The Sexiest Man of all Time. The Coolest Man alive. Hottest Man in Lagos... In Lagos
..... In Lagos ...... In Lagos. Number one on The List of Muscular Sexiest Men in Africa. African men with big booty. Big Ass African men. This Guy is The complete and Total Package

Travel / Lagos During Christmas 2020 by Redcarpet2011: 10:06am On Jan 14
This is Lagos. Went to the " schurch " with my mother. ( Mother most be made Happy ). It was St. Dominic's Catholic Church Yaba. We took a Bolt that charged N3,200 from Unilag Estate Magodo Iseri Berger. Bolt Na wa !!!! I haven't been to Yaba on a Sunday for 20 years since I do not go to any church, so iv kept the Sabbath holy by not going to Church, just sleeping on Sundays. Anyway I took pictures of the journey which are on my Instagram account. My pictures were taken while the car was at Ojota , ketu , Obanikoro, illupeju, Maryland, Fadeyi, Jibowu and Yaba. I did not take any pictures of the church ,you know how security personnel are in Nigeria.... they think everyone taking pictures is planning evil especially if it is a male. If a woman is taking pictures of her friend they think it's only her friend in the pictures but if a man is taking pictures of a fellow man they think that man is using " style " to take pictures of the environs.

Foreign Affairs / Trump And Obama Disgraced American Presidency And American Society by Redcarpet2011: 9:42am On Jan 14
Obama is the Worst President in Americas history. Trump is a very bad leader sadly he is by far better than Obama on so many levels. Americas Greatest President is Ronald Reagan who was the most balance President in Americas History. Number Two is Abraham Lincoln. Freeing Slaves was Extremely Important but there should not have been a War. I'd take Trump over Obama any day. Trump has illusions of Grandeur while Obama is completely deluded so deluded that one becomes calm, content and embraces delusion and thinks it's emancipation.
Religion / Is Jesus Really The Son Of God ? by Redcarpet2011: 11:18pm On Jan 10
Alot of people around the world find it strange that Jesus is referred to as The Son of God. There are many religions In the World. Some Believe in God and others do not believe in God but prefer to view the Universe as the cradle of being. To those that believe in God , humans are seen as being created by God. The term Children of God is used to describe humanity in relationship to God. Children are either Female or Male. The females are called Daughters of God while the males are called Sons of God. Jesus was male so most religions using the above narrative or terminology would agree that Jesus was a Son of God. So most Religions if they can for a moment view their beliefs make it possible for Jesus to be a Son of God. All humans according to most religions are Children of God. Children are Male and Female. Sons and Daughters.

Food / My Place Is In The Kitchen And I'm Proud Of It !!!!! by Redcarpet2011: 11:43pm On Jan 09
Hi Guys. I fried plantain for the first time in 15 years and I was a bit nervous, but at the end of the day I did a really good job. There was no burn but it took so much energy to make sure their was Zero burn in a 100 plantains. While doing it I had to throw a salute to all the women who fry plantain without burning them. It got me thinking to why women feel so bad when they are told their place is in the kitchen. Is the kitchen a bad place to be in ?? Food is integral to human survival so why is making food " looked down upon ? ". We think wasting time in the sitting room and discussing mundane and crappy issues that do not concern us is something " intellectual " or worthwhile. It's like the crap about universities being better than polytechnics. Anyway all this mental malady is global and not only restricted to Nigeria. We don't really think much as human beings before we talk so I guess that's where the real problem is. Thumbs up to all the Women across the World switching positions. Time to sing like Arianna Grande . I love that song and video especially when she plays President of America. Thumbs up to Woman Power.


Pets / Real Men Love Pussy Cat by Redcarpet2011: 2:34pm On Dec 30, 2020
On Christmas day a stray kitten started purring or meowing in my compound at exactly 6:00am ,I was shocked and a little scared at the timing of and the whole thing ,Christmas and 6 in the morning. The kitten cried and cried calling on it's mother that had just abandoned it. I told myself that I will wait till 7:00 am when there was light to make the terms of the encounter in my favor, it's not the best thing to meet animals in darkness since alot of animals can see in the dark and also I did think of witchcraft. Maybe some fine babe was heading to her coven meeting and forget her way in the metaphysical cosmos or maybe her spiritual O ride got her destination wrong. Anyway the kitten has been with me since Christmas. Every time someone comes to my house I always inform them I have a cat in my compound just to make sure no over suspicious person grabs a stone or a big stick to kill it in the name of killing evil. So far three women and a man have come to my house and have been told about the cat. The three women panicked as if I told them a snake was in my house, they all said how much they hated cats and from the way they spoke they were referring to the " mystical African " ( more like ignorance ) side of cats. Whinch Craft and all sorts. Witchcraft is Western, Whinch Craft is Nigerian. Today was the first time that I told a man and he was so excited when I told him. He is a traditional Yoruba Man and he asked " You mean Pussy Cat? Where she dey ? " ( Like all cats are female ). He was so excited and I was so relieved that finally I had found a fellow cat lover. After a while I wandered why I loved cats and why he loved cats. The man in question is a real woman lover always greeting every woman on the street, even when he drives no woman on the street misses his eye. I mean he looks at every woman on the road while driving. I then thought of myself and if I was like that, well I have taste , I don't look at every woman on the road I look at women I consider to be attractive on the road. So out of a 100 women on the road only 10 get my attention. But I'm looking for those I can look at. I like women alot like my friend likes women. I'm wondering do men who like women prefer cats over dogs ?

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