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Fashion / Re: Lady Denied Seating At Lagos Restaurant Over Outfit (photo) by Reptyle(m): 6:45pm On Jun 20
A Lagos restaurant is facing backlash after a Nigerian lady accused the establishment of discriminatory practices based on her attire. The incident occurred when the woman and her friend were denied seating in the main dining area due to her outfit. shocked

In a video posted by her, she detailed her experience at the upscale restaurant, claiming that she was turned away from the main seating area and directed to an outside section instead. According to her, the restaurant staff informed her that her outfit was "inappropriate" for their dress code, a policy she described as unfair and selectively enforced.

Is there anything wrong with her outfit?


The restaurant is described as "upscale". Most upscale restaurant have a strict code of conduct and set of rules. There are some you can't enter unless you are semi-formally dressed. There are some that won't let you in without a jacket on. Dpme do not allow jeans or denims. Above all, they reserve the right to cater to a particular clientele based on the rules they have set as long as you are not discriminated against on the basis of gender and color.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Greek Coastguard Threw Migrants Overboard To Their Deaths, Witnesses Say by Reptyle(m): 7:35pm On Jun 17


I honestly do not blame those countries. If you cannot afford to migrate legally to another country, stay in yours, elect the right leaders and hold them accountable for good leadership.

The other countries you are running to did not become great overnight. A lot of work, blood, sacrifice and discipline went into it. They do not want to accept us into their countries because they see the mess we have made of ours and are afraid we will do the same to theirs if they let us in.

Rightly so too. I mean just look at what is happening to countries that have thrown their doors open to every Tom, dick and Harry from Africa and the Middle East.

There is nothing wrong with seeking greener pastures in other countries. But please submit yourself to their screening process and get proper permission to enter those countries. Or better still, stay and tend your field until it becomes a green pasture too.

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Sports / Re: Victor Oshihem Reaction To Finidi George Was Uncalled For by Reptyle(m): 9:32pm On Jun 15
I was surprised to watch the video just now and I was shocked with the way he spoked on his live.. like what? I mean who does that as a pro in ones respective feeds. here are the top 3 impression that video showedcase to the world at large.


we all could agree it's all anger but what I expected from him to do like some other players is to calm down, access the situation and speak with his team on how to go about it. If need be for him to clear the allegations that was made public by finidi, organise a press conference or a podcast and tell your own side of the story. Isn't that more matured? When c ronaldo was maltreated at man u. He never turned on his ig live and start blabbing up and down because he knows what it might cost him.


I was just watching the video and seeing the way he was mentioning finidis name like it's his fellow team mate quarreling. I just can't explain the feeling I felt deep down in my tummy. Like this is an ex super eagle legend you are talking to. A Coach for that matter.. where's the respect? All I could do was just to shake my head in disdain. I mean even if you had an issue with what he said why not control the words you used as a face of the country.


Victor oshihem showed he doesn't rate Nigerians at all with that outburst. He even said ogun should kill anyone who believe the rumours. This is someone nigerians can die before but just mere watching the video he really doesn't care about the national team. If a local born player like him could vex and display on the internet this manner, what more do we expect from foreign base players?

Nigeria which way..

He actually displayed the very attitude the coach complained about. Talking with such arrogance and pride about what he has done for Nigeria? Osimhen is probably too young to know who George Finidi is and what he and his generation of Eagles sacrificed for the country. How many matches has Osimhen played for Nigeria? How many goals has he scored? How many trophies has he won that his ego is threatening to overtake his sense of reasoning?

I think the problem is that most of the foreign based players have little or no regard for home-based coaches and the NFF does nothing to help the issue. How do you hire someone as chief coach and relegate him after just 2 matches? Was Finidi supposed to perform magic with a recalcitrant set of players who were playing like they did not understand what's at stake? Do those players look like players that are ready for the world cup? You hire someone on an agreement of 15 million naira monthly and then you cut his pay to 1.5 million naira after 2 matches? Who does that? I am glad the man resigned in order to maintain his self respect.

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Politics / Re: Labour Vows To Reject Meagre Addition To ₦60,000 As Minimum Wage by Reptyle(m): 10:26pm On Jun 04
100k or the strike continues Insha Allah

Can you pay your worker 100k if granted? How many states can pay 100k. Same states that are yet to implement 30k minimum or the ones owing workers months of unpaid wages?

Let's be realistic. Even if FG agrees to 100k today, only FG and maybe some levels of the organised private sector can pay it. Majority of workers will only see it on paper.
Politics / Re: Heritage Bank: CBN Should Not Destabilize The Country's Financial System —Obi by Reptyle(m): 9:49am On Jun 04
[quote author=Lizzysamuel post=130294997][/quote]

What has he said now that the CBN is not already doing The man just likes the sound of his own voice.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Grew The Economy In 1 Year, Tinubu Should Do Same- Rufai Oseni by Reptyle(m): 10:41am On May 31
Meaning it was only during Obasanjo's tenure we experienced negative inflation (deflation)—you buy a measure of rice for ₦400 last year, but you're buying it for ₦300 this year.

In all honesty, when have we ever witnessed a reversal in the prices of goods and services in this country? Throughout my life here, I haven't seen such a phenomenon. At best, I've observed commodity prices remaining steady over several years, unlike the present situation where we see products changing prices almost on a daily basis.

The reality is that the global and local economic conditions of that time were vastly different from the current scenario. Things were far more stable back then. This is not to excuse the present government, of course, because in my opinion, if you seek a job, you should perform it diligently. However, it makes little sense to compare Nigeria in 1999 with Nigeria in 2023, unless we're being completely irrational.
Food / Re: Chioma Okoli: Court Remands Erisco Tomato Paste Reviewer In Prison Over Comment by Reptyle(m): 9:00am On May 29


This saga is an unfortunate situation for both parties involved. Erisco could have leveraged the publicity from the incident to promote the very product that was being criticized, turning it into an opportunity. Or they could have simply ignored the lady and moved on. The woman at the time did not even have the sort of online followers or influence to do any real damage to the product. The whole thing would have blown over in a week or two However, the owner's ego hindered his ability to recognize this potential, and his media team failed to guide him toward making the right decision. Consequently, the company now faces additional losses due to the impact of cancel culture.

On the other hand, the lady in question had a chance to walk away freely by issuing a simple apology. Instead, she decided to align herself with the agenda of a media-hungry, aspiring human rights lawyer. Her former lawyer had secured a deal that would have allowed her to issue an apology letter and avoid further consequences. But she fired him and hired Inibehe Effiong who has helped her complicate the case beyond what it should be. Now, instead of being released from detention, she faces imprisonment because the Erisco owner has vowed to pursue the matter to its conclusion. While I sympathize with her situation, she bought this upon herself.


Pets / Re: Man Finds His Dog Hanging Dead (Video) by Reptyle(m): 9:24am On May 17


A social media user, Dude the Praise, shared a video of his dog hanging dead when he came back from work. Nobody was at home when it happened.

Looks like an accident. Seems the dog was chained to the railing on the balcony upstairs and either jumped over or fell through the gap in the railings. So sorry for your loss.
Travel / Re: Aba Road: Before And After Compare And Contrast by Reptyle(m): 8:05am On May 07
Aba has been known for its bad roads which has caused hardship for the people of aba and also decline in businesses.

Dr Alex C. Otti is never tired of giving Abians surprises🐣🎉

The road is handled by julius berger and it's a double lane road.

Watch out for more pictures

Kepukepu TV- KTV

Tochukwu Ogbuagu KepukepuTv

Good work from the governor. But I have seen a lot of Julius Berger projects and the quality of work on the road as seen in these pictures is definitely no were close to Julius Berger quality.
Politics / Re: The Cybercrimes Act 2015 Has Been Repealed & Replaced - Inibehe Effiong by Reptyle(m): 7:54pm On May 05
Lol …same police said they are now patrolling the kaduna and abuja rail track with helicopters to prevent another terrorist attack. The price of a military helicopter plus services that follow it is in millions of dollar while drones with cameras are sold for less than $500 and mass production can get it to you for less than $100 and it is very efficient security wide and can secure the whole country with a back up solar technology..this always brings up the question of is Nigeria cursed with bad leaders or are Nigerians the problem? IBB, Abacha, OBJ, GEJ had teams with many technocrats who were able to make some difference but Tinubu like buhari just assembled a team of almost stark illiterates policy wise, without experience who do not know what they are doing with the exception of one or two like tunji Ojo . The rest are just there from party and tribal affiliations. Shettima confessed like everyone knows they had no plans for Nigeria but went and copied Obi and Atiku plans hoping it would work lol …that reminds me of back in the days when we were writing GSCE waec exams one of the invigillators caught a boy copying from a girl. She read aloud what the boy copied . The cheating dullard wrote same essay verbatim the girl wrote on “why I like being a girl” everyone burst into laughter. The cheating boy dullard reminds me of tinubu and the fact shettima admitted they copied instead of originality allegorized similar case about the tinubu questionable academic background and the question on everyone’s lips “how did we get here “..?
What is the range that a 500 USD or 1000 USD can cover? How long can it stay airborne before it needs a recharge? Do you know the distance between Kaduna and Abuja? Do you know how much a drone that can cover that distance will cost? When the drone spots the bandits, can it engage them? Do you know how much an armed drone costs? The helicopter not only can spot the bandits but can also engage them from the air, thanks to its mounted machine gun. It can also cover the distance between Abuja and Kaduna. Let's not always be too quick to run down any idea proposed for security especially when we don't have all of the information. Even in more developed countries with more advanced militaries, armed helicopter escort is still the go-to when it comes to personnel air support.


Politics / Re: IGP Withdraws All Policemen Attached To Yahaya Bello by Reptyle(m): 12:01pm On Apr 19


Should the attached policemen and DSS not simply receive instructions to arrest him?🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
Politics / Re: 2027: I’m Not Desperate To Be President — Peter Obi by Reptyle(m): 9:36am On Apr 08


Mr. Obi always claims he's not desperate for the presidency, yet his actions suggest otherwise. There's no shame in his ambition; aspiring for Nigeria's presidency demands dedication and some measure of desperation. He should embrace his drive openly, as it's crucial for such a significant endeavor.

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Politics / Re: Revolution Has Started' - Aisha Yesufu On Looting Of Truck Carrying Food Items I by Reptyle(m): 9:04pm On Mar 04
Sports / Re: AFCON: Alex Iwobi Meets With Minister Of Sport, Sen. John Ehoh (picture, Video) by Reptyle(m): 6:04pm On Feb 13
All Iwobi and his team mates are guilty of is playing to the instruction of their coach. He was told to play deep in the midfield as part of the defensive strategy adopted by the coach.

The boys actually did well getting that far even though most of us did not even give them a chance...at least I know I personally did not expect them to pass the knockout stages.

It was an ok performance. They are still young and there will be many more tourneys to play.

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Celebrities / Re: Marriage Is Not An Achievement – Mary Remmy Njoku by Reptyle(m): 11:39am On Feb 05
"Marriage is not an achievement..."

This is very easy to say when you are already happily married to the man or woman of your dreams. Just the same way rich people always say "Being rich is not the same as being successful." Ehhhhn I know. But wait let me become rich first and then I can make up my own mind! cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy

Jokes apart, notions like success, happiness, beauty, etc. are all relative to the individual. Our definitions differ from person to person, all factors considered. For instance, you cannot tell a woman who is successful in every regard except in her ability to settle down with a partner, not to view marriage as an achievement worth celebrating. You cannot tell a man who has worked hard his whole life to earn a decent living, that finally overcoming poverty at 55 is not an accomplishment. We need to practice respecting people's individuality and perspectives, even if we do not fully agree.
Events / Re: Is 1 Million Naira Enough For Wedding In This Time And Age ? by Reptyle(m): 3:33pm On Jan 29
Like I said, can a couple plan a wedding within a budget of 1 million naira ?
This will include, bride prices, clothes, feeding of guests e.t.c.

1 million naira is more than enough for a wedding. But a lot depends on the kind of wedding and your understanding of what a wedding really is.

To start with, you do not need to invite the whole of your kith and kin for the program. During my wedding, I looked around the hall at the multitude of people and found I did not know more that 15 people in the crowd that well. Truth is that they had no business attending my wedding. You also do not need to have a public wedding or a reception afterwards.

Plan for ONE wedding. There is no need to do both Traditional and English. They are both valid before the law and before God so pick 1. If you want to go English, you can arrange with your pastor to have the wedding in his office with only your parents and witnesses present. If you want to go traditional, you can have it in a living room with only members of the immediate family present. If you must have refreshments after either of the event, and that is a big IF, plan for a crowd of no more than 100, preferably less, and have takeaway packs and drinks. At 4 or 5 thousand per pack, you should be able to keep your budget down. Use your own clothes for the wedding. But if you must wear something extra special, consider renting rather than making them.

Unfortunately, there are some cultures that have turned marriage to a business endeavor so get familiar with the culture of the woman you want to marry and plan accordingly. No gree for anybody cheesy

Good luck!

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Family / Re: Do You Have This In Your Bathroom? by Reptyle(m): 1:58pm On Jan 11
I always try to do away with this but it always builds up again.
I may not be the only one struggling with this.
Although sometimes it has come to help when I suddenly run out of soap.

Option 1 - Put them in a stainless aluminum bowl and put it on low heat on the stove. Let it melt and then pour into any mold of your choice. Leave to cool or pop it in the freezer for a few minutes and voila - you have a new bar of soap. you can use for laundry if you don't want to use it for bathing.

[b]Option 2 - [/b]If you have a top loading manual washing machine, you can throw it in with your dirty laundry.


Politics / Re: One Way: Soldiers Rant, Fault Arrest Of Errant Colleague by Reptyle(m): 11:55am On Jan 08

Gov Sanwo-Olu ordered a soldier to be arrested and locked up for riding bike on “one-way” lane Meanwhile, the same Sanwo-Olu was caught driving on “one-way” lane with his long convoy.

This is the life of the average politician in Nigeria. They make rules then use them to oppress the POOR or common Nigerian.

This, in any way, doesn’t exonerate the soldier. He should be made to face the penalty of his unlawful act

Where did you see the governor's convoy driving "one way"?

I have personally encountered the governor's convoy 3 times and I have never seen them driving against traffic.

Besides, even if that were the case, one can consider the governor's movement an emergency or high security movement just like an ambulance, a fire truck or a police truck. That is why they have sirens to signify it is a security or emergency situation.

What exactly was a soldier in mufti's emergency that caused him to ride against traffic, especially when it wasn't as if there was traffic on the right lane?

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Threatened Fubara To Sign Resolution, Ex-commissioner by Reptyle(m): 4:07pm On Dec 22, 2023

What you typed does not make sense in any way.

Politics / Re: Tinubu Threatened Fubara To Sign Resolution, Ex-commissioner by Reptyle(m): 12:48pm On Dec 22, 2023
Wike must really have some strong leverage against Tinubu and the PDP because it is baffling how everyone seems to bend to his will

In my view, this situation is not directly linked to Wike or Fubara. Nigeria's economy is predominantly reliant on a single commodity - oil. Rivers State plays a crucial role in the oil sector, and considering the current economic challenges, any President would take action to prevent the state from descending into chaos, which could disrupt the smooth functioning of the oil industry. It is imperative for the Niger-Delta region to maintain stability for the greater good of the entire country.

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Politics / Re: Yusuf Bichi Lobbying To Be Nigerian Ambassador To Saudi Arabia After Retirement by Reptyle(m): 4:32pm On Dec 06, 2023
EXCLUSIVE: Director-General Of Secret Police, DSS, Yusuf Bichi Lobbying To Be Nigerian Ambassador To Saudi Arabia After Leaving Service – Presidency Source


So kini big deal Is it wrong for a man to aspire to other career prospects? Or is he supposed to roll over and die after his career in the DSS?
Politics / Re: Obi Faults Demolition Of Houses, Says Timing Wrong by Reptyle(m): 12:23pm On Nov 30, 2023
No wonder Obi came third in the last election. He lacks sense and doesn't know when not to talk.

When Soludo and Otti were demolishing houses in Anambra and Abia,. respectively, this LP third-placed candidate kept quiet. Dude now found his voice because it concerns the Lagos they have coveteousness for.

How can you say the timing of the demolition is wrong, all in the name of hardship in the land? When hasn't there ever been hardship on Nigeria and in the world? So, because of hardship, illegalities should be permitted? Armed robbery should also be legalized because of hardship, according to Obi with 419 sense.

He even insinuated that Government ought to not have carried out the demolition now, meaning it should have been postponed. This is another reason why he's not fit to rule Nigeria. So, he means government should continue to permit flooding caused by illegal structures encroaching on waterways in Lagos. Doesn't he know that while the canal's route is blocked, its water gets diverted to other communities which gets flooded. This leads to stagnation of water that causes malaria mosquitoes, typhoid, loss of property and dirty environment. These happen while the illegal criminals enjoy their mansions sited on illegal land. Sadly, when there's a flood, the descendants of those so-called mansion owners will mock Lagos.

What Peter Obi wants is a postponement of doomsday. This was the same way he supported Naira Scarcity. Now he's supporting illegality, yet hopes to lead Nigeria someday.

Below is a photo shared by the Lagos State Commissioner for Environment and Water Resources, Tokunbo Wahab, showing buildings built to block a canal's passage. During raining season, where do the owners of those buildings expect water to pass through? Definitely, the water will find a channel that will lead it to where irs not supposed to go to, there y causing flooding in other communities. Obi wants such buildings to remain standing, whereas he demolished such buildings when he as the Governor of Anambra State.

He's a clown

Interestingly, majority of the affected properties are not owned by the poor. They are owned by rich people who illegally acquire property, block of canals and drainages and generally constitute environmental nuisance. When the resultant floods from these environmental breaches happen, the poor are the most hit. Besides, when is the right time to tackle an illegality?

I understand his need to stay relevant and maintain visibility, but Mr. Obi needs to stop hopping on every trending topic. Sometimes, silence is golden.


Politics / Re: Tinubu Should Visit His Alma Mater Like Atiku — Aisha Yesufu by Reptyle(m): 7:21am On Nov 24, 2023


Even if he does, clowns like Aisha Yesufu will still say he probably paid off the school or forced them to accept him as their former student.

The President should focus on his job and not bother with puerile distractions.
Politics / Re: One Of The Appeal Court Judges On Kano Case Is CJN’s Nephew - Chidi Odinkalu by Reptyle(m): 1:53pm On Nov 23, 2023
I hope APC find what they are looking for.

Chidi Odinkalu On Twitter

So what? What exactly is the point of this "revelation?"

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Family / Re: Should I Have Collected The Bread From Her Mother? by Reptyle(m): 5:55pm On Nov 20, 2023
You carry biscuits and juice go your in-law house. In-law wey you dey meet for the first time oooo! Dem accept am with happiness.

Dem cook food for you and you chop am, still come give you bread join. You reject am sake of say e no worth much for ya eye abi?!

Bros na wah for you oooo! embarassed angry undecided

Even if the thing no worth for your eye, shebi you go collect am, tell them thank you and as you waka far small, you take am bless some people wey need am. That way, you would have created a good impression with your potential in-laws.

Na Africa we dey and some of these things are delicate and can be misinterpreted. If their daughter is good enough to marry and their food good enough to eat, you should have accepted their gift as well. No do that kind tin again!


Politics / Re: Supreme Court Verdict: Tinubu Wins Legal Victory, Lacks Legitimacy - Olu Fasan by Reptyle(m): 9:24am On Nov 20, 2023
Very entertaining article.

Still does not change the FACT that President Tinubu won the election at the ballots and was also UNANIMOUSLY affirmed winner by the courts. That spells LEGITIMACY in my books.

It really does not matter how many articles written or #NotmyPresident posts on social media. He most likely will be in charge for the next 4 years. We all need to support him to take our nation forward and stop whining.

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Politics / Re: "This Is Not Democracy": Jaafar Jaafar Reacts To Sack Of Kano, Plateau Govs by Reptyle(m): 8:53am On Nov 20, 2023
Jaafar Jaafar is the founder of DailyNigerian newspaper.

This is coming on the heels of the Appeal Court's sack of Governors Abba Yusuf and Caleb Mutfwang of Kano and Plateau States respectively.

Jaafar Jaafar

Absolute nonsense! I just wonder why we all keep acting like democracy is all about the people alone. If that were to be so, then it would be a tyranny by the majority and not a democracy.

Yes, democracy is a system where the people have a say in their government. But it is not just about getting the most votes; it's also about following the rules that keep the system fair. These rules, set by the law, apply to political parties and the public. Infact without these laws, there cannot be a democracy.

In democracy, everyone must play by the rules. The laws make sure elections are fair, candidates and parties act responsibly, and any issues are resolved fairly. It's not just about winning votes; it's about winning them the right way – following the law, being transparent, and treating everyone equally.

When rules are broken, the legal system steps in to protect democracy. Courts have the power to review elections and make sure they were done correctly. Even if a candidate gets the most votes, if they didn't follow the rules, a court can step in to make things right and sometimes making things right might involve overturning an election or overruling the "will of the majority."

Think of democracy as a song where votes make the music, and the rule of law keeps everything in tune. Both parts – the people's voice and the legal framework – are crucial. Together, they create a government that truly represents and serves the people, sticking to the principles of fairness and justice that make democracy work.

So let us not keep acting like the courts are doing anything untoward by over turning election results. That is a normal and acceptable part of democratic best practice anywhere in the world. Elections do not always end at the end of the ballot. Where the results are disputed, parties are required to approach the courts for justice. The alternative to this provision of democracy is a descent into anarchy and I do not think we want that.
Politics / Re: Kano Guber: Governor Yusuf Was Not Qualified To Contest - Appeal Court by Reptyle(m): 3:23pm On Nov 17, 2023
Hopefully the Supreme Court of justice reversed the judgement of the Appeal court of justice. Hmm 🤔 our judiciary is no more the hope of masses again. People won’t votes again with this judgement

The Appeal court is the final bus stop for gubernatorial reviews.
Politics / Re: Tinubu: FBI Did Not Release Any Tinubu's Record Today 30 - David Hundeyin by Reptyle(m): 9:37pm On Oct 30, 2023
He says he moves in stealth and doesn't want anyone to know. Really?

And a smart investigative journalist like him thinks another journalist won't see his so called stealth move on a public platform thereby making it a non stealth move in the first place.


Don't mind the clown. The same guy that publishes threads on X almost on a daily basis to the cheers of his deluded groupies is talking about "stealth". I honestly don't know who is worse between him and his gullible followers.

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Politics / Re: Tinubu: FBI Did Not Release Any Tinubu's Record Today 30 - David Hundeyin by Reptyle(m): 9:32pm On Oct 30, 2023

Posted By David Hundeyin on X (Formerly called Twitter)

This Hundeyin character is quite the master of deception, one might say a "Class A" scam artist. He consistently conjures up persuasive narratives to feed his ever-eager and trusting group of followers. After leading them down a primrose path for weeks with promises of a groundbreaking release of classified FBI documents, he returns with a disappointing and deflating statement, placing the blame squarely on "Nigerian journalists" for the failure of his scheme. It begs the question: when will his devotees begin to see through his grand deceit? cheesy cheesy cheesy

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Travel / Re: It’s Getting Harder To Move Out Of This Country Nowadays by Reptyle(m): 9:34am On Oct 26, 2023
In Nigeria, there is absolutely no reward for labour. Here in UK, it’s a pay as you go thing and you get what you work for, everything is just fine and working.

Mind you, Nigerians are law abiding citizens but the political and government structure is the major problem.

As a Nigerian I believe we are all ready for economic growth and development if the government put all resources in place. It’s quite pathetic but life in England is sweet if you have money

1. The UK did not become this "fine and working" country in a day.

2. It is not quite true that there is "absolutely no reward for labour" in Nigeria.

3. We, the people of Nigeria, are just as culpable as our leadership for what Nigeria is. Our leaders are not from another country.

4. When we the people get an understanding that we have no other country but Nigeria, we will stop being so self-deprecating, roll up our sleeves and get to work building our country...like citizens of others countries did and are still doing.

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Travel / Re: It’s Getting Harder To Move Out Of This Country Nowadays by Reptyle(m): 3:59pm On Oct 25, 2023
If you have the wherewithal my people, migrate out of Nigeria asap.

Those complaining about UK are lazy folks. You need not to work your ass out before you live fine here.

UK Japa route is a blessing to many

But why are we hesitant to "work our ass out (SIC)" here before we live fine here? Why do we give up on our land so easily, preferring to go work our asses off in countries where their citizens were patient enough to build

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