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Politics / Re: Fuel Subsidy Removal: Tinubu Should Remember His Stand In 2012 - Ajaero by Reptyle(m): 2:59pm On May 31


Nigeria is currently facing severe economic challenges, and while subsidy removal is not the silver bullet it is made out to be, it is a crucial part of actions that the government can take to stabilize the economy. The immediate effects will be dire but FG can effectively mitigate the consequences for its citizens by diverting part of the proceeds saved from subsidy removal to implement the following palliative solutions.

Implement targeted social welfare programs: The government should introduce comprehensive social welfare programs aimed at providing financial assistance and support to vulnerable segments of society affected by subsidy removal. These programs can include direct cash transfers, food subsidies, and healthcare provisions, ensuring that basic needs are met for those most affected by the removal of subsidies.

Encourage investment in alternative energy sources: In order to alleviate the burden on citizens and reduce dependence on petroleum products, the government should actively promote and incentivize the adoption of alternative energy sources. This could involve providing tax breaks and subsidies for renewable energy projects, as well as promoting research and development in clean energy technologies. By diversifying the energy sector, Nigeria can reduce its reliance on petroleum and create new employment opportunities.

Strengthen public transportation infrastructure: With the removal of petroleum subsidies, transportation costs are likely to increase, affecting the livelihoods of many Nigerians. To address this issue, the government should prioritize the improvement and expansion of public transportation systems. This can involve investing in the development of efficient and affordable mass transit systems, such as buses and trains, and expanding their coverage across the country. By enhancing public transportation options, citizens can have access to more affordable means of commuting, mitigating the impact of increased fuel prices.

Above all, the government also needs to lead by example by drastically cutting down the cost of governance and plugging holes in revenue leakage.
Politics / Re: No Negative Social Media Posts During Inauguration Until Foreigners Leave - NSA by Reptyle(m): 5:45pm On May 20
No negative social media posts during Tinubu’s inauguration until foreign leaders leave: National Security Adviser


There is no part of the actual article that correlates with the silly headline. The NSA did not say anything about social media. He was referring to the inconveniences that would be suffered by residents due to the heightened security measures before and during the inauguration. He stated that though they were not envisaging any thing negative, residents should bear the inconveniences until the guests depart the country. He wasn't talking about social media posts!
Politics / Re: UK Immigrations Detain Obi At London Airport, Alleged Impersonation by Reptyle(m): 2:25pm On Apr 12


At this rate, Obi will blame APC and Tinubu if he gets stuck in traffic. cheesy

That said, I just hope this isn't another tall tale because the man has a knack for spinning every occurrence to his advantage. He has a hyperactive imagination and a ready pool of fans to lap up and run with anything he says without questioning.

Is UK immigration trying to say that they do not have a clear record of the comings and goings of a VIP like Peter Obi so much so that they would mix him up with an impersonator?

The story does not add up in my opinion. Sounds more like a kite is being flown here. But I may be wrong and I hope they catch the "impersonator" soon.


Politics / Re: PDP Refers Ortom To Disciplinary Committee, Suspends Fayose, Anyim, Others by Reptyle(m): 7:59pm On Mar 23
March 23, 2023

Press Statement

PDP Refers Ortom to Disciplinary Committee, Suspends Fayose, Anyim, Others

The National Working Committee (NWC) of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has after very extensive review of the affairs of our Party in the country and pursuant to the provisions of the PDP Constitution (as amended in 2017) referred the Governor of Benue State, Dr. Samuel Ortom to the National Disciplinary Committee over his reported involvement in anti-party activities.

The NWC also approved the suspension of the following from the Party with effect from today, Thursday, March 23, 2023.

1.Ayodele Fayose (Ekiti State)
2.Sen. Pius Anyim (Ebonyi State)
3.Prof. Dennis Ityavyar (Benue State)
4.Dr. Aslam Aliyu (Zamfara State)

The PDP urges all leaders, critical stakeholders and teeming members of our Party across the country to remain united and focused at this critical time.


Hon. Debo Ologunagba
National Publicity Secretary


Wike? What about Wike? Is he untouchable? cheesy
Politics / Re: Profile Of Abba Kabir Yusuf, Kano Governor-Elect by Reptyle(m): 11:32am On Mar 23
Kwankwaso just got his son in law elected as governor of his state and there are congratulations all over social media.

Of this had happened in Lagos, we all know that Nairaland will have caught fire today cheesy cheesy

Our hypocrisy stinks to be honest!

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Politics / Re: NLC Directs Members To Cripple Activities At CBN Offices Nationwide by Reptyle(m): 7:53pm On Mar 22


This move by NLC is akin to cutting off the legs of a crippled man because he isn't moving fast enough. Where is the wisdom in that
Politics / Re: Prophet Isa El Buba Protests In Front Of INEC Office Over Presidential Election by Reptyle(m): 7:59pm On Mar 07
I will never recognise Tinubu as my president

You don't have to. Many Nigerians did not recognise Buhari as their President. Didn't stop him from finishing his term as President. You will be all right.
Politics / Re: Gbadebo Rhodes-vivour Pays Visit To The Ooni Of Ife by Reptyle(m): 8:34pm On Mar 05
The optics would probably be a lot better if he'd visited the Oba of Lagos.

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Politics / Re: CUPP: Halt Collation Of Presidential Poll Results It Violates The Law by Reptyle(m): 10:49am On Feb 28


If you are indeed the "constitutional lawyer" he claims to be, then he should know that stopping the collation and announcement of results at this time will lead to a constitutional snafu. Instead let the process play out and leverage the dispute resolution mechanism at the tribunal to seek redress.


Politics / Re: Endsars Will Seem Like A Rehearsal, If 2023 Election Is Rigged - Okon Lagos by Reptyle(m): 8:13pm On Feb 26
EndSARS Will Seem Like A Dress Rehearsal, If 2023 Election Is Rigged - Actor Okon Lagos

Nigerian comic actor, Imeh Bishop Umoh aka Okon Lagos, has asked politicians not to rig the 2023 elections as the EDNSARS crisis will look like dress rehearsal compared to what will happen if the election is rigged, IGBERETV reports.

He stated this on his Instagram page on the day Nigeria's presidential election was held - Saturday, February 25, 2023.

His Instagram post was captioned;


I am for free and fair elections...but I am also for civil means of seeking redress.

Let me make it clear - [b]ANYBODY THAT THREATENS MY PEACE OF MIND AND SECURITY IN LAGOS IN THE NAME OF ELECTION PROTEST WILL BE MATCHED PROTEST FOR PROTEST!!! [/b]The same way your right to protest is protected by the constitution is the same way mine to counter-protest is protected. Any bagger that wants to protest should ensure they relocate to their village and lead the protest from there. I live and earn my livelihood in Lagos. [b]I will NEVER STAND BY TO WATCH THE NONSENSE THAT HAPPENED DURING ENDSARS REPEAT ITSELF. [/b]Enough of all this madness in the name of wokeness.

Anyone that feels hard done by the election results should seek legal means of redress and if you lose that also, wait till the next time. We either have a democracy or we don't. You cannot come out stoking violence in an election whose results have not even been fully announced just because you are a public figure. No be only you get werey!

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Politics / Re: Labour Party Vows To Challenge Election Results In Court by Reptyle(m): 1:42pm On Feb 26
By Ibrahim Hassan, Kaduna


Way too early for all of these cries IMHO.

Why try to delegitimise the results of an election where not even up to 50% of results have been collated?

What if Obi wins it eventually? Why concede defeat even before the results are formally announced?

Best to wait for the results to be announced. In the meantime, gather your evidences, put together your legal team and head for the courts of not satisfied with the result.

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Politics / Re: LP Polling Agents To Receive Their Stipend In Their Bank Accounts - Aisha Yesufu by Reptyle(m): 9:53pm On Feb 24


That's good. Just wondering why they are making such a big deal of paying stipends into bank account like it is a new thing. Also wondering how those agents will get the cash to fund their movements in the midst of this cash crunch.
Politics / Re: Southern Kaduna Group (SOKAPU) Adopts Atiku by Reptyle(m): 5:29pm On Feb 23

You lie am from southern kaduna obi will get more than 25 percent

You are on Nairaland giving Peter Obi 25% phantom votes while the umbrella socio-political organisation of the ethnic nationalities in Southern Kaduna have issued a national statement endorsing Atiku, a Fulani man!

If na you, who you go believe cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Southern Kaduna Group (SOKAPU) Adopts Atiku by Reptyle(m): 5:27pm On Feb 23
BREAKING: Southern Kaduna Group (SOKAPU) adopts Atiku

📍SOKAPU said the people decided in collaboration with the Southern Kaduna Leadership Council (SKLC) after weighing all the options available on ground.

📍With less than two days to the presidential election, the Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU), the mouthpiece of the people of Southern Kaduna people have adopted the Presidential candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), Atiku Abubakar.

📍According to him, SOKAPU said the people decided in collaboration with the Southern Kaduna Leadership Council (SKLC) after weighing all the options available on ground.

📍Addressing a press conference on Thursday, the SOKAPU President, Awemi Dio Maisamari, and the chairman of Southern Kaduna Leadership Council, Ishaya Dary Akau, said having weighed the capacity of PDP and Labour Party (LP), they discovered that PDP has wider outreach than LP.


This has got to be a joke or fake news! HOW CAN SOKAPU ADOPT ATIKU AS A CANDIDATE?!!!

Politics is just a weird game cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy cheesy
Career / Re: Commercial Banks In Benin City Were Destroyed Yesterday by Reptyle(m): 4:00pm On Feb 16
Yesterday morning alot of resident in Benin rush down to deposit their old naira note in their banks but those money were rejected this spark up anger which lead to violence later became uncontrolled, three life were lost 90 percent of commercial bank in Benin were destroy. In swift reaction from Edo state government instead of blaming CBN decided to turn it into political argument by blaming oshiomhole and APC.


Will they all suddenly get the cash after chasing away all bank workers and burning down all of the banks? I really don't get the thought behind these riots because after all said and done, no politician or government official will be affected by the ensuing crises.
Religion / Re: Man Requests For Past Tithe Donations To Dunamis Church (video) by Reptyle(m): 10:07am On Feb 10
He will collect it through those pastors because he invested it through them, just pray the guy did not sue the church because if he do he will definitely win with all those tithe receipt am seeing in his hand

He will win what exactly?

Is rhe church an investment centre? Is it a microfinance bank or stock exchange where you put money in and expect to reap a profit? We're you the one that licensed the church to offer that service?

My brother, even a freshly qualified graduate will bury this case in less than an hour. It's not all about having receipts.


Travel / Re: Many Passengers Stranded As Abuja-kaduna Train Derails Inside Bush (pic) by Reptyle(m): 8:29pm On Jan 27
It is now obvious that these are all calculated acts of sabotage and not just some random acts of vandalism.

Warri-Itapke last week; Abuja - Kaduna today.

The coincidences are not coincidenting. May God save us from the wickedness of our fellow countrymen.
Religion / Re: Timini Egbuson: Why I Stopped Attending Church by Reptyle(m): 7:24pm On Dec 26, 2022
Sports / Re: Tani Adewumi: 12-year-old Nigerian Chess Prodigy Granted Asylum In The US by Reptyle(m): 7:09pm On Dec 14, 2022


Great for the kid. Now he will get all of the opportunities he lacked in Nigeria.

I get the desperation by some people to leave Nigeria by all means given the economic difficulties. But I struggle to understand people that go claiming asylum on the basis of being threatened by Boko Haram. This here family for instance are Yoruba people that probably leave in the south of Nigeria claiming asylum over Boko Haram threats. How?

The sad irony of it is that the Christians in the north and even in the thick of the Boko Haram crises don't even have the opportunity to apply for asylum or will be profiled and denied asylum when they apply.

Instead we have mostly southerners taking up all of Nigeria's asylum quota telling tall tales about some phantom boko haram threat or claiming to be facing a death threat because they are gay.

We Nigerians are just wonderful people. cheesy

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Politics / Re: Presidential Election: South-West At Crossroads Over Tinubu, Obi by Reptyle(m): 4:16pm On Oct 05, 2022
ANAYO EZUGWU reports on the division among some Yoruba leaders over support for the presidential candidates of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Labour Party (LP), Bola Tinubu and Peter Obi, respectively


There is no division in the Southwest - Tinubu will win the zone with an astounding landslide.

Adebanjo and his faction of Afenifere carry little or no political weight in the Southwest. The main body of Afenifere led by Pa Fasoranti is solidly behind Tinubu's candidacy.


Family / Re: Complex Marital Issue : Your Thoughts On This Please. by Reptyle(m): 7:34pm On Sep 29, 2022
Due to work, my husband and I live in states, and my husband lives in Canada. 3 months ago we had some serious skirmishes during our phone conversation and in the heat of the argument, I told him that he does not appreciate the fact that I am raising the kids and doing everything alone.

To my disappointment, he told me that he is overworked more than me. This really angered me. This got me angry and I hung up. Although He tried to reach me for 4 days, and also sent me some messages, I cut him off without replying, about 9 weeks later, I sent him just a message on an unrelated issue, he ignored my message, after another month, I sent him another message, he also ignored. It has been 3 months now we have not spoken to each other.

Recently my brother had a baby, and he only called once to congratulate them. Moreover my younger sister got admission to a university to study the same course that my husband studied, so naturally, my sister contacted him. My sister said he advised her on what to do and what she should expect. This was about 2 months ago. I personally did not inform him about my sister’s admission myself.

After about one month, my sister also called him for more information, but he has not been picking my sister’s call.

My sisters fiancee also called him to inform him about their upcoming marriage (my same sister that got the admission) he only spoke with my sister and her fiancee once, he stopped further communication with them on both issues of admission and marriage, and that he only spoke with them the first time about the admission and the marriage out of the respect he has for them.

He gave my sister the excuse that it was not proper, for him to speak with her fiancee' because he said that I have not told him anything about the marriage, therefore he can not relate further with my sister as per the marriage. And that it was out of respect that he even called my sister initially to advice her.

What are you thoughts and opinion please.

Neither of you was right or wrong in this matter, You both are just allowing your childish egos to ruin what sounds like an otherwise happy marriage.

His absence and the stress of being alone rubbed you off the wrong way because for women, their love language is mostly around presence, support, and attention. Your rude attitude towards your husband put him off because men are big on respect. You worsened the disrespect by ignoring him even when he reached out to make peace with you.

My advice to you right now is that you do not let the gulf grow wider. Get off your high horse and make amends now. Fly down to his base in Canada and go and talk things over with your husband. Even if you don't like the man anymore, your children will need their father in their lives, especially in a place like the US where values are quickly lost.

If you are unable to travel, then send him a message apologizing to him...despite what you may have been made to believe, you won't die if you say sorry. Stop sending him messages on "unrelated issues". Sort the pending issue first and then you can re-establish normal communication.
Politics / Re: FG Approved AK47 For Katsina Outfit, Ondo Will Buy For Amotekun - Akeredolu by Reptyle(m): 8:58pm On Sep 22, 2022


Perhaps Governor Akeredolu just needs to change the name of Amotekun to Ondo State Security Network (Amotekun Corps) and reapply for the license to carry arms. He is an accomplished lawyer and should know how to navigate obstacles in the law.

The whole Amotekun drama coincided with the time that Sunday Igboho was actively pursuing a regional secession agenda. Coming up with an armed group called Western Nigeria Security Network may have sent the wrong signal. The Nigerian Constitution recognizes States as federating units and not regions so I do not think that you can legally apply for a permit to carry semi-automatic assault weapons for a regional group like Amotekun. Who exactly has administrative oversight over the affairs of Amotekun in its current state as a regional militia? Who will be held responsible for likely breaches? Let the States set up groups that will be monitored by the state governors and I am sure FG will be more willing to grant permits to bear arms.

Will Nigerians be comfortable hearing of the establishment of a Northern Region Security Network that is licensed to bear arms? Isn't that the same reason the Eastern Security Network (ESN) was proscribed? So what happens if the ESN clashes with the NRSN with both regional militias carrying automatic weapons? Would that not be the beginning of a civil war?

Interestingly, Katsina Security Services is not the first northern state vigilante to bear arms. The Borno State Vigilante services have existed and used weapons for close to a decade contributing their quota to the fight against Boko Haram.
Politics / Re: Vehicle Confiscation By Lagos State Is Unconstitutional & Void - Inibehe Effiong by Reptyle(m): 4:44pm On Sep 16, 2022


All I can say to those that share the same opinion as this attention-LovePeddler of a lawyer is, drive one way in Lagos and let any of the agencies get you so we can test whether the courts will declare it unconstitutional.

Nigeria is the only place where random people on social media know it all and the people in government know nothing. Everyone runs amock on social media sharing useless hot takes for clicks and likes.

How can you state authoritatively in one line that the law is unconstitutional and in the next line concede that the accused offenders are tried before a court, howbeit, a mobile one? Are mobile courts any less "courty" than brick-and-mortar courts? Are they not overseen by a judge of competent jurisdiction? Is the LaSG traffic law not duly passed and signed into law? Are citizens of Lagos State not duly sensitized to the provisions of the law? Why would a normal human being choose to drive against traffic?

Absolutely nonsensical take!

Oh, by the way, we can be as sentimental about the application of law as we like. Pray you or any of yours never get run over by some idiot driving against traffic.
Politics / Re: Let's Cut Tinubu Some Slack On Irrelevancies by Reptyle(m): 4:44pm On Sep 02, 2022
Did NIGERIANS inherit English language from the dictionary?

I am afraid I do not see your point.

There is no language that originated from a dictionary. A dictionary is a collection of words that make up a language and their meanings. The language first has to exist before a dictionary can be documented.

Now, ACCORDING TO THE BIBLE, all tongues (languages) originated from the tower of babel. Now, in line with this, Tinubu's statement that "we inherited speaking in tongues from the Bible" is apt and not out of point. He alluded to the Bible because he was addressing a clergyman - a man of the Bible.
Politics / Re: Let's Cut Tinubu Some Slack On Irrelevancies by Reptyle(m): 1:11pm On Sep 02, 2022
Tower of Babel wasn't about speaking in tongues tho, so here lies the problem.

Let him speak clearly and not in parables/proverbs he's running for the highest office in the land not village head.

According to the Bible, the tower of Babel is the first place where it is recorded that men spoke in different tongues. This was taught to us in Sunday school.

Read the account for yourself in Genesis 11 vs 1 - 9.

If you listen to the complete speech and the context in which he made that statement, Tinubu made perfect sense. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him mentally and he is not incoherent. he was not speaking in parables; he spoke clearly and you chose to misunderstand him.
Politics / Re: Soyinka Questions FG: Why Ban Ipob, And Leave Miyetti Allah? by Reptyle(m): 11:56am On Aug 23, 2022
Soyinka questions FG: Why ban IPoB, and leave Miyetti Allah?


I do not agree with the Professor on his take.

IPOB is an organisation that was primarily set up to push for the secession of a part of the country and they have made it clear that they are willing to explore violent means of doing this if necessary. They were proscribed purely for their criminal activities and not because of their secessionist ideals.

Miyetti Allah is a socio-political/cultural pressure group seeking the welfare of the Fulani ethnic nationality in Nigeria. If we were to compare Miyetti Allah with any organisation, it would be with the likes of Afenifere, Arewa Consultative Forum, and Ohanaeze Ndigbo.

IPOB is on the same level as the Yoruba Nation movement as they share a similar agenda. Yes, there are criminal elements among the Fulani. But using the activities of a few to judge the larger body is like blaming Afenifere for the crime of every Yoruba man or Ohanaeze Ndigbo for the crime of every Igbo man.
Politics / Re: ‘How Can Bashir Ahmad Earn More Than Prof. Femi Osofisan?’: Fierce Reactions by Reptyle(m): 10:31am On Aug 17, 2022
How Can Bashir Ahmad Earn More Than Prof. Femi Osofisan?’: Fierce Reactions Trail Buhari Aide’s Illegal Salaries


First off, if Bashir Ahmad truly continued to draw a salary after resigning from the government, then that is reprehensible and he must be made to repay every kobo of it. However, there is nothing untoward about the fact that his salary is way more than the salary paid to civil servants...including university professors.

Government appointees work for a limited period and most times draw no added benefits or pensions that are accruable to regular employees like university professors.

I work for a company that has both permanent (full time) employees as well as indirect (temporary/consultants) employees. I can tell you that some of those temporary employees earn way more than their colleagues that are regular/permanent employees. Conversely, those temporary employees do not enjoy things like health insurance, fuel subsidy, bonuses, and other fringe benefits that the permanent employees enjoy.

Bashir Ahmad is a public servant by way of appointment. When his principal wraps up his tenure, his appointment comes to an end. This is different from those civil servants that work in the presidency as theirs is a job.

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Politics / Re: Ali Ndume: Nigerian Army Lacks Modern Equipment Required To Fight Terrorism by Reptyle(m): 11:18am On Aug 15, 2022


The army lacks what "MODERN EQUIPMENT"

All these silly politicians and their nonsensical hot takes!

No other government has systematically upgraded the military better than the current government and we have seen the effect of these pieces of equipment in the war against terrorism. The only other time the military had it so good equipment-wise was under the government of President Shehu Shagari.

The battle against terrorism is not against a conventional enemy so it is tough. If you doubt it, ask America which had to pull out of a 20-year campaign in the middle-east that cost them over a trillion dollars and the lives of over a million soldiers.
Politics / Re: Bwala: El-Rufai Will Join PDP Before 2023 Elections by Reptyle(m): 10:39am On Aug 08, 2022


I would have said "impossible"; but I dare not. There are some words that do not exist in the vocabulary of the average Nigerian politician: Shame, principle, integrity, loyalty, etc.

Politicians tend to take actions in line with their interests and El-Rufai is one. He was a former PDP member before joining the APC.

The said Daniel Bwala himself was a leading spokeman for the APC just a couple of weeks ago. Today, he is spokeman for the Atiku Abubakar campaign organisation. I wont be surprised tomorrow if El-Rufai wakes up tomorrow and announces that he is bacjk in PDP.
Politics / Re: Atiku: Tinubu Wanted To Be My Running Mate On A Muslim-Muslim Ticket In 2007 by Reptyle(m): 3:01pm On Jul 22, 2022
Presidency: Tinubu wanted to be my running mate, Muslim-Muslim ticket – Atiku


Atiku should just shut up! He is trying to show that he cares so much about religious balance but he refused to back a Christian or a southerner to run on PDP platform. Nonsense!
Politics / Re: Funke Akindele Announced As PDP Lagos Deputy Governor Candidate by Reptyle(m): 1:42pm On Jul 12, 2022
I see the thinking behind the selection of Funke Akindele. But i don't think the PDP is serious about winning the next elections.
Politics / Re: Edwin Clark: Tinubu/shettima Ticket Could Be Pointers To Islamise Nigeria by Reptyle(m): 1:32pm On Jul 12, 2022

source: https://dailypost.ng/2022/07/11/tinubu-shettima-ticket-could-be-pointers-to-islamise-nigeria-edwin-clark/

This same "Islamize Nigeria" gimmick again!!! Una no dey tire? Buhari wants to islamize Nigeria. Buhari is on his way out and Nigeria is no more Islamic than it was in 2015.

Now they have started with Tinubu. Tinubu wants to islamize Nigeria...same Tinubu oooo! Haba now!

You are actually entitled to your opinion on the one-faith ticket put forward by the APC. It might not sound right to you. But the party has put forward a ticket that best positions it to win the elections.

It is no different from Peter Obi picking a Muslim from the north or Atiku picking a Christian from the south. It is all aimed at winning elections.

When it comes to winning elections, electoral value is number 1 and competence comes a close second in the pecking order of requirements. Blessed is the man that has both resident in one man or woman. You first need to win an election before any great plans you have for the country can materialise. If that weren't the case, Peter Obi could have picked a competent southern Muslim to balance his ticket and ignored the north or Atiku pick a competent northern Christian and ignore the south.

The way things are now, voters are spoiled for choice in the next elections...and that is a good thing in my opinion. Vote as it pleases your conscience and let's stop all the religious and ethnic baiting.

If you won't vote Tinubu on a one faith ticket, chances are that you won't vote him if he selected the chairman of CAN as his running mate. It is what it is.

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