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Phones / Re: Is Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Good Phone To Buy by Rockmyworld(m): 1:21am On May 28, 2020
For how much?
Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Rockmyworld(m): 4:27pm On May 26, 2020
Thanks bro. Will do that immediately.

Start from the Xiaomi Compilation thread. Go through it for FAQs. Remember to disable WiFi and Bluetooth scanning. The how is on that Compilation but don't comment there.
Phones / Re: Is Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Good Phone To Buy by Rockmyworld(m): 4:26pm On May 26, 2020
Bought mine yesterday it's really a good phone. Bought the 4/128 GB version. It's been awesome

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Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by Rockmyworld(m): 4:19pm On May 26, 2020
Just got my Note 8 yesterday. 4gb ram and 128gb ROM.
Any update I should know about?
Jobs/Vacancies / Intelligence Quotient Consult International Job Recruitment (30 Slots Available) by Rockmyworld(m): 10:43am On May 28, 2019
Are you Creative? Do you think with the Right part of your brain? If yes, IQC International has a job for you.

Job Description;
Working with kids between the ages of 3-17 to help them build their creativity.

1. Candidates must be Kid Friendly.
2. Candidates must be computer friendly
3. Candidates must be Right Brain thinkers
4. Candidates must be graduates from the University or Polytechnic.
All candidates must pass our Brain Test.
Information about our Brain Test is on our website www.intelligencequotientconsult.com

We pay in dollars

Visit our website at www.intelligencequotientconsult.com to know more about us.
For application kindly follow the link www.intelligencequotientconsult.com/members
For more inquiries please Whatsapp Israel : 09055052731
Nairaland / General / One Month Accommodation Available For Those Writing WAEC Around Lekki Ajah. by Rockmyworld(m): 8:57am On Apr 23, 2019
Hello guys, was thinking about helping someone during this EXAM period. I stay alone in one of the estate close to Chevron Lekki. It's a service estate of 24hrs light. Don't worry about the light. High security so no fear as well. For myself I can accommodate Max two persons. While I talk to my friends in the estate if they can accommodate as well.

Well it's just for a token, So people don't abuse the opportunity.
Please share to someone who needs it.
My number is 09055052731
Call or WhatsApp
Please Boys only.

If I have for girls I'll also let you know. For now just boys
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Massive Recruitment For Contract Workers, Interns And Graduate Trainees. by Rockmyworld(m): 8:26am On Dec 16, 2018
Where is your office located? Am interested
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Freelance Canvassers Needed. 35k by Rockmyworld(m): 7:58am On Dec 16, 2018
Am interested bro. Message me on 09055052731
Romance / Re: My Brother & His Fiancee Are Both AS, Yet He Wants To Go Ahead With The Marriage by Rockmyworld(m): 5:47am On Apr 25, 2018

This is a very tricky and delicate situation. I am a strong believer in preventive medicine but also a strong believer in God. From a medical standpoint this marriage is risky. The financial and emotional drain a child with SS brings is enormous. It will eventually cause a strain between them if they are not strong enough. Not to talk of the effects on the extended family. And that's just one child, what if they end up with multiple children been sicklers. I can't even begin to imagine.

On the other hand nothing is set in stone. With each pregnancy they have 1 in 4 chance of giving birth to a sickler and 3 in 4 chance of giving birth to a healthy child. Those aren't bad odds if you are a gambler. I believe faith is extremely important. I remember a few years ago in Winners Chapel Warri, a married couple who were both AS were testifying with a new born in hand and 2 smaller children close to them. Am sure you can guess their testimony, none of those children were sicklers. Some can say its pure luck others divine intervention. What I will say is Faith is a powerful force don't underestimate it.

Best thing for you to do is ensure again they both understand the risks. If they choose to go with faith let them, it's a powerful force. Don't interfere, your brother is not a child and neither is the girl. They know the risks and have BOTH chosen to go through with it. As long as neither one is mentally unstable or unsound in mind, its their choice and they have made it. You have to accept it, try to put aside your own stance and support them because that's what family do.

Trying to threaten the girl with only make matters worse and strengthen their resolve even more especially since your parents have given their blessings. The only thing you will succeed in doing is alienating yourself and I honestly don't see what good that will do.

Please understand, this wasn't an easy decision for them to make and you adding to that isn't fair to be honest. Yes they have made a decision you clearly don't agree with but in the end he is your family. And she will be your family should this pull through. Family gives support so give it. I will just advice you to place it in God's Hands and let him stir the situation to the permanent site.

Boss you have really said a lot thanks. Your point are so valid, but I have something to say.
You see we Africans we think differently from the White people. when a decision is about to be made regarding ourselves, families and general public we don't consider hurting our own feelings but hurting hurting others as long as we are happy.
You said the decision is theirs yes I agree but the Children involved will never support or happy at that decision. Because the subject is not having influence on a decision doesn't we Africans can just decide to act as we like. He can go on with the marriage ooo but its a bad decision even if he eventually escape the SS child. Such Parents should never claim they love their child. because Love for a child is shown even before the child is born.
My point remains even if its his decision, Don't put a child at risk at your own pleasure. That's why Nigeria is where it is today. our politician take decision forgetting about next generation.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Shell Nigeria Graduate Recruitment 2017 by Rockmyworld(m): 9:46am On Jun 09, 2017
Just completed the abstract, verbal and numerical test.

Remaining my video interview. Pls can take the test without downloading the hirevue app. Was using ipad but the ipad version was not up to 9.0 which is the minimum iOs for downloading the hirevue app. Pls what else did u use to take the video test
Education / Re: Sale Of Uniben Postgraduate Form 2017/2018 by Rockmyworld(m): 6:08pm On May 24, 2017
yes....i am currently a masters student in uniben
what about the referee? When are we to submit that one.? Is it immediately or when doing clearance
Education / Re: Sale Of Uniben Postgraduate Form 2017/2018 by Rockmyworld(m): 6:07am On May 23, 2017

Are we not going to submit the transcript and referee report before 30th?

Nah my friend who started last year and about writing exam. said he is yet to submit his transcript because of the delay from his undergraduate school. I guess after admission when about doing clearance you'll submit your reference results and transcript.

already they have seen every document of yours from your scanned copy.

I was Told by a friend not to even send the transcript now because they'll mix it up with current post graduate std who are yet to round up their clearance.
Education / Re: Sale Of Uniben Postgraduate Form 2017/2018 by Rockmyworld(m): 7:09pm On May 22, 2017

Omekans, this should answer your question but mind you, it's transcript and reference reports before admission. They are clearly stated on the PG adverts.
FYI, I'm a she and not a he. Thank you.

Thanks Beautiful Lady.
Education / Re: Sale Of Uniben Postgraduate Form 2017/2018 by Rockmyworld(m): 7:04am On May 22, 2017

Please which one is admission proper?
He's simply saying obtaining the form is first. after which there will be an entrance exam depending on department.
then shortly after admission list will be out.
Its when giving Admission you start the process of clearance buy submitting results, transcript and all. and offcox acceptance fee
Family / Re: 15 Pictures You’ll Recognize If You’ve Ever Stepped Into A Nigerian Kitchen by Rockmyworld(m): 12:52am On Jul 11, 2016
I can't believe have been laughing so hard this time of the night. Op you're so correct about everything
Phones / Re: What Phone Are You Currently Using And What You Like And Hate About It? by Rockmyworld(m): 3:10pm On Jul 10, 2016

How much ?
I'll like to release it between 17k and 20k. But it's negotiable anyway. Reach me on 08155059559
Phones / Re: What Phone Are You Currently Using And What You Like And Hate About It? by Rockmyworld(m): 11:56am On Jul 10, 2016
your turn off is what I am looking for. I will love to handle that phone. Currently using p6 and I am not complaining. Mine is a low end user.

I have one for sell. With charger. But currently in Benin city. If interested let me know.
Phones / Re: What Phone Are You Currently Using And What You Like And Hate About It? by Rockmyworld(m): 11:48am On Jul 10, 2016

Na Ibadan I dey
Where can I get ?

I want to sell my GiONEE M3 mini still new. With charger
But unfortunately am in Benin city. If anyone is interested please let me know.

Note: the phone is still in good condition, it's just that I have a new phone.
Culture / Re: The Urgent Need To Revive Bini Written And Spoken Language. by Rockmyworld(m): 10:33am On Jul 09, 2016

Maybe because the Two Ibos, Two Yorubas or Two Hausas might be coming from monoethnic states?
Since Benin is a city in Edo state, and binis account for only 1 out of 3 senatorial districts in Edo, not everyone in the state speak the same language, so I don't think the Edo state government will be able to do anything about the issue.
I think Binis are a great people who are proud of their culture and history, maybe they should extend that same pride to their language. Do Binis have town hall meetings, developmental conferences, community meetings, and the likes? Maybe they should start making it a point at the meetings, the importance of teaching their children Bini language. Remember that the family is the smallest unit of society, and the only place where representatives of individual families meet to discuss common issues are at meeting such as that.

Very good point you have there sir. Talking about the senatorial districts it covers. I'll like to add that serious work should be done in areas of culture and history of the Great Benin Kingdom. Many of our parents tend to neglect the importance of passing knowledge from generation to generation. And once proper care is not taken about this issues. Information of our past would lost with our elders. I pray God help us all
Culture / Re: The Urgent Need To Revive Bini Written And Spoken Language. by Rockmyworld(m): 9:34am On Jul 09, 2016

I think one of the problems in various Nigerian cities such as Benin is the multicultural nature of the city itself. Are ethnic Binis even 50% of Benin city anymore? the city has been heavily creolized, and that is why languages such as Pidgin English thrive in place of Bini or any of the various other local indigenous languages of Edo state such as Ora, Esan, Etsako, Okpamheri, Igarra Etc. As well as those brought by "outsiders"
Ondo as well as most other places where Yorubas live on the other hand are clear ethnic strongholds of Yoruba people.
To be honest, It is a sad development, but I don't know what the solution is, since Rural-Urban migration will only continue to increase in Nigeria, bringing all sort of peoples and cultures of a different nature into Benin.

You're very correct sir. But there is something I'll really love to point out to you. And that's the love of the language or the pride of it. Forget about migration of other ethnic groups into Benin.
My emphasis is on why will two bini people be standing together and never for once speak bini language. I have met a lot of bini people in my life and I'll like to say we don't like speaking it to each other.
Two IBOs, Hausa, and Yoruba can never be together and choose to use the English language or Pigin. That's my point.
Culture / Re: The Urgent Need To Revive Bini Written And Spoken Language. by Rockmyworld(m): 8:53am On Jul 09, 2016
Firstly, is Bini language taught in schools?

That's the amazing thing. I was teaching for a while after my nysc in Benin. But unfortunately no bini language subject. I remembered when I was about writing my waec years back in akure, I was asked to register one compulsory Nigerian language. They offer yoruba subject right from ss1. And here in Benin no language subject in most private schools. It's bad, and I don't know why.
Culture / The Urgent Need To Revive Bini Written And Spoken Language. by Rockmyworld(m): 8:32am On Jul 09, 2016
My name is Lucky am from Benin city Edo state, Ikpoba Okha LGA. I grew up in a Yoruba land Ondo state Akure, from primary to university. But I understand and speak bini very well from childhood. I remember when I came to Akure in Ondo state, I was around 9 years of age. I couldn't communicate with children of my age. Because everybody speaks yoruba and once you can't speak you won't have any friends. In three months I learned how to read and speak yoruba. Because the society demands you to know.

But the reverse is the case when it comes to the bini people. We're not proud of speaking our language in public. I don't know why but am not happy about it. After my nysc came back to bini and found that little children hardly communicate in bini language. If you're a stranger here you'll never understand bini more than the greetings and insults. Please my bini people how can we revive this language so that we could be proud of speaking it anywhere.

Yoruba people in any place we communicate in their mother tongue any day any time. But we don't do that here.

Please apart from speaking bini how good are we in terms of writing?

Need your suggestions please.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Edo State Forum: If You Are From Edo State Please Identify Urself Here by Rockmyworld(m): 1:10pm On Jul 08, 2016
Nice one op.ovbiedo kpataki!
Add me up let me get to know u. 591881DC
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Edo State Forum: If You Are From Edo State Please Identify Urself Here by Rockmyworld(m): 1:08pm On Jul 08, 2016
Wow....y are Esosas so pretty....good to meet u soso
591881DC Lol oya add me up my Benin ladies.
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Edo State Forum: If You Are From Edo State Please Identify Urself Here by Rockmyworld(m): 1:04pm On Jul 08, 2016
Hello every one am from Benin city,Edo state

You can add me, also from Benin city. 591881DC
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: Edo State Forum: If You Are From Edo State Please Identify Urself Here by Rockmyworld(m): 1:03pm On Jul 08, 2016
Am from Benin city Ikpoba okha LG precisely. looking for serious minded lady for a serious relationship. But relationship always start with friendship, let's see if we can be best of friends.

Add me up 591881DC
Family / Re: Conversation Between A Cheating Husband And His Sidechics by Rockmyworld(m): 1:34pm On Jul 07, 2016
Have read everyone's comments on this thread. I was seriously pained by the situation. I guess a lot of you didn't see that those chat was with different girls. The first nikky, the second clems or so. The husband have been having sexual relationship with the first lady, and the second one they just had sex of recent. How come both ladies are this lady's best friends? And come to think of it, op said it's just two years courtship before marriage. But I see is that nikky have known the husband before then.
Mind the friends you keep in school ladies and don't think they don't have anything to do with your fiance even after school.

As for advice, don't divorce. Just start praying. Your husband faith is really not strong. Someone gave advice on you satisfying your husband more and dressing more sexy than those ladies outside. It works every time. Men are moved by what they see. When you're single you dress sexy, so because you're now married you should look like a fool. No wahala that's the result. If you can't beat your friends in terms of dressing and sex forget it. Make sure you engage him and create time for outings and more sex at home. Pray and fast and also please give more attention to the physical demand. As for people saying cheating... I don't support cheating but I think the men we have now don't know how to communicate their demands to their wife. And same for women. Let's be bold enough to say this is what I want and is how many times I want it. So there can be peace.
Politics / Re: President Buhari Mourns Stephen Keshi by Rockmyworld(m): 2:58pm On Jun 09, 2016
Very painful death. It was just like yesterday when I met him at the @Prestige Suite, barely two weeks ago, never knew that would be the first and the last time I'll see him. May his soul rest in peace. I commensurate with the family of Stephen keshi for this great loss.


Family / Re: When You Get An Invitation To A Divorce Ceremony. by Rockmyworld(m): 2:15pm On Jun 09, 2016

Good. You sound like a reasonable guy.

Separation, not divorce.

Baba thanks. You are too much. grin

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Politics / Re: BBC Mocks Buhari: ''why Travel Abroad For Treatment" [see Photo] by Rockmyworld(m): 7:04pm On Jun 07, 2016
Very funny indeed. To those white it's like the president of Kenya coming to Nigeria for check up in a random hospital with a random doctor in naija. They're are wondering why can't we at least have one quality hospital with modern facilities in Nigeria. And why do the president have to travel to do normal checkup.
Just yesterday the GCI (global competitive index) 2015-2016 stats was released, and Nigeria was the last when it comes to Health and primary education. Position 140/140 in the world. Painful abi? They listed 12 pillars that holds the economy and Nigeria was way back in all those areas.
When I saw it immediately I began to tag most of our politicians and media houses and even Mr president. We should all download it and read
We have a long way to go. God will help us all.

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Family / Re: When You Get An Invitation To A Divorce Ceremony. by Rockmyworld(m): 6:44pm On Jun 07, 2016

I feel you my guy.

Marriage should be cherished, honoured and held in high esteem by the couple and as such, should not dissolve it just because they grew "bored" of their marriage.

Personally, I don't see a reason for divorce. It sounds extreme, but I stand by it nintheless.
It's not all divorce cases are due to lost of affection ooo. What will you say about domestic violence? What about abuses? How do you handle such situations? Am not supporting divorce but I believe when things go rough and get worse by the day. One partner should relocate. So I go for separation but not divorce.
Note: only when it can't be resolved amicably. Give space and settle first then later you can come back.

That's my philosophy. Thanks

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