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Religion / Re: Watch Your Tongue, DSS Warns Apostle Suleman by Rozaay: 1:09pm On Feb 01, 2017

Ur d dullest guy that ever liveth
tongue tongue tongue
Religion / Re: Watch Your Tongue, DSS Warns Apostle Suleman by Rozaay: 11:52am On Feb 01, 2017

What is this one even saying, too dull to understand my comment
why won't I be too dull to understand your lies grin grin grin

slowpoke trying to prove stupidd points that are based on lies
Politics / Re: Amaechi Seeks National Assembly's Approval To Borrow $1.5bn Loan From China by Rozaay: 11:20am On Feb 01, 2017
So of all the corruption being recklessly perpetuated in this scam change government you're still obsessed with GEJ? Your stupidity is really mind-boggling.You're not even bothered if your life is mortgaged by these crooks in government.
lol you don't know the dude is getting paid 100naira per/post grin grin

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Religion / Re: Watch Your Tongue, DSS Warns Apostle Suleman by Rozaay: 10:59am On Feb 01, 2017

Dumb fellows put up this stupid argument, even with the military, police, CJTF, civil defence has it stopped the killing in borno state... U no get sense, ur village pple lock ur sense inside box for coven...

So if all the security forces and the indigenes can't stop the killing in borno by Boko Haram, isn't it senseless to say that ur foolish revenge murder would stop it.....

Common common sense u no get
hahahahahahah see this idiott, you've just proven that your Godfather is incompetent hahahahahahah grin grin grin In your own reasoning now since despite the full and available resources that he we have and yet insurgency has not been stopped that means insurgency cannot be stopped so we shouldn't expect Baba to do it. Hahahahahahah grin cheesy grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

Just say he's useless and incompetent and cannot keep to his promise of wiping out insurgency just as he promised during his campaign

Shame on you for boldly and foolishlly supporting stupiddity thinking you're doing something special...
Politics / Re: 2face Idibia's Led Protest Will Now Hold On February 6, When Buhari Resumes by Rozaay: 10:16am On Feb 01, 2017

Wetin dey pain this one like this? The numerous promises that most products of corruption are on oath never to allow see the light of the day? #51 whooping trillions of naira squandered within a time space of 6yrs and there is nothing to show apart from cheap rice? Or is it the scavengers that are being praised for bombing oil facilities? Or is it the bail out fund released by the fed govt despite lean national income and being diverted by state governors? Even the unchained mad dog boasted that no one can probe how that money was spent and corruption agents a happy about that. Hehehe, and amusingly, that same man is giving 10m loan to kparaga sellers and people are praising him already.
you still don't get it

I'm not a fan of last administration which is why I supported Buhari against my own kinsman (GEJ)....

I asked simple questions that needs clarification and you're here vomiting dust.

You're saying Buhari's failure is as a result of his opposition? Christ can't you people think again?

Is PDP behind the failed policies of this administration that has brought us to this position we are today? Or PDP is behind the silence and nonchalant approach of this administration towards the killings by herdsmen?

Oh I've forgotten oath sworn fellows are one behind the corruption fight that Buhari promised and no one has been convicted yet,

Maybe the corruption oath sworn fellows are the one behind why the minister for finance did not knew what Buhari spent 2 Trillion for within a couple of months.

Why is defending nonsense so easy for you guys like this, this country has never been this divided yet you dumb fellows still can't see the hand writing on the wall


Politics / Re: 2face Idibia's Led Protest Will Now Hold On February 6, When Buhari Resumes by Rozaay: 10:05am On Feb 01, 2017
Even his own cabinet r tired......
No more lies to tel us.....its a pity shocked grin
are you minding them?

They'll looking for any means to discourage people from protesting
Politics / Re: 2face Idibia's Led Protest Will Now Hold On February 6, When Buhari Resumes by Rozaay: 9:51am On Feb 01, 2017

We really need to be careful while commenting on threads these days.Too many mad people on this forum walahi
defend what you said now... Coz if you're human you wouldn't reason like that

So I'm waiting for you to defend the free food tuface has collected from politicians
Politics / Re: 2face Idibia's Led Protest Will Now Hold On February 6, When Buhari Resumes by Rozaay: 9:48am On Feb 01, 2017
if you are building a house, did you start from d roof before the foundation?.
buhari always want to start building nigeria from foundation and four year is not enough to even lay the foundation.
the journey of 100 years of nigeria greatness has just begun.
that means people like you that want to protest for bring back corruption wil stil cry for the next 6yrs.

this is the exact problem the lots of you are having.... You guys think everything is APC vs PDP which is the reason why you can't think rationally...

Listen, GEJ is my kinsman but I don't like him a bit.

How about his silence about the killings that has been going on for months by his kinsmen...That is how to build right?

How about the numerous promises he made during his campaign, oh I've forgotten your own form of building is laying foundation on lies and blames

Talking about corruption, can you kindly list just few top thieves (politicians) that has been convicted??

Like I said , your blind support will not enable you think properly so start using that God giving brain of yours as initially stated


Politics / Re: 2face Idibia's Led Protest Will Now Hold On February 6, When Buhari Resumes by Rozaay: 9:33am On Feb 01, 2017
There is recession in the land, people are spending with caution. There is no more free money to dole out to musicians. Why won't Tuface protest?
and he has demanded free food from politicians before right, animal like you
Religion / Re: Watch Your Tongue, DSS Warns Apostle Suleman by Rozaay: 9:24am On Feb 01, 2017
This is good, next time the man will mind wat he says, if he goes ahead to continue this politically motivated hate preaching, we wouldn't be talking about invitation here again o... We have a situation on hand, govt is trying to curtail it, people who r relevant r meeting to find solution, was it not yesterday we saw that the gov of kaduna with Catholic Bishops, former heads of state, sultan of sokoto and other muslin leaders were meeting, working to resolve the violence.

Then one irrelevant thing will b adding fuel to the fire, in order to seek relevance and make friends with d Fayoses and other clown opposition, for Fayose to be his first defence, it clearly shows he is a political pastor.... He didn't call in Jesus in d hour of trouble, he called a fellow man....

Talk again now, and one thousand followers won't save u. To all those illiterates saying they wanted to arrest him bfre but because of what u said on nairaland thts y they changed their mind, go n ask zazaky y his thousands of violent followers couldn't save him
what an animal in human form you are.

Because he spoke out, it's now political motivated hate preaching, which stupid solution do you have in hand after how many months of this same crisis? I really want to hear that thing that particular thing that your master has done to prevent the series of attack that has taken the lives of hundreds

listen, it's not a must you talk or defend anything against this administration because you're simply doing that blindly and it's making you look stupidd

knowing fully well that the Apostle's speech would not have existed if the government has done it duty.

Don't worry, when it's your turn to see the head of your father chopped off, or your mother stabbed to death, or your siblings being racked with matchete or your daughter and sons being shot in your very own eye, then you'll understand what self-defence means.
Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 7:23pm On Jan 31, 2017

Now look here dimwit.

I've responded with enough respect and demand the same but obviously you hardly have a peanut-sized mush in your head to understand the basics, but I'll break it down.

As usual the Nigerian political scene is a reflection of the kind of people in it.

Vanguard newspaper for political reasons decided to go to town with an obviously false headline because they knew they could get away with it.

Of course, I'm not expecting unrepentant bigots like you to care and my response is actually not for you... Except the insults which I have very much reserved.

This response is for the truth seekers.

There is not a single news outlet on the surface of this earth with a direct quote of the president stating explicitly or covertly that he would provide Naira/ Dollar parity.

He never promised so.

If you doubt it provides the quotes.

idiott like you, the response is not for me yet you've forgotten you're quoting me

Shame on you, the illiterate never denied it during his campaig. Oh PDP made the statement in order to solicit vote for Buhari I guess.

And what about this reputable news outlets below, they also went out to get lies for Buhari right?





My prayer for you is may your life be run the same way Buhari is running this country....Say Amen to that
Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 3:41pm On Jan 31, 2017

I explicitly wrote no headline. Provide a quote.

Anybody can write any headline but can they provide a quote? Were all journalists asleep on the day?
keep quiet my friend... It's not a must you talk coz you're only making fool of yourself here,

A national campaign promise that was made is what you're blindly denying all because you want to look for excuses to defend failure.

that is a link not an headline, and it leads to the information on vanguard news outlets as it is present in all other reputable news outlets in Nigeria.

Keep on looking for diverse failed way of defending incompetency
Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 1:12pm On Jan 31, 2017

Rubbish! Has this administration done well? This stupid write up is tempting me to join the protest.
are you minding them, this fake news is just their usual propaganda way of discouraging people from protesting but they don't know people are wiser now


Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 1:09pm On Jan 31, 2017

[b]I see.

But you do know he never made that statement don't you?

Please provide a link with a quote and not a headline to buttress your point if you feel it necessary.

When putting forward a case it would be proper to carry out due diligence and preferably present facts that are indubitable.

There's not a single newspaper quote of the president promising that.

I would be more interested in other genuine concerns.
The price of the dollar is totally dependent on what each of us produce.

If we aren't exporting as individuals, and are simply importing, the one effect that is certain to happen would be the chasing of other currencies by ours, leading to a high demand of such currencies.

In other words, our currency would lose value.

Now you may ask " but under the last regime the Naira was more stable ".

That is quite true. But our only export was sold at a price never before witnessed and was sustained at that level for all of 5 and something years they were in power, save for the last 4 -5 months.

Little wonder the minister of finance was already talking about belt tightening and borrowing to meet government's obligations.

Has the government of the day underwhelmed?

Certainly but if you must protest please put up strong arguments for why it is necessary.

What this government has done to weaken the economy?

What they could have done better and perhaps provide suggestions.

A country that does not produce (Just the basics) for domestic consumption talk less of exporting deserves to be where it is.

wow.... He never made which statement? Of making 1$=#1?

You even said: When putting forward a case it would be proper to carry out due diligence and preferably present facts that are indubitable. when you're the one that failed to make proper findings before defending what you know nothing about or is this about sentiment that you failed to admit he made that statement in Owerri?

Well here is the link for you.


Pls don't give me the last administration and the price per barrel bull crap, what we're talking about are his failed policies and won't listen to the people's request.

A protest is needed to make him realise Nigeria is not well, even his marital wife knew he has been off track and yet you are defending him.

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Celebrities / Re: Daddy Freeze Slams Redeemed Church Over Rescued Boy Branded A Witch by Rozaay: 12:36pm On Jan 31, 2017
Oga, we know you're a certified Atheist so why bother with oda pple's issues?

It's this "I chuk my mouth" syndrome dat is the problem of Nigerians, if you don't want to pay your firstfruit and tithe that's fine, but don't go ahead insulting people who pay , when they've not come complaining to you.Why are you taking panadol for anoda man's headache?
A rational man would never mock the believe system of another man because it differs from his.That being said, you're one irrational, attention seeking muppet.
he said the truth, and stop defending nonsense, until your church tag your son a witch and wants to bring him alive, that's when your brain will reset.

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Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 12:33pm On Jan 31, 2017
It dosnt change the fact it's a payed protest

2face repaying akpabio for sponsoring his. Wedding
are humans now this dumb not to see when we're being played and not to see the need for things?

The FG is simply discouraging the masses from protesting through the media by posting a news they can't even verify? Wise one, your brain is there for you to reason not to be toyed with by some fat belly beings

I'm asking again is there no need to protest in this country situation the country is in??

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Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 12:30pm On Jan 31, 2017

Please can you elucidate on why a process is necessary?
when a candidate make promises during campaign and he doesn't fulfill them, the masses protest to remind him of what he promised e.g dollar will equal 1naira which is just one out of numerous promises Buhari made....

As you can see within 10days of Trump being a President, he has fulfilled plenty of his campaign promises.

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Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 12:22pm On Jan 31, 2017
No wonder Bovi has decided to shun the protest.
the question is: is there any need to protest due the current situation of this country right now?

Because you people can easily believe everything you see on media even when it's obvious that this administration is discouraging people from protesting through media just like the one we have here.
Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 12:16pm On Jan 31, 2017

I have emboldened the relevant parts of your ignorant reply.

These are my itemized words:

*what exactly r their demands?
You said they demanded good governance from the present INCOMPETENT ADMINISTRATION.

I guarantee YOU haven't read the broadcasts about the protest to see their funny demands

*who is leading it?
You said tuface...

I guarantee YOU haven't read tuface instagram message a week or so ago where he stated HE WASNT THE ORGANISER but saw the broadcast and supported it and decided to share it.

*is it a one day protest or revolution

You said 5th is the day of the protest.

I guarantee you're an illiterate because that doesn't answer the question.

Subsidy protest was hw many days? Nlc protest was for less than a day.

So If you had any sense of reasoning you'd understand I was referring to the ULTIMATE AIM OF THE PROTEST.

Anyway I'm not surprised, after all its people with your sort of daft reasoning that are trooping out to protests.

Enjoy your protest.

what is this I'm seeing, dumbness? Sentiment? or what?

A public figure with over a million fan posted about the protest which tons of people has shown their support to him you're yet still asking the most stupidd questions have I've seen.

For Christ sake, the protest was fixed for 5th of February you're still asking again of how many days it's gonna take, its a fvcking protest, meaning it's voluntary exercise stop asking dumb question and stop disgracing yourself, it's not a must you reply every thread you come across.

And you want to tell me where you're sitted your ill-dumb brain cannot think of any aim on why this country needs a protest right now? Gosh has Buhari's economy really affected you guy's brain that You people can no longer think straight again?

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Crime / Re: Bomb Explosion Hits Dalori Quarters In Maiduguri by Rozaay: 12:00pm On Jan 31, 2017

Wow, that was smart and very true. That means the proliferation of Islam will be aided by their polygamous belief, I never thought of that but it's true. Now do you see a divide that might form? Considering the fact that Islam will be seriously populated but they resent technology and general education to an extent. I see a divide whereby Islam is leading in population while christians are leading in development, Technology and civility. What do you think?
oh...Well you'll be surprised to know that most inventions and advancement in technology has nothing to do with Christians or religion meaning most of those behind techs and inventions are atheist... Which brings me down to my personal view about this planet and it beckons on the question that who religion don help?

Religion has offered less or nothing to this earth and it's one of the major factor behind the chaos we are in today.

I'll really love religion to be erased from the surface of this earth and our only religion should be humanity.

What I see about the forthcoming population of Muslims on earth is what I think the West has seen and the current war in the middle East is another form of depopulation + with Trump and Putin at the helm of affairs in the world right now, Islam is really gonna face some real poo in years to come
Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 11:40am On Jan 31, 2017
We all know the protest is politically motivated

What a shame, no sincere person in this country

And people were busy blaming bovi for not joining in a payed protest of shame

Me, myself and I disassociate from such payed protest
everything is politically motivated in Nigeria to people like you...

The question is: with the current situation of in the country, is a protest necessary??

You people are all here getting played by this set of politians and their media bruhaha or you think a news station coming out with to say the protest was sponsored by one ex governor that they can't even mention is what you're taking serious

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Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 11:36am On Jan 31, 2017
No probz with the mumu peeps who wanna go protest.

I keep asking...what exactly r their demands?

Who is leading it??

Is it a one day protest?? Or a revolution??

Anyway make una go protest
so with what has been going on about the protest and Nigeria, you still don't understand that people are coming out on Saturday to seek good governance from the present incompetent administration?

you don't know who is leading it despite 2Face being who initiated the news?

5th of February was slated for the protest yet you're still asking of how many days it's gonna take.

They called it a protest you're asking if it's a revolution?

Wait.... Do you have cancer of the brain or what, not to sound offensive oh just wondering why you ain't thinking before typing


Celebrities / Re: Akpabio Behind 2face’s Planned Protest by Rozaay: 11:30am On Jan 31, 2017

What is your state governor doing to ameliorate the suffering of your state
don't dodge the question he asked cheesy

Was El rufai, Tinubu and co patriotic when the rallied and tarnish the image of GEJ?

So why are you looking for patriotism now before we can get things rightly done


Politics / Re: FG Unveils Solar-Powered Electronic Voting Machine Ahead Of 2019 Elections by Rozaay: 11:14am On Jan 31, 2017
I doubt....We have been hearing this since 1960
should we keep on runing the country then?
Crime / Re: Bomb Explosion Hits Dalori Quarters In Maiduguri by Rozaay: 11:12am On Jan 31, 2017

I think religions will be scrapped by humans in years to come cause humans are getting wiser, Islam might dominate the world just before then (I've not really thought about that). Reformation as you said is the key s you said, so that even if Islam dominates it won't be achieved violently and/or they won't retain their dominance through violence.
here's my logic behind their domination,

The Christian doctrine and the western law forbids a polygamous home, meaning an average of 3 kids will be born.

The Islamic doctrine allows you to marry as much wife as you want which will be 4 or 5 times the number of kids an average Christian family will have, does that make sense now??

So the Muslim population will end up dominating the world + the forceful convert as well

My problem exactly is the current Islamic leaders are not heavily frowning on the extremists
Politics / Re: FG Unveils Solar-Powered Electronic Voting Machine Ahead Of 2019 Elections by Rozaay: 10:51am On Jan 31, 2017
i think Nigeria is doomed till thy kingdom come so its just to survive that really matters now....I could even take d money and not do poo
Nigeria is still a full functioning state with failed leaders and citizens in power... And which is the same mentality you have by just getting money from the wrong candidate

The only quick solution it needs is a reform(revolution) and things will be in order within the nearest years.
Politics / Re: FG Unveils Solar-Powered Electronic Voting Machine Ahead Of 2019 Elections by Rozaay: 10:44am On Jan 31, 2017
Hunger is wrong
then it's better you enjoy the hunger now and have a lasting future than enjoying a peanut that will still lead you back to the hunger square
Crime / Re: Bomb Explosion Hits Dalori Quarters In Maiduguri by Rozaay: 10:43am On Jan 31, 2017

These guys are silently penetration every part of Christian countries and America us taking proactive actions. I think the problem is not with Islam per say but with the ease at which its adherents are easily convinced to be violent. That is bad.
it would have been better if the Islamic leaders are thinking of reforming their religion or even speak against the extremists among them...

It's very obvious that Islam will dominate the world in years to come, and with the extremists among them, religion will be the basis for III world war
Politics / Re: FG Unveils Solar-Powered Electronic Voting Machine Ahead Of 2019 Elections by Rozaay: 10:38am On Jan 31, 2017
They can use a diesel powered electoral machine of they wish....

2019 is Atiku's Year smiley

Sail On Sir
what a shameful job you've got bro
Politics / Re: FG Unveils Solar-Powered Electronic Voting Machine Ahead Of 2019 Elections by Rozaay: 10:37am On Jan 31, 2017
I personally dont like Atiku,except he gives me 1million today i will get fans for him
yea, and the 1million will finish on the long run and you and your children will head back to sufferness.

I think something is seriously wrong with us Africans I swear

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