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Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 7:59am On Nov 19, 2013
It was getting dark and Caroline soon left for home. I had just gotten back to my room after seeing her off, the room seemed empty and quiet once again. I walked to the reading table, I knew I had to read for my tomorrow's paper. I sat down for a while looking through my notes but my mind kept drifting back to what Caroline had told me.

"was she doing the right thing?

"obviously not"

"but what if she gets caught?"

"what if she doesn't, what if she gets admission and leaves me behind like the rest have been doing."

"but I've read and I guess I'm prepared."

I kept on thinking about the situation while having an intense conversation with my subconscious.

I could hear faintly the lyrics from one of Lionel Richie's all time classics. The song sounded so familiar, soon I was humming away as I drifted back to consciousness. I open my eyes and found out I had slept off at the reading table and the song was my phone that had been ringing.

"oh no!" I screamed

"no no no no"

I quickly got up and picked up my phone.

"Ten missed calls from Emeka and Caroline."

It was 8:30am and the exam starts by 9:00am and I was just waking up. My eyes could have popped out of its sockets at that instant as I stared at the wall clock. Deedee's value skyrocketed at this point in my heart because she definetly would have woken me up but she didn't sleep in the room that night.

"how did this happen?"

"how could I have slept for so long."

I sprinted towards different directions almost at the same time, having so much to do at a short period of time. I was confused and body felt slightly stiff having slept on a plastic chair and table through the night. I knew the rest had to wait as I rushed through the basic routine and was ready by 8:45am.

I rushed out of the house to get a bike going inside the school premises. I stood infront of the lodge (glo) knowing fully well that if I tried to walk to the exam hall which was called "750 cap" , I would be late for my paper. I stood there impatiently looking at my watch at every two second interval, plus my phone kept on ringing. I had picked up phone once to tell Emeka I was on my way but he seemed hell bent on giving me a heart attack. It was just morning but I felt exhausted with worry.

I soon saw a bike coming towards me, it already had one passenger on it. I had to be on that bike even if the bike wasn't carrying humans. I flagged down the bike with my hand and he stopped in front of me.

"inside school, hall of mercy."

"ok, enter."

By this time the first passenger had alighted so I could sit in between.I looked at his face properly for the first time, it was Andrew. The time was 8:55am and I was now on my way for the exam. Andrew seemed elated to see me and he kept on giving explanations on why he hadn't called. All my thoughts were in that exam hall, I couldnt afford to miss that exam. The admission into school, or the shameful return back to lagos to continue writing J.a.m.b year after year. I felt horrible and looked worse, my worries weighed a ton and for some reason the guy at my back couldn't take a hint and shut the fu*ck up. I could care less why he had didn't called until now. He kept at it explaining and yapping away while I gave default nods where appropriate. I got to my venue by 9:04am and the students in the halls around were already inside and sitted. I hurriedly searched for my purse to pay for my fare but Andrew insisted on paying for me. He asked for my phone number again promising to try not to loose it like the previous incident but I had run out off time. As I hurriedly walked away from the bike, I screamed "glo room 5". I couldn't stop to see if he understood what I meant as I ran down the erosion washed roads. I was soon at the hall and thank goodness they were just arranging the students in the hall.The hall was built like a theater or a staduim, steps with seats attached to it and tables infront in descending order. The seats at d back were high because it was the top of the stairs then as you walked down the seats were placed on each stair in a descending order. It had a podium or a stage depending on was the hall was being used for.

"where have you been? What happened to you? Why are you this late?" Emeka asked impatiently
I was sweating profusely after that little exercise in the morning sun, I needed to catch my breath. I stood there breathing heavily as Emeka continued his questioning/investigation. I looked up at him in disgust and realised he would make a good police officer, infact the uniform would look superb on him.

"next! " Dr Amadi said

"no no no no no" I whispered

I looked at Emeka with a more serious facial expression and he nodded in affirmation. Dr Amadi was going to be our invigilator.

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Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 8:32am On Nov 15, 2013
Thanks to all that sent messages to check up on me while i was away. I appreciate. Ruby spice is back and you would be getting updates soon. kiss
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 7:00am On Oct 06, 2013
Emeka and I grew closer after that robbery incident. I became free with him, we could talk for hours about anything and nothing ranging from colours to types of fart. I laughed often around him because we had almost the same sense of humour and he just got what I meant even before I finished certain sentences. We had the type of friendship people craved for and thought it twice before trading off.

I knew Emeka cared and he obviously wanted more than I was giving but I couldn't. I was scared of trying something new because I could let my self trust him. I had this mindset that if I let my guard down around him for even a second, things would just come crashing down. I liked what we had and was scared of losing it if 'more' failed so I just 'guarded my heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life.' Even the bible told us so.
I know my thinking could be a little twisted but you can't blame me much, I hold onto what I can vouch for.

Exams were to start in a week and preparations got more intense than ever. People I knew that didn't attend lectures nor have notes were seen at odd places around school apparently reading. We were told the week before exams was a 'lecture free week' but the lecturers ignore the fact and came anyways. I had become the newly ordained 'effico' and attended each one of those lectures whether they made sense or not, I just found my self in the background of the class. The notes were more than voluminous and I needed AOC (area of concentration), so I attended each one and after each lectures the students would scream randomly;
'sir AOC please.'
and we got the same response each time.

'read your notes from the beginning to the end.'

Mean lecturers, it took them months to teach those topics and some are still teaching or blabbing and we were supposed to be ready by weekend in time for monday's paper.

Caroline came to see me the weekend before exams, I hadn't seen her since the exam 'fever' started.
'hey Jenny Jenny, how you na?' she said

'sisi Caro, yellow sisi. Na you scarce pass NEPA like this? You just abandon your girl. 'ko da o.' 'I teased and chipped in the small yoruba phrase I knew which meant 'its not good.'

'No be so dear. I've been running around arranging for this exam.' she said

'yeh!! Caroline Chioma Okafor has been reading. Now, that's a new one.' I teased

'wetyn you come mean? Well, I said arranging not reading. Gst dey give you problem?' she asked
I just laughed and she continued;
'I been dey find who go help me write this exam. Babe, I can't shout. I have only two options and one goal. I must pass and I must not fail and the goal na admission. No dulling when my name no be dullina.' she said
I looked at her like she had two heads, like an alien. I can't believe what she had just told me.

'what if you get caught? Even if you don't, do you plan to pay your way through school? Person wey no fit write pre-degree exam na e final year exam e go fit do?' I asked. I was obviously pissed with her decision to pay a 'merchinery' to write for her. Then I continued to say;
'you are a smart girl. Na just laziness and fear dey work you. I could help.'

'e do. See me and preaching o. I don tell you what's up, take it or leave it. I just told you because you be my paddy.' she replied

'ok, na your own be that. I know say you fit do better.' I said

'Jenny baby don turn evangelist o but leave this work for my pastor. If I go church, e go tell me. Like joke Deedee don do work for your body. See hope and preaching o. Halleluyah somebody.' she teased

I rolled my eyes and before long we had changed the topic to something else as I gisted her about what has been happening to me.


Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:59am On Oct 06, 2013
Awww, so much love. 'ori mi wu'. Thank you all. The reason behind the slow update is, I type my updates with my phone and now the phone is acting up and when it isn't, network just takes over. Some dark forces are doing vigil over the thing but I'm trying my best. Thank you all for reading please keep reading and you could tell your friends too about 'single lady'. Thanks
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 2:06pm On Oct 04, 2013
johnwizey: Tanx dearie for dat lovely update. Dont mind d netwrk,dey are enemy of progress. More grease to ur elbow
tanx dear
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 7:00am On Oct 04, 2013
This was ready yesterday buh network these days is just so crappy. Thanks y'all
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:58am On Oct 04, 2013
I gasped and almost jumped out of my skin in fear. This was the first time I was experiencing a robbery attack. For once, not hearing people talk about it but seeing it happen life. It was alot scarier than I would have ever thought. Having some men with guns, probably illiterates determine the longevity of your life span by the degree of how well you co-operate. Thank Goodness I had gotten up to pee when I did, I cannot imagine being in that hall and threatened by thieves. As I stood outside, thoughts clouded my mind. So many 'what ifs' and silent prayers embedded into one. I held on to Emeka's hand so tightly that I was sure I had cut off his blood circulation, I was scared to the bones. We stood there and could hear them bark out orders while they collected valuable items from 'jacking' students. Then I remembered the security men.

'Some of them should be on night duty. They should be able to help.' I thought

I told Emeka of my idea but he chuckled and replied;
'the man on duty most night is so elderly and it would be unfair to put him such stress. He can never handle this hardened criminals atleast not with the battery powered torch-light he owns as his only weapon. Abeg leave papa out of this.

I almost laughed aloud, forgetting the present predicament we were in but I was reminded by another gun shot sound as the robbers left the hall. They didn't go through where they came from this time but they had decided to pass through the bush where I and Emeka were hiding. As the bikes rode towards us, I held Emeka shivering in panic as I mouthed; 'what do we do now?'
I quickly made a prayer to God begging him to see me through and making a whole bunch of promises when he did.

Emeka just pulled me deeper into the bushes and embraced me to stop me from fidgeting. I had almost had an heart attack as the bikes zoomed off pass us. My chest heaved in relief and only then did I notice the environment we were in and became panic-stricken again. After guns, I think I dreaded snakes much more than any other thing.

Emeka soon lead us out of the bush and back into the hall. The place was bustling with noise as people exchanged their different versions of the event. Some girls were crying over the lose of their phones and other items of value. I still had my phone on me since I went with it to pee. I was so grateful because it could have been worse. 'what if my phone had rang as the robbers passed the bushes where we were hiding?' well, the storm was over and I was safe again. I obviously wouldn't be able to concentrate again or pretend to read with the way I was feeling. I knew deep down I was never ever coming for a night class. I just sat there and moped into space, Emeka moved close to me and held me in his arms. He understood the fact that I didn't want to talk atleast not yet so he just held me there. He had his back against a wall while I had my head on his chest listening to the sound of his heart beat. For some strange reasons, it had a calming effect on me. By this time, it was 4:15am and I soon drifted off to sleep.

As I slept, my overly active and partially traumatised subconscious tormented me with different worse scenarios of the incident. Most of them ended with me covered in blood or worse. I could hear someone calling my name softly. 'who could that be?' I listened carefully as I drifted back to reality and opened my eyes. Emeka was still holding me and he was looking at me with deep concern written on his face. Then he said;
'you were talking in your sleep. I'm sorry, its all my fault. I suggested this whole thing and now everything just went wrong. Were you having nightmares about the incident?' he asked finally. I nodded in affirmation and said;
'don't blame your self. You couldn't have known they were coming tonight. We were not in here when it all happened, atleast we are safe. I would get over it with time, I am just a little shaken. I would be fine.'

My words seemed to have made him feel better because he just held me closer and just kept looking at me. He cuddled me for a long time without saying anything and once again I wanted to sleep but was too scared. I just closed my eyes and let my thoughts drift to happier events but it was hard ignoring the obvious present. Soon I heard Emeka's voice again;
'I like the way you feel in my arms.' and he continued;

'I'm really sorry I put you in danger. We could read at my place next time, I'm sure my roommate would mind much.'

I just mumbled a reply and tried to sleep again.

It was almost 5:30am in the morning as the students parked their books to leave to their various residents, so much for over night reading. I'm sure people like me who were first timers wouldn't be trying it again in a long time and would manage their rooms.

Emeka and I had connected in a way I couldn't have guessed was possible. He was there with me all through and knew just what to do and when to do it. He was my hero, and my very own knight in shiny armour.


Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:35pm On Oct 02, 2013
Sorry for keeping you waiting. @ Temieasy
thanks @ ceira
am glad you like it @ incredible me, Blue diamond, chistar, ninja4life, may01, cheris skenzy, mador, smhart1
am sorry for not updating for some days now, it would be more consistent from now onward by God's grace. Pls kip reading.
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:20pm On Oct 02, 2013
Days had rolled by pretty fast and turned into weeks. I entered the school premises on a wednesday morning and it seemed a little scanty or was it just me? Even in the lecture hall, it seemed people were scarce or maybe the exam preparation made it so. Lecturers rushed through their syllabus just to meet up. They fixed lectures even when it wasn't their period but students could careless because they just stopped attending lectures so they could readup the notes they already had. This seemed like the only logical explanation. I on the other hand was a little behind in my school work. I offered about five courses as a pre-degree student which included; mathematics, English, physics, chemistry, biology. I hadn't covered any of the notes and understood very little of the ones I read. Exams was in two weeks, I felt my head would exploded as I tried to read up and also think about the possibility of not gaining admission. The pressure was massively weighing on me but I couldn't do anything about it but try.

I hadn't seen Caroline in a while, she also was scarce. Andrew hadn't even called since he got my number. I don't get it why guys do that, they obviously like a girl and also know the girl liked them back, so why form? That just end up making the girl hard-hearted towards them. Well, not in all cases but in mine that's what happened. I soon forgot all bout him.

Emeka and I were still close and he was helping me prepare for the exams. We barely had enough hours during the day to study, so he soon suggested night class. I was against it at first but after weighing my options, I gave in.

We agreed to meet up at 8:00 pm at the CCE building. I dressed in an attire that could prevent cold if any or even the ever present mosquitoes. I wasn't ready to take chances and would have preferred to study in the comfort of my room but many factors made that almost impossible. There was the fact that I needed a tutor in some topics and the fact that Deedee couldn't really stand being around Emeka for longer than necessary. She loved her privacy and I had to respect that. I couldn't even bring myself to ask her if I could bring him over to the room to study over the night, she would never agree to that. So my place wasn't an option, his place wasn't either because he had a roommate and I wouldn't want to inconvenient him either. Thus, the night class.

The bike I took stopped me near the building, so I walked down. The place was bright and so full of people. There were different sources of light. Candles, lanterns and rechargeable torches and lamps of different shapes.

'so this is where they have been hiding.' I thought to myself

The faces were not all familiar, so I concluded not all the people around were pdites. As I looked around for Emeka, I noticed some students were already asleep, some where making calls, some were gisting with friends. The night seemed like a normal afternoon. I had never attended a night class, everything felt new and different to me. I soon heard Emeka's voice calling me, so I hurried to join him. I told him about my observations and being a first timer at such a place, I talked about it with so much excitement. Emeka, who frequents the class because he said he read better out here just laughed as I talked.

We soon started reading and he was able to explain topics I felt were so tough and made them look so easy. I felt really glad I was there as we revised topics after topics. Soon it was 2:30 am in the morning and I had to pee. It was pitch black outside the class and the silence of the night was deafening. There was no way I was going out there alone. As I tried to ignore the urge, my bladder felt like the would explode in seconds. Emeka noticed my sudden discomfort and had to ask;
'Jenny, is something wrong? Are you expecting someone? You keep looking at your watch.'

'errmm, no. The thing is I.... I need to pee and I can't go out there alone.' I replied shyly

'ah ah, you would have told me. I can go with you. It's just past 2 and looking at your watch wouldn't make the time moving faster or make you forget you are pressed.' he said

'well, what can I say? Nature calls. Hope it wouldn't be a bother to you?' I said

'see how we are debating over nothing, stand up jare before you pee on your body.' he teased

I just chuckled and followed him as he lead me to a bush path to do my business. The place was dark and I could here frogs croaking loudly from the bushes around. There were fluorescent-like insects flying around. Emeka just stood slightly away from me as I peed in the bush. As I pulled up my jeans, I could hear bikes riding towards the CCE building in top speed. The head lamps was facing us so I couldn't see the people on the bikes. I held Emeka so we could leave the bush but he seemed frozen solid and wouldn't move. The three bikes stopped in front of the building and the men at the back seats got down. I could see them now cocking guns and then one of them shot into the air.

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Literature / Re: Short Story Competition - <<Nuges11 wins!!!!>> by Rubyspice: 1:12pm On Sep 28, 2013

I looked forward to spending the Saturday evening with my love like we always do. Our very own meeting spot where we cuddle and whisper sweet nothings to each other, our very own orange tree.

This evening is cool and slightly windy. I can see her coming, swaying her hips as she came. My own private show. I have missed her. I've been so busy trying to make extra money, I want to marry her before the summer ends but I haven't told her my plan yet. I want to suprise her and watch the look on her face while I tell her the news. Just watch her eyes light up with delight as she agrees to be my wife.

We spend the evening together and I feel so at peace and complete. As it grows dark, I knew she had to go home. I didn't want her to leave but she had to, so I steal a kiss from her lips to keep me going until I see her again.

Its been two saturdays and I haven't seen my love. My heart bleeds for her. I feel so numb. Where are you my love? I wait patiently under our tree for hours and sleep off. I'm tortured by my nightmares, so I wake up. I look around and its very dark, so I stroll back home.

I hear rumours in the village, my love is getting married to some big shot from the city. How can this be? I trust her, she can't do anything to hurt me. I wait for her this saturday under our tree, and she shows up this time. She has tears in her eyes.
'I'm sorry my love. I wish.. she says and pauses

'what's wrong, my love? I've missed you so much' I say
she cries some more then says;
'I have to do it, my papa is dieing. We have bills to pay, He says he would cover the expenses'

'Noooo!! It can't be true' I scream
she cries and grips me close then hugs me tight.

'wait a little while my love' I say

'my papa can't wait' she whispers and runs off in tears.

My heart feels like it has been ripped out, I gasp. I can't breathe, I feel like my oxygen supply has been cut off. I watch her running against the wind. I wish she could wait awhile longer, I had almost gotten enough money for us but There is nothing I can do. I wish i could wake from the nightmare this time but am widely awake. I just stood there staring as she ranoff into the night to meet her groom, Chief Adebayo.


Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 1:04pm On Sep 28, 2013
'I could really careless how you would feel. We are trying to make 'me' feel better because right now I feel horrible, hungry, tired and many other emotions at the moment. So if I have more than 24hours in one day, I'm sure I'll fit you into my very busy schedule!!' I barked at him.
Immediately, mystery dude started laughing really hard. He had a very contagious kind of laughter that I was struggling really hard not to join him even when I didn't know what he found funny or was it mockery? I couldn't really tell. I had to keep a straight face and still form anger as I watched him and I struggled within.

Then he said;
'where are my manners? I'm sorry but I couldn't help it. Babe, you harsh o but your sense of humour couldn't be hidden even when you feel this profound anger. Wait o, you are the girl I was looking at some weeks back from the park right?' he asked

I had to form confused. I wouldn't want the guy to feel fly that he had somehow left an impression. He had to earn it, so I acted like I couldn't remember at first.
'errmm, I have no idea what you are talking about.' I lied

'ofcourse, how could I have missed this at first? Its you, Still as beautiful as ever. Shi*t! We weren't supposed to meet with me getting on your nerves like this. I had it all planned out, me riding in my porshe to save you and becoming your hero and knight in blink blink armour.' he said

'this guy wan kill me laugh o' I thought and this time I could help but laugh aloud. The earlier burning anger had died down but the hunger was very much present.

'okay now I got you to laugh, please lets go inside and eat. Infact I insist.' he said

'I don't even know your name, so you are still a strange. Maybe some other time.' I said

'ok, its Andrew. What is your name and can I get your number so I can make sure you keep your words? Or until the days become longer than 24hours?' he teased

'my name is Jenny.' I said as I gave him the number. We soon went our separate ways. He went back in to the buka and I walked away looking for a bike.

I got home few minutes later and Deedee wasn't back yet which meant no cooked food. Damn, I was hungry. I decided to make noodles before I would faint. As I was cooking, I heard a knock.
'who is there?' I asked

'its me, Caroline.' she replied

'ohh o. Why is this girl here now? I no cook for her o. Wouldn't want here to shorten my ration.' I grumbled as I opened the door

'how far?' I said

'hmmm, is that what I think it is? I go chop o.' she said as she entered my room

'nawa for you o. You no wait make e done then I invite you to join me, you don invite your self. Na your type they make me lock door when I dey chop. Na our two come this school?' I lamented

'all this one na story. All I know be say I must chop. Today lecture na one kain.' she said
We got talking and I soon forgot about my reluctance to share my meal. Then there was another knock. It was Emeka this time. We hard barely begun eating so it was only civil to invite him to join us. He went straight to the kitchen and grabbed a fork and joined us. My eyes almost popped from its sockets.

'couldn't he have said no thanks. I didn't mean it when I invited him to join us. Damn courtesy.' I though shaking my head. Both of them just sat there gisting about nothing important as they swallowed down my lunch. I could be a very accommodating person but I wasn't feeling up to the task today. I had wanted a nice lunch ALONE but it just wasn't happening. Before long, I forgot about it as I packed the plate away. Then they both got up and said they had to go.

'Is this some sort of joke? You guys come just in time for the food and leave almost immediately after?' I asked and I got smiles and grins in return.

At this point, I imagined put them on my laps and flogging them on their bare butts. I was still somehow hungry. I thought of my rice and ofeaku from earlier and my rejected offer out of forming and now my shortened ration, my stomach got the message and growled aloud in defense.


Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 12:22pm On Sep 28, 2013
Network has bin so crappy. I'm sorry y'all.
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 11:40am On Sep 26, 2013
kingphilip: Hw e take happen na him eye pour d food abi na wetin
we bumped into each oda. He was at my baq waiting for his turn and i turned wit my plate and bam!!

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Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:45pm On Sep 25, 2013
'omg! He is coming towards me.' I said as shifted my gaze towards something else and adjusted in my seat. I looked up again and the mysterious dude wasn't approaching me like I had thought infact he was no where around the vicinity.
'that's strange, could have sworn he was coming to meet me. I just looked away for a second and he disappeared. Alot of things are a little off this morning.' I said to myself and I tried to return my attention to staring into the park. The act as a whole seemed to have lost its excitement since mysterious staring guy wasn't there anymore, so I played some music. It was the only thing that seemed reliable these days. Soon I was nodding to the lyrics of 'ten ten' by Wande Coal.

Gradually, students began to troop into the hall and soon the lecture hall was noisy as they talked loudly. Caroline came in and I had to confront her.

'how far?' I asked

'fine o. Are you just coming to school? The weather last night made me sleep like a baby.' she said

'No, I've been around. That reminds me, why did you run off like that yesterday? The thing bin pain me o, I felt like strangling you on that bike as you were waving. Friend indeed.' I said

'babes, no be like that na. You na my person. I jx give you space to talk to your boy friends, na bad thing?' she asked and chuckled

'you know wetyn you do but I no go talk. Just so you know, I was offended.' I said

'oya, no vex.' she said

I nodded indicating I had accepted the apology, though in my mind I was giving her the severe beating she deserved for abandoning me when I kind off needed her around. When I was satisfied, I went into giving details of the night before. Caroline seemed so excited as I replayed the events. None of our lecturers came for their class, so we talked the lecture hours away with out even knowing it until students began to leave one by one. I took a peek at my watch and it was 2:30. Caroline said she was going into town to get some stuff so I had to go home alone. We walked down to the park together, she boarded a bus while I went to look for a bike. I suddenly remembered I had to get something from the school hostel which wasn't so far from the park so I crossed the road to follow the small sometimes lonely bush path that lead to the hostel. Before crossing, this particular bike man kept asking 'where? Where?' , I tried to ignore him but he just kept asking. I got angry and replied;
'back of heaven, you go go?' I asked in a sarcastic tone as I crossed towards the bush path. The bike man seemed shocked by my reply and just stopped asking or following me. I was pleased with myself and took a last glance at his face before disappearing into the bush. I noticed he had parked his bike and was about crossing to meet me. His eyes looked so thirsty for revenge or maybe I was imagining it. I ran out of the bush, I couldn't afford to wait to find out. The bush was thick and anything could happen inside there and if I screamed for help, I wasn't sure people would come to my rescue. I just walked briskly straight to the hostel using a longer route.

Weeks past and I hadn't seen mysterious staring guy. I was beginning to think I was deep in thought or probably hallucinating on that very day. I had a long day that day and was just finishing my 'marathon' lecture. I had lectures from 8:30 to 3.30 non-stop and I had started the day on an empty stomach. I had to crawl to the buka as the last lecturer left, I was so saturated and famished. As I walked down to the buka, I imagined sandwiches as big as the school hostel and I was convinced that I could finish it in a short period asking for more. I finally made it to 'buka 9'(that's what they call the place) without eating down the buildings. So I ordered for my meal 'ofeaku and rice with a chilled bottle of 'farouz'. I collected my food and turned around and somehow bumped into someone. The ofeaku ontop of the rice landed on my white top. I wanted to scream and cry at that time as I heard gasps from the people in the buka. I just kept staring at the top, counting one to fifty to cool my sizzling temper but it wasn't helping. Then I heard him say 'sorry' and offer some sort of explanation. I looked up slowly and fuming. I'm sure I had smoke coming out of my ears with my eyes fiery red. Then I found out I hadn't hallucinated or made him up in my head weeks back. It was mysterious staring dude. I was too pissed but kept looking at him for a better explanation. My stomach growled with hunger. I was angry and hungry. Then I walked out of the buka. He ran after me apologizing but I wouldnt have it. I brought out a veil from my bag and wrapped it like a 'sari' to cover the oil stain on my top. Then he stood in my front and I looked at him well for the first time since the incidence. I noticed he was tall, had broad shoulders and cute. Then he said;
'I am sorry. Please, allow me buy you lunch. That's the least I can do for the harm I've caused. I would feel bad if you went away like this.'


Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 8:39am On Sep 25, 2013
I no know who win o, maybe u go help me judge as u dey read go. @king Philip

ah ah, kslib. Iyke don come go na.Dr ikechukwu amadi remember dat name was iyke. He tried to b naughty but i conquered, hehe @kslib

tanks @Damex333

I'm glad i can take you back to school with my work. Try enjoy am @aranbanibaba

I'm improve on my vocabulary. Tanx for the correction. I appreciate @valdprof

tanx @ninja4life

Tanx @Temmythe

tanx @honeydion

new update coming up soon. Thank y'all
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 10:42am On Sep 24, 2013
It had rained heavily on sunday night after Emeka had left my place. The streets were flooded that you would need a canoe to pass some places or just wade in the very dirty water. The rain had brought out water, dirts and probably sewage from different lodges around and this water flowed in the middle of the roads or people saw the rain and threw out their garbages. That remains a mystery because somehow dirts is always a part of this muddy brownish water that manifests only under the rains. As you wade or waddle, you could see the dirts floating on top of the little ocean. I had planned to go to school the next morning and some forces seemed to be against it. As I looked out my balcony, I saw people struggle in the rain with umbrellas while they swam home.

It was a bright sunny monday morning the next day unlike the weather the night before. The flood has somehow disappeared from the roads but it left dirts on the street and very messy mud. The type that if you decide to be stubborn and wore a white trouser, your name would change to OYO(on your own) if you slipped and fell. You would get sarcastic apologies just before they laugh aloud at you or ask question to make you feel stupid like' didn't you look well, why did you fall na?' then you get the 'sorry o' then the mockery laughter followed.

I woke up that morning and looked out the balcony to decide what I'll wear to school.
'hmm, definitely not white. Not too long and I think a little thick but could be removed during school when it got hot and still look trendy.' I thought as I stared out. Few minutes later, I had gotten the right attire so I started getting ready.

The weekend was over, things looked better in my life and didn't have to be worried about anything. Emeka and I had settled our little misunderstanding and Deedee was coming back today. Everything was back to normal or almost normal. I had issues to sort with Caroline for leaving in time of trouble, 'some people we call friends'.

It was safer to walk to school that morning. We wouldn't want the bike to fall into big puddles of muddy water we could have easily avoided. So I dressed up and hit the road. I had in my bag water to clean up when I entered school and even put a little lotion to rub after washing up. I cared about my appearance so much and wasn't taking chances even if it decided to rain elephants and cows.

As I walked down to my lecture hall, I noticed other students had decided to walk like me also. Bikes just rode around hoping students would stop them, some even stopped in front of you and kept asking 'where? Where?' As in they meant 'where are you going? Or would you want me to take you where you are going? All you had to do was keep walking and ignore them as they followed you and would eventually leave you after riding side by side with you. If you decide to reply them, the conversation could turn vulgar because the bikers could be really foul- mouthed. The former is always the best choice.

I finally made it to my lecture hall and the chilly weather seemed like phantom of my earlier thought. I was sweating profusely. As I walked by the corridors, I took a peek through the 'supposed windows'. I noticed something strange, the class was almost empty save of four other students sitting and chatting inside.
'did I miss something? Am I too early.' I said as I looked at my watch.
'but its few minutes to nine na.' I said as I walked in totally confused. I tried to sit and ignore the fact that I was part of the first set of people to make it to school on time but it sounded so unreal even to me. I had to ask what was going on as I walked towards the chating sub-group. Few faces in the group seemed familiar.

'please excuse me, where are the remaining members of the class. Do you have any idea?' I asked

'oh, they would come eventually. The weather probably made them over sleep. It happens alot when it rains a night before.' one of them offered an explanation

'okay, thank you.' I said

Apparently, Jenny hadn't joined them to over sleep for once. 'For me not have noticed this for how many months I had been here, have I been so unserious with school work?' I thought to my self
I sat down making up my mind to do better because I couldn't imagine going back home without accomplishing my purpose of being there. There were even rumours of exams starting soon. I drifted slowly deep in thought as I stared out the large hole in the wall.

The direction of my eyes was towards the school park so I could see students alight buses or enter buses. The day had begun and was getting busy. The corner of my eyes caught a glimpse of a guy sitting under a large yellow mtn umbrella used by local call centres. He had been sitting there for a while and each time our eyes jammed, I immediately pretend to look elsewhere but he would just keep staring openingly. This little eye game went on for thirty minutes, then he got up and paid the person in charge and held the stare as he walked toward me.


Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:03am On Sep 24, 2013

#washes face to c clearly# u serious
nah hehe
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:02am On Sep 24, 2013
where z ruby
she's at work o buh she could try to write soon.
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:00am On Sep 24, 2013
Chyguz88: nice work dear kip them coming. I can relate wt futo n jb. Iheagwa is a village not only ur lodge.
i neva mentioned ihiagwa in d story, am alil confused bout wot u mean.
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 11:29pm On Sep 23, 2013
kingphilip: Wow a nyc update petite...
Dis one wey u de put everybody for friends zone where me go come de
u na d bf na
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:08pm On Sep 23, 2013
I entered Jb's car to talk with him. He insisted we go somewhere to talk so he drove off to a bar around. I could imagine what Emeka would have thought. Maybe something like 'look at the kind of 'big boys' she hangs with, I don't have a chance with her.' Well none the less, it was my business who I hanged with so I doubt he would ask questions about it.

Jb and I got to pioneer garden. The bar we met first. I hadn't gone there since then, so the place look a little different. He chose a table inside this time, then he asked what I'll take. I almost disagreed to order because of the 'bomb' I was planning to drop but he insisted once again. Jb had a way of getting his way and I kind of hated arguing so much about something I consider so irrelevant so I give in most times. I ordered a bottle of smirnoff and he ordered a plate of steaming hot pepper soup and a bottle of beer.

'nne, how are you kwanu?' he said

'I'm fine, you?' I said

'I am the way you left me o.' he replied

'okay, that means you are fine.' I said

'anything you say sha. You haven't been your sef, is something disturb you? Tellu ogbuefi Jb and gbam!, I would handle it. You know you are my 'oliaku' and I rove you. Ngwanu, tellu me.' he said
I looked up at him as he talked and I knew what I had to do. I couldn't keep stringing him along, I certainly wasn't feeling him. It would be so unfair to continue what I had been doing, so I said;
'Jb, you are a nice person but I can't date you.'

'ewooo! Why kwanu? Baby no na. I rove you, prease don't bleak my heart na. Biko. Ngwanu, tellu me what you want, anything?'

'you see your problem? You keep trying to buy my love. Money isn't everything and its obviously not the major thing I'm looking for in a relationship. I don't mind money being spent on me but it tastes better from a guy am feeling.' I tried to explain.

'so you mean you don't want anything? Prease nne, its you I want. Okay, we would do things the way you rike. Just doesn't leave me. Eh!! Nne mo.' he said
He was doing it again, trying to negotiate his way into getting what he wants. I had made my point clear, I wouldn't date him. He kept on insisting and I agreed but deep down I had decided I was going to 'friend zone' him.

'okay, no problem but we are just friends.' I said

'okay as long as you won't leave me. Order another drink na. Since you have been drinking one.' he said

'errmm, no. Why not finish your plate of soup so we can go. I have school tomorrow, so I want to sleep early tonight.' I said

Within the next hour, he dropped me off in front of Glo lodge then he said goodbye and drove off. As I walked in, I saw Emeka sitting in front waiting for me.

' I thought I said we would see tomorrow which you even agreed to, so why are you still here?' I asked

'I couldn't leave after I saw you go off in that car. I had to see you came back safe. I would have been too worried if I was home so I waited.' he said

'okay, but you shouldn't have. Well, since you are here already we can talk. Come in.' I said and invited him into my room. The little room Deedee and I share. It was sparsely furnished but looked really good for a student's apartment. There was a ten inch foam covered with a flowery bed spread at one corner of the room. The bed was big enough to contain Deedee and I and its sheets had blue and pink flowers with a white background. The room was carpeted with a blue rug and there was a mirror on one side of the wall. The wall was painted off-white. There was a small plasma tv hanging on the wall and a dvd player on a table nearby. There was a blue reading table and a chair of the same colour with a reading lamp on the table. The place had a little balcony that served as a kitchen. It had a bathroom and toilet and a little closet. The place had a cozy feel.
'wow, nice place.' Emeka said as he walked in

'thank you. Please sit.' I replied pointing to the chair.

'thank you.' he said

'About what you said earlier, I accept your apology and offer mine too. I am sorry, I think I overreacted but..' I said and paused

'what is it Jenny? Tell me.' he said

'I like you but I prefer us as just friends. I have taken my time to think things through during the time we were not on speaking terms. You are much to important to me and so is your friendship. I'll rather not jeopardize it with something more. I hope you understand where I'm coming from?' I explained and asked

'yes, I do. Its okay as long as we become friends like before.' he said

'ofcourse. Ehen what is this petite you have been calling me lately?' I asked

'oh, didn't know you were listening. You have been acting like you could'nt stand being around me all this while. Well, I call you petite because of you stature. You are small in a sexy kind of way. So whether you approve or not, I'll keep calling you that.' he said

'well, its a compliment in a shady kind of way or even a polite insult but I'll allow it. I'll think of a nickname to beat yours.' I said and chuckled


Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:06pm On Sep 23, 2013

you get to know y soon. Pls bear with me
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 9:05pm On Sep 23, 2013
ninja4life: D guy go dey jealous.nice update though ur update is slow
i'm sorry. I have work to deal with so am alil busy buh I'll try to improve.
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:57pm On Sep 23, 2013
Ruby pls r u still @ futo, nd wat level
can i nt answer dis question jx yet?
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:56pm On Sep 23, 2013
na now i sure say ur level of winch pass him own
i been de think of wetin to write na im i say make i paste him own
u really catch me for here
tot as much
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:41am On Sep 23, 2013
u be winch?see hw u take steal am frm my mouth
Phil, you sure na wetyn u bin wan write?

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Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:40am On Sep 23, 2013
horlah005: Wow!!!

Despite d fact that u'r new at dis, I silently read eat ur food n digest it without any difficulties. Pls, continue dat delicious meal of urs cos I can't wait to taggin along with

More INK ma'am


P@RTF!NDER out!!!
tanx dearie, am glad u approve
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 6:38am On Sep 23, 2013
Kslib: This reminds me of "love dont cost a thing" in a little way.lol...
Anyway,i cant wait for when emeka will start pushing you away, while you beg for his love.. grin
##just kidding##
Love the way you write the story,simple but yet very interesting..
Good job,@spice..
All izz well!
tank you dear
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 10:06pm On Sep 22, 2013
Emeka lifted my face to him and his lips found mine. It felt so good and so right. My head was spinning with excitement.

'how do I react to this? Is this what I want? Should I feign annoyance? Jenny, what are you doing? You can't let this happen.' I thought to myself as I withdrew from him. As my feet touched the ground, only then did I realise that I had been standing on tiptoe all this while. I stood in front of him and kept looking at his face.

'I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. I obviously oversteped my boundaries. I just could stop myself. I am ... ' Emeka began to explain. I just stood there and said nothing for awhile.

'Jenny, please say something.' he continued to say, then I reacted. I slapped him hard across his face then said;
'when someone does something for you and you appreciate it, you say thank you. You don't go about kissing people with out their permission.'
then I walked away and entered my lodge. I heard him mumble something like 'goodnight petite.' as I walked but I was too shaken to stop and ask. He just stood there watching me go.

'Was I too harsh? Did I overreact or did he deserve it? Is that the way he goes about kissing all other girls? But that kiss felt good. Focus jor. How come this guy has this much power to get me rattled like this? This isn't good.' I thought. I had numerous questions and my feelings felt like they were tied up in a knot. I felt so confused as I laid on my bed hoping for sleep. Deedee had travelled to her village because her parents were around, she probably would be gone all weekend. I was alone in the room and it felt large and empty. For once, I actually longed for her company. For her to ask questions and give speeches. I could hear my thoughts echo, I felt so alone. I just laid there tossing and turning until sleep took over. I woke up an hour later drenched with sweat. My subconscious had kept drifting back to him. So I plugged in my ear phones and played some music.

Weeks past and things were stagnant between Emeka and I. I avoided contact with him and wouldn't let him explain. I wasn't ready to deal wit the situation yet. Caroline noticed the stiff between us and decided to act nosy. Yea, that's the way I saw it at that time. She came over to chill with me in my lodge one weekend. After the usual pleasantries and teasing and talking for almost an hour she brought it up and my countenance changed almost immediately.
'babes, what's up between you two?' she asked

'who and who?' I asked

'don't play dumb, you know what I'm talking about.' she said

'errmm, nothing you don't already know.' I said

'I've noticed the weird air between you two, what's up na?' she said

'I like him and we have a mutual understand. We enjoyed each others company but now I'll rather be alone. Is there anything wrong with that?' I said

'with Emeka the Jew boy? That's who you share mutual understand with?' she said

'is he some kind of leper that shouldn't have friends? He looks better doesn't he? Plus I am just friends wit him, big deal?' I said

'when you bin dey turn Mary Slessor felt the urge to be his saviour, did I stop you? I know something is wrong somewhere. You can't even be in the same vicinity with him for more than five minutes before you run off.' she said

'wetyn u come mean now? like I'm scared and running from him. Please just drop the topic.' I said

'see you acting all defensive. ok o.
Just so you know, I wouldn't rest until I know what happened. Meanwhile, I'll respect your decision not to talk about it for now.' she said

We talked about other things for hours and it was beginning to get dark. It was time for Caroline to go home, so I followed her to the front of the lodge to get a bike. As we stood there teasing each other, I saw Emeka coming towards us. Caroline wanted to stall so she could hear us talk and probably ask more questions. Then a murano jeep parked few metres away from where we were standing. Caroline practically fled the scene. She knew it was jb. She just entered the next bike and waved 'goodbye'.
By now, Emeka was few steps away from me. So I walked towards him to discharge him.
'hi Jenny' he said

'hi' I Said

'you look nice' he said

'thank you' I replied

'I'm sorry for showing up like this, I know I should have called but I knew you wouldn't pick. I needed to see you. I've missed your company. I know what I did wasn't right by you but is it so unforgiveable? I'm really sorry. I miss the way things used to be before. I promise to behave myself around you and not do anything spontaneous. I would even ask your permission before i sneeze around you. Please?' he said

Before I could reply, Jb's call came in.
'can we talk about this another time? Maybe tomorrow? I asked

'ofcourse.' he said

'ok, goodnight' I said as I walked away from him. I was certain this time that he said 'good night petite' but I couldnt stop to talk about it. He stood there watching me as I walked off and entered the jeep in front of my lodge.
Literature / Re: Single Lady by Rubyspice: 11:01am On Sep 21, 2013
Uhmm.... Ruby luv! Cn u b a bit nicer by increasing d lenght nxt time, do it nd i'll take u shoping.

Am damn serious!!!
its a deal den.

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