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Foreign Affairs / Re: Thailand Legalises Same Sex Marriage by Ruwaha: 5:47pm On Jun 18
They are called Fafafini

Thailand has high rate of transgenders AKA "ladyboys" as they call it so this of no surprise to me
Celebrities / Re: Sky B Is On The Move, See Photos by Ruwaha: 7:19pm On May 17
Sky B's own was on another level,he made our teenage and university years worth the while.
I pray they give him a shot,let him bounce back if he can.

Mambaby crooner that year was a hit across Naija

Noooo oo he deserves one last shot.
Who the hell is SkyB?

There are no comebacks in the entertainment industry. When you are over, you are definitely over!

Ask 9ice who have been trying a come back for over a decade
Celebrities / Re: Nigerian Singer, Sky B's Grace To Grass Story (Video) by Ruwaha: 4:02pm On May 12
What of the royalties from the streams on Spotify,YouTube,boom player and itunes.

This man has been living in abject poverty whereas he has money to collect from various apps making money off him.

You people should educate this dude
Politics / Re: Court Blames Yahaya Bello, Restates Order For His Arrest by Ruwaha: 2:20pm On May 10
Haven't you People been paying attention.Yahaya Bello is no longer in government house

The current governor has immunity which covers him within the government house.

No arrest can be made there.

That’s exactly what EFCC has just done here. But he cannot be arrested inside the government house. That will be a violation of the immunity of the current governor.

Solution is, he either submit himself to EFCC or the current governor should hand him over to the authority.

What the current governor is doing which shielding him from arrest is a crime which he can be prosecuted for after he ceases to be governor
Romance / Re: Ladies Have You Observe Guys No Longer Beg Us For Relationship These Days by Ruwaha: 4:57pm On Apr 09
Does it make sense to beg a lady to come and help me spend my money on her.


Politics / Re: Warehouse Looting: Hungry People Can't Remove Doors, Windows - Mariya Mahmoud by Ruwaha: 9:23am On Mar 05
You've dropped a reasonable Epistle

My question to you is

What's the way forward

For those of you supporting this rubbish, I hope you don't complain when the hen comes home to roost. They have started with Govt. Warehouses and have move to stealing people's goods in truck, goods either bought on credit or someone's hard earn money and you're laughing about it and making a joke of it saying it is hunger. I hope when they start breaking into your shops and homes you will still understand it's hunger? We were in South South when Militancy started and they were kidnapping the white expatriate people laughed it off and said it's just the white, they don't kidnap black people because they are our sons, the white began to go back to their country and when there where no more whites to kidnap they started kidnapping their so called black brothers who worked in oil companies, people still laughed it off that they only kidnap oil workers, when oil companies began to leave they started kidnapping rich men, people started saying they only kidnap rich people, today everyone is a target weather rich or poor nobody is spared. Same thing happened in the North with Boko haram, same thing in the east with UGM, here we are again cheering this looters. I hope when they start breaking into the homes of your age fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, cousins, uncles and aunties. I hope by that time we will also understand it is hunger?
Health / Re: Rebecca Sekidika: Rivers First Class Graduate Dies A Week To Her UK Travel by Ruwaha: 8:10am On Feb 25

From you opener, I kind of have the feeling that you don't fully grasp what an hysteroscopic procedure entails.

Hysteroscopy (transvaginal) can be DIAGNOSTIC or THERAPEUTIC or BOTH.

Like I enumerated earlier, a diagnostic hysteroscopy is just fact finding.

A suspicious growth can be taken (biopsy) during the process or a uterine polyp completely excised.

A myomectomy can be done using the same scope.

All these later procedures fall within the definition of a therapeutic hysteroscopy and much more.

You limit the procedure when you called it mere looking at the uterus.

As for the team using a spinal anaesthesia, I duly noted the error in their judgement but I left it to them to explain themselves.

However when conscious sedation is employed in this procedure by use diazepam and pentazocine, deaths have occurred from idiosyncratic reactions.

Oh yes hysteroscopy is minimal invasive surgery. If you don't know this, then I'm done.

Your other points are also noted but like your opener, they are all spurious assumptions.

Enjoy your weekend.
Doc let's not call a spade a shovel,they were going in for a dignostic procedure not therapeutic,a uterine polyp would have been picked by a scan before instituting a therapeutic measure.

We are not getting the picture clear,so let's not argue over something we were given piecemeal info on


Health / Re: Rebecca Sekidika: Rivers First Class Graduate Dies A Week To Her UK Travel by Ruwaha: 7:44am On Feb 25
Agreed but the picture they are painting here isn't clear at all and let's not rule out the possibilities anaphylactic shock here.

Why did the anaesthetist op for such and what was the indication for spinal anaesthesia in that hysteroscopy? Was it to incur more cost to the patients bill since it's a private hospital because it could stimulate a cascade of events that led to this,and again,I ll quarry the type of anaesthetic agent used.

What could have caused vomiting of blood (Upper GI bleeding) when there's no gastric varices or chronic ulcer etc.The massive vaginal blood loss maybe as a result of DIC but what was the predisposing factor that led to DIC even if we would entertain it, could it be that there was instrumentation because a hysteroscope cannot be that sharp to pierce the uterus.
Endometriosis gives a pointer b4 it sets in,I ll not even entertain such either.

Amenorrhea for a while b4 visiting the hospital,has something attached to it,because a landmine could be set and it just happens to have exploded when they stepped on it.

Any combination here is possible.

But by and large,I'm not getting the full picture


First off, the "procedure" is not a surgery. Like an endoscopy, it is done to merely to have a look at the womb and vagina for a probable cause of a symptom a patient might be having. In this case, the doctors wanted to look out for the cause of her rather "acute" amenorrhea. Whether a hysteroscope is what you use to investigate the probable cause of delayed menstruation will be discussed later.

2) Unfortunately "the procedure itself" was abandoned and we might not know what would have been the outcome but let's assume you want to do the procedure in your clinic, is it a spinal anaesthetic you apply to do an endoscopy or hysteroscopy?

You seem to be trying to compare apples and oranges with your submission that death from an idiosyncratic reaction from being administered a benzodiazepine is somehow equal to the foul play that reeks in what was been done here where an invasive procedure that wasn't supposed to be done in the first place was prepped for by using a spinal anaesthetic when a local anaesthetic would have sufficed if needed

3) From your own explanation of what the process of hysteroscopy involves, it is clear you have your complications mixed up. The tubes you need to fill with fluid for better visualization do not harbour clots and as such a thrombus cannot just dislodge from within the womb and go and cause an embolism in her lungs. A thrombus can only form within a blood vessel.

Another key thing to note here which you missed and I reiterate previously is that The part where the procedure would have been done was not arrived at. Hence an embolus from her pelvis cannot be the cause of this as There was no op

Please read the story the op put there before making assumptions or deductions

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Health / Re: Rebecca Sekidika: Rivers First Class Graduate Dies A Week To Her UK Travel by Ruwaha: 7:34am On Feb 25
I've never been so confused reading the cause of morbidity and mortality like this case because nothing is adding up at all
Romance / Re: U.K. Based Lady In Shock After White Man Asked To Split Bills On A Date (Video) by Ruwaha: 2:36pm On Dec 10, 2023
She took her urgent 2k mentality to UK.

This kind of gyals,I don't even think twice b4 I ghost them completely
Romance / Re: Businessman Releases The Names Of Women He Has Slept With by Ruwaha: 4:00pm On Dec 09, 2023
E pain you say nah your gender the man dey take catch cruise

70s and still acting like this?. Some people will never get sense, even though it's free.

What a life!!

modified :Fuvk to those giving me useless mentions .
Foreign Affairs / Re: 90,000 Schoolgirls Aged 10 To 19 Fall Pregnant In 2023 - South African Minister by Ruwaha: 9:00am On Dec 01, 2023
These people's sexual depravity knows no bounds.

As early as 9yr old girl have started collecting prick talk more of 15 with 2 children.

HIV isn't even the issue cos there are drugs that can add to their longevity,what I'm even more concerned Abt is the negative PR this brings to Africa as a whole.

SA is the headquarter of HIV in the world and they know this
Romance / Re: Ugandan Businessman Marries Seven Wives Same Day (photos) by Ruwaha: 8:42am On Sep 12, 2023
These are God's creature you're talking about oo
Is there an epidemic of ugliness in Uganda? 7 wives and non is beautiful?
Health / Re: Brain Drain: FG Moves To Hire Nigerian Doctors Abroad by Ruwaha: 5:10pm On Jan 11, 2023
I strongly believe lots of Nigerian healthcare professionals would still japa with the slightest opportunity presented to leave this hell hole.

NHS targets African and Asian doctors while Canada,New Zealand, Australia and USA targets NHS doctors. It's a cycle going on and on.

The problem would never be solved except we kill corruption,be that as it may,as long as the north determines who wins election,so be it.

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Family / Re: What Is the experience getting married to A Medical Doctor? by Ruwaha: 12:31pm On Jan 09, 2023
See look for a lady overthere and get married to,I wouldn't advice this,it's not as if I want to spoil your market but till she reaches there after marriage before you know her true colours.

Be on an talking mode with air and be following her religiously as well as trying your luck with other intending serious ladies close to you,that you desire oo.

Ask her questions about her long term and short term goals and see if you're in the picture,as soon as you see a red flag, abort, I repeat,abort the mission.

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Agriculture / Re: See Photos Of The Deadly Pig Killed By Hunters In Ago-iwoye, Ogun State by Ruwaha: 9:57am On Nov 26, 2022
angry When will this fools called hunters will realize that all this animal are gradually going into extinction

While the white are busy looking for were to preserve this endangered species we black enjoy killing them for money and merry undecided

I wonder what will happen when the hunters kill all of them.........I guess they will start hunting fellow humans undecided

#BabaNowThatYouAreThere please preserve our wild animals from all this blood sucking demons called hunters angry undecided embarassed
You deliberately set yourself up for bashing.

Animal hunting has been going on since the dawn of time.

Are we to blame for the extinction of sabertooth tigers or mamooth elephant or Dinosaurs.

Get your facts right and don't come to a public space and insult your ancestors
Foreign Affairs / Re: Kanye West Asks Donald Trump To Be His Running Mate In 2024 by Ruwaha: 9:13pm On Nov 23, 2022
For those the gods wants to cause,they first make mad.

This man needs help
Health / Re: Man Diagnosed With HIV, Covid-19, And Monkeypox All At Once – Report by Ruwaha: 3:09pm On Aug 25, 2022
The truth is coming out. They said before na people of west Africa dey spread am.
Gay people has cursed enough havoc in this world.
Sometimes, there should be restrictions to freedom in order not to upset the natural order of things.
To upset the natural order of things,you funny die
Politics / Re: Electricity Workers Call Off Strike by Ruwaha: 10:11pm On Aug 17, 2022
Lecan and their wahala
Crime / Re: NDLEA Intercepts Parcels Of Crystal Meth In Heads Of Smoked Fish by Ruwaha: 4:28pm On Aug 14, 2022
New mode of concealment now is to open a ladies uterus and put a bag of cocaine, the security operatives at the airport wouldn't detect anything
Politics / Re: BBC Bandits Documentary: NBC Fines DSTV, Startimes And TSTV 5 Million Naira Each by Ruwaha: 2:22pm On Aug 04, 2022
When their people are in power,this is the rubbish we get to see

I'm tired of this country
Politics / Re: Fashola: Right Thinking Nigerians Will Vote For APC In 2023 by Ruwaha: 4:38pm On Jul 25, 2022
He was the same person that turned Shelock Holmes in lekki toll gate,looking for something he didn't keep there after EndSars shootout.

Let him continue making his senseless comments
Sports / Re: Transgender, Lia Thomas Nominated For NCAA's 'Woman Of The Year' Award by Ruwaha: 8:07pm On Jul 17, 2022
Am seeing a man who went to chop off his testicles and inverted his penis into a vagina.

Still we are not allowed to be transphobic against this lot overseas.
Politics / Re: Abike Dabiri: I Am Angry Over Kemi Badenoch's Comments by Ruwaha: 6:47pm On Jul 14, 2022
But wait a minute..

What Kemi Bade✊ said is true nah

And again,even if she wants to use it as her campaign slogan to Garner the votes of members of Parliament,it's not bad either.

She's stating facts and the people at the other side of the fence is now complaining about it,because it's the truth.
Politics / Re: Tinubu: Hundeyin’s Rehash Of Old Wives’ Tales - The Cable by Ruwaha: 5:23pm On Jul 14, 2022
So the Tinubu urchins waited for a full day and half before they were able to cook up a response for a grievious allegation and concaine related indictment with this poor unlogical and incoherent response

A full day and a half, Tinubu haven't said anything to refute these allegations even when his character and image has been dragged through the mud,

No threat to sue David Hundeyin, no counter or clarify their claims too

David Hundeyin took his time to put out those expose with papers and documents backing the up but these useless brown envelope journalists will do anything to launder the image of their notorious Pablo EscoBAT pay master by just concocting few grammers

Patrick Obahiagbon's twin brother...

Pls your English is too much for this thread

Come down to our level.. before they re-edit brighter grammar because of you
Politics / Re: OPEC Secretary General Muhammad Barkindo Is Dead by Ruwaha: 7:02am On Jul 06, 2022
I saw this man on TV yesterday making a farewell speech,little did we know it was actually a farewell last supper speech.

May his soul RIP as every soul shall taste death and ll account for their deeds on earth

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Woman Dies In Auto Crash 5 Days After Her Wedding (Photos) by Ruwaha: 6:17am On Jun 21, 2022
May Allah SWT send Nur to her grave and grant her mercy
Career / Re: Just Fired. How Do I Cope With The Emotional Trauma? by Ruwaha: 3:34pm On Jun 20, 2022
For every disappointment comes a blessing

A graduate of Chemical Engineering,Uniben and you are still job hunting oo

What has this country turn into?

Bros it is well oo,leave that state to somewhere else
Education / Re: Competency Test: Kaduna State Sacks NUT President, 2,356 Other Teachers by Ruwaha: 8:20am On Jun 20, 2022
When this similar El rufai was FCT Minister,he sacked plenty federal govt workers in Abuja.

The surprising thing is that he still contested after being minister and won Kaduna State governorship election

Its true that Karma sometimes isn't a bitch
Politics / Re: What Happens If Tinubu’s VP Placeholder, Masari, Goes Rogue? by Ruwaha: 11:43am On Jun 19, 2022
It's a wise choice for now to keep everyone on toes but for how long ll a place holder be left there?

What if he intends to govern subsequently.

Well he'd eventually step down
Politics / Re: APC Candidate, Oyebanji Wins At Fayemi’s Polling Unit by Ruwaha: 1:55am On Jun 19, 2022
This is likely the outcome of Tinubu,Atiku and Peter Obi's election come 2023.

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