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Investment / Re: Is Famzhi Interbiz A Scam? Please Help!!! by samisj4real(m): 11:38am On Jan 10, 2021
I think at this point in time I've lost all hope pertaining getting my money from Famzhi group.

From email i got from SEC they totally de associated themselves from Famzhi meanwhile we heard she used to come there steady when everything was all rosy.
Crime / Re: My Near-Death Experience On 31st December 2020 by samisj4real(m): 2:55pm On Jan 03, 2021
Despite the ecstatic vibe attached to the last day of the year (Gruesome 2020 especially), It ended sadly for me as I experienced a near death situation.

On 31st December, I and my friend decided to experience a great cross-over night at Glory Dome, Dunamis Church Abuja. We boarded a bus from Arab junction, Jabi to Lugbe where the Church is located.

Less than halfway through the journey, the bus began to develop issues and finally stopped just before Wuye Arab bridge. We all had to come down from the vehicle in pursuit of an alternative to our various destinations.

I and my friend walked over to the other end of the bridge while we waited for a cab heading our route. Unluckily for us, we stood there for a while, we couldn’t find any cab as most of them were already filled up and most of the other passengers had already gone their separate ways.

It was becoming dark, lonely, and scary giving the nature of the place we were standing. Just less than 4feets our back were bushes, albeit downhill, and underneath the bridge is a railway track, you won’t be able to tell even because it’s filled with outright darkness.

It was becoming tiring and frustrating, we looked down and noticed 3 guys heading our position, they were seated initially for some while, we both thought they were from same vehicle we boarded and frustrated as we were, my friend suggested we team up with them and look for cab together, I jokingly replied “What if they’re here to rob us..?” We both laughed.

Unbeknownst to us, they actually were. They got closer and to where we were standing, subtly attempting to encircle us while I was looking forward to them passing us, my friend ran off immediately, before I could realize they already formed a triangle grid around me each of them bearing long, sharp knives shouting “Hey! hey!! bring your pocket..!!”.

Being ganged up, held down and threatened to be stabbed if you don’t comply, It was indeed a vicious moment for me, and all I could think of was how I could get out of that situation unhurt. But despite the fear that engulfed me, I stood my ground holding my pocket firmly while they tried to forcefully penetrate in with their hands.

My friend was on the other side, almost at the middle of the express road shouting “Thieves..!” to at least call the attention of motorists but they all formed swirled track avoiding him, perhaps thinking it was a plot to get the robbed?

After several resistance from my end, I got stabbed on my thigh by one of the guys, I then had to let go as they emptied my pocket, carting away with my phone and wallet.

Attempting to run back into the bush, I immediately went after the one that got my phone, he kind of lost orientation and was almost headed towards the bridge while his other gang were heading to the bush. He immediately turned around swinging his long knife so I wouldn’t get close, he then threw the phone to his other gang in the bush and they all ran away.

These robbers were skinny, tall hausa boys all wearing face caps, I was so devastated that if I had a gun, I wouldn’t hesitate even in a split second to put three bullets in their heads. Why does bad thing always happen to good people? I’m not insinuating I’m a saint but I’ll never to this to a fellow. Why me?

Anyways, after the sad occurrence of losing everything I had and almost my life, it reasonable to go back home just as my friend suggested, but instead we still waited, get a cab and head to the church where we had the cross over night. I personally didn’t have any good experience despite dancing and joyous experience everyone had there.

I lost my Samsung A30, Gtb, Diamond and Payoneer debit cards and some cash in the wallet all to one night

Anyways, I’m looking for who can track my phone using maybe the IMEI number? the phone pack, receipt are still intact.

Lastly, kindly learn from my story and avoid that Wuye bridge at all cost.
You no wise.
You were resisting Armed men.
Hero of our Time. Samson.
Business / Re: Beware Of Betfarm by samisj4real(m): 12:10am On Jan 03, 2021
I say, this guys will always make terms and conditions favor them. Someone won N100k with N100, Nairabet said that the odds of one of the events isn't correct hence voiding all. Mel bet own said, they have the right to terminate, limit or cancel winning without notice. I just smiled and said, all this ones are looking for a way people can sue them.

Just win small and stay low key, don't draw attention too much.
Hmmm Nawa, but this talk on just win small doesn't suit well with me oh.

So because of some useless bookmarkers i wouldn't gun for Millis.

If i clearly get my winnings in millions and anybody wants to Bleep with me.

I'll burn down Thier HQ
Business / Re: Beware Of Betfarm by samisj4real(m): 12:07am On Jan 03, 2021
yes true but at least they know I’m serious about my money. I sent an email to all their payment processors informing them about my issue. Most Nigerian bookies are shady once your money run into millions story enters.
Bro, many are.
Even to 100 thousand most a shady.

I don't know whether they just randomly open sites with the mindset of no one would win.
Business / Re: Beware Of Betfarm by samisj4real(m): 5:05pm On Jan 01, 2021
They are slow cuz they don't want to enter trouble, almost all bookie have this in their terms and conditions. XYZ have the right to terminate, void or restrict user. XYZ have the right to limit A, B or C user at anytime on suspicious activity or whatever reason

That is one thing to watch out for, funniest thing is that we just have to accept the terms and conditions
And Also this was also the reason why such commissions are existing.

Msport refused to pay a certain guy and his friend in million a game they both played.

NLRC was involved and the guy got an inside information that them Msport don come do settlement oh. Naso the guy hire lawyer for them oh.

I myself has had case with 1960bet, NLRC invited them, we had a round table meeting with Their chairman and board members and we were let to know that we'll be compensated with an amount fair to us because from this case it was a kind of mistake from 1960bet which shouldn't be our business.
So they'll just have to settle us and they were going to make sure that it's satisfactory enough.

This is a 28M Naira winnings oh.

Up till today, after that day i didn't here from NLRC again.
Business / Re: Beware Of Betfarm by samisj4real(m): 4:46pm On Jan 01, 2021
sorry typo. Nigeria lottery regulatory commission
What pains me so much about this NLRC is that they are slow in action & sometimes the Erring bookmarker goes back to settle up & Naso case they die down.
Business / Re: Beware Of Betfarm by samisj4real(m): 2:24pm On Jan 01, 2021
no I contacted the mov and they are helping. Betfarm promised to pay but they are a very shady company.
Business / Re: Beware Of Betfarm by samisj4real(m): 2:00pm On Jan 01, 2021
I made winnings of over 6 million and they suddenly reduce my maximum staking amount. They reduce their payout from 5million to one million. Now even the supposed instant payment is now a problem. I can’t withdraw my money. Each day they give stories. Runaway from betfarm.
Have you been able to now?
Fashion / Re: 360 Waves For Guys by samisj4real(m): 10:52pm On Dec 18, 2020

Try to get those Nigeria white brush before you can order professional wave brushes and also make sure you wear your Durag and brush very well. Be very consistent.
What supplements can i use to get waves please apart from soft Sheen.

Pix would be appreciated. Thanks
Investment / Re: Is Famzhi Interbiz A Scam? Please Help!!! by samisj4real(m): 2:18pm On Dec 18, 2020
Just got the Tweet notification from them, after reading i decided to screenshot and come here to show you.
Investment / Re: Is Famzhi Interbiz A Scam? Please Help!!! by samisj4real(m): 2:16pm On Dec 18, 2020

Don't know o. Make we dey look them na. Although the security guys there claimed she comes around to make payment.
Doubt if there's any hope again.

This is from SEC official Twitter handle.

And about the fact that she used to come there to make payments, I heard same thing from one of the security men also when i went there.

But to what use is that information even. I'm just tired.

Investment / Re: Is Famzhi Interbiz A Scam? Please Help!!! by samisj4real(m): 11:42am On Dec 17, 2020

SEC has taken over. So write a letter and attach all your proofs of payments to famzhi and monies you have received from famzhi. to DG SEC. Submit in their office beside Rita Lori,garki Abuja. Be rest assured that roi you have collected will be subtracted from your capital.

That's the current info. Best wishes
Yeah, I heard about that and sometimes last week I was there to write the letter.

But and hope from this SEC guys?

Has anyone been paid through them??
Investment / Re: Is Famzhi Interbiz A Scam? Please Help!!! by samisj4real(m): 5:25pm On Dec 16, 2020
Any info so far?
Investment / Re: Is Famzhi Interbiz A Scam? Please Help!!! by samisj4real(m): 8:54am On Oct 17, 2020
I'm a party to this now.

I'm just lost on what to do even.

Please is there any platform one could join to receive information on about them.
Politics / Re: Senate Uncovers NTA, StarTimes Fraud by samisj4real(m): 10:28pm On Aug 21, 2020
Senate house don turn EFCC Abi ICPC.
It is well ooh.
Romance / Re: Please Help. Is The Condition I Gave My Girlfriend Too Harsh? by samisj4real(m): 10:22pm On Aug 21, 2020
Nairalanders, I want you to judge if the conditions I gave this girl is okay or it is too much

I met this girl around June this years. I really liked her. As I was asking her out, I was always taking care of her. Buying her stuffs, giving her allowances and supporting her. Then the relationship started last month officially when we smashed. I continued to take good care of her. But note that before we officially started dating, she showed half interest. She wasn't really into the relationship. When we started dating, she showed same attitude.

Her much elder sister is a hair dresser. Like 7 years older. She lives with the sister. The sister shop is in one hidden corner. They hardly get customers. So both of them are always broke. I have being supporting them. This month, their rent is expiring. They intend to move to a better location. The new shop is N75k per year. My girlfriend asked me for support. I said I will give them N50k by August end. Since they were expecting N50k from me, they gathered all the money they have home and abroad and paid advance of N30,000 for the new shop to secure it. Last week, my girl asked me for N7k for something. I told her I don't have. I am gathering money for the N50k. It is a lie sha. the money is already there.

She then asked me to borrow her. She will pay me back. So I gave her. By weekend, she was acting funny. I told her I am tired of the relationship. She should forget it. It turned to quarrel. Then she left. We quarreled on phone till Monday. I think they felt bad that I am leaving out of the deal to help them secure the shop. On Monday, the sister called to quarrel with me too. Imagine.

After everything, today, my girlfriend called to apologize. I told her that I have forgiven her. But, for our relationship to continue, there is one condition. She asked me what condition. I told her that despite the fact I have being supporting her and her sister, both of them still had the gut to talk to me anyhow. I will only continue the relationship if I will be having sex with the 2 of them. She was shocked. She wanted to start talking nonsense. I told her to shut up and relay my condition to her sister. Let the sister call me to tell me if she agrees.

Is my condition too harsh or it is okay?
All what you have said is none of my business.

My business is to ask you that all this money you are spending on upkeep are you spending it on your Mom and Family at large? Or Na because of you Olamide sing BOBO.


Health / Re: Help!! Hiv Scare!! by samisj4real(m): 8:59pm On Aug 21, 2020

I don already cancel 2 plates of peppersoup.
Better days ahead. Lesson learnt.
Wow. A good thing to do...

Please stay guided.

Always use a condom bro.
Few minutes of pleasure doesn't equates life time of problems.
Health / Re: Help!! Hiv Scare!! by samisj4real(m): 5:38pm On Aug 21, 2020
Do full std panel test if you have the money. It will bring out the exact problem . It’s not that easy to have hiv bruh .
What do you mean by its not easy to have HIV?
Health / Re: Help!! Hiv Scare!! by samisj4real(m): 5:35pm On Aug 21, 2020
So I summoned courage today, telling myself, anyway it goes life goes on..
Negative. I'd feel relieved.
Positive..I'd learn to see the bright side, I will still be alive at least , not dying any time soon.Besides everyone dies, so why should I kill myself.
Packed up and looked for a lab far away from home.
I inquired how much it will cost to do the test and how long should I be expecting the results. 30minutes tops.
Long story short, took my samples and asked me to wait.
I even wanted to run at a time sef.. grin grin
The test came even quicker than I thought, I had barely had time to think about my life while sitting and my strategy to pull myself together should the test turn out positive, or whether I should just run , and forfeit my money.
I heard my name loud , my heart sank .This was the end I told myself. I stood up slowly like a rock was on my head and slowly found my way to the desk. I said yes I heard my name, she handed me the result in an envelope. I quickly put it inside my bag and left hurriedly, I don't want to see the result oo make I no go faint inside the lab.
Got home and just lay on my bed. Thinking of what to do.
After some minutes my friends called me on video asking me when I'm coming over (they were both my classmates and left for graduate studies in the US last year), telling me how I dey slack, I suppose don japa too make I hurry.
I shook my head while giving a fake smile , in my heart I said to myself, how do I process visa and all with a positive result , so does this mean my plan of leaving this country next year is gone forever?? I wondered
After the call, I don't know what came over me , I was just angry , I opened the bag , picked up the result , and opened it, saying even if its positive, all die na die.
To my shock I saw NEGATIVE boldly written.

You know the rest!!Yes my dream is alive, and I'm happy after months of torment.

I have an offer letter to sign without fear of medical screening also.

Thanks all.
What are we celebrating this joyful moments with?
Health / Re: Help!! Hiv Scare!! by samisj4real(m): 5:34pm On Aug 21, 2020
Congratulations Mate!
Romance / Re: Man Dies In My Shop After Loosing 49 Million PHOTOS by samisj4real(m): 5:35pm On Jul 31, 2020

Even me wey buy car some days ago from bet9ja one game just cut me this night.
NARO escape
How Fa, Baba make we align Na.
They drop me your Longshots abeg.
Celebrities / Re: Hushpuppi To Phyno: "If Your House Can Buy My Shoes, I Will Give You N5 Million" by samisj4real(m): 12:35pm On Jul 07, 2020
How far
Hushpuppi na FOWL.

Foolish & Greedy soul.

Bragging on top ill gotten money.
Romance / Re: How Did You Catch Your Cheating PARTNER. by samisj4real(m): 12:49pm On Jun 25, 2020
I suffered eh....

Was madly in love with this girl..She has cheated on me more than twice and I was still holding to love... She had to leave me for another man...

But today, I am happy she left..... Because, my brain got extra sense overtime.....
You really must have loved her, to forgive her twice. cry
Romance / How Did You Catch Your Cheating PARTNER. by samisj4real(m): 10:31pm On Jun 24, 2020
How did you catch your partner cheating & what format did you use?

My own ordeal; loading/typing..
Investment / Making Income At Your Comfort Zone. by samisj4real(m): 11:27am On Jun 13, 2020
There's a new means of making $1k & more, but it only depends on time & how you are able to reach out to people.

Mail me if interested.

Can't drop link here in order to avoid Ban.


You can mail or quote me.
Romance / Re: Share Heartbreaking Things Your Ex(es) Did To You by samisj4real(m): 1:26pm On May 14, 2020
Nothing like that here, we just split ways after I've eaten the coochie well of course, most times because they caught me cheating or discover I maintain a 5 years old relationship (which is going nowhere though), or when I refuse to spend money lol, remember you cannot break a heartless man's heart.
Funny Fellow....
Health / Re: Premature Ejaculation: Causes and Remedies by samisj4real(m): 4:57pm On May 02, 2020

Thanks Boss
Health / Re: Premature Ejaculation: Causes and Remedies by samisj4real(m): 1:02pm On May 02, 2020
Drink raw pap(akamu), ur PE problem will b over
Hey Bro, are you serious about this?

Like it brings about permanent solution or just on demand?
Health / Re: Premature Ejaculation: Causes and Remedies by samisj4real(m): 12:56pm On May 02, 2020
I got this on one Nairalander's thread.

1 big Onion

Big cut of watermelon

One or two lemon (liquid content only)

Few cloves of garlic

Moderate ginger

Pure honey.

Blend everything together and allow for like 30 minutes before sieving.

Pour the sieved solution into a cup of pure natural honey. Mix and take two spoonfuls a day.

Honestly may God bless the guy who posted it then.

It worked fantastically well for me
can i PM you on this please?

1 Like

Crime / Re: POLICE Gratuity by samisj4real(m): 1:28pm On Apr 27, 2020
of course he can get something as far as he can prove that he's the next of kin.
Thanks so much for your comments.
I really appreciate it.

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