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Poems For Review / I Shed A Tear by scarphase(m): 3:48pm On Mar 19
I shed a tear
Thinking it'll take care of my fear
This I repeat every year
Forgetting that everyone has a cross to bear

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Poems For Review / What We Take by scarphase(m): 12:41pm On Mar 10
The paths we take
The hearts we break
The tables we shake
And monsters we make
All because of men and women we half bake

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Poems For Review / Re: Today And Tomorrow by scarphase(m): 6:08pm On Mar 08
Thanks a lot
Poems For Review / About Arsenal! A Taunt To The Fans by scarphase(m): 11:48am On Mar 08
Okay I would not talk about Arsenal today. Yes! I would not. I would simply ignore the fact that Arsenal is just a local London club that always falter in Europe.

I said I would not talk about Arsenal today. Yes! I would not. I would simply ignore the fact they just got pummeled yesterday in Europe.

I refuse to talk about Arsenal today. Yes! I would not. I would simply ignore the fact that Arsenal is the most consistent losing team in Europe.

If all the above means I have spoken about Arsenal then I guess my mind and fingers are not in Sync. I did not talk or write about Arsenal.

These are not my real words!
Poems For Review / Today And Tomorrow by scarphase(m): 11:36am On Mar 08
Talk they say is cheap
True promises hard to keep
With each passing day
I get short of words to say
Never had it this good
Your love to my soul is food
You came and wiped off my sorrow
I wish I could love you more as we grow
But I can’t and that why I choose to love you repeatedly
For just two days of my life; today and tomorrow

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Poems For Review / Re: Scared To Live, Happy To Die by scarphase(m): 3:43pm On Feb 15
Thank you

Poems For Review / Scared To Live, Happy To Die by scarphase(m): 9:31am On Feb 11
Scared to live
Happy to die
For in death fear ends
but for now we live
not just taking what life will give
we live to the fullest for we do not know
when or how death will show
Poems For Review / Hard To Love by scarphase(m): 10:21pm On Feb 10
Hard to love
Yet they come find me
Like a puzzle
It’s hard to solve
But then it ends, and they flee
This man truly is just himself
Can’t be picked off the shelf

Hard to trust
Yet they seek him
Like love
He’s hard to find
Not because it isn’t there, but they are blind
Not for general consumption
Only meant to give personal satisfaction[/i]

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Poems For Review / Just Another Day by scarphase(m): 10:05pm On Jul 27, 2021
Just another day!
The Optimus!
The Prime of this time!
The Optimus
The grand commander of the autobots!
The Optimus !
The one with the bright thoughts!

Just another day!
This is me
If that is all you see
My title is what many try to be
But when I come through they flee
The Optimus prime
The ichiban deception slayer
Nobody's betrayer

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Poems For Review / New Year,new Me by scarphase(m): 8:54pm On Dec 31, 2020
Here we go again
New year new me starts to reign
That's what people keep saying
New year new opportunities and they keep bragging
We kind of feel like there is a reset button
One that automatically changes destinies
One that at 12am on the 1st of 2021
It will be so busy changing lives that we would all become brand new

Nothing changes
Same ol' 24 hours
You are still in same house and your account balance remains same
No 2021 is being nice to you
Neither was any 2020 mean
Day and Night
Darkness and light
That's all there is
The more you look
The less you see.
New resolutions?
Another topic for another day
For now , let me sit and continue my Orijin
As I have grasped the true essence of my Origin


Autos / Neatly Used 2006 Mercedes Benz C230 Available For Sale !! by scarphase(m): 11:48am On Jun 27, 2020
I have this neatly used 2006 Mercedes Benz C230 available for sale going for N2m but slightly. Car is in Lagos . Car is regularly being serviced and being sold because I bought a bigger one

Poems For Review / On My Way To The Top by scarphase(m): 8:12am On Jun 24, 2020
On my way to the top
I might fall and flop
I might miss my steps
I might be a bit slow
But be rest assured that I would not give up
I would rise like a phoenix
Spready my wings like a mature eagle
Up i shall go
Because i am on my way to the top

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Poems For Review / Silence! by scarphase(m): 10:06pm On May 30, 2020
There comes a time when it is golden
There comes a time when it is stolen
Sometimes it does more than spoken words
Sometimes it hides quite a number of flaws
A tool for concealment
A means of contentment
When we are awashed with emotions with nothing to say
When the heart is heavy, it is used as a tool to pray
Poems For Review / Re: Secret Pains of a Troubled Mind by scarphase(m): 9:13pm On May 26, 2020
Nice poem.did'nt knw there were poets in nairaland.nice rhyming too.

Thank you. We have a community of poets here secretly doing just that we hardly ever get to front page.

Thanks for reading my stuff. I am happy you find it interesting to read
Poems For Review / Re: Secret Pains of a Troubled Mind by scarphase(m): 2:57pm On May 26, 2020
Welcome back scarphase, nice poem.

Didn't know my work is noticed oh. Thanks fam. This Covid period clouded and troubled the mind a bit but I am back
Poems For Review / Oooops My Bad by scarphase(m): 6:29am On May 22, 2020
First let me lay it out of my chest
I miss everything about you and not only your breast
You know how I treat you differently from the rest
You are the best
The very one I never had
Oooops my bad!!
Poems For Review / Microscopic Beauty by scarphase(m): 6:23am On May 22, 2020
If beauty were to be viewed with a microscope
The image will be dope
It will be something we all have never imagined
Inexplicably defined
The image will be you
And I mean what I say because its true

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Poems For Review / Secret Pains of a Troubled Mind by scarphase(m): 3:36am On May 21, 2020
He sees the pain
Feels the strain
Its deeper than he can imagine
It's a battle he can't win
Something he tries not to believe
This causes him to grieve
Sadly he can't show how it all began
Or maybe its when he tried to be everyone's fan
All those times he thought he could please them all
Leading to his fall
If only the world can see
Maybe they would let him be

Tried his best
Hoping to be better than the rest
Hanging in the balance
Emerging from his trance
As the secret tears drops
And crazy thoughts pops
He has lost something he can't replace
No fixing even if Coldplay tries to make a case
Sleepless nights
Useless shinning amour bearing knights
Light should guide him home
But he is Nigerian, at the mercy of PHCN
And even if he tries to call he gets to deal with MTN
Incoherent words of a troubled mind
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by scarphase(m): 1:28pm On Mar 20, 2020

Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by scarphase(m): 4:44pm On Mar 16, 2020
Hello house, has anyone received Zenith bank dividends slated for today?

We don take am buy more shares for this bonanza
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by scarphase(m): 12:12pm On Mar 14, 2020
*Breaking News*

Zenith Bank finally wins bid to take over Union Bank. Signs due diligence report today at the CBN HQ, Garki, Abuja.

More info unfolding soon.

Zenith Bank getting bigger

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Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by scarphase(m): 2:37pm On Mar 06, 2020
the one wey dey offer u don buy am finish

Oga calm down. You dont judge people anyhow like that . Just because we all post here doesn't mean you can spew rubbish anyhow
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by scarphase(m): 1:31pm On Mar 06, 2020
For newbies and the cap preservation gang, you can buy Lawunion if you wish to.
Your capital plus some change on top is guaranteed. grin
It's currently selling at N1.01 and the new investor is paying N1.23kobo. Try and see if you can get below N1 but up to 1.05 is not that bad too.
Cardinal Stone is their registrar. Once you buy start processing you e-dividend right away.

This is confirmed information and timely as well. I have confirmed from reliable sources. Thanks for this heads up but its scarce in the market

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Literature / I Am King by scarphase(m): 7:44pm On Feb 03, 2020
I am King.
You can tell by the aura I bring.
I am King.
You can tell by the song I sing.

I am King.
You doubt? Check out my ring.
I am King.
The Optimus and not just a fling.

I am King.
Not to be ignored by any living being.
I am King.
And this time is my Spring.

I am King.
I hold the crown from falling.
I am King.
The one the earth longs to keep loving.

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Poems For Review / The Moment by scarphase(m): 7:38pm On Feb 03, 2020
Seize the moment.
Take the chance.
Sometimes you just have to go all out.
There are chances that only come once in a lifetime.
Throw caution to the wind. Sometimes let go of some inhibitions.
All these to feed your ambitions

Take the bull by its horns.
Never forget that even roses have thorns.
Life is like a wheel dishing chances in turns.
Be prepared lest your chance burns.
Take the best of what life offers.
Ensure it stays secured in your coffers.
Poems For Review / Re: Rhymers Needed Pls by scarphase(m): 7:32pm On Jan 18, 2020
Religion / Re: 7 Reasons Why Christians Should Stop Taking Alcohol by scarphase(m): 9:09am On Jan 12, 2020

Why does the book od Deuteronomy 14 say we should use our tithe to buy strong drink aka alcohol? I believe the key thing in life is moderation and God has given us the discernment to know right from wrong but for you to quite a section of the bible to support your view isn't right.

You cannot use your own understanding to generalize!

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Poems For Review / No One by scarphase(m): 9:06am On Jan 11, 2020
No one!

No one
Not anyone
No one has it better
We all just carry it differently
No one's pain is more or less
We all just cry differently
No one
Not anyone
No one has a lesser burden
We all just face it differently
No one's load is heavier or lighter
We all just carry it differently
No one
Not anyone
None has a perfect life
No one
Not anyone

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Poems For Review / Re: Nothing Will Again,break Me. by scarphase(m): 6:27pm On Jan 01, 2020
Poems For Review / When I Was Young by scarphase(m): 6:21pm On Jan 01, 2020
I wonder where the years went
The years of Innocence with little worries
The days have gone
Moments have flashed past
I have grown older
I look back at yesterday
Oh how I thought I could shape the "tomorrow" then
I used to think I could achieve anything I put my mind to
Life seemed so easy like it was in cartoons
Dreams were conceived
Plans hatched
Most of which have become wishful thinking as I have come to realise
I remember with nostalgia
The times I was younger
When life wasn't so hard or so I thought
Now here wondering why I grew up
What really is the incentive for growing
Responsibilities, bills and societal expectations
These now take away the joy of "adulting"
Oh if I could turn back the hands of time
I wish I was younger
When my troubles were fewer
And friends truer


Poems For Review / Reflections by scarphase(m): 10:10am On Dec 12, 2019
You see my smile
But deep within I cry
You see the laughter
But deep within I am drowning
You see me fixing others
But I myself need fixing
I am broken
Pieces of me scattered all over the place
I am lost
Cannot seem to find myself
I am screaming for help
But all the world sees is my playful self

I close my eyes and they think I sleep
But deep inside I am wide awake searching
For the missing piece
For that one thing
The one that will lead me home
And out of this feeling
Lights will shine
And I shall smile again
Dancing to the rhythm of my heart
As I recover from the dungeon I find myself
But who would save me
When the real me can’t be found
As I bath myself in my tears
While wallowing in my fears

Maybe I should run
Far away
Maybe I will find comfort in the rain
Where my tears and fears will not be visible in the plain
But then I have to ask myself
Where am I now
Why am I where I am
Answers that might serve as the compass
To lead me out of this feeling
And complete my process of healing
Then maybe the lights will guide me home
And take me back to where my journey began
So I can right all my wrongs
And finally get to shine
This light of mine
Poems For Review / This Life , I Can't Kill Myself by scarphase(m): 5:24pm On Dec 01, 2019
Every day I wake up
Hustling hard to ensure I stay up
As I chart the course of the day's tasks
While hoping to secure money bags
Life itself setting different standards
Some within, some beyond and so I back down

Reaching out for my playlist
I scroll down to letter "I" on list
There I find the solution to life's problems.
Alas! The solution lies in a track
As inspired by Brother Timaya
This life, I can't kill myself!!!

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