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Webmasters / Re: Can I Recover My Website From A Hosting Company That Deleted It From Server? by semasir: 4:53pm On Jul 10
Unfortunately not possible except you've had your own backup. Next time, stop patronising these people especially with our local network (this is what we've become) though I can understand if you choose them over others.

Is there anywhere on their website where there terms indicated this action especial within two weeks? Legal action would have been okay but this is not feasible in cases as this.

Just start afresh pls.... I had an awful experience too so I don't use Nigeria hosting providers anymore but would only register local domain extensions then japa foreign
Properties / Re: What Should I Look Out For When Buying A Land? Help Guys by semasir: 12:11pm On Jul 07
- The serenity of the area
- documentation of the land
- your pocket size too

In essence, if you need any landed property in Badagry, let's talk too! You can get up to 3 plots within ₦1m per plot
Webmasters / Re: If You Have A News Website Please Come In For Sponsored Post by semasir: 8:52pm On Jul 06
Nice one... Let me see how we can partner with O'News Blog and Brands News Nigeria which links are in my signature.
If you have a news blog and ready to accept 3k to post something on your blog. Kindly quote me.

Please scammers keep away so that you may have long life.

Please no recent blogs. At least 500 views per day
Education / Re: How Do I Teach Little Children Coding? by semasir: 6:49pm On Jul 06
Try and see stackjunior.com for some kiddies stuff which might be useful for you and the school
Culture / Re: Sweet Fon Names by semasir: 11:07am On Feb 10
Sure... I understand what you mean clearly. Thanks for checking up, I'm fine here and you?


You have to put yourself in the name coiner's shoes. The person here has been influenced by Yoruba. You felt awkward because you don't have his kind of "experience".

This person has interpreted "Igbeyin Dara" to Egun language, it's common to hear the Yoruba say "Igbeyin adun". One can thus "export" this to any other tongue.

But godo, as in philology connotes backwardness in Egun. So the name won't really sit right at a go without inter-ethnic appraisal for an Egun speaker.

Don't mind my analysis, it's aimed to shed some light on what may not meet the eyes immediately. I completely agree with your interpretation.

Hope you are doing great?
Culture / Re: Sweet Fon Names by semasir: 9:30pm On Jan 26
Godoyon looks awkward to me but simply means that the back is good [/b]while [b]Whenayon means the home will be good

Good morning,pls am from badagry but I find it hard understanding the language, please I need the meaning of these names

Godoyon and Whenayon.
Family / Re: I Am Tired Of My Wife by semasir: 6:28pm On Jan 18
You've done so much that I even imagine and only a senseless woman will want to go to this extent of denying your mum some peace and food at least 2x.

I wish you could let you have a way to settle your mum elsewhere and keep up with the stipend you can afford while your wife work her money too even if it's setting her up for petty business. Some women need to learn to appreciate sacrifices made by their men for them. I can't tolerate certain excesses as much as I know and this marriage journey is really patience and far from the glamour boyfriend and girlfriend parole.
Webmasters / Re: Anybody Used Domainhosting.com.ng? by semasir: 10:55pm On Dec 26, 2021
Please look elsewhere not that place

Please can you throw more light on this.
I am contemplating to buy VPS hosting from them.
Webmasters / Re: Anybody Used Domainhosting.com.ng? by semasir: 12:39am On Dec 03, 2021
A very useless hosting services though.... They may come handy to register your domain but don't trust hosting with them
Webmasters / Re: I Need A Bulk Sms Website. Who Can Build This For Me? by semasir: 6:46pm On Oct 20, 2021
Available.... Number in the signature
Drop your WhatsApp number.. I will add you up. Let's talk
Religion / Re: Is Speaking In Tongues Trainable Or A Gift? by semasir: 11:16am On Sep 05, 2021
So many errors taught and not even established or near the truth as seen in the Bible.

Speaking in tongues means speaking another language which we all do daily but those who are seen these days as men of God with influence and many wish to be delusional and also want to still be adamant won't acknowledge this fact.

1 Corinthians 14:22 clarify it clearly its a sign for the unbelievers and from the onset, we all can read and understand in clear words what the Bible related to us on the day of Pentecost in particular when people from 16 nations came to celebrate and all heard Peter clearly in their own tongue (language) though they are of ancestry but didn't understand the native language but they all heard and understood him even asked how him being an illiterate (and fisherman) was able to read well and speak to them from the Holy Books to the extent of over 2000 souls were added (baptized) to the church.

From the original context, Glossolalia is from the Greek word γλωσσολαλία, itself a compound of the words γλῶσσα (glossa), meaning "tongue" or "language" and λαλέω (laleō), "to speak, talk, chat, prattle, or to make a sound". The Greek expression (in various forms) appears in the New Testament in the books of Acts and First Corinthians. In Acts 2, the followers of Christ receive the Holy Spirit and speak in the languages of at least fifteen countries or ethnic groups.

Acts 2, which describes an occurrence of speaking in tongues in Jerusalem at Pentecost, though with various interpretations. It simply means that "every man heard them speak in his own language" and wondered "how hear we every man in our own tongue, wherein we were born?".

Reading further in Acts 10:46, the household of Cornelius in Caesarea spoke in tongues, and those present compared it to the speaking in tongues that occurred at Pentecost.

In essence, we all speak in tongues daily talking in one or two languages

the reason for this my question is as a result of a lady that i met she said she wanted to teach or train me how to be speaking in tongue, so i was disturbed on whether speaking in tongues is gift from God or they receive training as claimed by this lady.

So bible scholars, share your opinion on this because she is seriously disturbing me.

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Webmasters / Re: I Need Bulk Sms API That Deliver To All Number Worldwide by semasir: 9:41pm On Sep 01, 2021
You can please try www.onenairasms.com to start with. We can work out delivery to other providers World-wide too in due course
Webmasters / Re: I Need The Contact Of A Professional Blog Creator by semasir: 5:01am On May 02, 2021
Hi, I'd be glad to be of assistance to you. Some sample blogs are on my signature for your review
Please indicate if you can deliver a unique, responsive, well organized, non-hanging, well designed, professional blog

Investment / Cryptocurrency: Tradefada Set For Relaunch On 1st May by semasir: 11:23pm On Apr 28, 2021
As Nigerians take the lead in global cryptocurrency trade and adoption, TradeFada, one of the major Indigenous players in the Nigerian cryptocurrency industry is set to re-launch its services to the general public, and not just locally, but to a more diverse international audience.

TradeFada will be launching a new robust and secure world class crypto-to-crypto spot exchange which boasts of deep liquidity on over 100 trading pairs ranging from Bitcoin to Ethereum, Bogecoin, ripple, and so much more. The exchange will also be available as mobile apps for Android and iOS to give users ability to trade anytime and anywhere.

TradeFada will also be launching its instant fiat-to-crypto exchange platform to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in over 30 fiat currencies from different countries.

This feat plus their adherence to global best practices will place TradeFada amongst the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges and gives Nigerians the opportunity to benefit from and participate in one of the worlds largest financial revolution and generational wealth transfer.

For more information go to www.tradeFada.com ,on Instagram @tradeFada and also Twitter @tradeFada.

Credits: https://www.brandsnews.com.ng/cryptocurrency-tradefada-set-for-relaunch-on-1st-may/

Career / Re: I Currently Need Your Sincere, Unbiased advice by semasir: 5:49pm On Apr 27, 2021
It will be a great advantage if you indeed need learn front end programming as you rightly wish to.

I appreciate your dad too making efforts to get you educated, schooling is really brat with money so get skilled, and earn online certification as much as possible. Your schooling will be useless if you can't be self sustainable besides you're of age to leave dad's loins to stay more responsible. Best wishes
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Coming To Lagos For Opportunities! by semasir: 1:34am On Apr 21, 2021
Best of luck

I have a place to stay, I never thought of staying under brigde. I just need a job to sustain me while I chase my dreams. I've made a lot of research before deciding to come to lag
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Coming To Lagos For Opportunities! by semasir: 10:33pm On Apr 20, 2021
I manage social media pages for clients and develop content as well as website design not to forget my bulk SMS hustle on my signature. I only became serious about blogging last year despite haven developed some top blogs all these years.


What are doing online, blogging?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Coming To Lagos For Opportunities! by semasir: 10:29pm On Apr 20, 2021
A change in environment indeed can be some positive but from all I've read noting your responses, you're not prepared but mostly looking at Lagos as the promised land.

Get yourself financially buoyant as little as possible then you can make efforts. Ajegunle and Festac indeed are good places but your thoughts about sleeping under bridge is a miss, you might be wrong doing so and regret it.

Again, your choice of course is good enough to give you some food if you are diligent.


media and entertainment thats the field I want to chase my dreams plus am single so I think I can handle the stress before I sort myself out
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Coming To Lagos For Opportunities! by semasir: 11:19am On Apr 20, 2021
Work on yourself is what I'd say. There are some missing links in you


Thanks. Any help or suggestions?
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Coming To Lagos For Opportunities! by semasir: 11:00am On Apr 20, 2021
100 jobs and still unemployed? Don't you think you need to restrategize? I was once out of job for a month and got 2 offers and had to settle for one over the other even the longer one I was out of job for 5 months, I was engaged doing something online.

Please think it through your plans on this interviews.

Lagos hard. Lagos tough die! No be beans bro! I was born and bred here in Lagos. I'm a graduate with good a result and some experience in Procurement and sales. I still don't have a job atm. I've attended over 100 interviews here in Lagos. Though destiny differs. Yours might be different.

All the best
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Coming To Lagos For Opportunities! by semasir: 10:57am On Apr 20, 2021
Lagos can indeed make or mar you. There are opportunities for sure but the stuff you are made of and the divine grace you possess can take you farther.

If I have my way, I won't advise you chase any dream in Lagos due to the stress involved except you don't mind or even get luckier by getting yourself a job closer to where you'd live.

I have no where I might just think of running back to because I'm a Lagosian and married else I'd have done so! I've lived in Port Harcourt more and I still prefer it to Lagos (finance wise, they're almost equal but Lagos has the edge because of the cash flow) and also Abuja is fine too!

I dunno what dream you are dreaming of but be mindful that you can be anywhere and successful all the same though some environment speeds up the process.

All the best for you
Family / Re: How Can I Save Money After Easter Season?? by semasir: 5:35pm On Apr 10, 2021
You can download PiggyVest using the link below and remember to safe lock your money for a period you would like then cash out any time and earn some interest too



Can you recommend any good investment plans?
Family / Re: How Can I Save Money After Easter Season?? by semasir: 8:05am On Apr 08, 2021
I'd advise you opt for PiggyVest! It'll help you save (un)consciously using the automated savings daily, weekly, monthly or at any time.

Ite quite better because you can save as low as ₦100 daily and worst is a saving of about ₦20,000 - ₦25,000 depending on your income.

You can download all the same using the link below:



Easter season has come and gone but it brings memories of our childhood and traditions many of us still incorporate into our families.

My memories of Easter as a child are full of food, sending messages to our loved ones, travelling and putting smiles on the faces of people we love.

How did you spend your Easter holidays?

Did you have a barbecue in your yard? Cook at home? Go to church with your family? �

I think of the ultimate love sacrifice God made as a father, by sending his one and only son to take on the atonement of our sins. I think about how I can give back this love to the people around me. I want to be sure that I’m leaving an impact wherever I go; making everyone comfortable and happy in the best way I can.

This Easter I’ve done a lot of things with my family; I need to make sure that all my family's utility bills are settled in order to avoid interruption.

We cooked a feast and shared food and drinks with our neighbours too. Some of us even visited a nearby orphanage to share food with them. Of course, when I saw my sisters and cousins I ended up sending them money and airtime as well.

Now I’m completely broke. I’ve been thinking about ways to save money this season to make up for my splurge last weekend. I’ve cut down on going out, and I’ve been talking to my friends to team up and buy foodstuffs in bulk together. I'm also thinkinh of breaking up with my girlfriend to save money. Please what else can I do to save??
Nairaland / General / Re: Top Three Mattress Brand In Nigeria by semasir: 8:37am On Jan 02, 2021
That's nice! Any 1st hand experience with you that you have, please?


Winco I guess
Nairaland / General / Re: Top Three Mattress Brand In Nigeria by semasir: 3:42am On Dec 16, 2020
This should be based on your choice of their products
Which of them is more affordable?
Nairaland / General / How To Remove Website Link From Ban List On Nairaland by semasir: 10:24pm On Nov 22, 2020
Hello Seun and Lalasticlala,

How can the ban on a website link be lifted on Nairaland?

Your bots isn't doing it right...
Politics / Re: NAF Commissions New Residential Accommodation For Personnel In Lagos (photos) by semasir: 5:27am On Oct 09, 2020
I have a relation in this sector and the place of commissioning and its all good stories at least too I'd say. I wish all officers are sincere across board as well as our leaders then we should have a better country to live in

If infrastructural and human capacity development is truly our goal as a developing country, the Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar, has more than proven himself to be fit for the Chief of Defence Staff or Minister of Defence.

I also understand officers and men in the airforce are quite pleased with the zeal and urgency at which he addresses their official and personal issues. I watched, with great satisfaction, a video clip of how the airforce celebrated its anniversary some months back. The force reached out to the locals and carried out humanitarian services to the poor. It could be recalled the airforce recently sponsored a surgery for the seperation of siamese twins in Calabar (or is it Akwa Ibom?)

The above and many more are some of the constitutional roles of the military and in line with global best practices. The military is not just about fighting. It also involves rescue operations and humanitarian services.

If appointment is truly on the basis of merit, Buhari should appoint Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar as the Chief of Defence Staff or minister of defence without delay.
Webmasters / Re: How To Create A Site Like Nairaland by semasir: 1:20am On Jul 13, 2020
Check the LASU Forum link on my signature and let me know if you want it..
How can i create a website like nairaland.the tech and mobile developers,what is the cost of creating a forum just like nairaland.

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