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Foreign Affairs / Re: UN Staff Members Inspect The Remains Of Aid's Car Hit By Israel In Gaza by shomutuski(m): 8:53am On Apr 05
What type of bomb is this? It hit so precisely! No sign of fire, the car tire is still usable🤔

Drone carried bomb
Romance / Re: Tell Mohbad's Dad To Get A Court Order For A DNA To Be Done - Wunmi by shomutuski(m): 5:01pm On Mar 29

You sound dull and fooliiish at the same time no offense

Romance / Re: Strange Sexual Behaviour by shomutuski(m): 4:19pm On Mar 21

This one yellow die....tall, fine die, bobbii plenty, full chest

..i initially ddnt get it when the werey first said she no like how I no dey rush am ....that I should rough handle her small naaa......I was like......which one be rough handle again?? . spanking and hair pulling no do you.??

Next thing this werey go dey run inside room, dey use style say make we play game....first to pull each other underwear....and she no go still gree make i pull am easily...its almost as if the werey want make i tear the thing........me be like..this thing don dey look like rape set up for my eye oooo......abeg come come dey go....

Later later when we finish NYSC we jam on POP..werey come dey tell me say me be old school... Say I no sabi 2017 romance ....I tell am say na person wey she go put for trouble she dey find

this one nah igbo oo


Romance / Re: Strange Sexual Behaviour by shomutuski(m): 3:03pm On Mar 21

Rape fetish... masochism...

Stella .....I salute who dey date you now.....

..it's either born out of past trauma in which the brain switch to a coping mechanism mode or pornogrĂ phy consumption.......

which stella? LMAO I sabi one like that wey like fight before mekwe oo
Politics / Re: Abia State To Get $125 Million From Islamic Development Bank For Roads by shomutuski(m): 9:50am On Mar 19

high voltage ignorance.

He has a galaxy level of delusion
Foreign Affairs / Re: Israeli Troops Raid Gaza's Al Shifa Hospital(photos) by shomutuski(m): 9:48am On Mar 19

Sorry, but the IDF isn't bumbling about. They were on the tail for TERRORISTS hiding in that hospital.

They could've turned the hospital to rubble ages ago if they wanted, but they're not about that; they aim for accuracy. Yet, here you are, still having a moan. And those two men snatched by Hamas? They were rescued in Rafah. What's the deal, you having a laugh or something? Lol

Peak Fooling, How you get your information? Average Nigeria Hell Hole Dweller
Business / Re: Herbert Wigwe Surviving Children Show Strength At Funeral For Parents (photo) by shomutuski(m): 9:53am On Mar 11
Your father

You better be careful so you dont talk anyhow to who will redeem you
Business / Re: Herbert Wigwe Surviving Children Show Strength At Funeral For Parents (photo) by shomutuski(m): 9:52am On Mar 11
You have a mental problem..

Money is everything.

If Nigeria had money a dollar would at worst be 100 naira.
If Nigeria had money it citizens would not be interested in japa.
If Nigeria had money there would be 24 hour electricity.
If Nigeria had money there would be better transportation services.
If Nigeria had money there would be no terrorism.
If Nigeria had money there would better schools and hospitals.
If Nigeria had money there would be unemployment benefits.
If Nigeria had money there would be health insurance for every Nigerian.
If Nigeria had money there would be better security in Nigeria.

whats your worth?
Business / Re: Herbert Wigwe Surviving Children Show Strength At Funeral For Parents (photo) by shomutuski(m): 9:58am On Mar 10
Poverty shutup! No one has ever been rich in your generation.

You that have not seen 50k naira in your life!

You need to chill...
Business / Re: Herbert Wigwe Surviving Children Show Strength At Funeral For Parents (photo) by shomutuski(m): 9:57am On Mar 10

Don't mind him, children wey dem go share will and cash out immediately after the burial of dier papa.
I dey eye dat slim babe with dark shades like if i fit be her side guy shikena

Your statement still proves the previous comment right "children wey dem go share will and cash out immediately after the burial of dier papa" all you can think of after young kids loosing their parents is this

Its a shame the mindset of a lot of us, Like he said; Money isn't everything which was proved unfortunately by wigwe demise because his surviving kids will exchange all their dads wealth in an instant to bring him back to life and poverty isn't everything which you have proved with your ignorance, you see poverty and ignorance are two side of the same coin. it makes our thinking so myopic, so crude and you just displayed it on here.

Money isn't life itself, Our true essence of coming to life isn't to spend money; take it or leave. i dare say a lot of frivolousness are set to keep us away from out true calling. Take it from a person that has watered both side of that grass, i wont reject money either as I know it makes life super easy and beautiful, it helps me make my family life easy but it doesn't control me, I WONT CHANGE MY MORALS FOR IT and i see it as what it is - a means to an end and not the end itself.

Half the people that would read this comment still wont grasp because like i said earlier; Poverty is not everything.

Rest in Peace Herbert Wigwe


Foreign Affairs / Re: More Than 100 Killed While Seeking Aid In Gaza, Overall Death Toll Passes 30,000 by shomutuski(m): 8:28am On Mar 06

You don't know me Terrorist

I've a sound biochemistry degree, my Dad wealth alone can't make me suffer in the next 60 years, not to talk of the huge amount of money I'm making for my self

I believe your religion is a religion of peace?? My hate for y'all know no bound since you terrorist killed innocent Christian girl named Deborah in sokoto state, God will judge y'all according to your deeds

Story!!!!! My dad wealth! Yeah Alright. Biochem degree XD Neegus please lmao
Foreign Affairs / Re: Insurrection: Trump Is Eligible To be on d ballot in Colorado - US Supreme Court by shomutuski(m): 11:07pm On Mar 04
So much white privilege, a man that has no respect for the rule of law.

Imagine if Donald trump was a black man with all the scandals and infractions he committed, he would be in prison by now and be barred from running for any public office in US forever.

Republican party of today is full of dregs and deplorables

He's just wasting his time, no sane American will vote for him

mehn stfu you dont know sit! focus on your hell hole nigeria
Foreign Affairs / Re: More Than 100 Killed While Seeking Aid In Gaza, Overall Death Toll Passes 30,000 by shomutuski(m): 6:00pm On Mar 02

Hamas Terrorist, isreal Haven't done enough swears

They'll pounce on you terrorists till they wipe y'all off the Google map

Yeah! it will take a long time for you to understand but for now try dealing with the perennial poverty nigeria has put you in, only then you can have a regular thinking faculty.
Bruh my life is goooooood
Foreign Affairs / Re: More Than 100 Killed While Seeking Aid In Gaza, Overall Death Toll Passes 30,000 by shomutuski(m): 5:06pm On Mar 01
This GAZA people never see anything

Never start what you can't finish

Says a fool that's been bleeped in the ass by Nigerian government lmao!
Travel / Re: Allen Onyema: Air Peace Chose Gatwick Airport For Lagos-London Flights by shomutuski(m): 12:26pm On Feb 27
I feel this airline is about to blow like Nvidia, the result of yesterday's persistence is about to yield fruits

Na to go buy airpeace stock the day they commence the flights and I confirm, 9m into their stock sharp

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Foreign Affairs / Re: US Government Imposes Sanctions On Israeli Settlers Accused Of West Bank Violenc by shomutuski(m): 11:47am On Feb 02
why do u think the US is now considering establishing an Independent Statehood for the Palestinians

Due to public outcry and netanyahu relentless killing thats well publicized, make no mistake this is an ongoing nakbah, genocide, ethnic cleansing of the people of palestine
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Government Imposes Sanctions On Israeli Settlers Accused Of West Bank Violenc by shomutuski(m): 9:30am On Feb 02

You mean the Injustice melted to the people in Israel on October 7 by Hamas terrorists?
Why aren't you speaking about that?

This didnt start oct 7, you know nothing bruh!!! Even most of the claims of oct 7 has been refuted, I am in position to know better than you due to my location. Actually this is a waste of my time because you cannot see the truth even if its right in front of you.
Foreign Affairs / Re: US Government Imposes Sanctions On Israeli Settlers Accused Of West Bank Violenc by shomutuski(m): 9:28am On Feb 02
This is a welcome development, even though it will not change anything.

I know some Nigerians will come out to spill gibberish now since this move is against their so-called God chosen nation

APT!! Apparently every Nigerian thinks Israel is still the biblical one. Not a lot of people know about Zionism and its different ideologies to Judaism, over the years nairaland has shown me how the average Nigerian think with their emotions

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump: New York Expands Legal Defnition Of Rape, Includes Nonconsensual Contact by shomutuski(m): 11:51am On Jan 31
Just concerned why Trump is used in the heading. Was the law to get Trump? Or to do what it is supposed to do?

Biden should buckle up and face Trump in the coming election and stop using the court to stop him. What is he afraid of?

At last one comment that makes absolute sense and relates to the OP post. Alot of people just spew emotions on post without giving a logical answer, it shows your depth and awareness on global politics. This is a big trap for trump, they know what they are doing.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Iran Launches 3 Satellites Simultaneously Into Orbit Amid Tensions With West by shomutuski(m): 9:06am On Jan 29

You are launching something someone has done since over 50yrs ago

Change your moniker, its an insult to the ones who are truly smart and understand regional politics, IRAN is the strongest country in the middle east bar Israel and if you remove the USA support for all the oil rich neighbors you will understand why most EU nations are wary.

Back to your statement about someone has done this since 50yrs ago, its not about that, when you impose financial and economic sanctions on a country and its able to achieve this is no small feat.

I see a lot of people on here who have never left the shores of this country, no disrespect to anyone. come to NL to spew biased opinion maybe due to religious affiliations or love for one country or another.

Lets try to have discourse with facts, yes IRAN has employed guerilla warfare tactics in the middle east but everything virtually all countries do today in this age they all learn from the USA.

It is responsible for virtually 80% of this continent problem, Pre-cold times there was absolutely no issue with middle eastern countries until the kim yippor war.

That says alot, Follow the oil and money

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Phones / Re: China Unveils Nuclear Battery With 50years Lifespan, No Charging Required by shomutuski(m): 11:33am On Jan 24
Dey play

Instead of giving him points to refute his reasons why the invention wont fly, you said they play! Do you know how the world works?

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Trump Wins Again, As He Quickly Beats Nikki Haley In New Hampshire GOP Primary by shomutuski(m): 11:30am On Jan 24
Obama, Clinton, Soros and others would try their utmost best to stop trump if it means rigging again, its so evident that biden is a vegetable
Politics / Re: Fubara Behind Kidnapping In Abuja To Force Wike’s Removal - Ikwerre Chairman by shomutuski(m): 9:31am On Jan 24
Do you see how stupid our leaders are? All round the board, across all the tribes and religion> They have one thing in common- Lack of foresight
Politics / Re: Obidients And I, Are Not The Problem Of Nigeria – Peter Obi by shomutuski(m): 4:44pm On Jan 22

is that all you can say?
Why not counter what he said with a constructive argument...

You no sabi how idiots they do for here? He is typically one, people that their live has nothing good going on, Walahi I come her to laugh when I see people who amount to nothing laughing at a man thats trying to help them.
Family / Re: Am I Being Paranoid? Please Help Me by shomutuski(m): 4:30pm On Jan 20

Your son needs just God and you for a brighter future not Europe o. Boys without maternal care in Europe in this early formative years will only amount to a gangster. Its better he is Godly and you grow at the pace God wants for you abeg

Nah! Thats a big Faux, I'd say its the reverse here. Kids without fathers are the worse kind.

When traveling with your kid here, if you want to relocate or bring them from africa. you need your wife/PARTNER consent if the kid is under 18, that's standard process but tbh i cant speak for the father since he knows his intentions alone
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Shows Off His Car Collections Worth Of 1.1billion (photos/video) by shomutuski(m): 3:19pm On Dec 01, 2023

Stop hating Man, even in next world level pass level, ask angel Micheal and Gabriel.

Hows that hating?? He stated the truth

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Business / Re: Equinor Exits Nigeria After 30 Years, Sells Its Assets To Chappal Energies by shomutuski(m): 3:17pm On Dec 01, 2023
How can BlackRock with market cap of just above 100$billion be able to cause this your purported global famine?

You must not know blackrock!!!!! They control over trillions in funds and their CEO is a member of WEF -thats the body that decides who literally lives and die, which country is seen as a threat etc

COVID that came and went without traces yeah! WEF orchestrated the lockdown.

Think about it, Immediately the war started, did you hear of covid? You people pay too much attention to noise that are meant to draw you out of whats needed to be focused on

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Foreign Affairs / Re: China Save 3 Trillion Dollars In 21yrs While U.S Printed 17 Trillion In Just 2yr by shomutuski(m): 12:53pm On Nov 30, 2023
It took China 21 years of manufacturing goods for the world to save USD 3 trillion in foreign reserve.

It took the U.S. only two years to print USD 17 trillion to buy real goods & resources from other nations.

This is a great injustice of the “rules-based international order”.

Can someone pls explain what happened here?


We must leave the US dollar Hegemony and move back to Gold and Silver standard, That way any country that prints so much money has no where to hide especially USA since their currency is the official reserve currency for most countries around the world. Imaging saving money in one currency, while its been printed on the othe side. It diminishes the purchasing power of the money saved.\

Usa suppose done enter recession since, they hold a 31trillion dollar debt internally
Health / Re: Dots On The Skin by shomutuski(m): 1:39pm On Nov 29, 2023

Antibiotics don't work on scabies, it's caused by burrowing mites not bacteria.

Tell him not me
Health / Re: Dots On The Skin by shomutuski(m): 10:49am On Nov 29, 2023
Scabies!!!! Get antibiotics and topical ointment
Politics / Re: Kogi Will Overtake Lagos In Terms Of Development – Yahaya Bello by shomutuski(m): 10:46am On Nov 29, 2023

Saying this while in Kogi State could put your life at serious risk.

I dont know if this is a threat but IDGAF about you or that puny buffon. I no they kogi, I no they naija.

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