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Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by skyreaper: 3:31pm On May 28

Same Score!
not qualified or not recommended?
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by skyreaper: 9:56pm On May 27
Can we begin to pay any fees now?
calm down, your body dey hot.

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Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by skyreaper: 6:01pm On May 27
When is MBA releasing their own admission letter, can't log in yet. Still giving mismatch error message
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by skyreaper: 4:09pm On May 27
Please when I checked my exam results i scored 54 but when I received the email my results sent showed 45. Why is this so, and has anyone from biomedical engineering been giving admission?
mad o
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by skyreaper: 7:05am On May 03
I was at the Unilag MBA office in Yaba yesterday and they disclosed the cut off for MBA PT. You may need to visit the department for more info, and even your score.
Please I need to chat with you privately, how do I get your whatsapp details
Romance / Re: Was It The Sex That Killed The Relationship? by skyreaper: 9:39am On Mar 24
grin grin grin grin
she told you all of her exes is disturbing her!

exes disturbing.......

Only means this dude is one of the ex already grin
Family / Re: I Regret Getting Married To The Mother Of My Triplets by skyreaper: 8:06am On Mar 16
I got my girlfriend then now wife pregnant, I wasn't ready for marriage. My plan was to take care of her and my baby while she stays in her father's house, her mother was fine with it as long as I take care of my responsibilities, but everything changed when the scan confirmed that she was carrying triples, her mother said I must marry her because there's no way her daughter will still under her roofs with 3 children.

I pleaded with her to give me sometimes to find my own accommodations because I was living in my father's family house after his demise I stay with his siblings while my mum left with my younger sister.

My mother in law refused saying I must do something fast because she doesn't want people to mocked her that her daughter has gotten pregnant out of wedlock not just with one baby but 3 so I managed to save enough money to get a place for our own but her mother refused saying I must pay her bride price first, I didn't have any more money so i have borrowed from friends and added to the money I had to pay for her bride price. It wasn't a big party just something small, I took my wife to my father family house where we are living now with our triplets but things hasn't been easy for me, taking care of 3 children it's not easy, I am grateful that I am rent free but household bills are killing me.

My wife and I are always arguing because she keeps asking for more money my salary is 55k I use to give her 20k monthly, 10 monthly to my mother and I use 20 and save 5k she said the money wasn't enough that I am stingy, I now started giving her 25k she is still complaining about the money not being enough. I refused giving her more she started staving me of sex and foods. My family are tired of separating us fighting almost every day, my uncle has asked us to leave the compound because we are disturbing there peace and I had to beg him to forgive us that ur shouldn't be happening again and I cautioned my wife but she is threatening to abandon me with the kids. I have told her to do her worse because I am tired of her madness. I wish I never married her in the first, all I could've do is to take care of my kids and let her be I know it's too late now to change the past but what should I do?
Get your own apartment and take care of your wife on your own.
Education / Re: Unilag Postgraduate 2020/2021 Information Thread by skyreaper: 10:19am On Mar 15
When is the result and cut off marks going to be out?
Romance / Re: Why Do Ladies Always Block Me After Seeing Me On Video Call? by skyreaper: 6:32pm On Mar 07
Men these days is somehow.. I don't understand what has been happening.

I meet a lady and we begin to vibe well , we also share pictures then boom she wants a video call , but as soon as I receive the call and we see each other clearly she immediately hangs up and block me thereafter without saying a word..
Does this happen to only me ? I'm really confused. .. why is this happening,?
They probably don't like what they see in the background. Your room could be an eyesore, things like that matters to ladies.
Romance / Re: Do I remove This Baby? by skyreaper: 2:47pm On Mar 03
I will advise you to keep the Baby. I hope my advise count.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Told Her Ex That I'm Ugly by skyreaper: 5:38am On Jan 26
I hacked her WhatsApp some months ago.
Although I've seen many chats of hers that left much to be desired, this present one is the height of it! She was chatting with her ex and they both inquired how their present relationships are going. She told him I'm not handsome. I'm really heartbroken at the moment
He: How is your current relationship?
She: He is nice and caring just like you but not handsome.
He: Lol, how do you mean he's not handsome?
She: He's not, I can't lie to you
He: Why did you go for someone that is not handsome, o wrong naw
She: I don't even know how I fall for him jhare
He: How did you meet him?
She: He was formerly staying in our area.
She: In fact, I always find it difficult to kiss him. He's very neat o, but I don't know why I can't kiss him
It's been long I kissed and that was the last time I visited you
He: Oya come lemme kiss you.
The next thing was she sent my picture to him, maybe for the guy to see how ugly I'm.
He: But he is okay naw. Abi he's not serious with you ni? He's looking serious already sef
She: Laughing ( she sends a laughing sticker)
I felt like crying honestly
What should I do? I feel like dumping the fool
Please do, trust me. She doesn't respect you and a lady that don't respect you can't love you.

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Romance / Re: Can People Really Change If They Love Someone? by skyreaper: 9:12am On Jan 17

The thing is some people will fake the change so as so to satisfy the other person.

There was a story I heard about a lady and a guy, the lady is a good Christian and the guy started going to church because of her, he told her that we are serving the same God that he converted to Christian and they dated for 3 years before they got married. In fact, the guy became dipper even more than the lady.

But unfortunately, the second day of the marriage, the guy brought out his praying kettle and told the lady that, for good 3 years I have served your God, now it is time for you to serve my own God too. He said that he must not see her in church never again.

He deceived her that he's changed but after he got what he wanted, he showed his through colour.

This world is full of deceit, if you know someone deeply just hold on to the person, don't go and be looking for trouble.
Please, quickly remind the name of this movie, I need it. Thanks
Romance / Re: Can You Marry The Person You Are Presently Dating? by skyreaper: 12:36pm On Jan 16
I am so single at the moment, no way
really? reply your mail
Romance / Re: I Engaged My Girlfriend, Now I Am Thinking Of Calling Off The Engagement by skyreaper: 11:14am On Jan 16

I read your comments and pick out something.
Let me buttress, she doesn't have much friends and bestie before. The only thing there is that she is young. 22. She feels she still have enough time. She has said something like that.

But I can tell you that she wanted to be with me. She wanted the marriage. We have met with parents. But I guess something change along the line.
Her taste for money. We don't stay in same state.

She ain't getting close to the guy for Bleep or relationship, nah money. I sense the guy is older. Cos even their calls no gel well. No WhatsApp chats
I have heard you, I won't try to convince you, we all have our journey and we sure learn from it, I have learnt mine in a hard way and I wish you won't learn yours in a hard way too. There is no relationship there again, she told you she isn't feeling the same again, thats enough reason for you. Mind you ladies are wise, they play their game smart. If she marries you, you would be miserable, let me say you will make her miserable. Forget meeting the parents, it might even her parent that instigated the other guy is better, Ladies don't just fall off, something or someone must have prompted that. And mind you, friends am talking is not just friend alone, I mean friends in a wide scope, it could be her sisters, telling her sisters everything about you and not having mind of her own. You can let her come back but I assure you it will end in tears, you don't let anyone be with you out of pity, never.

Read "The Book of Pook". Marriage is a life long journey and you don't want to be miserable in it, she could be in marriage with you and see the guy every once in a while and get pregnant for the guy and u may never know. She isn't ready for what u are pushing her to do. Mind you? A 21 year old lady can be ready for forever and 29 year old on the other hand might not be ready, its not about age.

And next time when you are investigating a ladies phone, you don't check for her chats with a guy or someone you see as a threat. Check the chat with someone she trust, like her sister or another female friend, thats where you find her secrets and mind you before doing that, you must brace yourself, you could find what will make you despise her for life.

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Romance / Re: I Engaged My Girlfriend, Now I Am Thinking Of Calling Off The Engagement by skyreaper: 10:03pm On Jan 15

Not chat. I can attest to that. I secretly had her WhatsApp on my phone for like a month without her ntoitce.

I saw other chats, but not that of the guy
Bro, you seem like a good man and normally I will usually read post like this and get one or two points from commentary then move to the next but I'll share my quarter. To be truthful, she may like you and she's only with you because you are the next available guy for marriage to her, that guy she calls and talk to everyday is who she really love. Forget the sacrifice you think she has done for you and even if she has had sex with you or you even disvirgined her or she bought things for your future home, it doesn't mean a thing to her. You are probably a relationship she's waiting to fall apart. Its just like a lady I did everything for, spent on, made comfortable but she has a friend that is always telling her, I'm only spoiling her to get under her pants, im too nice to her because that's how people pretend, nice people eventually change in marriage, she may even say you were pretending before and it's now she knew your attitude, thank God she didn't rush into marriage. Now whatever you do, she's only seeing the ulterior motive, the guy is probably brain washing her and using her to pass time, she went out with him on a special occasion and she lied about it to you is enough sign for you. Pls move on, she doesn't feel the same thing again and the truth is she never felt anything from the start. Pls if the second lady is someone you like, give the relationship a chance and trust me, she will use this second lady as another reason to break up with you that you were cheating on her that u were only seeing what you are doing.

All she's looking for now is a reason to break up with you without becoming her fault.

Pls if you are looking for a long term relationship with a lady, let her be the one to want you, let her be the one to want marriage, don't force it down her throat. Make sure you likes you with no reason and be wary of ladies that has lots of female friends or a lady that has a guy they call their best friend and pls don't date kids, its not about age, make sure the lady is matured in the mind.

God bless, you don't need to thank me, I look forward to your marriage post with someone that deserves you


Romance / Re: My Fiancé Prefers My First Name As Surname For Our Children. by skyreaper: 8:39am On Jan 11

She's wise and if you were, you wouldn't argue with her, cos your kids and their kids and their kids like that will all bear your first name as their surname.

If I get married my wife and kids will bear my first name as their surname.

Is it my family that married my wife for me? Or is it my family that gave birth to my kids?

I too want my own dynasty and I see nothing wrong in starting it.
Thanks so much, I appreciate.
Romance / Re: My Fiancé Prefers My First Name As Surname For Our Children. by skyreaper: 8:09am On Jan 11
maybe dat generational name no get good meaning
Yes, kind of
Romance / Re: My Fiancé Prefers My First Name As Surname For Our Children. by skyreaper: 8:05am On Jan 11
I don't think it is bad . My childhood friend use his father's first name too. Even his children are using the same name.

I didn't do that though. My family name is sweeter and cooler. People love it,even foreigners.
thanks so much
Romance / My Fiancé Prefers My First Name As Surname For Our Children. by skyreaper: 1:44am On Jan 11
My fiancé wants me to use my first name as my surname for our children instead of my initial surname, is it a bad idea, please advise. She said she likes my first name instead.
Nairaland / General / Re: What's Your New Year Resolution 2021? by skyreaper: 2:59pm On Jan 01
For three consecutive years, it's been my top priority to forget my ex and move on. But the more I try, the more I get weaker. As at yesterday I deleted her contact everywhere it could be found and block her on facebook so that I won't be able to stalk her. I've gone extra mile to delete the contact of everyone related to her, including her mother, and blocking them on facebook too. I just pray it works this time around.
Don't just delete her contact, start making friends, start seeing new people, put yourself out there again, in no time you would forget her totally and there will be a point you won't even feel a thing when you see something related to her, she will just be like someone you use to know while in primary school.

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