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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Some Fireable Offenses You Need To Know by slightlyMad(f): 5:07pm On Jul 07
Crime / Re: NURTW: Oyo University Graduate Stabbed To Death (Photos) by slightlyMad(f): 1:31am On Jun 23

U don’t just force pple down others throat( he has to win in all LGAs); election isn’t Twitter or social media

Enjoy your grandpa then, maybe it will be your turn tomorrow
Crime / Re: NURTW: Oyo University Graduate Stabbed To Death (Photos) by slightlyMad(f): 11:01am On Jun 18
When we say vote sowore, they will say the guy na scammer, enjoy your regular lifestyle then

The only thing wrong with Nigeria is it's government.
Politics / The Fulani Masterplan by slightlyMad(f): 4:12am On Jun 06
For those who are not yet aware, let me inform you about what is in the works.

The goal of this president is to have his name etched in the Fulani history forever as the man who helped the Fulani achieve their generational dream of having their own country

Fulanis have always been Nomads and do not own any part of west Africa. But now, they will come into Nigeria in droves and eradicate every non-fulanis in Nigeria

To achieve this, they need to

1. Weaken the Igbos
2. Kill the internet
3. Send youths who can fight to die in the hands of Boko Haram ahead of the coming war
4. Rename the country to UAR
5. Open the borders and allow fulanis to get citizenships
6. Attack and take over villages on after another

All they have been doing with RUGA is a test drive.

I know you will say, let them bring it on we are ready. I put this to you that you are not.

Congrats to this generation of Nigerians.

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Travel / Re: Lagos To Shut Independence Tunnel For 4 Weeks For Repairs From May 3 by slightlyMad(f): 11:05am On Apr 24
Celebrities / Re: Deport Tunde Ednut To Nigeria - Joro Olumofin Writes US Dept Of States by slightlyMad(f): 4:26am On Aug 26, 2020
This idiot just gave ednut a free asylum ticket with uscis if he is indeed living in the US illegally grin

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Politics / Re: Femi Adesina: Obasanjo Would Have Insulted Those Demanding Presidential Address by slightlyMad(f): 2:24pm On May 15, 2020
Femi Ade-miss-road grin


Romance / Re: Her Parents Rejected Me Because I Am A Polytechnic Graduate by slightlyMad(f): 1:04pm On May 03, 2020
grin if I were you, I will find a girl from ire or better still, upgrade to a yabatech or lasu babe. Babcock ke?

How will you feel if you sponsored your kid to Harvard and he comes back home with a guy from the village grin grin grin

Anyways, just joking.

Actually I recommend you free that discriminatory family.

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Religion / Re: Apostle Suleman On Coronavirus: "Permit Us To Heal & Pray For COVID-19 Patients" by slightlyMad(f): 11:34am On Apr 26, 2020
Adeboye has said everyone will die at his God allotted time to save himself from embarrassment.
this one is looking for trouble up and down.
Health / Re: Jonathan Adewunmi Dies Of Coronavirus Disease In USA by slightlyMad(f): 12:27am On Apr 23, 2020
Why the name Amarachi restaurant whereas he is a Yoruba....just curious.RIP sir.

i totally forgot the main topic and was thinking the same for almost 2 minutes for no reason.
Celebrities / Re: Pregnant Simi Unveils Her Baby Bump In Her 32nd Birthday Video by slightlyMad(f): 10:23pm On Apr 19, 2020
I'm sure she would have loved to have the baby in the US like her folks, covid is a biatch
Travel / Re: Nigerians Abroad, How Do You Cope With The Coronavirus Issue? by slightlyMad(f): 7:59pm On Mar 23, 2020
we are at home watching cnn, netflix, slingtv here in the US, 30minutes ago, it was 40,000 case in the US, now it is 41,200 confirmed cases via CNN
My state has been shut down and all i can do is buys groceries, the US retailers promise to keep inventory but they are even having a hard time with some items already.

sit your ass at home

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Politics / Re: Duoye Diri: Pastor Adeboye Told Me I Would Recover My Mandate by slightlyMad(f): 11:31am On Mar 07, 2020
We all need to stop treating humans like God.

Pastor Adeboye, if truly a man of God would have done like the men of old, command the ground to swallow every Boko haram members or ordered some wild animals to eat them up.

All these men knows is take the little money, gullible and poor Nigerians have left via holy ghost congress.

All the miracles they love to perform is predict things that will happen anyways, like hey, you will win this coming election

Nothing like blind seeing, lame walking.
Religion is a scam.

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Health / Re: Court Stops Lagos Public Hospitals From Demanding Blood Donations For Childbirth by slightlyMad(f): 6:03am On Mar 04, 2020
Thanks, I knew this was illegal, they make you drag someone over for donation.

No sane country does this.

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Politics / Re: NEC Rules Out Regional Security Outfits, Set To Implement “RUGA” by slightlyMad(f): 11:12am On Mar 01, 2020
Health / Re: British Man Dies From Coronavirus In Japan by slightlyMad(f): 3:15pm On Feb 28, 2020
Politics / Re: Biography Of Ibrahim Gaidam, Senator Who Introduced 'Repentant Boko Haram Bill' by slightlyMad(f): 10:19pm On Feb 21, 2020
Boko Haram members, if they truly repent and have zero intention of furthering their criminal profession can be encouraged by such Ministry, just as militants were rehabilitated. It worked for Niger Delta, so I see no reason it will not work for the weaponized-amaljiri North.

If Boko Haram can be defeated with Love since we can not defeat them in war, it is better. That way we dont keep getting defrauded by the Military Heads and their foreign arms-dealers counterparts who also supply arms to Boko Haram to create business opportunities.

if a boko haram member had killed your loved ones, slashing their throat, you will not be saying this nonsense.

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Politics / Re: Tony Iwelu Dies Of Electric Shock by slightlyMad(f): 2:31pm On Feb 18, 2020
In the US and canada, you are less likely to be ever electrocuted.

You know why?
They make laws and they uphold it.

For every 6ft, there must be a wall socket to plug things into or your home won't be up to code, if home is not to code, no certificate of occupancy will be issued.

When we say vote sowore, we know what's up


Politics / Re: Boko Haram Cut Off Maiduguri From Power grid by slightlyMad(f): 5:59pm On Jan 20, 2020
they need to stop rehabilitating these guys, they should just let them meet their 72 virgins quickly
Business / Re: The Dantata/Dangote Story: How To Create A Dynasty Of Billionaires (2020) by slightlyMad(f): 11:03am On Jan 14, 2020
Religion / Re: Leke Adeboye On US And Iran: Donald Trump Is An Inspiration by slightlyMad(f): 7:47pm On Jan 08, 2020
can someone quickly remind this dude that trump does not pay tithe or first fruit


Foreign Affairs / Re: Russian Military Pays Respects To Soleiman Assassinated By The US by slightlyMad(f): 1:16pm On Jan 08, 2020

Nothing like hypocrisy, they are doing what is right. The U.S cannot be bullying anything and anyone and think they can get away with it. Iraq is telling them to pack their loads and leave their country, the Pentagon says if Iraq wants them to leave they would pay for all their military bases and refund the money they've spent in the Iraqi war. Like make tennant dey dictate for me in my own house? Your rent has expired and I'm telling you to leave , you said before you leave I must refund all the previous rents you paid .. This same idiots killed an innocent man who fought tooth and nail for the freedom a and peace of iranians. You took him out with a lame excuse that he was planning an imminent attack. Okay provide a classified document to back your claims he stylishly ignored the request. Until you all realize that the USA is the biggest terrorists of the 21st century, they will continue to commit more attrocities. They created Al Qaeda, they created isis , they were partially responsible for the establishment of Al shabab. And they will create more.

Be like say US don refuse this one visa so many times, lol
anyways, soleiman was the bully and his life was taken just as he was about taking lives of US citizens. haha

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Business / Re: Oil Prices Soar After Iran Attacks Airbases Housing US Troops In Iraq - CNN by slightlyMad(f): 3:29am On Jan 08, 2020
It is amazing how war analysts on NL thinks it is wrong for the US to kill a man who has killed many US citizens and also planning to kill more
is his life more precious than anyone's
without concrete evidences against him, you all think US will just kill him just for fun?

You all need to stop siding with evil

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Travel / Re: U.S TSA Assesses Lagos Airport by slightlyMad(f): 10:12pm On Jan 07, 2020
the outcome of this assessment will likely determine if the US will stop direct flights to any part of the US or not.
I believe Nigeria will fail this assessment.

We have a terrorist president.
Foreign Affairs / Re: U.S Denies Mohammad Javad Zarif, Iranian Foreign Minister Visa To UN Meeting by slightlyMad(f): 2:42pm On Jan 07, 2020
no country rules for ever. one day usa self go fall

You dingbats have come again, do you expect US to fold its arms and let a single individual plot the killings of many Americans?

Whether you like, sympathize with evil from now till eternity, it will not change anything and Iran will do absolutely nothing. There will be no world War also.

That's how they go about defending nonsense.
Celebrities / Re: Juliet Oluchi Ehiemere: Flavour Brainwashed & Slept With Me, Promising Me Heaven by slightlyMad(f): 3:34pm On Dec 06, 2019
She probably picked his used condom from a hotel where he lodged.
what a shame

Advice to celebs, turn your used condoms and rinse it, desperate times require desperate measures

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Politics / Re: Falana: Border Closure And Hate Speech Bill Are Illegal by slightlyMad(f): 7:37pm On Dec 04, 2019
Celebrities / Re: "Nigeria Needs To Learn From Ghana" - Tacha Speaks On Traffic Orderliness (Video by slightlyMad(f): 12:42pm On Dec 03, 2019
What do you expect, rather than enforce orderliness, they go about asking for fire extinguishers and particulars, shameful country

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Car Talk / Re: FRSC: Using Google Map While Driving Is A Serious Offence by slightlyMad(f): 5:29am On Nov 28, 2019
What do you expect, when a population of young minds decided to elect their ancestor as president.

Now they want to make money by importing some useless device and forcing it on Nigerians.

Nigeria has gone to the dogs

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Religion / Re: OPM Opens Its 14th Free Nursery And Primary Schools In Lagos State by slightlyMad(f): 10:11am On Nov 26, 2019
Adebole and oledepo, are you still learners
Travel / Re: Share Your Nigeria To Abroad Stories Here by slightlyMad(f): 1:39pm On Nov 08, 2019
It depends on the country and your status.

Will break down cost of survival first
Monthly rent of a shity house in the shitiest neighborhood for a room and shared common space $600/month, decent will cost $800 in same shity neighborhood

Upkeep for a month $500 if on an extremely low budget

If you plan to live in the US with a visit visa, I will NOT recommend this as it is suicidal, the reason folks don't come back home after realizing this mistake is because of the shame of what they will tell people they already told they were relocating.

Job options is limited to working in factories, sometimes packing products while standing for hours, they do not sit, let me repeat, they do not sit for 8+ hours and get paid $10/hr and you constantly need prayer to not get caught by ICE

Before you try relocating, pick one day and try to stand for 8hrs. If you survive it without regrets, please come down, these factories need you

People tell me they get back home and cry after day 1&2 of these kind of work after remembering their old status back home.

If you have papers, aka, green card or work authorization, or us passport. Ló and behold, you are a king.

Option are available, you can quit a job today and get another next day. I will recommend America to you, even if you are a bank MD back home.

You can take few month courses in any field and you are set to start making up to $35/hr

If you are in technology, you can even make up to $90/hr depending on your experience.

I sieze this front page opportunity to doff my hat to all Nigerians who are working hard in the US, breaking new grounds and rebuilding our already damaged reputation. You are a rare gem.

If you see or know other Nigerians who are doing the opposite especially frauds, please tip the fbi anonymously. No one deserves to live large at the expense of others hard work I promise.

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