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Sports / Re: Which African Teams Will Likely Be A Problem For The Super Eagles In AFCON 2021? by smoke9910: 5:34am On Apr 03
All of them will be a problem for this set of eagles.

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Crime / Re: HIV Positive Woman Raped At Gunpoint By Taxi Driver & Conductor In South Africa by smoke9910: 9:14pm On Mar 02
It serves them right. grin grin grin


Crime / Re: Young Man Burnt To Death For Stealing Wrappers In Benue State (graphic Photos) by smoke9910: 10:19am On Mar 02
Crazy things dey happen for this country. Poverty coupled with ignorance and lack of empathy is very deadly. I wonder how this people will sleep at night. God have mercy on us.
Science/Technology / Re: Lion Killed In Ngala, Borno State After It Killed Some People And Injured Others by smoke9910: 7:41am On Mar 02
It's good to learn we have Lions in Nigeria.
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Threatens To Kill Pastor Bulus Yakuru, Issues Wednesday Deadline by smoke9910: 10:54am On Feb 26
All these pastors wey dey buy private jet. Them no see way to intervene in this case whether na money dem dey find or even put pressure on the president to act.

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Career / Re: Why Do Morticians Knock At Door Before Entering The Mortuary? Scary Experiences by smoke9910: 8:46pm On Feb 24

The mentality of not believing in superstitions.

The mentality of proving and asking questions to ascertain truth.

The mentality of believing in science
Bro, we all believe in science but there are things science can not explain. I have had experiences in my life that if I told pple you'll think I'm being delusional but it's the truth and my senses were alert at that moment. The spiritual is real, whether we believe it or not doesn't matter. Some stories here might be false but that doesn't mean other supernatural things don't happen. Life itself is a mystery.


Travel / Re: Beautifull Pictures Of Mambilla Plateau In Taraba State by smoke9910: 8:17am On Feb 22

Caring people? Are there caring blood suckers? Don't forget, there is only One North, the region of blood and sorrow
Do not speak ignorantly. Taraba is one of the safest states in Nigeria and mambilla is literally untouched. Try to travel for once and stop talking about what you don't know.
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Sociedad Vs Manchester United Europa League (0 - 4) On 18th February 2021 by smoke9910: 6:53pm On Feb 18
Will the game be on dstv?

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Family / Re: Outrageous Traditional Marriage List In Akwa Ibom: Man Runs Away by smoke9910: 8:47am On Feb 11
Abasi mbok!
You're dating a girl and you plan to marry her and yet you have no idea what the marriage requirements are in the place you want to marry?You had to wait till you see list mbok?How naive!

Wasted your time and the girl's time.
Rubbish, I'll rather waste their time than let my money be wasted on a useless list. Which kind dumb tradition be dat?. Them dey find who to exploit.

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Nairaland / General / Re: Before you curse Nigeria and your leaders by smoke9910: 11:07am On Feb 06



Your victims you mean?

I rest my case pastor

Working on the books for tithes this Sunday are we ?

Sent you a DM
Nairaland / General / Re: Before you curse Nigeria and your leaders by smoke9910: 10:42am On Feb 06
Hello all,

If you are a follower of my writings by now you under to an extent the law of karma and threads of fate that determine all our experiences from past lives till this one where you are a citizen of Nigeria.

Firstly let me reiterate, every single one of us born as a Nigerian has been on this earth before , some of us as Africans even Nigerian , some died during the civil war here ,while some as Americans , Europeans , Arabs etc

So how funny it seems to me when I see posts of someone cursing Nigeria the government and military and swearing he or he supports ipob when that person fought in the biafran war as a Nigerian soldier and killed igbo people, died in the war and is reborn as an igbo to experience the hate he sowed.
Most ipob agitators where hausa who died in the civil war.

Most hausa from the middle belt who fought and died returned as igbo and Niger delta youths.

Imagine the amusement I feel when I read the comments of some people here cursing each other's tribes when you have been part of that tribe in your previous life?

But let me go deeper and explain why you must never curse this nation as each and every single one of us has a hand in why we are here. Lord luggard is here as a Nigerian, he is a young Nigerian man of Igbo origin, he has been given a chance to experience what he created and help repair it, instead he is obsessed with separation of this nation.

His wife who renamed Nigeria has been reborn as a former first lady and failed to help rebuild this nation and spent time being a comic relief to all.

Each and everyone of us here as Nigerians while we may not all have ruled but are here by our own design.

Some of us where Americans who bought slaves hence are reborn as the very people who not only sold as animals but you failed to allow them develop so now you are born here to experience a nation of such potential yet stalled.

Being born a Nigerian isn't a bad thing, no the bad thing is how we have made being born a Nigerian look.

Before you sit there and scream "no it is not my fault it's the leaders" let me clarify.

Stand up go to your window and listen , you hear generators blaring , people hawking , bikes riding by and maybe dogs barking. That is this nation how it is meant to be before you and I and we all destroyed her.

How do you say? Each and everyone in our little circles are all little dictators. In your church and mosques in your office and schools. You oppress dominate and destroy all for self gain.

You use your position to influence recruitment for your family member or a lady or someone you want to have a relationship with, Without a seconds thought to how many lives this action will affect. You don't care that someone out there whose only hope is this job is being denied because you want to help your younger one. In your eyes you are good because family comes first yes? Now how do you sit and blame the next one million Nigerians who use their position to do the same thing to help their younger ones? In their own eyes they are doing good , this goes on and on till you have an unemployment crisis as we have today.

You use your office to get deals and contracts for your friends and family, yes because you want your younger ones to help mama. Obviously she has to be taken care off, or you demand some settlement before approving a vendor for procurement after all mama has to be taken care off, to the world you are a good son and daughter. But you don't know the ripple effect of that one action , so one million other Nigerians demand the same for their mothers and you have the corruption crisis we have in this nation today.

Now this thinking of self first became normal way of thinking across Nigeria, every father and mother thought their children from childhood look after your family first. Family above all.. those children grow up today and become leaders and you wonder why they send their children to UK and embezzle public funds while taking care of the family.

We all made this monster. Wait don't start telling me you are young that your parents did this and that , in your circle you do the same thing, you take advantage of your friends for personal gain you have the same traits in you that is why you where born here to experience first hand the effects of that sort of behavior so you can change and do better but instead you would rather curse out Nigeria as if Nigeria ever held a job or ever wrote a constitution? No! You and I living in her did. What did Nigeria ever do wrong than give you her oil and natural resources? But you curse her everyday and abuse her while she is raped and drained of all she has.

The religious institutions like churches and mosques have all failed in that they are mega businesses more concerned with growing their number of rich members than speaking the truth.

The laws of God are not deceived or mocked neither is there any bargaining with them. We reap what we have sown as a nation.

We have never had bad leaders , we have just been having fellow Nigerians who reason just like you and I in power that's all

Go into the street where you live , look for any group of young lads or lasses and listen to their conversation. Scroll through most nairaland threads and read the comments as I do and marvel at how the youths think. Was it not a young lady who came out to shout that her leaked sex video is her own that she doesn't care?

Now what sort of young man gave birth to her or what sort of home training was she exposed to? If her parents get into government how do you think they would act ?

Or the famous Apostle Suleiman whom every other time a lady is accusing of sex .. i am not saying he is guilty but everytime he has one issue with a lady or the other , if he was to enter government he would suddenly rule well? Why because he put the label Apostle before his name ?

The people today are ruled by money and materialism. There is nothing you can't get away with if you have money in Nigeria, I know as you read that immediately you will say it's the police and government but these people are you and I.

On nairaland here you can get any post in front page if you pay for it to get to front page. Same with lindaikeji and others

Now whether the story is true or does damage is a different thing.

Girls married or not will sell their bodies for money. It's the same men who preach against immorality of women that will pay a woman they desire whether she is married or not for sex. People go and buy children due to impotence they justify it , parents sell their kids they blame poverty.

People go and work for illegal bunkerers in the Niger delta they don't care that these illegal refineries are causing more oil spills and damage to the environment but tomorrow those same people will say they love their people and their people will accept them because of the money they will share.

Are you seeing the pattern? In Arewa the elite keep the poor down there is an unwritten rule never to elevate the poor just give them cooked food this is why they have loyal armies to unleash at their will. Now the same elite die and are reincarnated as poor almajiri on the streets. The few who reject this way of thinking when they die reincarnate elsewhere as they have learned the lesson to be learned.

The morals gave decayed on the streets of Nigeria to the extent that in places like Rivers state young ladies have babies in their parents house is the norm.

Having babies outside wedlock is now justified and called baby mama , cultism is now a career path of someone people and their only means of survival.

People now work to subjugate their fellow citizens as long as their own mama ,papa and younger ones are safe forgetting that these monsters created take on a life of their own and keep growing and growing till they return to consume you the originators.

I have heard a lady telling her child in yoruba not to play with Omo ibo child which happened to be her neighbor's child , alot of you sow hatred and tribalism in young ones and encourage it. Forgetting in your next life you will return and experience the fruits of your labor as a member of the tribe you hated.

Every youth out there don't care how they make money. They sit down and steal from other people calling it Yahoo or hustling. A youth who can steal in cyber crime becomes and governor tomorrow do you think he or she won't loot the treasury dry? Or you think he or she will suddenly become a saint because of the political party they belong to?

Some specialize in spreading pain, they enjoy seeing their fellow citizens in pain. They will do whatever it takes to achieve whatever they desire. We all know someone like this in our neighborhood or circle. These sort of people work for the highest bidder. When they achieve wealth they try to gain acceptance through so called philanthropy or social media fame.

Now scroll through everything I listed above

Tell me which isn't found in every Nigerian you meet daily ?

Now why is it when your leaders show these same traits you all have within you , you suddenly become angry? And self righteous? They are exact mirrors of you and I.

The behavior of your leaders are a reflection of majority the people in that nation.

Nigerians can only experience peace and change when they change. Ask yourselves why is it that the defenders of the massacre at the lekii toll gate are mostly citizens like you and I.

Has you ever seen buhari or even VP come out and categorically say the massacre was a hoax? No it is citizens like you and I who tell them this and say this.

We sowed seeds that are now maturing. You complain police and army are brutal and only good at killing civilians.
Do you remember some years ago how 4 young men where murdered in Allu in Rivers state by just someone owing one of them money shouted thief thief and immediately the young men and women in that area murdered them.

This is how easily the Nigerians you live with , the same Nigerians you share keke or a cab or a bus seat with can turn and murder you in an instant. Don't just say it's southern Nigeria, this happens even in Arewa and other parts of Nigeria.

Don't believe me ? Go out and point on the street at anyone and scream ole ole thief thief balawo balawo and watch the murder screen unfold.

Or you are about to say it's because of suffering or hardship? No this was always within Nigerians , all it took was difficulty to bring it out , that's why you were born in this country.

Before you say you are different you would never partake ,maybe you won't follow to murder but you would stand by and watch or walk away as if nothing happened, so you are as guilty as if you burned the person with your own hands.

So many people around you will justify murder if it's a thief or armed robber, that's Nigerians for you.

If you are citizens kill but when your police and army do it you shout foul.

ESN killed army the other day people praised it. Bokoharam kill army you cry , Amoetokun kills herds men or their cows you will jubilate , police kill you shout foul.
A group of citizens burned a thief to death you are celebrate armed forces does it then you cry foul.
Fulani herdsmen kills people they are happy soldiers kill Bokoharam the cry.
Igbos die yorubas are happy fulani kills yorubas they cry, fulani herdsmen kill yorubas igbos are happy army kills Ipob they cry, army and police kills igbos and yoruba Arewa are happy esn and Amoetokun give Arewa quit notice they cry.

It's a vicious cycle with never ending scenario until the inevitable happens.

Something is coming if we as a nation don't sit down and realize the problem is from you and I and not less than 1000 people in Abuja.

Tinubu can't make you hate any tribe he can only suggest it but it's a choice you make. Nnamdi kanu can't make you hate any tribe he can only suggest it ,it's a choice you make.

The sooner we all decide to start the change from our homes our rooms our street the better

We attract the leaders we deserve, it has nothing to do with free and fair election.

How did charles taylor change his nation? How did he come to power ? The sooner you realize the spiritual cannot be deceived to the better

The people attract the leaders they deserve. Once you change the right leader will come ,it might be even through rigging the means doesn't matter to the spiritual laws. They may force someone whom they think will loot for them but he or she will turn out good .

Change forget abusing them or Nigeria. When the good outnumbers the bad the right leader will come
You have spoken wise words. You've said the simple truth, there is no way we change until our national character changes. We hate each other yet we expect to progress. There is no progress without love and honesty. Till we reach this level of maturity our troubles as a country will continue.


Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by smoke9910: 7:32pm On Feb 05
One of the beauties of following God and hearing His voice always is that you cannot die anyhow like a chicken. Many Christians today die like chicken, even so called pastors. Girls are raped and killed, sons are murdered with glee. Mothers and fathers are not left out. But have you ever wondered why wicked men and women, politicians, don't die anyhow?

It is possible to know how you will die and when you will die. You just have to be able to see the supernatural, and hear God's voice for yourself.

I will explain more of this soon.

Looking forward to the rest of this patiently.
Crime / Re: Video Of Pastor Shaving Pubic Hair Of Female Church Members Surfaces Online by smoke9910: 7:25am On Feb 05
Women can be silly at times. They keep falling for this con men in a bid to find miracles. Make dem wise up, e Don dey too much.
Religion / Re: Why Sexual Immorality Is Dangerous by smoke9910: 4:24pm On Jan 31
Sex was permitted by the heavenly father to be an act between and man and woman for the purpose of procreation (having children).

But today mankind (men and women) have fallen to the level of the animals in being controlled by such a base act as sex t the detriment of their spiritual well being.

I will out line to the dangers of sexual immorality from a spiritual perspective.

First you need to understand the following:

Women by their spiritual nature are more powerful and sensitive than men in all matters spiritual.

A women can uplift or destroy your life by virtue of her spiritual afinity . Hence go through all of history and look at the greatest empires that fell , study deeply the period before they fell , there was a sudden change in the women life style , mental and spiritual well being. It is a fact that for any society to advance it must first secure it women. And for you to destroy any society corrupt it women , this is a test and trust formula that will remain forever .

Men depend on women for their spiritual reception. This is why if you want to know a very successful man in the true terms of the word see how he treats women, irrespective of the women's behavior or deeds.

Now the semen of a man is created from his blood and it is a life giving fluid which carries in part of his spiritual power. So when you waste semen you waste much of your spiritual power. This is why it is always easy to spiritually destroy a womanizer . They have little or no spiritual defenses left.. grin

This why even in fetish circles when they give them certain charms they warn them to never bed a woman grin

Anyways back to the topic. A woman is so strong spiritually that she can bed a demon king and way away with no visible spiritual implications but once another man beds her all the demons hovering around her go on to destroy the man
This is why spiritual conmen are always fast to tell most men that all their problems come from either a woman around them but funny enough they are usually right .

Let me explain. Women spiritually are receivers they are receptive by their spiritual nature this is why they are keen. Sense someone who means their husband or family bad .

Now when you have sex your spirits automatically enters the life creation mode irrespective of it's a casual sex or the purpose of creating a child the spirit is automatic. Now if for instance you are a man are bedding a hooker who has bedded all manner of evil men from herds men and rapists to mass murders she immediately shares her spiritual aura with yours and yours with hers like a cycle and the difference is if yours left with one demon it returns from her with 20 or so grin depending on how many she has been carrying .

You see how power women are? She can carry there demons around here and still be normal but a man who just carries some next thing looses job, all his business fail , bank that approved his loan burns down etc grin

The man will start running from one juju man to prophetess grin

They will tell you that you need deliverance and in a sense they are right but not the way they see it. But that's okay.

The man carries these demons he got from the hooker and goes and lays with his wife and girlfriend then when things goes bad for him the seer sees what his wife is carrying and says oga na your wife. grin

Now women who sleep around for money deceiving people, you should never abuse then but feel pity for them

They never ever have a happily ever after. They sowed deceit hence must reap it.

If you go around sleeping with men hoping to land a rich one same way you will land a heartless man who will give you back the pain you gave others. It's just the laws being perfect

There is no amount of screaming jesus is my Lord and savior that will save you

You wonder why so called celebrity marriages don't last ? That's a false conclusion, the reality is all false marriages won't last. Marriage built on Manipulations and tears .

You can't sleep your way through life an at the end of the day hope to enter church take a position and get a God fearing man? No you will end up with a manipulator like yourself. It's karma.

You think all men cheat ? No they don't but you will only attract cheats because you are one . It's karma so in your mind all.men cheats .. you are probably reading this and saying this guy isn't a fool how come all my friends experienced the same thing too .. no aunty because like attracts like , all your friends are like you so will also only experience the same cheating husbands it's karma .

Same with men who say all women cheat.. sorry bro but no you are a cheat so will only attract cheating women.

No matter how good you look or how rich you are only the cheats will find you interesting . All women don't cheat.

The laws of God are absolute and perfect they make sure all the cheats and loose gold diggers find each other and the they protect the rest of us from your kind. grin

Same way cult boys continue killing each other and the rest of us sit back and watch in horror.

So next time you are shouting this your all women are cheats and all men are cheats look around yourself and ask yourself why everyone around you is a particular way then you have finally found your answer.

You've made a lot of sense bro. I follow your teachings on a low but they mean a lot. I would love to ask you if there is any book you recommend for do one can continue more research in this path of life. Knowledge is life, we can never get enough of it. Thanks.
Travel / Re: Mother And Her 3 Kids, Including 9 Others Die In Benue Road Accident(photos) by smoke9910: 11:54am On Jan 27
May their souls rest in peace. Sad way to go
Crime / Re: 6 ‘witches’ Arrested And Charged To Court Over A 3yr Old Girl Health In Adamawa by smoke9910: 11:51am On Jan 27
everyday strange news dey comot from this country.
Crime / Re: Wanted 'nigerian Drug Dealer' Rearrested In South Africa by smoke9910: 11:09am On Jan 23
I wonder why they keep disgracing Nigerian's reputation abroad. If you have nothing legal to do there then it is better to stay at home.
Crime / Re: Firearm, Ammunition Recovered As Police Arrest Suspected Cult Member In Anambra by smoke9910: 11:06am On Jan 23
This cult boys wey claim to dey fight oppression, yet I never see any of dem enter bush to fight herdsmen. Na to dey kill themselves foolishly.

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Crime / Re: Ogun Police Arrests 32 Year-Old Man For Kidnapping & Raping A Lady (Photos) by smoke9910: 8:39pm On Jan 22
See his face. Konji has confined him to jail for the foreseeable future. Hopefully he gets raped as well in jail. He'll regret his actions then.
Crime / Re: Another Nigerian Man Arrested For Selling Drugs In Thailand by smoke9910: 8:37pm On Jan 22
This one na aspiring El chapo. I wonder why when we read about Nigerians in South East Asia, it's always drug trafficking news. Na the only means of employment for there be dat?


Crime / Re: EFCC Arrests 11 Suspected Internet Fraudsters With 12 Cars In Osun by smoke9910: 8:36pm On Jan 22
They will be eventually released after rubbing a few palms. The arrest most times is just for show. You'll hear nothing afterwards.

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Crime / Re: Alleged Cultists Kill Young Man In Delta (Graphic Photos) by smoke9910: 8:30pm On Jan 22
Dying for no reason. Na lack of life purpose go make one enter cultism.
Religion / Re: TB Joshua Endorses COVID-19 Vaccine (Video) by smoke9910: 3:09pm On Jan 22
That's his own opinion. Everyone should be able to decide whether they want the vaccine or not.
Sports / Re: Footballer, Chikelu Ofoedu Slapped By A Military Man by smoke9910: 10:59am On Jan 22
Naija military men too get wahala. If dem dey show this kind agility for boko haram head dem for don defeat them since.

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Entertainment / Re: Men Seen Wearing Baby Pampers In Lagos (Video) by smoke9910: 3:47pm On Jan 21
They could be a bunch of homosexual guys. They love to pull these type of stunts.
Crime / Re: 20-Year-Old Man Kidnaps Father, Collects N2m Ransom From Family Members (Pix) by smoke9910: 8:00am On Jan 21
May God not give us this kind of children. Na to disown the boy na him remain for the papa to do.


Crime / Re: Police Parade Kidnappers Who Killed 6-Year-Old Girl After Demanding N8m Ransom by smoke9910: 7:54am On Jan 21
Evil people full everywhere. Na God dey save man.
Politics / Re: Ali Namadi: Kano LG Chairman Dies 2 Days After Winning Election by smoke9910: 3:00pm On Jan 19
I do have strong erection whenever a politician died.
Lol, na the best aphrodisiac be dat grin
Crime / Re: David Ntekim-Rex: Robbery Victim Dies After Police, Hospital Refused To Save Him by smoke9910: 7:58am On Jan 18
I hate the way hospitals here operate. Why not treat him then hand him over to the police. No value for human life at all.

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Crime / Re: Armed Robbers Stab Man To Death In Lagos (photos) by smoke9910: 7:51pm On Jan 15
2021 never go far and the kind news person dey see no be small thing. May God keep us safe cos the times are rough .
Crime / Re: Ritualist Exhume A Crumpled Hunchback Man Corpse In Delta by smoke9910: 7:48pm On Jan 15
This country dey deteriorate daily. Nothing you no go read for news, it's disgusting.

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