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Phones / Re: I Got Threatened By A Man From Nigeria Saying He Wants To Frame Me by starpower(m): 2:48pm
My brother was threatened by someone too recently through WhatsApp and call. People are really becoming more animalistic.
Romance / Re: Please Any Advice On Something I Can Invest My Million Naira On Please Very Urge by starpower(m): 9:29am On Jul 16
Buy $400 from aboki. In $100 note each 4pcs. Spend on yourself the rest. Inflation still coming more
Politics / Re: Owerri, A Beautiful City That Has Only This Arrangement (pictures) by starpower(m): 11:37am On Jul 13

I’m in a better position to open this thread because I have transversed Nigeria and beyond.

Pay attention to my topic
Point 1: reconciling video , aerial pix and ground pix
Point2. Arrangement of neat roads (main, street ) on same axis and over a large area
Point 3: landscaping of residential and public areas and over A LARGE AREA
Point 4: continuity of this ambience from one area to another
no useless corner shop. It lovely

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Food / Re: What Her Boyfriend’s Kitchen Looks Like When She’s Around Vs When She’s Not. by starpower(m): 3:09pm On Jul 11
In other way round. Nobody is saying she can't cook for him, but this will take hours, and why online validation first, if the relationship doesn't work out unko.

If they refused to do it for you, you people would still lament on top of ur voice. Saying, steet girls are marrying everday, while church girls are languishing in the desert of singleness.

If a christian post hits the front page now,
......why financee shouldnt go to her fiance's house alone when visiting.

You would still be the first to wail and conmdern entire christian religion.

Only death can satisfy human.
Food / Re: What Her Boyfriend’s Kitchen Looks Like When She’s Around Vs When She’s Not. by starpower(m): 3:06pm On Jul 11

in another way, what she cant do as girlfriend, she cant do as wife. does not mean she should become house girl though.

its possible that the guy will eventually marry her because of his dependence on her for her kitchen management skills
. It just my principle, it work well for some, was dating someone a long time ago, she want me to pay her monthly allowance, I told her to let my people come and see her parents, you want exclusivity you do premium lifetime subscription. Nothing in life goes for nothing, show me some love while dating but not do what is expected in absolute commitment. Even in business premium service at premium cost.
Food / Re: What Her Boyfriend’s Kitchen Looks Like When She’s Around Vs When She’s Not. by starpower(m): 4:39pm On Jul 10
What one would do as wife them do am as girlfriend. Women, how man go be in a hurry to get married.

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Romance / Re: Why Do Women Ask This Question After Sex by starpower(m): 5:31am On Jul 10
This has worked for me in the past, i just kiss her forehead, and ask her to take her time to study me first, suggest you both can celibate😂. After like four days reduce the attention, by day 9, she if mentally weak will assume you needed more sex to be brain washed by her, she will learn that by default. She wont bill much too, they know when they are on probation. Control the availability for sex and time, But please use condom o most times is pregnancy those type will think can commit you.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: I Seriously Need A Job In Ikorodu by starpower(m): 4:22pm On Jul 09
can you do per time. Inventory management consulting in Ikorodu
Please I need a job in ikorodu I have BSc in accountancy with 4 years experience in storekeeper and 4 years in inventory management please help a brother.
You can reach me on my mail :- Kunlegzy85@gmail.com.

Nairaland / General / How Far Your Side Today Rain by starpower(m): 10:12am On Jul 03
Investment / Re: Nigerian Stock Exchange Market Pick Alerts by starpower(m): 8:48am On Jul 03

These PE's are scarily high. Any slippage in anticipated growth due to the so called 5th industrial revolution and there will be major price correction.

39 Microsoft Corp. (MSFT)
55 Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN):
34 Apple (AAPL):
29 Meta Platforms (formerly Facebook) (META)
28 Alphabet (GOOGL)
53 Tesla (TSLA):

Car Talk / Re: Why I’m Investing $100m In Auto Industry – Ashogbon, US-based Nigerian by starpower(m): 10:08am On Jul 01
Baba want to open Owode Onirin, even Owode people still they find scrap buy.

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Food / Re: Who Are You Calling To Help You Finish This... by starpower(m): 1:39pm On Jun 26
For this thieffnubu regime?
If I no fit finish am, I go pour am for polythene bag carry am go house
my wife and sister, or else i better keep it forever as a secret.
Family / Re: How Do I Fix My Marriage, It Has Crashed by starpower(m): 9:27pm On May 19
Not sure if this is the right forum, but I am unhappy, as I type this message, I think it is usually too late to cry when the head is cut off, but i will cry anyways.

I have been married for 6 years now and brethren it has not been easy, I think I married a wrong person, am not a perfect neither is she, i just think we are not compatible. There is is no love between us. Our values are different. Me and my wife dont get along, well. Encourage her to change her contraceptives, if she is slightly psychotic it might worse due to hormonal imbalance. The are always in denial too.

We have just been tolerating each other. I only realize what i am missing because i recent caught feelings for this colleague of mine. So there is this colleague of mine, we have worked together for almost 2 years now but more related to work. I have started catching feelings for this girl o and it all started in a party we attend together. I know she too has feeling for me. I see it in her eyes. She comes to sit with me, and we talk about alot of private stuff. She tells me all that is happening in her life, i also do same. she knows I am married with kids but i am sure if i make a move she will agree. I never could imagine I will find myself in a situation, tempted to commit adultery. When i have a wife at home, this opened my eyes and push me to want resolved the relationship issue with my wife. I approached her some days ago to voice my concern that the marriage is not working, we dont communicate, there is no love, what can we do to resolve the matter. My wife said she is used to our situation. I asked what can we do differently and she says we shd go see a marriage counselor. I said fine but can we even discuss and she tells me she is tired she wants to sleep and then stops responding to me.

My wife prefers to sleep alone, despite me telling her we shd sleep together as a couple. if she is in the room and I come to the room she will immediately goes to the parlor, we rarely have body contact. The few times we have sex she never kisses even when i try, she puts her mouth away. Even in the car we can be on a drive for 1 hr, without mentioning a word to each other. Most times it is either the car radio or my kids that break the silence. What surprises me is she is very comfortable with it, you just see her on her phone. The only saving grace is I have a source of income and provide for the home that why she listens sometimes.

Reflecting back on if i had to opportunity i wont have married her, she has caused me alot of pain. she doesnt play that supportive role expected of a wife, she has this feminist tendency. She also has this ego issue and find it difficult to take feedback, whenever i raise an issue, she just get very upset and in many times it turns into a fight. There are days I fall sick, my wife no send o. Even cooking for me is like stress. She goes out without telling me, does things without getting my consent or even carrying me along. When she brings people to the house, she wont even introduce them to me as her husband. she doesnt send respect or regards me. I tell you an example of something that happened last year, we were travelling November last year to the UK on holidays with the children, because of our luggages we took two uber vehicles, I sat in one with my daughter, my wife sat in the other with my son. While on the way to the airport, do you know my wife asked the driver to take a detour to shoprite that she wants to give someone the left over stew and food items we had. Shoprite is not on the way to the airport, we had less than 2 hours to go for an intentional flight. It was me that noticed their car going a different direction, I had to call the uber driver to tell him to turn back immediately. When the uber guy came he told me he had asked my wife to mention it to me, but she said no need, I dont need to be told. We got to the airport while offloading the luggage from the car, my wife suddenly disappeared. I had 8 boxes , 2 children to move with. Thank God for those people that help with the luggage at the airport. I passed through customs and NDLEA and began to clear with the airline before she showed up. I was so mad, even a custom lady was yelling at her, how can you just disappear leaving your husband with all the loads and children. My wife didnt even apologize, she said she went to drop the food items with the person she asked to come to the airport, after i asked the uber driver to reroute to the airport. That is how disunited we are.

The good side is not cheating, and she is spiritual, she can go to church 10 times a week, currently serves in 2 units and hold leadership roles in those unit. I have told her if she give 20 percent of the time in church to our relationship and family we would be happier. The major complain she mentioned from my side is we shd go out together more often, she wants me to organize morning devotions, that we shd pray more with the children, this was something I believe her dad did when they were growing up, the experience is different for me. I have told her I will try. She also mentioned I like to complain, which is not true.

This whole thing is hitting me hard cos I dont want to cheat with my colleague and i just experienced a glimpse of what we shd be enjoying. I also have the chance of relocating to the Australia but i knw if we do, I will enter one chance.

Does anyone knw a good marriage counselor, that can be recommended, I saw one done by one of this popular pastor they are asking for $150 for a 1hour session, I also dont want to involve my family or her family.

I am tempted to just leave the house for 2 weeks and go stay in an hotel, but how will that help it will only make matters worse.
Romance / Re: She's Now Hating Me Because I Respected Her And Didn't Treat Her Like A Slut by starpower(m): 4:07pm On Apr 20
I lost someone recently and this girl who was an old flame came for the burial, she decided to stay till the next day, she stayed at my place overnight, we stayed up all night talking, catching up and just snuggling on the couch, she's someone I'm very attracted to sexually and physically, there was a time I thought I'd end up with her but it didn't work and we both started dating other people, so I friendzone her like I trust myself that nothing can happen between us even if she's naked, and that's why I didn't tell my girlfriend my old flame was passing the night.

When it's time to sleep she got into her lingerie and hopped on my bed, I got my duvet and spread it on the ground, trust me I'm not simping, she's someone I don't see as a sex object, I respect her and I wouldn't demoralize her for any reason even if she's a stripper, I spread my duvet to sleep on the ground and she had this look of surprise and disappoinment, I didn't care though, she then told me to come to the bed that it's big for three people, I told her goodnight, but she wouldn't sleep, she kept talking to me, asking me questions about my girl, our sex life etc, I told her everything cuz we were that close.

Eventually we all slept and the next morning she started giving me attitude, I won't go into that because it's a long story, I got fed up and asked her what's up, then she told me I am a good guy, and she hate that about me, I was like is that a bad thing? She said most guys would not let her sleep alone last night, that I should have had sex with her, that all the clues were there and I was just not getting it, that she wouldn't be contacting me anymore.

I couldn't say anything because the thought of just having her crossed my mind so many times, what stopped me is the respect I have for her, she's not a cheap slut I can just have sex with but she didn't appreciate my respect, second reason is, I also hold myself in high esteem, playing hard to get is a game two can play afterall we both moved on, third I have a girlfriend for Pete sake, lastly, she fit later say I pressured her into having sex and I have seen what ruin that can do to a man's life, was I wrong to exercise restraint and self control? Now she's hating me so much.
Discipline is what many seek can't have. You self respect is more and you become more valuable

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Romance / Re: Why Is It Difficult To Get These Qualities In One Man? by starpower(m): 3:22pm On Apr 19
You will say that you are looking for a man that don't smoke, drink and womanized. I was told that it is hard to get all in one person.
If he doesn't smoke, he will be a drunkard.
If he doesn't drinks, he will be into hard drugs.
If he doesn't drinks and smoke, he will be a womanizer.
If he doesn't drinks, smoke and womanized, he will be into gambling.
I and my brother does non, our wife's are lovely, he is handsome but am not. Lol
Romance / Re: Shocking Truths About Sex by starpower(m): 12:36pm On Apr 12
After childbirth, sex lose flavour for lots of couples cos the wive's vagina no longer grips after natural birth. Leading to masturbation and adultery. For those who due to the fear of God remain with their spouse, sacrifice all
the vagina actually become tighter after weeks, for get that myth.


Politics / Re: Lagos-calabar Highway Project Is A Highway To Fraud, Waste - Atiku by starpower(m): 9:49am On Apr 12
#15 trillion to Chagouri, a road they have not started,they already have N3k toll fees in mind. grin
This approximately 22 billion per km. God this treason
Politics / Re: Military Deploys Armoured Vehicles Into Bomadi Creeks by starpower(m): 9:48am On Mar 18

Go to the north, join bandits and go inside the bush, you'd get what you want.
God bless your deeds

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Family / Re: Marriage Is Now Useless, No Discipline by starpower(m): 5:45pm On Mar 15

Are you sure there are a lot? Because we don't hear their own stories, atleast to reassure people like myself who still find marriage attractive. TikTok, YouTube and co has reduced marriage to shambles. I don't believe it is because we breed weak men these days. We need couples with blissful marriages to speak up
Have low expectations and avoid habits that attract low quality people, marry genuine friends by looking beyond looks, look at backgrounds ( how there family treat themselves and others, avoid people who don't have good inner compass). You needed to be yourself too. Good people are more than bad people.


Business / Re: "20m Naira Was 5m Dollar In 1990"- Jim Ovia Recounts How He Started Zenith Bank by starpower(m): 10:53am On Mar 12
Just imagine saving a 20m in a US bank and u commot face for 34 years...

Now ur $5m will be smiling at u in the US bank with some interest... which may be converted to around eight billion one hundred twenty-six million one hundred fifty thousand naira
buy Berkshire Hathaway class A stock in 1990 @$6400 per share, by 2024, will have close to 460million dollars. @N 1500 to $1 you will have around 700billion naira. lol


Family / Re: Video Of Nigerian Woman Expressing Her Joy As She Becomes A Mrs by starpower(m): 10:11am On Mar 09
Marriage is the biggest achievement for women in this life.
it for both if it genuine partnerships, i personally appreciate my wife presence though the marriage is still early. I have someone who we are now both spectators in each others life. If you are from broken homes( all with toxic parents relationships) try fixing that cycle for your kids.


Celebrities / Re: Singer Zlatan Gifts His Woman A Mercedes Benz On Her Birthday by starpower(m): 4:55pm On Mar 07
Is that the wife thats looking like man am seeing there? Or I need wash my eyes with pami
That seyi she was once his manager, not his babymama
Business / Re: Greedy Seller's Sudden Increase Sparks Tension (video) by starpower(m): 12:28pm On Mar 05
Have seen this happened in my office multiple times, times are really hard for retailers as that 400k might be profit on 30pcs gone like that.

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Politics / Re: Dollar Under Jonathan Compare To Tinubu Government by starpower(m): 11:42am On Mar 04
Naira is bouncing back and everything is being done to fight the artificial spike but if you didn’t ask Buhari to return it to N300 (parallel market) where he met it in 2015 or you didn't ask Obasanjo to return it to N21, if you fear God, you should give Tinubu some breathing space before asking him to make it N780.

Don't die of hypocrisy.

It was N21 in 1999 before Obasanjo was sworn in and Obasanjo left it at N120-N125 in 2007. 104% fall.

In 2009, Yar’adua left it at N145-N171. Official and parallel market respectively
46% fall.

And by the time Jonathan was leaving in 2015, it was N199-N300.
129% fall.

By 2023 when Buhari left, it was N420 at official rate and N780 at parallel market.
480% fall.

Without floating it, it fell by 104% under Obasanjo: 46% under Yar'adua; 129% under Jonathan and 480% under Buhari...without floating it.

By 2027 when Tinubu will finish his term, it will be just and fair to rate his performance. You can go ahead and start to sell Toyota, the truth is what is posted above. Don’t come and be unfortunate by acting as if somebody did any good job with our exchange rate despite the volume of subsidy put into it.

In conclusion, I have seen that President Tinubu is all out to fix that problem once and for all but it will be a long battle. Binance has been deactivated and fined. Illegal BDCs are finding it difficult to operate while over a thousand have been deregistered among other decisive steps and going by the number of BDCs Emefiele registered and a lot of economic criminalities known to us all, one won't be surprised at how it fell by 480% between May 29, 2015 and May 29, 2023 despite its non floatation.


Sir Sunday Adewale Adeniran
subtraction now percentage. Go back to basic maths, from your assumptions obasanjo time naira loss more the 500%

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Career / Re: Job Of 130k On The Mainland Or Job Of 330k On The Island (please Advise Me) by starpower(m): 10:41am On Mar 04
Hello everyone.

Please, I need your advice as I am confused at the moment.

I am to choose between the job of 130k on the mainland or job of 330k on the island. Pls note that I started the 130k few months ago and I spend 600naira daily on transport (about 13k on transport for a month). It is on the mainland and not far from my area. No traffic or whatsoever. My colleagues are amazing people, and the workplace is super convenient. I didn't apply for the job, but the CEO gave it to me when I messaged him that I needed job, so he decided to help me by giving me the job. He is a good man who cares about people. I can say that he motivates me a lot.

I am to start the 330k soon, but it is on the island, and I am to spend about 4k on transportation (about 90k). I will still have the balance of 240k left on me after removing transportation.
I am confused because I don't know how to discuss it with the CEO who assisted me. I am thinking that he will feel bad, and our relationship will be affected. Sincerely, he is a good man, and he motivates me a lot, but the pay is small compared to the new offer I got.
Both jobs are secured and safe.

Please, Advise me.
Which one should I go for and why?
Thank you.
it depends on the experience you plan to acquire in each. What are you becoming?. Was paid lower working for my dad, got industry experience and a free mentor, earning 20 times that now, that offer i had then was worth the experience and goals i achieved. Life needs balance above immediate gratification. Know what you are becoming first and who are coming along to support.
Politics / Re: Picture Of IBD Dende, Alleged Smuggler With Tinubu & IG Of Police by starpower(m): 12:29pm On Mar 02

I can feed you for 2 years without complaining.
I am telling you there is no innocent rich man in Nigeria and you are arguing. What's your problem. I don't like to bragging grin
There is no innocent Nigerian lol!
Romance / Re: A Lot Of People Don't Know There Is A Difference Between These Two (pics) by starpower(m): 12:09pm On Feb 26
So true!. Can get better bro.
Crime / Re: PMT Commercial Drivers And The New Trend Of Waybill Handovers For Extortion by starpower(m): 5:58am On Feb 16
Had a similar experience with a driver two weeks ago, not PMT though the driver deliberately avoided the receiver's call and in the end we were made to part with another money before they could release the load to the receiver.
Easterners parks from warri down in other Eastern states. Another culture against service entirely.
Politics / Re: Bayo Onanuga: Nigeria’s Wealth Overestimated, Country Very Poor by starpower(m): 4:52am On Feb 13
The bitter truth 😔
by there collective decision in Allocating our commonwealth in wrong places.


Romance / Re: Would You Cheat Back If Your Partner Cheated? by starpower(m): 2:35pm On Feb 10
Would you cheat back if your partner cheated?
I move on, I am surely going to find what I deserved, no matter what an undervalued asset will sure become rightly priced. Had a lady trying to devalue me by doing emotional cheating, didn't discuss it, did my investigation and my fears was ascertained. I moved on, got my value and saved myself the unimaginable toxic action. I always do my best to keep investing in myself and quality relationships. Life is best with quality people. Self-improvements
Romance / Re: “We Accidentally Had S*x One Of The Days You Went To Work” - Lady Reacts by starpower(m): 12:33pm On Feb 05
“We accidentally had s*x one of the days you went to work” - Lady reacts after being called out by her Ex-Best friend for snatching her boyfriend.

fergie001, Mynd44, OAM4J Seun Nlfpmod

she knew somewhere God bless her, that is uncommon blessings, many future mistakes and investment avoided. They will enjoy there future insecurities when feelings die out. From experience very few of them will support your growth.

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Autos / (cmris) Certificate By The Nigerian Police Legal by starpower(m): 3:16pm On Feb 01
Is this legal or are we being extorted!!

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