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Crime / Re: Ngozi Juliet Olejeme Wanted By EFCC (Photo) by Sunmibare6(m): 6:22pm On Sep 20, 2017
She resembles one of my dad's concubines

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Art, Graphics & Video / Re: Falomo Bridge Art By Nigerian Students Now At The Thames London by Sunmibare6(m): 9:07am On Sep 11, 2017
So beautiful. Real talent at its peak

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Travel / Re: Man's Car Somersaulted Multiple Times In Enugu (Photos) by Sunmibare6(m): 9:06pm On Jun 20, 2017
His church pastor will be like "You see, that's the power of the water you drank last year at the crusade "

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Celebrities / Re: Bisola Shares Bathroom Photos, And Everybody Is Tripping by Sunmibare6(m): 5:58pm On May 06, 2017
I swear if it wasn't TTT that snapped her, then it was Oga Bally,, I feat bet am with my kidney.
Romance / Re: Love Or Parents Which Will You Choose ! by Sunmibare6(m): 8:49pm On Apr 29, 2017
Prevention is better than cure.. Let her leave now .!

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Celebrities / Re: Segun Arinze Rocks "Pa James" Inspired Haircut For New Movie by Sunmibare6(m): 3:59pm On Apr 26, 2017
Blood of Zachariah..... Someone should please wake me up!
Celebrities / Re: My Father Sent Me A Picture Of My Breast - Tboss by Sunmibare6(m): 4:57pm On Apr 13, 2017

Celebrities / Re: Fans React To Ese Eriata's Sultry Photo by Sunmibare6(m): 6:17pm On Apr 12, 2017
See pawpaw grin grin grin grin grin grin


Celebrities / Re: Sunny Ade Takes Over The Wheel From DJ Jimmy Jatt At Dangote's Party by Sunmibare6(m): 11:12am On Apr 11, 2017
Good one..
Politics / Re: Dogs Prevent 2 Male Suicide Bombers From Attacking University Chapel by Sunmibare6(m): 2:15pm On Apr 10, 2017
The face you make When your Dad just farted but you can no longer endure it..

Celebrities / Re: Chineze Anyaene Is Married (Wedding Photos) by Sunmibare6(m): 7:09am On Apr 10, 2017
When your Dad just farted but you can no longer endure it...

Food / Re: I Got Myself A Bushmeat This Night... Come Join Me by Sunmibare6(m): 11:22pm On Apr 08, 2017
Good one
Jokes Etc / Re: Girl Pranks Mother On April Fool's Day by Sunmibare6(m): 6:51pm On Apr 01, 2017
I disowned you too. grin grin grin grin grin grin shocked wink shocked sad angry
Business / Re: How A Guy In Port-Harcourt Duped Me Today by Sunmibare6(m): 11:41pm On Jun 01, 2016
58 what?,•̸ϞƔ 6mnths salary..........gbeeeeeseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-
Religion / Re: The Mystery Of Sins And Forgiveness by Sunmibare6(m): 9:45am On May 29, 2016
#well,he died for our initial sins which serves as an opportunity for us †̥♥ live again fo repentance,if he hadn't done that,then we wouldn't have been able †̥♥ repent again#"•̸ϞƔ Opinion though#
Career / Re: Is It Good To Tell Your Boss You Are Resigning Or Take Your Salary And Leave? by Sunmibare6(m): 3:57pm On Mar 25, 2016
I hope it's not English that you are teaching? That language just got murdered and buried by you.
.....I thought I was the only one that noticed until I saw yo comment.."Living instead of "leaving",,,and "staffs instead of "staff",the plural of "staff remains "staff" """""#peace#
Business / Re: Naira Exchange Rates Today by Sunmibare6(m): 12:22pm On Mar 24, 2016
Politics / Re: The Untold Story Of Heroic Deeds In Gamboru Ngala (video) by Sunmibare6(m): 8:31am On Mar 23, 2016
#See this Boygirl that commented b⁴ me,well,just here †̥♥ read oda's comments#
Education / Re: Lagos Probes Pupil’s Floggings By Principal, Teachers by Sunmibare6(m): 8:24am On Mar 23, 2016
That was too badt::::::::::::::::: C'était trop mauvais!!!!!!!!!!!!
Education / Re: 5 Steps To Beat The Admission Cut-off Of Any Nigerian University by Sunmibare6(m): 11:55am On Mar 22, 2016
#On point,bur atimes good preparation is the best#: Point, une bonne préparation de bur génération-là est le ........."Merci"
Celebrities / Re: Peter Okoye’s Manager, Olatunde Micheals (photos) by Sunmibare6(m): 6:44pm On Mar 14, 2016
#Ths Mr P had planned this even before his separation wth his brothers#
Celebrities / Re: Olajumoke Orisaguna Is The Face Of Payporte's 1kstore by Sunmibare6(m): 1:38pm On Mar 14, 2016
Olajumoke self nofeat stop God from this divine perfection# grin


Education / Re: School Proprietor Accused Of Flinging Pupils Out Of School Bus In Lagos by Sunmibare6(m): 1:15pm On Mar 14, 2016
#When you are in a state of stupor b⁴ coming †̥♥ school as the proprietor and you want †̥♥ throw away yo pupil's bag angrily,not knowing you are throwing away the real pupil#,"blame it on the alcohol in his tommy"
Politics / Re: Uduak Onofiok-Luke Kneels To Thank Husband After Bagging Degree (PICS) by Sunmibare6(m): 1:10pm On Mar 14, 2016
#abeg who feat interprete am †̥♥ french for me?#...S'il vous plaît interprete ceci pour moi en français."Merci"
Education / Re: 2016/2017 Complete WAEC Time Table Now Available by Sunmibare6(m): 1:06pm On Mar 14, 2016
#success ahead all those that are preparing fo the igzaem#
Romance / The Smart Ekiti Boy(tseb) Episode3) by Sunmibare6(m): 8:40pm On Dec 08, 2015
EPISODE 3..........
I Dint kno what nxt †̥♥ do since ma phone was off,...God!!! This one na great 4kUp,,and I was alweady ON,,,,,I waiited mayb light would come till it was 12am at mid-night,there was no light,,I started cursing NEPA.....I manged †̥♥ sleep sha,,,,
I rushed and woke up very early the folloWing morning @6am and searched fo a way †̥♥ charge ma phone...GBAS...!!! I finally got a place †̥♥ charge,,,the first thing I opened on ma phone was •̸ϞƔ whatsap †̥♥ see the n*ked bathroom pictures Enny promissed †̥♥ send b⁴ NEPA 4ked up,,,,,!!! Goussh what a 4kp again,the pictures were all BluR,I couldn't see anyfn,,,I managed †̥♥ borrow 50card frm Mtn so as †̥♥ call Enny
ME: Hello •̸ϞƔ Jewel
ENNY:Tony you 4ked up big time,you turned me on last night and went offline,,
ME:plss dear,ma phone was off,,,,,,,blabblablablaabla.....
ME: so,Can we please meet today?
ENNY:No problem,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,we arranged the time we would meet iin •̸ϞƔ house........cHai,,,!!!! Big fish,,I rushed home †̥♥ wash •̸ϞƔ dirty birdsheet and tidy •̸ϞƔ room wth some aiR-freshner,,,hhhhmmm,,,what again O,?,I rememberd I had †̥♥ get some BabyOku and protector frm Mama-Nkechi infront of ma house (mama-Nkechi is @ 45-50yrs old,bur still looks smart)..
Mama-Nkechi:Toooni,wetin you won take co*dom and 3BabyOku do again today?,Hope nobi •̸ϞƔ own Nkechi Nna won take use am?,,,,,,ME: haba,I just won take am do Motriphological practical,,,,,,Mama-Nkechi: TooRr,nna go passs am,,,,,I Rushed †̥♥ ma room and drank the 3BabyOku wth one pick milk,chai,,,,,ssEe •̸ϞƔ eyes and ma body come strong,,,,I Did a litle press-up and rehearsed how imma get hold of Enny on ma Bed,I went str8 †̥♥ shower afta the rehearsal,,,,,,,few miinutess later,I had a Nock at •̸ϞƔ door,,I dint need any herbalist †̥♥ tell me it was Enny at the door,,,,,come in,I ssaId wth a romanticc voice....
Behold,it was Enny,I smilles and hugged her,as I wanted †̥♥ close the door the 2nd gal entered too,,,,Oh Enny so you came wth a fwen?,I asked,,,yes,•̸ϞƔ gOod fwen...sshe came in,,Enny sat on •̸ϞƔ bed and her fwen sat on •̸ϞƔ white plastic chair,,,
Oh,,,,,what can I offer you ?,,,they both replied ᴰᵉᵞ were okay .
*****for ma mind,chai,,•̸ϞƔ plan don spoil as Enny bring her Fwen O!!!,,,wch kind tin b dis******
ENNY: Tony meet •̸ϞƔ best fwen,her name is Wumi,,
ME: ***i sha ᴰᵉᵞ pretnd like say nofn do me,,Ohh,9c meetiing you Wumi,you look so beautiful 'as I held her hand and she secretly winked at me and rolled her tongue sexilly,''''you ar nt badt too,she replied wth a sexy voice,...
We all played in the room fo abt 30 mnts and Enny told me they are set †̥♥ leave,,,,chai,,,,,moogbe!!! So all the babyOku wey I drink na waste!!,,,I saw "em off unhappily,,few minutes later wen I got bak †̥♥ ma room,I heard a nock at •̸ϞƔ door,,,I taught it was Enny that left somfn in ma room,behold,it was Wumi (Enny's fwen),,,she entered,shut the door and removed the key...I was wondering wht brought her back....
ME: did you leave antyyfn here you came †̥♥ tk?
Wumi: Yels
ME: oh,I dint notice sha,please whatss that?,I asked passionatly
Wumi:I Forgot †̥♥ kiss yo lips and check down below yo abdomen †̥♥ feel the wavy hair there'''as she says this,she moves closer †̥♥ me as I stood beside •̸ϞƔ bed,planted a kiss on ma lipss and crossed one of her legs acosss mine,she pussshed me softly †̥♥ the bed,,I was watching her,,,she bent down low and shaked her bombom softly,I was alweady dieing within,she off her Leggis and rolled it twice before she threw it on the chair,whaoo,,,!!! Wumi's Ass could make a kid faint,,•̸ϞƔ brain was already singing Gongo Aso,,,,she solftly moved and sat beside me as she removed •̸ϞƔ jean touser,,,I was looking like a fool,she removed her Bra and used it †̥♥ cover •̸ϞƔ face,I was silent bur •̸ϞƔ d*ck was shoutting fo help,,,,she finally removed her sexy-pink-condom-string-pant,,,,,Whaoo,,this gal is set,I dnt kno how I managed †̥♥ off ma boxers,,,dirrect ma hand †̥♥ her left bossom,grabbed it,I squezzed iit and sucked as she mooned,changed †̥♥ the 2nd one and slowly lift her up and used •̸ϞƔ midle finger †̥♥ move slowly round her back,she shouted JESUS!!!!!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I turned her vi*gina †̥♥ maslf and dirrected •̸ϞƔ tongue †̥♥ it,as she Openned her laps widely,,,,,,I looked at her face and she said Please do the thing,make me feel likE am in paraDise,,,I slowly firstly used ma tongue †̥♥ move around the hairs on her Pu**y as she mooned,as I knew she was totally lost iin the mood,I deeped ma tongue in her clitor*s and ...............................EPISODE 4 Loading.....!!!!!!!!!! Powered by Oluwa8131605633sunmibare
Romance / The Smart Ekiti Boy (TSEB) by Sunmibare6(m): 8:33pm On Dec 08, 2015
EPISODE 2: " The Smart Ekiti Boy "TSEB"
Yawn!!!!,,,I woke Up,,stretched ma hand and legs like a burnt dog,I was meditating on how †̥♥ make ma move fo thE day,I took •̸ϞƔ phone,called Enny........
ME: Hello •̸ϞƔ adorable Queen,ife aye mi,Eni bi okan mi,ayanfe mi,onitemi,eyin oju mi,Eemi aye mi,•̸ϞƔ one in all,.am very sure yo 9t was awesome?
ENNY :,hhhhhmmm,,sure •̸ϞƔ LOVE,yo words are soft and realy penetrated into my heart,,,,,,,
as I heard dis ,•̸ϞƔ body vibrated and I smilled,,
ME: Enny where would you be going today?,
ENNY: No Where DARLING......
ME:Okay,would you like †̥♥ pay me a visit please?
ENNY: oh,so soon?,just yesterday"we met?,,I can't do dat..Mayb som other day,,,,,,
ME: ******†̥♥ avoid being too forward****,Ok baby...,,,****as I was talkin †̥♥ her,I was consistently looking @the minuts we hav spent...**card wey ii borrow frm Mtn***....
******fast Forwward***********few days thereafter,I hav had lots of sex-chats wth Enny,she alws said she couldn't waite †̥♥ be in •̸ϞƔ arms cos of •̸ϞƔ romantic words and soft and (off-pant'iable voice)....we later planned †̥♥ meet somwhere around her house the night after..
When it was 7:00pm.
ME: I dialled her nomb,hello angel,where are you,am set †̥♥ join you ,she said no problm.,I was avin only N35 on me,so I couldn't afford †̥♥ take byc,I trecked like hustlers,I bought =N=10 pure water few mnts treck †̥♥ our meeting point,drank some and washed •̸ϞƔ face †̥♥ look 9c again.
Yeap,we finally met........
Whaoo!!! Enny you look so gorgous and sweet,Even yo sweetness could cause Diabetis if someone takes too much of you ,'whaoo,you are an angel on earth and yo beauty could make Devil sing praises,,, She smilled and Hugged me as she plantted a kiss on ma lips,,,,whaoo,,what a soft lips She gat,,I stylishly pressed her bossom †̥♥ •̸ϞƔ chest,and moved •̸ϞƔ hands from her waist down †̥♥ her ASS,,JESUS!!!!!!! This gal's (Boxes) are bigger than BOmBE...Mooooku...!!....
I said silently †̥♥ her ears,baby, I wish we could be glued together like Dis,you gat Everything God forgot †̥♥ give other girls,,********•̸ϞƔ d*ck was alweady doin press-up whille sayin all these..
ENNY : Tony!!,*****i replied wth a dieing voice,"YES LOVE",,*****in the mood of hug*****,,,,,Are you holding any long torch in yo pocket ? She asked,,"""not atal dear,,I couldn't contrl •̸ϞƔ (Erected d*ck),,,she continued,bur Tony I can feel somfn touching me and its hard and seems long!!!...immediatly I understood what she meant,,,Oh!,wth a shameful look,am sorry,Mayb its Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!,,,, she smiled and grabbed mE down there ,,,whAaaooo!!!,,,dis girl is Damn Badt......we couldn't say anyfn again as we were huggiing and kisssing til 9:25 pm.....we departed wth a soft smile and promised ourselves a Die-hard sex wheneVa we meet aGain,She said she had †̥♥ go home †̥♥ prepare fo sunday serviice since She's a cHoristan.....ChaAaai,,,Choristan Gonn badt since 1980BC.....,,,I started thinking how †̥♥ manipulate •̸ϞƔ movement home cos I was left wth just N25,,Well,as a smart Boy,I covered •̸ϞƔ Face wth •̸ϞƔ face-cap and called a byc,Dropped a few minutes treck †̥♥ my house and told the cyclist I wanted †̥♥ Urinate,that was the last time he saw me,he couldnt run afta me cos his byc mght be stolen,on gettng †̥♥ •̸ϞƔ door-step,I saw a msg frm Enny "Dear you can't believe yo romance made me have a stain in •̸ϞƔ pa*t,,as I read that,,,I hardly openned •̸ϞƔ door and rushed in and replied her message as I lay on •̸ϞƔ bed,,as we chat ...........
ME:Whaooo,,can you snap and lemme see it?
ENNY: okay !!!
•̸ϞƔ phone buzzed,,,,""A file has been sent †̥♥ you from ENNYLOV",,,I quickly openned the File,Lo and behold,she sent me a Nude pix wth her wet p*nt,,
ME: Oh •̸ϞƔ GouUUSH !!!!!!,Baby you ar killing me slowly wth this pix,""""I Zoomed-in the pix she sent and I felt like jumping inside •̸ϞƔ phone †̥♥ carry out a mission,******
ME:Enny •̸ϞƔ hairs are risen,,I feel like holding yo bosson and squeeze "em softly whille •̸ϞƔ tongue rolls gently on yo breast-tips,
ENNY: come baby,am all here fo you,•̸ϞƔ body is really calling and wants a greese from a sweet and romantic Tony!!,,,,,*****
ME: baby,I can't realy type again,•̸ϞƔ fingers are staggering on keypads,
ENNY: ****she typed****can you please gv me som mnts,wonna bath
ME: Whaoo,I will lke †̥♥ see you "Up till Down" as you off †̥♥ bath,
Enny: okay dear,,lemmie off and send you as I off
...........As I read dis,I was looking at •̸ϞƔ phone,I saw "Enny is typing a message",,,,,,,,,and •̸ϞƔ phone just gave a sign"Pam Pam,battery Empty.......Haaaa!!! Mooooku,,No light †̥♥ charge,No generatiing set,,I hate maslf,MOod spoilt,I was traumatised and was in a state of quandry,,,,I felt unhappy,,,,,,,,,,,"OH!!! Ma God..!!!!,,.what am I goiin †̥♥ do now?.... EPISODE 3Loading.......(Powered by Oluwa8131605633sunmibare) .....
Romance / The Smart Ekiti Boy by Sunmibare6(m): 8:24pm On Dec 08, 2015
This is another Romantic Article,writted and editted buy Oluwa08131605633Sunmibare

TITLE : " The Smart Ekiti Boy "TSEB"
,,,,,,EPISODE 1....
WARNING: This Article is written By Oluwasunmibare,,,its full of Suspence,Romance*,and Adult lines,do not read if you are nt 18+...or if you don't have a mature mind as it improves yo sexual life and Romance...

Hhhmmm,,,,,,it isn't very easy †̥♥ find a real love in Nigeria,since dem don pursue me fo white house ,bur as a smart boy,you kno!! "Winkz',I tryna find the EASY out of the UNEASY,,,,,Let's go....

After a smooth bath early in the morning ,I sprayed •̸ϞƔ Pef and wore •̸ϞƔ wrist watch wth •̸ϞƔ good looking hair-well-treamed.I decided †̥♥ wear •̸ϞƔ black sunshades cos the suun was too much......I started hunting(searching fo pretty bebs on the street"
Suddenly,I met this pretty gal,,,,conversation began....

ME: Hi Angel
SHE: yEorls,how may I help you?
ME:.....**for •̸ϞƔ mind I just ᴰᵉᵞ look am,abi dis one ᴰᵉᵞ madt,bur as a charp guy na,I try coperate****,,Well,am Tony,
SHE: Oh,!! a sibling †̥♥ Tony Tetulla?
ME: fo ma mind ***dis one na Werey,shey I go b Tony tetulla bro and I go ᴰᵉᵞ like dis***,,Oh,beb NO,am nt a sibbling †̥♥ Tetulla,bur we grew up in same hood,,
SHE: okay ,or a sibbling †̥♥ Tony Pain?,,
ME: Noap beb,bur you see, am a friend †̥♥ Tonny Pain's younger brother..blabblablabla....
After much talks,we exchanged contacts,mine: 08131605633 and took hers too, and sh told me her name †̥♥ be "Enny",Ohh,,what a beatiful name for a gorgous looking angel like you,,,***she smiled softly...I was happy cos atleast I had a fish caught in •̸ϞƔ net that day,,and na Big fish Ooooo,"lols"
I later rushed †̥♥ •̸ϞƔ fwen around the street †̥♥ soak Garri cos I must nt carry that lunch frm him,or else,,,No food fo a lazy man b dat.I Rushed home afta the lunch..
"TaRanRanRan TaRanRanRan.!!!! •̸ϞƔ Nokia torch rang!!,,behold,it was Enny..
ME:***with a virgin voice **Hello Prettiest.
ENNY:So you can't call me?
ME:Am sorry,I went †̥♥ a Shopprite immediatly we departed and after eating I left •̸ϞƔ phone there,I just went bak †̥♥ take it,it was one of their Bouncers that kept it fo me
Enny: Oh,really,?,,alright den:well,I called just †̥♥ say Hi
Me:**fo •̸ϞƔ mind,chai,dis gal done Fall.....,okay baby,thanks fo the call,,,we Ended the call.
At @9pm that same day,I borrowed 50Naira card frm "Empty Hen",sorry I mean mTn..,tryna call •̸ϞƔ New Angel Enny
ME:Hi Angel,Am unable †̥♥ sleep cos I was tryna remember how cute yo voice was wen we met in the morning,,,"she smilled".......******for •̸ϞƔ mind***(thunder fire that yo teeth wey you take smile)*****i continued,,,,,,You kno,I cherrish you so much,cant hold mysfl snce I met you ,I don't jsst kno how †̥♥ say this thing in •̸ϞƔ heart out †̥♥ you ...
ENNY: Say it now,its a free world,,,******for •̸ϞƔ mind(You ᴰᵉᵞ craze,even if it nobi free world b⁴ shey I nogo talk am*****,,I continued...
ME: you see, am a shy type bur I must let you know that I love you..blablablablabla......I added all those Magi and salt,,,
ENNY: Hhhhmmm,,guys sha,are you sure you love me?
ME: ****fo •̸ϞƔ mind,wch kind jamb questn ds 1 ᴰᵉᵞ ask me****,,,,sure baby I do,,,....
ENNY: okay,lemmie think abt it..
ME: okay baby,thanks,,,,
TI sEnt her a hot romantic message dat same night b⁴ goin †̥♥ bed and she replied wth message too,the message goes thuss"""""Boy!!!!!,you Damn hot",,Yo mere words made me hug •̸ϞƔ phone and brougt me warmth even in dis cold weather,,,,Am beginning †̥♥ love you .................
........As I read this msg,I alweady knew the deed was done,,Lols"charp Guy,,..."I just go where I ᴰᵉᵞ write the names of gals wey I don catch b⁴ and I put her name for the nxt number.(NO 23)..............EPISODE 2 Loading.............Powered by Oluwa8131605633sunmibare
Fashion / Re: Wow! Men Now Wear Lace Wigs Too (photos) by Sunmibare6(m): 11:54am On Sep 16, 2015
Education / Re: First Bank Simple Equation That 87% Could Not Solve. by Sunmibare6(m): 6:29pm On Aug 10, 2015
I don laf out •̸ϞƔ intestine,bur the ansa is 12 now,,,,those that chose other options must be kidding,they all knew that the answer is 12.
Career / Re: I Need Help, My Female Boss In The Office Touches Me At Inappropriate Pla by Sunmibare6(m): 1:42pm On Aug 07, 2015
#Abeg O @OP you b *mpotent?,som guys too dey 4k^p sha#

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