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Science/Technology / Re: Venus Jupiter Conjunction 2017: The Planets Will Rise As One On Monday by SWYM(m): 8:45pm On Nov 12, 2017

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Politics / Re: 2017 British And Commonwealth Remembrance Day Service Held In Abuja (photos). by SWYM(m): 6:55pm On Nov 12, 2017
Religion / Re: Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe About Gay & What The Bible Says About Homosexuality by SWYM(m): 10:30am On Nov 12, 2017

I am neither a Christian or Muslim or part of any religion,
But I must also say that a guy fucking another guy's strong ass is totally wrong. Why fuckkkk a guy ass when there Bitchess that also like Anal

Did you read in my post that I'm in support of homosexuality?
I only said a thing about heaven or hell
Anyone could screw the earth for all I care
That's their business
Religion / Re: Jehovah’s Witnesses Believe About Gay & What The Bible Says About Homosexuality by SWYM(m): 9:57am On Nov 12, 2017
Its ironic that no one has ever been to hell or heaven yet we condemn ourselves because of a book?

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Religion / Re: Happy International Day Of The Bible: Share Your Favorite Bible Quote by SWYM(m): 9:39am On Nov 12, 2017
Slaves obey your masters.

If your god is love
And he inspired men to write the Bible
Does that mean your god supported the enslavement of your grandparents?

Don't forget you are still worshiping the same god that put your people into slavery.

You aren't gonna be enslaved,
This time you'll be anhilated for good.

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Religion / Re: Who's Your Best Bible Character? by SWYM(m): 9:37am On Nov 12, 2017

Religion / Re: Who's Your Best Bible Character? by SWYM(m): 9:35am On Nov 12, 2017
More like
What's your favourite fairy tale character

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Religion / Re: "It Pays To Pay Your Tithe" - D'banj Stands With The "Sheeple" by SWYM(m): 9:31am On Nov 12, 2017
Can't save stupid people
Culture / Re: Oluwo Of Iwo: "Banky W Cancer Should Come And Afflict Me" by SWYM(m): 3:33pm On Nov 11, 2017
Just wtf is this?


Politics / Re: I Will Address Issues Of Lop-sided Appointments, Insecurity - Buhari by SWYM(m): 8:12pm On Nov 10, 2017
Western Democracy is the government of the few, by the few and for the few.
Education / Re: UNILAG Will Only Admit 8,000 Out Of 32,000 Applicants - VC by SWYM(m): 8:02am On Nov 10, 2017
When will the youth wisen up and chase after the necessary?
Religion / Re: Daddy Freeze Is Accurate But He Is In Error” – Pastor Rotimi Akinwale by SWYM(m): 11:06pm On Nov 08, 2017
suffer suffer for world
Enjoy for heaven
Sports / Re: ISIS Releases Macabre Image Of Messi & Neymar by SWYM(m): 12:10pm On Nov 07, 2017

Saudu Arabia, is the NUMBER ONE TERRORIST COUNTRY in this world.
95% of the 9/11 hijackers are Saudi Citizens.

Saudi Arabia sponsors a lot of terror organisations and terror cells
The ONLY REASON the whole world has not dealt with them is because of the enormous influence their CRUDE OIL, has on America since the 1960's.
The day America can win itself off Crude Oil, that is the day Saudi Arabia will begin to implode.

But mind you, Saudi Arabia is not different from the State of Israel, when it comes to sponsorship of terrorism.
Israel is the only country still practicing APARTHIED in the whole world today (against the Palestinians) and is responsible for around 70% of the Conflict in the whole world.

Again, the "hands" of America can bee seen in the propping-up of this #2 terrorist nation.

These two countries (Saudi Arabia and Israel) virtually account for 90% of the bloodshed in the whole world....... yet, they are the same places that ignorant people go for "HOLY PILGRIMAGE"!
shocked shocked grin grin grin

You see the foolishness of ignorant people?
undecided undecided

You are a good one
A very good one!
Religion / Re: Reinhard Bonnke Arrives In Nigeria For The Farewell Crusade In Lagos (Photo) by SWYM(m): 11:25am On Nov 07, 2017

He came to kolet the money our Yahoo brodas took from them!!

Lol this one is serious grin

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Business / Re: Pay-up: Africa’s Euro-bond Debt Is Rising To Risky Levels. by SWYM(m): 7:38am On Nov 06, 2017
If there are still human beings thinking at all
The only way to go about this is total secrecy.
If anyone sect or group of people are gonna deliver Africans, that sect must definitely belong to the secret societies.

Our old secret societies have all been infiltrated.
Secrecy is the only way to save ourselves
The smart ones are to form a cult
And are to operate from the Shadows.

Period, nothing else can save us
We can only untie ourselves by doing this!

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Business / Re: Pay-up: Africa’s Euro-bond Debt Is Rising To Risky Levels. by SWYM(m): 7:34am On Nov 06, 2017
When there exist and over centralised federal government, the people become shut out of the decision making processes
And its not even a federal government rather its a northern government that works as stooge for the colonial Masters.
If democracy is won by numbers then we in the south are messed up for life because they won't stop reproducing for just only the political advantage in maintaining the status quo.
Northern Nigeria is a perfect example of what the British want the whole country to be, so we can beg to be recolonized once more.
All these have been predicted before now
Its no surprise that the American President said so as well.
Even we Nigerians are begging to be recolonized
We are so stupid we don't know what has hit us.

Why do your leaders run to Chattam and Oval for approval?
You idiots need to realise the whole system is a joke and that is why nothing is working!
Voting has become an illusion because no matter how good the choice we make at the polls, the result is total failure like times past.

Now children unborn are already being made to start working for Debts that improved the life of their parents by 0%.

Who decides?
Did the senators and honorables and the executive we all voted for ask us anything?
This form of governance is wrong and ought to be brought down!

Way to go Nigerians
Way to go Africans
Our stupidity and indifference soars beyond heaven

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Religion / Re: Why Were These Sacred Books Removed From The Bible? by SWYM(m): 2:46pm On Nov 05, 2017

The Council of Nicaea Which was called By Emperor Constantine I in The year 325 Was where this Current Bible you were Reading was Compiled. It was done in Other to Unify Christianity As most Christians back then were divided because some stuck with the old Jewish Books and Others The New Roman apostles Books. I Hope you are clear Now.

Please tell him how it has got nothing to do with any spiritual being.
The Bible is majorly a collection of stories from Africa to the Mediterranean.
Ancient stories that got their real names robbed off from them.
Religion has so constrained his thinking that he automatically feels anyone who is mature enough to see his folly is his enemy.
Then he condemns his fellow man to a mental abyss he was taught as hell.

Christians are indeed sheeps
That's why they need shepherds to smack their dumb skulls with the truth.
Unfortunately the sheperds are breeding them for consumption these days


Religion / Re: Why Were These Sacred Books Removed From The Bible? by SWYM(m): 1:54pm On Nov 05, 2017
Smart Question Op
Its a very simple answer by the way.
The Christians believe the Bible is a guide to life from the creator but do not know how it came to be.
Let's be reasonable
The only reason these books are out is because it falls out of the perceived doctrine of the word of "god"
They don't know about the council of Nicea
They aren't taught in their churches the decisions the pope biships and cardinals made in the council of Gamea.

They are ignorant with about the fact that the new testament was translated from Greek language by a man named Desidus Erasmus who was gay.

Its sad and disgusting that these idiots that call themselves christian make up the majority of human population.
Hence why the world is upside down.

The removed books are known as the Apocryphal books for the old testament and Gnostic gospel for the new testament.

How dare you not know all these and claim to know the truth?
Dumb sheeps


Food / Re: 16 States & FCT May Face Food Crisis In 2018 (List Of The States) by SWYM(m): 9:21pm On Nov 04, 2017
Why is food not produced in the south en masse considering there is the best vegetative friendly weather here
Romance / Re: Nigerians Consume 400 Million Condoms Annually - SFH by SWYM(m): 6:43pm On Oct 31, 2017
Keep screwing out ignorant generations
Celebrities / Re: Mimi Orjiekwe: "Charles Billion Come & Take Your Bride Price" by SWYM(m): 9:17pm On Oct 29, 2017
I bet you have his number
I bet you have his email
I bet you could have gotten to him personally


Health / Re: Despite Vaccine Scare, Who To Immunise 300,000 Against Cholera In Borno by SWYM(m): 8:16am On Oct 29, 2017
Why Africans continue to die is their own doing!

Health / Re: Albinos In Plateau State Appeals To Govt To Include Them In Decision Making by SWYM(m): 1:02pm On Oct 27, 2017
But they are humanBeings why would they be excluded in the first place

We are all made different in his Image ....

Who is the he?
Who told you the creator is a man?
Father, son and holy spirit
There would be no daddy or son without the mother!
Where has your religion put you o woman?

Politics / Re: President Buhari Hosts Saraki And Dogara To A Private Dinner by SWYM(m): 10:44pm On Oct 26, 2017
Fools and Fakers Rule The World
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina Commends Nigerians For Prayers, Goodwill To President Buhari by SWYM(m): 8:54pm On Oct 26, 2017
We never had it this like way
Politics / Re: Femi Adesina Commends Nigerians For Prayers, Goodwill To President Buhari by SWYM(m): 8:53pm On Oct 26, 2017
Career / Re: Pic. Meet The First Nigerian Woman To Serve As A Lieutenant In The Israeli Army. by SWYM(m): 7:15am On Oct 26, 2017
What we call the state of Israel today was created by the Europeans in 1948
Before then that whole area was known as Palestine.
The Europeans who are there now aren't indigenous to the place.
The only claim they have is the biblical assertion

And once you know the bible is nothing but a tool
Everything becomes much more clearer
Why they are aided by the British and America to commit such horror in the Mediterranean which we foolishly call the middle east.
Wtf is middle east? That's all political jingoism as Dr Ben would say.

Like I've been saying
Everything is working for our downfall in Africa
We need a total overhaul
First we remove the crown of all madness in our minds which is religion.
Then everything else falls into place.
The death of dogma is the beginning of morality.

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Travel / Re: Nigerian Passport Ranked Among Countries With Least Powerful Passports by SWYM(m): 6:53am On Oct 26, 2017
It is expected
More sign we live a failed state
More need for us to halt all the activities in this country
More reason for us to go back to the drawing board and replan for our generations.
And we should expect people are gonna die lots of people
At the end it's really gonna be worth it

But Oh I forgot
"Nobody wan die but dem wan go heaven"


Health / Re: How Tobacco Firms Violate Regulations On Underage Smoking In Nigeria by SWYM(m): 6:47am On Oct 25, 2017
How is Cigarette legal?
With its nicotine and tar and thousands of other harmful chemicals to the lungs?

And alkaline Cannabis which cures cancer, improves brain function and cognitive activities illegal?

Did you know the cannabis market is a controlled one not for you and I but just well for the elites?

Can a poor man own 20 hectares of cannabis farm?
Its soldiers that guard these places folks.

As at now hardly will you see park without a weed seller
Did you know they pay the goddamn police as well?

The textile gotten from cannabis is 7x stronger than cotton

Cannabis plant is among the shortest in terms of maturity, in less than 6 months you have a solid tree ready for paper and all
We could end deforestation by making it legal.

Did you know the American declaration was on hemp paper?

In the 17th century a pope declared smoking cannabis sacrilege

Thousands of years ago has it been used in Africa.

So what's wrong with us?

Holland,Washington, Colorado Portugal have stopped the war on this plant yet we Africans continue to remain backward?

If God is all knowing, and he created all for reasons why ban what God created for what reason?

Cannabis is a safe alternative from thousands of pharmaceuticals.
That's why it has to be made illegal
And cigarettes which states it kills is made legal.

We get so little from not using our brains and not being different


Education / Re: Students Fed With N50 Bread Divided Into 4 (Video) by SWYM(m): 1:59pm On Oct 23, 2017
What's the alarm for?
If we can sustain power failure without for once halting all the activities in the country for over 30 years now,
Why should we cry foul when our kids are fed poisons?
Why should we cry foul when our loved ones die routinely on our roads?
Why should we cry foul when our hospitals are below substandard?

If someone slaps you and collects your phone without you doing nothing,
He can as well do worse things because you did nothing previously.

We shouldn't stand up for this

Everybody should stand up to halt the activities of the failed state we live in
Those who have families in the military should be made to understand how we are being used against ourselves.
Those in the police should resign

A mass awakening is needed to accomplish this

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Religion / Re: How To Train Your Dragons – Killing Pet Sins Before They Kill You by SWYM(m): 4:26pm On Oct 15, 2017

The Bible is our Manual to Life!!!

More reason why your kind are mental slaves.
Its perfectly understandable.

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