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Education / THE UNTOLD SECRET: How Wealthy People Generate Wealth And How You Can Start Too. by Temidayo698(m): 1:04pm On Feb 22
And the Earn $3 Everyday Challenge began today.

The Don Emeka Nobis was spot on as usual,

I have always believed that there is a way to generate massive wealth without cutting corners or scamming people (like some Nigerians are popularly known for in developed countries) and today's class Module 1 totally affirm it...

Are you tired of having to wait till the end of the month before you can earn?

Are you currently receiving knock out punch by living expenses?

Well this is for you!

We have started but you can still get access to the recorded classes.

Simply click here https:///3poHzF7 register with only $3 (#1500) and send me a message, I will make sure you get in fast.

The war between man and poverty is a tough one, you need to high Financial and Business IQ to win..

Investment / FINALLY REVEALED: 3 Reasons Wealthy People Love Passive Income and How You Can T by Temidayo698(m): 10:59am On Feb 19
Wealthy people prefer passive source of income because it has so much benefits,

1. The first reason is that they do not have to resume a job: They simply leverage other people’s time.

2. Systems: These people set up systems to grow their income faster than a job can.

The beauty of it is that these systems work 24/7!

Yeah, cool right?

Wait till you hear the third reason…

3. The third reason is that it affords them time!
More time to spend with their family, more time to travel round the world..

More time to play golf, more time to do anything they basically want.

If you want to start spending your time like this too, simply click here https:///3poHzF7 or Send Me a DM.

Training begins February 22, 2021.

When you use the above link to register before 11:59pm on Friday 19/02/2021 you will get:


1. You get a free class on Intro to Affiliate Marketing

2. Mentorship all through your first product launch on the website

3. 50% discount on your first 2 Facebook and Instagram marketing campaign on the free website.

Cheers to your success in 2021...

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Business / Re: How To Earn $3 Everyday Legitimately In Nigeria... by Temidayo698(m): 1:31pm On Feb 18
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Business / How To Earn $3 Everyday Legitimately In Nigeria... by Temidayo698(m): 1:30pm On Feb 18
When GSM launched in Nigeria, it was with pomp and pageantry.

It was beautiful seeing the lines at NITEL offices disappear as people could now make calls holding their own phones.

Before the long lines at NITEL offices, homes that had those big telephones that you'd stick your finger in to dial were the beehive of calls from neighbours who wanted to call their relations overseas.

So, what a relief it was that NITEL came out with cards that people could buy, queue on the line to make calls and enjoy the communication with loved ones.

But GSM was a banger, mehn!

Even though at the beginning it was a thing of the bourgeois who could afford expensive phones and SIMs, soon the masses began to have a taste of this contraption that made communication a sweet thing to do.

But then came a problem. You'd make a call for 1 minute 1 second and MTN and Econet (the two main TELCOs at the time) would bill you N100.

It never mattered if you did 61 seconds or 119 seconds, the bill was N100.

At phone booths you could hear people shout and quarrel with GSM phone call providers.

"No be only just one second enter? Why I go pay N100?"

Therein was the problem.

People wanted to pay per second.

Enter GLO to solve the problem.

They introduced the per second billing.
Boy, a wave of SIM purchases went sky high.

Later, MTN and Econet capitulated and today we pay per second for calls.

When many got into the online space properly in 2011, collecting money online, especially from foreigners, was a problem.

Then Voguepay came out.

The problem was that Voguepay needed you to have a website where the payment gateway would be installed and you received payments 72 hours later.

This caused two key issues.

Those who didn't have websites but needed payments online were left out.

Also, waiting for 72 hours was like waiting 9 months for a pregnant woman to deliver a baby.

Enter Paystack.

Paystack made it easy for those who didn't have websites.

With their payment pages, one could easily pay you.

Payments were received the next day, shortening the curve.

Now, problems also came.

Paystack doesn't pay out during the weekend.

If you make sales on a Friday, you'd wait till Monday.

Also, you need a domiciliary account to be able to receive money in dollars on Paystack.

Bad News!

Right now, the transfer to GTBank domiciliary account is on suspension.

Enter Selar.

With Selar, you need no domiciliary account to receive money in 6 currencies.

The monies are wired to your wallet and you transfer to your bank account here in Nigeria.

They've got beautiful easy-to-setup landing pages and lots of features to aid marketing.

They pay after 24 hours, including weekends.

But then, there are problems too.

Money gotten from USA stays one month for the dollars to hit your account.

Not so cool at all...!

There's also Fuspay.

The dudes there have found a way to reach the unbankable.

Trust me, lots of folks still hate bank accounts.

With a link sent, an ordinary unsmart phone can press the link and if they have money in their phone, it is wired to you without hassles. Pinging money.

Follow them and check them out.

What am I saying?

When you see and listen, you'll hear people cry for solutions and see a way to provide solutions, make them happy.

And make money.

As for me Emeka Nobis, I saw many authors cry for help because they weren't making sales.

While many taught how to write, he saw none at the events he attended tall about the marketing and selling.

Guess what?

I dug in.

I provided solutions and authored a book and set up an academy.

The book has done N5M+ since July 2020. The academy has done N1.8M since December 2020.

During the Earn $3 Everyday Challenge, IZ'll be showing you how to find problems, find solutions and create solutions that can pay you at least $3 everyday!

The problems may not be complex, but one simple one that needs a simple solution.

I hope you do join us for the challenge.

Over 900 people have joined as I speak!

I look forward to seeing you!

CLICK HERE to join https:///3poHzF7 or send "HI" in the comment box below.

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Investment / Re: VIRAL NEWS: Lockdown Millionaire Finally Reveals How He Made Millions Of Naira I by Temidayo698(m): 5:47pm On Feb 08
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Investment / VIRAL NEWS: Lockdown Millionaire Finally Reveals How He Made Millions Of Naira I by Temidayo698(m): 5:44pm On Feb 08
VIRAL NEWS: Lockdown Millionaire Finally Reveals How He Made Millions of Naira in the Midst of Covid19 Lockdown…

In the middle of the covid19 pandemic and lockdown I earned more than a million naira online.

And yeah,

This money was made legally!

Nigeria, Africa has been notorious for cyber fraud, but I have come to testify today that you can make millions in your African country currency without committing any fraud online.

I (Precious Azuonwu aka Emperovial) am a living proof that anyone can ethically make money online using their phone.

Well why should you believe what i'm saying?

When you can see it yourself (check out my linkedin profile https://www.linkedin.com/in/preciousazuonwu and facebook profile https://www.facebook.com/precious.azuonwu)

Due to the fact that my online money making method is legitimate, I have decided to teach 100 people how to legally press their phone and make money without committing cybercrime.

In this training, I will teach you how to:

1. Do simple tasks and get paid online: I will show you how to use 3 of these types of websites to make money without being banned and how to withdraw your earnings into your local bank account without your bank closing your account. (Nigerians can relate to this).

2. Make money buying and flipping domains: You will learn how to buy domains low and sell them high for profitability.

3. Make money by publishing books online I will teach you how to generate passive income publishing books online with an automated payment system where anyone can make payment for your books anywhere in the world.

4. Real estate affiliate earning system: learn how to earn money by leveraging on real estate affiliate earning systems.

5. Make money buying and selling financial commodities: learn how to milk the financial market by buying and selling currency or stock.

6. Master your finance and compound interest: You will learn how to generate income, invest, (how to know a real hedge fund company so you don't get scammed), budget, savings and how to compound interest over time (it is a secret only known to millionaires and billionaires).

7. Make money selling your products and services online: There are people out there who need your product or service. Join the program and I will teach you how to flood your business with online customers and clients.

Training Fee is #10,000 ($20)


The first 20 people get to pay #2,500 ($5)…

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How to make crutocurrency deposit and withdrawal without having your local bank account banned. (I will reveal the secret Digital Gurus have been hiding from you).

This offer is only available to first 20 people.

So what are you waiting for?

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Business / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Covid19 Millionaire Finally Reveals How To Ethically Press Your P by Temidayo698(m): 5:23pm On Feb 08
You cannot afford to miss this!
Business / BREAKING NEWS: Covid19 Millionaire Finally Reveals How To Ethically Press Your P by Temidayo698(m): 10:36am On Feb 08
BREAKING NEWS: Covid19 Millionaire Finally Reveals How To Ethically Press Your Phone and Make Money…

Click here to get the full story https://www.facebook.com/212035193567463/posts/379923386778642/

Training Discount and bonus ends 11:59pm 09/02/2021.

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Investment / Must Read: The Best Investment Gift You Can Give To Family And Friends In Januar by Temidayo698(m): 2:38pm On Jan 28
This is the best gift you can give to family and friends.

It will help them get their finance right at the beginning of the year.

It is free from now till Saturday 30/01/2021. Get them started here https:///2JbT8QQ

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Properties / Re: Hot Real Estate Deal! by Temidayo698(m): 2:34pm On Jan 28
Get the hot real estate deal today!
Properties / Hot Real Estate Deal! by Temidayo698(m): 4:05pm On Jan 22
This weekend, Ozera Properties bring to you a rare and unique real estate offer.

It has limited time and is only available for serious real estate investors who are ready to make tremendous wealth in Real Estate...

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Properties / AMAZING REAL ESTATE Ofget 4plots Of Land In Ibeju-lekki For Just 1million Naira. by Temidayo698(m): 9:33pm On Jan 21
Get 4plots of land in Ibeju-Lekki for just 1million Naira.

Benefit from this Amazing offer, buy 4plot of land today in Ibeju-Lekki for just 1million naira and get your physical allocation within 6month.

*Title: Excision*

For details, Call 08068857852

Follow us On Facebook, Instagram, Twitter: @ozeraproperties

Terms and conditions apply.

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Technology Market / Re: Amazing January: Increase Your Bank Account With Free $1000 by Temidayo698(m): 12:00pm On Jan 15
Free $1000...

Follow the thread to learn how to get it..
Technology Market / Amazing January: Increase Your Bank Account With Free $1000 by Temidayo698(m): 3:04pm On Jan 14
I know today is 14th but let me start this good news with greetings....

Hi, Happy New Year!

My name is Temidayo Aworeni from Emperovial Bankable Wisdom Team.

Guess what?....

There is a free $1000 worth of high paying skills floating around, and I don't want you to be left behind.

These free $1000 worth of high paying skills are available on the Bankable Wisdom website https:///2JbT8QQ.

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As a result it is important that you click here https:///2JbT8QQ right now and start taking the course.

It does not end there...

We like rewarding people who constantly invest in themselves and most importantly, encourage family and friends to also invest in themselves.

So we have a $100 gift for the Student of the month.

Below is the criteria for student of the month.

Take at least a course and complete it befire the end of January 2021, while taking the course encourage at least 5 more persons to take advantage of this opportunity.
Ask them to register using this link http:///2JbT8QQ

Start now don't let the following excuses hold you down.

1. I would love to take this course eventhough it is free but I don't have data...

If I ask you to pick between 2 boxes, one contains $1000 and the other contains #1000, which would you choose?

Let me guess $1000 right? ��

Thanks for your honest feedback. �

With just #1000 data you will have freedom to take courses worth $1000.
Why not start now http:///2JbT8QQ?

2. Why is it Free?..

The purpose of Bankable Wisdom is to fulfill sdg goal 1 in Africa by curbing youth poverty through the empowerment of generation y and z with digital entrepreneurial skills.

2. What is the catch?...

There is no catch,

Unlike some websites that will require your debit card detail and start debiting your bank account immediately free trial ends.

Bankable Wisdom does not require your debit card details and your account will not be debited when free trial ends

Simply log on the website here http:///2JbT8QQ.

Encourage your friends and contact list to take advantage of this opportunity and stand a chance to win $100 this month. (Once done with this reply me with a "DONE"wink message.

� Cheers to your success in 2021.

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Business / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Business Quake In Africa Part 2… by Temidayo698(m): 2:33pm On Jan 14
Business / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Business Quake In Africa Part 1… by Temidayo698(m): 2:32pm On Jan 14
Family / Re: 4 Reasons Why You Must Play The Monopoly Board Game Part I by Temidayo698(m): 2:32pm On Jan 14
Business / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Business Quake In Africa Part 2… by Temidayo698(m): 10:36pm On Jan 09
Business / Re: BREAKING NEWS: Business Quake In Africa Part 1… by Temidayo698(m): 10:35pm On Jan 09
Business / BREAKING NEWS: Business Quake In Africa Part 2… by Temidayo698(m): 5:46pm On Jan 02
2 Things That Will Make Your Business Flourish Under AfCFTA

1. What is the purpose of your business?
Purpose is what transforms your business from inanimate to animate.

If your business is in the mobile device industry and the purpose of your business is simply “to provide mobile devices for consumers” then it will never stand against Apple’s purpose.

“You see the bigger the purpose, the more spiritual it becomes,
The more spiritual it is, the more formidable it becomes…” TSA

The thing about companies with spiritual mission is that they have a way of disrupting their niche industry and they stand the test of time long after the founder is dead.

Take the following companies for instance P & G, Unilever, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Ford Motors, Amazon and the Rich Dad company just to mention a few.

Spiritual mission of your company is beyond making money, it is more about solving problem(s) for humanity. This explains why Elon Musk is flying high, his businesses are built on sound spiritual missions (which are the purpose of the companies).

2. Business Education...
Most entrepreneurs fall in this trap, they think because they spend money and time to acquire the skill knowledge their business will become successful.

For example a typical baker is highly proficient at the product level may not be properly trained on communications (sales and marketing).

Some bakers don’t even keep a tab of the business sales and expenditure (cashflow) per day, consequently there is no proper record of Income and Expense table and no trackable balance sheet. As a result there is no keen eye on where cash is flowing which means the bottom line (profit cannot be properly accounted for).

By the way not only bakers are caught in this trap, some entrepreneurs are oblivious that they need to protect their business with the perfect entity that best suit the business. Using a business name or sole proprietor entity offers little or no protection in the case of a lawsuit.
Business education will teach why intellectual property protection of product(s) invested is essential for protection against piracy, or else another company will feast on your ignorance.

Invest in business education…
Building a well structured business requires more than product knowledge or sales proficiency. This year invest time and money in business education.

Extracted from Ozera Education free ebook Business Quake in Africa.
Temidayo Aworeni
CopyWriter/Sales Closer/Digital Marketer/Entrepreneur.

Read Part 1 here https://www.facebook.com/100003046594461/posts/3369275379850649/?app=fbl

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Business / BREAKING NEWS: Business Quake In Africa Part 1… by Temidayo698(m): 7:39pm On Jan 01
Sorry for this disturbing news, but it is real and true.
Happening in Africa as I speak, the quake began at 12:01am January 1, 2021.

The cause of the quake is AfCFTA!

The Africa Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is the flagship project of the Africa Union’s agenda 2063, and it is a blueprint for attaining inclusive and sustainable development across the continental over the next 50 years. It was created with the aim of boosting intra-African trade by providing a comprehensive and mutually beneficial trade agreement among the member states, covering trade in goods and services, investment, intellectual property rights and competition policy.
This comes with its advantages and disadvantages as well.

For instance, this agreement facilitates labour movement meaning that career people (employees) in Nigeria will feel the heat as more Africans from other countries are willing to take their job at a smaller fee. Which employers will like as it will help reduce the company’s expenses. This is something Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) is not pleased with.

There are 3 sides to a coin….

The head, the tail and the side.
The side is very important as it is the vantage point that gives you a bird view of the head and the tail (the subject matter). By standing on the side you will be able to discern the opportunity in a problem.
A great analogy for this is the current high tariffs placed on importation on the other side, the Federal Government of Nigeria is rewarding exporters. The high tariff on importation will stay for a long time, it was implemented to support AfCFTA. So if you are an importer, start looking the opposite direction.

Why is it a Quake?

Some businesses will vibrate from instability and get swallowed up, as competition will be very high. The AfCFTA agreement permits businesses to move their product or service from one nation to another with low tariffs and more incentives.
In my next post I will share with you 2 things that will help your business not only survive but flourish under AfCFTA.

Happy New Year..
Temidayo Aworeni
CopyWriter/Sales Closer/Digital Marketer/Entrepreneur


Contact me here https://www.facebook.com/temidayosamuel.mike

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Family / 4 Reasons Why You Must Play The Monopoly Board Game Part I by Temidayo698(m): 10:59pm On Dec 28, 2020
Tsa’s Letter Preteen Edition

4 Reasons Why You Must Play The Monopoly Board Game Part I

Salut friend,

Happy holidays, one of my favorite moments when I was your age were the firecrackers moments.

I still like fire crackers just that the motivation to buy them has wind down a lot!

So the last time I promised to tell you about an awesome game.
You ready?

Here we go..

The name of the game is called monopoly, made from the Landlords’ Game created by Lizzie Maggie, an American game designer.
She is a brilliant game designer and her first game The Landlords’ Game evolved to become the Monopoly board game.

Now Here is Why the Monopoly Game is So Cool….

1. It is a game that keeps your brain healthy by teaching you basic Mathematics skills: That’s right, if you have been struggling with Maths, this fun filling game will help you understand Maths more.

2. Monopoly will boost your memory formation and improve your Mental Process of Understanding: By playing you get to pay attention to colours, moves, objects and your understanding increases greatly as you play.

3. It is a game that promotes making friends and meeting people, because it is something to do for a group gathering:

Ain’t that cool?

This is a game you get to play with friends and meet new people. And yeah, you can play at parties!

Written by Temidayo Aworeni
CopyWriter/Sales Closer/Digital Marketer (I help business owners run profitable Facebook and Instagram ads/ Entrepreneur.
Contact me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/temidayosamuel.mike

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Family / Tsa's Letter (preteen Edition) How To Play Without Being Punished By Mum And Dad by Temidayo698(m): 11:19am On Dec 02, 2020
Tsa's Letter (Preteen Edition)
How To Play Without Being Punished By Mum and Dad...

Hi friend,

I know it has been awhile you did not hear from me.
Yeah, I miss writing you too.

During the break in transmission a lot of things happened from the end sars protest to ASUU strike and all.
And yeah .. schooling has not been the same this year, so much holiday for guys.

2020 is like an adventure sort of, full of unexpected holidays and Mom and Dad who were always busy with work suddenly had a lot of free time some months back right?

Play Time...
One thing I really want to talk to you about in this epistle of mine is play time.
What did you do with all the free time?
Let me guess you had home lesson and you had a lot of fun everyday when school was closed, everyday was like Friday isn't it... which kinda got you into more trouble right?

Permit me to give you a full grasp of the "holiday implication" that covid19, the end sars protest had on businesses. It actually killed a lot of businesses. A quick example of that is how Mum currently treat onions. It is no longer a ball you kick around with convenience.
So when businesses die, it means that Mummy, Daddy, Big Brother, Big Sister, Aunty A, Uncle B, your friend's parent, your classmates parent could all lose their jobs and no longer have money for you.

Well … you know what that means no more snack, biscuits and confectionery.
Talking about biscuits, around year 2000 – 2003 I don’t remember the exact year (it wasn’t a good memory so I’d rather not remember the exact date) one of my favorite biscuits orange biscuit disappeared, just like that it did not run out of stock the company just ended, due to the high cost of electricity in Nigeria then.

The people who work for the company were all sent home and the company folded up like exam scripts, probably moved to another country.
Now that you know how bad the cost of the fun-filled “everyday like Friday holiday” has been on adults, I will like to tell you what I think you should add to your play time.

It’s called a Monopoly game!

After school and home lesson this game is a fantastic game that will enroll you into the school of money.
That’s right pal, there is something called school of money and I will share more on this in my next letter, (maybe I should say in my next long letter).
Goodbye for now.

Your friend,

Temidayo Aworeni

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Education / How My Friend Made 7 Figure Income In 2020 - Even In The Midst Of Corona Virus A by Temidayo698(m): 11:22am On Nov 12, 2020
How My Friend Made 7 Figure Income in 2020 - Even in the Midst of Corona Virus and End Sars Protest...

On his mother's birthday Friday, November 13th my friend will show you the blueprint which you can as well follow and make 7 figures in months without interfering without your job or your other businesses.

My friend Precious Emperovial will take you by hand and empower you with a skill which you work once and earn lifetime.

You will know how, this skill gave me a 7 figure income this year, in fact, we call this skill, the online income pension machine!

So this skill is presented to you as our last program for the year 7 Days of Bankable Wisdom 5.0 with Emperovial

Theme: Affiliate in Everything: Earn Unlimited

Discover and harness the goldmine in affiliate marketing: work once and earn

1. Earn Unlimited from Clickbank/Digistore24 Anywhere In The World

2. The Easiest Way to earn online, CPA Marketing (earn without selling)

3. JV Zoo/Warriorplus Money Code

4. Forex IB/Affiliate Earning System

5. You will discover the 7 Secrets Traffic Systems Your Gurus won't tell you.

It is only for 20 persons..
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Bonus: Free Certification and Access to My Affiliate Marketing Library Worth N500,000

November 13th - November, 15th, 2020!

Course price: N15,000 ($40)
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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: MUST READ: Improve Your CV In 5 Minutes -Sure Fire Way To More Job Consideration by Temidayo698(m): 11:20am On Nov 12, 2020
Get your CV optimized today,

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: MUST READ: Improve Your CV In 5 Minutes -Sure Fire Way To More Job Consideration by Temidayo698(m): 8:56am On Nov 09, 2020
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Have a fruitful week..
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: MUST READ: Improve Your CV In 5 Minutes -Sure Fire Way To More Job Consideration by Temidayo698(m): 3:30pm On Nov 07, 2020
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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: MUST READ: Improve Your CV In 5 Minutes -Sure Fire Way To More Job Consideration by Temidayo698(m): 9:27pm On Nov 06, 2020
You only have one chance to impress your interviewer, and a well optimized CV is your number one attention grabber tool.

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Jobs/Vacancies / MUST READ: Improve Your CV In 5 Minutes -Sure Fire Way To More Job Consideration by Temidayo698(m): 11:35am On Nov 06, 2020
MUST READ: Improve Your CV in 5 Minutes - Sure Fire Way To Get More Consideration For Jobs....

Have you been worried about how to write a compelling CV?

Where to put certification and volunteer jobs?

Worried about how to select the template that works?

Look no further!...

We will create an astonishing CV that stand out among the seas of CVs..

We will make:

• a CV of 3 pages, 2 pages or even 1 page (we highly recommend this) depending on the info contained in it.

• a portrait photo fitted CV, that make your CV outstanding from other applicants.

• a mammoth softcopy pdf CV that will grab the attention of the interviewer.

WARNING 85% Discount for Limited Time Only...

We will create your CV at the cost of #1500 (that is 85% discount).

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Picture below is a Sample of the attention grabbing CV we make..

Grab this ridiculous offer now!!

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Business / BREAKING NEWS: 4 Shocking Things You Must Know About Facebook Likes And Follower by Temidayo698(m): 5:31pm On Oct 30, 2020
You may want to say that, purchased followers is a wasted effort, they don't buy product or service.

That is true, if it is done WRONGLY!..

Properly done, it will bring to the business niche followers, who are also ideal customers.

When properly nurtured and engaged they can become loyal customers who you can continually upsell, as long as the product or service is good.

What happens when you buy the right followers (potential followers)?

1. Right followers will engage with page posts: This hungry followers will feast on your posts and engage it!

2. Your nichè follower share your educative page post willingly: This way your business page reach more people who are also potential buyer.

3. They give the page owner FREE REFERRALS: When the the business product or service is good they refer the business to family and friends.

4. They actually BUY the product!
Unlike regular social media friends who just like the advert (with colourful emojis) or say word of encouragement when you advertise your product or service, your nichè customers actually Buy It!



Your Facebook Page literally give you a platform to advertise your product to a roomful of your ideal customers, (who are actually following the page through Facebook page likes).

For Real?..


This buying customers actually open their wallet to pay cash or open their mobile app for transfer...

Now, I will get 700 truck load of ideal customers following your page in just 7 Days....

Facebook charge #25,000 for 700 potential customers.

I will give you this same result for #15,000 in 7 Days...

Contact me now:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/temidayosamuel.mike

WhatsApp: + 2 3 4 8 0 6 0 2 8 6
5 8 6.
Religion / BREAKING NEWS: Are You All Right? by Temidayo698(m): 6:00pm On Oct 26, 2020

Are You All Right?...

In the midst of the chaos, I kept thinking..

One question keeps popping up in my head and it is;

Are you all right?

I know it sound cliche, even when I have to answer it myself I find it awkward..

Am really not asking if you look physically, okay.

Am asking if you are really all right on the inside...

Have you lost someone, job, business deal(s), lost track on the goal for the year, lost projects and projections for 2020 (like moving to a new home), did inflation bit hard on you, emotionally traumatized, having mental unrest, feeling of hopelessness, angry with the government (especially in Nigeria right now)?

Some times we hide it from people when they ask, and go chest up "Am good!"

The problem is ...
These feelings incapacitate, and render us useless to ourselves, I listened to Steven Furtick yesterday I realize I should not hide my feelings from the person who is most interested in solving it...


So I ask, once again...
Are you really all right?
Crime / Viral News: #unharmed - A Contemplation Of Tsa Part 1.. by Temidayo698(m): 12:58am On Oct 21, 2020
VIRAL NEWS: #Unharmed - A Contemplation of TSA Part 1..

Untill now, I have been quiet about the on going protest for reasons best known to me.

But tonight, is a scene of the covert that has been happening!

Again I looked and saw all the oppression that was taking place under the Sun..

I saw the tears of the oppressed and they have no comforter: Power was on the side of their oppressors and they have no comforter.

And I declared that the dead who had already died, are happier than the living, who are still alive.

But better than both is he who has not yet been, who has not seen the evil that is done under the SUN.

What can justify the authorization of lethal force on peaceful protesters?

Soldiers are trained to act on "order received".
Yet this evil will be coverted, come daybreak.

This is wickedness under the SUN.

There is a man,...

Trained to kill or be killed.

Trained to do the unspeakable in other to protect his nation, his people, his kinsmen, his parent, his siblings, his wife, his children.

He takes lives, and justify his conscience that he is protecting his countrymen and his loved ones.

He holds the gun, unflinching fires at the protestors..

His conscience asks
"Are these not the people you told me you were protecting when you were up north?".
Once again, he justify himself...

And he answers, I do what am trained to do,..
They maybe fellow citizens, but they are unscrupulous elements i.e. Non Relatives, Non Friends,...

The Man behind the Gun ditch his conscience once again to do the unthinkable to citizens of his nation someone else's sibling, Family.

I saw the attrocities committed on the oppressed: power was on the side of their oppressors.

The Man behind the Gun..

Will you be able to justify your conscience when you receive the "order" to kill your friend, your siblings, your parent, your wife, your children?

Will thy stone cold heart melt?

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