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Foreign Affairs / Re: Massive 4.8 Earthquake Hits New York by TheNoble007(m): 11:07pm On Apr 05
Earlier today a 4.6 Magnitude EARTHQUAKE struck Ramshir, Iran . The very day it is breathing fire and thunder to STRIKE ISRAEL.

Thunder struck the statue of Liberty after Biden led Nomerica turns its back on ISRAEL, the apple of God's eye and America most trusted allay

Now 4.8 Magnitude EARTHQUAKE strikes Newyork. The most Powerful in mordern times.
The biggest since 1884.

And you think these are Ordinary?
These are some Mighthy Divine Orchestrations and Warnings!!

ISRAEL is the apple of God's Eyes. When You Stretch your Hands against ISRAEL, you poking GOD in HIS Eye.

GOD is shaking the whole earth and making signs for all to see.

I advice the you Fear Him too For your own Good.

Very untrue... Stop that... The same Israel that rejected the Lord Jesus and brought down curses upon themselves and their children?.. For your information, there is nothing special about Israel and they aren't the Apple of God's eyes.. The Apple of God's eyes, are those that do the bidding of the Father as the Bible says, Jew or Gentile...

I have worked with the Jews in the US, and again, there is nothing special about them save for their entrepreneurial spirit like the Igbos... Stop saying what you don't know...
Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by TheNoble007(m): 12:55pm On Aug 26, 2023
You do more harm to the faith of many when you give prophecy one, two and three and no one comes to pass.

It is better to shut up

The unfulfilled prophecies create many unbelievers

Because you are blind you white washed wall. I gain nothing from posting anything here and have even shunned people contacting me.. I have almost forgotten that my thread like this existed. All I did from my posts was to make people do things themselves rather than rely on so called men of God.. Take a look at your life situation and ask yourself deeply if you deserve to be at your current level... May peace be taken away from you from now henceforth...

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by TheNoble007(m): 7:37pm On Aug 19, 2023

Oga rest abeg
If u dnt believe, jst leave am n pass na
He never compelled u2 believe or receive the prophecy

Kindly ignore that whitewashed wall...
Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by TheNoble007(m): 11:01am On Aug 19, 2023

How many of your prophecies from 3 years ago have come to pass? LoLz.

You're fighting so damn hard not to see the truth even though it's glaring.. Keep it up... What a damn shame!!

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Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by TheNoble007(m): 10:41am On Aug 19, 2023
1. Your vision of 8 years ago is coming to pass as Corona pandemic?
2. You are in Nigeria, world's poverty capital of the
world, without a clear cut direction for your life or your children,born or unborn, probably without international passport and God Almighty is showing you a vision of who will will or loose America's next election? Of what value is the vision? To you or Nigeria or Americans?
3. Another virus coming? Corona virus will leave the earth? You are a joker,what of malaria,Hiv, typhoid and hepatitis,when are they leaving the earth?
4. A wave of powerful youth,what kind of power? Political or spiritual? If it's spiritual,I don't care about your vision, nobody can see anyone with spiritual power so nobody will know if your vision fails. If it's political power,I say you are a joker again,a comedian. Youth will never be at the elms of major political position in Nigeria,never. There are 60+ years old politicians in Nigeria already waiting for the next 5 national elections in Nigeria to take power. Godfathers spent billions to install Governors and More billions for Presidency,which youth can contest with them?
Even in America,how old is the two presidential candidates for the next elections? List the African presidents and their age,and you will see that your visions are nothing but pipe dreams and delusions that needs urgent psychological attention.
5. Walls of United States falling,which walls? Is it walls of project housing buildings or Manhattan high school or what grin walls ko floors ni grin
6. A big lie,there will never be a world wide persecution of Christians again till Jesus comes,apart from the ones already in existence in most Arab or Asian countries and core Muslim states.
This is not the 16th century,when there are clear cut distinction between Christians and other people. What makes people Christians today is family background and church membership. Today there are lesser numbers of Christians than any time in the history of the church in the last few centuries. Christians today pose no threat to anybody or any religion,why would they be persecuted? Christians today live act and behave like everybody else,infactct more hypocritical than non believers. The world won't persecute Christians because the world isn't loosing anything as a result of Christianity today rather churches are even promoting the ways of the world.

Wherever you are today, I hope you can cower your head in shame for all you wrote here... For the vast majority of what I prophesied back then has been fulfilled. What a shame!!

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 8:23pm On Aug 16, 2023

Ok understood!

Good then....
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 8:20pm On Aug 16, 2023
I take God beg Una pls be careful o A friend of mine in the US just called that her friend (not someone I know personally) went for her interview today, she was self sponsored but the agent had edited her i-20 to show that she was funded by the school. She was granted the visa but it seems the VO checked the i-20 on his system after she left and realized there were two different things. They called her back using a public address system and the VO asked for her funding letter which she could not provide, he then collected her white paper, returned her passport /gave her 221g administrative processing letter and told her to send them the funding letter via the consulate email, ofcourse they will confirm from the school. I don’t think I need to tell you that this ll probably end in a visa ban. Agent is telling her to write email to school now to beg them for funding, even if it’s 5k.. see how crazy that sounds? He don commot hand. This will put the school, Nigerians in general, and even funded students on

This person should forget about the US and can only be issued a visa after 99 years.. Waiver does not exist in this case sadly...

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 7:20pm On Aug 16, 2023

This is not true. Some US universities accept PhD students with BS.

Read my post again clearly... BS degree in the US is 4 years minimum... In the UK and some European countries like France, BS is 3 years only.. Hence applicants with degrees from these aforementioned countries, are required to have a masters in order to be eligible for a PhD or even masters admission in the US. Nigerians with degrees from Nigerian varsities, don't have this issue. I'm an authority on this.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 7:00pm On Aug 16, 2023
Kindly share your opinions please.
What are the chances of directly getting into a Ph.D program with just an undergraduate degree in a non-stem field in the US please? I have researched some universities that allow this, however, I’d like to know if there are people that have been successful with this in our midst here or do you advice I go for just masters? I really want to get IN but then I very need funding that comes with P.hD’s which is mainly the motivation for the pursuit of a direct Ph.D.

Note, this undergraduate degree is from a UK university with a potential second class upper grade (2:1).

Your submissions will be much appreciated.

You need a masters degree in addition to your Bachelors to be considered for a PhD program in any US school... This is because UK BSc., is only 3 years and insufficient for Grad admissions in the US...

Religion / Re: Prophetic Revelation On What Is Coming. That Was Revealed To Me By God by TheNoble007(m): 6:47pm On Jul 27, 2023
It is advised that the presidency, reinstate the fuel subsidy as it was before.

Failure in doing this as I saw, will spark up a nationwide protest championed by the youths and this will make the previous SARS protest of 2020, look like child's play.

The presidency should please be wise......


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Travel / Re: Europe-based Nigerian Man Living In Tent Shares Struggle (video) by TheNoble007(m): 4:47pm On May 02, 2023
A one bedroom apartment in London is now almost £2000 a month, so to those people talking about making it in 6 months and all those delusional comments, I doubt if any you have ever entered a plane before. Go ask the Nigerians who sold all their properties to japa to the UK how far.

The stupid ones will ignore this.. And when they come and face reality, many would be forced to do crime to survive, thereby tarnishing the country's image repeatedly...
Travel / Re: Europe-based Nigerian Man Living In Tent Shares Struggle (video) by TheNoble007(m): 4:40pm On May 02, 2023

First this guy is just catching cruise and did that video for social media.

Whatever he is trying to portray in the video is very far from the reality of most migrants living in Europe whether legal or illegal.

Yes, Europe is not easy and them no dey pluck money for ground but trust me if you are ready to work and not lazy, you will live comfortably and even have savings.

For those that came through the sea , you will be restricted from doing formal jobs until you can change your status to a working visa. I have seen so many people who came through this route and its only a matter of time, you will get the opportunity to be a given a work visa whilch will later lead to permanent residency. Pending when you get this work visa, you can do menial jobs which are very well paid e.g working in farms and gardens of private citizens. You are paid per hour and you earn between €120-200 Euro daily depending on who you are working for. Just calculate the amount you will get if you work 20 days in a month.

For those that have a valid visa on arrival in Europe, the only thing you need is a hustle mindset. So many opportunities await you if you are ready to work.

Forget this video they did, its for cruise.

With all due respect, shut the hell up.. I'm sure you've never flown a jet before to type this... His case is even better. Come to Paris or New York City where I've both lived in and see illegals in the street. This alone will send cold shivers down your spine... Accept videos like this so that you won't make the same mistakes about 'JAPA' without a concrete reason or plan.. Even the citizens struggle how much more a black illegal in their country... For your info, illegals getting papers via asylum, is 0% for blacks particularly from Nigeria. Think deeply before selling your fathers land to japa....

Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 9:47am On Mar 29, 2023
I was given admission with full tuition waiver, stipend of 1415 per month,partial payment of health fees and some other fees.Yet when I messaged the grad school to get my I-20,I was told I will need to submit a proof of fund of 24,599 dollars.Im confused here,I have two dependents so I don't know if there money has been added but when I messaged the grad school representative,he sent a link that I don't understand that my dependents will also pay.I'm confused,the grad school is not replying and I need the I-20 urgently to apply for our visa.
The school is university of Illinois Urbana Champaign.Who has an idea of what is happening please?

You don't have to fret. When contacting the international office of your school for your i20, you have to upload a signed copy of your GA offer if actually you are fully funded. Your funding covers you alone. In the process, you will be contacted to submit proof of funds for your dependents. If you lack POF for your dependents, kindly go alone. Simple.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 9:47pm On Mar 13, 2023
Hi Guys,

My sister got a fully funded PhD in Physics with GA from Renssellaer Polytechnic institute.

She also has her i-20 , estimated cost for 9 months is about 84k while the funding has 86k+ under assistantship.

Do we still need to.provide proof of funds?

Why is estimated cost up to 84k. RPI is sick oo
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 5:46am On Mar 12, 2023
hello everyone,
I got a fully funded PhD offer from University of South Florida and University of Cincinnati.
What do you think about the schools? Are they of good repute (I mean respected), as I am also thinking of after job opportunities too from the school I plan to study.

Please I need advise here.

Your monicker looks berom. Are you from the Plateau state?
Politics / Re: MIT Confirms Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour's Certificate by TheNoble007(m): 3:43pm On Mar 10, 2023
I have always marvelled when they say he he graduated with first class from a top US University . US schools dont grade degrees in classes like the British . Also Chicago State University is HBCU more like an upgraded community college. A lot of Nigerians in 60s and 70s that didnt pass A' levels settled for those American colleges.

Don't mind that deluded fellow. Chicago State University is even unranked. And at the time his principal acquired his Bachelor's degree, it was a glorified community college.
Politics / Re: MIT Confirms Gbadebo Rhodes-Vivour's Certificate by TheNoble007(m): 1:22pm On Mar 10, 2023

Did you leeave your brain under rock when Inec showcased Tinubu's first class BSC certificate from Chicago university, even as it was severally confirmed by Chicago state university?

Let Chinedu Rhodes show his certificate and also the fact that he passed his professional architecture exam because he's not part of the members of professional architect members!

Stop exposing your foolery all over this space. As someone who studied in the US, there is nothing like 'First Class ' degree written on diploma certificates. You are deluded just like your principal, and probably, typing from the dark state of your tiny cabin.. I weep for Nigerians like you that disdain a better Nigeria with reckless abandon..

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 2:55pm On Mar 05, 2023
please I need assistant on this. how to recover DS 160 security question, and answer, the person that help the guy with the application lost his phone. unable to login back into Ds160 account

You can't do anything.. No hope if you can't answer the security questions...
Romance / Re: After Few Months In The Abroad, Everyone's Eyes Open To Reality by TheNoble007(m): 10:37am On Mar 05, 2023

Where ever you are, you'll make a very big mistake, and you will be deported back to Nigeria. In JESUS name. Amen.

Mark My words.

I know that you are pained by the person's stupid post.. But don't dwell on that okay. And for your declaration to be potent, don't resort to cursing in like manner. Go through my moniker and see that I'm not just writing.... You will excel...
Romance / Re: After Few Months In The Abroad, Everyone's Eyes Open To Reality by TheNoble007(m): 10:25am On Mar 05, 2023
Speak for yourself o. I have never regretted relocating to US. A beautiful family, two fine 2020 SUVs, lovely mortgaged house, three beautiful houses in naija, three fine cars (two SUVs and one 2016 car) in naija. Parents and siblings are well taken care of. Friends are supported in tunes of millions of naira in their various businesses. Tell me, what work could I do in naija within four years to achieve all these and still going? You pay bills in US, that's a must. No food for lazy man in yankee o cheesy

You better cease from posting rubbish... Under 4 years, you achieved all that in the US you liar... Except you are into crime and you will run out of luck soon. Even a friend who graduated with a PhD from MIT and works currently in Google, will not make verbose claim as you made here, forgetting that tax alone takes a large portion off salary of high earners where less than 10% americans, less than 2% blacks earn up to 100k+ per annum..

All these things you listed can be achieved by a high earner in the range of 300k+ above per annum, albeit that will take a good number of years with frugality in spending as most are concerned about paying off their mortgage....


Romance / Re: After Few Months In The Abroad, Everyone's Eyes Open To Reality by TheNoble007(m): 9:07am On Mar 05, 2023

Seriously, I've stopped reading the hype of these guys abroad because they're making some of us feel less achieved. One was talking about a project of #250M completed in Nigeria and I don't even know if na this same abroad I dey with them too. I been here in this abroad and I can't even boast of $10k USD. It's well Sha. I just hope they're not lying with all these things they're saying

Don't believe everything you see on social media.. Don't.. Anyone can type nonsense.. Do what you can do, save what you can save and live happily... Never allow family, social media to put you under unnecessary pressure.


Travel / Re: Living In The USA - Life Of An Immigrant Part 1 by TheNoble007(m): 8:49am On Mar 05, 2023
Hello good day house, so glad to be among the Americana's. I aim to Japa with the help of God to my dream country u.s.a. (Texas to be precise). I have been gathering 1 or 2 info about this state.
I planned to use a tourist visa.

Pls I need help and guide from the house, where is the best tourist center to visit for vacation in Texas. I will be grateful if I can have 3 or more different tourist options, so I can browse tru and study it further (already gathering info for the interview)

Pls help me, pple leaving in or around Texas.
Thank you

What interests you in Texas? Indeed I have a job offer there, but I am reluctant to go to any open carry state.


Food / Re: Picture Of A $25.75 Rice That I Bought In Chicago US by TheNoble007(m): 4:19am On Mar 03, 2023

You’re wrong about me. I am a woman who open carries as a m and of protecting myself if I’m in danger. But really, here don’t talk to me like that, not even the ones on the street so I’m only going to take so much abuse online. You guys are always admonishing women, not the mentally unwell, violent men. Reporting does nothing. I’m going to respond to him when I see fit. Goodnight.

All right. Do what fits you well... Go read about the power of silence. It will help you indeed. And again, it doesn't matter whether you are an open carrier or not.

I am against any form of abuse to any gender. But if you are constantly abused, then perhaps it originated from your youthful exuberance, garnered from the massive right of the nationality you bear, which is depicted by the use of your moniker. And who knows, you might have shamed others here with your residence of which you and I are privileged to have. If you are a black American, you should know better.

And to attackers, please stop trolling this damsel.

Food / Re: Picture Of A $25.75 Rice That I Bought In Chicago US by TheNoble007(m): 3:58am On Mar 03, 2023

Why? You didn’t see what I was replying to?
Why do some of you men scold women who are defending themselves but not the psychopaths that harass them? I’ve never seen men who verbally abuse women anywhere as the so called men on this board do. In this thread alone, some male monikers walked in and immediately started insulting me without even knowing what this thread is about.
So did you miss the manner in which he insulted me in and has been insulting me in every day for two years on this board for all to see? A prostitute, talking about my vagina, praying to God that I get raped (he has literally said this), a wh%re, a b#tch, wishing cancer and death on me, telling me that he will rape and murder me? I guess you want me to be the bigger person? Would you expect your female family members to take that and stay quiet? If you do then you’ll be disappointed. Where I’m from, real men don’t talk to women, especially ones they don’t know from Adam, in that manner.
I’ve gone for months without answering him but I had time tonight. I’m not going to apologize either.
If seeing me occasionally defending myself bothers you, please skip past my posts.

Hello there. I am not God to know that you have faced such calumny from sadists. My own is not to respond to people in like manner, much more on a faceless forum.. You live in America right? As a person of color that you are, I'm sure you will not respond to abuse on the street by a random person in Texas or any open carry state if you value your life.. The best you should do is to ignore and call the cops....

That's what you can do here.. Ignore useless comments and report the moniker to the moderators... Take care!
Food / Re: Picture Of A $25.75 Rice That I Bought In Chicago US by TheNoble007(m): 3:52am On Mar 03, 2023

You can relax. Food is very inexpensive here—-unless you want eggs. embarassed

Eggs? I don't know where you reside.. But crate of egg is the one of the cheapest commodity one can afford. Even organic crate of eggs (10 pcs) shouldn't be more than 6.5$.
Food / Re: Picture Of A $25.75 Rice That I Bought In Chicago US by TheNoble007(m): 2:27am On Mar 03, 2023

I don’t need a visa, I was born here you useless, jealous idiot.
My birth certificate and blue passport are all I need.

Why insult someone in that manner. Don't you have decency in your sleeves.. Gosh!
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 2:40pm On Mar 02, 2023

Because some people might consider non-stem courses as a waste of time especially as an international student in the US. HR is a non-stem course, but it has decent career prospects to me. And I never get funding o. I keep in touch with the department in case any assistanship position is vacant so I can apply.

Yes many non-STEM courses are waste of time except you get full funding and you're not paying out of pocket.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 6:16am On Mar 02, 2023

Well kinda, Lol, you know last time I was at the embassy was when I was going for my Masters , three rejections mehn, it wasn't easy....I think have not healed from those rejections yet...but I'll face it again nonetheless

That's why it's not good to rush for US visa without proper funding.. Relax man. Your previous rejections have nothing to do with your current application especially as you have full funding which is very competitive to get for any program... Blow your trumpet in your DS 160 form about your acquisition of full funding, and state your full amount in all. At the interview, also refer to your full funding and your PhD research too.. Please go with pride and be confident...

You are a Doctoral scholar funded by a world class school..


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 9:24pm On Mar 01, 2023

No ooo, I am going for Masters in Human Resources. I know it's a non-stem course, but the programme is highly regarded.

Also, if anyone wants to connect, please send me an email at oluwamayowa931672@gmail.com cos I no understand this nairaland message thing. Thank you.

Lols. Why the bolded? I hope you are not paying fully out of pocket... I know someone who studied there for a fully funded Masters in Mathematics some years ago.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 6:34pm On Mar 01, 2023
Good morning everyone and a happy new month to you all! smiley
I'm an incoming graduate student of the University of Illinois Urbana-champaign for fall 23 and I'd like to connect with fellow students. Thank you

Great, UIUC is a great school... Are you going for a PhD? What's your discipline?
Politics / Re: Show That You Love Nigeria, Call Tinubu Now, Adewole Adebayo Tells Atiku, Obi by TheNoble007(m): 10:42pm On Feb 28, 2023
God bless jagaban the incoming president of federal republic of Nigeria

He will not smell Aso rock... Mark my word.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 17 by TheNoble007(m): 5:05pm On Feb 28, 2023

I mean the enrollment deposit

Again I repeat. There are lots of good colleges that will never ask for enrollment deposit before your arrival.. Seek for them... Do you know that there may be no refund if things goes awry? You can do as you wish.

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