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Politics / Re: It Is Wrong To Use Force Or Violence For People To Sit At Home In SE- Shehu Sani by TheZooHasFalln: 11:49am On Jul 11, 2023
It baffles me how someone who's making ends meet in Finland illegally enforces sit-at-home order in Nigeria

or could it be a plan to wipe out the inhabitants in the south east or what??
You couldn't find answers to the simple questions because you reason through your anus.
Politics / Re: South East Leaders To Meet President Tinubu Over Insecurity by TheZooHasFalln: 10:10am On Jul 11, 2023

This is one part they ignore in their obvious unfairness to the victims of their violent rethorics. It is really sad how they don't understand or attempt to ignore the pains of the real victims of the unpatriotic IPOB leader.

Even the President and Gov of Lagos state were once victims of his violent rhetoric! Is it that none of the Igbo leaders saw this evidence below?

Kanu ordered Igbo youths to go burn down Yorubaland and they did. We are yet to recover from the coordinated arson his proscribed unleashed.

His victims deserve justice too and if he is innocent, let the courts decide. By divine grace and fate, the Asiwaju Tinubu, GCFR he ordered his hate-filled IPOB to go destroy is today the President, Commander-In-Chief of Armed Forces of Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Evidence below

kanu Ordered IPOB to burn down lagos on live Radio knowing fully well that the fake Lekki Massacre was a Hoax because he and IPOB had deliberately helped to distribute the fake news on Social Media in order to create an excuse to murder Police and attack lagos

AUTHENTIC audio below are nnamdi kanu's orders to ipob on live Radio during endsars Protests

1hr 35Mins
Destroy every bridge and kill all Police

1hr 46 mins
burn down tinubu’s hotel

1 hr 42 min
Burn down Nitel building and all Govt buildings in lagos, burn down Muritala Mohammed Airport

1hr 39 min kanu orders IPOB to Kill Army Officers and manufacture Weapons

1hr 47 min tinubu must go down

1hr 52 min
kanu Confirmed information that Cele and Orile police Stations In lagos are on fire and Is delighted

Orders ipob to use green white green and blood as the Nigerian flag.

Tells ipob to target tinubu and Sanwo Olu and their Children

1 hr 56 min
block every road kill Sabotuers

2hr.00 min
Destroy everything holding the Economy of Nigeria. Burn all pipelines

2.hr09 min
Kill the Army in Lekki [/b]Claims 15 people were killed in Lekki.,Set Dangote Trucks on Fire.

2.hr 15 min
[b] Burn down Every Federal Govt Building attack Police.

2hr 18 mins
Describes again how to make Molotov Cocktail bombs

2hr20min kanu asks where are the ipob People with Double barrel guns in Abuja?

2 hr 22 min
ipob will make an example of Ikpeazu and Sanwo Olu all tinubu’s nvestments should be destroyed

2hr 24min build bombs and lay them by the roadside

2 hr 32 min kill any Governor that declares Curfew

2hr 56min
kanu says tinubu’s hotel is on fire on his orders

3 hr 09 mins

burn everything tinubu owns and Dangote Trucks the war has started

Every Police Station must go down
destroy all Federal Government Property burn down Lekki Toll Gate destroy Dangote refinery burn every Pastors Church that supports one Nigeria

Since you have all these evidences in surplus, why didn't you supply them in the Court against him? Yet he won you in your own Court despite being possession of these claimed evidences, You see how idiotic you're? You even referred to LekkiMassacre as fake? You're evil and the blood of the innocent youth killed at LekkiMassacre shall hunt you forever.
Politics / Re: Bag Of Pure Water Sold For 500 In Lokoja, Where Are We Heading To by TheZooHasFalln: 12:49pm On Jul 10, 2023

The retail price of a bag of Pure water is 250 even in Abuja as at this morning, so I don't understand what you guys are all about.
I have a table water factory, so I I'm an authority on this.
Politics / Re: Bag Of Pure Water Sold For 500 In Lokoja, Where Are We Heading To by TheZooHasFalln: 12:33pm On Jul 09, 2023

Bro you didn't do Obi more than us here but it is unfortunate that it didn't go our way.
So long as you stand for truth and justice, God no go shame us even in the midst of the hardship, we shall survive, but how it will happen we may not know but darkness can never overshadow light no matter what.

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Politics / Re: Bag Of Pure Water Sold For 500 In Lokoja, Where Are We Heading To by TheZooHasFalln: 12:29pm On Jul 09, 2023

I bought mine for 150 naira just yesterday
You bought pure water ₦150 at where? Or do you mean impure water?

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Politics / Re: Igbo Man Asked Questions About How Biafra Can Survive And I Reply Him With This. by TheZooHasFalln: 11:42am On Jul 09, 2023
Note: This is my reply to the Question asked by an Igbo man below.

Biafra may encounter considerable difficulties in maintaining itself as an independent nation in this particular scenario. The absence of access to the sea could impede trade and international relations, which could, in turn, limit economic growth and the opportunity for development. Being surrounded by Nigeria, regarded as a rival, might strain diplomatic relations and potentially lead to conflicts.

Moreover, Biafra's population of approximately 40 million could face challenges in fulfilling the needs of its people, including healthcare, education, and infrastructure, owing to limited resources and potential economic restraints. Without access to extensive natural resources or a strong economic foundation, generating sufficient revenue to sustain the newly-formed nation may prove to be a significant challenge.

Furthermore, the absence of international recognition could hinder Biafra's ability to engage in global trade, attract foreign investments, establish advantageous alliances, and access international aid and support networks. These factors, along with the intricacies of establishing effective governance structures and fostering social unity in a diverse region, could present substantial obstacles to Biafra's long-term viability as an independent nation.

However, it is important to acknowledge that this analysis is speculative and based on potential challenges rather than definite outcomes. The success or failure of Biafra as an independent nation would depend on an array of factors, including effective leadership, strategic planning, resource management, diplomatic efforts, and garnering international recognition.
His questions was a foolish one, though trying to play smart which you failed to acknowledge, otherwise your response to him would have been different. He smartly tried to limit Biafra to only 5 states against the 14 states that comprises Biafra and also reduce our population of over 70 million people to only 40 million, that's the exact deceptive narrative he was trying to project, not that he doesn't know that there are independent countries that survived their first beginning.

And I can confidently tell you that the person hiding behind the Igbo name on a verified account without picture is not an Igbo man but a sponsored account for the purpose of instigating confusion and deception amongst the Igbos, but we're several steps ahead of them.
Education / Re: I'm The First Male Virgin Graduate In The History Of Taraba State University by TheZooHasFalln: 11:45pm On Jul 07, 2023

I don't want peace. I want problem. Always grin
You go soon collect onegrin grin

When Virgins are talking you stay quiet because you don't know what it takes to be a virgin man.

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Education / Re: I'm The First Male Virgin Graduate In The History Of Taraba State University by TheZooHasFalln: 11:28pm On Jul 07, 2023
Everything you said should be true, but not every truth should be said.

All this guy did was announce to the world that he is a looser. Yes people will clap for you for been a virgin man, but humans are more primordial in thought than civilised.

What people would see is a low value man that cannot score, hence, skillfully leveraging his lack of women as a virtue. It's like an aboki that hawks kolanut with shorts and singlets comparing himself with Zuckerberg because he jog with shorts and singlet.

Men and women are different. Women may score moral and value point for being a virgin, but as a man, even if you are a virgin (which is good by the way), just shut up. You don't have to say it. Celebrate yourself in private and move on.
There's something abnormal with you. It's easier for a woman in their nature to maintain virginity than a man, do you know what that means? A woman's own shouldn't be a big deal but not that of the man. People like you are the ones overrating these women with stupid and undeserved hypes just to be allowed into their pants, lowlifers. You that's talking this trash here, can you stay six months without sxz?

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Politics / Re: Traders And Buyers Chased Out Of Onitsha Main Market By IPOB Gunmen by TheZooHasFalln: 11:08pm On Jul 07, 2023
99% of those traders were those who once hailed the belligerent acts of these men, calling them ANGELS on Evangelical Mission.

They also contributed to purchasing the weapons being used to terrorise them today through the payment of dues and other levies.

What a time to be alive.
One bad news for you is that all these your lamentations narrative is fallen on deaf ears, and another badder bad news is that unexpected more will come for as long as your lawless Government refuse to release Nnamdi Kanu. Your tone against IPOB is now different from the initial when we were still carrying Flags and playcards and were being used as shooting practice according to you people. Those days we told you that a day will come when you will push us to the wall and we will challenge the lawless Government in the same language they speak to us, you said we were making noise and were dishing out analysis on how impossible it would be. Today your talks are no longer the same, and I'm telling you that what you're yet to imagine in your heart is somewhere waiting for the right time. Unless Nnamdi Kanu is released as no other alternative can work.
Politics / Re: Police Nab 15 Suspects Over `Sit-At-Home’ Shooting In Ebonyi by TheZooHasFalln: 10:47pm On Jul 07, 2023
Never. We’re not part of Biafra and will never be. They should leave us alone and focus on the 4 Biafra states of Enugu Anambra Abia and Imo plz
Abbokki you must claim to come from Ebonyi to sell your propaganda and deceit. Banza
Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa’s Sit-at-home Directive Flops In Southeast by TheZooHasFalln: 9:37pm On Jul 07, 2023

Sharraap, sit at home is now being resisted, Igbo youths have deserted their homes because of the ipob terrorists. I was one of those who fought against the declaration of ipob as a terrorist group then.
But, I now regret it, because ipob have become full fledged terrorist group.
Go online and take a look at the Nigerian map - political, southeast is landlocked withing Nigeria, you can not be a country inside another country. It is impossible, the only access to international waterways is through at least one south south state, but none of them want to join Biafra illiteracy is your problem.
Southeast is now the zoo
What exactly am I supposed to be talking with you now? You obviously have brain leakage.
Politics / Re: Peaceful Processes To Enabling The Biafran Secession by TheZooHasFalln: 12:52pm On Jul 07, 2023

Wetin be afraid for this matter.
This person has given you a better road map tp achieving biafra without violence. Which as for burnt and killed your own kith and kin as you are here saying the person is afraid.

You all couldnt think thoroughly enough to actualize a plan for the biafra project and someone has voluntarily helped you out, no thank you, but stupid nzobu nzobu attitude that you think you scare other citizens with.
It has not worked so far, use your brain to review your achievement so far with brash braun no brain exercises you guys carry out in politics, economics and even religion.
You people need to evolve from your monkey state of mind.

The truth of the whole matter is what we told you people from the beginning that Biafra MUST be restored wether you like it or not is gradually becoming a reality, but you guys thought you're one demi god that must be appeased before we leave, but we told you we can never beg you for our freedom and we MUST restore Biafra, it's a matter of time. Una go bow.

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Politics / Re: Simon Ekpa’s Sit-at-home Directive Flops In Southeast by TheZooHasFalln: 12:26pm On Jul 07, 2023
If this propaganda will help your masturbation on gullibility, you continue but I wish I know how to post videos on Nairaland I would have supplied you people to continue in your masturbation.


Politics / Re: IPOB, ESN, UGM, Etc Please Let The Poor And Innocent Among You Breathe. by TheZooHasFalln: 11:33am On Jul 07, 2023

But the govt that arrested MNK is not in the SE, it's in Abuja. How will they feel d impact of your sit at home? The people your IPOB were flogging d other day, d people whose biz they destroy for coming out on Mondays, are they children or family of d govt in Abuja? How will torturing d people of d SE make d FG in Abuja release MNK? As u all say, d FG hates Igbos, don't u think with that they will allow u to continue to suffer your Igbo brothers and still not release MNK cos it doesn'tt affect them?
You made sense in your own angle of reasoning but completely insensitive to my ideology. Now let me educate you a bit by providing you with some questions to ponder upon.

Is Nigeria government not responsible for Nnamdi Kanu's incarceration? Is the East no longer part of Nigeria? Are those schools no longer Nigerian schools? Are those teachers no longer Nigerian civil servants? The States in the East, are they no longer subordinate of Nigerian Government? The markets and institutions in the states, don't they generate revenue to the state government anymore?

After answering those questions you agree with the reality on ground which is the fact that power and control of almost the entire territories of Biafra is now completely on the shoulder of Biafra Republic Government In Exile (BRGIE) therefore anyone disobeying the orders at this critical time is doing so at their own risk. Every Iron and Rods went through fire to become what they are. The roads to freedom is always rough. We crying today that we and our generations unborn may smile forever and forever thankful to our present generation for going through this hell for their sake. We could have chosen to please our oppressors and try to be at peace with them that we may enjoy our present time and leave our coming generation to their faith, but we choose otherwise.
Politics / Re: See Why The Igbos Should Be Allowed To Go by TheZooHasFalln: 11:36pm On Jul 06, 2023
Please, allow Igbo go.

Stop frustrating..

Nigeria expired since 2014.

Give the Igbos their freedom.
Asari said it, i General Ditari say it.

Let them go.

World Richest Countries like Switzerland and Luxermbourg are landlocked.
Let the Igbos go.

Stop lamenting when ever you hear Sit At Home like you care too much for humanity.

Just let the Igbos go.
God bless you Bro


Politics / Re: IPOB, ESN, UGM, Etc Please Let The Poor And Innocent Among You Breathe. by TheZooHasFalln: 11:28pm On Jul 06, 2023

Going by your moniker, I’m not supposed to respond to you. You don’t worth it.
Anyway you just did. But if you're sincere enough to yourself, you'll agree that IPOB is not the problem but your lawless Government; release Nnamdi Kanu and the SitAtHome will naturally stop and you say no while continue to masturbate with lamentations on self inflicted plobems
Politics / Re: IPOB, ESN, UGM, Etc Please Let The Poor And Innocent Among You Breathe. by TheZooHasFalln: 10:57pm On Jul 06, 2023
Please IPOB, UGM, ESN, BSS, BLA and whatever name unah dey hide under, please again, I take MNK’s and Simon Ekpa’s names(your gods) beg unah, make Unah allow the poor, women, widows, children and the vulnerable among you some breathes. Unah no dey fair to them at all. The way unah dey destroy their little source/means of livelihood dey commot tears for my eyes. Yes them dey disobey unah, that’s because them no get choice. Imagine a poor widow wey get children wey be say nah only vegetable e dey sell chop food with her children to stay one week for house. Wetin Unah want make them chop/do? How them wan take survive? On top of that, unah come dey heartless to dey destroy their goods(vegetables) even in front of their helpless crawling and crying kids(I mean toddlers). Shey unah dey fight them abi unah dey fight for them? Asin I no understand. Unah no even feel for the kids. The keke and okadaman wey unah dey burn their keke and bike, unah give them wetin them and their family go chop for the one week wey unah wan make them sitdown for house, wey go make unah burn their only source of livelihood? Unah don think about how these things wey unah dey do dey affect them now and how e go affect them them later? Please stop suffocating them.🙏 Make Unah understand say nah pressure to chop food for the day dey make them be like say them dey disobey unah. Unah no provide food for them and unah wan suffocate them. If Nigerian government dey suffocate them, unah dey suffocate them times 10. Unah dey kill them. In fact, e go better say unah shoot them with unah gun than this irredeemable situation wey unah dey put them so.
However wether Obidients like am abi them no like am, I must mention say Mr. Peter Obi no dey try at all. E want tell me say e never see all these havoc and wreckage wey these Igbos them dey cause against his people especially the poorest of the poor? Now wey e suppose shed tears for them or show sympathy, e no go do am. Nah when e loose election e go dey shed crocodile tears. Suddenly, e don loose him voice. E no dey social media again. If nah Tinubu matter, APC matter, religious matter or say nah for Plateau or any other northern State e dey happen now, e go be first person to condemn. Now tell me how Peter Obi take dey different from Atiku, Buhari and other average Nigerian bigoted politicians? His silence especially for this one week sit-at-home and the attendant events by these hoodlums show say e dey support them. Him nah truly ethnic bigot. Nobody go fit tell me otherwise. How we want justify his silence apart from the facts say e dey protect him political future or e dey fear them? Nonsense and ingredients.

God please 🙏 I dey beg you in the name of Jesus your Son, please rescue these poor women, widows and children and help those poor families whose only means/source of income and livelihood have been destroyed by the horrible and heartless criminals called IPOB and co. And above all, God please 🙏 eliminate them from our land at least for the sake of the poor. Amen.
You no get work ni? What kind of hypocritic blackmail is this? Why can't you use the same energy to call on your lawless Government to release innocent Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as ordered by their own Court?

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Food / Re: Hippopotamus Killed In A River In Benue Community In Agatu LGA by TheZooHasFalln: 10:48pm On Jul 06, 2023
This is man inhumanity to Animal... Anyway the meat shall favour you and your stomach.
Politics / Re: Asari Dokubo, Appreciation On One Hand, Correction On The Other. by TheZooHasFalln: 1:09pm On Jul 06, 2023
OP I took time to carefully read your write-up and say that you have sense 100x more than Asari Dokubo. But we must understand that Asari Dokubo is saying it to see if he can attract the attention he has been masturbating to get from Tinubu; He said he will wipe out the Igbo youths, attention was not given to him; he said Igbos were his slaves, no one gave him attention; He went to AsoRock to remind Tinubu how many Igbos he has killed and the role he played in support of Tinubu's election and also called Nnamdi Kanu a criminal and a terrorist, he did not get the desired attention; He came back and started shouting that after collecting all the bullets in support of Tinubu's election that he has been abandoned, no one seems to be listening to him; He started again saying he will decimate BLA like he did to ESN, he was ignored; Now he's trying his luck with this version again, who knows it might work. All I know is that his call is welcomed one.


Politics / Re: Let The Igbos Go — Asari Dokubo (Video) by TheZooHasFalln: 12:58pm On Jul 06, 2023

Commenting on Nairaland can reduce one's intelligence. Did you read anywhere in my post where I openly admitted to being a Tinubu supporter?

Honestly Nigeria is infested with dumb people.
If you never did, I'm humble enough to apologize, though you sounded like one of them, that's why.

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Politics / Re: Let The Igbos Go — Asari Dokubo (Video) by TheZooHasFalln: 12:49pm On Jul 06, 2023
Those that Supported all the ill things he said against Igbos won't support this his call for Igbos to leave Nigeria.

Umu Ekwensu.
Ada Obodo Nsọ, kedu kwánụ.

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Politics / Re: Let The Igbos Go — Asari Dokubo (Video) by TheZooHasFalln: 12:42pm On Jul 06, 2023
Obasanjo jailed this man when he saw how useless he was.

Buhari made him deaf and dumb...

I'm very surprised at the audience Tinubu is giving him. Asari isn't even respected by his own people. In the Niger Delta, names like Ateke Tom, Tompolo, Boyloaf...are accorded more respect than Dokubo.

Tinubu should stop making him popular and bar him from Aso Rock. DSS should warn he to mind his utterances against the peace of Nigeria. Those weapons he parades openly with his boys should be confiscated, He obviously has nothing to offer aside chaos and conflict.
So you knew all this but yet were hailing him when he was displaying his nuisance in Abuja in support of Tinubu? You never saw the arms he was displaying during the time he was attacking the Igbos until now? God will destroy you all for your unbelievable level of hypocrisy.

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Politics / Re: IPOB: Sit-At-Home Enforcers Flog Teacher & Students In Enugu by TheZooHasFalln: 10:53am On Jul 06, 2023
Igbos have become an embarrassment and a laughing stock.

It’s really sad.

How are the mighty fallen!
After the total restoration of Biafra you will understand how TheZooHasFalln... Sorry the mighty has fallen.
Politics / Re: Panic As Simon Ekpa Boys Invade Enugu In Gunfire, Police Says Not True by TheZooHasFalln: 4:30pm On Jul 05, 2023
I was in Abakpa nike this morning trying to board a bus to Nsukka when some group of people started running towards us , the soldiers guilding the area on seeing what's happening started shooting a warning gun , The soldiers have to approach the people to found out what's happening and behold nothing happened,no unknown gunmen,no shooting ,.so Enugu is calm as we speak
See reportage... You should not near anything media profession. You came into a thread reporting that some Gunmen were seen in Enugu town enforcing the SitAtHome and you confirmed that you also witnessed in your own area were some people were seen running and the military men on ground released some shots, and then you concluded by saying that the same Enugu where all these things are happening is calm
; And am like... Are you normal?
Politics / Re: Nigerians DSS Needs To Do This To Destroy IPOB Terrorist (photo) by TheZooHasFalln: 3:58pm On Jul 05, 2023
Wherever you see south east people outside their region,90% of them are IPOB apologists and they even raise fund for the Terrorists group every last Sunday of the month.
DSS should immediately start arresting them for both trial and deportation to their shithole region.
If you like burn your entire region but don't bring that foolishness to the SW or the North.
Who is raising money for Boko Haram and Bandits who have killed hundreds of thousands of people? How much of this kind of effort have you made for their elimination? If non, you will not die for hating IPOB or Igbos, but for being hypocritically evil minded.

You even underrated us with your estimate, 100% Igbos including those denying their Igbo identity are all IPOB, even those who condemn the activities of IPOB, once you're a Biafran by origen or blood, you're an IPOB member, wether you're penly registered or not, it doesn't make much difference.

Ideology is humanly indestructible and BIAFRA is Divinely an IDEOLOGY, only fools like you would think they can destroy her.

In case you don't understand the meaning of IPOB, it simply means:
Politics / Re: Gunmen Enforce Sit-At-Home Order In Ebonyi (Pictures) by TheZooHasFalln: 11:26pm On Jul 04, 2023
[url][/url]East should enjoy it. They are still arguing with us from south for not allowing and joining ipob. Where Una for dey run to today?
Why are you sounding as if anyone is complaining to you? You expected us to complain to you but unfortunately for you we're not complaining and you decided to complain on our behalf, as a matter of fact anything to get Nnamdi Kanu released is a welcome development, since the SitAtHome does not affect you people I don't understand why you can't mind your own business.

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Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ubah To Ekpa 'Observe Sit-At-Home In Your Village, Leave Anambra Alone by TheZooHasFalln: 4:30pm On Jul 04, 2023

Lol, come force people to sit at home.
I'm sure you have seen the video of Ifeanyi Uba parading in his hometown Nnewi trying to stop people from sitting at home, but he shamefully and disgracefully mate empty streets. I know you must have seen the video but will never talk about it, so which of the Nnewi are you not sitting at home from your Oshogbo enclave?
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ubah To Ekpa 'Observe Sit-At-Home In Your Village, Leave Anambra Alone by TheZooHasFalln: 11:55am On Jul 04, 2023

You are just one man, your opinion is inconsequential...mere flesh, bones, blood and cavities. It's the thought and intelligence that differentiate a man.
Meanwhile in the other thread on this forum, we saw a video of Ifeanyi Uba parading the streets of Nnewi trying to stop the SitAtHome, I'm sure you have come across it too, but the funny thing is that the streets are all completely empty without a sight of ordinary fowl. What does that tells you? It's not just an opinion of one man... You're actually hallucinating to think so and to think my opinion is inconsequential.
Politics / Re: Ifeanyi Ubah To Ekpa 'Observe Sit-At-Home In Your Village, Leave Anambra Alone by TheZooHasFalln: 11:44am On Jul 04, 2023

Am making you see reason, this is an open forum. Cry for what, stop clowning. You are just one Igbo man, most igbos, the industrious ones knows this sit at home method of persuading FG, is shooting yourself on the foot.
You can never know me more than me, and I can never know you more than you. So just relax, we may know what you don't know and sees what you don't see.

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