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Politics / Re: If Prof. Akintoye Is Arrested, I Will Burn Down Nigerian Embassy In UK Says by tommy589(m): 6:35am
sad This nonetity was the key problem for Igboho. Always posting nonsense and taking advantage of igboho's limited learnedness

Politics / Re: Buhari & Putin Vow To Make Ajaokuta Steel Work Before End Of Buhari Tenure by tommy589(m): 7:58am On Jul 25
Apc propaganda

Oga first visit that steel company... then you will ashamed of this your propaganda

Ajaokuta need to be scrapped out and sold.. then start a building fresh blocks..

If he completes this project,I don't mind him handing over to yusuff in 2023.

People can only imagine this project until they visit to see how huge it is. It was shocking to see this cancelled gigantic project, when as part of a group sent by our local office in the late 80s to retrieve equipments from Ajaokuta and Iwopin paper mills

All the negative things people say about Buhari I take it with a pinch of salt. I am not talking politics here because I am not that interested in democracy for any developing nation. But Cancellation of ajaokita steel rolling mills and Iwopin paper mills is the reason I don't fancy him as an head of state and unbelievable to me that he came back as a president

Though the resuscitation was started by Obasanjo but it will greatly fast track our development if Buhari completes it

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Politics / Re: Buhari & Putin Vow To Make Ajaokuta Steel Work Before End Of Buhari Tenure by tommy589(m): 7:04am On Jul 25
Completing Ajaokuta Steel will be Buhari's greatest achievement.

I pray he gets it completed so that we can stop our dependence on imported steel.

Though they were called white elephant projects then due to allegations of corruption,but I still wonder till date why he and his partner,not minding the billions of dollars invested,did not adopt a different measure instead of cancelling this laudable project and others that were almost nearing completion.

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Politics / Re: Igbo Vs Bini: Reno Omokri Destroys Uche Chuta In A Public Debate (VIDEO) by tommy589(m): 11:13am On Jul 24
Very interesting thread
Politics / Re: Deji Adeyanju: Tinubu Will Be Worse Than Buhari, Runs Lagos Like Pig Farm by tommy589(m): 10:55pm On Jul 23

I do not support him but I do not see how you come to that conclusion about what he is trying to do
One thing Tinubu is not is foolish
He does not need the whole north.
Is he giving donations to "the whole north"
He has not given half the money Abiola gave the north
Sorry sir but that is a funny analysis that is not logical
I do not even believe that he will contest

I was just talking about the analysis of voting pattern not Tinubu

He is holding the card to his chest. Not also sure he is contesting


Travel / Re: Port Harcourt Monorail: Multi Billion Naira Project 6yrs After: Pictures & Video by tommy589(m): 7:21pm On Jul 23
Inspite of all his shortcomings the man in Abuja is not the only problem.

This one na southerners de do themself.

The problem of southern Nigeria is its leadership not Hausa/Fulani.

You are partly right. When the head is rotten other parts are not exempted

I find it strange how someone will bite more than they can chew. If personal money and loan is involve,is it possible to conceive and start construction of a massive project when it is likely power may change hands with loan sharks to contend with. No consideration for the resources and time invested. Not forgetting homeowners that became homeless due to demolition.

Same thing is evident in other parts of the country
Foreign Affairs / Re: Moment Mali President, Assimi Goïta Was Attacked By A Man With A Knife (Video) by tommy589(m): 8:21am On Jul 23
Staged... To whip up emotions.
The camera actually followed the assailant.
Like it was directed.
Them don dey learn work from UAR
That's why we are their big brother.

If you believe this then you believed sanwo olu caught those robbers.
You also believed that India was banned from football because the ball changed to a lion everytime it got near the keeper.

Poorly scripted. Maybe he wants a reason to extend the military hold on power

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Politics / Re: Sunday Igboho Freed by tommy589(m): 6:25pm On Jul 20
Still in doubt but hope it is true
Politics / Re: Yoruba Nation Super Activist Sunday Igboho Has Been Released by tommy589(m): 6:22pm On Jul 20
Lets wait from other sources to confirm if this is true
Literature / Re: Who Remembers These Vintage Nigerian Comics - Terror Muda & Kaptain Afrika? by tommy589(m): 5:42pm On Jul 17
Kola Fayemi, Andy Ackman and Tayo Fatunla belonged to a different generation of Nigeria newspaper cartoonist. There characters were comparable to foreign comics we were used to but with African theme storylines

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Politics / Re: Akintoye: Awolowo Told Me Yoruba, Igbo Must Work Together For Freedom by tommy589(m): 1:12am On Jul 14

Your argument is flawed because SE/SS voted massively for OBJ South West in 1999/2003. Even Buhari picked his running mate from South East. We rejected him.

Jagaban is greedy and selfish. But then the day of reckoning is fast approaching. Looking forward to seeing Jagaban campaign train in Asaba , Ph , Benin city , Owerri etc grin grin

I have been stressing the fact that Tinubu supported Jonathan in 2011,where is the flawed argument here?

Talking of Obj getting SE votes is another subject entirely.If that is the premises that you want SW votes for Igbo presidency say so. Did his tribesmen voted for him? No. And his appreciation for SE voters was evident in the composition of his cabinet. No marginalisation

If you see Tinubu campaign train in 2023 pelt it with stones,I care less. If Buhari wants to handover to Aisha or Yusuf I don't care. My votes goes to an Igbo man in 2023, not that I expect any difference, just want to see what he makes of the presidency grin


Politics / Re: Akintoye: Awolowo Told Me Yoruba, Igbo Must Work Together For Freedom by tommy589(m): 12:02am On Jul 14


Not when Tinubu sabotaged SW.

PDP literally zoned the Speaker of House of Representatives to South West. Mulikat Akande was picked. GEJ gave the approval. We know what happened

Tinubu is not in the mould of politicians i knew when growing. But i won't pretend not to recognise his contribution to Jonathan 2011 election.

Politics is give and take. Mulikat not getting support remains as conjecture,We were not privy to agreement that made Tinubu threw Ribadu under the bus for Jonathan in 2011.

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Politics / Re: Akintoye: Awolowo Told Me Yoruba, Igbo Must Work Together For Freedom by tommy589(m): 11:44pm On Jul 13

Now, what good has Tinubu’s 2014 alliance with Arewa fetched your SW region?
Lagos-Ibadan standard gauge rail lines. What next?

You relegated SW contribution to Jonathan presidency,and after pointing It out you still find It difficult to acknowledge. Is this gesture borne out of hatred?

What good did Tinubu/Jonathan alliance brought to SW? Tell us what your region benefited from voting jonathan and those that preceded him in this 4th Republic.

Count me out of those expecting any good governance from 99.5% of these generation politicians.
Politics / Re: Akintoye: Awolowo Told Me Yoruba, Igbo Must Work Together For Freedom by tommy589(m): 10:06pm On Jul 13
Bola Ahmed Tinubu is one of the Yorubas who understand that Nigeria’s political structure was rigged by northern military dictators through wrong use of land mass and population as yardstick to proliferate too many states in the old northern region.

Tinubu hit the streets in the southwest region for more than 15 years campaigning for change of the political structure.

But in 2014, he joined Arewa politicians who believe that the political structure which favors only Arewa must not be changed.

Before he joined Arewa in 2014 did he not mobilised SW votes for Jonathan in 2011, while his own presidential candidate,Ridadu lost in all SW states except in Osun. What was SW benefits on Jonathan ascension? did SW leaders not complained on marginalisation and met with Jona on it. Obasanjo that practically made him president got rubbished, making Baba to retire permanently from politics

How will you feel if someone that you gave your unflinching support to become No. 1 now starts calling you a rascal.

I am not Tinubu fan but can only imagine what likely influenced his 2014 alliance.


Romance / Re: Ned Nwoko Is Not A Billionaire And Has No Legitimate Source Of Income by tommy589(m): 5:31pm On Jul 10
Men people get time o

Seun consider my suggestion for charging money from people before they create a post please . It will greatly reduce the number of useless threads on this forum

A great idea. Someone like you should be around people that appreciates good ideas
Politics / Re: Destroying Age-old Myths About The Yoruba By Reno Omokri by tommy589(m): 1:53pm On Jul 10
Bring more facts it won't change the mindset
Politics / Re: Reps Approve Bill To Create State Police, Security Outfits by tommy589(m): 6:10pm On Jul 06
You guys are just blabbing like hungry goats.

State police brings security closer to the people.

There’s no way a police man of the same tribe with me taking orders from an elected governor will treat me as inhumanly as the regular idiots in the police now treats me. No fücking way billy.

If it gets as bad as it is now, it would be easier to bring them to book not now any idiot can come to the South, shoot someone and then run back to the North because he’s a policeman. Now if Igbo or Yoruba police man unjustly kills anyone in his state, Shey na for the same state him and his family dey live?
Policemen will now apply common sense unlike before because agbacha oso aguo mile.

There are many advantages of State police and they by far, outweighs that of the useless police system right now.

I can go on all day to list them, but I will leave you here.

Why calling me a blabbing goat, must you insult me before you air your opinion? I understand the system needs reform but we shouldn't let emotions becloud our thoughts

I have lived long enough in Nigeria to know the advantages you mentioned are mere thoughts and won't be as practicable. Is the dreaded James Nwafor of Akwuzu SARS not Igbo or Gbenga sars of odeda panti annex not Yoruba.

The last time the three arms of government worked and respected each other in this country was in 4yrs of second republic. Power was mostly delineated and the governors performed with available resources
Politics / Re: Reps Approve Bill To Create State Police, Security Outfits by tommy589(m): 5:01pm On Jul 06
Wait and see how useless governor will use it to settle political scores.

Exactly my thought.

Not only that,Shey they are condemning the Federal police for high handedness,it will pale in comparison with state pollice. Imagine state police not collecting regular salary,even if they do,their cells won't be short of "criminals" to make bail.

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Education / Re: Was Your B.sc Final Year Project Of Any Use To You During/after School? by tommy589(m): 7:23am On Jul 06

A Nigerian is one of the easiest to govern. Tell me where else, you pay your taxes as due, yet still individually pay for security, for roads, etc.
If you tell a Nigerian, don't deface this wall, he will obey.

But then, he goes to the market and see the same politician who gave that order flouting the rules, he joins in the madness.

Something happened many years ago...In Lagos, the norm is once they cut off your power, you simply call a nearby electrician and he will fix it for you sharp sharp.

So I went to Umuahia, and the PHCN guys came up and did same.... Immediately, they left I called an electrician to reconnect.

If you see the way everyone attacked me. From my Uncle to passers-by to villagers, that they don't try that in Umuahia. I was shocked and everyone who was in that same situation simply went to the Office, paid and the PHCN guys came and reconnected.

In the natural way of taking one's bath, you pour water from your head to the toe.....If a politician is dealt with mercilessly, others will key behind.

When Murtala came in as CiC and was dealing with Governors even though some of those actions were draconian, what happened?

Everyone followed.

Don't also forget Murtala mass purge of "75-76, the southerners that were the majority in Federal civil service later got replaced and a good number of those left in service got their juniors promoted above them within a short space. That is why you see a section of the country hold sway in the Federal civil service

As for me,i don't believe in western styled democracy for any developing nation. It should be either home grown democracy or benevolent dictatorship
Politics / Re: Oba Akintunde Akinyemi Supports Igbo Presidency, Rejects Tinubu’s ‘Ambition’ by tommy589(m): 2:04pm On Jul 04
I won't mind an Igbo presidency for a change

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Politics / Re: My Uncle Said I’ll Die Poor, Aisha Yesufu Narrates Childhood Ordeal by tommy589(m): 6:06pm On Jun 28
I was in my 20s when I experienced maltreatment as a squatter. I took in the ill treatment knowing I needed a roof over my head

Prior to that I was a teen that you can not maltreat even if you are mean,I ensured I made my staying with mean relatives miserable before I moved away.Before I became your ward I saw how well my mother treated them when they stayed with us. Maybe I had my way because my mother was/is one fiery woman
Politics / Re: Action Group Party Registration Fee In 1951 (Throwback Photo) by tommy589(m): 3:13pm On Jun 27
Joining most parties in Nigeria including the major ones is for free now sad

If you want to join the PDP or APC, nobody will ask you to pay any fee, it will be done for free.

That is why ordinary members no longer have a say in party affairs. Their choice of candidates no longer matters,the Godfathers that finance now makes the rules.

It was not like that even in the second republic that got truncated. You register and pay monthly dues as a member,all donations got declared. Grassroot meetings were like weekly or so.No one dares spend a dime for party project without your knowledge.

It was not possible not to perfom as a political office holder.Not that it eradicated corruption but party members seeing themselves as stake holders reduced corruption

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Food / Re: China Goes Into Mass Garri Production With High Technology (vid) by tommy589(m): 10:38am On Jun 27
What will happen to Nigerian peasants garri producers?

Will this benefit Nigerians in any way?

It will be of immense benefit. They are manufacturers of mass garri production machines,these will do away with the laborious manual production.

Now that garri is expensive,those that have the money and interested in farming can take advantage of this mechanised production

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Travel / Re: This Was Lagos In 1963. Everybody Get Sense. by tommy589(m): 11:07pm On Jun 25
By '73, Ikorodu Road was the only route out. We'd leave home like 5am and not be out of Lagos by noon.

I am of course exaggerating small, but we always arrived in my Orolu Kingdom of Ifon Osun well past 10pm. And no, we were not walking!

Ikorodu Road right through Lagos was a blessing and a wonderful playground while being built. And Lagos Ibadan Expressway made me my first what seemed like a million naira at the time. I sold 4 eggs for ₦1 and 50 kobo canned Coke at the tollgate, and damn the pain when kombi bus stopped on my foot.

Omo express grin

One of my daily routine on that newly constructed express road was to count the number of izu chuckwu,chidi ebere etc luxurious buses bringing festac '77 participants down to Lagos

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Politics / Re: How We Forced President Buhari To Postpone His London Trip - Reno Omokri by tommy589(m): 7:58pm On Jun 25
If Buhari's aborted his trip it indicates hé is of sound health.

Sense will not kill Buhari, someone that has no where to go before, but crafted that lie of routine medical checkup to decieve Nigerians again that his health condition is not that serious
Crime / Re: Usifo Ataga: Chidinma's Father Arrested, Lecturers, Classmates Shocked by tommy589(m): 10:18am On Jun 25
She is a product of broken home

I come from a broken home that did not make me a murderer. I agree in most instances it affects a child upbringing, it should be a motivation and not an excuse to fail your self or the single parent that brought you up


Crime / Re: Usifo Ataga: Chidinma's Father Arrested, Lecturers, Classmates Shocked by tommy589(m): 10:07am On Jun 25
u believed d girls story.. Someone with fake drivers license with a different name.. Booked the room with a foreign phone number... Lol

You are the only here that saw through the facade of innocence the girl portrayed. She is a confirmed criminal and a junkie. The fake license alone is enough to know it is premeditated,and she is not new to crime.From the onset I told those around me the girl is a drug user and her confession has proven it


Crime / Re: Chances Of Convicting The 21 Year Old TV Boss Murderer In The United Kingdom by tommy589(m): 10:30pm On Jun 24

Bros, where are how did she get the weapon she used? To kill a whole human being no be moi moi. I expect a reasonable woman to run, scream or shout! Not kill!
Whatever the outcome she is a KILLER and should be watched. Low key lesbian I think.

A drug addict was the thought that came to my mind when it happened. She could be bi sexual too. so far it brings money to feed her cravings,nothing these olosho don't do to satisfy clients fantasy.Her confession confirmed my suspicion
Crime / Re: How I Stabbed Super Tv Ceo To Death, 21-year-old Unilag Student Speaks by tommy589(m): 5:19pm On Jun 24
You can now Get The needed help With his death and you in prison

My suspicion that any girl that can commit this dastardly act must be an addict has been confirmed. No normal girl in relationship with a rich dude would resort to murder just to steal from his ATM
Health / Re: Please Help! How Can I Treat Chronic Catarrh That Has Lasted More Than 8yrs by tommy589(m): 5:06pm On Jun 21
Drink like 4 oranges daily for 7seven days.

Family / Re: In Your Next Life Would You Still Want Your Dad And Mom To Be Your Parents by tommy589(m): 9:43pm On Jun 20
I prefer trying new parents.But won't mind my dad as one of my older brothers and my mom as a close family friend
Family / Re: Sesame Street Introduces Family With Two Gay Dads (pix) by tommy589(m): 4:40pm On Jun 20
We were stuck with this program from Mon-Fri. until creation of states TV stations gave us alternatives

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