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Family / Re: How Do You Forget A Spouse That Has Forgotten You by tommy589(m): 12:27pm

Do you have children together?

No. We were together for 10 years
Politics / Re: The 62 Lagos Township And Their Founders by tommy589(m): 10:15am


Investment / Re: Dangote Plans Listing $20bn Refinery On Nigerian Stock Exchange by tommy589(m): 9:23am
Afamaco (Afam and co)

As it is yet to commence production, it's better to approach FG again to buy more shares before public listing. Not sure public investors would have FG patience


Family / Re: How Do You Forget A Spouse That Has Forgotten You by tommy589(m): 8:50am
When I was with my wife I never cheated on her, loved her and she knows... I think the only issue was my unstable finance then and her parents ungodly attitude that really irritates me( I should have managed it better though).
We have seperated and her divorce case in court but I don't stop thinking about her against all odds.
I have dated NUMEROUS ladies while she left yet it doesn't help me forget, whereas, she never look back...

Divorced persons, how do you forget! I want to feel love again. I cannot marry or be with anyone if I don't love them, sex is truly overrated. Your suggestions pls.

Are you regretting your decision? Is she going to be understanding of your financial situation if she is still with you?

I divorced knowing it was going to be good for my mental health. It came with months of sleepless nights, but it's over now and we still get to talk once in a while
Politics / Re: Ownership Of Lagos; Balogun Of Eko Abisoye Oshodi Responds To Oba Of Benin by tommy589(m): 6:40am

Like nature, history is not neat and tidy as some naively like to suggest.

Once we begin to peel away layers, we are bound find that are our pre-existing prejudices are challenged while newly formed ones gain traction grin

Thanks for issuing another important reminder.

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ogun

The highlighted part of Ogun's Oriki is another proof that our path crossed in the past.

Thank you 🙏

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Politics / Re: Ownership Of Lagos; Balogun Of Eko Abisoye Oshodi Responds To Oba Of Benin by tommy589(m): 6:08am

The Fulanis and Yoruba civil war is what led to the capturing of Yorubas in Yoruba land. It was even on record that the British had to call a meeting of Yorubas in Lagos in the early 1990s to settle the depute of that civil war

However, what is the reason Nupes will be captured as slaves and sold in Yorubaland even when thriving Nupe communities exist all over Yoruba land before colonial period.

Relationship existed between the North and SW before colonisation. Sango's mother came from Nupe. Yoruba's also captured Fulani's too in the war that later got assimilated.

When people hate on each other tribes I just smile. Some don't know their forefathers came from the tribe they hate grin

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Politics / Re: Why State Police Won’t Work – Ex-IGP Okiro by tommy589(m): 9:57pm On Nov 26

It seems like you're bolstering my point the state assemblies are the issue. The governors are just what people point to.

But you know they don't have immunity clause like governors. Every time they got arrested by efcc to snitch on governors they don't capitulate. It is a symbiotic relationship where they both benefits.
Governors don't even select their successors from their midst because they have tasted the pie and want a bigger bite
Politics / Re: Why State Police Won’t Work – Ex-IGP Okiro by tommy589(m): 8:58pm On Nov 26

I agree aboht the budget but that's only one aspect of governance. You mentioned the local elections being corrupt the state assembly is the issue. When it came to approving the constitutional amendment to stop state local government joint account they state assemblies didn't ratify it. The governors are convenient scape goat to point to state assemblies can do nothing but collect a check and few cars.


Maybe your state,those assembly members collect tonnes of money weekly not just few give aways
Politics / Re: Why State Police Won’t Work – Ex-IGP Okiro by tommy589(m): 8:51pm On Nov 26

Okay, I apologize. cool
The insult wasn't on you personally.
The people I'm insulting know themselves.

It's ok my brother

We have precedence for what we see today. In the first republice,municipal police will drop dead body at the front of a government critic residence and have him arrested for.murder.

Our problem with a corrupt police system is poverty.A good number of American police were depicted to be corrupt in old Hollywood movies,even in British peaky blinders series. But if we can fight poverty ,our police is going to be above board
Politics / Re: Why State Police Won’t Work – Ex-IGP Okiro by tommy589(m): 8:38pm On Nov 26

Your state assembly members have to quit enabling executive criminality. It's the rubber stamp assembly that's the issue with states. Nothing stops the state assembly from reforming laws regarding local election laws constitutionally. Lol I've never heard of a State assembly overriding a veto for example. I believe it's the beta male culture Nigerians have to be subservient the alpha. The state assembly more interested in being the governors floor mats than representing their constitutes.

State assembly = Beta males losers

It is not that they don't want to fight state governors but they get to enrich themselves too from padded allocations. It is only Assembly members that ask for review of state budget,if you see where governors complain of budget let me know. When governors don't cooperate.they shake them
Politics / Re: Why State Police Won’t Work – Ex-IGP Okiro by tommy589(m): 8:29pm On Nov 26

Look, you people should stop thinking like cavemen.
So, you haven't heard of MULTILEVEL policing before?
In a country of 230 MILLION people, you want one CORRUPT AND IRREDEEMABLE police to remain in charge?
Like I said, if not for the local police vigilante we have today in Nigeria, most of the communities would turn to ghost towns, abandoned to thieves and terrorists.
What you have toady in Nigeria is a situation where NIGERIAN POLICE would simply arrest a person and force them to make millions of Naira transfer, or else they "waste" them "and nothing will happen".
Let me tell you, what we have today in Nigeria is worse than civil war.
What we have a satanic "peace", where all manner of evil are committed by police.

Must you lace your comment with insult?
Politics / Re: Why State Police Won’t Work – Ex-IGP Okiro by tommy589(m): 8:09pm On Nov 26
This man should be flogged openly because people like him created the mess we all have today in Nigeria.
After watching SEVERAL videos of local vigilante and how they investigate and solve crime at local levels, I concluded that anybody speaking against state police is an enemy the Nigerian people.
These local vigilante people conduct their businesses purely in LOCAL DIALECTS (not just languages), and in the process get to the very bottom of every crime.
They make arrests, and hand suspects over to the Nigerian police for prosecution.
The problem starts after suspects are handed over, because Nigeria police take brides and turn the suspects loose! angry
But, whether people like Mike Okiro likes or not, I doubt that local vigilante would ever go away again in Nigeria, the people having seen their usefulness.
I even doubt that any community can survive crime these days without the local vigilantes.
So, Mike Okiro should go and suck a bitter lemon if he doesn't like the situation.

I guess you did not hear of OPC and Bakassi boys in their hey days. They have kangaroo courts and some ended up.executed
When last did any state governors organise LG elections and they fail to win 100%? Already some state governors are sending critics to prisons on treasonable charges (federal offence) How do opposition get justice when these mini dictators have State police
Politics / Re: A Market In Brazil That Looks Like Nigerian Market - Video by tommy589(m): 9:40am On Nov 26
Sports / Re: Who Is The Greatest Nigerian Goalkeeper Of All Time? by tommy589(m): 8:56pm On Nov 25
I give it to Vincent Enyeama

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Politics / Re: The Road To Peter Obis Village by tommy589(m): 8:45pm On Nov 25
Politics / Re: Forex Restrictions On 43 Items Resulted In $1.4 Billion Revenue Drop — Cardoso by tommy589(m): 12:22pm On Nov 25

I don't understand the economics. 43 items were prohibited from Forex but not importation. They sourced parallel market for funding,thereby leading to increase items prices. Is this not an indication that importation (revenue)declined because of higher prices that pushed consumers away

We survived COVID.How about we lock up for 3 months and see if Naira gets better
Foreign Affairs / Re: When CNN Reporters Turns On Israel by tommy589(m): 8:09am On Nov 25


Conditions were attached on how families of released prisoners should celebrate their welcome. But we see how smartphone captured the moment indoor.

Capturing of events as it happened with personal digital devices would shape how media establishments tell their stories

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Foreign Affairs / Re: When CNN Reporters Turns On Israel by tommy589(m): 7:25am On Nov 25
It's just a matter of time, new age media is going to balance the reports

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Politics / Re: Who Else Is Having Problems With Loading IKEDC Token? by tommy589(m): 10:05pm On Nov 24
the previous token is invalid for now till it will be reissued according to IKEDC. So it's better you buy directly from IKEDC website. If you have opay, you can do transfer from them

Got email from ikedc to buy new token.bought another from palmpay now and successfully input it. I hope we don't get to wait too long to get the reissued token
Celebrities / Re: Elon Musk -Why My Daughter Can't Marry A Poor Man By John A. Akinnubi (Mr Bravo) by tommy589(m): 9:24am On Nov 24
Business / Re: The Business Empire Of Abdulsamad Rabiu by tommy589(m): 8:06am On Nov 24
I don't know if this price reduction is a publicity stunt, because I am yet to see any of the retailers selling at 3,000 naira
Car Talk / Re: I Drove From Lagos To Akure With ₦‎2,450 Using CNG As Fuel by tommy589(m): 8:02am On Nov 24
Good one
Politics / Re: Who Else Is Having Problems With Loading IKEDC Token? by tommy589(m): 5:33pm On Nov 23
I have done ktc 1&2 and was successful with token loading. This post has cleared my worries, knowing the failed attempt to add more token today is not my fault
Travel / Re: Why I Rejected N40m For Bike I Rode To Mecca – Nigerian Man Explains (photo) by tommy589(m): 10:23am On Nov 23
The Boko Haram didn't have water

He turned to mobile water dispenser grin he should also tell us how survived desert marauders
Food / Re: How Nigerians Should Eat Swallows By Zeelicious Foods (Video) by tommy589(m): 8:48am On Nov 23
grin grin cheesy

How about adding chop sticks to also make it posh

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Crime / Re: American Female Teacher Who Raped Male Student For 4 Years Arrested by tommy589(m): 7:38am On Nov 23
I remember when I was kid. One day I visited my grandmother in village. She was very kind and wise lady. She asked me to sit beside her and told me a golden word. She said, Son one day some people will waste their time reading your comments.
So today is that day you have just read my comments 😊

grin grin grin

It's an interesting read to me


Politics / Re: LGAs With The Highest FAAC Allocation In 8 Months by tommy589(m): 7:34am On Nov 22
..this money does not go direct to the local governments.. these money goes direct to the state government through joint account with the local government..and the state governor can just give the local government 50 million naira out of the 600 million naira sent by the federal government for that local government area... because there is no local government autonomy...so money cannot go direct to the local government it goes to the state government through joint account with the local government.. that is why nigeria needs local government autonomy for the local government so that money can go direct to the local government from the federal government...state government are greedy they are against local government autonomy

States governors and National assembly members voted against LG autonomy last year(Google). Instead for Labour Union and Nigerians to picket National Assembly,they gave it no attention.Not getting dividends of democracy to the grassroots is the major reason for the widespread poverty in the country.
Recently,an Ogun State LG Chairman wrote a public letter highlighting how the State divert fund meant for his LG. The man got arrested, impeached and now facing prosecution for stealing.
Governors collect allocations and do nothing. They are like mini gods that are not accessible unlike LG Chairmen. It is when Nigerians understand that all governors (past & present) are their problems,that is when they start getting breath of new life

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Politics / Re: “no Aso Ebi, Posters, Souvenirs” As Soludo Announces ‘decent Burial’ For Father by tommy589(m): 9:06pm On Nov 21

It's a BURIAL not the rubbish you just typed.

Celebrate people while they are living.

It's ok if this is how you respond to my mates in your family
Politics / Re: “no Aso Ebi, Posters, Souvenirs” As Soludo Announces ‘decent Burial’ For Father by tommy589(m): 11:44am On Nov 21
Aso ebi no go dey? If I buy you Christmas clothes,gifts,celebrate your birthdays,trained you and many more,I deserve to have my departure celebrated by my successful children or I go vex angry
Politics / Re: Just Discovered One Surest Way To Shut Up These Wicked Politicians by tommy589(m): 1:46am On Nov 20
Make use of a plot or 2 plots of land close to where people reside as you planned. You won't be binded by the fake promises of politicians when you reap the reward of the harvest.

Better to do subsistence farming,even if it is weekend only,than to expect the elusive dividends of democracy
Travel / Re: Edwin Ijeoma Who Renounced Nigerian Citizenship, Expelled From South Africa by tommy589(m): 7:36pm On Nov 19
Can he still revert back to his land of birth

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