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Properties / Re: Omemma Ojoto: Meet The Igbo Man Developing The Biggest Estate In VGC Lagos by Tonimax: 8:27pm On Feb 08, 2022

Igbo amaka

Omemma na ojoto that flavour always calls in his song..
Omemma na big fish if u know u know

Anambra too get top notch exquisite minded investors grin grin

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Family / Re: My Wife Slaps & Beats Me Whenever We Quarrel, Denies Me Sex. I'm Fed Up! by Tonimax: 3:44pm On Jan 13, 2022
grin cheesy cheesy cheesy
The only advice I have for u is

ROMEO, ROMEO GOOD BOY, GOOD BOY lipsrsealed grin grin grin

U are a silly comrade

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Sports / Re: Qatari Club, Al-Sadd Offers Messi A €1 Billion, 3-Year Contract by Tonimax: 6:44pm On Aug 06, 2021
Omo abeg shey any club dey wwy dey find fairly used player like this abeg contact me cry cry

Omo this money pass obi banana money ohhhh

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Health / Re: COVID-19: Cloth Masks Won’t Protect You From Delta Variant – Michael Osterholm by Tonimax: 1:23pm On Aug 06, 2021
Delta state don get their own type coro

Nawa ohhb cry cry
Politics / Re: World Bank’s Earmark $50 Million For Water Projects In Delta, Ekiti, Five Others by Tonimax: 11:13am On Aug 06, 2021
grin grin

I can bet my neighbours wife that money is as good as gunner.

Money wey some potbellied hippos go don use lodge Sophia and treasure for transcorp cheesy cheesy
Politics / Re: Lottery And Gaming Industry To Generate ₦100 Billion Yearly For Nigeria by Tonimax: 10:59am On Aug 06, 2021
grin cheesy grin cheesy grin

E no go better for yusuf omo surebet after
convincing me of a sure Brazilian correct score of 2-1 and I used the money wey one NEPA Guy give me make I hold for am and stake the game, the game now end 1-2, Yusuf come dey tell me say na auto correct change the scores wey him send for me, shey auto correct don dey reverse scores?? cry cry
Now I don dey work for NEPA as the person wey dey hold ladder for them wen dey wan go cut people light cry cry....
Im sure that money will be handicapped before reaching government hands grin grin

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Politics / Re: Police Wrongly Paraded My Father As ESN Member! - Lady Cries Out (Photos) by Tonimax: 12:51pm On Aug 04, 2021

Lol ESN "Member" bitch there is nothing like member in a terrorist group

Okay dear I have heard you
The only terrorist group that holds meetings openly and has well know branches and operational bodies in different foreign countries that even the most intellectual of white minds openly adore
Politics / Re: Police Wrongly Paraded My Father As ESN Member! - Lady Cries Out (Photos) by Tonimax: 10:26pm On Aug 03, 2021
Everyone is now denying membership, ESN and IPOB that you all support when it was established and when they had upper hand killing security men and women, and committing arson on public and private properties

Don't worry dey will also carry you and we will type same thing u typed

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Politics / Police Wrongly Paraded My Father As ESN Member! - Lady Cries Out (Photos) by Tonimax: 10:15pm On Aug 03, 2021
As shared by a Facebook user Chimaka Cynthia Duruigbo, her father a bike man operating in the orlu axis is among the alleged ESN members paraded by the men of the Nigeria Police force.

The old man went missing for sometime now after going out in search of a daily bread not knowing he was picked up by the police and his motorcycle burnt to ashes.
Is this fair my good people


This is my father ANTHONY ONYEKWERE DURUIGBO, I just don't know where to start from, Have u seen how Nigerian police is operating my father was on His way to buy something at orie okporo market in orlu ooo and we waited and waited for him, he didn't come home, not knowing that the so called Nigerian police stopped him and burnt his byke and abducted him for no just reason ���... Now this is where they took him to, tagging an old innocent man a name that he knows nothing about���... Is this how innocent people are been framed up on a daily basis ���� Friends!! Nigerians!! pls speak up for my father�� I am tired of the Nigerian police and their operation ��

Pls help me keep sharing it���


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Politics / Re: Don’t Compare Igboho’s Travails With Prophet Muhammed's — Muslims Slam Afenifere by Tonimax: 11:45am On Jul 27, 2021
Politics / Re: Don’t Compare Igboho’s Travails With Prophet Muhammed's — Muslims Slam Afenifere by Tonimax: 11:44am On Jul 27, 2021
grin grin cheesy

But the moronic halfwits can compare bullhari to Jesus...
Dumbo's cheesy cheesy cheesy

Allah ka booom my brothers and sisters

Always remember "ISLAMABAD"

kiss kiss

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Stabbing Attempt On Assimi Goita, Mali's Interim President by Tonimax: 11:50am On Jul 20, 2021
Nothing to see here

Islamabad people at it

Allah ka boom cool cool

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Sports / Re: Amoah To Pastor Kobi: "Please Do Not Make Any Prophecy About Ghana Olympic Team" by Tonimax: 6:40pm On Jul 13, 2021
Wishing you and your team success.


U disgust me, u are worst than a scum bag,

May the same fate of super TV CEO befall ur father, so we would also say justice for the girl...ediot

You will grow old,single and wrretchheedd with this ur irritating altitude

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Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 3:05pm On Jun 28, 2021
Lol get a life. if I wanted the girl I would have messaged her since, but I do despise her completely because she's an epitome of fakeness, mannerless and vile.

Simps like you won't know anything but jump into conclusion, instead of you to mind your f*cking business. the simp is even asking her if she used Kaya on me, mumu!
the last time I checked she was the one that mentioned me on this thread to insult me, if only you know how evil and unscrupulous that girl is, but a blind boy like you won't see that because you haven't met any reasonable girl in your whole life, no let me change am for you sha, I just checked your profile and all the people you followed are females, now tell me who's the simp that chase females? Yeye simp! cheesycheesycheesy

@ the bolded i guess ur eye socket is filled with milk....
If what I said is ur definition of simping okay I'm a simp, hope u are satisfied....

Good bye alpha male .........
Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 12:04pm On Jun 28, 2021
It's very clear that you are a Simp, just tell her you want her number and you want to bang her, no dey use side dey talk. I know niggas like you lol cheesy

If I want to bang her, I would go straight and negotiate with her not by stalking her from post to post like you to the extent that u have her pics on your phone.. cheesy

Guy u are the simp here no doubt, why would a nigga@ be following a girl post to post and sharing her pics up and down.
U said she is ugly, she accepted full chest leave her alone nah since u are not a simp

If this is ur way of chasing girls, walai a toddler will get a girl b4 you
Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 9:32pm On Jun 27, 2021
Thank you!! ✌️

Girlie u ve got a fan for life, omo the guy dey trail u bumper to fender.. grin grin grin grin

Seems the guy is addicted abeg na kaya u use?

cheesy grin grin


Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 9:30pm On Jun 27, 2021
I don't blame you though, your types haven't seen pretty girls, you need to move out more, how can you call this thing pretty? someone that rely on filters and editing apps and lives a fake life, smh.
look at the face like sh*t cheesycheesy

Beauty lies on eye of the beholder

Know this and know peace

Ur summarization of people disgust even the most degraded of persons...

Live ur life and leave others the way they are, life is too short....

PEACE...... cool

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Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 5:29pm On Jun 27, 2021

Iceyjayz, You have mental health issues connected to obsessive compulsive behavior.. so chump!
Cut the bull crap!!
Your extremely obsessed with me boy,. You know why??

you have hundreds of my pictures stored on your itel phone,.
You Spy, mention, and stalk me from thread to thread, at every chance you get.. lool. cheesy If this is not a sign extreme obsession, I don't know what is!
I'm your role model, I get it!! I know!
And yes, it feels great,. Infact I'm honored!! Lool grin
Buh the problem is, your obsession with me is a bit strange, really.. it's a big red flag, a sign of mental illness.. I know you do these things because you're insane,. it's not entirely your fault!! So you can be forgiven!!

Baby girl u rock jare.
No need for both of u exchanging words

With every thing the guy said I was expecting to see one fugly girl, but u burst my bubble....

U are pretty without any fvckin doubt
wink wink kiss kiss


Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 10:15am On Jun 25, 2021
Abeg make ona drop any details wer Ona get on am under this my comment.
Make a show am sey this world na free one.
No one has the right to threaten anyone

His name is : adaojo Victor on fb
But his full name is adaojo victor Gabriel

One of his number is : +2348117024587
He is abuja based

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Romance / Re: Please Good Doctors, Pharmacy And Guys I Need Your Help by Tonimax: 10:13am On Jun 25, 2021
Are you not the person threatening a Lady on Facebook ? undecided Oga, you're heartless o angry

Don't mind the potential rapist

Thank God people are aware of this evil b@stard
Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 8:03pm On Jun 24, 2021
Did he really see you as explained? How did you exchange numbers

I'm not the one bro

But the woman he threatened has tabled the matter at the abuja DSS

They are currently on the matter

And the guy did not know the kind of deep shit he has gotten himself into

Just seat tight the his arrest will show on front page


Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 8:01pm On Jun 24, 2021
What the F###! This site needs to be updated so we can have some privacy and other good features too, Imagine last month, I wanted to comment under a Muslim thread, I don't even know how I became a Muslim on here, I had to deactivate my old account I created in 2018... I don't know why this nigga would be threatening a grown woman like this even to the point of raping her, What!! the!! f###!! undecided undecided undecided

Its so sickening dear
Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 4:11pm On Jun 24, 2021
See photos of the God forsaken beast claiming to be a hacker

Saying he will rape the woman before killing her...

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Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 4:08pm On Jun 24, 2021
The number on the moniker matches same in this message

Crime / Re: Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 4:05pm On Jun 24, 2021
More evidences coming up
Crime / Threat To Life By A Nairalander!!!!!! by Tonimax: 4:05pm On Jun 24, 2021
Today seems to be a normal day for me till I came across I post on fb of a woman raising alarm over threat to her life, upon my investigation I found out that the ignoramus threatening her happened to be a controversial nairalander with the name "lordvicvo da guru" he is a popular burahist

Evidences below

Modified: His name is Adaojo Victor Gabriel

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Education / Re: Borno Nursing School Suspended 30 Students For Not Welcoming Buhari by Tonimax: 3:52pm On Jun 24, 2021
It's a welcome development grin grin

Shame on south east wailers Buhari will not handover after 2023

Adaojo Victor Gabriel

Won't u keep quiet and fave ur scam biz

That woman madam Agnes that u looked for her trouble has reported to IG special unit
Religion / Re: Onitsha Catholic Diocese schools and hospitals they owns(photo) by Tonimax: 2:37pm On Jun 23, 2021


You are as dumb as your posts, mention, what makes you different from myself now, why not ignore my complaint in that case if you are not a dunce who doesn't live by his own words and protocols. ?

You just had to jump in with your stinking, foolish, and as usual, unworthy self. cheesy

I know you don't get it, do you? You are a nobody to tell me who to complain and who not to complain to, and why do you think there are report buttons and the rest on the forum, is it not meant to report complaints or pro-ibo threads like this that adds little or no meaning to the forum?

My message has been delivered and something, [b]I believe is being done as the content I posted was consider so, [/b]you see? A nobody like you, a pro-ole, forum hijackers like you who don't have anything to do, can do no nothing, I see you as a barking dog, anyways grin. grin

So, you see, you are just a nobody, a noisemaker, and one whose purpose is helpless, powerless, useless, and holds no water just like you are to me and everyone else on this forum.

I am not a bit moved and I am spreading the message so that more of your likes will continue to have more fear and lose your grip on this beautiful platform with your pro-ibo-tic threads that talks about nothing but village buildings, schools without any educational purposes or content that affect everyday life and human development.

So, now what you ganna do now, a nobody? cheesy

Something is being done cheesy cheesy
Joke of the century, becos the post didn't massage ur ego, mugu it seems anything associated with A pisse reek of total ignorance and hatred, go get a life and stop depending on little 30k monthly e- warrior tips from ur slave masters,
Another topic has been posted about Abia state of FP lipsrsealed lipsrsealed
Oya goan masturbate there and show people how u are a great sophisticated, spineless, e-rat and m00ronic afonja....

PEACE cool

Modified: I had to laugh out loud while observing that my dear afonja isn't as sophisticated as I thought..... grin grin grin grin grin

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Religion / Re: Onitsha Catholic Diocese schools and hospitals they owns(photo) by Tonimax: 10:39am On Jun 23, 2021

nobody, like you, is in no position to tell me or anybody for that matter what to do and what not to.

If that was the only two lines you could finger an error out of all I wrote up there despite your limited knowledge of and use of English couple with your wrong use of words then, I dare to say I am in the position to call you out for your dumb use of words and limited use.

Having said that, I still insist that you lack the understanding of the words you use on here cos that word ' Mofo ' doesn't fit what this discussion and or my complaints were all about.

And again, I asked, do, did any of your linkage or ancestors has a share, investment on this platform to tell me or anybody for that matter who and who's not to complain to? How dare, you to start with, who are you, who gave birth to you, where are you from, and what's your family or bloodline known for to tell me not to complain? You dey ok so, a nobody, like you?


Since nobody can tell you, (a dumb@ss) wat to do, you equally can't tell others what to do, the op has the right to post the topic, had it been ur brain isn't equal to 0 you would have known better than to ignore the post when u saw it, but no u want to showcase ur f00lishness....

Becos nairaland is faceless that's why u have the mind to utter such nonsense....
See a br@t that with just a phone call i will place u are gone forever

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