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Romance / Re: Why Do Women Endure Their Parents Poverty Only To Complain About Their Spouse's by Tozic: 10:15pm On Aug 21
Would have been better if you said Nigerian Women.
Romance / Re: Men, Do Not Sleep With Prostitutes. by Tozic: 9:44am On Jul 13

The ones u dey kpash dem never upgrade to hookup finish

Me na virgin boy wink
Romance / Re: Please Help !!!!i Am Extremely Shy!!!! by Tozic: 8:36am On Jul 13

W0W...so u askin Tozic to pour inside u,correct?? a stranger?...Shame on u!!(no ooofencse) angry

Dude chill.. grin
Health / Re: Men, The Enemies Of Your Sex Stamina Are: by Tozic: 8:18pm On Jul 12
Laziness nko?

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Romance / Re: Attention Is Like Sex To Women by Tozic: 8:16pm On Jul 12
But i run away from it...
I hate anything that draws attention to me...

Give me all the money in this world, music, food and books i won't even remember i have a phone...
I leave some of my friends on read, some i even ghost (it's not a proud thing to do, but that's to tell you the level of how i love my solitude)

How old are you?

Are you the type that likes anime?
Romance / Re: Attention Is Like Sex To Women by Tozic: 8:14pm On Jul 12
Women orgasm from attention, same way guys go around looking for chicks to bang, that's how females look for guys to get attention from.

Never give women free attention.
She gives sex
You give attention

Attention dey sweet dem pass the way sex they sweet you as a guy

Attention is drug to them. Ladies love attention more than even money. No lies.

Give a female all the money in the world, but tell her you can't use social media or go out to get male attention. She will turn down a billion dollars.

It's does not matter if they attracted to you or not. They just need the attention.

Leave a girl that don't even like you on read
And see her begin to like all your pictures and watch your stories

Ladies literally have konji for attention from you whether you are rich, handome, broke, fat, famous, jobless anything.

Did you get this from Andrew Tate?

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Romance / Re: Men, Do Not Sleep With Prostitutes. by Tozic: 8:13pm On Jul 12
Guys that sleep with prostitutes are pvssies. Big time.. grin

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Romance / Re: Do You Believe Ladies Bring Goodluck Or Badluck To Guys? by Tozic: 7:57pm On Jul 12
This is why it's good to have one sexual partner.

Something good can not come out from a lady who has had many body counts.

Imagine a chronic liar knacking her. Imagine an armed robber knacking her. Imagine an alcoholic knacking her. And she's not the one they're knacking. And these dudes are passing through hell, hard times.
Then imagine an innocent you decide to knack her.. Your own don go be that.

Sex is transactional.. Be with the right partner cool


Family / Re: Can This Generator Power My Pumping Machine? by Tozic: 2:29pm On Jul 12
Good morning guys.

Please I want to buy a generator to use for a 1HP pumping water. Please I have some questions:

I read on quora that 1.5KVa generator is enough to power a 1HP pumping machine. Is that true?

Secondly which brand would you recommend for or against?

Pumping water is occasional because electricity is constant, so I might not need all that power when using it for household. How do I reduce the power? Or what do I do?

1 Horse power == 746Watts..
1.5KVA == 1500watts
So as you can see 1500watts >746Watts ..
So it can go.

But due to other related factors like over heating, voltage drop across the wire, etc..
2.5KVA is recommended.

And to reduce the power? You don't have to.. Power will automatically reduce when load(s) is(are) applied to it. Unless you want to damage your generator.


Romance / Re: Is It True that Nurses Cheat and Bleep A lot.. by Tozic: 2:11pm On Jul 12
Bots everywhere.. grin

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Family / Re: Nigerian Man Celebrates Sallah With His Three Wives And 19 Children (photos) by Tozic: 6:20pm On Jul 11
This di*k is on fire grin

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Romance / Re: Please Help !!!!i Am Extremely Shy!!!! by Tozic: 6:11pm On Jul 11
pls rest!! I am not the cause of your frustrations, don't pour it on my post. So rest!!

When you can't stand the heat you call it frustration? You created the frustration and all I could do was to quench it so that your fellows wouldn't absorb it.
Romance / Re: Please Help !!!!i Am Extremely Shy!!!! by Tozic: 6:00pm On Jul 11
If no b busy body wey dey worry u, I no see how my comment try b your problem. Woman wrapper!!!!
The op, wasn't seeking for remedy from a cheap, low life, empty barrel like you.

Woman, wrapper?
I know your fellow wrecked souls would see your post, and decide to feed from the decay you've left for them.. Just to make sure they're saved, countering your pointless post is the best thing to do for them. .
Romance / Re: Please Help !!!!i Am Extremely Shy!!!! by Tozic: 1:57pm On Jul 11
Lol I have met a guy that's actually too too shy for my liking, I couldn't date him when he asked me out. Am an introvert and also shy but kind of hot tempered and somehow harsh so most the guys I usually come across are cool headed guys but this one own dey excess he is not lively, doesn't talk and I became scared na so I leave am oooo. [s]My point is too much of everything is bad op try and work on yourself go out make some friends pls[/s]

Nobody asked you the kind of guys you have dated. Nobody asked you to narrate the kind of experience you've had with a shy guy.

And what kind of senseless point have you made?
Romance / Re: Please Help !!!!i Am Extremely Shy!!!! by Tozic: 1:45pm On Jul 11
How do I overcome this extreme shyness and lack of confidence.

It has affected me in a whole lots of potential relationships, jobs and even as a Christian.

I have no friends at the age of 27 years, I didn't get to talk to a lady till I was 24,(it didn't last up to 2months)

I have lost a very good job because of this.
I am most times always on my own

Mingle around bad boys. You know the kind of ones I'm talking about - guys that hoard people's girls to themselves. Stay around them and watch how they do it.

Thank me later for this cool
Family / Re: What Is That Scariest Thing That Happened To You And Never Told Anyone by Tozic: 1:37pm On Jul 11
Just few days ago..
Gunmen raided where I was staying around 1am. They shot one of the tents.
The operation lasted for 3hrs.

Thank God I wasn't around. I went home to stack some food stuff, and I slept over.


Family / Re: How I Reconcile With My Phone Engineer by Tozic: 1:26pm On Jul 11
What you narrated says so much about your personality.

Having the mind and the audacity to re_visit somebody you've insulted, after which so much losses have been incurred..

If it were someone else, that person would rather smash their phone than to go back to the person that have caused them severe damages.
Romance / Re: How Many Languages Do You Speak by Tozic: 1:06pm On Jul 11
Romance / Re: Igbo Girls Hijack David Hundeyin’s Thread With Beautiful Pictures by Tozic: 7:15pm On Jul 09
Nigerian girls are too beautiful! kiss

But their head too de knock..
Family / Re: Unpopular Opinion; Simps Make Better Husbands. by Tozic: 5:10pm On Jul 09

You mother can't be decent cos you just called her a wh**re and miserable b**5ch tho.. grin

If this is what you want I can give it to you full full, back to back and cover to cover..

You don't want to wake that part of me.
Trust me.. undecided


Family / Re: Unpopular Opinion; Simps Make Better Husbands. by Tozic: 5:04pm On Jul 09

A yuh mada miserabe.. ungrateful tuh yuh fada too?

He married a decent woman - decent enough to produce decent children.

How are about you?

A product of a broken soul. cry

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Family / Re: Unpopular Opinion; Simps Make Better Husbands. by Tozic: 4:54pm On Jul 09
The wannabe redpillers will say otherwise..they will insult you cos you just hurt their wannabe movement.. cheesy

These set of Dumbos have abused the word simps... grin
You care for ya lady..they call ya a Simp..you shower her with love..they call ya a simp..

Then let's say all married men are simps..cos you can't propose to your woman without being a simp.. grin
If only their pops was a wannabe redpiller they wouldn't be here ranting like some Dumbo.. grin

The breed of ladies Nigeria produce doesn't need simps as husband.

Y'all are miserable, unappreciative and ungrateful set of gender.

Y'all need iron hand.

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Romance / Re: A Girl In A Relationship But Constantly On Social Media by Tozic: 4:41pm On Jul 09
Ladies keep keeping guys in oblivion. cry

The thing is, lady that's going to cheat will still cheat, whether online or offline. No much explanation to that.

If you want a lady who isn't too glued on social media, go with the overly, serious one, who will only strictly use social for promoting her business. Those ones no de send. They chat less, and are opened to business.


Programming / Re: Did You Really Code 5hours+ Non Stop While Learning To Code? by Tozic: 7:02pm On Jul 08
It's not about the hours spent..

It's about the amount of projects you can come up with.

This is the mistake newbies make.

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Politics / Re: Abimbola Adelakun: Don’t Blame Peter Obi For His Zealous Supporters by Tozic: 9:19am On Jul 07
Obi should actually take time to address the toxicity of his supporters.

The toxicity of OBI supporters and that of Buhari supporters before got into power is something you can't day-dream of comparing. Simple.

You and I know the role PMB played.
Crime / Re: Gunmen Shoot Rev. Daniel Umaru In Adamawa, Kill His 2 Sons, Kidnap His Daughter by Tozic: 9:13am On Jul 07
Islamic agenda is unfolding... Islamic People in government like Lia Muhammad are denying the attacks on Christians, the world is watching helpless and there is pains in the land. But the gate of hades shall not prevail against the church.
I don't like this part.
The world is watching, have been watching and still is watching.

You think they're not enablers?
As long as you are BLACK the world doesn't care.

I believe you read where UK, USA and others alarmed their citizens about some certain places in Nigeria that they shouldn't go to? And you think they don't know? Please.

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Crime / Re: Gunmen Shoot Rev. Daniel Umaru In Adamawa, Kill His 2 Sons, Kidnap His Daughter by Tozic: 9:06am On Jul 07
Peter Obi will show no mercy to these people.
he'll slaughter them the way ihejirika slaughtered bokoharam which made Buhari and elrufai cry.

Nigerians cannot make the mistake of electing another Apc candidate who's plan is to feed 50 million youths with agbado and cassava or bokoharam abi bandit will overrun Nigeria.

vote for obi let's end this madness.

They know this.
But I fear that even if he wins, his victory would be overturned.

Most of these northerners, it's not like they don't want igbo presidency... deep down they know the kind atrocities and inhumane things they've committed, but their fear is revenge. They think other ethic group would rise against them should power fall in their favour.
Romance / Re: Arrogant Igbo Men Like Osi Umenyiora by Tozic: 8:15am On Jul 07
Maybe she has experienced it

Neither though.. undecided
Family / Re: Depression Is Killing Me Gradually by Tozic: 8:06am On Jul 07

Nothing I typed ruined anything

Condom is for a good purpose but men don't like it

Birth control also involves condoms

Some family fails but with condom the man can apply caution

This one use to ride raw..
Family / Re: Depression Is Killing Me Gradually by Tozic: 7:03am On Jul 07

When people request for money to pay rent, the question that comes to my mind is, if this person is living in an apartment he can conveniently afford without affecting other areas of his life, he won't be stranded with his rent

Pls you guys should rent an apartment even if it's a room, that's what you need to start planning for yourself

The same thing goes to people that ask for money because their wife is pregnant and about to deliver

9 months pregnancy is enough notice for you guys to prepare for delivery or you use condom

Let's respect ourselves

Using it ruined the whole thing you typed.

Birth control could have been used, keeping it formal.
Family / Re: Men, Stop Setting Unnecessary Standards That You Will Never Meet. by Tozic: 8:12pm On Jul 06

Well, it can't be me.



Family / Re: Men, Stop Setting Unnecessary Standards That You Will Never Meet. by Tozic: 7:51pm On Jul 06
And in the end, it all end with ''carry me de go my husband house'' grin

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